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Goverto: ' n , the Red
'oss. r .an I gibn will
eg S uith Carolina on
ieir clean up cam
the red tape that has
- aousands of disabled vet
,n receiving the aid that the
- nent-is glad -to. give, and has
.ded the adjustment of hundreds
f claims of others who were in the
*rvice during the World War.
The Clean Up Squad will be com
Ssed of experts, who have the one
barpose i nview of getting in touch
'ith the veterans and starting the
Qi>$tpchinery to get for them a quick
yiJ3d satisfactory adjustment of their
Greenville has been selected as the
eA tF.rting point of the Clean Up
(quad. It will remain. there until
ugust 20, during which time it will
in touch with every veteran in
eenville and Pickens county.
rom Greenville the squad will
r: ve on to and successively serve
V- sections of which Anderson,
( enwood, Aiken, Barnwell, Beau
h:' t, Charleston, Orangeburg, Co.
S bia, Sumter, Georgetown, Dar
I ton, Marion, Rock Hill, Laurens,
p' 1 Spartanburg are the centers. At
( h of these ceraters from one to six
nties will be served and in this
! the entire state will be covered,
t i squad remaining in South Caro.
" until November 1.
In the next few weeks similar
ek will be undertaken in every
te in the southeastern s.ection.
he plan of the campaign is
,ie. It contemplates giving eact
eran the opportunity to have hi.
Iculties of compensation and voca
11 training and medical tratmeni
tightened out right at home, in
d of through lengthy long dis
ce correspondence. At the samt
e the squad will give every vet.
a chance to find out whethei
has a claim, and if he has, to fil
or him so that he will get imine
te results.
bviously the biggest problem it
)campaign is getting in touch witi
veterans, particularly those wh<
in outlying communities. Many
illiterate. More of them nevei
a newspaper. To overcome thi,
k Instead
kinds of dry
business was
bought their
ing new goo
at the new lo
/' People areh
get the new 1
from us they
Do your
which are sa
Ladies S
~ We are showing a nice
es madle of Figured Voiles
hot wveather for house an<
could buy the cloth much
w xeather.
-One lot Volle Dresses
out at $1.98. All sizes up
Better gradeC dressesi
S up to $15.00, all at very s:
40 Inc1
Just the cloth you are lot
frock. Former price was
pieon these goodis --- --
Made up in the latest styl
Pique. These skirts are
sizes, 20 to 32. These ski
aro closing this lot out at
J. & P. COA
Black and white ai
Ssorted shades, 150
spools. All nui
Sfrom 8 to 100.
difficulty, the governrient, the Rec
Cross, and the Legion have issued E
joint appeal to the press of Souti
Carolina an. to every patriotic or,
ganization in the state to lend aid ir
seeing that word of the coming of
the squad reaches the ex-service mer
and in explaining to them just whai
the coming of the squad nuans tc
theml personally.
Every arrangement has been made
to telieve veterans who report to the
squad from every inconvenience, de
lay and expense. As soon as a dis.
abled soldier arrives at headquarters
he will be furnished with transpor
tation back home and meals and
lodging as long as his business lasts,
It is particularly important that eadh
ex-service man bring his discharge
With him to headquarters.
The Daily Mail has no desire tc
bring about any controversy and has
nothing but the kindest feeling to.
ward the members of the Andersor
County Highway Commission, Coun
ty Engineer and others connected
with this work but fe ls that th<
people are in the dark as to the rea
situation of our road work and pro
poses to ask a few (Iuestions.
Why is it that the National High
way has not been completed fron
Alford's Bridge to Dunham's Bridge
Why is it that the road to Town
ville has not been completed?
Why is it that the road from tiv
Smith Place to Piedmont has no
been completed?
Why is it that the road to Hone,
Path has not been completed, we re
fe'r to the bridge at Carpenter's Mill
Why is it that the road to Clem
son College, via Pendleton has no
eell completed
Why is it that the road to the Ab
beville county line, via Ebeneze
Schurch has not been completed?
