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Your RONET WILL. as RFUwnD by your druggist
is oniony questionIt this remedy1 does not benefli
iryeasemofAsUUUI,, onohialAstma y
o* ent th attackserubeti nato Olho tter how
b eiths form(0iIgreuo. P0pto Mixture or Powder)
ostvl ies IRISTANT U U0LiiW in everycs
"0 nspqmanontly oured thousands who bd be
.enTUBAe rab , afeihving tried every other,
mo e[ in yalnthnsle Sufiferers fare affo rcod an
n aghenuseiwe of this 'Moosa
ti lx1[guaaneeoffer as through purchasing trope
thor w ar Dr to o aro suro thir
:cnywil a Defne hi if the renody fails.
u 1 be the sundudge as to whetho you are
bonoed and will get your money hack if you are
rvt. We. do not know of any fairer proposition
a Wieb we could nmake.
A. Schitimann Co., Proprietors, St. Paul. Minn.
Chills and Fever, Biliousness,
Constipation and Ailments
requiring a TONIC treatment:
and madeby
BehrensDrug Co
Wcaco. ex.
Sold by 00f
All Druggists- U
:": t coy baick withsout question/t
IUNT'6 CURL falls in the
iu',tmeut of ITCH, ECZEMA,
ul' fGWORtM,TETTERorother
i!:,ing skin diseases. Price
6i at druggists, or direct from
A . Richards Medicine Co. Sherman Tez.
rust luurdenedl (uabiuge PIlants, the wake
tEs, etc. $2 1,000 - iviu ii I irger qur nti
Li' less. Cau. Miurray Planti 1'a~rmu. inniA in..
Damaged Goods.
the little boy of the suburb who runs
ands for the neighbors when he gets
penny for it stepped timidly up to the
'Inter of the hardware store.
'I want a-uh, a lock washer ! You
nLiod, one that goes on a bolt to keep
(' nut from slipping, and is station
The hardware dealer pulled out a lit
drawer and tossed out a few metal
'U ks on the glass showcase. The boy
>:sLmined them. He found that they
wecre not only perforated in the center,
'"but that they were split, and the two
-'s bent apart, much like the clincher
+ on an automobile tire.
- +e handed the washers back after
.vely examining them.
don't want 'el," lie decided.
Tlhoso things are broken."
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out
Without Any Pain
re corns, hard corns, soft corns or
kind of a corn can shortly be
l'.I:d right out with the fingers if you
v-' apply on the corn a few drops of
k zone, says a Cincinnati authority.
t little cost one can get a small bot
f freezone at any drug store, which
npositively rid one's feet of evpiry
- o callus without pain or sore
othe danger of infection.
hsnew drug is an ether compound,
odries the moment it Is applied and
as not inflame or even irritate the
* rounding skin. Just think ! You
litoff your corns and calluses
Iwithout a bit of pa~in or soreness.
'our druggist hasn't freezone he can
ily get a small bottle for you from
*wholesale drug house.--adv.
Not a Machine Gun.
olishing furniture by maclinae in
ad of by hand is made possible by a
~.ent British invention.
'or speedy and offectivo actiOo Do.Pery's
clean out Worms or Tapeworm. Adv.
'hiladelphla may oipen municipal
*d markets.
(1) Men for town and country schools $75 to
.100; () Ladiosocombining musicoand cmmnon
school; (Brade and high school. Can place
a~illiu d teachoe. Unprecedented de
ma* rt today. Special enrollment.
Southera Teachers' Agency, Columbia, S.C.
W e also do hgi beet claas of finishing
Prie and Ualogue upod request
SaCel OptIcal Co., RIchmond, Va.
'Roads Rule the World-Not Kings or
Congresses, Not Courts, Nor Con.
. stabids or Soldiers."
