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,,, 1 M CYOINGc W YK IOU% S MY IOE OR 'l . ID , 1 l v
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1 S
he Story of
Our States
a~rQ 0ARYt 2,o
1788, Georgia 0
accepted the i
C 0 nstitution
ce i? a n d became%
the fou rth h
State in the
nion. 'The settlement of Geor- e
a wAs conceived as a buffer
;ainst the depredations of the 0
)aniards and Indians, whose 0
vasions of South Carolina had e
..ached a climax in 1715 with a
.id i which four or five hun- 0
ed settlers had been massa
r ed.: ; To protect South Caro- 0
a hjom future inroads James 0
glethbrpe planned a colony to 0
e south, and in 1782 he ob- 0
ined from George II a grant of o
nd. The new territory was 0
nsequently named Georgia, e
ter the king. The deed stated 0
at the land was 'granted "in 0
ust for the poor." This referred 0
Oglethorpe's plan to have as 0
e settlers the insolvent debt- 0
s who, according to the laws 0
that time in England, were j
t into prison. Many of these 0
re released from prisons and, 0
*m!forced by some Germans 0
i Scotch Iighlanders, found- 0
the town of Savannah in 1733
I rapidly spread up and down 0
" coast, where successful 0
itatloi .,of -,rice - and -indigo
' betakne iestablished. Geor- 0
continued to prosper until 0
population of its 59,2t35 '
ire miles entitles it to a rep- 0
ntation of 14 presidential 0
Y McClure Newspaper Syndicate.) 0
ie Story of
'ur States t
IT WAS the
F'rinch titlae,
whbiceh first
floated- o V e r
T..'.' 9 Indiana. I n
the muidlle of
thle seven
La Samle's explorations
it him through the wooded
ness of 1inllhai. Shortly
followed Jesuit. missionar
om Quebec and in their
amne adventurous rangers
ur traders. French forts
ading posts were soon es
esd In 1763 the British
;ossession of this teriitory
f the F rencht and Indian
and remauned in posses- }
nill the Revoluti.lo.
t of the boldest camnpaigns
Revolution was that of
e little army, whose in dom
courage and audacity flnal
-hated the large British gar-!
1t Vincennes and( WJ wo lie
-'vest territory for VIrginia.
rs from the East anmd from
2ky made theIr way imuto
ew territory, and' among
- was Abraham Lincoln's
.It was in 1810, the year
n fdiana becamei the nine
state, that Lincoln at
citizenship in Indiana.
tho Increase in population
)O indiana Territory was
I, extending from the Ohio
west to the Mississippi
*rth to Canada. Vincennes
I, when the Louisiana Pur
wvas made, the government
deliana was placed in thle
of the IndIana Territocry
s, so that for one year the
4 of Louisiana was also
-eennes in indiana.
*ugh nicknamed the Hioo
Stato, from the old
a slang for rough back
flen, Indiana, with its 86,
tare miles, its fifteen Preii
I electors, and containIng
* ' - bee the center of popula
considered of utmost im
* 'e politically,
Looper Famil
A great day at Mr. Joseph Loop
ex's, near Mt. Carmel Baptist
church, August 1 7th. It was his
76th birthday. His children, with
out his knowledge, had arranged to
surprise their father by bringing in
dinner and inviting his kinspeople
and a few friends to enjoy the oc
casion with them. A long table was
spread under the shade trees in the
yard and in good old country style
a hundred and fourteen gathered
around and did full justice to the ex
cellent dinner. After dinner Mr. J.
Adger ?mith, the photographer of
Easley, made pictures of the group.
This being over the people were call
ed together' in the house and around
the piazza and divine services were
held. Singing, led by Argus Looper,
joined in by the great throng, read
ing of the Scriptures by Rev, D., W.
Hiott and' prayer by Rev. B. P.,
Mitchell, both of whom made short
talks. Mr. Mitchell and Hiott were
both former pastors of Brother I
Looper's church at Mt.. darmel.
