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J. J. Pearson Offers Some Timely
Mr. Editor: I hope you will give
me a little spac( ii) your paper, as I
'kw Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
- Quic .d de$i,'1l re
lief for b b'ou3 e
and domach, hv . Ynd
blood trloi s.
only in 3' .packag..
Avoid imitations.
.Just Aroun<
your voice just as satisfact
"h Don't travel--Telepho
Tlo the Baptist of South Carolina:
For the purpose of furnishinga
fortable journey for the dlelegates an
attend the Southern Baptist Convent
3 0)2I, the Southern Railway wvill prov
lec'ping cars from Charleston, Coluni
may eb required. The cars wvill be att
Sthrough to Knoxville, and from ther
convenient schedule:
Wednesday, May 11th. Lv. ChaIrlest<
Lv. Summers
Lv. Pregnallk
Lv. St. Geor
Lv. Branchvi
Lv. Orangebi
Lv. St. Matth<
Ar. Columbir
Lv'. Columbit
Lv. Aiston
Lv. Carlisle
Lv. Union
Lv. Spartanb
Lv. Asheville
Thursday, May 1.2th. Ar. Knoxvilh
Lv. Knoxvilhe
Ari. Chaittana
Occupy sle~eping cars until 7:(
Dining car service for dinne
The above schedule will atfor
lumbia, Alston, Carlisle, and Spartant
by enabling the entire party to tra
"Land of the Sky," the most beautif'
This arrangement meets with
leading Baptists with whom wve hayv
solicit the patronage of all who eXpi
gladly quote railroad and pullman
Special reduced fares have been appli
The Southern Railway also aff
from Chattanooga via Atlanta and w
to those who prefer this route.
Special attention will ' be
-through cars will be operated to y
For more detailed informatic
any passenger representative below.
Very resj
W. E.
Djivision .Pas
R. W. Hunt.
District Passenger Agent
Charleston, S. C.
R. C. Cotner
* Distrlct-Passenger Agent
Spartanburg, S. C.
- A.J
City Passenger I
want to give some people a little ad
vice who are standing around talkiru
h.rd timit-e.. W4Te have hc:trd mue!
speculation and, talk on hard times
the low price of cotton, the high ca
of living am( what the farmer slim
'io and what he s4hould i&t do.
we get ;oie wonderfiuli adviceC4 f:
one and the other who never IIr
what they pr'Leh. It 'seem; to
th:it. this, i.; the.stimue for r ve
to go ahead and do th:m
to thei'r IconvctionI s anda
thecir theory t/, --.et 'r.i l u
i - h
(.4, ..
I the Corner
Distant cities, towns and
villages are "just around
the corner" when you use
-the Long Distance Bell
Why waste your time,
energy and money in trav
eling when you can send
orily and at a trifling cost?
our lumber and no burden to buy it
whether you have immediate need fo:
it or not. At present prices it wil
pay you to stock up on our timbers
We can supply all lengths, widths an
thicknesses in rough or finished.
Easley, S. C.
11, 1921.
ample accommodations and a com-.
d others of South Carolina, wvho will
ion, Chattanooga, TPenn., May 12-18,
ide through day coaches and pullman
bia, Spartanburg and other points as
ached to Carolina Special and handled
e by special train, on the followving~
in 7 :30 a. m. "Carolina Special"
ille 8:20 a. mi.
9:15 a. m.
re 9:31 a. mn.
lIe .10:17 a. m.
irg 10:55 a. mn.
4ws 11:24 a. mn.
1:00 p. mn.
1 :15 p. mU.
2:01 p. mn.
2:52 p. mn.
3:20 p. mn.
u~rg 4:50 p. mn.
8:00 p. mn. Central Time.
12:25 a. in.
1 :00 a. mn. "Special Train"
oga 6:00 a. mn.
0 a. mn.
'and suIper. Breakfast at Chatta
Il most convenient connection at Co
urg from all parts of the state; there
vel together in comfort through the
il mountai'n section of wvesterni North
the unreserved endorsement of many
conferred. We therefore earnestly
ect to attend this convention and will
fares from any point upon request,
ed for.
ords very convenient schedules to and
ill be gladl to furnish full information
gvien to the return movement and
oints in South Carolina as may be
in and pullman reservation apply to
senger Agent.
