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Lonnie Jennings, of Columbia, was
at home this week.
Mr. I. Cox is a business visitor to
New York.
Mr. M. C. Smith went to New York
on business last week.
Miss Frances Bruce had as her
guest last week Mrs. N. C. Kellan.
Miss Hattie Newman, of Columbia,
is the guest of Miss Nannie Morris.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lewis,- of
Columbia, are visiting their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lewis.
6. Miss Cleo Hallum was a visitor at
the home of Mr. P. 0. Robertson
near Liberty last week.
Miss Eleanor McDaniel was the
guest of her cousin, Katie Cureton,
several days last week.
Mr. H. Y. Lawrence, Jr., of Cal
houn, was in Pickens on business
Mrs. E. M. Ramsey has as her
guest Miss Margrita Ladd of Wash
ington, D. C.
Mrs. J. H. Bruce is visiting her
mother, Mrs. George D. Grogan, in
Elberton, Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. L. Chamberlin, of
Liberty, were guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Hallum this week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Tolbert, of
Greenwood, are visiting relatives
near Pickens. ,
Mrs. S. E. Payne and daughters,
Dorothy and Louise, of Macon, Ga.,
are visiting Rev. and Mrs. J. C.
Miss Emma Herd went to Green
ville Saturday. From there she will
go to Knoxville, Tenn., where she
will visit friends.
Miss Margaret and Mauldin Rog
ers, of Easley were visitors at the
home of their aunt, Mrs. Holder,
this week.
l . Laura Alexander and chil
dren are at home after spending
sevegral weeks in Birmingham, Ala.,
with relatives.
C"lie Seaborn. of Pickens, is now
playing ball with the Knoxville club
.of the Appallachian league and mak
ing good.
9 Mrs. Washington, of Ware Shoals,
is visiting her (laughter, Mrs. W. F.
Hiagan. Mrs. Hlagan is sick with
typhoid fever.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Fulghum and
three children, of Wilson, N. C., are
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Findley this week.
Mrs. Artie GAattis and child and
Mrs. Randall, of Chliiicothie, Texas,
are visiting Mrs. Gattis' parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Davis, in Pickens,
and other relatives in this county.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lewvis and
little daughter and Miss Hattie New
man, of Columbia, are visiting his
paents and other relatives in Pick
Misses Mamie Brockman and Ruby
Cox, of Texas, were attractive guests
at the home of Rev. F. T. Cox last
week, en route to Caesars Head andi
parts of North Carolina.
*A marriage license was issued in
Greenville county last week to Ben
Jamin R. Elliott, of Marion, N. C.,
and Miss Hattie Eunice Cameron, of
The government report says the
condition of the cottorn crop in Pick
ens county on June 25 was- 67 per
cent. The same time a ycar ago it
wvas 76. Oconee county is the same.
Mrs. Albert Robinson andl two
bchildren, Elizabeth and Walter Scott,
of Baltimore, ar'rivetd last week to
spend the summer at the I. Cox
Among the visitors at Camp Gau
ley this week were Dr. and Mrs. T. L,
Valley and children, Mr. and Mrs,
S. B. Craig, Misses Ella Lewis, Ber
tha Cantrell, Joel Allgood, Oscar
'Keith and Dr. and Mrs. Billy Craig
of Walhalla.
Miss 'Faith Clayton has been ap
pointed as county organizer for the
summer work in the Adult Schools.
Adult schools will be organized in
every school district in the county,
according to the superintendent of
B. A. Hagood and family, of Char
leston, arrived Saturday to spend the
summer at their sununer home here.
They were accompanied by Miss
Laura Green who will be their guest
for several weeks.
Miss Annie Lusk, the day tele
phone operator, enjoyed several
day's vacation at her home above
Pickens last week. During her ab
sence the office was in charge of Miss
Jessie Lee Jennings. .
Mrs. W. E. Edens, Jr., of the
Oolenoy section, was a visitor in
Pickens a few days ago and paid The
Sentinel office a very pleasant visit.
