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V. ..N 0' 1,. V v ,."" 1Q
Eistablishied 187 1-Vol ume 47-- --~~-~
PICKENS, S. C., MA Y 10, 1917
Number 1 '
Oolenoy News Notes
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Robinson of Eas
ley were the week-end guests of Hon.
and Mrs. M. Hendrix.
Other visitors to relatives at this date
are: Miss Cleo Hendrix of Central
high school of Greenville, Misses Viola
and Merle Hendrix of Pickens graded
school, Miss Pearl Sutherland of the G.
W. C. of- Greenville, L. Vernon Jones,
Dr. and Mrs. L. F. Crenshaw of Green
ville, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Suther
land, Mrs. Cox and Will Cox of Belton,
Miss Josie Chastain of Pickens, Mr.and
Mrd. W. T. Batson of Marietta, Mr.
4nd Mrs. E.J. Chastain of Holly Springs
8sction, Messrs. Ernest Looper and
Dacus of Cross Roads, Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Morris
and Mr..Baker of Pickens, Mrs. Wel
born and family of near Pickens.
Hon. Matthew 'Hendricks left this
week for Atlanta, where he will again
have his eyes examined and treated.
. Miss Clarice Keith, who has been
-quite ill, is somewhat improved. She'
isnow at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. E. F. Keith.
Mrs. Warrior King of Asheville is
spending some weeks with her mother,
.Mrs. Sallie Jones.
Miss Merle Hendrix, who has the dis
tinction of being Pickens county's most
successful tomato grower, has started
on her second year's club work in a
way that makes us believe that another
record is to be made. One-half of her
one-tenth acre was set in tomato plants
two weeks ago, just as the other half.
was sending forth a good stand of
0A "Kentucky Wonder" beans. "Truth is
stranger than fiction, " and we hope to
give you later a story in facts of this
bean patch which will recall the time
when you listened with wide open eyes,
parted lips and strained ears at ".Jack
and the Beanstalk. Miss Hendrix has
also had quite exceptional success in
growing tomato plants this spring.
From the amount of seed givon by the
home demonstrator she has Fuld 2,0001
plants besides setting her own patch.
Several hundred more -lants are on
hand. If other club members in the
county can or have done so well, let us
hear. "Speak up and 'specify' your
self." While we only mention this one
member of the club especially, all others
are busy, too, and are making splendid
Rev. John T. Mann in Pickens
Rev. John T. Mann, the blind evan
gelist, and wife will spend the month of
May in Pickens county and will fill the
following appointments:
Second Sunday-Alice Mills, 11 a. m.;
Smiths Grove. 3 p. m ; Pickens Mill, 8
p. M.
Third Sunday-Mountain View, 11 a.
in.; Secona, 3 p. m.; First Baptist
church, Pickens, X p. in.
Fourth Sunday - - CrossRoads, 11 a. i.;
Georges Creek, 3:30 p. m.;. Glenwood,
8 p. in.
If for any reason the above appoint
ments do not suit the church and pastor,
please notify me at once so we can make
a change. Any other church not men
tioned in the above list whieh would like
to have a visit from Bro. Mann, if they
will write to me at once I will arrange
.for him to make an appointment. Broth
er and Sister Mann are great workers in
protracted meetings andpif any of the
churches and pastors desire the.ir help
*in meetings, please write me at FEasley,
- or Bro. Mann at Belton, S. C.
D). W. H0-r'r.
Appointments on Pickens Circuit
Following are the regular preaching
appoi'ntmnents of Rev. S. MI. Jones. pas
tor in charge of Pickens circuit:
-First Sunday -Por-ter's Chapel at 11
o'clock; Mt. Tabor at 3.30~.
Socond Sunday- Bethel at 11 o'clock;
Salem at 3 30.
Third Sunday - MKinney 's Chapel at
11 o'clock.
Fourth Sunday-G;ap H ill at11 o'clock; ;
TPwelve Mile at 3.30.
-Rev. C. R. Anderson preaches at
Friendship every second Sunday at 11
o'clock and at New Hope every fourth
sunday at 11 o'clock.
Condemn Cheap Newspaper
'Ithica (N. Y.) News.
There is not much weeping over the
passing of the dIollar-a-year weekly
newspaper. Most readers appreciate
the fact that a decent living cannot be
made by the publisher under existing,
conditions. We honestly believe the
majority of intelligent people condemn
the publisher who is afraid to demand a
rdonable remuneration for his labor..
