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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, April 28, 1921, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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ir:gg; setting i(
per' .l15.
A fewV j.u 11(48 U) I
[U(lest ti'<- II O el
1 t1411 11 1 1 ' 11 t I" 11 l .
Fr(' )I ('41IItr E- L:' s. (Milt( Us \"11m.l
)uni1hia, S. (.. 2t
FOR~ SAL1E --some 11 ice VoII1'
milk cow., for cas~h or god papers, o1r
would exc'haige for on" or two ye.ar
old calves.~ . (C. oie Nimmns
S C. U
Several Ford
Touring Cars.
Must be in good
condition and
Saleable, Will
jay cash in
I\ !I( ' I .O ' I . . S 1, .,%
-. Iti P AND I)t144 I 4 40I;
.oai C), Oino c o cO
)PENS. 1
mi Choice pens at $5
0 per setting. t
A . Picken, S.C
' I Al ifiN
. , 1 ', r!'' " (liti
in 1 t to (;'1
* !':t :I I\ -""\ i'sttritt \\.I- 1't t
!'i~- :int as~lt~ors.
l't hi(lellft N. A\. \l.tl('W- (called(
hie onilferenelic to orderi. in t he Sun
"11; e!iiiii room of (;race MiethoiljSt
c~hurc"h. Itev..1. P. Paztt en. pastor of
th Easley Methodist hIu rchI, 1':'d inl
j)ralyer. Plan- for eh (district Were
taken till) in order, and arrangements
deided u pion for siminultan eou d ir
tte l eil et ii Ill all live'1 the couniity
oil1 Owh s .wiiud Su nday of, May. A
tentive dV.iate for the tOUtlltV" con\"n
ti( iit Was ailsoi agr"ei upolin.
re \ . "*\' \\ Of thet pr ingress 111,1k. ill
! it " At ( Suna y I 5i shiiol \1 is fI
11i* 1 ;i!t Ii ii tilt-' past y a I. war
'- -l~t I ! ( ( in : I. (U t I1 . -
\':t"',, 'i:'" l I tll . :) ' ' Itli'i
I', t' ' .' " "! I'.:i .. I'I ti:i'
1 !'' . .1 " ", . , "1 . ' 11 ' ! 1 l a t
" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I "'"'\ '\ '',-..! :it: 1 "11.
1r .1,1, ~t; i !111 . :! . tI
The Blue Ridg Baptist minister's t
onference will meet at Central Mon- d
ay. May 2nd. Baptist ministers t
Ie9ISe take notice.
'T'he Blue Ri(lge pastor's confer- t
.( will meat Monday at 10:00 u
,'elock instead of 11:00 o'clock as a
\lr;. -lias Ihay, who was recently
rt e l' I i at. the City lospital in
le, has returned to her lomc +
S -' u i1.+ ! t'tim.- ab n fa -y .
-) 1 9
9'ni 9 1 tit9 r . .\ .
.!l9a n '! a) iu ht o .\rI I alt
rennIny was performed by Pro.. bate
Judge N. A. Chistopher.
U2nlimbering its heavy artillery
right at the beginning of hostilities,
the I.iberty baseball team of the
Pickens County Textile League be
gan its drive for the pennant by de
feating the Easley Mill toanm on the
l'I:asle diamond by a score of 12 to
.1 in the first game of the season
phIivy d1 Saturday. The I.iberty team
showetd Mid season tort.. In .iustice
tI tht' I-:asl -y tea) it shotuld heb stated
1h1t the boy..: Ihad9 on1y bveen or)0ga/ni.-l
t\\ , 0l" 1hrt-e a\n.s ;slid had 190 1 n 99. -
: i d t.it'iher. I hip te am191 h:1 Sonm -
tinls auster1iali and w\ill m1ake a 'tronu-y
1 w11o9 lt\'9 \was tha lineulp ti tht
t-so 19 :n-:
l.iet rl ' l.a\wl' 9ell', if'; \'anli 'l
Patti: rs-m, It' ; I ih i . b :\t i:1son,
V; (9 n. a> b 9. ,
I I I.
.............. .\01' . ,I rI
.9 l, 1 \ ' I, .\, " . I ' S l.n 0 :
. 1 ', ::. t
*i it t : 9t 9. 9 f. 1
9 't
th n. \
r : her' , .\V. \j' ana-re~
IRe". W. M. WValker has been run
nnw series of -1Q~,in: tt(
i echee for the past week. Good ad
itions to the church and much in.
erust is being taken.
