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Established 1871-Volume 47 PICKENS. S. C., SEPT1 I' 1f1R 27, 1917
We Have FOR
The Largestt Stock of Furniture
Ever Shown in Pickens County
We will make it to your interest to come to see us
when in the market for
Stoves, Ranges, Bedroon Suites, Dining
'oom Suites, Parlor Suites, Sideboards,
Buffets, Odd Dressers, Bedsteads, Iron
and Oak, Chairs of all kinds, Mattresses,
Springs, Safes, Kitchen Cabinets.
In fact, anything you may want. We want to
show everyone in Pickens county where we can
save them money in their Furniture bill.
Our prices are right. The early buyers get the
cream. Bargains in all lines.
Liberty, S. C.
Of Course
The price of most goods have
advanced, but the farmer that
gets about and has something
to sell never feels the advanced
prices, for he is constantly sell
ing something that is advanc
ing, too.
Our prices are not as low on a
lot of goods as they were five
years ago, but we are offering
many excellent values all thru
our stock, considering the pres
en't market price..
We want you to br.ing us what
you have to sell and w~e will
treat you right.
CR AIG BROS. CO., Pickens
* OOLENOY NEWS ITEMS. itors. In both of the above mentionetl,
OOLENOY, sept. 24.--Mr, and i natural beautyh.bjc. o ntrs
Mss MrgaretsAttawvay ofric ekens, ner T Ijbertnd vth their entefa
wvho is teaching near Marietta, suent ily of childe an rnchlrn
lst Sundlay at te home of Hion. anell sphentl Th ursday : t a ble Rock.
Mr. and Mrs., J. D. Viekery are Mr. and Mrs. Wade, andl Mr. and Mrs.
apepdig sonme time with relatives at ROSS O'Dell, Mr. and Mrs. Joel All
Misses Jay and Williams of the and M ~ir. and Mrs., . Ao. haan.
graded school, spent Saturday at the Oolenov was well represented at
home of Dr. and Mrs. ,J. M. Crenshaw. the picnic~ at Pickens on last Friday
Miss Jennie Griflig, who has been in honor of the boys who went as
* spendin some time in Anderson, is members of the selective draft armiy
inl Hiott, of Easley, was in this fmil wet ml in e(' a nst
necilon, of (la la wveek. Henry Ne a part f the trn to wish our
seen here of late. Nothing remarka- A numberivere from this .ection.
bce inthis. Nature has furnished this For sale (y Keowee Pharmacy and
locliy wthmany attractions to vis-- Pickens D~rug Co.
Large Crowd Says
Goodbye to Soldiers
A crowd estimated at 2,000 men,
women and children gathered in Pickens
last Friday to do honor and bid Godspeed
to the young men of Pickens county
who were to leave next day for Camp
Andrew Jackson at Columbia to enter
the National army of the United States.
Ninety young men were present ready
to go, but only eighty were sent, which,
by the way, was seven more than the
county's quota. .
It was a (lay the like of which has
never before been seen in this grand
old county. Mothers, fathers, brothers,
sisters and sweethearts of the soldiers
were present to give what encourage
ment they could and to let the boys
know they loved them. It was no
Fourth of July celebration nor a hip!
hip! hurrah! meeting; neither was it a
funeral occasion, but a serious and sol
emn affair, enshrouded with a certain
kind of enthusiasm.
Long before time for the formal ex
ercises to begin the court house was
crowded and when the meeting was
called to older hardly half the people
could get in, tho the house was packed
and jammed.
The meeting was opened with prayer
by Rev. D. W. liott. J. P. Carey, Jr.,
made the first and brief address and in
troduced Dr. .John E. White of Ander
son, the principal speaker of the day.
le came here with a big reputation and
he added to it with a masterpiece of
eloquence and information. It is safe
to say that no address ever made in
Pickens surpassed that delivered by Dr.
White on this occasion. To try to re
produce even a part of it in cold type
would detraqt from it. le went back
forty years and told step by step how
Germany had made preparations to be
come a world empire, and how she
brought this war on. He said that a
year ago he was opposed to the United
States entering the war, but showed
how events had shaped themselves so
that this couutry could not remain out
of the war and retain its liberty. De
fined autocracy and democracy, and
said if Germany should emerge from
the war victorious 'all countries would
from necessity become autocracies,while
if the United States and the Allies won
all countries would become democracies.