Mrs. Edens is a daughter of Rev. F.
R. McClanahan, a well known Bap
tist minister of this county, and is
one of the most prominent ladies of
the upper section of the county. She
is a leader of the social, civic and
religious life of Oolenoy and a splen
did and pleasant lady.
Mrs. N. E. Hughes is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Cliff Gantt, of Lib
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Waldrop
spent Saturday night with their par.
Mrs. Charlie Gantt spent a fev
days in. the mountains last week
Wonder - why?
The many friends and relatives of
Mr. Spence Roper met Sunday lasi
to celebrate his birthday. When
dinner time came we all forgot there
ever was a hard time. About 150
being present. The day was spent
in talking over olden times and lis
tening to beautiful singing. We ex
tend to "Uncle Spence" a wish for
many, many more pleasant birthdays.
Old Uncle Ned Thayer, age 84,
one of the oldest colored citizens fo
the county, died at his home June
28. Uncle Ned was greatly re
spected by all whites who knew him.
He was buried the day following at
Union cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Earl Rogers an
nounce the birth of a daughter
July 3.
The union meeting of the Twelve
Mile River Association w'll meet
with Keowvee P~aptist church JTuly
30 and 31st.
July 30.
10:00 a. m.-Devotionals, by
moderator and R. M. Bolding.
11:00 a. m.--Sermon by H. F.
Wright. Song by J. L. Murphy.
1 :30 p. m.-What should be the
attitude of the pastor toward his
folks? J. L. Murphree.
2:00 p. m.-What should be the
attitude of a church member towardl
his pastor? J. A. Roper.
2:30 p. m.--Is a Baptist church a
New Testament church? J. A. Davis.
3 :10 p. n.-Does a Baptist church
standl for a full gospel? R. A. Hud
3 :30 p. m.-What should be the
position of a Baptist church with
r-eference to any new church move
mient F. B. Childress.
Sunday, July 31.
10:00 a. m.-Sunday school ad
dlress. R. P. Prince.
11 :00 a. m-Sermon. J. E. Best.
12 :00 m.-Adjournment.
R. A. Hudson,
J. A. Davis,
11. F. Wright,
Rev. J. T. Manin will preach at the
following churche's in Pic-kens countsv
next Sunday: .July 1 7, Pleasani
Hill at 11:00 o'clock ; Camp Crecl<
at 3 :30, andl Six Mile at 8 :001 o'clocl
I). mi. The public is cordially invit
C~l o aten~lthes :wriee
Mack Christopher has arranged an
attractive window display at 'he
Benson & Co. store in Pickens, giv
ing a practical demonstration of the
increasing purchasing power of a
dollar. In one window he has plac
ed a suit of clothes which sold last
July for $65, and in an adjoining
window he has placed exactly the
same kind of suit and many other
articles, all of which may be bought
now for $65. For the $65 one would
have paid for one suit of clothes last
year one may now buy the same suit
and the following articles in addi
tion: flat, three shirts, three pair
socks, two ties, four union suits, one
belt, on-, pair oxfords, six handker
chiefs, one pair suff buttons, five col
lars, one pair garters.
The body of B. W. Skelton, son
of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Skelton, will
arrive in New York July 15 and will
be shipped from there to Pickens for
Mr. Clyde Skelton and sister, Miss
Nora Skelton, of Seneca, visited their
parents here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Puckett visited
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Billingsly last week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. '). Seaborn visited
the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. Puckett, Sunday.
Mrs. C. K. Pressley is improving
after seven week's illness.
Mrs. J. A. Skelton has also been
on the sick list.
Mrs. Richard Garrett is suffering
from a rising on her face.
Miss Youane Hendricks is on the
sick list.
Health in this community is very
good at this writing.
Miss Eva Holcombe spent awhile
Sunday morning at the' home of her
brother, Mr. George Holcombe.
