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Experts Agree All Other Belliger
ent Countries Could Be
Possibilities Are Unlimited, It Is De.
clared, if Uncle Sam Should
Choose to Develop Vast
Should the United States chioose 14
-develop all her vast powers. mo1ili1try
experts agree, she will hecoimte the
strongest tnilItary nation in the worIn.
No belligerent onit eher side will equal
Other ialtioils, or emplires, haive
-larg"r populations; but none hats so
.muany Intelligent, energetic citizen.s of
the type fron which, nilversal exper
ence shows, the best tightlig material
- comies.
No other nation cin approah her
in natural resources.
No other. nation can apprioaach tier in
imetual wealth.
No other itation can approach ier Iin
.self-ettielency ant ability to flourish
without outside assistunere of any sort.
No other nation cat aapproaach her,
history shows, in t le invention of new
weapons of waIr ; and leaiding Amateri
.can military itien know that (his fac
(or takes a very importiant position
in the calculations of foreign military
counells when estituating the ability
of the United States to resist or to
The Iopulatlot of the Uaited States
and its colonial Iossessions Is nearly
as large as the coiblied pliopulation
of Gerainaty atnd Austria-ilungary.
The entrance of the L'it ed Statles
Into the war would add to. the re
sources of Ithe entenie a national
stock of gold as large as the ci0ma
tied gold reserve of Fralne!, tussia
and (reat Bkitaain. When the gold
inl pivatle han aaids Is ConlsI deredl the
preponderatice of Uncle Saitin Is still
unore inpressive. The gold stock of
the central powers together is only
about one-tifth of ours.
But Iron, steel and copper are still
more Important in war than gold, and
.here the United States slhies so hail
liantly as to diml) the rest of ile
Tle United States productes itiore
.pig Iron than all the other countries
of the world combined.
The central powers' pig iron pro
-duction is equivalent to three-eightlhs
-Uf this country's producilon.
Great Britain, France and liussia
combined produce only a little iore
than half the namontit ine14d and
simelted here.
But when we coie to copper. that
indispensable of war, the full impor
Cance of the United States is realized.
In 1916 tle United Status produced
(wice ats mtuch copler its (the rest of
the world.
The centralI powers produitce i ibot
-one twenlty-foutrth as mucth coppetr ats
lie Uni ted Slttes. Great lrit ai n.
with tall lher colonaies, paroduaces onaly
one-twelfth as maucha.
Ini atudustrlai aldevelopnaiett a lan haga
scale proc tlto. Amaericani enaergy
and ingenauity lead the world.
Whilhe exactl igtres are- haiak ing. It
'la kniiown~ certainaly thati the U l'atd
:States hans tanore t hian four timlaes ais
any auitornia~idles ts ail ofi .thie test
of the world ptut together. AatiI lie
rate of produictIota Is putting this totin
try fatrthter atheadi in auttonunobile ownt
e'rsliy every tutintent, diesli Ivat e x
Abiout tharee-fouthls of thae atutomao
'bile factory faeilitIes, it Is estltited,
will heC put to work limmedailately on
'inunitlons In caise of war.
Tfhe rail road system of thte Unilted
States comarsted with othera nations,
is a giatnt amaontg pigamies.
It would he piossihie to sp~read tais
inventory of' the Amecran resources
-over any pages. Nowhere eise aloes
a man's tlabor produce so muttch as
here, duea to the toeqaledtl( tillitiotn
-tof mechantleal power.
All thant is naeead lito trn tis
mighty ca1th rait of naiol ener (igy to
'the business of wtar is timae andai prepa
New York to Train Big Army.
Albanty, N. Y.---Whena New York
4tiate's plait of unaiv'ersa tailiiairy tra in
*Ihg, with -the chtangea ntow projected,
~is In effect, 240,000 boys fromt sixteen
'lo nineteen yeatrs of age w-Ill he tader
.instruetiona. hias is at hatrger force*a
thann the regitlar a'urnmy..
.anly Ila thle thirda y(eari of thea coutrse'
#v1l1 tlhe boys tase regular rifles amata
ammniantion. Gretat piatins will lhe taik
en to get lustruactors who aire gentle
inanly in mtiannters tindt conaduct ad
whose influeace on their chairgesa will
be good iatvrywy.