It is a fight for world-wide democracy
and the right of the people to rule them
selves. Predicted the war would end
before next September. The speaker
was frequently interrupted by applause
and closed with an ovation.
C. E. Robinson next introduced J. '.
L'arey, Sr., who delivered one of those
addresses for which he is famous -- full
)f meat, practical and "soaks in." His
talk was of an encouraging nature to the
)oys, and we haven't the least doubt
>ut that they will make better soldiers
'or it. He told the boys how well Uncle
3am treated his soldiers and what Uncle
Sam expected of them. le was vocif
nrously applauded.
E. P. McCravey made a short talk
and corrected several erroneous reports
wyhich slacker's had attempitedl to circu
Rev. 11. K. Williams dismissed the
audience wvith prayer, after wvhich a
picnic dinner was serv'ed on a large table
in the court house grove.
At 3.30 o'dlock in the afternoon the
court house was again overflowed wvith
pjeople to hear' the roll of soldiers calledl
and~( see' the pr'esentation of comfort
bags and razors to the boys. TJhe comn
fort bags were made by good ladies in
all sections of' the coun ty and filled wvith
artic'les wvhich will be use ful to thte boys
in camp lif'e. Mrs. Ji. I'. Carey, Jr1.,
presented them in a most graceful and
charming manner. Itev. D). WV. Hiott
then made a short * priese'ntat ion speech
andl gave to each soldier a safety raz~or,
presents of the men of' Pickens. The
newv soldies were then asked to stand up
so the audience could see them. They
were given the chautauqua salute, hand
shakes andl were hugged and cheered to
the echo. People from every part of
the county were here and it wvas a great
dlay- -a history-making one--andl one
which will be long remembered.
Miss Ethel Roper Dead
Miss E'thel Rtoper, (laughter of Mr.
andl Mi's. Ben lHoper', died at the home
of her parents near' Cross Roads church
September 23 and wvas buried at Tabor
church the (lay following. The funeral
services wvere conducted by R1ev. D). W.
Hliott in the presence of many relatives
and friends. Ethel was nearly 13 years
old andl was a good clhildl. H~errmother
said she was so helpful. to her; so kind
and( good to) the other children. May
God comfort the hearts of the sorrow
ing loved ones5.
Sea J. .J. Gantt at Liberty fora Jewel
ainveorm rangm
Names of Soldiers
Who Left Saturday
Below is a list of names of the eighty
Pickens county men who left last Sat
urday, Septenber 22. for Camp Andrew
Jackson, Columbia, to become members
of our National army. This is the sec
ond contingent to go from Pickens coun
ty, nine having rYne September 5. All
in the following li. are white men, as
were the first nine. Cut this out and
paste it in your scrap hook. It will be
valuable history so..' of these days.
Clifton Adamns,. ens r 5
James M Hagw'"i. l'ickens r -i
Ed Chapman, Nimonti.s
Roy Chapman. I'iekens r .1
.John Wayman hanPin. Pickens r 4
Ora Clark, P'ickw', r I
Verner Guy ('oii a. i ';e;<ens r ti
Henry Duncan, Central
Walter Columbu . I-:de-us. Pickens r 4
Sherman Lee Evett, l'ickens
'Joseph Lloyd Ferguson, I)acusville
Lessly Gibson, Cent rai r .i
John Frank Gilstrap,: l'kens r 5
Charlie Graham, central
Perry Fields Gravely, l'iekens r 3
Ernest Folger Iendriuks, Central r 3
Walter Thomas Ilester, l'iekens r 2
Samuel Clive Higgins, .:aslev
James Preston llolkliav. Central
Doctor Alfred King, Easlev Alice Mill)
4acob Franklin Looper, I-:a1lev
Ben F Moore, PickenI
Fitz Otto Myers, (lark-ville, Ga.
