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The Pickens Sentine
JANUARY 25, 1917.
Entered at Plckens Postofllee als Second Cia
Mail Matter.
GARY IOTT, Manager.
Obittuary notices and trioutem of respect s
not torone i mired words will be printed fr
of enarge. Al over that number must be s
for at Ile rate of one cent a word. (;ns
accomipmy nanueript. Cards of thanks pit
Ilited for one-half cent a word.
Nnx'r stop: . Grbundhog Day, Feb. 2
Out navy seems to be going dowl
ToM LAWSON'S testimony sou nds t(
us like he also discovered a leak in i
jug. .
"ROUMANIAN soldiers can surely
fight' says headline. Well, why don't
I'r is reliably reported that both brain:
andeggs are very scarce in Columbia
just now.
WE timidly suggest that what wc
need for it few days is it prohibitionisi
weather man.
Mn. Riciii;y evidently wants to fix it
so the prohibition law will be the only
tight thing in South Carolina.
A ScoTrisii duke; who ownei 200,00(
acres of lapd, died last week and didn't
take any of his land with him.
WE understand that Ed DeCamp ha
nearly completed his novel, which hI
will call "llow to Be Happy, tho Sober.'
IF you find it hard to pronounce th
name of the German sea raider 'Moewe,
just mock your cat and you'll have it
IP it haild happened anywhere else w
wouldn't believe it. An Atlanta mal
cats corn like a h orse a,nd makes out h
enjoys it.
TiIA'r Nowy York stenographer wh,
succeeded in borrowing $6o0 from he
employer had evidently studied th<
touch system.
SOM E~il.lN(G else we tre not worryinf
about: Passenger fares to Europeat
countries have been increased by th
steamship lines.
Two AVIATORS, who were lost lie
week, when found in Mexico had bec
four days without food and drink. Ilig
flyers often wind up hungry.
WHEN the likker mail order hous,
are shut out of the mails what will ti
Morally Stunted do? Better get
pricelist and bury it for future use.
Wonsi: than the boll weevil, we b
lieve, are those auto-driving mutts wi
always try to see how elose they ec
drive tonnother veicli'e withboot h:it tin
Pliisil-:NTl Wilson having ''kept u
out of wvar"' before I le election, 1po1
- icians atre bewildered because hei
sticking to his priomi-e after the ele<
tion is ov.''
SPEixaIC of the high cost of parovi:
ions, a rabbit has a chicken heat by tw
legs. And you can buy two) rabbits fc
lie price of one chicken, wh'ich rnake~
-ix legs to the good.
SPEAxING of haa - beeno, who ha~v
"comne back,"' what about Tom Law
son?-News anil Courier. Yes, sir; wvi
were tinder the impression Tom1 wa,.
dead. -par'littIanbiurg I ferald. W\ell,. isn'
STILL. anothe~'r peculijar little featur<
of the sit uation is the fel lowv who wilI
dfrivye six teen mile. anmd lose half a day'
Work in order to buy at barrel of flou1
six cents cheaper than hte can get it ai
'~~ COloNmEL BIIYAN, any North Carolinm
niew'spapers, will taake the solons o:
that state a "primohibition speech. '" We 'I
~~ bet he dloesn't. I f the Commoner make:
a speech at all it will lhe a temperanc(
WF: tiake the liberty oif ',clippling th<
following receipe from an exchangE
and changing it sonic to suit our owr
B ~ particuilar taste. It's a mighty goo<
recipe, too. TIry it: Take a dollar bil
and fold it several tinmes each way.
Y I Then unfold it and you wilifind it ii
creases. Keel) the increase, but sent
thebill to The Sentinel. If you happem
to have a silver dollar, however, wvh:
drop it on the counter and notice th'
ring ,it makes. Send the ring to you
swveetheart and the dollar to us.
QUa WEEKLY IifIDLE. - Why is a dut
qluickly managed?
Because it takes only two .seconds t
arrange it.
THEsE weeps are for our inquisitiv
Young Josephus Lott.
fle touched it to see if the wire w as liv(
It was-but he is not.
ejnow scarcely anything about th
- Oolenyi valley, but things we have hear
about it have created a most favorabit
,pkesilon on our mind.
The 'popl of Oolenoy had a goo,
school building and in some way or othe
- Jt was destroyed -by fire. The citizen
4 ship of the valley did not sit down an
lament their condition, but with tha
g spirit that always means success thei
- arose with determination so that thei
children, whom God had given them t
train for the very best citizenship, shouh
o not be neglected; and before the ashe
,I of the old school building were hardl
0 cool the building of a new and bettei
house began just q few feet from whero
the other stood.
The people of Oolenoy believe that t<
give their children a chance to develoi
their God-given powers is worth mor
than land and money. - It will take mor<
than the burning of a school building te
keep such a community down.
The Oolenoy valley is one of the mos
beautiful sections of our county, with it
broad valleys, towering mountains an<
clear, crystal streams. And during sum
mer the most delightful breezes sweel
over the mountrins and valleys. Th
bottom land is very fertile and produce
abundant cro)s.
