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Jailor to Look After Prisionels and
County Paupers.
At the recent meeting of the state
legislature a law was passed provid
ing for a new arrangement in the
management of the Pickens county
jail and county home. Houses suffi
cient to accomodate the inmates of
the county home are to be built on
the county property near the jail
and a jailor is to be appointed to
have charge of both the jail and coun.
ty home. It will probably be fall
befcre the change can be made, at
which time the sheriff will move from
the jail into his private home.
Following is a copy of the new law:
Scction 1. That in addition to the
duties now performed and roquired
by law to be performed by the
County Supervisor, the County Sheriff
and the County Physician of the
County of Pickens, they shall ex of
ficio constitute the Commission of
County Poorhouse and Jail of Pick
ens County, and shall perform the
duties hereinafter required as ex
officio members of the said commis
Sec. 2 The said Commission shall
build on the County property near
the jail in the County of Pickens,
all necessary buildings for the use
of the paupers of the County of
Pickens, which said building shall
be suitable for the comfortable hous
ing of the inmates and so construct
same as to provide separate build
ings or apartments fcr the different
races and sexes.
Scc. :3. The said commission shall
select a c.cmpetent, capable man who
shall be of good m&al character
and shall not be addicted to the use
of alcoholic beverages, who shall in
addition to his duties as jailor for
the Sheriff, look after the inmates
of the County Poorhouse. heic:n
provided fcr, and shall reside in the
County Jail, have supervision of the
same and of the prisioners therein
confined, and cf the welfare and com
forts of all the inmates of the Coun
ty Poethouse.
Sec.4. The person' selected as pro
vided in Sction :3 hereof, shall re
ccve a salary cf Seventy..Five($75.00
Dollais per cmcnth; shall rcside in the
jail and rcceive board and sustenance
for himself and family, together
with any and all other neecessary
and actual exense he may incur in
carrying out the instructions of the
Ccmuissicn herein created.
Sec. 5. The Commission herein
created by the provision of this Act
shall have charge cf the County farm
and shall so use the said farm as
Ohall, in their judgment ant dis
cretion, be for the best interest of
the County and for the betterment
of the inmates of the County Poor
Sce. 6. All costs and fees received
from any and all ether Counties or
States, and from the United States
Government, and all costs and fees
for dieting prisoners, receiving and
discharging same, shall be collected
by the Commission herein created,
and( rpaid into the County Treasury
to the County ordinary funds, andl
r~ll expenses of feeding prisoners
andl paupers shall be paidl out of the
regular County ordinary fund, and all
moneys appropriated in the County
Supply Bill for the year 1922 for the
purpose of maintaining the jail, feed
ing the prsoners for the Ccjmnty
Pocrhouse and paupers, and salary
for the stewvard ef Peocrhouse shall
be turned into the regular County
ordlinary fund, andl the necessary
funds to carry out the provisions of
this Act shall be paid out of the
County ordlinary fund in the same
manners as other Ccunty claims are
Sec. 7. The Commission createdl by
the provisions of this Act shall re..
i ive no additional salary for serv.
kes rendered in carrying out the
provisions of this Act, and shall in
addition to the dutics now requiredl
by lawv to be performed by them,
have charge of the County Poorhouse
and farm andl the paupers of Pickens
Ccunty, andl shall perform any andl
4. all dluties in respe2ct thereto as now
requirc-i by law to be performe~d by
them a.s County off'icrs, in adldit ion
to thr ,dluties hcrc in imposed.
Scc. 8. This Act s.hall take cire--t
iimmediately upon. it< approval by
the G avernor
Sec. P. All Acts and parts of A-\cts
inconsist:nt with this Act arc hereby
A little 5(:n was horn to Mr. and
School Bonds Sold and Contract fc
Building Let
Mr. Will' Oliver, one of our bes
citizens and most progressive farm
ers, was taken to the city hospta
at Spartanburg last week by C. G
Rowland for a very serious operation
which took place soon after he go
to the hospital. Any of his friend:
wishing to remember him with flow,
ers or a visit can find him at th
city hopital.
Little James Ramscur was in thc
city hospital at Greenville a short
time last week. James many friends
are glad he is at home again.
The trustees of the Central echol
have already sold the $25,000 bonds
vcted on some t'me ago, and they
have also k t the contract for erect
ink the new building. We expect the
work to begin in the near future.
Commencement will be on this week
hei c at both of the high schools an(!
Wesleyan College. It will begin at
both places not later than Thursday
night of this week.
lrs. Sanders of North Carolina is
visiting her sister here, Mrs. L. H.
