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Colonel Sanders, Superintendent of
Ponitentiary, Signs Agreement on
Part of South Carolina.
The State of South Carolina will sell
all cotton grown on the state farms
during the next five years through
the South Carolina Cotton Growers'
Co-operative association. Governor
Cooper signed the bill passed at the
last session of the general assembly
empowering the superintendent of the
penitentiary to sign the association
agreement on the part of the state,
and Col. A. K. Sanders, the superin
tondhetit signed the contract imme
diately thereafter.
The governor signed the act in the
presence of Senator Bethea of Dillon
and Representative Jackson of Sum
ter. two of the authors of the bill;
Harry G. Kaminer, president of the
South Carolina Cotton Growers' Co
operative association; R. C. Hamer,
chairman of the campaign committee;
Harold C. Booker, secretary; D. W.
Watkins of the extension forces of
Clemson College; Col. A. K. Sanders,
superintendent of the penitentiary,
and W. R. Watkins, the gdvernor's
secretary. Senator G. K.' Lanoy of
Chesterfield, who with Senator Be
thea, sponsored the bill in the sen
ate, wired that Io was unable to be
present at the signing because of pre
vious engagements.
Colonel Sanders signed the con
tract for 575 bales, this being based
on the 1920 crop. The agreement re
quires that all cotton grown on the
state farms in the years 1922, 1923,
1924, 1925 and 1926 be sold through
the association. 'It leaves optional
ivIth the superintendent the sale of
Ihe cotton now on hand. He may also
turn it over to the association for
sul if he deoms wise.
The joint resolution signed by the
governor is as follows:' "The super
intendent of fhe penitentiary be, and
he is herohy, authorized and empow
ered to sign the agreement - of the
South Carolina Cotton Growers' Co
operative association and thereby bind
the state of South Carolina by all
the terms and obligations therein con
taned and-eet forth.
Colonel Sanders said that it gave
him pleasure to affix his signature to
the association agreement. He be
lieves firmly in co-operative marketing
otf cotton and expressed the belief
that the best interests of the state
would be conserved by its signing the
At th9 headquarters of the South
rrIina Cotton Growers' Co-operative
u n wion it was said that contracts
-!t ig over 27,000) bales were
-~ ..;umashiing all records for the
Z n. Lee county has sent in
'a '')ontracts -ini two (lays, it was
\ t elegr-am from TBishopville re
cci t-'d at the headquartera of the as
sachtion, said that W. A. St'ttekey, oxte
oif t he best kno n planters in th'e
stato. hadl signed the contract. flefore
signing t he cont rac-t Mr. Stur-key had
madle a thorough study- of the prop)o
Helps Aiken People. -
Suiffe:ers from the storm in Aiken
county will be asisted b~y the state
in the a-nount of $L000. which is now
available for- the Red'.Cr-oss- of Alken
county to be used by 'this organiza
tion ~in bohalf of the people who lost
proputnty inrthe recent storm.
Sena to? Wells is responsible for the
amount haing given by the state as
when the resolution expressing sym
pathy for the pufferers came over
fmom the 'touse he moved to amend it
so as to afipropriate $2.000 for the
people w':.) had lost property. An ap
propilation could not be made by a
resolution~ and when the appropriationl
bill was raken up the item of $2,000
was insetted, but the free conference
commritte> cut the amount to $1,000.
Would.E.iforce Law.
Iifforts to pirovide for the enforce
ment of the state mbtor vehicle 11
conse laws are to be made by the
staie highway department in conjunc.
tioni with the cournties, as no provis
ion for the enforcement was made by
the legislature at its last session. Of
ficials of the hiighway department are
in hope that an arrangement can be
made with the counties whereby in
sp~ectors can be placed in the field to
enforce the law and to bring in much
rovenue every month.
Officers Given Recognition.
Federal recognition was extended to
the following National Guard officers
of South Carolfna: Capt. -James G.
Collier, Company L, One Hundred and
lPighteenth infantry, Rock Hill;
Second Lieut. .James Lewis Coiner,
headquarters compan~y, Third battal
ion, Rock 11W'..
bLent. llowar-d 10 Danner was ap
pointed by the adjutant general to be
summary (courtt officer for the Four
Hund red antd Twenty-seventh corn
an o aste natley, nnnanfort.
time Extended ,n Iioom. is,
The South Carolina tax conmmnis's.
granted 'an extension until Mgy 1. fori
all persons and Arms subject to -pay
state incoine tax. Under the new law
the state income tax of one-third the
amount of the federal tax was due the
same time ab the federal tax, not istet
than March 15. This ingluded the re
turn and the first installment.
