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1 .-D espeurate i'lforit ,o sa vt a
Charles N'. e'aty dein of Tufts colley
Forner U. S. Stnator S. 11. Plies of
Russians and Germans Almost
Break Up the Economic Con
ference at Genoa.
Allies Bar Germany From Chief Com.
mittee but Neutrals Protest-Fight.
ing in Ireland Increases-Little
Navy Advocates Are Defeat.
ed In the House.
FOl several days last week it wia
11h1ugh1t (the G;ettoa confeirence was
ablout to break up Iin at row, bult at
this writinlg it appea1vars ioissiiblt that
the trouble will be fixd l) andl the
discussion of plans for the econoiule
rege-neratloii of Europe will continuii.
Gerlany anil ulissia precipitated
the i-owi, uid lit foriitne got (uost (of
the b1lam111o, llt sovi'et dleegate, Tlhitch
eiIn, being credited with it clever move.
Following up tilt negotliit Ions hegun
in lIetrlin, Ie anl 1)octor Itatlenau got
togethtr lin itlialio and sigind for
their resweitivt governinents a trenty
that antielpates. what mlight he dlone
by thle G"elloa conferen'lvice. The two
Countries agree to (1tmeeI'l till war dIts,
all (lal11s for war dhaanages, and ill
Chliniis for din 111 es (ue to the Aovlets'
nflation alizing t;h-r0311hi property, pro
viding itissia lules not repay other for
eign natios for I this lilt Iionilizat lon.
In the littler case. Gernina 1inta ins
the right to chilii dinitges. It is
algreel t hat (ertaany andt lussia ree
ogi ze ('iach (the andi 1(( resumie full
dilploiiiiatIc anui trade rehttins, that
they I teat ea(chi other as most favor'ted
tnations, anid thmat the treaty of Brest
Littvsk is canc((el.
Anntolanetetnenit ofj this~ Pact brouight
expressiotis of indinat lrotest frotm
I loyd George and [barthlou, whoi were
secotided rathier weakly by Facta oft
Italy, and tiuore' teartestly hy Theuinys
of lIetlglium andi Isheil of .Jiapani. Thelase
fiye statesmueii then called in the
deletgattes (f Czechioslov-ak Ia, l'oland,
Rumiania i Ju(go-SI avia aind all
Rigiied a aolte to It' he Gernan dtelega
tion) telliig of' t helir linediC surprise
at Its aictlon, whleh t hey solId violated
the cond1(1Ions (Grniny acepted1
whetn she ent er'el thle cntrence, andit
their dheeisltn that as8 a result Ger
man iy should trot he petrmitted'c to t akc
31art in any futuire dlissins Or de
cisionIs re'latilug to fluisilain iaflairst.
The'(('nl teinns tookih thlis'kick i-atheit
c amly', antd some of t hem, saId t?'
would rat(1her lteiave ;ennai thiant withI
draw the trPeat Iy-a choIce whliel
LlIoyd Getorge offe'redl tim Wedntes
day. liutt thle neutran nhations-Nor
waly, Swedcein, I ieinark P, 11411 atl
Spa In and Swit zerlit ul-iiproit ly Iln'
U3p againist lthall~tiesand jioiied lIts
8s(a in te dtefiiian t taeent that I (tri
anty ('cou1 ld ot h1e ii brr-ed friti parl
timiatlion in discussioln of Jtu'sslan af
faIrs exceptl by full vote of te coin
ference. ThIs actioni wais ac(tubit e
both by restm lenit algainst lte i-rIt
ishi premIer's attemais to domuinate
the !onferenice and3( by the fear' thait
1n thle 1privateI cotaverisationts that have
been golne( on ina hiis ;einoa vl lia ar
,rantgemaentsa woulid hec miade wIth Ituas
sIn t hatI wou h ldprejutiI(eeI te ite(restl
of the smaller pbowers. -I The litsslamu
also inistsred that Gerhmany' mu tst all
in all conferetices hera use thlere wert
311ny3 qutitonas stIll at Issue betweiti
Germany anld liusslia. On Thu lrsdaiy,
however, I,1(oydc George s31h( the Ger
mlffa hadi agreed not to pariclipailto i
discussions of It ussian aIfa Irs.,
BAIVTIJOUJ of -'raince held wilth
1,loydl George :lhat1( ith liss-Ge'r
man11 1)a1t revealed'4 vitolattins of thme
treaty oif Vecrsaijllts andi~ that thie Gler
man13s must he' e'xIclded. I be was
batcked up to th li m iit by3 his govenm
luent . I 'nromIer I l'iiare stent to thle
F'renlch3 ambaassaorlis In (a hle alliled
Couttries Instruct ioins to hI slst tha3t
energetie mieiiaurs he takena an d pen
aites appalled to Gertman 11'If the fla.