The (ateecllee ball teail played
Ie Sen(een teamli oil the former's
i:,',''1d h;1" ":aturday, the 23rd inlst.,
n4: the I eneliuc 4ied 1 --) to 0 in favor
f ('a.t: ee1 t'e. Ti1I1.; was; the first
u e t'at .4 cil h1.a' p;ayed this set
(in from Inc er.' they 12 had no suit
hi n ' n :ui1t4 they had
lever ?rml. The Nri Cotton
lilti co, muam he '!m a site an'd
leaned it off n44; a t"t week. The
ny l is
ht:I:- ju ' call
t, ... 14' .'1 w '1 I :
! ' t
I .... .. ..ilin hew 1..... . d.. h i
ht' coIuh~i a"I~n te o ur liooks, but he
!'ore one (4oub( bat his eye-" Mr. .-n
drew'\\ Lesley, of Easley, entered with
Milss Kittie Pool of the samle p1 ilac
leaninug onl his armi, dr1ew a1 set Of
lie mnse onl us and( asked if the old
mill could grind. After the old mill
er apologrized for the condition of the
old miller, we tried to get ou- nerves
together, threw on the band and start
ed th? Wheel. Inl a few seconds Mr.
A1ndrew Lesley and Miss Kittle Pool
wVere made manl and wife.
The contracting ' parties are pro
inentlll youngt peCople of E~asley and
their many Irb nds extend congtratu
't ions.
FOR SAlE---Potato Plant: Po
torie, an y culhall, iarly ' riuiph.
Sweet lotaCto I .e:ley pn l .50 pet'r 1i,000,
5'nttir Hltilor to I ati plants
$1. pill er. w ,(tri (1,to arge orders
prom t shimelInt. forris Plant Co.
Valdosta, Ga1.
IOU nd lss Cetin--t
wee ii~e 1111la l o vifaea.hn o
dolrietsi ingz Crtanee are lao
011iy are prop~14)ferleroorti
he hooug h ly tSet 'lc grodad
Theetbigsilo ccun
power,~SA l I otainsPl its colI or
C":ti'hlonger .m toriary pain
Cer 1(0 .i~L Olr
DM T.1A/esa o ..~
,Notice is hereby given that I will
make applieation to N. A. Christo..
pher, Esq., Judge of Probate for
Pickens county, 'in the state of South
Carolinat, on Saturday, the 14th day of
May, 1921, at 11 o'clock, in the fore.
noon, ot as soon thereafter as said t
appheation nca be heard, for leave to
make final settlement of the personal
e:state o; \lrs. Corrie Shepherd, de
ceased,1 and obtain discharge as ad.
ttiiat rator of said estate.
t d C. E. Bush.
\ a t It it l:u ais again '
,. ft t+ he bi l~ t c .hmttes l itch.
-h it: in-re nt the :-onl . duly
t n " o 1:( leloI're thw I )ti (i:; y i
) ,. rh le' Ibarred p ymet
n pr n itdebt( to lid c
al)m.li lIt on1 or'
Sr'e ' the )ove 1bite to
i.. 1.. li lr iercks, E'x(ecut r,
It Liberty, S C.
Oil Tanks an Pumps, Air Coml)r. -
ors. (omp uting Scales, Show Cases,
Aceounit Regist..rs, Floor Scales, Re.
built Cash Registers, Safes, Stoye
Columbia, S. C.
Shipped from factory in easy-to
handle rections. Quickly and easily
erected by our simple instiructions.
Absolutely rigid and weather tight.
Double walls in most designs. En
dluring. )elightful to live in
Desi tin (h:iaged to suit your I
ides. wI. ho t chuiarge, if gener;.I
size retained. sk1etches supli' I
Stat: lid of ho.i.- yu wan11t :
huild anl we .ill Iul s;p.
illust r.'!(t 1 .l let whit!
devriptioni ndonley s
ing p'rine."
Y 1f10 COM f11t b
NOlt'it ' uu S:LIC dtITO N, S.C.
aity o~lfs Qual~it
at geatn."er
ng will bc more
.Certain--teed led
We are 1now sell.
--war prices,
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to N. A. Christo
hEr, 1., Judge of Probate for
Pickens county, in the state of South
Carolina, on Saturday, the 7th day of
.lay, 1921, at t1 o'clock, in the fore
noon, or as soon thereafter as said.
applicationa can be hear '. for leave to
nak? ftin:l settlement of' the persona l
('date of .1. S. Reynolds, (ecCased,
and obetain dIisehtlurge a: adm11inistra
ti'ix of said :'stat .
ldI .\l r. I )bI(lie Reynolds.
'"r to . : l w d .I:, t( theI na .'l
.lt' l r. ori' St rl ad.
l: t m .t i t, !I ~' f(': 4 ''t . 1 m y*
(Central . . .
I will pa~y $1.00 per bushel, cash,
for corn dlelivered at Reces Mill.
tf A. G. Reece, Manager.
I wilpy'10 e uhl ah
do codlvers Morce Mll
doodnay I is prduedb
se n wi isee
igetqul. amae f qai
ied an ar nae mans "Cer~f
mie -b uaatedSaif
dto prous ingrthiaintdi a pr
,mCtKENSou S rigC. n
LanLEUMs int pri retin

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