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Fertilization of Wheat
The following statement concerning
the fertilization of wheat this fall was
issued by the department of agricultural
extension at Purdue University, July
31, 1917:
The fertilization of the wheat crop
was never more important than it will
he this fall. From every part of Indiana
coxpe reports of -excellent results secur
ed from fertilization and the very poor
yields of wheat secured from unfertiliz
ed soil. By 'fertilizing, the farmer
swaps dollars for eagles.
Evidence on the profitableness of
fertilizing the wheat is abundant. In
1916 L. M. Waggoner of St. Joseph
-county, applied 200 pounds of acid phos
phate to the acre on all but a small part
a field sown to wheat. From the fer
tilized part he secured 22.4 bushels of
wheat to the acre, and on the unfertil
ized, 12.5 bushels to the acre-a gain of
9.9 bushels, due to fertilizing.
This year 200 pounds of acid phos
phate will cost about $2.25, and; wheat
is worth $2.00 per bushel: On this basis
the increase secured by Mr. Wagonner
would be worth $19.80 and the pirofit
after counting expensesof applying fer
'tilizer and paying for harvesting and
marketing the increased crop would be
more than $5 an acre. If that isn't a
case of swapping dollars for eagles it
comes very near to it.
The Ohio experiment station of Woos
ter, as an average for the last twenty
two years, has secured an increase of
8.0 bushels to the acre from an applica
tion of 160 pounds of acid phosphate to
the acre. The unphosphated yield has
been 11'2 bushels and the phosphated
19.2 bushels. Where 1000 pounds of
potash has been added to the phosphate
the yield has been 20.4 bushels to the
acre, or an increase of 1.2 bushels more
than was secured from phosphate alone.
Even at' present prices for wheat and
before-the-war prices for potash the in
crease- in the wheat crop was not suf
ficient to pay the cost of the 'potash.
The addition of potash to fertilizers
containing phosphorous and nitrogen
will not be profitable when applied to
clay and loam soils.
'Nine farmers out of ten should fer
tilize wheat this fall. Fertilizer not
only increases the yield directly, but
the greater supply of available plant
food makes stronger plants that with
stand the attack of fungus diseases and
insects better than those unfertilized.
At present prices the farmer may ex
r)ect a return of at least five dollars for
every dollar spent for wheat fertilizer
th-is fall.
The importance of ordering early
cannot be too strongly emphasized.
Those who order early will get what
-they want, while those who order late
will have to take what is left or do with,
The United States Governm
of $2.00 for wheat harvested in 1
It ought not to be a very dill
-farmer to raise whea-t at $2.00 a
mrs are asked to increase the whE
This also should be easy to accon
Two dlollar wheat means hig
for wheat and then pay the mil4
dealers' profit, your flour will c<
takes six hushels of wheat to mi
you buy-millers and railroads a
won't work for nothing and boai
ean make your flour cheaper tha
And besides it will pay a ma
'l'here has been consider~able trou
early stand of cotton, but the
early stand of cotton when it is I
stand is going to b~e exceedingly
strikes you, and it is going to sti
early cotton Is all you will haye
comes, it will be July crop or no
-not b)e v v heavy on cotton that
the earl fcotton that you will pi
guarantees a quick stand. You
once and it is a good year to be
$2.00 a bushel for your wheat.
Three acres of wheat and ti
land that is wvell prepar'ed and w
and make enougth for your fan
will leave sonme to sell.
When you sow wvith a three
when you sow and you have
plant. We are not selling three
people here who (do. You can g
selling fertilizer, and the best th
sacks; the best by test of result.
the best by test of results. We e
spring, nor the spring of 1916. S
must be a pretty good fertilizer f<
it. It Isn't our winning ways
have been reliably informed tha
to the Bales to speak of. It is jum
the goods that makes the crops a
We have it now fine and dr:
cember first.
Ifyou can use it in bulk (ti1
-cost of the b~ags which is higher
known and the cost of the labor<
than it has been heretofore.
See us and get tihe best. Wh<
best. A great many people wv
when sowing and wvill top) dressi
The Virginia farmers use 1
sowving and do not top dress In ti
make fine grain crops.
We can supply you with acih
prefer. Come to see us.