Andrew Jaydie McCollum. Easley r 6
George Guy McAdams, I.ihert y
'Thurman John Nmintnans, Easley
'TillmanDixonPadget t,Cleison('ollege
Sam Williams Phillips, Norris
Ceaphus Correl Ray, Liberty r 3
James Melvin Rice, Norris
Ben Winton Skelton, Central r 3
John David Smith, Pickens r 5
Samuel A Stansell, Easley
Raymond Taylor, Central
Leland Waddie Traylor, I.iberty
George Herman Werner, Central
John Willis, Pickens r I
Homer Eugene Winchester, Pickens r :3
Joseph Reuben Cassell, Easley r I
William S Chapman, Pickens r 4
William Lewis Duncan, Central
William Horace Farmer, Easley r a
Zuela Eugene King, Liberty r I
Warren Marvin Lawrence, Calhoun
James Barney Miller, Central
William Harris Moore, Liberty r 3
Herman Olander Mullinix, Central
Homer Alonzo Thompson, Pickens
William Farley Turner, Dacusville r I
Joe Edward Vaughan, Central
Ben.Tillman Winchester. Sunset
Grady Thomas Aiken, Pickens r 5
Tom Bruce Breazeale, I'ickens r 5
Lawrence Clifton Dillard, Liberty r 3
Rupert Farr, Dacusville r 2
Willia'n F Freeman, Pickens r 2
Rtudolph Hendricks, Pickens r .1
Elias A Iton Kennemore, Liberty r .1
James Roy I athem, I)acusville
'I'homas Albert Lesley, Liberty r 1
George Furman McCall, Pickens r 4
Franklin Newton Rogers, Easley
Iuther Ernest. Stansell, l'iekens r 4
Cull Stegall, Easley r :
Rhett ''homns, Sunset
Frank Robinson Williamis, ( ateechee
J1olhn A bner (Chastain, IPick ens r 3
.Frank Dillard, Calhoun
Theodore P erry Elrod, ('lemison College
EIl'ord Earle M oser, lPick ens r* 5
Paul Met lanahan, liberty ri'
D~arwin Rufus ()ates, Easley
C'asper West Illtzelaw, Easley
Itobert Edward Sini nons. E'asley
I .awrVIence B' ,en, Easley r 5
Williamn Richard I.enhalrdt, E'asley r I
E'ugene Mlilton .\lull, I iekens r 5
SutI ton A\ll'ord l'hilli ps. lasley
Hlome Demondration Meeting
)1isse.; \l. l Iiza beth M auldini andi~
Edna M'. Earile, I iome D~emonstration
Agents, will hold mee'(t ings thiis wveek
as follows:
Monday, lBrea'l ( lub at Easley,
12 :40 o'clock. Mauldin Home D~emon
stration ('lub at the home of Mrs. W.
TI. D~orr at 8 :00( o'clock.
TIuesdlay, meeting at home of Mrs.
,J. M. Entrekin at 3 :0(0 o'clock.
Wednesday, Pickens I lome Demion
stration ('lub, at the home of Mrs. ,J.
P. Carey, JIr., at 4 :30. Martin Home
Demonstration Club at home of Mirs.
W. ,J. Benjiamin at 3 :00 o'clock.
Fridlay meeting at home of Mrs. TI.
A. Boweni of Roanoke at 3 :00 o'clock.
Mt Carmel Hlome Diemonstr'ationi Club
at homie of --at :3:30 p. m.
Miss Mauldin has taken charge of
all club work in the eastern half of
the county, while Miss Earle has b~een
assignied that of the wvestern half.
D)emonstrations in use of wheat
substitutes for bread making and
making grape priodlucts are being
given in all clubs at present. New sub..
jects in planning the family diet will
be taken at sonme of the meetings this
week. Miss Gladys H. Smith Assistant
State Agent, will assis't the county
agents this week.
Save your wife's health by buying a
McDougal Kitchen Cabinet. Jl.J.Gantt,
County School Notes
and Information
here will be a meeting of the trus
tees and patrons of Palestine school dis
trict No. 26 October .1 at 2 o'clock. The
object of this meeting is to discuss
ways and means of having a better
school. , We wish that every man,
woman and child that is interested in
the welfare and uplift of their con
munity will be present and take an ac
tive part in the meeting.
There will be a meeting of the trus
tees, patrons and friends of Bethlehem
school district October :1 at 2 o'clock.
The object of this meeting is to discuss
the propriety of building a new school
house and also running the school a
longer term. All are earnestly requested
to be present and help devise methods
of building up their school.
The regular teachers' examination
will be held Saturday, October 6. The
examinations will begin promptly at :)
o'clock, and I urge that all be present
promptly with pen and paper.
An applicant attaining an average of
of 80 per cent, with not less than Fi per
cent on any one branch shall receive a
first grade certificate.
An applicant attaining an average of
71! per cent, with not less than -15 per
cent on any one branch, shall receive a
second grade certificate.
An applicant attaining an average of'
(its per cent, with not less than '10 per
cent on any one branch, shall receive a
third grade certificate.
