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CHAPTER XII.--Continued.
Itamsey looked! <ogged. "I'm not
goln' aLroundl a lways argulin' about
everything whenqi targuin' wvou1ld just
hmurt ple401l's' feelings about somnethuing
theOy'ret ll excited iabout, and wouldn't
-do a bit o' good In the world-and you
know yourself just talk hardly ever
'settles anythinlg--so I d1on't-"
"Aha I" Fred erle~l. "I thought so I
.NJow you lIsten to zne-"~
"I won't. I-"
But at this~ mioment they were Inter
TupJte(I. Somecone slyly 01)ened( a (10oor,
and a snowhall (leftly thrown frolin
without caiuight .itainsey0 upIon the back
of the neck and head, where it flat
tetI( an1t( <lisj)h1ye'l Itself as5 1an orna
ilintal stari. Shoutinug fIercely, bo0th
boys5 sprang up), ran to the dloor, wvere
k'auight there in a1 barrage oft sno0whaills,
dluckedl through It ini spite of' aill da31n
.age, charti't uplonL aL (Iozen besweaterecd
fliures awa,'iitinug then'ti and lbegan3 ai inti
battle In thle hilzzard. Some of their
o11ponen15ts teacheroly0153 joine1t't thiei
anltl turne3('l upon)1 the tiiuul)hers?1.'
In the <dusk t he nierry' conflet
'wvited upI 14 utitiuuown the snlowu-covereil
-thriew, or1 sur'geti ha11k ili for'th, 0or
clencheod airil toIpile4i over into0 snowi
hanks, yt all coninlg to chantIL anl ex
t eipoiz'.odh ic-cry In chorus, even
a s they fought the inost wildly.
"Whoit? Whlo? Who?!" they3 chanted.
goin' to be no0 wari?'"
So everywyuher'e over the countriy, thalt
winter of ll Iti, t here wuere lighit-heart
e~d boys skyl arki ig---a t col)1lege, or' OIn
the farin1s ; 1ni11(1 th Ile to wns5 the
01ther as5 they ('nilie fr'ont thle shops; ~
'Wile on tIls Sunly (If thie "frat"'
An~ow lIght pr1obal~ly severalI 111( hu 'ie(Is
(It thout~stuints of1 youthfu iinLi ehelodIrs, he
tweeni thll two oc'eanis, w1entL walkinig,
like Ratnlisey, eacih with aL girl who
colii31 for'get t he wea'lthier. Y'et boys
of tiie11en a4nl111( ini tihe twet'iehs were
not liht-hearlltell alhl the ti11ne that wvin
ter' 1u114 thati $ Ipring tL t111hatL suunner101.
MIst 41f then'ii knIew lon1g, thouighitfu
'St'lntIi to be tinking not4 ofi girls or'
or (I'r oIspec't. A 1141 :1 $11uch gi ines t hey3
werle graIve, bit 11441 unlgenItlIe.
inL. of1 things g'oinlg 44n ats usual ther1'e
ihl,'k :1 4lee4 v'I'ibratio , like thei air1
trec'ibiling toI valst or'gan pipe14s in clin1
iln the4 grolinI i1n141er 41n10s 1ee. ''ii
succ4''ssio of 'I 1 4llon Itie 11te1 (' 4 me14
IIPal -li(141 11 l'liir h I ljtoperlilng ofl li 11
..orner4'l 1n4 ll4n're 1al14 11eople4 5:1hl, "'ThIs
ine':Inis j4n-nee4 fori Amero3hi, an1ti1 all is
well for uIs." but1 e'verlyboily3 kniow inl
his heartI'. ha:t 114tingi~ wais wvell for
A..rlea''hl shoo1k with ii t 11114 It beenrue13
slowI' ly 11114 115ibl s te voice4 44f till 4o14
whol4 1:4 (101011fIil I 4 l it afor '.im 1, a s il
a1galin. 1for It was15 teirs:III uta the mean
.ing1 4of I it- Iie l i herty,1V: ilthe'~ l'ur
.sul' gof13 43 lp iness-was '1:5 13 th islne
t'e~irs t le 31. An.t1'i :they kne they
woli <'ef1n1 it,'l 3 a4tu l i iit ilt' (tIin5
gradua 1lily11, e' sacre4ill ~t th iiI reacht',
tlhem41 whet i4'-r t he sa 1t4 n141 t1'I' he chi
reus (lr th'541e oinlin-r114' or wa3'IILked13
with11e1l4 w L or)3A13'''L (t1:1 141t he 11us'hine,3l
1r bht11l the rhibbon)1141 (ount' Thus
anti hsowly en'Ine into ti r ' lis am'i'4
clu' ingtsveyu for'5110 114 them:3'.