Misses Myrtie and Lois Middleton
spent Saturday afternoon with
Of the condition of the Bank o
at the close of business, June 30, 192
Loans and discounts-- RESOU
Furniture antI Fixtures ~
Banking House ~ ~ -
Due from Banks and Bankers
Silver and Other Minor Coin
Capital Stock Paid in LIAB L
Surplus Fund
Undivided Profits, less Current Expen
Individual Deposits Subject to Check
Savings Deposits _ -
Cashier's Checks
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens SS.
Before. me came .J. H-. Bruce,
who, being duly swvorn, says that th'e
true condlition of said bank, as shown
Sworn to andI subscribed befor
Correct Attest:
J. A. Roper,
J. Hf. Bruce,
Frank McFall,
Of the condition $f the Pickent
the close of business, June 30th, 192
Loans and Discounts- ------
Bonds and Stocks Owned by the Bank
Banking House
Other Real Estate Owned
D~ue from Banks and Bank ers
Currency..~ -
Sivrand Other Minor CoIn
Checks and Cash Items.
Other Resources, viz.: in transit
Capital Stock Paid in
Surplus Fund.~
Undivided Profifts,less Crrent Expens
Due to Banks and Bankers -----
Dividends Unpaid
Individual Deposits Subject to Check
Savings -Deposits
Time Certificates ~of Deploit
Cashier's Checks.....
T OT A L----....-- ---
State of South~Carolina~,
County of Pickens SS.
Before me came Frank McFall
b~ank, who, being duly sworni, says thu
is a trute cotnditioni of said bank, as si
Sworn to and~ subscribed befori
Correct Attest:
,J. .MceD. Brute,
J1. H. Bruce,
Frank McF'all,
Mr. William H. Gilstrap passe(
away at his home in Pickens count;
soon Sunday morning. Although h(
had been in feeble health for over a
year, the death of this good mar
was a shock to his many friend:
here and elsewhere. He had been a
member of the Methodist church fo:
thirty three years.
A large crowd gathered at Friend
ship Methodist church Sunday aster
noon at 3:00 o'clock where funera
services were conducted by a forme
pastor, Rev. Charlie Anderson.
The many beautiful flowers ant
the large gathering show in a. wad
the esteem in which the deceasel
was held.
Mr. W. H. Gilstrap was born Nov
10, 1852, and died July :3, 1921
April 5, 1876, he married Mar
Bethie Gravely. He was the fathe
of seven children, of which the fol
lowing survive:
Mrs. Minnie Cogdal, of Addie, N
C.; Mrs. Mary Powell, of Pickens
Mr. Luther Gilstrap, of Pickens; Mrs
Lillie Gilstrap, of Pickens; Mr. Ben
son Gilstrap, of Pickens; Mrs. Netti
Harper, of Pickens; Mr. Hermon Gil
strap, of Pickens.
Mr. Gilstrap was reared to man
hood's estate on a farm in Pi' ken
No one can say that "Grandpa'
ever said an unkind word of any one
ire was an affectionate husband an(
devoted father. It is hard to giv
him up, and oh. how he will b
A Friend.
Misses Grace and Lucile Farr.
Mrs. J. P. Farr and daughter, Mis
Lucile, and Miss Eva Holcombe me
tored to Greenville Monday.
Mrs. J. H. Middleton spent Sur
day afternoon with Mrs. McAdam;
Miss Grace Farr spent Wednesda
afternoon with Mrs. L. B. Willian
and Miss Lydia Gossett.
FOR SALE-At this office, Tre
pass Notices, printed on cloth.
f Six Mile, located at Six Mile, S. C
-- - - -- --- 38.939.9
-------------- ~255.0(
~- 1.800.01
-- - - - - 5,7.0
[TIES. - - ----- - 1,x70.31
S's and 'Taxes Paid-. . i
----- -- ---$ 8,733.17
- - - -2.6 1)
--------- ---- -- -- 41, +7:.:1'
President of the above. namni bhanuk
above and foregoing statementL is
by the books of said bank.
. J. II. Blruce.