jwilo trenltf wecre not 3a'rotedl, re
V- gardless of whlat the Genoa confe
e~ce mIght decidle ini tihe matter, He
ol~ed thiat the execution of the treaty
big9 leve!e aIt MeUInphis during the MIssjss.lpI
e, Boston, <elivering the first lecture Inti
Seattle, who has been appointed nilniste
of Versailles must he insiste(i upon
now. Both the British and the
French feel that the Itusso-Geranan
Pact, while nominally economic, is In
reality political and embodies a dis
tinct threat of a complete alliance of
the two countries aga lust the entente.
It Is believed, too, that it would re
sult in the commercial suffocation of
Poilnd und perhaps of the other small
nations that lie betweent Russia and
Germaly anlid along the 1}altic, and
tho-se of the little entente.
One thilng is evident: France's fear
that the Genloa Conference would get
into a at ltadle, and her absolute dis.
trust 41f Gerany's good faith anid
goodl intentiis are justitledl. A writer
ill the l'a rs L'Eelalr sa'ys (ermanay
has sent 1: A(KX "sholick troops" linto
the uhr and is ready for resistaince
ill Silesia . while tle soviet armiles are
thareateninllg the Polish anid Ituanilan
frontiers. Ile adds: "There Is no
tile. to lose If we want to aivoid war."
The nationalists of Italy aire no less
alaraied, seeinaig iII the pact preparat
tihl for a great alliance between Ger
naily aill( Itussia aind probably the
entire Islain world and a wiar In the
tnot distant future between those pow
ers and the allied nations.
p LANS atre under way for 'a finan
eam cohnfereve to le called by
the European laniks of issue to dis
cuss lais for the' regulation of cur
reney, in which conference the United
States Federal Reserve bank will be
asked to take part. Meanwhile, great
hunkers, including J. Pierpont Mor
gan, are arranging to meet in Eaurope
to study the question of fia interin
tional oan t o Geraiy to help in the
reconstruction of that colitry, to Ian
prove her exclinge aind to issist her
In paying the reparations. In view of
Germainy's repeated refusal to pay.
the allied reparations commilssion
virtuanlly hats turned that problem
over to financial experts.
HE long drawn-out peace negotia
Atons at I~uren between Jaan
and1 the Far Eastern republIc have
becen broken ofY, aind .Japaan has (de
clded to send1 more replcement troojps
into Siberia. The Chita delegates,
acecording to Tokyo ofilcial statements,
- after gaininlg some1 of their poaints,
madle what thle Japatnese colnsidleredl
lampossliale deman~ds concerning pro
tectiona of lIves and( property of fear.
eign residents, and1( the Open1 door,
anid thlreatented tea quIt the coniference
if these wvere not conicedled. Tokyo
thereupon listruicted its delegates to
S TILL alnother 19eace' conference
thant baetweenl the' lenders of the
Irish factioans-des not se'em tot be
accolnishaing much, for the fightintg
in Irelaind goes 01n wIth increasIng
haltterneoss. Dr Valerai's Naisteor coutp
did nIot (eventate, bult one (af his ad
haerenits attIenmpted thlat daly to atssas -
sinateo Michael C'oll is, hraid of thle
provisionlal Igvt'lement and1( thaere
wetre baloody claishes between thle 're
publi1 can i and tFlree St ate forc'es, whiaich
,wetr e'eantine all0( 11 thlroughi thle wveek.