ILlte ofi (lie Germane wasi~ (no1t brec4;
ilhown iIIneu lien iats.als heart ; a
.155(11m41 the in w limul not'4' pre-il
hal't in Amere, or 13( inany ou'l1ii o
014h41'Iulil k eas4 ship11 lum itshit free
hl'eas, I''s deat'bIng the (114' t for1111 any1
who3'1 disobeye ll, then111 1he 11rm' ka111iserl''
'lawi he0 hadothl' ' lir us1(, ut toi onan
-'doth e hts 1 f h'l i. Yl t he n-o
tterne wenthrywher, th er
plcw ntewoe ob hthb
hihadwnru ers i itr
we s c m o t e s e l l n eig i
bein prsdnBoyh lnireas
" HAPTr ineboter,"Conth, in think
'damgreat lod ragher . have benot
- thouh thr hou ind lay harn,, a.,-,,-..
ey. Miil
from Washington today I I tell you
I've spilent the meanest afternoon
over did in may life, and I guess it':
been pretty much the sane with all 01
us. The worst of it is, it looks tiu
though there isn't a thing in the worit(
we calk do. The country's beetn be
trayed by a few blatherskltes Un(
boneheads that had the power to (10 it,
and all we cln <o--We've just got to
stand It. But there's some Anericans
that aren't Just stainling it, atil I
want to tell you a lot of 'em are men
from the universities, just like us.
They're over there right now ; they
haven't said much--they Just packed
up un1l went. They're flying for "rance
and for England anad for Canada ;
they're fighting under every hag on
the right side of' the western front;
and they're driving ambulatces at
VerdIun a(ll altliltuition trucks at the
Somiie. We'lJ, there's going to be a lot
more Amerlena boys oli all these jobs
mighty soon, on1 account of what those
111011 di in congress tolay. If they
won't give us a chance to do some
thing under our own flag, then we'll
have to go 111(1 lo it unler soine other
flag; and I walt to tell you I'm one
that's going to go ! I'll stick it out in
college Il) to Easter, and thei if
there's still no chaice to go urnder the
Stills alul Stripes I'll maybe have to
94) ullder the flag Iimy great-great
grantifather fought ugni nst in 1776,
but, anyhow, I'll go!"
It was in speaking to Itainsev of this
leclaration that I ora said Frel was a
"dangerous firebramlm." 'They Were
taking another February walk, but the
February was February, 1917; and1 the
(iny was dry and sunny. "It's just
about it year ago," she saitd.
"What is?" Itamsey asked.
"That first tiiie we went walking.
i)on't you remember?"
"(OI, that day? Yes, I remember It
as sn1owing."
"Anil so cold atid blowy !" she added.
"It seems a long timne ago. I like walk
ing with you, lamisey. You're so quiet
anl solld-I've always felt I couh( talk
"I Never Liked Any Girl Enough to
Go and Call on Her."
to y'ou just a nyhmow 1 pleiasedl, anil you
wVoubiln't intil. I'll 1ii1ss theose wvalks
wvith you when we'r'e out of college."
1Ile shtckld. '"T'hat's funny "'
"'hi'(:tuse wo'*ve only takeni four' hie
sides t his: t wo last year, ni'l antiiher
wee',k beforiie hast, itiel anithler last
we'tek. TIhis is ~oity the fifth.''
"f('mod grailou's !Is tinat all? It
seemiteel to' me we'd gonle (ver' so
often !"' She laughieud. "'m'i a frai3d you
won'it thitnk thai seetus inuchas :ift ll
lik'id going, but I ieally htave. Aitml.
hy3 thei waiy, yo u've ineer en Iled oin on'
it. alli. Per~thnipls it's Ibeeinuse I've for
got len to ask you."'
"I Iih, ni,"' IRnisey snhid, am11( seuff~ed
his shoies onl thle linth,. presentIly ex
lilaining rat her ishsI ly thai~t he "never
wa'is inuchi of a caliler"; and he added,
'"or aniythilng.''
"WVell, you must comec If you eve'
care to,'' she sitb1l, wIthl a big-sist er
griaciou~isness5. "Tlhe' Dorm-l clhaiperon
sIts there, ofi ('ourise, buit ourils Is a jolly
one11 iand youi'd like her. Youi've pro'4b
ulbly met hier--ai rs. iiust ings ?-whlein
you've ('illled on ot her' girl-s at our' old
0000 0000 OOoo
England Has Three of the Most Re.
markable That the Whole World
Has to Offer.
A lout' of bread mlore than (600 years'
obil. It is satid,. is to be found at Ambhas
to, ini 'l irhlvhire, lEnghmnd. It was
inchltaled In a grant of ltml from the
crownt in theii reIgn of' King J1ohn, and14
lhts ritinied ini thle Sonr family (eer
A ltnt a s great a cuiostity as t hIs
Is at houls' 1.1(14 years oft age, itned yet
lit for habtlitatol'n. Thlits ob1 dweling,
lihe oie4st inhtinhiteid hiouse In lang'md(,
was hultlt ini tihe t ine of Klug ( tf'a of
~er('ia. It b-' oct agomnal in shap e, the
w~alls of its lower' story being of great
111111IIII111111111111111111111IIIIl11t1ii igU
Copyright by Doubleday, Pago & Company
"No," salti 1R:n si'. "I never was
mnuch of a " lie paused, fearing
that he Ight he repeat lag hiniselt,
lendl too hastily arnentlet his Intentiton.