L' me this 9th (lay of July, 1921.
J1. C. Carey,
Notary P'ublic.
s Bank, located at Pickens, S. C., a
----- -,.--- -. .-:3,502.7(
-- - -- -- - -- -- --. 23,200.0(
----- --- -- ... 9,500.0(
-- - -- - -- -- - -- 987.31
--- - ,105,729.44
--,---- . 75.0(
-------------. - - -.37(
------- ------------- 25.0(
------------- --..... 20,500.0C
------- ---------- ----0,500.0(
as and~ Taxes Paid - .. .. .. 501.82
-- -- -- - --. .--. .... -- 1 903.6 6
-- -- - -- ---.--- l,025.00
-- -- ---$251,627.50
--- -.-. 223,503.32
-- - - .. 3,390.00)
-- --- 875.16; 479,395.96
--------....-.... .-. ..- -..$523,826.40
, ice President of' te above namie<
t the above andl foregoing statement
town by the books of said bank.
. Frank McFall.
me this 7th day of .July, 1921.
II. A*. Townes,
Notary Publc
The Sentinel has been requested
i to give notice of the opening of
r schools for the summer terms as fol
Twelve Mile school, Monday, July
18. Mrs. Olive Adams, principal;
SMiss Louise Gravley, assistant.
Martin school,- Monday, July 18.
Prof. J. M. Robertson, principal; Miss
Fannie Mills, Miss Lillian Hudson
and Miss Ethelyn Gantt, assistants.
Gates school, Monday, July 18.
I Prof. Ray Childress, principal.
IHagood school, Monday, July 18.
liss Esther Edens, principal.
I Rocky Bottom school, Monday,
r .July 1,i. R. T. Hallum, Jr., princi
I pal. 'This school has been closed
several years, but the people have
awakened to the need of it. Supt.
Clayton visited Rocky Bottom Mon
(day and reports that the people there
r are also anxious for an adult school
. and he will give them one this .sum
Montvale school, Monday, July 25.
Miss Merle Hendricks, principal;
Miss Sophia Hunt, assistant.
Maynard school will bogin. its
summer term next Monday morning,
.July 18, at 9:00 o'clock. A new
school building is being planned for
. Maynard to be built before the fall
term begins.
All patrons are invited to be pres
ent at their respective schools open
ing day, and all pupils who expect to
attend school " this term should be
present the tirst day of school.
I have opened a wood yard in
Pickens and am prepared to furnish
s the people with oak and pine wood
for stove or fireplace and in any
lengths. My yard is at the Pickens
- depot.
Can also furnish white oak fence
y posts.
s Am still running a public dra:
and prepared to do hauliftg of al
kinds on short notice.
I have a complete wood saw outfi
and can go to your house and saw
your wood.
A. A. Pace.
tf Phone 3213. Pickens.
United States of America,
District of South Carolina.
In the matter of Piedmo nt El-e.
rie Service Company, bankrupt.
Pursuant to law, notice is herjeby
given that there will be a meeting
of the creditors of the above naomel
bankrupt. at Greenville, S. C., on the
22nd day of July, 1921. at eleven
o'clock a. in., for the following pur
(1) To examin the bankrupt if
(2) To consider a proposed sale
of the property a4 the bankrupt.
* (3) To con sideor the decl arin g of
dividends andl to fix the time oaf pay
(4) To consider the final account
ing of the Trustee; the time and
place to examine andl pass upon the
(5) To consider Payment oaf first
.dividend to be deferred for three
months, at which time second and
final dlividenfd to be declared and
first and second dlividends paid. To'a.
tal estimated dividend to he paidl
wvill be 3 per cent.
All creditors are requested to ap..
pear in person or by Attorney for
said purposes and for the transac
tion of such other business as may
properly come before said meeting.
E. M. Blyth-e,
Referee in Bankruptcy,
Greenville, S. 0.
