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Reunion Items
Many faces among our beloved vet
erans will be missed this year. Let's
make the day all the brighter for
those who are still with us.
The ladies of Pickens county are
requested to meet in the court house,
Saturday afternoon, June 3, at 3 o'
clcek, when a matter of interest will
be presented to them. They wll be
detained only a few minutes, so let
every one be prevent.
The Pickens Chapter U. D. C.
takes this opportunity of expreessing
to its many friends its appreciation
of their ec-operation in the past, and
of asking for a continuation of their
interest and kindness. The chapter
will be most appreciative for any con
tributive to the picnic dinner on June
3, and extends a most cordial invita
tion to its friends to join them.
June 3rd has became the outstand
mg day in the year for the citi:ens
of Pickens, when they in mass, do
honor to the Confederate Soldiers.
Pickens county sent a noble band of
men to battles for "State's Rights,"
and the younger generation is inleed
fortunate in having so many of these
veterans in their midst whose worthy
cxn;le it is wcll to emulate.
Our honcred friend, Col. W. B.
Allgood, whcs health has been im
paired for two years, thinks that he
will be able to Come to town ne::t
Saturday and mingle with his com7
rade3 of other (lays. We hope to
sec him on that (lay.
Only a few more years aie left to
the veterans of the 00's, so let eveiy
body come June :, who can and honor
tie grandest ai my that ever shoul
dcrecl a gun.
An attractive feature of the days
eiiturtainment on June 3 will be an
exhibiiorn drill by a picked squad of
the Headquartcrs Company 118th Inf.
National Guards of Easley.
The Pickens U. D. C. requests that
all the people of the surrounding com.
munity who love the old soldiers, help
to make the 3rd of June the best and
greatest day Piekens has ever had,
anld if they can not each one bring a
full basket, let them contribute a
chicken, a cake, some pies or anything
else they choose toward the dinner.
Some of the ladies of the town are
very anxious that we have a "clean
up" day. This is a wise 'dea and
may mcan much toward the making
of good health for our place, so let
us all get together and by June 3rd,
have it all shinning, spick and span.
The U. D. C. requests everybody
who will contribute any relic for
keeping, to bring same to the court
house on June 3rd. A committee
will be there to receive it andl place
of it, sign your name and lend or give
any article that your people usedl in
the war of the 60's wvrite the history
of it, sin your name and lend or giv e
it to the U. D. C. It will be proe
servedl with care.
An olportunlity is given yomig
Americans to attend the Citi::ens
Military Training Camp to be held,
this year, at Fort Me.Clellan, near
Anniston, Alabama. betwveen July 27,
1922 and August 26, 1922. Captain
Harry C. Luck, Infantry Regular
Army who was in Pickens today
staltedl that applicants should submit
their applications by May 31, as ap
plications sent in after that (late
wouldl probably ho in excess of the
quotas alloted.
The purpose of the Citizens Mili
tary Training Camps is to furnish
young Americans a chance to secure
a military training undeNI favorable
conditions, and to so develop them
physically, mentally and morally as
to increase their ability to re(nder
re-vice to their eountry, in time of
need(. Every able-bodied citizen,
may, o'nder the constitution be call
ed upon to dlefenid his country and
its sw ea ideals and( :nstitutionis fromi
POrsible destruction. All wvho can
should la prepared t(e serv'e.
''rre courses of instruction will
be hcid this year. They will be
known us the Red, the White and
the Blue.
All, applicants for Pickens and
vicinity should apply for information
, nd blanks of Mr. Sami B. Craig or.
.\Mr. 0. C. Keith, !awyers over the
Keowe Phai macy, Pickens. Dr. J.
L.. Vallty hans kindly consented' to
examine all applicants.
..As June 3rd draws near our minds
are naturally turned to the thoughts
of the soldiers of the 00's.
