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Polarine Oil
A splendid cylinder and lubricating
oil, 50 cents 'a gallon.
A good machinery oil at 30 cents a
Linseed oil at $1.25 a gallon.
Your patronage wanted and
The Rexall Store
J. N. H4 LLUII, Prop. & Mgr.
Phone No. 8
North American Accident Insurance
Company of Chicago
Ne\\ark, New\ JeiSe, July 19. 1917.
M. P. lester, 'ic'kens. S. ('.: I )-a r Sir- 'n. iR. Powell, in
re, Pickens. S. (. ' e at' in receipt ii' ept at file(I by the above
party relative Io illness for wi hich he was first I reate(I at'. his home
on June -. The policy utlt'r wlhieb \1r. Powell is insured with
us provites intl'nlnity for the l period of Imnne' liuring which the as
suredtf is ('1it iii ot isl y 'oni uii(l ti I 1ete't at his hOm1'e by a doctor.
The pr(oof in(li('nttes (Int, ht' was first able to lave the house on'
June 18, uali We ac('nt'itingly' t'it'los' otur' dr'a ii for 25.OO,'overing
a petiocl of' one week aft thi' Ille first, <liiing wht ich ht' was so con
finel anI Ir'eat t''l Ihv a <doetor.
' tirs irspc''t f'tll y.
U?. II. I,lN\I )1E,1'
Mtgr. Pren tier Dplt.
'l'his 'tlol$atty is ctapitaiiz'l at .0,000 and has a sll)lus to
)Olie'r-holtls'rs of' o''r '5i),(00. 'olicy-lhohlers ar'' fully pro
tectetl Iby the' Ii surane (' ws of Illinoi s.
l'or 'l'rth''r pa rticulars see
M. F. HESTER, Agent, Pickens, S. C.
. Southern Railway System
- An Ambition and a Record
J E needs of the South are identical with the needs
ofthe bu tern Raihvay: the growth and success of one mneansr
the uvbuwllt, or the other. f
ac r ed outhern Iailway asks no fatora-no special privilege not
( saccrr to others.
'The ambition of the Southern Railway Company is to see that
uitty of interest that is bon of co-operation between the public and I
me(o alod hc n cstecndneo oensna he rallroadt to see perfectedl thait fair and frank policy in the manage-'
agenciest to realize that liberality e treatment which wilt enabte it
to obtain the additional capital neededt for th e aciition of better and
i arigel facilities iscidetit to the demntd for increased anid better
e e and, finally
Ton take Itt niche in the bodly po'tti' of the $suth atongside of
t u ,sii ts witicno inurec but w ithi cu.sI liberties. celual
"The Southern Serves the South."
*Ground Limestone Will Reduce Your*
Fertilizer Bill
-We have been made the distributing agents over
- this section for a Limestone that is unusually fine ~
ground and this makes it quickly available. It :
releases the potash and plant food in the soil, cor
. rects the acidity and pulverizes the hard spo tsI
- makes the soil very much more productivean
makes it easy to get an early stand of cotton, corn
and grain by putting the soil in first-class condition :9
I .Order Early..Prices Right
Anderson Phosphate and Oil:
Anderson, S. C.
W.F. FARMER, Secretary.
. C SMTHAND JOHN C. CAREY, Agents, Pickenis
-t I++-++-+HH Htt1H11-+
Bristow and Gignilliatt Christopher of
Gaffney spent Sunday with their par- I
cuts in Pickens.
Mrs. C. E. Robinson, Jr., of Green
ville, recently underwent an operation
for appendicitis.
Joab Mauldin, a prominent young man
of Hampton, spent several days in Pick
ens last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Looper of near
Pickens are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Hendricks at Liberty.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alexander of
Anderson spent several days of the past'
week as guests of Mrs. N. M. Craig.
Quite a number of young people en.!
joyed a moonlight picnic at the h'lil
Clements mill last Wednesday night.
Free city mail delivery was inaugn
urated in Easley August 1. Harry lii
gins and Frank Trayham are the carris r
The chautauqua recently held at Pit k -
ens was Pronounced a success in t'r -
w"ay and was attended by large c(rowV4 _
Miss Nellie Grandy has as her guet
Mlrs. Ilarry Geiger, of North r'nii ha.
and her two interestingIi ttle daugh t.