Anderson Phosphat<
M. C. SMITH'I, Agt
Ironized Paw- Paw
Leads All Remedies
3 Powerful Forces In 1
People in Charlotte have found great
relief from stomach trouble, nervous
ness, weakness and general debility.
Ironized Paw-Paw builds up the body
and strengthens it, clears the blood of
impurities, stimulates the liver into
healthy action, corrects constipation and
steadies the nerves. Daily and hourly
the demand is increasing, giving univer
sal satisfaction.. Ironized Paw-Pawdoes
all and more than is claimed for it.
If your food distresses you, if you are
constipated, have headaches, dizzy spells,
are nervous and get the blues, just get
a taste of Ironized Paw-Paw. You'll
find all the disagreeable feeling passing
away before you leave the store. Do as
scores of your neighbors are doing-get
a bottle of Ironized Paw-Paw and bid
your liver and stomach ailments good
bye. I want every chronic dyspeptic to
come in and try this remedy. I want
the man or woman who can't sleep and
is despondent to come in and try this
remedy. You'll never go back to the
old-fashioned remedies. Lots of busi
ness and professional men find Ironized
Paw-Paw enables them to do more and
better work. It .seems to energize
every fibre, tissue and bone. Begin on
Iromzed Paw-Paw today so you can join
the army of convert - next week. Your
druggist probably ; eps it, but if he
doesn't, come to t Pickens Drug Co.
Ironized Paw-Pa'. price $1. Formula
on every bottle. A ,ail orders promptly
attended to. Inter rate Drug Co., Inc.,
New York.-Adver icement.
Ice Cream and Box Supper
There will be an ice cream and box
supper given by the ladies of Easley Mill
No. 2 at Liberty Saturday evening, Sep
tember 29, commencing at 7.30 o'clock.
The public is cordially invited to attend.
Young m'en, come and bring your best
girl and have a good time on the lawn
in front of the mill.
mnt guarantees a minimum price
icult matter'to induce a patriotic
b)usheI. South Carolina farm
at acreage 47 p~er cent this year.
h flour, for when you pay $2.00
nd toll, railroad freight and1 the
)st yott a. pretty stiff price. It
ike the kind of flour the most of
nd dealers have their profit, they
'd themselves. The result is you
ni you can buy it.
ni to sowv wheat for the stubble.
ble the past fewv years to get an
re has been no trouble to get an
lanted after stubble. An early
mportant when the boll weevil
'ike you, and when it does the
o pick. When the boll weeyil
crop. And your July crop wvill
comes up in June. It wvill be
ck andl stubble mighty nearly
can't sow down all your land at
gin when you arie guaranteedl
CC acres of- Oats t~o the plowv on
elI fertilized will turn the trick
needs and if it is a good year
disc grain drill you can fertilize
about as safe a crop as you can
disc grain drills but there are
et the grain drills-but we are
att is made; the very best put in
And that is what you want
ould not supply ,the demand last
old out and swept the floors. It
>r there to be such a demand for
that sells the goods, at least we
b our winning w'ays (lid not add
t the natural inherent virtue of
nd'that creates the demand.
r. See us for prices. Cash De
isacked) we can save you the
this year than we have ever'
>f b)agging it, which is also more
m it is all the same price, get the
ill use 146 per cent acid1 by itself
ni the spring if needed.
6 per cent acid by itself ~when
le spring, and Virginia farmers
I andl mixed goods, just as you
Sand Oil Company
R, Secretary.
nt. Pickons, 8 C.
Staternent of the Condition of the
Located at Pickens, S. C., at the close of busi.
ness Sept. ii, 1917.
Ii ESO U it U .s
Loans and Discounts... .. ... 19,9,xi s
Overdrafts. ... ................. .., 11
Furniture and Fixtures............ i,82 36
Due from Ranks and lankers ..... -1,9;s 38
Currency........ ............... ... 1ta (M,
Silver and other Minor Coin...... 58u ci
T Oa ................. ..... . . ! 99.6|| ta
r~r$l liiitCi to
1.14111 r1TriES.