Motor Boat Data Ready.
complete ianventor-y for ilitary u tse oif
.Amerleaanmerchanat and1 stalling vessels,
licluding pleasurev craft dotwnt to'(lhe
samnalet mtotor bo(ait. It is said that so
thorough las beenthi s preairation
that tthe recordls shlow ever-y boat, Its
Etpeed antd capacity, Its owner' andt~ pos
uible method of use. The mtotor' boat
*. 8nwntory-was begun some maontthas ago
umder navy department di rections,
witha a view to the utilIzatona of' these
'craft for the formation of ai motor boat
Chief of naval operations and rank
Ing officer of the United States navy
since the death of Admiral Dewey.
Big Firms Double Their Forces and
Put Contract3 for Navy Ahead
of All Others.
Wash1i ngt on.-ConIlstru.1ction) of inavy
ernift Iy the Newport News Shiphitild.
ing andl 1)rydoek company. ilt P'ore
Itiver Shipbuliing comuriapa ny and the
lect rie lonat Coiipiily will be speel
etd ill to the lmit of tht plants. Work
oni two lattleships lt the platit of ith e
Newport News voiipainiy, it Secretary'
Dianiels' sugge-stion. nlieldy Is proceedi
lng 'mder loubled t crews, and the of
tkke sIntlair ste;>s met with the secre
tary's hearty laproval.
At the Newoi't News plhint i is
eati nntated that the haitlesll Missi s
sippi. rectitly liuicheld. Can lie com
pllt't ' by aillimiier inste:l of .Jan
ttary 1. 1!1'4. as etalett for hi thit eon
trinet. T keel of onle 4)f, lte fotilr
nemv bittle'ships recently vonitritetl
f'or wIll be. lid tt the( 81111 v.1ented by
the MNIssissippia inlstead of -I merchanit
vessel, as hutel heen litideti.
lIttpreseinttivett oif tielt [ore itiver
aml EIlectrit I"1u1a1 a 'lippilt'a cal led tli
Mr0. Iitels. imffering Is)' ru11sh work on
dlestroyers antI subinarities foir whih
they haive conlt-tras. setting 14iti' th
er private work w that end. They
were told to go alienl at faill sli'et.
The hll n i Is to get the va ssels lntchled
a .s0n ats pIssibh. freeig stoitks for
ti( tiew set of uestroyers ami saibmiit
aInt's Il le tho1111 zeoaI lit fi. l Itl ill
navy bIll.
American Gunners Never Showed as
Great Proficiency as They Have
in Recent rrials.
IData ini:atlu imliuhlt recenItly' by3 the'
av y tli'p:. rl aient shaow Ithait lit no th
t'r t ime. in its hisatory3 hats t he marksi'k
iiihalihili iif Ithe Uieil' Stailts ii'vy
bieena sit goti its it is att presenti. 'Ilhe
ne'w .sit'aertreniltinglit Neviatinu aa li
eXatilple of iit itt' genlit'aa shitnIag eiti.
t'lenltcy ofi Ih At huwii! fl~tet. lIn rect'ti
tar'get praltIitt thlis sipl firtt 511 sho ts
ir'tiiierti' I -iaua''h gttis, utitl the tarige't.
itt Vftirig raIiigt's, was uaiiaaslit l *1
ltmes, ii recor't tn hat is bli evetl Iio
eqill itf aot sltiats any13 reeor'd wiath
alinili azunis iit :any oither'a navy.
glaiaiit wviatta li he uaant'rs of t'e I\tla
lt'e Ilt''l 111b1 with the big gunos in the'
i't'e' ht tar'get l'iatice:A
I-INCil -4->-CA IIER.
P. C. of
V'esset. Shots. ils. tilts.
New Yor'k ...........6 4t 6..1
Oklahoai ............... 56 36 64.:1
I 'ennisylvanuia ............. 56 3t; 64.3
Tiexas ...................... 9 48 81.4
Arkansas................ i5 44 67.7
Wyomilng...................to6 8.
Flta .................... 58 54 93l.2
K'a'nast................ 2! 19 97.1
tAnihian...............48 37 77.1
MInnesota .............. 2 215 6.
New iftampshire' ........~ 42' 121 73.9
\'eritnont...................41 12 5.1
..-TNCH --45-CA ItIER.
Knsa ................... 43 37; 477.