S. H1. McLean
District Passenger Ageni
Columbia, S. .
G. WV. Carter
-District Passenger Ageni
*Augusta, Ga.
nd Ticket Agent'
1ie 8. 0.
- ome'lthiw'r. If the peo
Ii 1e11'1 one-h:fl of the tim'
:to do s om.ethbi l'o
hj th ti they spend stad
e co4ter talking; hard times,.
r .!.'.e a gr'1eat chan ;e it (n:
utrs before cobiw-:d
doome:4d to dut Al is we",t'
t . !ivin ? t . " '",1.
*l'n ; ev h ! . '"d o e us
r ne - topVde .hema
' ' 4l i l 1' ,i '
i . b i '
t *, I c I ' 1 I .
i i a in i ek1n
" i t" i .'. \ i
t , " .. I 11l o it U l l Iollt
-u :( iI. b.7t 1 iout-yin the State
It (I 1,1 tor :ltt~ it;i
1 * I0 I.. t' it h lirtl 1> t- ill !%
h1, 'ot) '-e~ for' ii~ foodstuod. Btt
7:7 '71'1 1 ;:1t" Cqo it ' i o 144.' hi :t -
" 1" :11( I ' I .'' a).~t ('.4.Ilt'y i7 the talti'
vim? ltie h i~ z 10 s'lt i.'icrud l it ' s
I the farmer i'1s" ptlaitt ("ee' rth ing in
.4t4on t h.'v 11re SUre to e' hun t'ry ii
the fali, beetusIti tehi or twelve cent
cotton wont pay the debt.s they malke
vhile they are rai.ing the cotton.
1 have traveled t,hrough every state
from Florida to Maine, and Pickken
county has more. advantages for tht
farmer than any other section I havt
ever seen. But he has to use som<
systemL to succeed. 'There is mt
reason why we should not raisi
enough meat and lard to do u
through the year. It only takes i
little corn to make a four hundre<
pound hog, and a few counties cat
raise better corn than Pickens county
L and it would help to have a little
patch of clover to turn the pigs or
in the spring. Why can't we rais
our own pigs instead of sending tc
Tennessee for those long nose swine?'
We have men in Pickens county
that haven't bought a sack of flour
in yeatrs, anid they are men of ftm
liies. They say we can't raise wvheat
mn this county. These men do. Of
course5( this is not ,a good wheat coun
try like the western states, but we
can r'aise wvheat. and oats both by
iriving then some ttentltioni and wvhat
we lose on a short crop). We gain
it all back by enriching our .soil.
When the small grain comes off, sow
the ground in peas for hay, and plant
a fewv rows for next year's seed and
someW for co~oking purposes, and bear
in mind that crushed peas will make
fat hogs. We can raise good cows,
andl we should consider a cow a big
help towar d our living. Give her
the attention she dleserves and she
wil.l bring you value return in good
milk and butter. And then don't
sell the young calves just because you
dlon't like to hold them wvhile the
wvife milks or because you don't like
to put out a little extra care to keep
them. The calf will make a cow
some daty and bring you more money.
The thing wve should put the most
care to is our garden.' It should be
a source of supply for foodstuff
through the summer' season. Stake
oflf a corner in your cotton patch and
have a good garden. Drop a few
beans in your newv groundl corn, and
through the wviIter sell some milk
and butter you get 'from your well
cared for cow.
(;et some sugar to preserve the
fruit that falls andl goes to waste.
Every land owner should have a good
orchatrd. It doesn't require a great
dleal of wvork andi it is worth an ef..
fort when you can have a dlish of
Elberta peaches on your table.
If we will take some of the time
we spend talking hard times we can
have a yard full of nice Rhode Island
reds, white Wyandotts or Plymouth
Rtocks. We all hlave chickens but we
turn them loose to shift for them
selves and pay them s'o little atten
tion that they are not much profit.
Give the chicken lot a little of your
time and care 'and you will have
chickens for sale and some to eat
when the preacher comes, and eggs
that wvill buy your coffee, soda and
lots of other -little things Vou need
from the store.
