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Te" Pickents Sentinel
P9CKENE40 6 C.
JULY 1 , 1017
Katered at Pkens Pestomee as Becond Class
Mall etatter.
GARY Hbo'TT, Manager.
Obituary notices ait tetoutes of respect of
not over one hundred words will be printed freo
of charge. All over that nuaber nust be paid
ror at the rate of one cent a word. Cash to
aecompany manuscript. Cards of thank: vis b
;ibed for onc-half cent a word.
"My Country 'Tis of Thee, Sweot Land
of Liberty."
!Anont DatY will be the next bi' stop.
A I.So draft the milliotuires' million.
HitwrFn Roost.:viivii has b~rokenr tout
in a new place.
Tan editor of the Gaffney Ledger haI
)eCamped again -- to Boston this time.
WHAT WC imagine to be a sinecure is
being treasurer of the South Carolina
Press association.
TrIIAT massacre up in Illinoi, should f
put a stop to the negro exodus from the
south. But will it?
"KizEn BILL is a pill; but Uncle Sam
can take him," toots ILditor Tuten of
the Hampton Herald.
'TlHERE are many "promising" young
men in our fair land, but that's as far
as it goes with many of them.
"WAt department tightens the rein
en publication of war facts," reads a
headline. Better get a grip on the war 1
lief, also.
"FILL up the colleges," shout some
Newspapers. But Uncle Sam says
"Fill up the army and navy!" Take
your choice.
Tin: sooner the southern negro learns
tbat his northern emancipator has no
ase for him except (or his labor the
better he will be off.
1LLNois murdered more negroes in
that East St. Louis race riot than were
lynched in the entire south is one year,
aid with less provecation.
IKASEs and decrees by kings and
.zars against submarines sound good
enough, but somehow the latter pay
so attention to the former.
STRANGN, but true: None of the na
tiens at war have yet been reported by
the newspapers a~s '"tottering, " which
ts an indication that the war in far from
THE~ Greenwood *ournal has diucov~
ered a new poet-one Joachimi Miller.
But if Joaquin Miller wasn't dead he'd
sorely raise send With 4echim-orwt
the Journal.orwt
'A 1u3a cannon use. up the equiva
taat of two barrels of wthiskey or twenty
barrels of beer," moans the Greenville
N4ews. Cheer up, Colonel; the war will
ded some time.
"T'here are now so enanjy calls, move
asents and campaigna that one haa to~
be mighty alert te keep up with them,"
observes the Union P'rogress. Or to
- dtodge them, if you are no Inclined.
'A CORtioN of police was unable to
prevent the French girls from embrac
ing and kissing our beys in khaki when
they ''nded ingay Paree. This sort of
news should stimulate recruiting in,
\VHENEVER this war ends and the
'munition makers anad the other busi
nesses that have aping therefrom close
up shop, and they sure will, there will
'not be standing room in this country
for the army of jobless men - and
OUR WEEKLY RWDLE. -Why is the:
letter D like a sailort
Because it follow, the C (sea). See?
TIl. CimL Ctf
e. %di$rf. r xura
( .Jof hiyd~'t
I f.ie
'Th 8eWy Sec't.
Ladies desire that iure,
si- ible charm-a good
complexion. Of course
they do not wish others
to know a beautifier
has been used so they
buy a bottle of
Magnolia Balm
I and use according to simple direelions. Ianprove
,ment is noticed at once. Soothin , coo as and
gefreshing. Heals Sunburn, stops Tan.
Pnk. Vhfe. Rose-Red.
75c. a 'ruughts or by mad dirscL
Sample (either color) for 2c. Stamp.
Lyon MIg. Co., 40 South Fifth St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
THERE are a lot of people who do not
have to get boozy to make fools of
BEcAtsE a man has done another a
favor once upon a time, is that a good
reason why one should get down on his
hunkers to that man ever after'
Hi-:rou; the war broke out the likker
interest.; used to tell the people in big
advertisements what vast quantities of
grin they used in the manufacture I
whiskey; how they were the best cu
tomers the farmer had; that they also
kept the price of grain at a high level.
But now, since congress has all but put
them out of business for the war periou.
they crawfish and say that the amount
)f grain consumed by them is "infini
tesimal and insignificant."
Pumpkintown "Deadhead" Stuff
Binding rye might be a cinch if it
lidn't always wear so much moustache.
The Sentinel's paragraph column
would almost make an old sourwood
itump grin sometimes.
Last year we registered and became
a voter; now we've registered again
and become, we suppose, a fighter.
And phwat's a "caryophyllus aromat
cus?" when you get started reading
vords, or whatever they are, like that,
iow do you get quit?
Crops are growing nicely here, "Gen.
green" is being licked to a caution, and
float everybody is chewing "Brown's
vIule" and looking happy.
"I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be at
toward" is the title of a new song.
nell, honey, that's all right. Nobody's
;oing to blame you for what he does.
Headline aays there is "Room for
[oosevelt." Yep. Over among the,
the patent medicine ads.-Pickens Sen
tinel. But if the patent medicine hap
pened to be the Ten-tonic, what would
happen to the ads? CEDRIC.