In est imatin.g for a second or third
grade certificate on first grade hues
tions, algebra need not he inchided, un
less it be to the applicant's advantage.
F. V. CL.AY-roN,
County Supt. Education.
Miss Florie I)avis and Mr. Noah
Merck were married at the home of .1.
Rt. Davis on Sunday, September 16, W.
S. Gantt, N. P., performing the cere
mony. The bride was most becorningb
dressed in blue satin with white trim
ming. Many presents were received
As this is written the happy couple ar
on their honeymoon.
The bridegroom is one of our substan
tial citizens and the bride is a mos
popular young iady. Both have mans
friends who are offering congratutla
tions. Rmmm
A marriage off much interest in this
section was that of Miss Ilattie Hur
roughs to Rev. Will J. Holt, which took
place at the homeof the bride's brother,
(laud C. lIorroughs, at Norris, Tues
day, September 1$, Rev. .1. L. \yillis
performing the ceremony.
The bride is a daughter of the late
.Janes Horroughs of the Iraters section
of Pickens county and is a noble young
lady of many charms. ''he lbridegroom
is a young Baptist minister and1( is now
taking a coiurse in the Southern lHapt ist
TIhedlogical semiiinary at I ouisv ille, Kv .
lIeI formerly Iive'd in P ick ens, conduct
ing a drug store hetrt, and is a nephew
of' Dr. .1. L.. liolt oif Easley.
For the next year' or more t hey wvill
mnake t heir- home in Kentneky.
The oflic iatingj. ofiei', .1. Al onzto
llroynN. ., says lie is y advertis
mw mn a new-eaper like the little hoy
wa':s when f n ol him she was
gon o whip him, iimah thet lit tle fel
low r'e plie~l hie wotuh1i ( hleve it when
he saw the result. and felt the e ff'ect s.
A fter- our niotice ini Tlhe Sentinel
last week ab~out the ol mmatrimounial
mill having been put in fiirst (class
shape for busi ness and I 1r. ,Jnv Greeni
of Central Iseeing the niotice aiind hav
ing a ''turn'' ready, decided to trmy
the 0o(1 mnill. Securiing a publit' ser'
v'ite ear wended his way to the ob1(
mill on last Sunday, Sept. :2:, about
1 t a. m. A fter' arriving Mr. .la Green
and Mi da Perkins were soon made
man aind wife. Trhe old iniller's ''toll
box'' is a little heavier- and1 we take
it for granted that the pubIic' ser'vicet
man's tr'easur'y has beena replenished.
All parties are of Centraal. iJ.
C. E. Robinson, ,Jr., son oJf Alr. and
Mirs. C. E. Robinson, of' Pickens, has
recently been elected a dlirector' and
treasureir of' the alewly organized
Citizens Trust ('o., of Greenville.
Sp~eakinmg of i. Robinson in this coni
nection the G;reerville News says:
"Chais. E. Robinson comes to the
Citizens Trust C'o., October 1 st from
the fiirm of Gilfillini & Ibouston, wher'o
he has had. several yeairs' experience
in his line of wvork. lie will be mana
ger' of all insur-ance' lines represent
ed by the Citizens Trust Compatty,
other than life insurance. Mir. Robin
son caime to Greenville from "The
State of' Pickens" andl has made his
home in Greenville ever since, He is
wecll posted in his line of work, and a
man of no( small abhility."'
Central Local and
Personal News Items
*The Red Cross Chapter here is not
auxiliary to any other county. We
have a Pickens county chapter, and
I am informed by our chairman that
we have for our territory, Central,
Norris, Six Mile and Calhoun and
Liberty. Why not Pickens county be
represented at the front as such, and
not be lost in some other cunty?
'hose who went to the patriotic
meeting at Pickens from here were:
J. R. Falls, Dr. L. G. Clayton, Joe
Werner, Garvin Smith, R. G. Gaines,
Misses Ethel Clayton amid Myrtle
There are more ways to makq your
hair stand on its end than a pompia
dour. The best way is to hear Johii E.
White of Anderson, deliver his patri
otic address.
From the throng o( people on Main
street here last Saturday one would
have almost mistaken it for Pennsyl
vania Avenue or Broadway.
There were fifteen bales of cotton
sold herIe last week. The highest
price paid was 23 and one-fourth cts.,
per pound. Oh you farmer.
Miss Ida McAlister, daughter of S.