I |In Dulin itheIl "rebiels"' occupIiled Ithe
-Faour ('ourt s and1( ethler hllings .and1(
eungageda In haItIle's itIh ther ( ollIintg
troois; aetal in IRelfasat the (Cathoelies
andle Proteslanats kIlled and bluaned
and1 hooted to theIr heatrts' content.
S '"""*IE by I'esi'ent "a -ding'
,distilssal (if emloeyees qf the hun
reau of engravIng anid printinug and
(ather burireaus11. and1( by rmnore~is oft
hilanas to rest rict the0 operaltion0 of the
maerlt haw genlerally. the Natioinal
CIvil ServIce Ihitorm leag5ule (alleda
(con3ferentce eaf all 'nteres,id oargnanizsa
tIons and11 inellvhciuals to ipeer In \Wash.
.Ington ' A paril 27. Thati' enraing hul~ l
.retu t ifathtai Is (3casing hIle adinlis tra'
tion al lot of t ruble /and the0 end( is
not yet. In anttempllthtfg to explain the
ParesIdent 's aetloll I le olliclal organa
of the' Plate P'rlnte ''s' unIon atsserted0(
the coauntry was the odled wIth milli11 ons
of counmterfeit fedhfrahl0reereltes
andl~ otheor trIe'asurty issues'. Tih4iv ias
flaithy (den0( ied b Seretatry Mellon.
Cl!IAIRtMAN P'A l' Kl.:LLI.:Y ef ih
igain and hai- cohort oft "hIt tle
the hotuse 01' repre'seniatives last wveek,
and If the semtite <hes as It Is rx
Ja(edted to do~ the Unlhen Staltes wIll
bae tale to mtain tt at l nivy of respe't -
iale proplortioens. Ill -(ammaittIee of
thae whole the house bay vote of 177
to 130 adopted the amoem nent to the
commnittee bIll wvhich nrov 'et fr, nn
Al river valiley ulbots. 2-trtso
e college's radio lecture course. 3.
r to Coloibia.
enillstea personel of SGC.000O ilnstea(l
of 017.(.K men. A few days liter this
Was Confiried by a record vote of
221 to 148, and then the bill was
Passed and handed on to the senate.
Ninety tepublenns voted against the
personnI1el inicrease and 48 Devirats
Suppo'ted it. Tihe ineasure carries a
totakl appr1)opri1tionl of $251.2G49,0010,
wich is $1A I)00tuore than1 wats
fixed by the appropiilationls commillit
tee. Fuirther increases tire expected
In the senate.
T IIE fight of those who belleve in
adilquant natiial defense is nwi
e itered oil te nt riny hill. In tik.
the Aiimeri':lenn Legvion is takin netive
part, Nati.nal 'aniettler .lulieler
ippering het'r11e the smlate 1p prprIloi1
tionsr e t if's to den i wllso the icise
b ileIl whfh provdles at' or- only 11. 3, I
vt S111 l( 'forll . It pIvo .:[ n! ( I 1 in (11
plniofe inen.a Ilel'sub.:
"The Amneienn Le-g.in junalifiv,1.
ly backs dip the Pre prttt. the se't,
Wnry of wart. and (Getteral Persh11ing In
their su1rt (of itessary awpll pror
tIons for tle Nationl. 1 Gar. . or'
Ized re erves, r-erve tti ae' trin
ig corps, and 3 elitlln ,iilry train -
iug hemps its re'oinnentled by the('
War department, I in alo suppoorts
the tysition that pproximntely 1.to
4700 mnen Is the m1n11mm1 numb1 r
neetled for the reguhar estabishienit
to peirform its prprmission InI our
plan of national defnse."
iiONl. toINItE durinpsseg tile i(-pit se
s qone tihe senite tile pass solior
ronuies legislhtion. meuch was le
terinted by the Repuiblisen septiltrs
In enters by t 3 to 1 Vote, anidl( they
aisked tle finnne omitttee to report:
t hi ithe a realsonable t ime."