Dr. V. S. Fall has opened up a
drug store in the building form rly
occupied by T. M. Gantt, the brick
building joining the Central Mercan
tile Co. Dr. Wall has made many
friends since coming to Central and
he will be glad to see them in his
place of business.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Seaborn and
little IT. E. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J H
Ramscur, little James and Edith, Mr.
and Mrs. J. G. Duckett and Tom Fol
ger went to the mcuntains last Sun
lay, took well filled baskets and had
a big time.
Little Sam and Earle Boggs of ncar
Calhoun have been sick to the regret
of their little friends.
Central ball team was defeated
to 4 by Libel ty team Saturday.
The Pickens county unit of th<
cooperative ectton marketing asso
caticn was organized at the court
house Tuesday with the election of
C. II. Carpenter, chairman; T. A
Bowe!), vice chairman, and W. E.
Findley, secreta y.
The following were elected mom.
bers of the executive committe:
Easley township, Geo. H. Hendricks;
Central township, Leslie Morgan;
Liberty tcwnship, T. R. O'Dell; Pick.
ens township, B. F. Freeman; Dacus.
ville township, Joe L. Leoper; Hurri
cane township, D. C. Mann; Eastotoe
township, Dr. R. Kirksey. The ex
ecutive committee was also made the
membership committee.
The following were elected dele
gates to the district meeting to be
held at Clemson Ccllege Tuesday,
May 30: 0. D. Epps, C. H. Carpen
ter,T. A. Bowen, H. M. Phillips; al
ternates, Dr. W. M. Ponder, W. E.
Fiadley, Elliott Williams, L. J
There was a good attendance al
the meeting and the farmers are
taking a great interest in the asso
cia tion.
There will be a meeting of th<
Executive Conmmitte of Pickens Coun,
ty Democratic Convention in th<
court house at Pickens, M.onday
June 5th, at 9:30 o'c.lock a. m. EacI
ecmmittee is requested to be preseni
as~ there w;ill bet s'*me importani
business for the comm'ttee. So bemn
in mindl the date, place and hour anm
be on handI promptly and we wil
try and get through our business ir
as short a time as pos'sible.
W. E. Findley, Chairman.
The Pickens Township singing con.
venition will meet wvith the Picken:
Raptist ohurch next Sunday at 2 p
im. Profs. R. M. Balding, Rigg'ns an<
others from Mountain View/ wvill 1)<
with .. \ iso Prof. R. N. Greshan
an hI iis quartet c fromi Grecenvillec i.
s: pete to1( he wi;th us5, iand Prof. L
A. Pvinc v4h is new teaciht:'i: I
wih 1s ': J- ''n 1.: ley. the bain
r -Pickens People Votct in Favor of
$12,000 School Bonds
The election hcld at the eo-urt house
. Monday to de ide whether Pickens
school district would or would not
issue $12,000 worth of school bonds
resulted in1 favc: of the bond issue,
108 voting for bonds and 56 voting
I against bonds. Ccn:id, able interest
was shown in the et ion and the
vote was heavy. About sixty wo
men voted.
ie mnCy derived from the bonds
will be used to enlai ge and repair
the present school building in l':ck
ens and install waterworks and other
necessary improvements.
TI'e present school building is over
crow(l'd and thcre is no auditorium,
the cidI auditorium having been cut
up into class rooms last. summer in
or(er to ae.eCmnodate the increased
County and state tax books w ll
close June 1 after which all unpaid
taxes will go into execution which
means that exccution costs and an
8 per cent penalty will be added.
Approximately $35.000 in taxes re
main unpaid :n Pickens county and
Treasurer Hinton urges the people
to pay by June 1 and save the extra
All farmers who want to borrow
money from the Federal Land Rank
and who need the money now or
will need it between this and Aug.
1st, w':ll have to get your application
in this week and next, as the time
will close again June 5th.
W. E. Findley,
Sec. and Treas,Pickens, N. F. L. A.
F.O.B. C
You have neve
opportunity of
motor car val
price. Take a
opportunity an
now when y
prompt deliver:
Terms if desire
.u'I lORJ1.ED
Man Accidentally Runs Over Own
Baby and Kills It.
Not realizing that his three year
old child was under the wheels of his
heavy truck, Lannie Ellenburg, driver
for the Easley Cotton Mills, drove off
from his home Saturday and arrived
at the mill before he received the
news that the little child had been
instantly killed when the wheel psssd
over its body.
Mr. Ellenburg had driven up to his
heme, and stopped there for a few
minutes. While he was :n the house,
the litt le child came out to the truck,
and, it is su)pOsed, got down under
the wheels in some way to play. Ilr.