Rev. Ben G. Field, son-in-law of Mr.
Looper, offered the closing prayer.
Not many dry eyes were seen after
the services were over and the crowd
dispersed, each going to their own
Martyrs to Duty.
0ita of Tr
' AR
Man Sent To Washington For Locating
instruments When Gold Was Lying
Within His Grasp.
Extraordinary demands for Informa
tion and assaistance are continually be
ing made upon the Treasury Depart,
ment, but seldom have the members of
the department been more thoroughly
helpless to comply than with a request
fromi Copeland, Konsas. The letter
asks for unfailing processes of locat
ing hidden treasure and reads:
Dear Sir:
I wouldi like to get somife informnation
in regard to youri Trensuire Lo'cating
Jnstumen tht will iioente burice'
f reflti re i.( cit.,
Cant a person ob'ta in thI Iistr
mnents of you p~eople an d if so,, piegns,
send ine a catalog an the, ,irculanr of
themi and( please sendi me, nils. youir
Treasury 11ook oIf liliden Tre.asures.
P'lease sendi It at ontce.
tur-ned over to tho director of the Sav
ings Dilvision of the Treasury. "1t is
perfectly true that hundreds of muillons
of dollars in hidden treasure exist in
the United Stateo,'' he said. "But It
is the money which is hid~ien in tea
pots. and under mattresses and in old
Lion Enjoyed
Ib( me.
Mr. Loop r said that this was the
reatest day of his life. Children
:ould scatt r nore flowers in the
pathway of their dear old parents if
they would. So dear children, if
you nican to do this, you had better
hui ry ' tp, for the old people are
His brothers present were as fol
lows: Mr. George Looper, Sam
Looper and John Looper. His chil
Iren and grand children: Mr. and
Mrs. Mason Looper and eight chil
iren; Mr. And Mrs. John Ferguson
nd ten children' and three grand
:hildreri; Mr. and Mrs. John Looper
rnd five boys and two girls; Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Ellison and one boy and
,wo girls; Rev, and Mrs. B. G. Field
ind two girls; W. A. Looper, Nelson
Looper, Miss Leila. Looper. Others
?resent were as follows: Mr. and
urs. Bob Hendrix and family, Mr.
lnd Mrs. Thos. Turner and family,
W4r. and Mrs.Leland Gillespie and
.amily, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Looper
nd family, Mr. and Mrs. John Chil
tress and family, Mr. and Mrs. Byrd
Looper and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Claude BarT and family, Mr. and
Mrs. lamp Celey and family, Mrs.
-By Herbert Johnson.
w 1t BAN
'fwo YIAR'
on. -f NAT WoukP
Dr'a tLy Hertyeu JOhneUo fo, A.eeIsted Newaarg
.socks. The only way to locate this
treasure. uncoer it and make it of
use to its owners and to the nation,
is to inculcate in the people of this
country knowledge of safe eand profit.
able investment."
Th'le savings securities of this gov
ernment, issued first during the war
and continued since that time, hiave
done more to uncover hidden treasure
and make it profitable and useful than
all the divining rod-s and treasure
maps, collected since the days of Cap.
tami idd. The best instrument to
secure trea'n.r:e that the writer of the
letter could find are $1 Treasury Sa.
lngs Stamps bought regularly every
week. So he really went to the right
shop for his information after all and
the United States Treasury was able
to supply both the information and the
instrumeuts needed.
If You Are
Call The Corcneor
If Ydu Are Not
Your Savings Should Show it
And Salt Down Their Money
in Glovernmnent Savings Securities
' Think it Over!
Emma Childrv;s. Tho'c presc st
fIomn at distance wer. Mir. and Mrs.
'T. ,. "rances and hir. and Mrs. .1. 1-1.