11it they rerached no delision as to
tie form tile bill tIl take. The right
(f the sente'to add any revenuie pr..
visions to the hill passet by te hose
IS Qestioned, sinet the Constitution
in vie bort snre bang houe are
postpne dsettsinte ladrnn of thanen
and11 itsuderstild tafterf thee tare
found havilable )through b thi tork o
iti W'lthe forerg detmison, tre o
mienadn will fanouojeh to hatei
mtodv fsraisngehn the ng- Wteh
Btish snvewufrits arel being adhe.t
Iotpon sendtondoeraton of te
bill3hag hbeen iased byi( wi~ch time.
'i i'sig exetuedli r of t hleMis~stii et'm
vFle'"i" rier "" r, ** st"e hant have
broken their levers and1( overn'iowed
their tbnnks, dot ag vnst damagetL' In
manyti tow.ns antd immudating mill'ons
of ner'es of land. IlnSensonnly c'old
we'a ther' llhid to t he dlistrs o''5(f thei
hiotiies. Th'le wivndlst or'ts w.iere mo(st
se'ver'e in southe lit'l ll Iitois and 5(otith
('rn Iml ia 2. Several Itowins w('r'
badly wrec'(ked and1( ablout fifty Iivyes
were'( lost.
t'rted from Lisbon to13 fly nero(SsM
the Alhit to lirazl in eera
"Ji ulps'' got its fat' as St. Paul11's rock,
about a t,huousanrd mile11s fr'om the ('ape
Verde' tshtlaos, buit Sma21shed th Iiei'r1 plae
In nuak Inrg thIe difIli('ul t 12anrd int there.
A 11ew'. phline Will bei Senit to themri bly
thle P ortulguese g('vernm tent to enabij tle
thiemu to comri i elte lhelir Journ'aey.
W"" """ ""t pnas of th
in lailtimor ae. Mtd., atl the enll (if thle
National11 iA'ingte oif Womlen Vo er's to~
cornfer' on sucoh siaujects as eduention,
anrd Politl stiattus of' womien and1( in
opeir'ition4 siiaog thle womten of' the
d11 inna haes draf 'ii'itedil a hilliwleh
'' (2oni ivest Igat ion agency," ('ompiosed(
of the'i diecto ofl Ithle geologtlaI sur'
voy3. diirtectiilr of tihe buitreiau of mine its,
diii'et'or 01' ti'he 'enss andl (commu~is
sh 'ner iif hIhor1 s'ta ts'tIes uand six ith-a
(rt' oi ho oo 'iil emt isy th.. ....... . it
Governor Cooper Makes Forceful Ad.
dress at Lunc'heon Held at the
J. Nelson Frierson of Columbia was
re-elected president of the state tuber
culosis associationi at its annual meet
ing. The other officers were also re
elected as follows: Dr. R. M. Pollitzer
of Charlestorn and Dr. Ernest Cooper
of the State sanatorium, vice-presi
dents; Reed Smith of Columbia, secre
tary; A. S. Manning of Columbia,
Gavernor Cooper addressed the as
sociation at its luncheon held at the
Jefferson. In his address Governor
Cooper saidl he went into office with
three ambitions--to see better health
conditions, better schools and better
roads in South Carolina. He said that
while not all he had hoped for .had
been accomplished, he felt that a great
deal had been donn. lie said that
good health conditlions are most fiml
portant. not only economically. but so
vially and "that preventab - le diseases
must not be allowed if we are consi:st
(It in our claiis.,' Fo lon-! as one of
the state's cit.izens is suffering from
a preventable disease. it is the dilty
of the state to carn for that person,
Governor Cooper said. He said that a
man at work is more im nortant than a
man in the hospital and for that rea
son lie believes the time will comlie
when all comnienicable and infectiors
diseases will be handled by the state.