We have a dream that only a shor
while from now a beautiful up-to-dat<
church house will adorn the hill over
looking the valley, a pastor will settl<
nearby, and large congregations wil
come together every Sabbath to heal
the word of God proclaimed by the mar
of God called to preach the gospel.
Prosperous farmers, educated citizens,
i progressive church and a happy com
munity with one of the very bestschool
in the state, and Oolenoy valley wil
blossom like the rose.
Till- l)eol)ie of Transylvania county,
N. C., who have been greatly interestet
in a good automobile road across th<
moun tains below them, should have theil
road officials to get in touch with oui
road officials and build a good road fron
Birevard to Pickens. The Picken
county officials are now working or
plans for the building of a good road t<
the North Carolina line and the Nortl
Carolinians would probably like to ex
tend it into their state. Such a roa
would not only be a great ponvenienc<
to our own people, but would cause i
great amount of tourist travel to com(
thru Pickens, and if summer tourist
ever get acquainted with Picken
they will insist upon spending a part o
their summers here. Besides, it woul
put us in closer touch with Wester
North Carolina, which would be well fc
t all. We are glad, indeed, that or
n su)ervisor and commissioners have di
h cided to build this road.
As TlE days grow longer the cost
!s living goes higher.
a LEr's see-who is it that settles th
liquor problem, the Columbia corr
spondents or the legislature?-Sparta
burg ,Journal. We were under the irl
0 p~ression that the peop~le of this stal
n , settled it at the ballot box in Septen
gber, 1915; but guess we were IznistaIge:
It seems that every member of th
legislature thinks it is his job to setti
-this question.
. He'll Be in the Legislature Nex
Spartanburg .Journal.
There was a little fellow from Picken
o here yesterday. lie walked up Magno
r lia street andl all at once turnedl to a gen
s tieman who was near him and askedl ifi
was Christmna-. The gentleman laugh
ingly told him no and asked him why thi
Squestion. lie said he sawv oranges to
- sale and he didn't know they ever sol
them except at Christmas~ times.
Mr. Trout Gets Caught
G;afrrney Ledlger.
In printing an account of a Mr. Trout'
marriage the Gaffney Ledger calle,
him K'rout. Het he's sour now.-Pick~
ens Sentinel. Nope! ie's too swveet
man to get sour over a little thing lik<
Seed Catalog
for 1917, tells about the best
Farm and
Garden Seeds
and givoe special information as to
Ithe best crops to grow, both for
profit and home use.
The large increase in our bust
ness which we have again experi
enced during the past year Is the
best of evidence as to the high
quality of
W~rite for catalog and prices of
'Grass and Clover Seeds, Seed
Potatoes, Seed Oats or any
Farm Seeds required.
Catalog mailed free on request.
SEEDSMEN, - Rchglond,-Va.
I II .I I i 1
el with gooc oil linimeit. Tha
the suredt way to stop them.
The best rubbing limment is
Good for the Ailments of
3 Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc.
Good for your own Aches,
Pamis, Rheumatism Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, atc.
25c. 50c. $1. At all Dealers.
Familiar Characters
A Fopular man
t Is Mr. Ladd;
3 Ie never does say
"I'm feeliug bad."
- Pickens Sentinel.
A more careful man
Is Mr. Hadley,
Who never says
"I'm feeling badly."
-Newberry Observer.
A terrible grouch
Is old man Crum,
Who's always saying
"I'm feeling bum. "
-Gaffney Ledger.
A well known man
Is old man Stell;
Who always says
"I'm fairly well."
-Spartanburg Journal.
A familiar guy
Is old man Bo,
Who always says
"I told you so. "
--Greenwood Journal.
A pessimist
Is Sol Able,
Who always greets:
"Jest tol'able."
--Aiken Journal and Review.
My Auto, 'Tis of Thee
My auto, 'tis of tgee
Short cut to poverty
Of thee I chant;
I blew a pile of dough
On you two years ago;
Now you refuse to go,
f Or simply can't.
Thy motor has the grip,
n Thy spark plug has the pip,
ir And woe is thine;
I, too, have dreadful chills
And many other ills
Trying to pay my bills
Since thou wert mine.
Shake, Judge!
s Gaffney Ledger.
In charging the. grand jury of Spar
tanburg county', .Judge Tr. J. Mauldin of
ePickens took occasion to declare that
the road qluestion conmes within the
scope of the grand jury's duties He
made the statement that more money is
wasted under the present system of
road-working than in any other dlepart
ment of county affair's, but explained
that he (lid not censure the road officials
but did criticize the people for permit
ting such a road system to remain in
force. The judge hopes to see the time
come when every county in the state
- wvill get value received for every dollar
- spent on road improvement.
Not On Your Tintype!
r' Gaffney Ledger'.
Gary Hiott of the Pickens Sentinel
notes that wvhile Reid Elkins of H amp
ton was the only editor to get shot
Christmas, several others got half shot.