N. B. All claims must be item
izedI and sworn to on forms pre
scribed for use in Bankruptcy. The
Referee requests that all claims be
properly folded and duly endorsed
on the hack, giving name and post
office of claimant and correct
amount of claim; also state name of
attorney, if any. All dividends are
promptly remitted in dlue course.
Of any disput> or denial, claimant
or his attorney is duly notified be
fore decision by Referee.
The Referet' insist< that th')se in
Strucetions he regardaed, aind claims
be promptly filed'.
model Fords for roadsters or tour.
ing ears, ainy model. If you want t.>
raeor buy, see me. Rob)ert WV.
Welb(orn, route 8, Pickons, S. C.
Phone 2303. 1i,
An overflow crowd is expected to
hear th efamous evangelist, Rev. Bob
Jones, who is to speak at the Pres
byterian church of Easley at 10:30
a. n. Sunday, July 17th.' Mr. J. L.
Blair is chairman of arrangements
for the meeting and all denomina
tions are erpected to attend.
Easley is considered fortunate in
being included in the thirteen places
which are to be visited by this fam
ous evangelist in his tour of the
state, which is being 'made under the
auspices of the South Carolina Sun
day School Association in the inter
est of Sunday School Evangelism.
"Bob" Jones, it is said, stands
among the foremost evangelists of
bhp world and is president of the
Inte ut'inominational Evangelist As
sociation of America. Mr. Jones,
although a comparatively young man,
is well known throughout Anerica
having held huge tabernacle meet
ings in over half the states of the
Union. He was chosen from all
America to give the daily evangelis
tic message at the great Methodist
Centenary Exposition at Columbus,
It is expected that a number of
persons from counties adjoining
Pickens will avail themselves of the
opportunity of hearing this noted
evangelist as well as many Pickens
county people.
While in the state Mr. .Jones is
working under the auspices of the
Evangelism Committee of the South
Carolina Sunday School Association
whose chairman is Dr. W. L. Ball,
pastor of the First Baptist church of
Spartanburg and secretary, Dr. Rob
ert S. Truesdale pastor of the Main
Street Methodist church of Colum
This section was visited by local
showers last Monday afternoon after
a dry spell lasting several weeks.
The rain was accompanied by severe
wind and electric and hail storm.
Right in Easley the hail was very
light, but in the Pickensville section
was more severe, and near Beverly
was even more severe. In the path
of the hail storm crops were damag
ed from 10 to 95 per cent. Some
of the farms damag d were those of
F. V. O'Dell, J. M. Garrett, T. N.
Smith, Harmon Williams, Raymond
Williams. Walker Ellison and W. D.
Crops in a section about two miles
square extending from the Southern
Railway near Beverly south to the
farms of Walk, r Ellison and Will
La Boon were almost a total wreck.
Tuesday afternoon a general rain
fell throughout the county.
Gov. Cooper and Senator Dial Ex.
pected in Pickens Saturday.
There will be a meeting of the
trustees at Pickens court house Sat.
u rday morning, Jluly 1 6th, 10 :00 a.
m. All trustees are urged to be
present. The subject of adult
schools will be discussed and a plan
worked out for the summer work.
Another subject that will be dis
cussedl is the compulsory education
under the new law. The enforce.
ment rests this year on the shoulders
of thetrustees and it is very import
ant that every trtustee should be
Governor Cooper, Senator Dial and
Dr. Reed Smith are expected to be
present and1 address this meting.
The public is invited to attend.
$10.00 REWARD
For proof to convict any perso f
hunting, fishing or trespassing in
any manner upion the lands of the
undlersigned on Keowee river.
W. B. Whitmire.
J. B. Powers.
3t B. l[. Powers.
We have a goodl Dodge five pas
senigarI automobile wve will trade for
good young mules. D. G. & Thos. R.
O'Decll, Liberty, S. C.
LOST1-La,~st Wednesday in Pick
ens;, hunch of keys with initials R.
S.A. cut on a five (cent piec which
is on the ring. Finder please re
turn to R. 1B. Anthony at Pickens
Hardware & Grocer Co

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