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"Pickens.- The Gem *tt++l+Io++z:z -
of the Foothills" Pickens Cohnty's
Local Boys Make Fine Showing in
State Track Meet.
Columbia, April 22.--Sumter won
he athletic meet here today with a
to i of eighteen points, fifteen of
whi ih vere made by Chandler.
Piel ens wits a !lase second with six
teei points, Allgood making thirteen
of them! for his school. Greenville
woni third place with thirteen points.
In the 120-yard low hurdlers, Miller,
of Greenville, broke the state high
sch >ol record, time fifteen and two
ift 1 seconds as compared with fifteen
and r three-fifths seconds made last
year \by Adrain McManus, also of
Chat n.dler, of Sumter, also s'nashed
the state record on the 440-yard run,
makin. the circuits in fifty-four and
four-f ths seconds, as compared
with the previous record of fifty-five
and tivo-fifths seconds made by Wil
liam Poole, of Greenville, and Carl
Crane, of Liberty last year.
Winners of Events.
One hundred yarddash-J. Chan
dler, of Sumter; Clinton, of Win
throp Training School, second; and
Whisonant also of Winthrop, third.
Running high jump-Alexander,
of Greenville, first; Gambrell, of
Walhalla, second, and Wilson, of
'Greenwood, third.
Half mile run--Newman, of Cal
houn-Clemson, first; Tripp, of Easley,
second, and Bruce, of Greenville,
Discus throw-Allgood, of Pickens,
first; Steele, of Winthrop, second;
and Carter, of Liberty, third.
Two hundred and twenty yard dash
-Chandler, of Sumter; first; Clinton,
of Winthrop, second; and Whisonant,
of Winthrop, third.
Pole vault--Carte', of Liberty, first;
Allgood, of Pickens, second; and
Wyatt, of Easley; Blum, of Liberty,
and Steele, of Winthrop, tied for
third places
One hundred and twenty low hur
dies-Miller, of Greenville, first;
Fraser, of Sunster, second; and Alex-i
anler, of Greenville, third.
Running broad jump-Tripp, of Eas
ley, first; Blum, of Liberty, second;
and Meeke, of Anderson, third.
Four forty yard run----Chandler, of
Sumter; first; Iannahan, of Charles
ton, second; and Miller, of Green
ville, thirdt.;
'hot pt- - Alikood, of Pickens,
: cely, f l'iet:ens, second, and
Colin of ('le., third.
ht : individtd .,Cores made
I, :. u l'h... 11 , tlitL .e1 i ; 'l :Ii1 , of
.12. (. \k rle', l 441 I. N'. Austin at
dalir.ht41 Sa'urday; mornuing. One
mantt, whI('.e n-un flI uniknownyt, es..
catped. The a le r11had Itlaedt their
car atcross th r->a 44tn4ld in4 tring to
go artounid it thle (Oakhlutt was over
ment, wredckint: the Oakland. The
whiskey w as ini thirty-iive one gallon
cans and I th oflicers pioured it out
where they found it.
The closing exercises of the Matr
tin graded school, one of the largest
rural schools f the colmty, were held
last Friday evening, A pril 22. A
song Op~ened1 the program and was
followed bsy a prayer by Rev. D). P.
Th'le p)rogr'am was well aIrrangedl
antd carried( out. We must say just
her that this wats one of the best
school entertain ments that the wvriter
has ever attended., We are glad to
see the interest taklen in this great
.work thrdughout tis section. This
is the kind of seedl to sow. We con
gratulate the teachers for the excel
iUnt wvork they have been doing. The
patrons and pupils of the community
rae also to b~e c4ommelndled for their
co-operation and~ loyal support. The
'teachers of the Martin school are
Prof. Clarence L. Craig, Misses Sadie
Nealy, Annie Gravely and Irene New
One Present.
Mr. Reese Bowen, a prominent cit.i
Zen of Pickens county, died at his
home near Glassy Mountain last Fi
lay, April 22, in the seve'ntieth year
of his life. Mr. Bowen was nmeri .d
in 1f880 to sliss Elizabeth, di ught er
of Capt. It. E. Steel. To this union
six children were born and are now
living: Miss Mattie, Miss Florine and
Clarence live at hom' witi their
mother; Robert lives neart tl1.11, .
E. and L. It. are in Greenville, wwre
W. E. is county solicitor and L. I, is
assistant profesUr of malthemnatics at
Furman. \ir. Bowen i' a -o surviv
(d by seven brother medi u-ee sg
ters as follows : John Y. and 1,. O.