In an argument for good roads some
vise man, whose name has been lost,
nade use of the following: "Roads
,ule the world-not kings, nor con
gresses, nor courts, pior constables,
lot ships nor soldiers. The road is
he only royal line in a democracy, the
mly legislature that never changes,
.he only court that never sleeps, the
)ily army that .ever quits, the first
Lid to the redemption of iny nation.
he exodus from stagnation, in any so
leiy, the call from savagery in any
rihe, the high priest of prosperity,
after the order of Melehlisedee, with
imt beginning of days or end of life.
l'he road Is umpire iI every war. and1
wvhen the new map is aude, it simply
aUhes on its great cnpaigan of help.
ope, brotherhood, efliciency and
wa ce."
The value of good roads may he
Letter understood when it Is knowin
hat the average cost to faramei's of
lie United States to transport produce
o market is more than 23 cents per
:on per mile. These figures do not in
lude the cost of breakage of harness
3r vehicles. The cost per ton per
nile over hard-surfaced roads is less
than half the present average.
Careful Analysis Shows Greatest
Gain Over Present Conditions is
Man on Branch Road.
The development of sentiment
for issuing bonds to build permanent
roads has brought to the surface many
iuestions which require careful con
aideration and demand clearly stated
id convincing replies. Of these, the
me recurring most frequently is:
'What advantage is there in a bond is
me for the farmer who lives several
niles from one of the improved
At first glance it would seen that
he man living directly upon the 1m
wroved road obtains the greatest bene
Its, but careful analysis proves that
he greatest gain over present condi
ions is the man on the side road.
With the limited road and bridge
'unds usually available in any town
hip and the necessity of keeping the
nain highways at least in passable
condition, little or nothing is left for
working upon the less traveled roads.
At repair expense practically ceases
when permanent roads are built, the
road and bridge funds formerly spent
)n main roads will be released for use
upon the side roads.
In addition, money spent upon these
side roads will go five times as far,
r do five times as much work, as
Soil Road in North Carolina.
when it was spent upon the roads
where heavy travel quickly wiped out
every trace of the imiprovemnent. A
reasonable amount of rond and bridge
mnoney used in ditchling and dragging
vidle r'oad~s will plaice them in condl~itionl
to carry the comparatively light traffic
that passes over them to the maina
haighwvay. The an on the side road
wvill have, in place of a conitinuous
haul through the mud f romn farm to
town, a much-umproved surface from
farnm to the main hiighwvay and a high
Ly improved road, miaintained at amuachi
less expense to the township or coun
ty, the remainder of the way to his
town or market.-Farm Engineering.
Drag After Rain.
Drag the road as soon after every
rain as poibl)e, lbut anot wh'len the mxud
Is in such a condition as to stick to
the drag.
Attention to Road Drag.
If we would pay anore iattention to
the~ road drag, wve would have better
- Powder for Cabbage Worms.
For cabhage wormais: Mix onie part
of fresh Persian insect powvder with
tour parts of air-slaked lime, anid dust
lt on the plants at regular intervals.
Don't Pay in Scrimp.
It doesn't paly to go to the expense
')f cows, stables, land, utensils, etc.,
or dairy wor'k, then scrimp the cows.
Don't Use Whip.
Don't use the whili too freely on a
worse that shies. Patience and kind.
B~y'REV. P'. B. FITZ5WATER, D. D.,
Teacher of English Bible in the Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
[Copyright. 1917, Western Newspaper Union.)
LESSON TEXT-Psalms 85 and 126.
GOLDEN TEXT-They that sow in
.ears shall reap in joy.-Paalms 126:5.
These Psalms breathe the spirit of
.he true patriot. The Psalmist sees
ils afflicted country suffering for the
;ins of the people, prays for their
estoration to the Divine favor, and
vith the eagle eye of faith anticipates
he joyful day of spiritual and tem
toral blessings because of restoration
o the Divine favor. Doubtless such
pitriotisI would be pleasing to the
Lord on the part of us all.
Psalm 85.
I. Praises for Mercies Received
(vv. 1-3).
Praise is given for
(1) Deliverance from Captivity (v.
He had in mind the specific mercies
f a given time; perhaps it was one
f the oppressions of the Philistines
from which they had been delivered.