Mr. and-Mrs.: L.?E..Wiggins and little
damrghter wee inPickon Tue.a.
To The Public
To All Banking Institutions and to
The Public of the Fifth Federal
Reserve District:
The following notification in the
form of a telegram from the Secre
tary of the Treasury has been re
ceived by the Federal Reserve Bank
of Richmond:
"As Fiscal Agents of the Gov
ermnent you are authorized and
directed to receive subscrip
tions in your district for an ad
ditional issue of two hundred
million dollars of three per
cent. Treasury Certificates of
indebtedness maturing July sev
enteenth to be dated May tenth
on which date paymer.ts should
be made to Federal Reserve
Banks. Subscriptions will be ac
cepted until two hundred mill
ion shall have been subscribed
and then the subscriptions for
this issue will be closed."
(Signed) W. G. McAdoo,
Secretary of the Treasury.
These certificates are issued in de
nominations of $1,000, $5,000, $10,
000 and $1000,000, and are for the
immediate financing of the Govern
ment for war purposes, and they will
he received at par and accrued inter
est in payment of "War Bonds"
bearing 31 per cent. interest when
issued, as announced by the Secre
tary of the Treasury. Those who
have the desire and the purpose to
subscribe to "War Bonde" in
amounts eovered by the certificates,
should subscribe to these Certifi
cates of Indebtedness.
All sub:criptions should be made
through the Federal Reserve Bank
of Richnionod and should be for
warded to us promptly as possible.
Payments will be required to be
nade to this batik by the 10th inst.,
and will be received in current
banking funds.
Formal receipts will be issued by
Wednesday, Thu
price then another iten
all Tooth Paste is 25c.
two tubes. Every artic
same as we sell you ev(
developed by the Unit(
you want and bring it w
Contains no habit forming or dan
gerous ingredients. It is pleasant,
prompt and effectual.
One bottle 25c. two bottles 26ic.
Larger siz"e-Onie. bottle 50eO, twvo
bottles flc.
IUnexcelled in quality for 10Oc.
Lathers freely in any water. One
trial wvill conv:ince you there is noth
ing better for the price.
One Cake l0c. 2 Cakes 11c.
A highly concentratedl, cleanlsin~g
Shampoo. 4 few drop~s makes a deC
lightfully thick foam which eleans
the hair and scolp thorughly.
Leaves the hair soft and glossy anid
frree from stickiness. Daintily per
1 Bottle 50c. 2 Bottles 51c.
5e Penholders, cork grip.....2 for (Ie
lie High grade Lead Pencils.. 2 for Ge
10c Doz. Steel Peas...... .. 2 for 11ec
25e Liggetts l~emon Extract,
very fine-_....... ........2 for .(ue
25e 1-lallums liver Cleainsers,
2 for............... - _.............2 6 e
$1 .00 Hollow Ground Razors,
eac'h one guaranteed.. 2 for $1.01
50e Hlallums Bnckache and
Kidney Pills . ........ - -- 2 for 51e
75c Hair~ Brush..............2 for 76e
25c Arnica Salve....-----2 for 20c
25c Bunion Ease............ 2 for 26c
50ce Kidney Remedy........2 for 51c
$1.00 Kidney Remedy...- 2 for $1.01
Rexall Nerve Tablets 50e, 2 for 51c
Rexall Seidlitz Powders 5 c, 2 for Ge
us pending the deliery of the Trea
ury Certificates.
The newspapers of the District ai
requested to give publicity to th
. Respectfully,
- Governor.
Canning Clubs of Pickens Co.
I am publishing a list of the name
of those girls who have been enrolle
in the Canning Clubs of Picker
county for 1917. If there are an
others who wish to enroll they shoul
send their names to me not late
than May 2th.
M. Elizabeth Mauldin,
Home Demonstration Agent,
Easley, S. C.
Names and Members of Clubs.
Calhoun Club No. 6.-Boggs, Hi
zel; Chapman Vera; Cochran, Editi
Dillard, Fannie Mae; Madden, Mar.
Smith, Lucile.
Central Club No. . 3.-Arnok
L6ois; Clayton,. Angie Lee; Claytor
Cleone; Clayton, Eunice; Claytol
Faith; Dobson, Mary Ola; Dobsoi
Viola: Keeler, Ruth; McAlister, Bei
tha; McAlister, Ruth; McDanie
Gcorgria; Matthews, Grace; Newtor
Croswell Club No. 5.-Garrisoi
Louise; Hamilton, Grace; Hughe,
Lois; Iiunt, Lillian; Moorehead, Vii
Mauldin Club No. 6.-Couel
Evelyn; Hinton, Ruth; Jones, Gera
dine; McDonald, Margie; Mauldih
Deborah; Smith, Gladys.