Previous to GovernoIr Cooper's
speech. a business meeting of the as
sociation was held at the Y. W. C. A.,
at which J. Nelson Frierson, president,
presided and made at address. Mr.
Frierson laid great stress on the fact
that more attention is being given to
the cure of tuberculosis than to the
prevention. and he said that while it is
necessary to try to cure it is still more
necessary to try to prevent the dis
Sets Aside Day For Hospitals.
Governor Cooper issued a proclama
tion setting aside May 12 as hospital
day in South Carolina and he calls
upon the people to follow the example
of Florence Nightingale. whose birth
day is to he commemorated on this day
and devote the day to admiiistering
comforts, flowers and words of cheer
to the sick.
The proclamation of the governor
"Whereas the 12th day of May, the
birthday of Florence Nightingale, has
been set aside throughout the na'tion
as national hospital day, andl where
as, the observance of this day has
heretofore resulted in greatly bene
fitting the thousands of our p~eople
who are temporarily or permanently
denied the blessings of health and
physical strnngth;
"Now, ther-efore, I, Robert A. Cooper,
governor, (10 call upon the peopPe of
South Carolina to follow the example
of the noble woman whose birthday is
thus commemorated, and devote this
(lay to administering comforts, flowers
and wordls of cheer to the sick. Let
us also imbibe in our hearts the spirit
of service which is urpheld before us
by the celebration of this day, and fol
low the ideal, not only on the annual
day set asidle for the crystallization of
public sentiment in this regard, but
throughout the year.
"i call your especial attention to the
ox-service mien who are cofihnedl in our
gover-nmont hospitals. Let uts renmem
ber- the sacrifices they have madle for
the establishnment of the peace we
now enjoy as a nation. andl take ad1
vantage of this glorious opportunity
to express our appre-iationi for the in
estimable scervice they have rendered
us. Given umnder my hand and the
seal of the executive department,
Committee Plans Big Fair.
A state fair--bigger andl better in
every particular--will be the result of
action takeni by the executive commit
tee of thle Stateo Agric'ultu ral anad AlM
chanic al so-iety at its meeting, the ree'
ommnendlations of President It al.
Cooper, Jr., being adopt)1ed in fall
the stock sale apro'ed and plans in
ititated to begin the task of i-a isng
the needed funds as soent as poissibile
The committee ended its session., no
afnnouncenment as to the ('lectlin of
manager, treasurer or se(cretaryv being
Gover4nor Extends Invit,';on .
Governor )opier inmvitedi thle Unitedl
S'ates Good Roads a:sedatin to holc
its 19t23 ('onvet'Ttion ini (hr'tv i lle. t he
Invitation being extemiled at the re
(lust of the city of (;eim-ille
A number of d(llgatI from ("een
ville will alttendh the 1922 d<iyvent~ion
of the association at l'hoont . Ara.
and the invitation will th"t lhe official
i'y extendled Greenvile is anxious to
have the 1923 Convention and asked
~he governor to extend the invitation
a~ behalf of the state.
Road Contracts to be Awe*j.,
Ten road and bridge projentas a"
to be lot to contract by the state high.
way comnissiont within the next few
weeks. Bids are now being asked by
the department for the work.
May 3 the commission will , opeu
tlide for the construction of the tim.
ber trestle approaches to the Wateree
river bridge at Garner's ferry.
lay 4 bids will be open for the
building of 6.69 miles of road in Marl
boro county on the Bennettsville-Che.
raw highway.