Southern Rag
IAn Ambition aim
T.JH E neerb of the South ares d
f ew anw PRailwaya thbo gre
. h cytsil~tlg ofth1 rh
'l'he han I1Ralta s.; no fase
*The arab'ian of the Sotuhern aalb
UniZ7 of interest that is bera of co-opers
the Nlsedeg to see perfrird that falr so
m'unt of r'sitroads whic's lnvites vhs
''* Eeetiesa to rtea!!,o the t libealry of te
..to ehtain the atddtionaal capital n:eaed i.
enaterred facilhItes irridecst ta tas draui
" rytce5 s . dirally
To takel I~che hi the bralr p',
other grea tndustrica. with no more~.,
* 'gassa del pptaslka.
" The Southern Seru'
Iron Is Greatest
Builders, 3
A Su're-t of the Great Endur
ordinary Nnazated Iron Wml Make Dell.
eaSe, Vervous, Unndowa Peopte 100
Per Cont. mtron~ger in Two
Weeks' Tim ai many Oases.
New York. N. Y.-Most people r'oul
lshly seem to think they arn going to
get renewed health and strength fromi
some st~mulating medicine. seciret no
trtum or narcotic drug, said D~r. E.
gauer. a Boston physioian who hian
studied widely both in this country and
great E:uropean Medical Institutions
when, a.i a matter of fact, real and
true strength can only come fromi the
food you eat. But people often r'ail to
get the strength out of their food be
cause they haven't enough iron in their
blood to enable it to chiange food into
living matter. From their weakeneds.
nervons c'ondition they know sonmethaing
is wrong. but they can't fell what. so
they generrally commnenee dor~iasng for
atomtach. liver or kidney trouble or
symptoms of some other ailment caused
by leek of iron in the blood. This
thing may go on for years. While the
patient suffer. untold agony. If you
are not strong or well, you owe it to
yourself to make' th. following test:
Bee how on g you can work or how far
Tou can walk withont becoming tired.
xti take two nye-groin tablets of or
inaery Nurated Jron three times per
Safter meals for two weeks. Then
tour strength agala and see for
r~1et how much you have gained. I
~Ve sees dozens of ner'voue. run-down
9e0p9e wh^ 'vera ajmiar allit
loece of Ffsal ettleanent and Dscatrge
skotice is lhereby given that twiN
make application to J. B. Newber,
Esq., Judle bf Probate for Pickene
County, In th state of South Carolina,
ontheS 9th day of August, 1917, at 10
Selock in the forenoon, or as soon
thereafter as'.eaid application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of the estate of RolandChastain,de
ceased, and obtain discharge as admin.
istrator of said estate.
13 Administrator.
Notice To Debtors and Creditors
All persons having claims against the
estate of W. 11. Ashmore, deceased,
are hereby notified to present the same
to the undersigned on or by the 16th
day of July 1917, duly attested, and
all persons owing said estate are
hereby requested to settle with
J. .1. IvSWA IN SAM Ii. L'I:.\ IG
(,reenvIle, S. U. r'iekena, a. ('.
McSwain & Craig
Plr actie in State and Federal Courts
Greenville Otlice Phone 210
Pickeis Ollice Phone 39
11. I:i ' .i\N('. 1'. IIV
NIAlTIN . 1 L":1 Y
General Practice of Law,
Come to Pickens 1O (10 'our
trading. Our merchants have
the goods and they will treat
you right.
You may subscribe for The Sentinel I
eight months for a dollar.
Opinions from
Folks Who Knovi
For malarial headache, Grangd
Liver Regulator entirely relieved mn
trouble.-J. Height, Wetumpka, Al
Had heavy headache. Vonitct
twice to six times a day. Four dos4
of Granger Liver Regulator made n
vell.-Loundas P. Blrindley, Somei
ille, Ala.
Mother had sick headache. Grange
Liver Regulator did her more goo
than all the medicine she had take.
before.-Pearley Davis, Pacio, Ala.
I never expect to be without it i:
m home.--Jenie Uaey, Gadsden, Alal
It is a great saver of doctors' bills'
--Louis N. Kent, Honoraville, Ala.
There is none better.-Dr. T. E,
Cothram, Alexis Ala.
All druggist sell Granger Liver
Regulator- c.' Try it,
Tway System
.d a Record
entical wvith the needs
and ft3c .se of Oe sems.
re-te esecal priviege aU
den bsrern tie pubic -
i frsak poller in the ssnage
nnr~ ub6 will enable -'
tha sanlsideo of betend*
ai fet Iaimed gad bettew
'of the sa'6 e'rr.eeof
~s the Souith."
of All Strength
ays Doctor
rnce and Powers of Athletea
double their strength anid endurance
and ent irely get rid of att symptoms of
dt~pApain, liver and other troubles in
frown ten to fourteen days' time simply
hy taiking Iron in the proper form. And
this after they had in some eases been
doctoring for monthH without obtaining
any benefit. Hut don't take the old
forras o.f redcd iron. Iron acetate or
t in':Ture of tron, simply to save a few
eets. You mustt take iron in a form
- hat een be 'asil absorbed andI assimi
Iatedi like Nuxated Iron If you want it
to do yov any good, otherwise it may
prove worse than useless. Many an
athlete nr Priz' ghter h'is won the day
~simipy tbeauve t hey knew the secret of
great strength and endurance and fillied
his, bloo.d with Iron before he went into
the aff'ray, while many another has
gne lowvn to ingorinus defeat simply
frte dar o iron.
I Oh-4te Iun r e , meddtaebyIi
A Few Suggesit
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da' maret he

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