Martin Club No. 6.-L3en jamii
Willie Mae; Bolding, Beulah; Fev
Dessie; Few, Floy; Hudson, Ruti
Rampey, Lola Mae.
Lenhardt Club No. 5.-lloleombi
Rose; Holcombe, Earle; Perry, Rut
Lee: Perry, Hazel; Perry, Ruby.
Oolenoy Club No. 14.--Clarl
Sybil; Edens, Jessie B.; Edens, Mor
tinte- Hendricks, Merle; Hendrick
rsday, Friday ar
iof the same kind for 1<
You buy a tube at this
le in this sale is a nigh c
ry day at regular pric
d Drug Co., as an adv
!ith you.
25e Lac.e and Silk Cleanser 2 for2
25c Rexall Little Liver Pills 2 for 2
25e Medicated Skin Soap....2 for 2(
25e Violet Dulee Soap (2 ini
box) .......-----....2 for 2(
10e' Rose Cream Toilet Soap 2 for 1
30Oc Violet Cream Toilet
Soap ... .....-- ..... 2for 11
10ec Lilae Cream Toilet
Soap-.............-..-' for 11
5e Stork Nipple.........--2 for 4
25e Rar and Ulcer Syringe 2 for 2(
$1.50 American Beauty Water
Bottle -..--. for $1.51
5e~ Medicine Droppers....... 2 for (
Hallums Cough Remedy 50c,
2 for- ..... ......-- .......... 51
Hlallums Cough Remedy $1.00,
2 for--... ---........ .- _..$
Elkays Wire Cut Liniment
5--,--.-..---------...2 for 51
Elny Gall Remedy 50c,
2 for----------__....-..-....51
Rose1 Bud Face Powder 25c, 2 for
25e Rat and Roach Paste -...2 for 24
Harmony Toilet W~ater* 75c 2 for 7(
Harmony l'xtracts, dlifferent
~oors, 50c, --.. . .....--2 for 51
Harmony Shampoo 25c, - .. 2 for 24
Lord Baltimore Stationery
---,--------------------2 for 2(
Tlanigara F'abrie Stationery
---,----_---..--------2 for 51
Rlexall Shaving~ Cream25e 2 for 2(
Peroxide of lydrogen25e, 2 for 24
?5e Eye Wash.--......--2 for 2(
50 Internal Pile Remedy.... 2 for 1
: 5e lho-Ko-Klas-Kets -----2 for 24
25e Mentholine Balm_ - - - 2 for 24
$1 .00 Tonie Solution of
flyI)ophosphites ---..- 2 for $1.(
25s Mother Krohi's Baby
Cough Syrup ---------2 for 24
25e WVhite Pine, Tar and
Wild Cherry . -----...2 for 24
50e White Pine, Tar and
WVild Cherry....--..2 for o
25e White l.iniment-.. .. 2 for 24
Fay; Hendricks, Clovie; Jones Hal
lie; MeJunkin, Eula; Roper, Annie
e Roper Bertie; Roper Mary: Ropei
is Ora; Sutherland, Addie; Sutherland
Reunion Club No. 10.-Couch
Bernice; Couch, Lucile; Farr, Eve
lyn; Farr. Olive; Gibson, Clara- Hol
cOmbe, Etolia; Holcombe, Leula
LaBoon, Queen: McWhorter, Mil
dred; Sheriff, Ruth.
Norris Club No. 5.-Cook, Jennie
d Cook,' Texie; Couch, Edith; Maddox
q Annie; Rice. Eva.
y R--anoke Club No. 5.-Algood
d Edith: Gillerpie, Bertie; Nix, Lizzie
r O'Dell, Frances; Roper, Lois.
Zion Club No. 1 O.-Ballentine
Sadie; Ballentine, Kate; Durham
Beatrice! Ellison, Aileen; Finley
Marie; Hinton, Gertrude; Hudson
Estaulaw; Lesley, Tina; Phillips
Flossie; Shirley, Ruth.
Miscellaneous Club No. 13.--Bag
well, Vivian; Brown, Artie; Dillard
Vaudia; Hallum, Cleo; Holder Janie
Holder, Kate; McWhorter, Ressie
McWhorter, Izetta; McWhorter, Zel
ma; Manr, Mae; Prince, Ora; Sin
gleton, Lillian; Tompkins, Inez.