Howen, of Texas; Pickens lowen, of
Oklahoma; W. T. and U. A. B3owcn,
of Pickens, andI Martin If., of Geor
gia; Mrs. W. E. Nimmons. of Seneca;
Mrs. Isaac Nimmons and Mirs. D. A.
Allgood, of Pickens.
Mr. Bowen was a faithful member of
Cross Roads Baptist. church and had
been for several years. He was one
of the most devoted men to his wife
and children we have ever known.
His neighbors speak of him in the
very highest terms as a christian
gentleian. Mr. Bowen was ill
about nine weeks, during that time
he was tenderly cared for by his
loved ones and had the atttion of
good physicians, He told his fam
ily before he died that his sins were
forgiven and he wanted them all to
go to heaven. He prayed for the
whole world to be saved. He bore
his suffering without compfaint, be
ing resigned to the will of the Lord.
His funeral service was conducted
Saturday by a former pastor, Rev.
D. W. Hiott, In the presence of a
large concourse of sorrowing friends
and relatives and his body was laid
to rest in the Cross Roads cemetery.
We extend heartfelt sympathy to
thev Iereaved loved ones.
Of interest throughout the state
will be the news that Dr. and Mrs. D.
13. Johnson, of Winthrop College, are
the proud parents of a little daughter,
born April 21. She will be- named
SI;eriitl loark's a u tonobile, which
wVias St. len in Greenville last week,
Was tound in Creer. A negro boy
abtiout si : (en yet s old hul taken
the on'. 11 dlve it to hi: homne at
rur miwedisceovered1 on tl.e"
j.re'.i b a oli:, :an next morning.
In times of r
bwimness disaster
basis of credit is
heaped. We kee
or the plate must
tand on the plate
The object c
safe bank, not oum
but any bank-yoi
help them. Help
Following out the South Carolina
Sunday School Association plans,
l'i 'eans county will hold a n;ecting
in each of its four dist ricet on
"aothcr.4 Day," .lMay S-i or on the
fo)llowing Sunday. Alay I 5th. Th se
Conven'ltlins are"( no(t denIomlinlationsa
a-1111 Sunday schooI workers of every
'ienomination are asked to attend
ind1 tike part. Chuirch1 dotctrini'es are
never dip eui sed, only Suralay school
mlethods, and how to imnprov 3. by an
exchaoge of ide'as, presentation of
well trjild planIY, et c. These'( dsris
are a1:, follows: Ea:!v, in charg of
Mr. Hh niir; Liberty, Mlr. )wight At
taw\ay; Central, 31r. E. L. 11lenderson.
Pickens. V. A. 'lathews. Notiecs
vill appear next weeCk.
1 0:00 a. m.-Sons; and devotional ser'
10:20 a. m.-Roll call of churches, en
with comments and sugg
10:50 a. m.-Song and testimony ser
11:00 a. m.-Two Imperative Needs
(1) Training of teacher
(2) Equipment. By Di
11:40 a. m.-Song and testimony ser
11 :50 a. m.-Appointment of commit
I Dinner.
1:30 p. m.-Devotional service, 15 n
1 :45 p. m.-How to enlist the people
2:00 p. m.---General discussion of la
2:30 p.sm.-Song and prayer service
2:40 p. m.-Winning the boys and >
E. Edens, Jr., and Mrs. .1
3:10 p. m.-The 3ible in the Sund:
Rev. B. P. Mitchell.
3:30 p. m.--Miscellaneous business.
10:00 a. m.--Devotional services, 15
10:15 a. m.-The Sunday School seek
10:40 a. i.-Song and prayer servic
10:50 a. m.-The importance and ki
Rev. S. P. iar.
11 :20 a. m.--Song service, 10 minute
1 :30 a. m.---Address. Rev. '1'. .. Wai
1 :30 p. m.--Devotional, 15 minutes.
1 :45 p. m.--Round table (liscussi(on.
(1) Organized class wo
(2) Grading a Sunday
(3) Holding young mei
(4) Training young je
(5) Woman's part in th
(.6) Home Department
2:45 p. ni.---Song and prayer servie
3:00 p. m.--Address. Rev. S. P. 11
3 :30 p. mi.- A ddress. R
-1:001 p. 111.--jRepor of coimmittw1>.
buOir s. Elect iO of ol
Enre replresentation fr'omi (::
noney stringency, such a
is avoided is by a mobil'
money. Money is a gold
p piling on the sand until
be broadened. The bari
but the people of the ce;
f this advertisement is tc
- bank necessarily, altho'
ir own bank. You can't
'us broaden the plate.