(2) Forgiveness of Sin (vv. 2, 3).
"Thou hast forgiven the iniquity
.overed all their sin." God's restora
tion was the proof that he had par
Toned. Great indeed was the sin of
Jacob, but God's forgiveness was great
er. He is peculiarly a God of mercy.
Raving forgiven the sins his anger is
taken away. le stayed his hand from
the judgment which would have justly1
fallen, to show his mercy.
it, Prayer for Restoration From
Backsliding (vv. 4-7).
He knew how worthless the outward
blessings of the Lord would be unless
the people inwardly turned to the
Lord. He, therefore, besought the
Lord to give them the greater blessing, c
!hat of a change of heart. Without the
1hange of heart forgiveness would be
utile. A change of heart can only be
by God's help.
(1) That God would turn the hearts
f his people toward himself (v. 4).
Knowing the people's utter helpless
less to turn to God, he cried out to
Sod to save them by turning them to
himself. He knew that God's anger
,ould pJot turn from the people as long I
is they were impenitent.
(2) That God woufld take away the
very remembrance of their sins (vv.
(a) The ending of his anger (v. 5).
The desire seems to be that he would
wipe out the very marks of his dis
pleasure by not longer allowing pun
ishment to be meted out to them.
(b) The return to the people's joy
(v. 0).
Their joy could only be realized
through a revival from God. The
Psalmist now becomes more bold In his
(c)Shall show them mercy (v. 7).
"Make it visible," is his cry. God's
ludgment wvas most real. His desire is
:hat his mercy would be Just as real.
iii. Exultant Anticipation (vv. 8-13).
Having spoken the sentiment of the
'epentant people, the poet expresses
yonfidence of the Lord's response. So
Calthful is God that those who.- sin
3erely pray to him can go forward
ivith the assurance of petitions granted.
(1) "lHe will spmeak peace" (v. 8).
He knew that a gentle answer would
yome, b~ut its continuance would de
pend upon the fidelity of the people.
rurning to folly would provoke again
tis wrath.
(2) WVill bring his salvation near
(v. 9).
Only as his salvation wvas near could
;lory be in the land.
(3) Devise a way by which "Mercy
mnd truth," "Righteousness and peace,"
niay be united (vy, 10, 11)..
He (1i( not suggest a way, lie may
iot have known it. Faith now sees
he way in ChrIst. In him such a
inion has been blessedly effected..
(4) The land shall become, fruitful
(v. 11).
When sin is removed, temp'oral pros
)erity shall follow. Earth's barren
iess is due to sin. When the curse is
removedl fruitfulness shall follow.
(5) Righteousness shall be the
;uide of his people (v. 12).
In that golden, glad age God's right
sous ways will leave a track in which
als own may walk with security.
Psalm 126.
I. The Fact of Zion's Deliverance
(vv. 1, 2).
(I) By whom (v. 1). The Lord.
(2) Effect of (vv. 1,2).
(a) Tihe people were scarcely able
to believe it. -So sudden and unexpect
isd was their deliverance that it
seemted to them as a dr'eam. 'They ex
prnessed the'ir feeling in Joyful laughter.
(b) The heathten notedl their deliver
nnce its marvelous, and ascribed it to
Gsod (v. 2).
Song and Prayer.
ii. The Song of the People (v. 3).
They ascribed their dleliverance to
lhe Lord andl expressedl their gratitude
In singing Glod's praise.
lii. The Prayer (v. 4).
The peopile cried to God to visit their
restoration with fruitfulness, even :
the streams from the South spread out
i'uid make a coumtry fruitful.
IV. The Promise (vv. 5, 0).
Though the people were still obliged
to suffer the consequences of their
sins, they were encouraged to go on
In sowinlg though in tears, as the reap
ing wnntld bring Jon.