New Catholic Church at
Walhalla to be Dedicated
The' dedication of the new Cath
olic church in Walhalla will takc
place next Sunday, May 13th. at 11
A. M. The people of Walhalla an<
surrounding country are cordially
invited by the pastor, Father Gwym
to attend the ceremony. The Righ
Reverend Wm. T Russell, D. D.
, 3ishop of the Catholic Diocese o:
h Charleston, will dedicate and preacl
the sermon of the occasion. Ther
will be a service also at 4:30 in th<
3, afternoon to which all are invitcd.
d Saturday, May
sa sale where you buy
. As an illustration: The
price, and by paying 1c
lass standard piece of n
:s, and have sold you fol
artising plan. Save this ]
e It brings you the combined odo
of the tuberose, the violet, the helio
e trop~e, the geranium, the jasmine an
Iother choice flowvers, all of which ar
dlelightfully blended.
One Can 50c. ..2 Cans 51c.
eOne Jar 50c. h'wo Jars 51c
A~ p)erfect dlentrillce, antiseptic
1 and~ dleodloran t. Cleans aun d whiten
the teeth. (bCe out flat on th<
e b)rush.
One tube 25c. Tlwo tub.s 21e
One Box 50c. Two Boxes 5ic
One Jar 25c. Two Jars 26c
1 Bottle 25c. Two Bottles 26c
C 50e- Violet D~ulce LiquidI
c C2omp. Powder -- - for 51t(
5 0e Ahiua Z/adau Comp11.
c-----------d --- -> fo*ri5
50e Violet Dulee~ Vanish
m ig Cream ... - -..- 2 for 51
e~ Cream ..-. ..... 2 for 51
25e Violet D)ulce T1alenm
e Powvder ...---- . - ..- for 20
50c Bouquet Jeanice Tale. 2 for 51
e 25e Rexall Violet Talcum.. 2 for 26
e Black Draught Veterinary
A Confession
(James Edwin Kerr in Columbia State]
I wish I were a boy again
This grown-up life's a cheat;
I want to paddle thru the rain
I want; to go "bare feet."
I want to feel the funny grass
Come trickling thru my toes;
I hate this front of bluff and brass
I hate these "Sunday" clothes!
I wish I had my old big hat
And fishing rod-- I wish
That Johnnie Jones was here-hod drat!
How we two boys could fish!
I'd love to sit there by the creek
With no one 'round but him,
And play and prank it for a week,
And fish and fish and swim!
I wish I were a boy again
This grown-up life's a cheat;
I want to paddle in the rain
I want to go "bare feet!"
The Pickens Oil Mill was sold at pub
lie auction Monday morning and bid in
for $8,000 by I. F. Bruce representing
the stockholders.
Three young men made application at
the postoffice Saturday for examination
to enter the Army. They went over tc
the recruiting station in Greenville Mon
day and were accepted and assigned as
follows: Guy Nealy, Cavalry; -- Hud.
son, infantry; Riley Brazeale, Hospita
Corps, all to be trained at Ft. Screven
9, 10, 11 and 1
an item at the regular
standard price of Rex
more, or 26c, you get
archandise, just the
' years. This sale was
ist, check the items
L~inimecnt .-_....50-e. 2 for 51<
25c Nice (Decodorant) ... 2 for 26<
25e Bottle Antiseptic Solu
I 2de Cas'cara' A-romnatic . for- 26<
25e Carbolie Salve ... -2 for 26<
25c Cleaning Fluid. .. .. 2 for 26i
25e Earache Remiedy~ . 2 for- 2ti
50e Eczema Ointmient...... 2 for 51
$1.00 Eczema Ointment 2 for $l.0
Shephards Fly D)river50c, 2 for 51
Revall Sunburn Lotion '25c, 2 for 21
25e Liggett's Pure Extract
of I Qemont.......... _ ___-)2 for .26
Black Draught Disinfeet
ant and Dip.... $1.00, 2 for $1.0
Rexall Kidney Pills 50e,.. 2 for 51
American Flag Scarf Pins
J00,--...........---2 for- II
D)urham D'u13lex Razo 25e, 2 for 26~
-llallums Cough Remedy 25c,
There will be others not mention
.ed here.
Remember the dates, May 9, 10
11 AND 12.
Postage paid if 10 per cent. is ad
Phone No. 8. J. N. Hallum.