MInnesota................. 44 1 63.1
New famipshilre ......... 43 (i9 73.0
Ve'raniat ....... .......... 44 3!i t4.6
7-I N~if--45-C L IE R.
.\Ka sa s................. 761 36 .~ 4.
MnnesoYta ~................i89 1 46.
IVerthnsa ntt ............. 174 139 is.4
.\rkainst'ag ..............161 9i1 59.4
h i .'en ilvanhal lie..........174 i 1 '0 61.4
ateas an io t .................16 106im ' 6'y.
iondustrmldiial anvassn tCompe o~te.
havbecavailable the13 rpot'iof the thm
mgtteeln nats iona kiefenst end'efl byi
Ivenrer olln wleh mnndn tahorough
lienvans of henufatrr neltisof
uthe country.t a yewtoe their utiliza
lit beae konoly reetytat thestm cno
he santi.
Summary of the Important Bills That
Have Been Before the State General
Assembly During the Past Week.
Tihe Sinkillder-Iri-e highway coimis
son bill was passed in the senate and
the coilpattion iluntomobile license bill,
which is to enable the state to qu1allfy
for federal aid it post road construc
tion, is expected to get through the
upper house with dis4patch. No oppo
1ton was offered to the prospect of
creating at htighiway commission, as
federal aid was contiuigent upon state
wide organization. The only points at
issue were different ideas as to cen
tralization of power for expenditure of
funds with the commission or to dele
gate this authority to county govern
ments. The latter opinion finally pre
Representative Berry. author of the
Berry highway conimision bill, spok
for more than an hour In the hous3
on his measure. [he bill would on
able South Carolina to take advantage
of federal aid for good roads.
Provisions of the bill are that a comn
missIon of seven imemibers shall be ap
pointed by the governor, one from
each congressional district. The con
missioner- of agricult ure Is to be ex
otYicio chairman. Members serve
without compensation. A state high
way engineer is to be employed, who
shall not he paid more than $3,000 and
provision is also made for other as
sistants. An ameninent would re
quire a complete classitlcation of
roads, to be reported to the general
assembly one year hence.
By federal statute. South Carolina
this year is entitled to $143,000 fed
i-ral aid for post' road building this
year. Approximately $1.200.000 will
be apportioned to South Carolina, to
be spent during a lapse of five years,
contingent upon the state's raising suf
tIcient. funds to qualify for national
aid. .State funds would be rai3ed
through autom(obile license. By the
original draft of the Sinkler-Brice bill,
automobiles of 25 horsepower or less
would be required to pay a state li
cense fee of $5; for 25 to 50 horse
power. $7.50; over- 50 horsepower, $10;
Inotocycles. $2. Motors registered af
ter September 1, one-half annual fee.
Gov. Manning referred to the gen
cral assemnbly, by sptecial message, the
correspondence In his hands relatin;
to in apparent shortage iln the co
-oulnts of the state penitentiary. which
;liortage arises fromt the fati that
i11nds of the state prison. in the st.n
S$22,819.61 wer-e on deposit ill the
Sxington Savings bank when that ini
stItlution failed and these funtds re
min i tied up in banikr-uptcy. I he de*
ptosit beinig carried ont mlemiorandl~um
in tile books of me' pe'nit entiar IVent
ing adjustment of the lia bilit y (oin
(-eriIng lthem.- No iintaion is made
10oi-etlett Onl the mtati 'ms of the [email protected]
ing snpler-iitendent, Capt. D. J. Gr-if
The house adopted a resolution in
troduced by Repr-esentative Crtum of
Or-angeburg pr-oviding for an investi
gationl of the mattecr.
House Passes Richey Bill.
Th'le house "pass~ed t he buc-k" to the
senate, wvhen it sent over- the Richey
bill in all its bone dryness. (14 to 49.
The bill seesawed in sent inment atnd
wandteredl hither'i anld thitihler- about t he
house witht Its (lest ination mot-e than11
once unci-tain.