Arthur fenneit. cohored, who had
been: living on \I. T. A. Bowen's
plce about a m1on1)th. borrowed a
ile' frou l ir. t'ow\enj 'Tuo sday of
last week to .2o to Liberty. Instead
of m to Liblier\ IeCnnett drove
the m1?le to Ia ley :111l sold it. to
Sitton Smith f.r ::; a'Il then de
part''ed 'c fo r rt- mi m wn 1\ 1..
B~oweii hais hi; nol - back. but Sitton
&Smith :!re out x:5and ollicers" are
keepn, Jheir isi eli ICeeled I'for A\. o en' -
nlett, a one-m"It'tm colored't > -r5son.
Trhe' pensioltn money for Confedl'ler
at( veteran. cull e had by apply ing
to- the probate j udIge. Th' r'ece ivr
of the lpetnsion is retluired to sign for
the money. or have authorized a eit
to do so.
TIST CHURCH, MAY 28-29, 1921.
vice, 20 minutes. Led by Rev. C. R.
rolling delegates and reading reports
estions. - Led by Rev. S. P. Hair.
ice, 10 minutes.
)f the Sunday School:
s. By Rev. F. T. Cox.
W. J. Langston. d
ice, 10 minutes.
bees and miscellaneous business.
Minutes. Led by Rev. J. E. Foster.
in Sunday School work. J. A. Rob
At subject. By Sunday School super
, 10 minutes.
tirls to the Sunday School. Mrs. W.
M. Stewart.
y School----lts use, when and how.
Song and prayer service. Adjourn.
d Day.
ninutes. led by Rev. E. M. Holding.
ing the lost. Rev. W. D. lammett.
10 minutes.
nid of preparation thei teacher needs,
I .ed by Rev. A. M. Simmons.
10 minutes each on:
k. J. T. Taylor.
School. A. P. Hammond.
I in Sunday School. W. E. Findley.
ple. Mrs. F. T. Cox.
Sunday School. Mrs. J. A. Robinson
ncd Cradle Roll. Mrs. V. S. Wall.
.t minutes.
l'. T. .1. W atts.
\warding of prizes. !iscellane ous
lie.. :\ dljo :rn.
ch1 church o am i Sundav" .m-hool is x
li-n de t ma er'r n h . .
the present, the princii
zation of the credit of th
en plate upon which the
at last it runs over. The
kers of the country are i
untry must help broadein
ask you to deposit all it
we should of course be
expect the banks t-o hel
It was a recen privilege of a rep- 1
rtesentative of this ofapuar to yi.it ' :C
young and pr omi nd apple rchardc
of Mr. .1. t. Childress near tar . t's
store a be a witnes the the markd I
imlprv'en It o' the ochard( aft:r <
pruning and1( spraying dernon)Istrat ion
under the direction of Couaty Agen
T. A. HiowanI. This orchard conlsi at"s
of about 300 apple trees of dternt
varieties set out by lr. htildres, 1
four yours a a and coverit a dout
thous acres of land. Up until tast
iebrutary the trees lid not sem to
at doi g ay too well, but the latter
larert of and ay the trees were i
tn-d I s iyed, and now t en
T;re IrIMrd appears to be in line
:"umlition. Alanlly of the trees have
"Ime fruit on them n Cow and ( it is ex.
pected that by next year all of tha
trees will be bearing well.
One nticeable feature of the orch
Anr is the differ ce in the trees set
Out in lind that was dynamited and
those set in plowed .land, the trees
in the dynamtied land, altho set out
at the satme time as the others, being1
larger and looking much healthier
than those set in hte plowed ,eand.
The prospects now are that Mr.
Childress will by next year have a
nice paying investment in this orch
Another orchard visited was that
of Mr. B. P. Freeman of near Pick
ens. -he has around at hundred ap
ple trees and about the same num
ber( of peach trees. This orchard i
was aid pruned and sprayed recent- i
ly by Mr. Bowen and is looking good. 1
Some of the finest young fruit trees
in the county, though, are in the
orchard of ill]. W. T. Bates. le has
some native peach t rees three years
old that are as hrge as mst tr ees
five years ohi, and they are full of
fruit. This is another orchard that
has had the attention of 'Mr. Bowen.,
One of the most interesting prun
ing and spraying de lolstrations that
Mr. Bowen has given, however, is
with a peach orchard at tthe l'ikns
Cotton Alill. This is an orchard of
old tree's that were ahout to die. ;%1r.
