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-~~ NubeI3
Inn r laL1IUI L 187 -Volu 4..
.PIKENS, S. C, JANUARY 11, 1917
f11Mr~~~~~~~f1T~ ~ ~ I -k4 M ~~f l~ 01 0I d
Notice's inserted in this column for one cent
word for first isertion and one-half cent a word
for each subsequent ingertion.
Vauglii's 1917 Singing Books may
be found at Johnson's 5 and 10c Store.
Willie Lewis will be glad to supply any
one who wants a good singing book.
For Sale-Pair of good mules and
pair of good brood mares. Cheap for
chash or good paper. J. D. Holder,
Pickens. 35tf
Few hundred dollars to loan on real
estate. C. E. Robinson, Pickens.
Notice to Public-L. S. Reece &
Sons now gin cotton only on Tuesdays
and Fridays. Corn mill runs everyday.
L. S. Reece & Sons. 37
For Sale-One fancy driving horse,
4 years old, also good farm mule. Cash
or terms. Ebb H. Field. 34tf
. Mu1les! MVules6! ! Mules ! I! :-If
it's mules you need, see us. You are
sure to need them. We now have on
hand, one of the largest bunch to select
from that has ever been offered on this
market. Come early and make your
selection while our pens are full and
save the advance that is sure to come
in the Spring. Our stock is guaranteed
to be as represented. D. L. Johnson &
W. S. Bradley, 111 Laurens St., Green
ville, S. C. 38
122-acre Faricm for- ale--Ten
miles west of Pickens, 9 miles of Nor
ris; about 85 acres cleared and 37 acres
in timber; 12 acres branch bottom; home
house has seven rooms all ceiled with
good heart lumber, 3 chimneys and 3
fireplaces, front and back porch, well in
porch; good lng barn with 6 stalls and
shed on each side, good crib and other
outbuildings; good 4-room tenant house;
within one-half mile of store, church and
graded school- public road goes thru
place; R. F. b. Place made in 1916
about*600 bushels of corn, about 14 bales
of 'cotton, besides 50 bushels wheat and
other small grain; good pasture. Price
for entire p ace $3,500, or will sell part
at $30 per acre on long-time payments.
See G. A. Ellis, Pickens.
We received a solid car load
of the famous Columbus Wagons
last week and want to urge you
to look at them if you need a
wagon of any kind. It's abso
lutely the best wagon value on
the market. Pickens Hardware
and Grocery Company.
On a few staples, such as Sugar,
Coffee, Lard, Flour and Feed.
Will make special prices on the
above till January 1.
Car Cotton Seed Meal, car of
Shoits, car of Feed Oats, car of
Sweet Feed' and a car of Hay,
and another car of Salt on the
way. Come in and see if we
have got what you want, or call
Phone No. 36.
Morris & Company,
Old Postoffice Building.
Phone No. 36
Porter's Pressing Club
* Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing, Al
tering, Etc.
Suits are sent for and delivered when
promised and the work is done by an
expert. Work guaranteed.
Suits pressed at 25c per suit; cleaning
and pressing, 50e suit; dry cleaning, $1
suit. Special attention given to ladies'
We app;reciate your patronage.
B. B. PORTER, Proprietor,
At Porter's Barber Shop.
* Telephone No. 38
Half Your ILiveng
Witout Money Cost
A right or wrong start in 1917 will
make or breaik most farmers in the
- South. WeT c~ro all facing a crisis.
"I \ar in EIuropo puizs thIngs in
a. u;ncertianty that no man can
* ho futuro v:i. any degree of
Ti'O .'nm-o " ce tain increase in
ec'cta rw.-a men lower cotton
* ...> - i !-Ul. Cont of all food and
. iatO in. hi;.:h, so high that
* .a '-UIf&d to buy and expect
.'- flU others to play
* ~ l) iJ,7.r'. :-o all Possible food,
* z;I :AdA) supplion oin your
*.n ~(j - -' '.vn the store bill.
-o .:..... :. g..nion ground,
hi.ily DlslrY .t!, :,i ly tended and
ke9t pliantedt the you3r round, can be
mundo to pay half your living. It will
savo you more money than you made
;n the best livo acres ol cotton you
cycr grow I
Hastings' 19171 Seed Book tells all
about the right~ w. A (t a money say
orden~~ aus .;' ':ctables to put
' i. t tolls abtiO~ *inr fieLd crops as
weland shows~ you tho clear road to
'eal farm Prosperity. It's Freo.. Send
forlanttoda to H.G. HA8'TING8 Co.