It cr-eated ia spirited debate oni see
ond( r-eadling, hut wvent through slick
as a whistle. 82 to 21. The majot-ity
thenl wats suchi that ther-e seemed a
iikelihool of overr-iding a p~ossile
veto. it. lay calmly until tird i-end
inlg, whlen thle house sprunig a sur-prise,
reversing itself, and recommitting the
bill. This was thought to be an idell
mite delay but thte committee on 1)o.
lice regulations got butsy, and meeting
while the house was ini session, r-e
turn-led it In its otiginal for-m, thus
elimnintintg the atmendmetnts applliedl,
which made the bill water- pr-oof, air
light and botie dr-y, including a pro
visiotn wichl made it unlawful to
have even cite dtop inl possessioni, ex
cep~t for medicinal, sac-ramental or
scienlt Ille putrpostes. T1here followed a
lilibuster. Trheni the house refused to
t-ec-ommit the bill to thle juiciat-y
conmnittee, atnd refused to allow the
buill to remalit in its original form,
-11 husidorsitig the 1bi11 as it p~assedl its
-mceond teadintg. lIn this fot-m it was
.sent to thle upper house.
Setnatotr Pur-dy of Jasp~er countty ini
trodutlcedl a b)i11 calling for' a gradutatedl
license lax otn fish atid game pro
serves. No tax is collected on tha
fIt-at 5,000 acr'es. A levy of 2 Cenlts
atn acr will be made 0on all per-serv~A
:ontaining from 5,000 to 30.000 acres;
4 cents fr-om 30,000 to 55,000; atnd 5
cents on all above 55,000 acres.
A majority favorable repor-t has
been made on the bill by Represemnta
tive N. 0. Evans to relieve theo Audu
bon society of the duty of recommend
ing a person for apptointtnent as chief I
game warden.
The bill establishing a custodial
raining school for the unfortunate H
eeble minded white people in South
'arolina, many of whom are badly
tegeleted and a burden upon the state. W
vas passed to third reading by the
louse. The bill provides that tho
achool shall be established upon lan I
1wnled at present by the state and tlat
he buildings for the school shall be ho
!onkstrttctd as iniexpelsively as pos. CA
ible. All the states in the ilot ex- ye
!ept 16 have nade provision for, the tie
eeble mindled among their popula- ha
ions. The Illeastire passed by the co
louse is intenided to ilflord protection ne
or at least a part of the feeble mind- Is
!d white pleople in South Carolina. en
An uifavora ble relort was made by vil
he judiciary colitieeitep onl the bill by
3enator Christe-nse-n to limit to $600. wi
he campaign expenses of any cadli- LI
late for state office. An unfat vorabl- At
eport was also made by the railroad it'
'onmitt :ev otn tie iropit)osed flat 2 cents W'
-ailroad rate bill. A favorable report M
vas nade by this committee oin Sen- M
.tor J. P. Williams' bill to require all M
uterurbani railways to provide ade- be
luate heating facilities. M
The Crews resolution indorsing the
ittitude of President Wilson in the F
mpending international crisis hasi
)een adopted in the senate.
Senator Christensen has introduced
t joint resolution to amend the con
stitution so as to authorize tile tp
pointment of women as notaries pb)
ie, school trustees. library trustees.
trustees of state institutions. mem- to
bers of state board of charities and
:orrections o- board of regents or M
rustees of penal or charitable insti- h
tutiotns. The resolution has been in- A
troduced upon the request of the NI
Pederation of Women's clubs, the t
xuthor says, and not by request of
hie Equal Suffrage league. P
The general appropriatution bill, ear- Ni
rying $2,650.870.30, has been introduc
Dd in the house. A state tax levy of I
3 mills will be required to meet the
lemainds on the state government.. N
Dne mill of the 8 mills will be tc
iake up the deficit of $8k0.000 brought
ver from last year. NCO new projects
Are providel for. Many of the appro
p)riations asked by the various depart
nents of the state were priuned to tie
bione by the committee under the
flirection of J. T. Liles, chairman. Au
ilpproplation of $475,000 is provided
for the State Ilospital for the Insane.
rhis provides for continuance of th1ei
improvement work. The maintenance
lost of the institution was greatly il
creased because of the "high cost o
Proyision Is made in the bill for the a
enlargement of the state tuberculosis t
sanitarium tat state park. A total of
$40,000 for several buildings, $20,000
this year and $20.000 in 1918. is Iro
vided. The erection of these buildings
was made necessary because more
than 30 beds were conditionally en
A bill was introduced by Represen
tatives Riley. Shull and S. M. Smith
to abolish free state scholarships a'
state institutions. The bill would not
affect present holders of.scholarships.
The house has cleared its calendar t
of the sevent sisters inosurantce bills- C
sending the other three to tile senatet
without debate.