Irvin Miller went all over town
week looking fcr a churn that would :it
a four-gallon cow, but was unah, t (
find it.
Adr. and Mrs. T. 'T. H ughes andi
daughter, Miss Ethel, of Gree~nvilt. I
have recently been on a visit to frikn k
in Pickens.
'l'he I.adies' Aid society of the lap
tist church held a most interestiem
meeting with Mrs. J. H. ! lollnd .a
la-it Monday afternoon.
Dlr. and Mrs. Frank F. Alexander ofI'
Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Sam. H.
Craig of Pickens spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Sutherland at Pump
The State Railroad Commission will
hold a meeting in Pickens Thursday,
August 9, for the purpose of investi
gating the need of an express and tele
graph office here.
Oskloosa College, of Oskaloosa, Iowa,
has conferred the degree of Doctor of
Divinity upon Rev. H. C. Bedford,
president of the Wesleyan Methodist
College at Central.
I "Orr's Riffles'' will hold a reunion at
Easley on August 16. Prominent speak
ers will be present and a pienic dinner
'ill he served. All confederate vet
erans invited to attend.
Mr. Avery ('hastain and two daugh
ters, I.ilha and Laurie and little. grand
on.Nelonof A tlanta, are visiting
'eknsand other r'ela tives in the coun ty.
Mliss Mildred Cox left last week for
Washington, D). C. , where she joined
her c'ousin, Miss Burnette Mercham.
Tlhe'y will go to Chicago to visit their
aunt, Mr's. TI. Al fred Robertson, on Lake
Mir. andI Mrs. J. P. Carey, Jr'.,ac
complanited hy Mrs. C. M. Easterday of
Grieenuville and Miss Beryl Martin of
i'asle'v. ni2otored to Hlendersonville Sat
tlrdalit. i'r. Carey has r'eturnedI home,
but the other's wvill be away two weeks.
The la lit's of' the Woodmnen circle of
IOlive Gr'ove No. 145 will have an ice
cireami stupper~ at the Woodmen Hall
near ('ross Roads church Saturday ev
ening, August 11, from 41 to 8 o'clock.
Th pubilic' is cordially invited. Pro
eeeds to, go foi' benefit of the circle.
Mi'. JIohn R. Masters suffered a
bi'oken leg, a broken shoulder and
severe bruises one day last week when
a tree fell on him while he was working
at W. F. H endrick s' saw mill near Table
Rock.5lHe is resting very well at pres
ent and many friends hope he may
shortly fully recover.
The special term of Federal court
held at Pickens convened Monday morn
ing, but was in session less than a day,
adjourning Monday afternoon. No wit
nesses or jurors were present and the
settlement of all cases was left with the
judge and lawyers. This term WAS
called to settle up some Oconee county
land cases.
A Home Demonstration Club was or
ganized by Miss Elizabeth Mauldin at
Pickens last Thursday' and the first
meeting will be, held the fourtlyFriday
afternoon in August at the residence of
Mrs. . P. Carey, Jr. The subject at
this meeting will be beverages,.and all
housekeepers~ in Pickens are urged to
attend. The club will meet every fourth
Friday afternoon at the homes of differ
ent members.
Nottees: usne.'.t I tannoinan Ittt uone cent n
tilli f t I!i- st .? r i !toi itlit tilt**Ilitif cetil a # ol-t]
~er v'ach -, Ih.r.iunt fnwlitla
'or Snle o!' 'elemnge-- Ten
our8se power ste'am engine, 6-horsepower
asoline enume. ' one automobile, one
orn mill, all in good running order.
. A. l'ace. l'ickens. 17
F'or{ ilemnt One blacksmith shop,
mne horse. 2 acres land, one tenant
ouse. lFor Sale, a few farm tools.
pply to Maud Ashmore.