Working Overtim
Married, by J. B. Newbery, at h
residence, January 7, Miss Ida Blac]
welder and Mr. John Harris of Libert:
Married, by J. B. Newbery, P. J.,
his office, January 5, 1917, Miss Genev
Wimpey and Walter Hendricks of Ea
leV. route 6.
Mr. Rose Mayfield.of Marietta rout
2 and Miss Cloe Williams, daughter o
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Williams of Easley
were married December 24, 1916. Thi
young couple has many friends, wh
extend to them best wishes. xxx
Married, by Rev. J. E. Foster, at th
home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mar
Jane Fortn,:r, December 21, 1916, Mis
Ida Fortner and Mr. James .Phillips
both of the Pleasnt Grove section. Th
groom is a son of Will Phillips, wh,
lives near Greenville, and we under
stand that the newly married coupl
will also make their home near Green
Married, -by Rev. J. E. Foster
at the home of the bride's sister
Mrs. John Ellenburg, 'December 24
1916, Miss Josie Masters and Mr
Henry Burgess. The bride is I
daughter of Mrs. Mary Jane Masteri
and the bridegroom is a son of W. M
Burgess, who was killed not long ago
All reside in the Pleasant Grove section
Married, by Rev. J. E. Foster, at th<
home of the bride's parents, Mr. an
Mrs. A. T. Fortner in the Pleasan
Grove section, December 24, 1916, ir
the presence of about fifty relatives anc
friends, Miss Essie Fortner and Mr
Grover Pace. The bridegroom is a so
Henry Pace, near Marrietta, where the)
will make their home.
Miss Mabel Mauldin of Norris ani
Mr. Edd Littleton of Atlanta, Ga., wer<
married Wednesday, December 27, a
the bride's home. R. M. Baker per
formed the ceremony, which was wit
nessed by homefolk. The bride is pop
ularly known and her friends, who ar
numerous, will. regret to lose her frori
the social circle around Norris. Mr
Littleton is a young man of many goo
traits of character and is a son of Mr
and Mrs. J. D. Littleton of Seneca
while Miss Mauldin is the younges
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Maul
din, deceased. Thursday the bride
attired in a midnight blue travelingsui
and black picture hat, was very attract
ive as they motored' to the station t<
catch train No. 39 which carried then
to Atlanta, where they will make thei
future home. They have the congratu
lations of many friends for a happ3
voyage thru life. xxx
The Sentinel regrets that it made an
error in the marriage notice o' Miss
Floride Welborn and Mr. Griflfin Jame.
ion last week. We printed the bride
groom's name "Johnson,'' when it
should have been Jameson.
Items From The
Six Mile Section
Wonder howv many of the readers of
The Sentinel did not enjoy Christmas2
No dloubt may WVhile the most . f us~
entertainedl friends and were entertained
by friends, and having a merry time,
others dlisconsolato from sickness or from
the loss of a dlear one, were sadl, andl tc
niy imagination since am heart has been
broken and so many earthly jewels borne
away by death, the yule-tidecseason held
no great charm for such, but may heav
en heal the broken spirit and may the
ensuing New Year bring blessings and
gladness to all.
The school faculty have resumed wvork
at the academy at Six Mile, while an ep
edemic of measles is causing a decreast
in the attendance.
Cleo Mann of Union, Clarence Manr
of Columbia, and Garcie Lee of Green
ville, have been spending the holidaym
with home friends.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Edgar Mauldin am
little daughter, Christine, sp~ent a fev
days with relatives near Norris.
Misses Mae Garrett andi Bethel Manm
spent vacation with homefolks.
Mr. James Durham who has been ver:
sick for some time, is reported better.
Mr. A nthony Baker has been very sicl
but is much imp~rovedl at this writing.
Mr. Marion Evans has twvo cases o
measles. in his family, also Mr. R. P
Prince has measles in his family.
Moving is the order of the (lay in thi
Community and as yet we hardly knos
where all our neighbors and friends wi
be laenext yer..
