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The follow ing t'tnb'ment fro
C' Moity 'County Conlnis:,iO1er .1ino. 11' L1es
is pu bli3ahed by request:
Wk , Mr. Editor:
If you will give me pac:e I \'i
n ~~state some fact~scocri m
lit.ia'l life that, ( w ud I fr
p)eoplle aof . ken:- - hil- . d 1'
also to k0now. No aiuit you ilLv
pled d -id u) l t \w : writte'
t hill t ', ith bot h- , (~ )'d o' e
.11 (1a !I .o .Ill . '. so ho,
t'll) i' 1':;a1lL ' V ,Ct ' .I( i'
b)ro:..e. Now a :: a l . 1 .\ thl
- l i'ld lt'y rec'oini elta th t Ily c'na0 1
1ml:ient ! a)t e away a rop: me <,
tha t)l v roo e irc u' . l .n t
Count of gro ( mWila't 1 o \ ' omejn:a
duty. 1 1 - i u e . i. 1 a 1 ; . .
n glI c' I)a ' :113 ns !1 '.a. Lan I, 1( :". r
andl tl dion't t.hlink it en:n b;; onr1 (' .
any 1,:, that I have gros.ly w1 i. -d
lly o~il'iilt 'uti.'.-. <i taour:' ("'' to,
past. va,'"aI llo -l t I \ t'as illI:a.l( t'
travel oer th. out ry a 1n i wou
Mla' W! Idi to~ hi ; a o untIa o jk e....
tmand da th lti' mIdy d oer- '111 wife.
'or :ev tral lonths Iforl e her' dentl Ii
she was unable1i to drlaw\ a bucket. of
w\atert or .'ven drIess or ti idtrs.4 the
chihicre n, ;o I t'ilt mly lira t. w
to stay with her aind dIo :ill I esuid11
for her, the one( w.ho had( for-a1sl.nO
all others for lme. Now I ain ..m
to leave it to the thinking pr"t'lel l>
decide ileLtl ' I h:n- ( a ca.le (IIy
duty by tending to at sick wife or
tending to Iy ollicia:l dutui.. I wish
Io say ri.a here that ; have no cOn..
trol over lte coouity'. lacIhilllery.
The superv'isor I(ils Ie thait. since the
presentment of the granad ,jury that
!he (11an not 1ut a scrape in my terri
l.ory uill(s ; it he entirely under his
conitriol. I also wish to say that I
wrote our replr) eltattive.S while they
were in Columbia, asking them to in
I roducRe al bill providing that each con
missioner have his own territory, em
ploy his own hands and work his own
roads, and if I did not prose worths
of being a county commissioner a
the close of the year I would resigi
and pay back my salary to th1
county. I made the same statemen
to the g'rand jury on the 28th day o
February, the day before they aske
that I be removed from olice. 1 als
make the same statement to the pul
lie and people of Pickens county i
they will see that I get a square dle
and 1 dlon't have the roadls wvorkedi
twvelve months from now I wvill rt
*'ign and pay back my salary to th
counity if the gr'anld jurly (dont lhav
mec removed before thIen.
If' there had been21 nobody but P'iel
ens ~t conty pea)ople tht~l had read thi
I would( haveC 1 nt hin g to( say ini relI
aIs most,1 all of' the peo'Lple inl thI
(county know me aidd know that,
have had no~ chance t (d0 very muchi
the way of' roadl and1 bridlge work, bu
&Iur papers go to dlifferenlt coun tic
and dlifferenit states andl I don't kno'
what people that don't know mte wvi
think. I guess they wvill think the
I am the sorriest man in the count)
.as 1 have neover known any other ma
atreatedI the wvay I have been. Tb
Greenville Piedmont tried to make
big booger out of it. I wish to stat
right here that there is not a ma
* ~ in the county that has ever rep~orte
a piece of' bad road or a bad bridg
but what I have toldl him to fix it o
get some one0 else and1( 1 wVould pa
them for it.
Now I have not got a wvord( to sa:
againist our grandIL jury. TVhey ar
aill good men. I doubt whether' w~
c'ould get a btetter set of nmen in thl
county' than they'~ are or' not, hut
(In thintk they have donea me ani ini
. justice and1( also to) the eeunty. If'
was to find ai treOe blowni across th
road I doubt wvhethear I could go
anly onle to cut it outt ork not. 'Th
people think that I have na authot
aity to have anything (lone. Nowi
they had recomamended that an1 inve:a
tigation be made andl se2 why I ha
not donte any mior'e, I think the
wvould have struck tihe keynote. No
if I am not doing my dluty,'it's fro
-ignorance andl not f'rom intention.
am readly to bea. tried before til
acourts or anywvh ere people wvant
try mue. I have dlone exactly wht
my counsel told me to (10.