Chastain and sons, P. d Fleming,
all of Atlanta. A total if 114 were
present. All these enjoyecd one of
the greatest days ci their lives. We
wish for Mr. Looper many :m-orc hap
py returns, and when at last he
reaches the sunset of his life and
embarks for the other shore, may
the sky be clear as he looks across
the sea and sees the beckoning hand
of loved ones on the other shore.
D. W. Hiott.
Somewhere on the Greenville Front.
Tuesday, August 9th, 1921.
Mr. (ary -Iiott,
Pickens, S. C.
Dear Gary: Upon picking up my
copy of the Greenville Piedmont yes.
terday evening I was very much sur
prised to read that some one was
slightly insinuating that you had at.
tempted a "nature fake" over ir
Pickens. Now, boy, don't you be
one bit discouraged for you "je
aint seed nothin" compared to wha1
some of these guys over about here
claim to have seen. Your "horned
snake" report is low wine to wha
these fellows spit out for the nake<
truth. Yesterday some of these met
ropolitan tellers of tal.es, up around
the court house, were telling of th
strange and marvellous things tha
they had seen in Greenville count
and in (lear old Greenville. For ir
"Yer know the most immenses
sght that I ever laid my eyes on wa
last SunaIay evening," began th
slender sityfied guy with a cigarett
held apropos between his inde:
finger and thumb. "Yessir, las
s o-emmo oem omo-e
Our Dollar Da:
believe, both from o
tomers. We sold a
for new goods comi
We were unab
Ithough we had extr
left and will keep t
days longer in orde
We thank the
we will continue to
dise that you want
Sunth:y eVet ng I went down in an'
arourd IPo)sun Kingdom an' after I
L'ot that fet on the road 1 naturally
s!Iled my Ford aroun' to my bes'
Vai's house. Well. sir, we naturally
wapped the latest news and social
eventn. an' long jes' 'bout. sundown
{ we tieclided to be old fashioned an'
sit. on the front st eps awhile, an' 'pon
my word of honor, while we wuz sit
tin' there an iguana big as life
ambled aroun' the corner of the
house an' disappeared in ecru-b jes'
across the road." The C. F. G. blew
a smoke ring as ht finished and look
ed proudly around the circle.
"Iguana, 'ell," said the heavy fat
chap who was perspiring freely, I
"them things is nothin' to what 1,
seed right here is Greenville last
Sunday evenin'. I had gone for a
That' is a service sta
the word. Not an of
service station wher
part you may need fc
truck or Fordson tr
these machines repai
Careful and thorou
t al work left in our 1
We are authori
cars, Trucks, Tract(
H. P. SI'
Main St., F
inotmoimn om on
More SI
ys last week were tremei
ur standpoint and the st:
lot of goods at cost and 1
rig in.
le to wait on all our cust,
1 clerks. We have some
he offers advertisied last
r that no one may be disa
people for their patronag
d~o our best to serve you
at prices that are fair.
kons, S
walk dsown beyond the First Baptist
ch urch, out toward th meadow,
where the to w terminal's gwine to
be, an' as I wu: twine along I heerd
the mightie';t con nnotion in the
smallest size patch of ground that. 1
'ver see. I sniped up, an' dern me
of there warnt a ieht.hyo saurus and
a 'pleiosaurus jes' a lightin' like the
devil-did I get away? \Vell I'm
here aiint. 1?"
Gary. old boy. these are just two
samples. of what Greenville folks
really do s'e-and on Sunday after
noon at that-so don't get discour
aged when they accuse you of nature
faking. Metropglitan folks see
things too, and you are still in good
Yours for the truth,
L. Marksuni.
ion in every sense of
-dinary garage, but a
e you can obtain any
r your Ford car, Ford
actor on have any of
red by a Ford expert.
gh attention given to
zed agents for Ford
>rs and parts.
[TON, Jr.
ickenns, S. C.
adous successes, we
mndlpoint of our cus
3elow to make room
amers Saturday, al
more of the specials
week open a few
e and assure you that
well with merchan
& Co.
. c.

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