Girls Outclass Boys
e in Pig Club Cont(
is The result in the contest betw
L- members of the Pickens county pig<
r. has been announced as follows:
Palma Hendricks, of Easley rout,
Lt won first prize of $10 for raising
a largest hog at smallest expense
i- pound. Hog weighed over 400 pount
Annie McAlister, of Central rout<
won second prize of $7.50.
e Frances Hunt, of Dacusville,
f third prize of $5.00.
It Each club member who sent in a
1 port received a year's subscription t
) well-known farm magazino.
Altho there were more boys than g
members of the pig club the girls c<
3 pletely outclassed the boys as raisers
Rebuilding Oolenoy
School Hou
Oolenoy, Jan. 8. -The work of
building the Oolenoy school building,
cently destroyed by fire, was began I
week. The site selected is only a f
feet removed from the ppot where I
old one stood. The contract was let,
$3100. The building is modeled fron
plan given out by the state. In ev(
respect it will be an up-to-date structu:
The spirit that is prevalent among I
friends and patrons of the school in me,
ing this crisis is most commendab
They are bravely resisting the obsta,
in the way of the youth of the secti<
They are nobly building in that they i
building better than before, correcti
any mistakes and reaching nearer t
ideal. And may success attend the effo
The following young people who spE
the holidays here, have returned to th<
various duties: Miss Mae Jones to I
school near Travelers Rest; Miss Pei
Sutherland to G. W. C.; Miss Cleo H<
drix to Central High school in Greq
ville; Prue Hendrix to Piedmont Collel
Rudolph and sister, Miss Merle Hendr
to Pickens graded school.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lynch visited
former's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
K. Edens, Sunday.
Mr. E. E. Mauldin of Easley wash
the first of the week.
The Pick
Only paper published o
the county seat of Picken
Official county paper.
Has a larger circulatio
than any other paper i:
the county.
Prints all the importan
legal advertising in Pick~
ens county.
Prints more PICKEN
other papers combined.
Prints news about pec
pie and things you know
Besides the county news
it priints general and stat
news, good stories, farn
news, Sunday~ school les
sons, articles of especia
Interest to women, and i
an all-round good famil;
It is T H E paper fo
Pickens county homes.
The Sentinel is the onl
pap~er which published th
complete tabulated vote o
Pickens county in the pri
mary elections last year.
The Sentinel published
nearer correct and con
plete report of the Toxe
way flood damage in thi
section than any other pr
FThe Sentinel was thi
first paper in South Car<
lina to publish the new~
i, that President Wilson we
1 re-elected.
Game Warden Makes
,st1 Money For County
een. The chief game warden of South Car
-lub olina has written the followiug letter to
John P. Gant, game warden of Pickens
4, county:
the Dear Sir: We closed our books at
perI twelve o'clock I)ecember 30. For the
Is. year 1916 this department has handled
4, $44,730.08, the same which willbe veri
fled by the books of the state treasurer.
von In 1912, which was the year before I took
I charge of this department, the total col
re- I lections were only $1900.00, for the en
D a tire year. This will give you an idea of
the growth of the department in the last
irls' four years. After paying all of the sal
n- aries and running expenses of this de
of: partment and keeping on hand enough
to carry us through the season I will
have a surplus Qver an 0 *ove our needs
amounting to $tO,542, which aiount lain
giving to the schools of the state. I am
today mailing the county treasurer of
Pickens county $294.50 to be applied to
the school fund of your county.
ast IChief Game Warden S. C.
Ds Pickens county has only been under
he the game law sinLce July, 1916, when Mr.
or Gant't was appointed warden.
i a
ry From Mt. Bethel Section
r Health in this section is good.
ht C. C. Grant is visiting at the Pickens
Ae mill village.
!le We have a good Sunday school at Mt.
in. and want the prayers of all.
re E. A. Cooper and family, also J. R.
ng' Green, are going to move to the Pick
he ens mill.
et- Allen Edens and sister, Miss Esther,
nt were guests of their brother, James
?ir Edens, Saturday and Sunday.
er- We are sorry to learn that J.W.Grant
irl and family have moved to Calhoun, Ga.
n- We miss them in this section, but wish
m- them well in their new home.
J. Fulton Robinson has been elected
Lhe cashier of the Easley Bank and jovial
A. George Williams is assistant cashier
and bookkeeper. Frank Rodgers now
3re has the place with the express company
vacated by Mr. Williams.
ens Sentinel
.t The Sentinel was first
s and more correct in pub- I
lishing many other news
articles of importance.
a If you want to keep up
a with Pickens county affairs
you MUST read The Sen
Every member of the
family Will find this paper
interesting and every good i
citizen of Pickens county
I should have The Sentinel
come into his home every
week. Make it a member
-of the family and you will
. find it will' add cheerful
ness to the home at very
small cost. In fact, it
e doesn't C O S T anything,
i' for you get more out of it
"than you pay for it.