Prop. and Manager
N. B.--We have plenty of Garder
SBeans, Watermelon Seed, Seed Cor:
"As the Boy. Go Mar<.hing~ On !'
MAY 9, 10 11 AND) 12.
First Grade -Otis Cauley, Elsie Hes
ter, Fredric Hallum, Virginia Lewis,
Frances McFall, Eleanor Maulin, Charlie
Craig, Clay Newton.
Second Grade-Edith Hames, Eliza
beth Roark, Annie Mae Stewart, Mar
garet Valley, Quinton Porter, Claude
Seawright, Fant Thornley.
Third Grade-Vernon Cox, James
Stewart, Wyatt Stewart, Linnie Can
trell, Nan Newton, Margaret Richey.
FourthGrade-Margaret Bivens,Ruth
Fifth Grade-Lois Hames, Daisy Biv
ens, Lucille Harris, Ellen Freeman,
Essie Stewart, Louise Hutchings, Artie
Hughes, Athalie Hlallum.
Sixth Grade-- Edna Willis, Nannie
Morris, Don Roark, Bessie Stewart.
Seventh Grade-- Eula Stewart, Eva
Freeman, Esther Baker, William Mn
Eighth Grade--Janie Holder, Melence
Thornley, Merle, Hendrix.
Tenth Grade Margaret Aiken, Ber
tha Cantrell, Annie Gravley, Florence
Stewart, Joe Frank Freeman, Frank
Misses Pearl lester and Rosamond
Lynn were in Easley Sunday afternoon.
Miss Una Williams spent the week
end with her sister, Miss Isadora Wil
The literary socejty held its regular
meeting Friday afternoon. The subject
for debate was: "Resolved, That the
women of South Carolina should have
the right to vote." The decision of the
judges was two for the negative and
one for the affirmative.
The president of the graduating class,
Steen Looper, called a meeting of the
Tenth Grade Monday afternoon to select
invitations and to eleet those that are
to take part in the graduating exer
cises. Frank Keith was elected as val
edictorian, Florence Stewart class
prophet, and Raymond Cox historian.
The Parent-Tearelers' meeting will
be hel-l Wednesday afternoon. Fathers
are also -urged to attend, as this will he
the last meeting of the session.
Four boys of the Tenth grade--Steen
Looper, Harrison Edens, Charlie Yongue
and Raymond Cox ---have applied to the
Charleston navy yard for positions, thru
Mr. Roy Grandy.
Miss Marie Freeman of G. W. C. at
tended chapel exorrises Monday morn
Glassy Mt'n. School Honor Roll
bFirst Grade--- Pearl Sinnow, Aldine
Pace. Florence .Day, I eRoy Anthony,
Ralph Anthony.
Second Grade- - Lillian Hayes, Irene
F'reeman, Essie Trotter, Irvin Hendrix,
Bryan Anthony, Elbert Leslie, Frank
Childs, Guy Simmons, Willie Hayes,
Lloyd Leslie.I
Third Grade - A ima H[ayes, Mary'~
Chastain, Ernest Leslie, Hlamp D~ay.
Fourth Grade Agnes Leslie, Lucille
Anthony, Flkorence Ulendlricks. Eva An- '
thony, Eva Baker.
Sixth Grade-Cloo Anthony.
Seventh Grade- Lizzie A nthony.
Ninth Griade-- Erniertine IHendricks.
Names of pupils who re cived reward
souvenirs ona deoJrtment. -Lizie An
thony, Eva Anthony, Lucille Anthony,
Verona Mae A nthony, Hertram Anthony,
Cleo A nthony, E'va llak er, Forest Dod.
gens', Ernestine hfondricks, Ivy H-en
dricks, J1imn Ed I fendricks, Purker H-en
dricks, Agnes L eslie, .1ohnnie Simmons,
F'urmsan Si mmlons.
M ATT'I i FOwEN, Prin.
A a.r ANAnstnAst
WVe wish to thank our friends anid
neighbors for their kindness andl atten
tion during on) mother's long illness
and death, and we want to thank Drs.
Smith and Porter for their faithful ser
vices to her. May Godl bless each and
every one of them in all their under
takings is our prayer.
Pickens Produce Market
(Corroele) wVeekly by Vlicer, Thrinsey & Co.)
Cotton, pound 4
Corn, bushel. ..
Peas, bushel - 2,5
Cane seed, busheL -.2.00
Hams, pound .--..... - ...25d4
Egs, dozen........
Blytter, poun~d..2
ehicns, round..----..---.. ,12

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