May 5 a contract will be let for the'
construction of the bridges on the
Columbia-Charleston highway in Lex.
ington county. The work will include
one bridge of four 22 feet spans, two
double ten by eight reinforced con
crete box culverts and one triple ten
by eight reinforced concrete box cul
May 8 bids will be opened for the
building of 12.45 miles of the Char
leston-Augusta highway In lBamberg
May 9 contracts will be let for the
building of 14.65 miles of the. Orange
burg - Neeses road and the bridges
thereon in Orangeburg county.
Bids are also to be opened on ily
9 for the builhing of 2.51 miues of
the Newberry-Greenwood road in
Newberry county.
May 11 a contract will he awarded
for the construction of 6.36 miles of
the Moneks Cornet-Klingstree high
(lay in Berkeley county.
May 12 bids will be opened for the
building of 9.65 miles of the Barn
well-Aiken road iln Barnwell county.
Also on May 12 bids are to be
opened for the construction of '5.30
milen of the BTrnwell-Aiken road
in Barnwell county.
'May IS bids are to be onened for
the convtruction of 11.3 miles of the
McC'orm ik-Abbville highway in Me
Cormick county.
Tells of Worik in Night Schools.
1-. 13. Adans state suipervi.jor ef
indus:trialintu io ,h s sbm td
his report to tihe state sulperilto.:!(etlt
of education folr the seiond csisonl of
the textile night classes which have
been citlicted throughout the state.
Ninety-four inill classes in 29 dif
ferent towns and in 16 counties have
been in operation during the two ses.
sions with over 1.000 textile .men en
rolled. Subjects such as carding,
spinning, weaving. and their calcula
tions, cloth anaylsis, loom fixing, de
signing, andl many other branches of
the mill business, have been taught
In these schools. The classes have
been conducted by either the super
intendent, overseer or second hand
who has received an intensive course
instructor in training which en
ables him to impart better his prac
tical knowledge.
The report says that the growth
of this work this year over the pre
ceding year has been very gratifying
and each mill is reported as anxious
to continue the work next fall.
Two Officers In Guard Promoted.
Harold S. Sample was commis
sioned second lieutenant for the
(luarternaster corns. One Hundred
andl Eighteenth infantry. The corn
mission was made by the adjutant
Second Lieut. Charles S. Stubbs
wats appointedl first lieutenant of the
Four Hundred and Twenty-eighth ar
tillery company at Dillon to succeed
First Lieut. William J. Evans. Jr.,
Second Lieut. William H-. Todd was
promoted to the grade of first lieu
tenant of the headquarters company
of the First battallon, One Hundred
andl Eighteenth infantry.
Get New Nurses.
Two new nurses have been added
to the public healthl nursing force of
the state. Miss Emily White. of Cha
lotte is tihe new nurse for Green
wood county and will report for work
at once. She has been in Columbia
tis wveek conferring with Mrs. Ruth
Dodd, supervisor of thiis work.
Miss Sallie Gossett. of Greenville,
has also been secured as Red Cross
nurse for Laurens and has alreadly
reported for dluty.
Preparing For Code.
Printing sp~ecilications for the lper
manent codle of 1922 are now being
pirepare byi ) W. 'T. Walker, secretary
.of the joint printing comlmittee, andi
bids are invitedl withini tho ntear fu-i
rtre. This will be0 one of thle big
plrinting jobs of the year.
State Income Tax Soon Due.
Only a brief tinie remlains for per
sons who paid( federal income taxes
to pay their state income taxes, on
or before May 1 being the date for
the state taxes. Tile tax commission
is sending out blan~ks to every p~er
son who paid a federal tax andl no e
rouble is expected in reaching all
federal taxpayers. The commission
has1 the list of thlose who paidl.
The state tax is 33 1-3 per cent
of the federal tax and by tis col
lection~ the state expects to get in -
the neighborhood of $1,000,000.
Refuses to Grant HearIng,
The supreme emurt has refused to
~iet Ithe petition of attorneys for
['lhnund I). UWgham for a rehear; ng
af the tea'e, nlecording~ to anl fin
innounc~le of Harry McCawv, clerk
tf the court. Bigham's allpieal from
he lower court verdict of death has
llrendv been hoard, but his a$,tornwe
anpted1 to go ovnr the malter agaIn.