So, thanking the people of Pie
ens5 county for past favors and desi
ing a continuance of the' 3ame, I a
yours to serve.
John F. Lesley.
J i'Easley, S. C., 1U. 5.
The Zion Epwvorth League will gi
a box supper at the, Zion sehc
building Friday night, April 15th, f
the benefit of the church. All ghi
invited to .bring boxes, Boys,a
yodtity by a pockpt full of chang
m Sheriff Will '3ring Body Bock to, b
y Turned Over to Relatives .if
'TIwee Ace Any.
1' (~ 0.-. - o e n
1 .:(.' red! WVilliana1
y al"' 'll ( " lex ileis
to bri:0
h ri I I ,e hld
All.io It
!.t'! ''1'l) t l( I 111 (:o
t suicide ft'tn n.
'1 Ithe other o lnici hldl l.t Co.
* Iii andit wa, \I mi , med neces('
then for t hem to hg'.
'rhe rural schools of the northeast
er ' section of Andersonl county hel
their fist annu1a an I track I eet a
T i a r .- n -T *nL t y s o oI ~ rl ridtl a y
.\1il . Grcat o rivalry was show
hit'ween.I all schools represented
alk Ier olterlm t loyle school waf win.
ner 1 airst plae 'wit itotl of 41
points. Lebanon came second wit
HOL. TrendTwenty sMEd
roints, Airy Springs 1 5 andl Pierce
Tw u. realser. of lhebnonts woi
the i ( yard dash wcith Foster, 0
Three-anid-'Twventy as a close seody
Clark, of McEnoyle. easily outclass
Sed his oponents i the pole vault
Keasler, of Lebanon, . came seconm
Shirley, of McEhnoyle was winner o
inthe hroad ump, lrby, of Piercetowv
comling s(econd. Evatt, of McE1
motyhle, was the winner* of 880 yar
un, with Wallace, of Lebanon, a
scond man. The hurdle race wao
wone by Link, of a alloyle send
of Ale moye, being only t-5 of
eel bpehi n e ole vnuyh
Shled , difliclty in winnjng the 44
trd u. br ora ju an, I.y of Three-dr
weomnty weond Eova , larl<I
of Alhooyle, and Rakini, of th
moy. hel, . was re the winers of th
hianh .imh Walrame, and Foste, ho
of Thrnde-an.T.e-y, were the wi
ners in the 220) yard dash. M1eE1
myle was awarte-l first place in th
v In the girl's contest, Mliss MAlil
I terF, of Lebarton, wvon first place an
tAl iss rippfl, of Airy Springs, Wvon se
' ond( place in the 50' yard dlash. I
the pole vault Misses Martin an
e.I Richardson, both of Lebanon, wo
Iiurst an tu5cond~ laces!( respLct ivel)
e is mtof Allmoyle, won fire
Iplace in the broad jump, while Mik
Williams, of [Lebanon, eupltur'ed set
01ond. In the 1 00 yard (lash Misse
r'Tripp and . Wilson. both of Air
Springs, wvon first and second place:
Al iss Smith, of MelI toyle, and bi
Wiaceon, of Airy Spri' tiedi for firs
a lc nthe high juln. o and each wai
-3 aw'arded four p)oints. The flag rac
was won by the Three-and-Twent
I eami an th1 le tecam fr'om~ Lebano
- came( in second.
iist ol, Va.-T1enn., A. pril 1 0.
Snw sleet and r'ain fell in ltrist<
'nd neIar'by sections today. Reporl
fr om everal towvns near here sai
that the mountain tops were covere
with, a layer of snowv early this morr
mny At 10 o'clock tonight'a heavy
sndow was falling here.
Richmond, Va., April 1 0.-Sno
tell hecre for' an hour or more Lb
nfte'rnoon but - melted ati fast as
rfell. Troday's snowy established
mnew rec ord locally for the lateness e
Cumberland, Md., A pril 10.-ev-i;
inches of snow is rep~ortedl at Rowle
burg, WV. Va., a 'few miles wvest<
Oakland, with temperature of 2
Snowv has been flying in this setic
01all' day. -
's Cook stoves from $2
up, &t Barr Bros., EaA
Statement of the ownership,' man'
agn emmt, circulation, etc., require('
by the Act of Congress of August 24
t i 9 '?. of The Pickens Sentinel,;, pub
lishe( weeky at P;ekens, .. C., foi
r~1'o South Carolina,
un 111 i' of Pickln ., S.