Why is it that the road to the Ab
beville county line, via Starr, Iva am
Harnes has not been completed?
What. is being done on the roa
from Belton to Pelzer?ln fact, ha:
A nderson county any complete<
I-low much Federal aid is Andersoi
county entitled to, and how muel
has been received?
Why have we not gotten all oi
of August being a dull ol
goods, shoes, oxfords an<
because we sold merchai
requireinents. We ared
ts every day. The old his
w price, which means a
uying merchandise, but I
ow price on new goods a:
are new goods and not t
-August shopping at this
mnples of many other ev
ummer Dresses
lin'e of Ladies Colored Summer D)ress
ausd Organdies. Just the thing for thi:
I street wvear, and cheaper than yoi
less the sewving and making thisho
that sold up to $6.50, special to clos
to 44..
n Silk Voile and Organdie, $3.49, $4.9|
)eciall prices.
k. g for to make a nice cool summe
about 50c yard. We have a specir
.. .. .. ..... . .. ..9eY c
s White Skirts
e, of a good quality of Gaberdine an
not soiled, but white and clean. A
et sold last year up to $5.00 each. W
yard Ed
S-5 Easlev. S.
otir Federal aid, and wnat part have
we gotten in real money?.
t Why was it that the last road work
- was not advertised for competitive
Is there any hitch with the State
highway Commission or the Federal
Bureau of Public Roads? If so what
is it?
IIow many bonds have been issued
so far and how Mhuch real cash was
received for them?
What has been the cost of the en
gineering expenses in doing this
We would like the above questions
answered, if any one can answer
them, as it will not do any harm and
may prove a source of satisfaction to
the people. Would it hurt any one
for the contracts for this work to be
published. The columns of this
paper are open for this purpose.
Turn on the light. Put all the
cards on the table face up.-Ander
son Daily Mail.
Residents of the following states
who saw service in the world war
may obtain bonus blanks from Cap
taiin P. C. Geyer, Jr., U. S. Marine
Corps, oflier in charge of the Marine
recruitin: station 404 Austell Build
intr, Atlanta, Ga. Maine, New Hamp
- shire, Vermont, Massachusetts, N w
York, Rhode Island, New Jersey,
Michigan, South Dakota and Wiscon
South Dakota is giving $400 to its
ex-service men; New York, $250;
Michigan and Minnesota, $15 for
each month's service; New Jersey,
New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine,
t Mlassachusetts and Rhode Island.
$100, and Wisconsin $10 for each
month's service in the World War,
stated Captain Geyer. I will be glad
to furnish all blanks and information
- to residents of those 'states now in
the South, who will write or apply
at this office.
Charles Hester had the misfortune
to be "kicked" last week and as a
1i result has an ugly gash above his
right eye.
P. S. His automobile kicked him.
FE month with us we are g
il clothing. We were jus
idise at a low price. We
oing business just like we
gh price goods we owned
ig saving to our customer
hey are refusing to pay ',
aid that's exactly what the
he same goods you looke
store and note the saving
en gr eater values. We shi
Misses and Childi
- lkenut ifully' ma~de up, of good
I t rimmed w ith lace andl wide rib
years. These dIresses sold Il
carry them over, so here the
you ever heard of-......-...-..
New Price
Men's heavy 240 wt. Overalls
Men's Best Mako Overalls, B
and others, full cut and wvellr
r ~ Boys and 3
Boys good heavy Blue Overal
Youths sizes up) to 82, made
men's overalls, our price is .
Low Shoes, Pi
d1 We have made a final el
II than carry or 3r any low s
e .marked dowvn the Price regar<
0 Just note a fewv of the prices
yin L.
C. "The Store '1
oing to make it a big busy it
t as busy in July as Deembe
advertised and let the peop]
did when times were good..
last year are gone. What we
s. We believe that th is acc<
rar time prices. In ot her wc
ty get when they buy at Boll
d at the last time you were
[s you will be able to make.
dll be glad to have you come
ens White Orgaadie
auality White Organdie, and neatly
bon girdles. All, sizes from 5 to 156
Ito $7i.50. We are not going to
y Xo. T~he most wonderful value.