Senator Sinkler introduced a bill
*aling for a bond issue of $275.000
ror piermlanentt road butilditng in (Char-a
.tstont (count1y. 'The bill1 talls totr a
referendu v11 otet. Sentor I ltlobitnsonf
>f MIc(Cotrmi ik county intrtodnced a bill
-alhinig fort a r-oadl bondlt issute of $175, I
Bills Pass House.
Somec Imtport ant bills thait have beet
ent to thle sen-i te by '.he houitse of rep.
resenttat ives:
To pla c subu rbani sItree't cat- lines
itudet juristdctin of ra ilroadt coinis
Tlo d ispie. wi iith ecotrin g by see
etaryt of q tate of cert a in papetrs. b
Rt'quiring vehticleos t) disptlay witet;i
ightI at tnighIti in dretctiont it is proceed.ti
nug, in cotunties having citIes of 50,000
abi tats.
To r-epc-al deer' and wild~ tur'key adetc
'elating to Or'angeburg and Ilamberg
Rielalting to (lose ltme in cr'eeksa
str'eamus and itnlandt waters.
Relating to tax execution collee-t
ions Iby i-iural police of Darlington
-oun tty.
To lic-ense automobiles, etc., in b
It'etkeley (-outty. k
telatinig to hiunter-'.s lit'nces in ~
'Tot aholIih oftien of i-urtal schlool su- s
iervisor' in Oi-onee counity.
Iteal inug to e(tut yv govetrnment of
l )a rlingtont ecuty rei'gatrditg sutper
'istr's ofiiCe.
Tle o'gtiaite operatlotn of elevator-s
tn Gre'envlle court house.
hlouse htills setnt to the seinat- were
To aullow niewu jail ini Laur-eni. 'outy.i
To extendo Itime fotr hutintg (leer in
lasper ot40 tIy. Ii
Ti'o priovidle hantgatng hotslptal ni
hNilem.4btrt ctotl ntat
To aut horiize issutance of bonds by Il
schtool trus:~t eo of IDarlinlgton couinty w
listiels. ~
To p ovbi c I:ux on)1 motor and other
tehticles in itrintgton counity. 01
Tro anthoize putrchase of road drtags
tn Albeville (-ountty- e
To autorize adiittioni of cler-k of e
out office n Miat-on couinty. o1
Fot' elect ion Oil 'ounity courtt. fot C(
'lor'enice countty- di
To repeal Florence county police F
ystcem law. thi
To relocate aiid lay out McCormick
outnty school districts. o
To ametnd act relating to swear-ing fo
if witntesses in grand jury room by M
xemptintg Cherokee county-.t
To exempt certain portion of Doug- tg
as township in Clarendon county fif
em opeatonn of stock law, to
ark For Farm Women ih F'tended I
-Five New Counties Provided
f-or Agens.
'lolumibia.-The organization of tht i
lile demionstration work of South
rolina has beeI completed for tle
tir 1917 as follows: The 32 coun
S engaged in the work during 1916
ve been retained, seven of these 31
unties employing assistants. Five
W cou(ntiles have been added to the o1
t. making a total of 36 counties H
gaged in the work under the super
1ion of 43 couttty agents. M
iollowiiig is a list of the coutis
th agents: Abbeville. Miss Mary it.
irtin; Aikent. Miss Bessie liarper; d
iderson, Miss EAlizabeth Forney;
imberg, Mrs. 11. W. Faust ; Barn- 111
,ll. 'liss Clifford Harratt; Beaufort.
s Sallie Hlamilton; Charlestot.
Iss Pearl Nacier; Cherokee. Miss; ci
try Barratt; Chester. liss Joe Yar. a
rough; Chesterfield. 'Miss Stella of
ims; Clarendon, Miss Katherine M. [a
chardson; Colleton. Miss Tweedie 10
ekling; Colleton. Miss Emma Jane c
rn, assistant agent; )arlington, Mrs. o
W. Ham; Darlington. Miss Carrie gi
Alver, assistant agent ; 1)illon. Miss rC
tiile Lenitnon; Dorvihester, Miss
nie N. Coleman; Fairfield, Miss Nlag- Of
e B. Turner; Florence, Miss Annie hi
Re NeLendon; Florence. assistant 01
be oppointed later; Greenville. Mrs. 01
M.L Willim 1en; Greenville. Mrs. T.