'igs for Nle - Now ready for de
ivery. Cross between two registered
tocks. See A. A. Winchester, Little
astatoe. 15
lfanl Ior' Sale-I offer my farm
or sale near Easley, S. C., containing
.60 acres, ahout 60 acres in cultivation,
>alancec in original forest and pasture,
L'wo good houses finished and painted.
tobert Stewart, Pickens, S. C. 13tf
Not ice - The wheat mill at the Ha
:ood Mill is now ready for grinding
vheat. Your patronage solicited. Also
0-horsepower steam engine and auto
nobile forsalecheap. A.A. Pace. lOtf
'or good iieai, made from good,
ound, home-raised corn and ground
ight. see S. Clements or Guy McFall,
'ickens. tf
Ions inegotlated on farm lands
n Greenville and Pickens counties,
.n term. costs reasonable, interests
1-2 per cent. In amounts of $1,00(
md over. No restrictions as to use of
noey us in Federal Reserve. Jos. E.
.ench. A ttorney, Greenville, S. C. 2(
Porter's Pressing Clulb
ileaning, Pressing, Dyeing, Al.
tering, Etc.
Suits are sent for and delivered whet
>romised and the work is done by an
mpert. Work guaranteed.
Suits pressed at 25c per suit; cleaning
md pressing, 50c suit; dry cleaning, $:
uit. Special attention given to ladies
We appreciate your patronage.
B. B. PORTER, Proprietor,
At Porter's Barber Shop.
Telephone No. 38
To save fruits and 'ege
tables? We can help
you. A solid car of
Fruit Cans, Caps and
Rubbers. A car of sugar
next week. Another
car of Hay and one car
of Feed. One car Hinlis
this week.
Morris & Company,
Phone No. 36-Use It
r. .. I4swA SA31 H. CR.\l
jreenv ie, '. C. P icken,. C.
McSwain & Craig
Practice in State andl Federal Court
G;reenville Office Phone 210
Pickens Office Phone 39
Cotton Weigher Announcemer
FRANK G. AIA;OOD is hereby in
nounced as a *candlidate for re-electic
as Cotton Weigber at Pickens, subje<
to the rules and regulations of the at
p~roaching election.
We are in a position
to give all
Prompt and Careful
Individuality in your letter-.
heads and other printed
matter is helpt to your
business. We are ready
at all times to give you the
benefit of our experience.
M. F. Hlgster Is agent for the Nort
American Accident Insurance Co. Sc
his advertisement in this issue.
Are You One of Our Satisfied I .
We have hundreds of them
and will be glad to have you.
Give us a trial.
Keowee Pharmacy .
Nyal Quality Store
R. E. Lewis, Ph. G., Prop.
Phone 24
-1--11-11--11-1-1 1+! + 12-I--i-.-- - 1- -I +! i --S+?1-I-I+--I -I-I-""-- -"--!-- +- --i-!
Safe. Sound and Progressive
We solicit your banking business and will show you eyer .
courtesy and convenience consistent With sound banking principles.
ivo per cent, interest paid on Savings Deposits.
J. P. CAREY, President- JNO. C, CAREY, Cashier.
. 1
Don't Buy a Wagon Until You
Have Seen the Columbus
Before you decide on any wagon, examine the Columbus. Strongly
built of the best' possible material the Columbus wagon gives the most
satisfactory service for the longest period of years. There is no secret in
the notedly long life of the Columbus wagon. It is the result of the
methods employed in construction. There is igo wood in this wagon
which has not been air.dried under shelter from one to two years.
The axles and the spokes of the wheels are hickory; the hounds,
-olsters and sandboards are oak, and the bottom of the box is straight -
grained flawless pine. These are just a few examples of the care whlich is
taken to make this wagon as reliable as p)ossible. The result is that the
Columbius wagon is unbeatable in reliab~ility and endurance. Conmo in
and examiine it for yourself. WVe know you will be pleased.
Pickens Hardware & Grocery Co~
Get Valuable Premiums Free by g
a Using Our Profit-Sharing Plan 8
Dyortraing a J. WV. Hendricks', where you get
a coupon with every cash purchase. Coupons are good a
fr valuable premiums. Call and get a catalog showing
Sdifferent premiums and how to get them without extra
M I anr still giving mioro goods for less money than any- M
Sbody else.
Produce a specialty.
Hams, 26c per pound In trade,
Spring Fryers, 20c per pound, u p to 40c each.
Hens, 12c per pound.
Eggs, 30C per dozen at present..
Our line of Furniture is complete.*
Men's Oxfords and all Summer. Goods at greatly
reduced prices.

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