It would have been impossible for
the tax commission to have enforced'
this as it gave only two days to coin
plete the task of setting up machinery
for the enforcing of the tax. Under
the terms of the law the tax cpmmis
sion has authority to set such time
as it may see fit to take the returns
and under this authority the commis
sion extended the time to May 1.
This year only an affidavit of what
was paid the federal government will
be necessary, but in future. years a
duplicate of the federal return will
have to be filed with the sta'e gov
J. Fr'znmer Lyon. and J. P. Derhain,
members of the tax commission, is
sued the following statement in grant
ing the extension:
"All persons, partnerships, corpora.
tions and fiduciaries whose fiscal year
ended on December 31, 1921, or Jan
uary 31, 1922, including all persons
who have no fiscal year other than the
calendar year, who are required to
make returns under the stato incomn
tax act before March 15, 1922, or April
15, 1922, respectively, are with re
gard to their income tac return or
affidavits to the South Carolina tax
commission and with regard to the
payment of the state income tax
granted an - extension until the first
day of May, 1922. This extension Is
granted under authority of 'vwt to
raise revenue for the support of the
state government by the levy and col.
lection of a tax upon incomes,' ap
proved the 13th day of Mirah, 19212."
State Highway Commission Meets.
At the meeting of the state highway
commission, Charles H. Moorefield,
state highway engineer, was re-uoist
-ed 'to continue to serve as engineer
for the present year and Mr. Moore
field consented. It will lie recalled
that Mr. Moorefield resigned as engi.
neer several weeks ago when there
was a fight on in the legi~ltare. At
the request of the commission he
agreed to remain at his post. for the
Two delegates, one from Abbevllle
county and one from Aikon county,
came before the commisan in the in
terest of road w6rk. L. W. Keller, su
pervisor, and H. B. Humbert, Y'tnty
engineer, composed the delegatton
from Abbeville. They sought fedaral
aid in the construction of a proposed
project' from the Anderson county line
via Lowndesville, Latimer and Cal
houn Falls to the McCormick cout')
line. The commission was - t the
opinion that the road from Abbeville
to Calhoun Falls was of greater mn
portance than the other.
The delegation from Alkei was
composed of C. J. Hill, Dr. W. A.
Whitlock and 1. A. Yaun, memnbers
of the county commission, and R. D.
Clowe, county engineer. The delega
tion sought federal aid on the r'ad
froin Salley to Monetta and requested
the adoption of this road into the high.
way system. As the new federal nm'1
law provides that not more than aeven
per cent of the rocads may be inclid.1I
in the federal aid system and as that
percentage is already included, the
adimission of another road would n'c
essitate the elimination of some ether
road. It wnfs decided to elimninata the
r-oadl from Trenton to Augusta from
the system and to give- aid to the for
mner project when funds are available.
The commission received a commu
nication from the United Daughters of
the Confederacy asking that the high
way from' Choraw, Camden. Columbia
to Augfusta be designated as the Jef
forson Davis highway and this road
will be so nemed on the maps.
The request of Bamberg county for
federal aid in the sum of $20,000 for
improving the road between Bamberg
and the Orangeburg county line was
received. The commission had already
approvedl $16,000 for this section and
the additional $5.000 wvas requested
for alldtment at the present time as
the county is ready to match the $20.
000. The commission approved the
request provided the county make ar
rangements to construct the bridge
over the- Salkehatchie river.
No action was taken on the request
of Greenville county for federat aid in
the sum of $70,000 for the road from
Travelers' 'Rest to the North Carolina
line in the direction of Brevard.
Efficiency Men Get More Money.
An addItional $3,786.74 for Griffin
hagen and associates, efficiency engi
nieers of Chicago. is carried in the
annual appropriation b)i11 -under ap
proved claims. These engineers made
an investigation of the state govern
ment- last year and submitted their
findings to the general assembly
which has adjourned. According to a
previous statement, the experts had
already been paid a little over $12,000G
and this additional fund brings the
amount to over $15,000 for the investi
Two New Charters.
Trhe Marlboro Potato company oif
Bonnettsville was chartered b~y the
secretary of state with a capital
stock of $8,000. Officers are: 1B. W,
E~vans, president; C. S. McColl, vice
president; J. F. S~verett, Jr., secre
tary and treasurer; F. V. Crane. gen
eral manager.
The Palmetto Sheet Metal Works of
Florence was chartered with a capital
stock of $1,600. Officers are: 13. 0.