Among these honored heroes, Judge
Newbery, who died a little more
than a year ago, fills a prominent
place in our memory. We have learn.
ed from his good wife, who still lives
among us, that he was born in Dar
lington county on June 21st, 1837,
and he moved to Andeson county in
1860 and married Miss 'l'irzah Bur
On July 1st, 18(11, he enlisted in
Co "K", 6th Soueth Carolina regi
ment where he s( rved until the 11th
of Mlarch I(2. T'l's rerimetreach
ed Maunassas on July 21st about the
time of the famous battle of 13u11
Run. He joined the Virginia Bat
talion as a private and after the
death of one of the Lieutenants, he
was promoted to fill his place. This
remetion came for exceptioaa! gal
lant services and he served in this
cenpacity until the close of the war.
His part in the war was that of city
gumd at the Confederate capital at
Richmond. About a year aftcr he
e'listcd he was taken sick with a
terrible abscess in lis head which
caused him to have to go to a los
pital. Ilis wife heard of this and
was determined to :o to him. On
arriving in Rielchmond she went to
the hoe :ita! and asklc for him, but
he had been trans fered to Danville,
Va., unbeknown to hospital authori
ties, so he was reported as dead to
histwifc. With sorro.ving heart Mrs.
Newbery returned to her home in
this state where she remained
mourning for her husband for mor e
than a month. One day on picking
up a Richmond paper he saw in it
an advertisement for a trunk signed
by his wife. He knew at once thrt
she had been in that city, and made
strenuous efforts to find her. She
Vefnt at once to Danville and together
they went back to Richmond, he to
his duties and she as a nurse in the
government hospital.
A.fter the war they setled in An
derson ecunty where he lived till
1872 wh . i he mi:ed to Pickens and
estab!'shed the first circular saw mill
operated in this county. In 1887 he
was elected to the office of Proba.e
Judge which he held until his death.
He always took a cep interest in
the welfore of the old soldiers and
their widows, and his memory will
ever be cherished by those whom he
loved and served so faithfully.
On the night of May 13, the angel
of death came to Lando Mauldins
and claimed his darling wife. She
was about 45 years of age. She had
been in bad health for about 2 years,
yet she bore her suffering with pat
ience. She leaves her husband and
five children to mourn their loss:
Gladys, Marie, T. S., J. B., and little
Ruby. But may they realize that
their sorrow is 11er great joy.
Before her death she told her
'loved ones that she was "going to
Heaven" and oh! wvhat a great con
solation that is.
She wvas before her marriage Miss
Bettie McClellan and her aged moth
er andl thrce brother's and one sister
survive her.
She wvas a member of Camp Creek
Baptist church. She was buid on
Monday at Camp Creek. Funeral
service wvas conducted by Rev. P.urits
amlid, a large cr'owdl of sorrowing
relativcs and friends. T'he many
beautiful flowers showe'd the high
esteem in which she'was held. Bett'e
was alwvays so kind to the sick; she
was lovely and lively. Her loved
ones have the sympathy of the entire
community', but may they look to
.Jesus who alone- can help them, awl
each one be readly to meet heri in
the Great reunion in Heaven some
"sweet (lay after' while."
"Hier pain is gone she is at rest,
Hecr trials are forever past,
She now is in the city blest
And rapture thrills her soul at last.
At Heaven's gate her loving smile,
Her1 tender' voice and outstreched
Will greet us in a little while,
And1( welcome us to that dear' land."
- A fr'iendl.
We <h sire to rcturn ouri sincere
thaniks to these wvho so kindly camne
illness. May they be bles~ced thr'ough
thiis I: fe, and1( wh'ln calle-111, may they
spass (.ver peace'(fullyI without a strug
gle, as did our mother.
J1. A. Hale,
L. E. Hial'e,
Mr's. Mar'tha E. Crow,
Mh.. V. E. rw
Ass(-mblingr cf veterans cn Lewi s street, 10 a. m. All veterans are
l( u(stens to ncct on Lcwis Street. im mediately upon their arrival in Pick
Parade. Hlon. C. L. Cureton, May cr of Pickens, Marshal.