- Spartanhburg Journal. Wonder if Gary
was among those who got half shot.
iAppeared There Two Years Ago
Newberry Ob)server,
SGlancing over The Sentinel of the 28th
ultimo, one might think that everybody
in Pickens who wasn't alreadiy married
,got married Christmas-except Gary
Hliott, wvhose name does not appear in
the matrimonial columns.
Those who have so far announced that
they will be in the r'ace for governor of
South Carolina in 1918 are Attorney
General Peoples, R. A. Cooper of Lau
rens. Win. A. Stuckey of Bishopville,
and Cole L. Blease of Columbia.
On a few staples, such as Sugar,
Coffee, Lar'd, Flour and Feed.
Will make special prices On tIfe
above till January 1.
Car' Cotton Seed Meal, car of
Shorts, car' of Feed Oats, car of
Sweet Feed and a car of Hay,
andl anfother1 car' of Salt on the
way. Come in and see if we
have got what you want, or call
Phone No, :36.
Morris & Company,
Old Postoffice Building.
.- P~hoir Noi. -
The Mitcl
Approved By Three Generi
Faithful Service and Honest
of the Mitchell Wagon an
We have sold The Mitchell Wagon for i
Pickens County, and can truthfully say tI
4 dissatisfied with his puichase of a Mitchell V
4 not a hundred miles from Pickens, came
4 Mitchell Wagons, saying that he would %
that he bought a 2 3-4 two-horse Mitchell I
day bought a 2 3-4 two-herse wagon of ano
4 ularly and the Mitchell is as good today as
+ ready for the scrap pilo.
4 You will find others, farmers and lun
+ Mitchell Wagon by test.
We know f rom experience that the Mi
States, regardlessof price. If you don't I
owned one.
A little higher in price, perhaps, than
ference. What does a few dollars amount
in th-, wear of a wagon?
+ When better wagons are built, Mitchel
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Get
+ Sole Agents for Walk-Over and Zeigler
4 King Stoves, Chase City Buggies, Mitchell
4 ick Patterns.
Says Mr. Clarence Poe, one of T
The Pickens county mein who read THE PIC
those who do not. The Sentinel is primarily
of Pickens county, irrespective of class or poli
You to Know that You Can
At the same lbw price yoi
have advanced from 20 to 4'
We are going to give our cu
buying. Below is some of o1
Women's Cloth Top, High Heel, wort
Women's Vici, High Heel Button, woi
Women's Vici, High' Heel Lace, worth
Women's Box Calf Button for.
Women's Vici Kid Button for...
Men's Russian Calf, English Toe
Men's Kangaroo, English Toe
Men's Gun Metal, worth $4.00, for
WV e havd just finished taking inventory,
iarger than we thought, so we are prepare<
In this department you will f indl ever~y
qluality with plenty of variety of colors.
All Wool serge, 36 inches wide, all cc
deal better one for $1.00 yard.
Crepe do Chine, :36 inches wide, worth
Silk Stripe Poplin for 25c yard. Also
white for 25Sc, and many other things tc
will save you money on every purchase.
All of our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear at a
Coat Suits, made of All Wool Poplin, in m
prices. Ladies' Skirts in blue, black, and
Ladies' Waists and Middy Blouses. VW
room for spring goods that will arrive in.tl
customer alway s a customer.
|Edwin L.
The Store Tha
I Easlej
tell Wagon
tions - Eighty-Four Years of ,,
Goods-That Is the Record
d a Record to Be Proud of
* 4
If teen years, have sold hundreds of them in
iat we have yet to find one customer who is
Vagon. A few days ago a prosperous farmer,
in our store and inquired about our stock of
'ant another one in a few days. He told us
(Vagon from us five years ago, and the same
ther make. Both wagons had been used reg
when he bought it, while the other is about
her men, just like this man, who know The 4
tchell is the best vagon made in the United 4
)elieve this is so, just ask any man who has
other wagons, but more than worth the dif
to, when it means several years' difference 4
I will build them. 4
s truly, 4
)RNLEY & 00.
it's Furnishing Goods a Specialty
Shoes, New Home Sewing Machines, Iron
Wagons, Carhart Overalls. Call for Butter
orth Carolina's foremost citizens.
KENS SENTINIL have the advantage over
a county paper and purposes to serve the people
Lics. $1.50 a yr., $1 for 8 months, 50c for 4 mos.
Buy Your Winter Shoes from
i could last fall, although shoes
L9 per cent. in the last 90 days.
stomers the benefit of our early
ur shoe specials:
bi $3.50, for $29
th $4.00, for. .$34
$4. 00, for~ 34
*- $2.48
~ $3.48
dwefind our stock of Men's Work Shoes
I to saveT~ yo money on every pair.
thing mnarked at the same low price and high
lors,, wor th (;5 to 75c, our price 500. A great
65c vard. Our pi'ice 50c yard.
solid color Poplins in black, blue, red, tan and
o numerouis to mention. Just renmmber we
reat reductions. We have a lot of beautiful
LVy, black, blue and garnet, at very attractive
black and white check. Also a pretty line of
e want to reduce our stock in order to make
Lie next few~ days. Give us a call. Once a
Bolt & Co.
l's Always Busy*
&,S. C.
Ru m

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