. Groce, assistalit agent; Hampton.
iss Ituth E. Dorrill; Iorry, Miss
ilie Ml. Derhain, Jasper. Aliss Ida
ay lrownlee; Lancaster. Miss Mar.
a U. Creighton; Lee, Mis Maude
'illins; Lexington. liss Lelia A.
ilmer; Marion, Miss Mabel liarper;
arlboro, Miss Ida iAloore; Newberry.
Iss Willie Mae Wise; Oconee. Miss
tith lierry; Orangebu. . Miss Grae
Pat rick ; Orangeburg, Miss Oik 6
Dukes, assistant; Pickens, Mliss N1.
lizabeth Mauldin; Richland, Miss T
orothy Napier; Sparitanburg. Mliss
As C. 1'rv ini; Spartabllburg. I iss
Hi:a Trinitier, assistan agent: Sum
r. Aliss alry Leinion ; Sumter. Miss i
at i' .. 'it ts. asistant agent ; Union.
iss Alie 0. Sintth; Wiliamsbarg.
iss Edwards; York. Miss Minnie Leo
Miss Edith L. Parrott, State agent,
sued the following statement:
The month's course of study given
)r the month of January has just
een completed and each agent has
one to the county assigned to her',
3ady to begin work. Every county
gent is employed fot 11 ionths and
he assistants for 10 mnonths of the
ear. During the course of study they
tave special instructions in butter
naking and poultry. which has come
t a very opportune time, since these
wo intlustries are to be especially
tressed this year. Each agent has
;one to her county with an equipment
or making butter which has been ap
roved by It. II. AlcLain of the dairy.
ag division in Washington.
"The agents have, during the past
tonth, put into practical deonstra
on the advanced course of study for
e women's clubs. therefore the see
nd year's work for tihe wonien's or
anizations will be readily promuoted
nder the supervision of the county
"Thei prft.n lesrUgie
omt this mont11h's 'our!se of studyl
I ye bieen very 'satiifa'ctory andi we
el that the agents arev bet tr pre-)~'
utred for work than ever b)e ire.
State Teachers Meet in March.
inigemeniits for thet approahin'ltg an
nal mneetijig of thle State Te'ahie'rs'
soiatijont has dlesig tied Ite ttew lii gh
~hool build intg on Washintgton)1 str'.'ee!t
he:thinariter's foir thlet t eacher s. Th'i "
ini the Columbia thtreatrie. with the 1
'hool class rooms. Theli atssocia ti on t
oct s int Columibia Marmch i15.17. in- a
Tobacco Gr'owers buffer Loss, d
Sumter.'--Judgingij from th e ni unbe ii'
reliable white fairmeris of Sumt 1r! e
idl (laretndon ('ouftties whoiei ithet
Lte' in t hemlselve's 0or telephionedu S
eir orders for mnore tobaccto seedi .
rn teplatin lg beds, '(i coupltd withI th l bt
aittmttstti tat all iof th i tt' oba ' 'i
~ds ittn teirtneightb~tohood had1 been p
lled by thle unprieicedeniited fr'etzinri
eathet'. it nlow looks as though t h.
bacco induistray in tisi setio oitef th ii
ate has suff'ered anltotheer setback fi
lual to thait oif thle wiinter of 191 eee
Ioekliil was11%j shte'e~d h4v 2b-'
the death in .ti a*ike' onilljie, Fl., of 'I
()idtey was wvell kntewnt ande was h'H r
the h'Iiighiest est eensli by all.
PTe mattier of uingii .jpatanhurnt'
I a mobilizationt polint ini thle 'evett
at the Cinited Saties shouldtit geo tf
at' withi (Uermiany was presented toiIi
)itgrcssmani Sam .i . N ichllsi of ti
atri't, by P'uni \'. .\l i re' ecr'ett ar
Thle State )nmiatitte e~xecutiva (e
ft itttee mieetintg in ('oltimibia order-. (
a n cle'ct iont for thei UtieX iiredl tel'nt
lie lite c) . I. Flitnly, tmemb er of
ngr'ess tfromit hle ifthlt oi 'cssiontal
e pri maryv to tiii thle r'egular' t't'rm.