Confeletr eet- rans in automoh; IiCs.
'ickens Chaptcr, U. D. C.
11 learuarters Company, 1180h I nfa nt' ;, N. G., of Easley, Escort.
Exrc:ists in court house, 10:20.
Invoenatien, Rev. D. W. Iliett.
Wielcomle from Pickens Chanter, lre. (ary I i'ict.
Ah<bhIres, ion. Rion McKissick, of C;r(cevv ill .
Pruenmtat.'. 1 Crossed of ilenor.
RIaulin:, .hiss Cleopatra Nalium.
Talks by Veterans.
I3usiner:i Sessicn Camp Garvin, U. C. V. No. 152:1.
)inne r 12:30 on Court HIcuse Cr cundls.
1his is the t.Lntieth annual re-union of the veterans of 1ickens
cou0nty under thc auspiv( of Pa k lns (haipt r, Lnited )alteidivrs, of
the C11 fed:if(ja cy, and ('cry Confedelrut; veteran i urged to conime and5
lcncr the (tau htcrs with -their pro ,( iu c and parta(. of thir howspitality.
The public is cor(iaIly iivited.
Fordson Often Does More
In a Day Than Six Horses
The Fordson substitutes motors for muscles.
The Fordson substitutes tractor wheels for the
legs of man and horse.
The Fordson takes the burden off flesh and
blood and puts it on steel.
It allows the farmer's energy to be devoted to
management, and not merely to operation. It
gives him time. It cuts his producing costs.
There's a big story of savings maide possible
by the Fordson. Let us tell you. Write,
phone or call.
P'icen, S. C.
Er-GL xcluarve, locacl 3gent-s
for finesL SLt~ionery Thnrarvinq
rhlddc by
I lCd'COUrL". Louisville
one. of
mfrericas Leacding Trngralving] Houses
,.The wuork of this firrms Femans
IHaptists Will Meet At Secona June
June 17 and 18.
The Pickens Baptist Sunday School
Convention will meet June 17 and 18
with Secona church. Several of the
most prominent Sunday school work..
ers in the state are on the program
and a large attendallc e i5 expectel.
Fellowing is the program:
First )ay
10::20 1. m-,.--Opecning exercises (IL
l:::t>'ar t1ng < Eing( i (ex l(ises of the
Sunday Schuc f:r th. eming Su:: -
10:50 --!ioll nil cf churches, en
I (2lm at f d leeates, r. ports.
11:1:"-- :bIn '-- .1. Watts. "The
'I'o 1Illiie -s of the Stnilday
e-:inielncnts Fail and Others Su''.
cE. (l," J L. Corzine.
12:15----Discussion--Solvingr 'reach..
er proleis, C. E. Robins;:; and F.
T. Cox.
2:00 p. mt.-S(ason of Devotion,
Lawrence Smith.
2:15---Discussihn, ' lW to hlave a
Hundrdcl per e(nt 'I'cslcher's ML eeting,'
A. L. Pickens.
2:15--:\dl'css, ''Lt the (i'ldresi
Grow," Miss Elizabeth Nuchols, Mirs.
1 11. Stewart ii'nli irs. \ValIlop.
.:1:15 --"I'he Neglecte T'EIeln A-e.'
S-mI H. :a1i n(1 Mrs. .1. A. ltohin
:1:45-Te Suna:lay Sc ol Worker's
L.ibrary," 11. P. \Iite~htil and R. T.
I.iha rmo y," I;. I'. Mitc hell and R. T.
1:1 5--:\dournn Vt.
Scc:ad Day
10:00 a. ri.r- a'1:se se4rviec, W. Ht.
Stv.art rnd S. G. Dorr.
1O: i5--D.i.:eu.. i,;,-"TIhe 'T'aec:her
it'i(' the ('lass:," C. 1 , H.BohEo.
1 (I:15--Discussion, "The Standard
of Exec llen-:<." A. P. Hammlllond.