What gir1 or wo nm1u1 hasn't heard of
lemon juice to remIo eonndexion
blemishes; to blenchIi the skin and to
bring out the( rote s. the' rhm:,-I ss aind
the hidden beaiuty? Bit lemon juice
ailone is acidl, there'fore irritating', and
should be mixed with orclmrd while
this way. Strain tllruh1tt ai fine .lothi
the Juice of two frsah ltums Into i
bottle containing nian 1 three canner
of orchard while, than shake well and
you have ia whole tquar;ter hint cif skin
nand Complexion hulikn ait about the
cost one usually pays for a small jar
of ordinary cold cr':uu. Ito sure to
strain the lemon juice %:o no pulp gets
into the bottle, then this lotion will
remain pure and fresh for months.
When applied ahilly to the faee, neck,
frms and hands it should help to
bleach, clear, smoothen and henutify
the skin.
Any druggist will supply three
ounces of orchard white at very little
cost and the grocer has the lemons.
Timorous Lover.
A w'omann went Into I store for a pair
if slippers. She asked the shop as
istant to get her at pair :iaout s1ze 10,
nd she wanted them squeaky.
"They are for my father," she added.
"Squeaky, miss? I'm afraid we haive
tot got any of that kind."
"Couldn't you make h1m a pair of
quenky ones?" asked the young wom
n. "'There is a young man who visitf
ne frequently, and it would be ver3
onvenient.for him to know just wher
mii is coming downstairs."
Sleep, Mothers Rest After Treatmen
With Cutioura-Trial Free.
Send today for free samples of Cut
cura Soap and Ointment and learn hog
quickly they relieve itching, burnin
skin troubles, and point to speedy hen
ment of baby rashes, eczema ahd itch
Ings. Having cleared baby's skin kee;
ft clear by using Cuticura exclusivel3
Free sample each by mail with Book
Lddress postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L
loston. Sold everywhere.-Adv.
Seattle is to have a school for mn11
ines. .o.w
"Net Contents 15 Fluid Draoh
similatingtheFood byReguta
1ingtheStomatcls andBowelsol
Citeefuness aRetConta
Ue& Mineral. 04T NAu~oTrI
A/rk SAn/
A helpful Remedy for
C&~ onstipation and Diarrhoea
and Feverishness and
fesutin therefro f~naY
. acSilc Signatue e
xact copy of WraPPeg,.
"ie barked his shint on2 ai chnir."
"Thlen what?"
"'Then lhe howled."
It lakes ai genius to know when t
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy'
Jruager -,5.rite fggor Vre at 10k
er 77 V. r1
Often Wished For Death to };
End Her Misery. Doan's
Effected a Complete and
Lasting Recovery.
"I was helpless. with' kidney trou
ble," says Mrs. Ellen Janis, 1404 N.
Third St., St. Charles, Mo., "and be
gan to think my case was beyond
the reach of medicine. The pain in
my back laid me up in bed and it
seemed as if my back
had been crushed. I
couldn't sleep and
was so nervous I
was almost frantic.
"Flashes of fire
came before my eyes
and the pains in my
head were terrible.
My sight was affected Mrs.Jan15
and there were large, puffy spotu
beneath my eyes.
"low I suffered when passing the
kidney secretions ! I screamed in
agony and I often wished I might
lie and be out of misery. I had
night sweats and mornings on get
ti'ag up I was so weak and numb
I couhl hardly stand up. I grew
do pale alnd emaciate(d I looked
like death. DlMoan's Kidncy Pills
eri-ed ne co(Nmpletely and I hpve
been as well and heulthiy since as
any woman of my age."
Cet Doan's at Any Store, GOe a Box
Tutt's Liver Pills act as kindly on the child,
the delicate female or infirm old age. as upom
th ioos man
Tiiffs Pills
give tone and strength to the weak stomach.
bowels, kidneys and bladder.
A toilet prepar~ation of meri.
Helpr to eradicato dandruf.
ForRestoring Color and
beauty toGroy or Faded Haltj
60,3. and 81.00 at Druggists.
FOR SALE-Mnine Grown Cobbler seed
Potatoes. Spring delivery. rite for prices.
A. S. 5,.ciley. 4 Comemerce St.. Norfolk. Va.
W.- N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 40--1917.