Followin.2 this refuil fer a re.
learing at tor noys for lBighamn are (o
ippeal to the Unitedh States suipretano
sonrt, notice of this appeai having
Naa 6ued somne weeks ago.
A Prominent Nurse
Tells Her Exi!r
Athens, Te. '
ehronic bronobo.x j .o q
I had the 'flu' in 1919, ry cougti
worse. I soon developed asthiha. fm=
fered terribly and was sure I had con.
,sumptlon. I had a vey bad qolor, could
not sloop at night an had pans in my
breast and shoulders. Also my arms
would be numb. I' began taking Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discover and
was cured of my cough. I worked laat
winter--was up at night with m -
tient. and did not have a cold all wing r.
Would ask all who ouffer from weak luna
or throat trouble to try Dr. Pierce
Golden Medical Disoovery."-Mrs. W.
C. Carter, Route 2.
Obtain the Discovery in tablets or llq.
id at your nearest drug store or send
to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo.
N. Y., for trial pkg., or
medical advice.
fSint Proise.
"What do you think 0
the hard of the editor who sat read
Ing his manuscript with a dubious
You write well."
"Thank you. My friends tell me I
have some literary talent."
"Yes," continued the editor, Ignor
ing the last remark, "you make a.
pretty enpital 'D,' and your 'y's,' which
so many people stumble over, are as
perfect specimnens of peninanship as
I ever saw."-llirminghamAge-ierald.
Has Settled.
"Well, my brother htas solved the
nusilng problem." "HI ith ?" "Got hin
telf in jell."-Loulsville Courier-Jour
Money Is the miiost Important sub.
Ititute for brafnve.
A God-sent
e 4 . Blessing"
is what one
rnothel writes of Mrs.
Winslow's Syrup. Thousands
of other mothers have found
this safe, pleasant, effective
remedy a boon when baby's
little stomach is upset. For con
stil5ation, flatulency, colic and
diarrhoea, there is nothing like
-he ltntfs' and Children's Reguldter
It is especially good at teething
time. Complete formula
on every label. Guaran.
teed free from narcotics,
opiates, alcohol and all
harmful ingredients.
At all Druggists
Write for free booklet of
letters from grateful mothers.
215-217 Fulton St. New York -
Genera1l.Vou1in A, -o: ,
IPo rmld s. cead, fck btch es,
New York. Tmrnto.oudr. Ads* a
tio, t sotesandhels .utrnaly
Fost efectves blooeda frers, lotce.R
aember, ael foo coelo fac skn p dee
and t' herlth , deep ezma ec.s
thi scientoiask fomon HNoC sulph UR o
CioMPOit D soth n has; tken seithati
afewor dresups forgas of 2sayear-i s. a
60coftetru and .20 the bood.
Phtsioun greegit's fhant su ppIsoely h
edhnmbe ad ompexin stamindps
wielt eepuabtt iet
C cPOUNYI a enusdwt as
fatryraltsmor er 25yers
H 6cr ahrCpend 120the bottl
ndsnme and ther- riceuin sth mphe an
we ll Cmend.yuabtl iet
WhenCC th body) begnstoHtife
ml~d movemeCntn e0mspanuli
sntZr~~ -~ usu a indicaio thatth
Liny r u foder. Keep
Nhnthsebodyn ethy to taifng
rhe world's standard remedy for kidney,
iver, bladder and uric acid troubles.
ramous since 1696. Take regularly and
~eep in good health. In three sizes, all
iruggists. Guaranteed as represented.
.ook for the name Cold Medal on evey beoa
and ac'cebt no Imitation
Sbrn. relief to Inflin d eyes. ran
e Edsle absolutelyfr md.
f/e/ps *ft IK:W
RUT AFInusI *'.I

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