11:00-- Addcs (: s, 'A ;enues of Ap
proach to The ('ld's Mind,-' F.
Childress an( Mliss NuChols.
11:80--"!How to Increase the Atte. -
(htlece of the Sunday Schlol," Thomast:
A Bow( I.
12:00--A'dre.as, "The Adult Depart
11''llt the K'eystoll' of the Sunday
Sehool,", T. J. Wa:tts :11 WV. E. I'inl
12:80 p. m.-Open Conference. Sup.
(rin tE nldelnts, pinblemas, conducl (d by
). ''. linton.
1 :00.-Dinner.
2:00-Devotional Service, J. R.
2:15--Address, "A Successful Home
Department in the Rural Sunday
School," A. L. Pickens.
2:4:5-Address, "Saving Souls the
Supreme End of the Sunday School,"
C B. Bobo and Capt. J. T. Taylor
3:30-Reports of Associational
Cradle Roll-M iss Elva Stewart.
Grading-A. P. Hammond.
Home D~epag tment-Mrs. S. E.
Supt. of Equipment-J. A. Robin
Organized Class-W. E. Findley.
Tf(acher T1raiing-R. 'IF. Hiallum.
Election of Officers.
Alnnouncement s.
Filial Adjournnment.
Prc aching service's next Saturday
at 41 P. ml.
Sund~ay 11 a. ml. Snh.'ject : "T[he
Th'ei conmmunity inlvited.
The Blue Ridge Milnisters Confer
enee wvill meet at Central, S. C.
Junie 5 at 10 a. m.
l'. T. Cox, Mod.
E. M. Holding, Sec.
Early on1 the 27th of May t-he death
:anir( v isited the hiolm of \r and
Mr's. L.. C'. Illardl and clstaimed their
dalin tg hahily K ile Gary. 1He had be.en
mn a very critical condlition4( for fou
weeks. He ( was b~u ied! 11he same day
at four (1'clock at theo Six M ile' CEme
t.( ry. FnrF.ra (P ervices~ 5wer l' nduct~l 1 -
(4d by R( V. Watsonl oJf I'aslE. I I(
was one% year two month 15.s and six
leen (lays ob1(. la sid's Is parents
he 1(ar.ts a samal b1hrot h(*r anad a host
of sorr iwingrelati v's a nd frienduls to
lmourin is dleath. May G od 's richest
hhl 2sings r'. - 'upon those' he4art
arektn 1 ilmn for1 we' kn le'w that God
makes 'no .:- mi--tak'. ThE'y have thy
vra'I r lth< ('ntire (' immunllity.
Hte was5 o0 Vw(Ct and1( we led''( him
but eca ;. Irdv' dIoe.th all th inlg wvel.
One who hood' him.
Interest In Fair
Did you know how much interest
farmsc are beginning to take in our
Flair that is to be held this Fall?
F rom Brushy Creek and Garvin town
ships and from all parts of Pickens
veunty comes news that our people
a waking' up. Really her'etofore
there was no incentive to make more
r' to produce a better article.. If we
i'at more we got less for it, for
v w( told that the market was %
igiutt(a, aind if we took pains to make ,
r" better article it. was prieed at what
the lpore,t sample on the market was
iginmg, aid so we had our pains for
trouble. But. at last we have
u'.irned ovev' an'w I a f, and coopor:
t;ve miarleting, which will very
iimldy handle all of our produce,
will tgive us the full market price
for cut' plrcduce as well as a 'pre
miiutmt oil (Au r grades.
!Did you know that last ycar a
indy livinsi in our territory get $1.:0
per <qurt. for fig preserves? Two gal
l,:m- that she furnished brought. over
$10.100. Ti' same day another lady,
wllo tot, is an exnere pr(serve maker,
selhi her"s at 7(' per quart. The
dillercare was simply this, the one
got in touch w:'h tVie anilkct through
a w\omatilnit:1 utrat icn agent, and
the ctlherI dId not. Now at our con
int, lair' we a' go'(ing to discuss ittst
such thing-s. for y u amustt not forget
we have tun<i .1 ovt r a ew leaf.