A third r'egimetnt of the Nationtal
lard of South (Car'olina will no beI
rmted this year. according to W. W. j
oore, adjiutatnt general, lie tajd that
e ways anid means comumittee failej l
make financial provision for forum
g the new unit of the guard as cem-.
mnlatnd by the nAtaonal deafense .~ t
is cruel to force nauseating,
harsh physic into a
sick child.
Look back at your childhood dayd.
smember the "dose" mother insisted
i-castor oil, calomel, cathartics.
ow you hated thon, how you fought
:ainst taking them.
With our children it's different.
others who cling to the old form of
Lysic simply don't realize what they
The children's revolt Is well-found
Their tender little "insides" are
jured by them.
if your child's stomach, liver and
wels need cleansing, give only deli
Due "California Syrup of Figs." Its
tion is positive, but gentle. Millions
mothers keep this harmless "fruit
xative" handy; they know children
Ve to take it; that it never fails to
ean the liver and bowels and sweet
the stomach, and that a teaspoonful
von today saves a sick child tomorn
Ask at the store for a 50-centobottle
"California Syrup of Figs," which
is full directions for babies, children
all ages and for grown-ups plainly
a each bottle. Adv.
Picked the Right Spot.
"I see where a r--i man hails b1uilt a
ke aid llowier 'garden on top of in
mrtinlent houlse."
"'hat woui ie .lust the pave for a
ick garden."
"I donl't see how the ieighbor's
tit-ketis couhl sver get up there."
he Cause of Dry, Thin and Falling
Hair and Does It Quickly-Trial Free.
Anoint spots of dandrufi, itching and
ritation with Cuticura Ointment. Fol
>w at once by t hot shampoo with
utleura Soap, if a man, and next
iorning if a woman. When Dandruir
oes the hair comes. Use Cuticura
oap daily for the toilet.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Adress postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L.
koston. Sold everywhere.-Adv.
His Double Duty.
Jones walked up the street the other
-vo'nimng witI at box of chocolates untder
' 111e ai. id at lIg packagte of tueat
1.1414-r the other.
1Lilos, Jones!" sl5 .lsibsoni, "you
inseeeinI didn't know yout were
"'lI'm t yet."
"W1iit1 are y4au ' doing with a hose
-l'h olates atn4d tat mna1att, then?"
"(oling to see mlly girl."
")o yo have to firnaa Is the fatially
viith ai'-it aIIready?"
"till. n1o; the swel. s atre folr Ihe girl
mda tht' mtn-at is for he dog. I itave
o square blt."
lently cleanse your Iiver' and
sluggish bowels while
you sleep. i
Get a 10;cenit box.
Sick headache, biliousness, dizzi
0ss, coattedI tongtue, foul taste and foul
r-eat h-always trace them to torpid
ver-; delay-ed, fermenting food In the
owels or' sour, gassy stomach.
Poisonous miatte'. clogged in the in
Datinest, instead of being cast out
C the system is r'eabsorbed into the
lood. Wh'en this ploisonl reaches the
cliente brain tissue it causes con
estion and that duall, throbbin, sick
ninog headache.
C'ascar'ets imimediately cleanfte the
tomach, remiove the sour, undigested
704 and foul gases, take the excess
ile. from the liver- and carry out all
1o oonistipatedl waste matter and
aisonts in the bowels.
A (Cascaret to-night will surely
raighten you out by morning. They
0ork while you sleep-a 10-cent box
om your druggist means your head
ear, stomach sweet and your liver
ud bowels regulai' for months. Adv.
Odd Troubles.
"Theres,'s is one t hinsg qur tii'hi out
'lsiaig on a imited's ai ne~iit."
"Wh' a 's t hat?'"
'''Fl' rntors you ilve ini a a40ily
snth e as hnards'r ysit itsi It to maake.
r Colds, Croutp, P'neumiionia and
4thmtn ; 0008l0(OR1CA SIC LINIMIENT
r Neturalgia, Rhieumiatism aind
>railns. For sale' by all Druggists.
rees''iboro, N. C.--Adv.
Suitable Kinds.
"W~ imi1 messnsurae wvould you select for
lits 'if light poems?'"'
"Why not try at gas meter?"
Tf you sspect that your chIhs. has Worms
single' dogse of Dr. Peery's "Dead Shot"
aiiL"Sue quetin Its bettn po
tvr ae. esNy ao4 dom, or after pur
Grammatically Sure.
"Can tihis actor make a
"Certainly. If he.s l heP

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