Capital Stock Paid In........ ...... ...*'5,0tm to
Surplus Funds............. ...... ..... o. aso
Unlivided Profits, less Cu rrent Exixpen.
sea and Taxes Paid... ............... ',,t5 41
Dividends Unpaid...... .. . ..... 12 00
individual Deposits Subject to
Check ...... .. ......... 8,19 tit
Savings deposits .......... 23,801 61)
Cashier's Checks . .......... 13 18 fa.,036 56;
liilis payable. including cer
tiilintes for money borrowed 17,000 00
Total ....... ... .... .. ........ 9, 11 p7
liefore me came M. C. Smith, Cashier of
the above-naned Bank, who being duly sworn
says the above and foregoing statement is at
true condition of sail Bank, as shown by the
books of said llank. M. '. SMIiIi
Sworn to and silhseribed before me this 1tl
daiy of Sep~t., 1917. i,1'.:E. 1'iNDULE-Y
Notary Public for S. ('.
A. .1. iiGa;(S.
.1. 1'. C.\ Rt iY, ' Directors.
.I. I'. C.\ R EY. .fr.
I~ /
The sI
NOTE1 300 million pounds.
how much Virginia-Carolina tol
made into cigarettes last year
times as much as any other toba<
Piedmont is the bigeset-u//inag
Carnlinn riga,..im in the 'world
Statement of the .odton ., the
Bank of Norris,
boente'l at Norris. S. C'., at lihe close of business
Sep linlter I1. 1917.
l.1It1 ,t1l lisC I s . l. Ills --.-.-. ........ 61l,:>. .
Over 1.... I
Iounds 111 stocks owne1l.by Ihe bank. 510 00
l''urnituren ad fixture - - ----.. ...... 200 09
utnking horue..... .... 1.11140
Iue fromi banks tuti hn rake ........ 5.60 19
t'rec ... ............ .v 00
Sivt, ""d other tuittor eunt ... . :39 0
Tota. . . .
II I lil l1i1i:s.
I 't sital tcrl pnkd in-- - .---q..... 2 .0 00
SuIrpluts r.i- - -.. ........... ... 7.50 00
1 .Sirtlliie prfit,, less current expent
hetS 111111 lutxes paid ..... ....... .. . .4 (3
IndiviIuiuii delosits subject
check . ...13.1
Time ceritilnes of deposit .. 15,030 1.
Cashier's cheks.......... '721 -' :4)l65 9-2
ili 1s I' )itbe. inch luing verliIlentes
for utley bo'rruot ed.................20(NJO (0
Totaln......... ....x.l5 y
Stale of ,'adI h 11t'moi
a otyl ~1 j'irkrenf 1
lIefore ft u l .in -\ . In1te', e shier of -the
abovte-name4.1 Ib lnk who. being dl ly sworn, says
tha'. tile 1h'"v\1 at11i .le*gnt 4 tatinei t IsaH true C
elondilliati ' Isl iii L ia k. IS sii'll hby tihe books
of said haIk . E. W. T1'.\Tj.1
Shor t~ iii Il.,ih" 11. ellore fie this ":111
(s'vurul 11111.i 1 Ni; :.t' I; PIIIi 1:t fil {I. '
1 No. I a y. b
I t'" ti. t I
I. .v . +
r t
".r I'
- ---
- 7
*- - - -
--e- e
Buying~ a wi/s. with itobacco as
currency, in. th old days of Virginiia
cigarettes, Virginia-4
rrnyJ South--whe
T'he first
of Southel
Carol ina
has thbat
The Cidarel
Tjhat' s
acco was
-over 4
co. And
500 acres four miles northeast of Pickens. $2
per acre.
160 acres at Dacusville. $30 per acre.
70 acres two miles from Pickens on Easley roa'd.
$60 per acre.
2' acres on Pickens-LTiberty road, one mile from
court house. $2600.
Several other nice farms for sale.
Also several nice cottages in Pickens for sal'.
T erms may be had on any or all of this prop
erty. For further information see M. C. Smith.
ry An Advertisementin TheSentne
larolina tobacco is the best
re ci arettes were born
cigaretL: ever made was Virginia-.
tobacco. All thie mellow charm
rn sunshine itself is in Virginia-.
tobacco. And no other tobacco
dash"' and "go" to its taste that
)arol ina i oba~cco has.
te of Quality
5c and L:.

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