A. McAlisteor, who is a prominent far
mer here, returned from Charlest n
recently, where she is in charge of
the Y. W. C. A. of Confederate Col
lege. Miss McAlister had accepted a
position at Anderson College as head
of the Home Economics Department.
F. 1H. Hopkins and wife, of Pickens,
were in town Saturday greeting their
Old friends.
)r. 1-I. C. Bedford and wife motor
ed to Valialla last. Sunday where the
former filled one of the pulpits of
that city.
C. MeClain is laying lumber
dlown on his lot on East Mlain street
where he will begin immediately to
build a nice dwelling house.
The poles are being erected for
electric lights and soon we expect
the main streets to be the great
"White Way" of the Piedmont see
tion. Watch us shine.
1. F. Robinson of Atlanta, a former
husimess partner of F. 13. Morgan
here, is visiting Mr. Morgan this
1)r. Chas. 1)onnald, Mr. Ira King,
his sister and Miss Pritchard, went
to (amp Sevier Sunday.
J. L. Carson and family and Miss
IFlorence Johnson went to union meet
ing at Pickens Sunday afternoon.
C. G. Rowland recently sold a tract
of land near Central to J. F. Mauldin
Many calls are being made hero for
houses and ,land on account of such
good school facilities.
Miss Ethel Clayton went to Green
ville last Saturday on business.
Miss Lucy Montgomery, who lives
on Keowee, came to town Monday to
attend high school.
Miss Sue Stephens spent week-end
with her brother at ('ourteny.
Farmers in this section are very
busily eng'a.ged in pulling fodder,
syrup making, etc.
Born unto Mir. and Mirs. ,J. C. Stew
a rt, Sept. :;, a girl.
Among those visiting at the hospi
taible home of Mir. and Mrs. Robert E.
Childr~ess recently, were: Rev. F. S.
Childress, of A nderson, Rev. and Mrs.
W. E. Clyde of Greenville, and Misses
Mattie and Mary Virginia Childress,
of Atlanta.
Capt. )?."'E. Steele was a recent vis
itor at the home of A. P. Alexander.
The ,\l isses Alexander spent last
week end at the home of J. T. Gar
rett at Cateechee.
Mir. and AMrs. Columbus Chil dress
mvd from this community to
Greenville laist week. Mr. Childress
has acceptedl a plosition with an in
surance company. lIeI will be greatly
isse buC~ lt ouri loss is Greenville's
(laud Mauldlin ami( family motored
erivices at Newv Ilorpe chiurch.
Dri. WV. II. St eele aind three clii-.
dren', of Atl a nta , (G;a., wvere recen tly
visitinug relatives on Keowee.
Idrniest AlIlgood is a frequent visi
lior mi this commun'ti~ity. Wonder what.
thle at vtctin is?
Mliss .1esi Ale ' cxamlierCi closedq a m ost
Sul Cce'ssful sch ooI ter a'ii t Keowe~'(e SepI
('l('Cld to, teaich the winter term.
\lr. and .\lrs. C. Mt. Steele, also) Mr.
andC .\l r'S. 1. I- A le xanderi visited MP r.
andi .\lri. -l. ( . St ewar ml ast Sun day
a fternoon(11.
.Groveri i li nes visited his fa the'r
Vv. Hi. llaynr.-, of near Seneca, one
\ir. and Mris. W. A. Gairrett, of Ceni
tral, werne v'isit ing relat,ives here som e
few days ago. Country Sport.
At Pleasant Hill Church
A t the re~lpiestoif the omelials (of Pleas.
anit Ilhill Hapt ist ('hurch I will speak to
th epethere on the fifth Sunday in
epmbrati o'clock, from the 16th
chapter of Luke, commencing at the 19th
verse. Tfhe public is invitedl to come
andI bring their Bibles.
A. Md. SmI~oss.
[The editor of 'The Sentinel knows
Mr. Simmons to h~e a man of God and ain
earnest student of the Bible, Ie gets
his views from the Bible itself, without
any frills, and lhe will have a message
for the peopile that will dto themi good.]1
Tlhe IDacusville Singing convention
will meet nextI Sunday, September 30,
at Cross lt'ads, immedliately after 1I ('
union meeting. Thie ladly q uartette ot
Greenville, Prof. George Wigin ton and
Prof. W. 10. Reynolds are expected to
attend. All singers invitedl to come.
Dinner on the ground. PIDI5IENT.

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