No good citizen can real
7 ly afford to (10 without the
county p~aper.
r The price is less than 3
cents a week.
7 The Sentinel tries to be
e fair, square and impartial
f to everybody in all things.
. It believes mn the old Jef
fersonian doctrine of equalb
rights to all and special
a privileges to none.
-If you' want to patron
s ize a worthy home enter
.. prise and at the same time
get more than your mon
ey's worth, subscribe for
eThe Sentinel.
sSubscription price, $1.50
s a year, 75c for six months,
40c for three months.
An Interesting Letter
From Mountain 'VieN
Yes, the roads are muddy nowadays.
Doc Garrett and family of Toccoi
a., are on an extended visit to the'
many friends and relatives in this set
Will Porter and family were passirt
Lhru this section last week.
Will Porter, Henry Miller, W. F
stewart, Lonnie Grant and others fror
'his county have moved to Gordo
:ounty, Ga. They speak coinplimentar
vords of their adopted home.
B. H. Duncan is on a'business trip t
south Georgia.
G. M. Masters and Naaman Jame
nade a trip last week to Greenville oi
mportant business.
Rev. C. R. Abercrombie has movei
iis family to his newly purchased hom
icar Six Mile. We welcome the preaclh
r in our midst.
Rev. Mr. Stringlield delivered a ver;
nteresting sermon at Mountain Viev
ast Sunday.
Revs. J. E. Merck and Riley Garret
tttended services at Martins Grove las
3aturday night and Sunday.
We are glad to report that ou
ick are improving rapidly. Maste
Prank Pressley, son of Mr. and Mrs
V. L., has had a severe attack o
ineumonia; also little T. W., Mr. an,
4rs. J. F. Stephens' son, has had sev
ral visits from Dr. Woodruff on accoun
f near-pneumonia.
We are glad to welcome the family o
tev. R. A. Hudson into our thrift
ommunity. He has purchased the ol
iome place of Rev. E. M. Bolding, nea
he church.
Furman Davis and Bura Evans, wh
kave been employed in Greenville, it i
-eported, have come back to the farn
Avery Mitchell, an employe of th
,ureton bakery in Greenville, paid
lelightful visit to homefolks during t1:
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Duncan had fo
their guests Sunday Mrs. Duncan
father, Mr. Nix, of Mile Creek.
Messrs. Kay Kelley and F. T. Eva1
were in Walhalla Monday on busines
Christmas Quiet
at Peters Creel
Mr. Editor: We will give you a fe
lots from this side of the county.
The holidays passed off very quietly i
his section, there being very little evi
lence of drinking, in fact, the least w
ave ever seen at Christmas time.
The Christmas tree at Peters Creel
chool house passed off very nicely. Th
hildren did their part well and thei
eacher, Miss Wilkes of Fairfield count.v
aw to it that each one of her pupils rc
cived a present from the Christma
ree. Several of the good people fror
)acusville were in attendance.
The wvriter had the pileasure of attend
ig the fish and oyster supper given b
he Dacusville camp W. 0. WV. onecevem
ng (luring the holidays, and I tell you
hose'Dacusville "'choppers'' will have
ellowv enjoy himself' when among tlfeur
Ve hope we may get tonittendl more jus
uich supper<'n the future.
Miss Christine Edens is spending,
ew days with her uncle, J1. M. Turneu
f D~acusville. this week.
Annie, the lit tie five-y;ear-old dau~ghte
f Mr'. and Mrs. L~. S. Edlens, who ha
een quite sick, i.s convaleseing now.
Nannie May, the youngest dlaught(
f Mr. andl Mr's. E. 'T. Edens, is quit
ick at this wr'iting.
Best wishes to you, Mr. Editor, wit
our oflice for'ce and all your reader'si
917- PRoGREssiv.
Along Central Route 4
TI. TP. Cox has a very sick child.
Mliss Mittie Alexandler of Mile Creel
visiting her sister, Mi's. ,J. C. Stewai
f Gal) Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Murphree wit
l iss Mattie Louise Kirby, spent Sunda
iithi Mr. andl Mrs. Tomu Stewart.