Nowv is the time to raise corn, oats,
wheat, potatoes and meat and other
Ithings WO need at home, and let our
cotton crop be our surplus profit.
Then if cotton is twenty ,cents o
. '1 cents we shoull worry, if we
( p1nty of foo)d:,tuif. Every
knows thy. the best country in
u hole' wethi. 'I he thing we
; to tali: 1h ,.:. i: iwhat a 'good
)'try we 1 . and not talk
ii'd timer 0 '"(h, andl times will
>)e he'A r.
I t hank yp.
1. Pearson.
V. C
(' to
" . , . . \ t a 'l
.. .0
"" ~ ~ ~ ~ ' ' 4j1 \ 11'1.~t
"Smiling Charley" Alexander let
fai berty down with a lone biin.Ie Sat
urda y afternoon, Glenwood deCeating
the visitors by the score of 2 to 0.
Aside from the pitching of Alexan
der the feature of the game was the
hitting of Smith and Tatum, of Glen
wood. Alexander had the visiting
batters almost he )less, striking out.
men in one inning and retiring a
large number of men on the third
The score:
Glenwood_ - - .- - - - - -2 10 1
Liberty ---- --- --..-0 2 0
Alexander and Spearman; Smith
and Alexander.
In a see-saw contest at Brandon
Saturday afternoon, Brandon defeat
ed Easlye Mills team by the score of
7 to 5. - Young Jackson, kid brother
of the "Shoeless Joe," was on the
mound for Brandon and had the Eas
ley batters guessing throughout the
contest. Cashion d id the receiving
for Bradon. Dunn and McCoy did
the battery work for the Easley
All persons holding claims against
the estate of the late Miss Mattic
I Iesley must present the same, duly
proven, on or before the 15th day
of May 1921, or be debarred pay
ment; and all persons indebted to
said estate must miake payment on
or before the above date to
I A. S. Lesley,
4t .Timmonsville, S. C.
eyes examined regularly and *i
keep their -eyesight keen by
wea ring carefully made and pro
hoave Fhim Dchloed bye Eprts
teced athe proec hei own.
re wl pys--es perll bwhel, ah,*
oricorn deivred at Reeoo--s ofithe
tmost imporece Little ye
defecs beome ig dfect
i A,
Make Every Field Ho-/
Good Fencing protects your live stock and growing crops.
After harvest you can pasture fields as desired. From year
to year you can rotate crops scientifically. In fact, good fenc.
;ng is essential to modern, profitable farming.
"Pittsburgh Perfect" '
Electrically Welded Farm Fencing
helps put farmin on a b n -.,,. Ti. : 1V:'-'
entirely under your contrc. , enabling you to farm
them most profitably.
There are heights and designs of "Pittsburgh Perfect" fencing
for every farm purpose. It is a perfected fence of uniform
high quality, and every rod guaranateed. The electrical weld
s-akes it-a one-piece steel fabric of great strength and dura
bility. Sec us for yourfencing, barbed wire, staples, etc.
Forv l'e by
Ea ey~ S3. C.
Spartanburg, S. C., May 4, 5, 6
The Southern Railway is arranging necessary extra equipment to
properly take care of travel into and out of Spartanburg account of above
The Russian Symphony Orchestra, of New York, has been secured'
also the world's most famous artists for the entire occasion.
The Converse College Choral Society, consisting of 300 voices. The
famous children's chorus, consisting of 500 voices from the public school.
For detailed information regarding rates, schedules, etc., call ea
nearest ticket agent, or address
Wholesale and Retail Hay, Grain and
Easley, S. C.
Porto Rico Plants Now Ready for Delivery
in Any Quantity.
Come to see us.
Easley, S. C.
Specials At
Standard Quality Salmon at...------_....----1 O
No. 2 can Tomatoes at----------------1 q
A real good Coffee at ---- ----------------25c Lb
1-2 gallon om Canned Pie Pahsa..1....... ..--0
Fresh Country Produce at all times.
Ho e t e usekno t-your-want-.
Just received a nice line of Men's Dress Shirts,
.Phone 33.

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