Gregg, president: Rt. L. Wyatt, vice.
president; D.. 0. Gregg ,Jr,, secre
tary and1 treasurrr
President Seems Greatly Refreshed
From His Vacation''in the Bright
"Land of Flowers.'
Washington.-Problems connected
with the care of disabled soldiers
were the first matters considered by
President Harding on his return from
a ten-day vacation in Florida.
The President called, Director
Forbes, of the Veterans' bureau; Di.
rector Dawes, of the Budget bureau,
and Brigadier General. Sawyer. to
meet Illinois officials o f the Ameri
can legion in conference for the pur
pose of discussing the plan of gov
ernment hospitalization and voca.
tional training of former , service
The Illinois officials were asked to
state the criticism which they were
said to have against, the present
plan and to suggest anyo improve
ment or amendment they had in
mind. The President made known
his deep personal interet in the sub.
ject and the desire of himself and
other government officials to do
everything possible for the welfare
of men whose disabilities have re
sulted from their. serving the United
The special - train conveying Mr.
and Mrs. Harding and their party
from Florida reached Washington
shortly after noon, the run having
been made on ,schedule time and
without incident. The executive and
Mrs. Harding went at once to the
White House.
Others who returned in the presi
dential special were Secretary and
Mrs. Weeks. Attorney General
Dougherty, Under Secretary of State
Fletcher, Brigadier General Sawyer
and Secretary Christian.
Mr. Harding said he felt greatly
benefited as a result of rest and the
numerous gamei of golf which
marked his vacation stay, and de
clared he had *a "bully" time. Mrs.
Harding and the other members of
the party voiced similar sentiments,
Secretary Weeks, who joined the
party at St. Augustine for. the ro
turn trip, said his vacation had pul
him in 'tip top" condition.
Rate For Veterans.
Memphis.-Announcement that the
United Confederate Veterans. will still
be allowed the old rate of a cent a mile
to and from the annual reunion Im
Richmond, Va., was made by railroad
officials here. The Southeastern Pas
songer association at a meeting in SE
Augustine last month announced thaI
the reunion rate this year would be
one fare for the round trip. This an
nouncement raised a storm of protesi
i'rom the veterans with the result thai
the railroads have granted the old
To Protect Bullock.
Toronto. - Rev. William E. Guy
pastor of the African Methodist Epis
col1 church,* arranged for adequate
police protection for Matthow- Bullock
negro, whom Canada refused to turr
over to the authorities of Norlina, N
C., for prosecution on charges of at
tempted murder.
The dominion declined to honor the
extradition request across the bordei
after the authorities of North Care
lina had declined to sendl special wit
nessos to Canada. Later there he0
came current reports that threat shad
been madle to kidnap the negro.
Liberty Bonds Are Missing.
Wash ington.-Between $170 000 and
$$00,000 in negotiable L~iberty bonds
are missing from the Liberty bond
branch of the treasury, W. H. Moran
chuief of the secret service, said.
Secret service operatives have b)eer
sent to Richmond and Charlottes
ville Va., where two employes of thr
biranch wnnted in cnnnection with the
investigation of the loss were reported
to be, he added.
Engineer Coliopses at Throttle.
Jacksonville, Fla.-L~ouis G. Dowell
45. engineer in charge of the Atlantit
Coast Line passenger train, fell un
conscious at the throttle of engine
while running at full speed near Hamn
esworth and died a short time later its
the baggage car, where he was taker
after the .fireman had stopedi the
train. Mr. Dowell was a brother of
WlA. W. Dowell, of Wilmington, N. C.,
general paymaster for the Atln-tlc
Coast Line system. Physicians said
death resulted from acute indigestion,
MexIco to Pay Foreign Debts.
Mexico City.-Regardless of wheth
or the United States grants recogni.
tion to the present Mexican regime,
arrangements soon will be made to
start pating Mexico's foreign debt,
President Ohregon stated hero.
The -Prevsident gave his first au
dience to newspaper 'correspondents
since his return from Vera Cruz,
'There will be a favorite solution of
the prob1lein," saidl the~ President.
"Recognition is ai quelstion of conver
qatiots alnd they are now in progresi
'n th-e United States."
The Very Next Dose -of This
Treacherous Drug May
Start Trouble.
You know what calomel is. It's mer.
eury; quicksilver. Calomel is danger
oUG. It Crashes into- sour bile iEg
dynamite, cramping and sickening you.