High-Minded Architects.
A nouveau riebe who was' noted for
his misuse of the king's English is.
quoted by an exchange as dilating on,
the cost of the kennels for his new
country place in these words: "It's
just throwing money into the tire. We
haven't an animal on the place worth
$2; but the way those architects are
fitting up those eonfounded kennels,
anyone would think that they expected
them to be occupied by the Dog of
Venice himself !"
Sometimes a 11111n is so respectable
(lint his neighbors have but little re
spect for htim.
Springfield, Ill., is to have a new
statue of Lincoln, made in Boston.
Cry For
for Castor Gil, Paregoric, Drops
nt. It contains neither Opium,
ance. Its age is its guarantee.
been in constant use for the
r, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
refrom, and by regulating the
assimilation of Food; giving
he Children's Panacea-The
lignature of
rer 30 Years
e Always Bought
ili. Chills and Fever. Also
Roman Family to Occupy Historic Villa
Farnosina-Descendants of
Original Owners.
After 37 years the -historie Villa
"arnesinia. on the binks of the 'i'her,
a half-iiile distant from St: l'eter's
church, will again be occupied by de
scendants of its original owners and
builders. the 'rinces of Cbigi, says a
Rome correspondent.
' The head of the hoiuse, Prince Lu
dovic ('higi, who last year was up
pointed airshtl of the IHoly church
and the guard of the Conclave tand,
therefore, rules the Vatian during the
interim between the death of a pope
and the election of a new olie. recently
disposed of the ('higi palace to tho
Italian governinient. It is slted thtt
by this stile he was put in n position to
htsy hunk the Vlin Fit rnesi ina, erectecl
in 151)-11 by the Unpal banke'r, Agos
tino Chii. iad not table becuse of its
frtescoes by Itaiphael.
The piInee will be restored al re
furnished Its It was when first ovenpied
by l t lhil faiily. an nueln sale
having been bel recenitly to rid the
pnhile of the furniture loft there by
the king of Naples.
The return of the Chlig;is Is onsh5id
cred retnatrkaible ' ince it is proverhini
In lIomeo !ilmt when once a fatnily
leaves its hIotie it leaves foir ver.
I Have you ever used MOTHER'S JOY
SAINE, for Colds. Coughs, Croup and
Pneutmonin, Asthma, and Head Cn
tarrh? If you haven't get it at oncq.
It will cure you.-Adv.
Kitty Acquired the Habit.
As Mtiry's mother was a voice touch
er, Mary was faimiliar with the termiun
ology of the nmusic studio. One (lay
when iar kit ten was whining voclfer
ously outshie tie door, Mary ex
cltited : "Muinia, please let kitty in
She's outside, forcing her voice terri
How's This ?
We offer $100.00 for any case of catarrh
that cannot be cured by H A LL'S CA
MEDICINE is taken internally and acts
through the Blood on the Mucous Sur.
faces of the System.
Sold by druggists for over forty years.
Price 6ce. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Natural Process.
"'The man whose plant wts threat
ened with destruction by the strikers
performed quite it physiological opern
"W\hat was that?"
"Ie armed all the hands."
Don't Need Matches.
A cone-shaped plate whieh is
fastened over the keyhole makes un
u locking the door in the (lurk a sim.
v ple matter.
- Chinese Like American Cigarettes.
- China consumed $9,000,000 worth of
n Americnn cigarettes in the year end
Ing June 30.
The occasional use of Roman Eye Balsam
at night will prevent and renieve tired
eyes. watery eyes, and eye strain. Ady.
Athanta is trtying to stop erection of
a i fertlizer fnetory.
What is.C
Castoria is a harmless substitute
and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasi
Morphine nor other narcotic subst
For more than thirty years it hai
relief of Constipation, Flatulenc'
allaying Feverishness arising the
8tomach and Bowels, aids the
healthy and natural sleep. '1
Mother's Friend.
Basthe E
In Use For O03
The Kind You Hay
Bold for 47 yer. For' Mvalt
a Fine General t~trengtheniz

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