Bowen has bronght it, back to life
and indientions now :are that it, will
be better than tvr.
F'ORt 8.\ L One good .Jersey cowl
fresh. .la . Winchestoer, ine Ti
a d -,. u; ighrim-- ahoe cO lnound
tWILLE...i, S )1. .\Vll ;t,
a l wayn y which s
n crdit ust top1
rying tokeep th
the platt
Dear Sentinel and Readers: -As I
ni tscd sending news lt week, I will
iudeavor to give miy bit.
The health of our community is
.enerally good. EveVtrybo(l' around
iere is through pl:miting their 1921
!otton crop. ,The rectut frast of last
vo'"k killed a great deal of the early
)lanited cotton, nevert hele the fruit
rop escaped so far.
The young s'-ial set enjoyed a
nusical Saturday night at the home
L>f Miss Erna lIoper
''he thirteen hnohItl? old baby of
1r. Ernest A1e'wu ler. of Cateechee,
lied lust. Saturday torning following
an attack of pneumonha. IFuneral
services were Conducted by Rev. Mr.
Davis Saturday aft"rnooni at 4:00 p.
m. at. Golden Creek 13aptist church.
The bereaved fanily have our
deepest sympathy ine the loss of their
loved one.
Several of the young people at
tended a singing at the home of Mr.
William Newell last Friday night.
Mrs. Rhoda Rogers and children,
>f Liberty, spent eSunday as the
,uests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Alonzo Kay.
Mr. Hod and sister and Miss Viola
Dobson and aeveral other young peo
ple, of central, were the guests of
sirs. Evie Roper Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Aiken, of
3reenville, are spending a few days
with their grandparents, Mr. and
frs. Sanders. The former has been
it at the U. S. Public Hospital at
hick Springs for several months for
;reatment. He is one of the many
)rave boys of th' war and was gass
d whlie in battle in France. His
riends wish for him an early resto
ration to health.
Mr. and Mrs. vowen announce the
rrival of a son March 15th. Both
mother and son are doing nicely.
Mr. and John Bell, of Central, mo
torad to the home of their aunt, Mrs.
C. 11. Billingsly, Sunday.
Mrs. King, of Anderson county, is
spending a few days with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Ednai Kay.
Mrs. Ninn Crow ati children spent
Sunday with her nother.
1 ts. A. M. 11 owell and son, A.
lau ry, .Jr., spent a portion of last
week at the iom e of th.?ir aunt, Mrs.
(;eorgc 11 Bell, of Central.
Ralph and lIarry Vatson spent
the week-end with their rol:at ives inl
C. If. 1tillin'sl Iy went. to Easley
SaturdaV on bulgine.
Mr. .. A. Dell, of Central, Rt. 2,
:ontinute's ill at : li omi e. ltis friends
tad relatives wish for him an early
1 r. ' I. : , : nt , tugh 1 ter,
i , with M v . otored
Ti~e V.'-l cont mire con['h
lt iun~ was iatM Carmeal old
innt " n vin l atrdayion Many
as r' sta ire arge belire
ii in te megetrin aIli lolie
'veque. alThe tim, on: tinont
h. itnoaughe peopl to ht viyinilled
h ie os Sevr al.o ti e. llThe
"'i ncn ; uuit waos likre arlea oldt
(larts ewer storreand e bel iv
in g t e m ei . T e p o l
he quiet alt thed oimeo the ou yt..y
rode Enoghpepehae toltltoiled
ard e heager tohar ethe ospelis
rov ided'.* for the~ lucnvefon. Noe
onven t ion. lItat ons omy be' a lit
Not ice is hiereby givent that I will
mk' appl ication to N. A. Christo
her, Esqj., Jundge of Probate for.
ickens county, in the state of South
aroliuna, on Saturdnay, the 21st day
r May, 1021, at 11:00 o'clock, in the
,renloon. or as5 soon thereafter as
id atpplicationi can bo heard, for
nye to nmake final settlement of the
laite of .J. TF. Cantr all, deceased, and
'tain dlischarge as executor of said
Wv. R. Cantrell,

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