Ellenburg shortly after came out, got
in the truck and withcut seeing the
child, drove ofl. Evidently the chi'ld
was killed imritantly. The body was
fcund a few minutes later by play
mates and the fath r, who had arrived
at the mill, was notificd.
The heartbroken family have the
sympathy of the entire community in
this hour of great trial.
*Brother" Ellison was shot and
probably fatally wounded by lail
Griffin Monday night. The shooting
I cecurred on Mr. Sam B. Craig's farm
near Pickens and a shotgun was the
weapon used. Ellison was shot in
the back and through the lungs. Both
parties are colored. Griffin is now
in the county ja:l. Attention paid
by Ellison to Git ifin's wife is raid
to have been the cause of the trouble.
The wounded Ilarkey is a son of
Betty Ellison who used to live in
Pickens but now l:ving in Easley.
The darkey who did the shooting is
a son of Press Griffin. Ellison's
wounds are scrious and it is not
thcught that he will live.
*r before had the
~ecuring as much
uie at so low a
dvantage of this
I place your order
ou can obtain
'TON, .1it.
m.0 m mm)F m mli
In lealthy Ccndition-Annual Meet
ing Held Last Week.
The annual meeting of the Pickens
Bu:lding and Loan Association was
held last week and its statement of
condition showed it in splendid shape
and steadily growing.
Though only two years old the
asseciation has a capital pa'd in ctock
of $27,912 and shows a surplus and
profit of $2,506.5:i. It cared a
profit of 8 1-2 p r cent the first
year and 9) per ce ui last ye:-. There
are 11+ shar3 in the association.
Duilg the tw: years of its life
the esserialtionl has huilt nine new
hos:tW( ni Pickenls and assisted in
iQem((lCllingt; several others. It is
now Lwi ting; In shiare to inceais( it.,
soCl c of o:-.eration and the next few
yeas will s e many new'V llome1is
Springing 1p il l icken by the I*1
of this extllent orgeni.ationl.
The ofl'icers of the association are
C. L. Cureton, president. .1. P. Carey,
Jr., vice president; Frank I.le1all.
secretary and trew auer.
A )1CpCy coilducte( buillin:X ain'
loan associati n is it ,reat as5ett to
iny tcwn and is the best phan y( t
dcvise-I to assist labcringx men' to
build their own homies.
Mr. Ihemer Thomp:son, son of Mr.
and Mrs J. L. 0. Thompson, and
ir.: Rose Orr of Ghreenv1le werc
married in the Pendleton Street Biap.
ttist parsenage in Greenville on Mon.
day night, M1ay 15, Rev. 1). B. Blahn
performing the ceremony in the pre
sence of the immediate familues of the
contracting parties.
\Ir. Thompson was born want roar
ed in 1ihckens an( at present holds a
tespols.ble position in a Charlotte,
N. C., hunk. He saw consilrable
:; vice ( vCrias; durinp: the recent
war and is a splen1dil yting 111o f
bright promise -i is bride is a vcry
ait tI ait i.e and popular young lady 01
a ''.rimhinent family.
The happy eC't :le'. aecompa:ncd b1
Mr. and .l rs. Willie Thompson w'h<
were r((.eently mar!'!ied, ar~e enjoinlg
thei:. honeyolcon in 1ctersburg all
Rkichmond. Va., and Washington, 1)
C., travelling by auto.
Col. Nelan of Atlanta, Ga., made
an address in the court. house last
Monday night on the order of the
knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
Ix was one of the most eloquent
and informing address'es heard here
in many a day and it is to be regre't
ted that mi:rc C,f" ur people did not
hear hin.
lie told when and how the K. K.
K. was organlized, what it stood
for, its principles and tenets, and
what it expected to accomplish.
The great princirles for wvhich it
was organi;:ed and wvhich it seeks to
maintain are those for wvhich out
fathers fought when they threwv oil
the yoke of oppress'.on of the mother
ecuntry (luring the rv'ohitionary war,
Briefly stated its bed rock teniets
are America for Americans; Absolute
persist<.t and1( detet in ied ipplositionl
to foreign or hyphenatoid contirol of
our' gov'ernment inl any~ way, shapt
fom nori fash:en. The next cardi'(inl
pincile in the s;trIet adherani ce te
and enlforcemlent of the constitut ion
of thue1 Uited Stltes, nnd] for low and1(
lIe stateod that the ord1er 1had been
mnalin dg an m1( 1isreCpresentedl and
was hem alded t hroutghI the pr~ess as a
dioya andt 01( lawless orraizaltion.