Tommy Oliver visitedl his sister', Mr.
. . Mullinix, at Central during Chrisi
Rev. Frank Murphi'ce has measlesi
is family. A SunscRInEn.
Postmaster King announces that ti
cceipts at the Easley postoffice for 19:
howed an increase of about 14 perce:
vern the previous year.
Freight receipts at Easley averagt
about $21,000 monthly during last yea
teceipts during December were ovi
Death at Cateechee;
v People Still Moving
Mr. Will Sutherland, an employee of
k, the Norris Cotton Mills Co., died at his
r residence on Cateechee Hill, Sunday, De
cember 31, about 5 p. m., from pneu
monia fever. Mr. Sutherland had just
g recently changed his life and united with
the Cateechee Baptist church. Rev. J.
L. Willis baptized him just a few months
before he was called on to preach his fu
neral. The writer has known Mr. Suth
erland for several years and since he
changed his way of living, had some deal
ings with him. We can trutfully say we
0 believe he was prepared to die. After
he changed his way of living he always
s had a smile on his face and shunned the,
" things he once scemed to love.
The deceased leaves a wife and two
:1 small children. He was about 23 years
e old. His remains were laid to rest in
- Camp Creek cemetery. His brother-in
law, Dellus Boren, has been very low
with pneumonia, but is some better at
this writing.
R. M. Baker, a merchant of Norris,
t will move with his family to Greenville,
t in a few( days, where Mr. Bakerexpects
to still try his luck at merchandising.
r R. M. Kelley, a merchant of near Ca
r teechee, and Leonard Moody, a merchant
of Norris, will try Central in a few days.
f The migration still goes on. B.
- Wants More Money
for Campaign Deficit
y Contributions received by Fred H1,
d Dominick to the $1,00 fund for the deficit
r in the treasury of the National Demo
cratic committee.
Total receipts by counties to January
a 6, 1917:
Newberry county- ----...$148.25.
Anderson county---- ........94.25
e Pickens county %.......55.00
a Abbeville county - ----- 32.25
le Greenwood county ... 24.556
McCormick county --------None so far
Oconee county -------- ..None so far
Total Receipts . $354.30
We need $650.00 to make that $1,000.
s Pickens stood still last week and allowed
. Anderson to pass her on the list and
again take second place.
I still believe that I am going to get
at least $100.00 more from Pickenscoun
ty and I do not believe I am going to be
By the way, there are several good
democrats of Pickens county who have
w not been kind enough to acknowledge
the receipt of my letter of the 18th of
December. I am satisfied that it has
been an oversight on their part. (luring
e the rush of the holiday season, and I hope
that I may hear from them during tho
k coming week, enclosing their contribu
e tions.
r Let's raise this fund this week and he
(lone with it. Respectfully,
Fnn H. DoMiINICK. -
Newberry, Jan. 8, 1917.
Items Along Cen
(Too late for last week.)
a T'he holidays were spent very quietly t
. m hissecionowing to thefathtte
t wahradroads would not permit
S A ogtevisitors at the home of Mr.
, an Mr. R E.Childress during Christ
r. dress da Clyde of Greenville, Luther
sadRyChiildress of Anderson.
The Christmas tree at Mile Creek was
r wvell attended and many nice presents
ewere received.
Mrs. C. L. Willimon and little daugh
h ter, I nola, visited her parents, Mr., and
n Mrs. A. P. Alexander, last Saturday
M~s. C. M. Steele and two children 1
visited at the home of Mrs. J. C. Stew
art last Saturday.
Misses Jessie, Bessie and Hixie Alex
, ander furnished music for an entertain
,ment f'or the graded school at Salem, In
4Oconee, and also attended the Christmas
h tree and exercises held at the same
place. They report having a grand time.
IMr. andl Mrs. Will Porter of Calhoun,
. Ga., are on an extended visit to Mrs.
-Porter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D, T.
n Mrs. Guy Hlaynes left last Sunday for
Atlanta wvhere she expects to join her
husband, who has accepted a position as
e mnotorman on a u treet car.
.6 Mrs. W. H. Mauldin spent the holi
~t clays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Chalmers, in the Picket Post section of
d Oconee county.
r. Wishing The Sentinel and allitsread
er jers a happy New Year.
'PossuM EAI1

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