Calomel attacks the bones and should
never be put into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy,.-eonsti.
pated and all knocked out, just go to
your druggist and get a bottle of Dod
son's Liver.Tone for a few cents which
is a harmless 'vegetable substitute for
dangerous calomel. Take a spoonful
and it It doesn't start your liver and
straighten you up better and quicker
than nasty calomel and without making
you sick, you just go back and get your
Don't take calomel I It makes you
sick the next day; it loses you a day's
work. Dodson's Liver Tone straightens
you right up and you feel great. No
salts necessary. Give it to the children
because it is perfectly harmless and
can not salvate.-Advertisement.
All He Got.
Two tranps approached a likely
looking dwelling, on the country road
an( tossel up with their last half
penny which of the two should call
there and solicit alms.
One walited it the entrance gate, and
the other walked up the drive toward
the hall door. In a few seconds the
latter reappeared.
"Well, did he give you anything?"
asked his expectant companion eagerly.
"Oh, yes," was the reply. "He had
a bulldog by the hand, andl he gave
nie one minute to leave his garden.
And here I am."-Scotsnan.
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Thickens, Beautifies.
85 cents buys a bottle of "Dander
me" at any drug store. After one ap
plication you can not find a particle
of dandruff or a falling hair. Besides,
every hair shows new-life, v'igor, bright
ness, more color and abundance.-Ad
What Blue Flame Means.
A steadty bl u' 1him indienlct es p~erfiect
combhustlon of gias, full hient unmd no
wI1ste, says t he 'd it or of (his Logic
(Newv York.) It shmows tluit the
proportin Elf air atal 1:ns fed to thme
bumrne(rs is suchl that e'very lilt of heat
lmin the gas~ Is beIng developed. A yel
lowv flame IndIentes thmat a part of
the gas Is not being coimned and ls
therefore hbeIng wast4ed.
Net Contents 1mituid Dracin
simla tnhe oodY ta
chner stomssanan tseni
Cie verlsandesS t.CLo
E~iact Cony of Wrapper.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bitt Drop a little
"Freezone" on fn aqhing corn, instantly
that corn stops hurting, then shortly
you lift it right off with fiagers. Trulyl
Your drui it sells a tiny hoof
"Freezone" or a few cents, sufficie'tou '
remove every hard corn, soft corn, or
corn between the toes, and the calluses,
without soreness, or irritation.
Heamy Cold? Chest
Al Cloggid Up?
D ON'T let.it get a start, Dr. King's
New Discovery will get right
down to work, relieving the tight feeling,
in the chest, guieting the racking
cough, gently stimulating the bowels,
thus eliminating the cold -poisons.
Always reliable. Just good medicine
made to ease colds and coughs.
For fifty years a standard remedy.
Ali the family can take it with helpful
results. Eases the children's croup.
No harmful drugs. Convincing, heal
ing taste that the kiddies like. At all
druggists, 60c.
Dr. Kinv's
New Disc ry2
For Colds and Cougshs
Feel Badly? Bowels Sluggish?
Haven't any 'pep" in work or play.
You're constipatedl The stimulating
action of Dr. King's Pills brings back
old time energy. All druggists, 25c.
Dr.igng's Pills
Lumbago or Goutt
Take REUMAOIDRto removestheoause
and drive the poison frTom the syctem.'
At Al Druggists
Jas. Bally & Son, Wholesale Distributors
Baltimore. Md.
B1OV-GRMCLS. We have something to give
you if you will Bend us your namie and ad
dresm today on a postal card. Tnhis Is sone
thing new. The gift In absolutely free to you.
P. 0. Box 436 Atlanta, Ga,
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And Driven Malaria Out of the System.
"Ycour 'Ilabek' acts like magic; I have
given it to numerous people In my parish
who were suffering wIth chIlls, malarIa
and fever. I recommend It to those who are
sufferers and In need of a good tonic."
R1ev. S. Szymahowski, St. Stephen's church
Perth Amboy, N. J. EilixIr IBabek .all
druggists or byParcet Post, prepaid, rm
Kioczewski & Co., Washington, D. C.
ASI Vl It ( ItOCER OR I)It( 0 ST laOR
"Care Vet" livestock ltemnedies. Rlaeeilos
rr all coann n disenes results guaranrteed
seteriar Guide. st tells ab out treatmtent
D)1101 COMPANY. Box 352. UNION. 8. C.
il rulhry d waterproof apron 27x3 Inches
on receit tf 90 ents. 10xcelsior Waterprooy
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mothers Know That
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Thirty Years
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