-- ----- -------.-.$1.00 EACH
s on Overalls
------- ---..---..-.$1.00
Iue Bell, B3el1 Grade, Big Winston
ra de, price--....-.--...-...-.$1.25
ouths Overalls
s with elastic suspenders. .. .. ..75c
up jiust like the best grade in .
---- ---- -- ---- --..-85c andl 98c
imps and Oxfords
it on all oxfordls and~ p~umps ra.or
ines urntil next season. We have~
lless of cost or former selling ric.
we quote bl)Cow:
Bolt &
'hat's Aways Busy"
IT BEATS the band.
THE WAY this thing.
THE OTHER night.
I BROKE all rules.
AND READ a high-brow book.
AND HERE'S a hot one.
THAT IT handed ue.
"MANY OF. us find.
THAT TASTE affor i.
ONE OF the fairly.
AND IT seens.
UPON LONG reflection.
COMES CLOSE to being.
THE LONG sought.
OF COURSE that isn't'.
WRITTEN WITH the ease.
AND POLISH to which.
LOnth by making special
r. The reason for ou:
e know about it. The
We are keeping up ou
buy now is brand new
unts for our good Ji
rds they are buying wh,
:s. Remember, when yc
in our store.
We are quoting a
in and let us show you.
.dies~ fine 1Kid Pumnps, su ap. and p1
>lack Ieathers. T.1hese styles sold up
,adies Oxfords, lack and brown, m'
ip to $6.00, now.
den's fine lowv shoes, brown, and( hb
>Iucher styles, with rubberi heels.
narked down to ..
Special Prices on
36 inch Sheeting, yard.
Goodl heavy Shirting Cheviots, yardl
1ixtra heavy Cotton Plaids, yard
Best Apron Ginghams..
Utility D)ress Ginghams.
Good Grade Dress Ginighams
36 inch Pereale .
30 inch soft Bleaching.
10-4 Brown Seamiless Sheetin n -
G;ood heavy b)lue Overall Cloth- -
Led~ Lassie( Cloth ... ..
Anmoskeg~ A CA Feather Ticking
Heavy Mlattress Ticking
27 inch Birds Eye Cloth, 10 yard b
Best TIable Oil Cloth.
hone 58.
WE ARE accustomed.
BUT IT'S a mouthful.
AS YOU'LL agree if you.
JUST PUT it into good.
UNITED STATES, like this,
"SON, YOU'LL be. runing.
" * "
ON FOUR flat tires.
IF YOU don't hurry.
AND WRAP yourself around.
THE ONLY cigarette.
"THLEY Satisfy" -nothing
11 else so well describes Ches.
terfields' mildness, their mellow
ness, their delieacy of aroma and
smooth, even "body." It took
the finest varieties of Turkish
and Domestic tobaccos to do it
-and the highest order of skill
in blending them. Yes, the Ches
terfield blend is a secret. It
can't be copied.
Have you seen the new
AIR -TIGHT tins of 50?
The' Coolest
Store inTown
and the'
Price s
prices on all
r good July ,
~y came and
r stock, buy
Lly business.
ere they can
~u buy goods
few specials
ain styles, in both brown and
to $8, mairked dlown to $4.98
dI im anid high heels. Valuesi
-----..- ---..$2.98 andl $3.49
ack leathers, in English and
Values that sold1 upI to $10,
-------..--$3.49 and $4.98
Cotton Goods
-- -- ------ -----.. -5c
---- ---- -- -......10
-- ---------- ..81-2c
---- ------------- --- .1c
----- -------------.-.-10c
----------- --.-- 12 1-.2c
-------------- --- 19c
----- ------ ----- 19e i 19
-------- -- --- -- -.- 25c ,
------- ----------- --1.5c
$i-- -- -- -.$.98
--, -.. -- ....35c
mn's three and four
r Linen Collars, all
lies and sizes from
1.2 to 18, just half of
emer price
15c or 2 for 25c

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