You attue:dc'( seve r'al fir:1s last year.
ou " attr:'cit I y the lisplays.
<.'i caln make just as toed yourseul f.
We all wish, ior in sLancte, t:) know
the best timge to :a w cats, t'ul what
fertilizer to, use i1 how im.iuttoh. When
YoU art inpi atr: g y( 11' trrain 'Iisplhy
how\ instructivt i!. would be if you
wo'uhl attach a I cld namil'g thl v'-"
let y, and attw' i..: these othe
Wt d . . ;, .( you 1o mnt
falu tk t -: rrit. W eae all
~ d "," . V :h' :.I>, 1 1it c. i not
' ' - .'t t ( V .- mo t ll I t'
- 1< i'.'t ih hl t opiou, Wn r
('a dl~t t. ()l:b . .him- all r
! wI e in 1) t1 . byv tht':(' in
2 : a ta a w i: 'th dn: to er
I t. rIb a t v at ma rtkI' t wi by he,
l1::i'ge tlid Ii ll il 'ln '\\' F'll:i
,''mly; nt raid for2 all1 thec touble we
mi)s th e ('1l t. 11. C.
CA MPA.\IGN OP ENS j..\Ti 20
-tale C'andidatc. W1ill Sticaak Ir. P'ick..
ers August 22
Thie statte caml)paign will open
ou mb 20 in Columbia ane egos. Aug.
2. in Spartanburg, aecrdig to the
camiign itinerary announced by the
'tinerary committee composed of Gen.
Willie Jones, HI. N. Edmunds and
George Beli T1imucmeran, I"ollowing
is the complete itinerary:
Columbia, Tuesday, June 20.
Lexington, Wednesday, June 21.
Saluda, Thursday June 22.
Edgfield, Friday, June 23,
Aiken, Saturday, June 2y4.
Barnwc, Monday, June 26.
Allendale, Tuesday, June 27.
lanton, Wedesday, June 28.
Beaufort, Thursday, June 29.
Ridgetland, Friday, June 30.
Walterboro, Saturday, July 1.
Monels CorncrMonday, July .
Charleon, Tuesday, July 25.
It.lGiorge Wednesday, Juy .
inambeg, Thursday, .July 2.
St.c Mathw, Friday, July 78.
Orannebug, Saturday, July 2.
(utert , Monday, 'July 17.
Bishepvillr, Tuesday, ug. 1.
Darlingtonedcda yug 19.
Winn tsvillo, Thursday, Au. 2.
Chesterf', Frida , ug. 21.
Nenway, Mnday, ug. 4.
Mrieno, Tuesday, ug. 25.
iltiren, Wednesday, u 6.
A'bintre, Thursday, ug. 7.
Getrmitow, Frday, Aug. 18.
MAndersg, Saturday, ug. 9.
Camdaln, Monday, -Jug. 1.
Lacest, Tuesday, Aug. .
YGrekil Wednesday, Aug. 23.
Wiafnnsbero Thursday, Aug. 24.
Chestenr, ri, trAug. Au.2.
Naewhry Mnday, MAyug. 1922. a
ILauri(,iene ofdnesday Aug.n Miss
A bvie l, o i' Clrs arenug 17.er
Anders.n Arda fAg. r 19,
Wa:lhalla Mcondacony, Aug.e hi1. id
GreenvilC. Tednerday As 23.'
Gaffned yRv Thrsay Aug.c 24~.
Spartanhrom thriday mAun. f25.
Mrid Sug ndhapy, life 2tg1922,ra
the r ien oWnship Mc inngis
lat. iu Lawa'ley to Mr'c. CTaene blde
the. Mr.ng-Albeson is a formerrof
hourm, Ocony conty wleers wre
thr a ng an happy lcie wogeten
The CI.ikn nsi ign

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