But. th:s was not true he stated, as
they h( ieve in upholdinlg and enforc.
ing tile law and( preserv ing order un..
derI all cond~lit ins.
The next thling the order stood for
wras the complete01 separation of eIhur'ch
and1( state and1( the right of every mani,
wooran and( child to worship (o I ie.
ecrinig to the dlictates of their eon
SCie 'e( . Andio last. Ilpure, hU bate'
1 IC palid grlowinig tribute to the boys
o-l the 630's, saying that they
compijosedl one of the grandehst arm.1ies
t hat ever shoulde ~red a vun .
it :heuldl have been hieard 'e a!
cl hil !!D\V
Great Preparations Being Made for
Annual June 3 Celebration
An unusually good program has
been arranged for the entertainment
of the Confederate veterans and other
visitors who will be in Pickens on
Saturday, June 3, for the annual
vetei ans' reunion.
Aviauor Johnson, who was here
last year, has been secured for a
return date. He has just returned
from California where he has been
flying during the wintc r and will have
a brand new airplane with him in
Piek ns. Ile is one of the must sue
cessful aviaters in the country an.1
Will thrill the peeple with his daring
stums. lie will alo:; carry passengers
wh}le here.
The Easley military company will
he he re and go through the latest
army (ills.
A brass band will furnish music
th'oughout the day.
Then there will be the parade, the
ethrss of the day by Col. Rion
McKissick, the (uler for the ol
soldiers and othe' forms of entertain
Make your arrangements now t:o
comIe to l'ick (ns June 3 and do honor
to the (Ofnfederate veterans and at
the same time enjoy the occission.
'I'he Sunday school at Salem is an
interesting center every Sunday morn..
ing at 9:30 o'clock. Clyde Ragsdale
is i good Sunday school superinien
dent as well as a good farmer.
Farmers of this section arc moving
along nicely wi'th their work. Ahlho
the weather is showery they have
learne4 to take advantage of every
op)ortu n it y.
Mr. Earl Parrott was seen 'dear"
hunting Sunday. Don't know wheth
er he had a 1iccuos or not.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ra2:sdale vis
ted Mri. and Mrs. LIam Gravely Sun
Miss Eula Gravdyv visited Miiss
Beulah Gravely Suni v.
Mi..ll; 11 udson was hirst to I
cehe at present at Salem Sunday
school for good attendance, given by
her teacher, Miss Annic Gravely.
Rev. I). P. IHudson and family visi.
ted relatives in Oconee county last
Mr. Hoyt Townes and family at
tended the May meeting at Holly
Springs Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will's Harper visi
ted the latter's relatives Sunday.
Mrs. Bettie Gravely visited her
mother Mrs. McKinney of Easley
We. notice that Mrs. Baker is ad
ding some to her tenant houses on
the home place. Reade.
Mr Editor: Fa.rm work in this see
tioni is considlerably delayed owving
to the very rainy season, there being
a number of our farmers that have
not planted any corn to this date.
Mrs. Rescoe Burgess is very sieck
with pneumonia at the home of her
father Mr. L~ E. Clark.
Mr. Abner G1. Morris is very sick
with flu at his home here.
Several pleoprle from this section at.
tended at Cross Roads(1 church on the..
second Sunday. Trhc y reported splen.
did rerv ices, a large crowdc ano a nice
R< v*. J. M. L.ooper and son Frank
of D)ocusville R I, were visitors in
this scetion this wveek.
Messrs. Mack Looper, Frank and
Lanwrence' Foster wvere* visitors in this
burg last Fr:day. Those fellows plea
is guilty to larceny from the gum;
vizt., hee gums.
\V II, we have somne rough places
inl our1 roads but we are not faulting
our board of commissioners as I sup-.
pose the peohple haven't the time to
do the work jiust at this time.
The B. Y. P. U's are moving along
n>"c 1', at Peter's Creek, they having a
g;od att( odance wvith a great deal of
itetr(et h' inti man ifestedi in the meet.
i: :s of the society.
"Looker On.''
Tc lieihatne hten some talk of
TI A . P'iwt n. comt at: gcent, making
ftp ran f''r corunt y supervisor this
x e'. h was askecd lastI week what
;ebcnt it. MrI. Hocwen repulied that at
IniIny peoj2k had been urging
tI I' to me t he me"(, but as yet he
as unde(5'ided Ifl)i ab-t it and was giv
a .wionsconsierai n. Mr.
aee is well :Vn'wn'througnhout tihe
tcnunty atni t:aid h:e enter the race

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