rell. c me, a )i:. ) ub)lic itl and
h, t . a'id cur.y afo . 'sai.,
ill: l!)peaved (u t! Hn, t who,
be(."n duly ;worn1 l10-1rdi.1 to
c: omu: <r( er; .') ~ Gar H tt,
I. .I C .~
Th a th o ris. a . te: ..t o
n ms of itnid'ual
r tor . '('f a c rlp i o( n ilv e i
Car''- IliI
n:"m mi the names and addresses
a sto"ckholdlers owning or holding 1
Ie cent of the total amount of
Stuoek. )
T. J. Mauldlin, Pickens, S. C.; A.
.1. H'oggs, Pickens, S. C.; I. M. Maul
din, Columbia, S. C.; dH. Craig,
Pickens, S. C.; J1. McD. Bruce, Pick
S. C.; W. D. Spearman, Easley,
S. C.; G. R. Hendricks, Pickens, S.
C'.; D). W. Hiott, Jr., Easle2y, S. C.'
;3. That the known bondholders,
and other security holders owning or
holding 1 per cent or more of total
amount of bonds, mortgages, ol
other securities are: (if there' are
none, so state.)
Gary Hiott.
Sworn to and subscribed bef4ore
me this 1st day o.;d .\pril, 1921.
H. W. H iott,
Notary Public.
FOR SALE-Fine Chrysanthemum
plants, now ready. Very best varie
ties-White, Pink, Yellow and Red.
$1.00 per doz. Mrs. . R. Roark.
FOR SALE--Sonee nice youn
milk cows, for cash or god papers, of
would exchange for one or two yea)
old calves. E. C. Bowie, Nimmons
S. C. 3tI
s - F-- E A. SAYS:
'A fe'w small farms wvell imiproved
or'I saile cheapi. See mue before yor
Frank E. Alexandet
C uts the earth to suit your taste
Funeral Director and
- Embalmer
Phone No. 5
Notice is hereby given that I wil
.make ap~plication to N. A. Christo
t pher, Esqi., Judge of Probate foi
sPickens county, in the state of Souti
Carolina, on Tuesday the 28th day o:
'A pril, 1 921, at ,11 o'cock, in the fore
y noon, or as soon thereafter as sait
,application can be heard, for leave t<
smake final settlement of the persona
t -tate of t* rs. Corrie Shepherd, (IC
s(ceasedI, and( obtain discharge as ad
e inistreator of said estate..
y td C. E. Bush.
J. R. Martin J. H-. Earli
'aenil, S. C. Pickens, S. C
P'ractice~ In All Courts.
P'ickens 0ffice in Court House.
Greenville Office 'opposite Postofiece
.lPhone 404.
F. E. A. AYS:
The storm has struck us hard an
is still on, but we still have our beau
tiful country left wvith all of its ad
vvantages. Now .let everybody mak
everything at home on the farm tha
tis 'fitted for all kinds of vegetation
aLot me ask you not to give you
farm away for it is bound to corn
back. We cannot live without it
Bly the way of at~vice, want to 'eI
you t'agodtime to buy. -
The Man Who Cuts the Earth to Sul
Your Te ste.
I can handle a few more orders fo:
Betting eggs from my 265 to 800 egj
strain White Leghorns. They aver
aged 14 eggs- for January, as I
1onths Qld pullets. -A, P. Hainmondi
.r ---
Ii cof i
HE heaviest item in the
cost of painting is the labor.
Certain-teed lessens this cost
because the high quality ma
terials in it are so thoroughly
ground and mixed that it
spreads easier and has greater
hiding power.
Certain-teed also covers more
surface per gallon. It requtires
fewer coats to properly pro
'eet. -It retains its color and
,eauty for a longer period of
Am of these advantages are
Some timely suggestions from ou
9of seasonable merchandise.
~x : In town come~. from Henson's. If
for tailoredl or sport wear, or to c
~ ~ plete the flufiest of summer
tunmes, the hat you want is here.
I / K Which are perfect in dlesigg
finish--in all wvanted materi
shades arnd combinations.
Our line of Spring~ Suits is.
- *1j \ complete and you are sure to f
the suit you need. We.,will be g
~'lV to show you.
9 ~You Can Not do Better Than to
For Men and Boys.
Fits better, looks better and
Slonger than any clothes you can I
the money.
- . The time is at hand when you mu
sider' the change of your high cut si
the comfortable Oxford of 1921.
For Ladies and Girls.
Mn and Boys.
We have left nothig undone to
patron this season.
ces the Cost
e Painter's Time
due to the high quality of
Certain-teed. Its name means,
"Certainty of Quality-Guar.
anteed Satisfaction." It is
manufactured by a concern
that has long been known as
the makers of high quality
Let us help you make your
Spring painting satisfactory
and economical by s'upplying
this highest quality paint.
Certain-teed led in price re..
ductions. We are now selling
this paint at prewar prices.
s. C.
till -t e
erainted ---am eas
mnuacurever buye a leased
th00.iso Pihkenalit

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