"I never liked any girl enough to go
81n(1 call on her."
"Itainsey M ilholland I" she cried.
"Why, when we were In school half
the roomn used to he talking about how
you and1 that pretty Milla-"
"No, no I" ltinsey protested, again
too hurrie:lly. "I never called on her.
We just went walking."
A noinent later his color sudldenly
becanme fiery. "I don't mean-I mean
-" he stamnlerel. "It was walking,
of course-I incaii we d1i'go out walk
big, but It wasn't walking like-like
tils." lie ctam lutledi with a tit of
coughing whclh sentedl to rack him.
I)tra threw bhack her head and
laughed delighteilly. "Don't you apolo
gize !" she saidl. "I (hin't when I said
It seelnedt to Ine that we've gone walk
Ing so often, when in reality it's only
four or tive tihues altogether. I think I
can exphiin, though: I think it ('ae
partly frotm a feeling I have that I can
rely on you-that you're a good, sold(,
relilible sort of person. I renember
froin the thne we were little childi'en,
yol always hil a sort of worriei, hon
est look In school. atnd you used to
nii kte a (lent in your forehead-you
mieant it for a frown-whenever I
(caughI youlr eye. You luttil 1ne so hon
estly, :id yo 'u were so honestly afrald
I woiln't set it !"
"Oh, no-n o-"
"Oh, yes-yes " she laughed, then
grew serious. "My feeling about you
--that yotu were ai person to he relledl
oil, I Incian--I think it began that eve
ining ii our f'reslin:ani yeai', after the
1aisittinhi, when I sloppedl you on the
(arnpus anl yolu went with me, anid I
couldin't help erying, and( you were so
nice ani (inliet. I hardly realized then
that it was the first time we'dl ever
realtly tilkel together-of ('ourst 1 did
ali ie talking -ani yet we'd known
ouch other so inany years. I thought
of it afterwtl'(l. But what gave me
such a (IItfl'rentt View of you, I'd al
ways thei ght you were one of that
truettet yor oif boys, always just
bursting for a fight ; but you showed
me you'<l really never lu1i a light i
your life andl hated lighting, aind that
you syupathlize(l withil my feeling about
war." i e She stoIliI.1 sjIwaking to (lralw
in her breath with ia shalrp sigh. "Al,
(loll't you rielum ilier wl I've tol! you
:ll111 alo g? 1low it keeps 'aionillg
closer aIndi elsel'-:nd nlow lits :tllinost
here,' Isn't It unth1inkatble? Andl whatt
cane we (to) to slop it, we poor few who
feel that we liuist stop it ?"
"' el--" niilus'y iii' in Ui eln ' t
ably. " 1f 11 'o''rSe I---"
"You ('st't tlo inuchl," ;-, aibl. "I
lilown ill e ii f t (18 lieni.t \'ii
ililt'l v. do?, There are~t~t~ s full of
lu's .unog t'he isnsayigrathat les-:oin
Ily on ' ill theici whl':;s faitl . All'~ t heg~
res1, are' 'li'lar.li t wi e inustii '1115 gI
it'; we1' itlst ali2'iI leverfee ftrwatliii f It
we lief I t anytill' :'' n ; e in
lti t to heI (. o e hist breath!".
"91i'y~ i 0 Ti' 20'7"ihe rep te wliner itly
"i )hu aulylufigur ofsl lpeis," sh alit
InutIenty.4 hi langt~ slagey wile fulof
Ihlrhar1'ie igure lt iovile odel.h
~~l''re .yiel l c iisc~, ~ sayin ht s oi ng~sei
sito' the's I'an:lliat av'(iaitoieon ll crp. f
tin ik'i' 1'it tr e?
"lhe whyi~ di yfu lejtin tallhitr
surn'y yeoi'u have' 135r5 inlunc wt
hs1( face~vi : the 1ntly 4'ilIntd ot h'
Raivher al eine211.i uretitioyas rogt.
"\\' 22l, you' know, l I -'red1411 sa1y e lasof
ne imsii l s I '1n 't se li t le muc oit1
In know.s ll Slidon' cly see?' That41
soof hi ng 112 . is 1nt 31i1s 'inhe Ill(
Ip ouT ad it a leadefr. th n' you id(
the (wagh ie ofor1' him to answyIer.
"Itn't you?"te s h he insisted.
The grnC, dsperd n tm
- Wraps for Surnm
HEII least showy anti conspicuous
of our friernds often proves to be
the best friend In need, andi so it Is
with coats and wr .ps. Now that the
title for Sunmner Jo4trne(yings is here,
1tSk the unexperieneet globe-trotter,
and she will tell you to begin your
outfitting with a practieni, roonmy
coat, made of a soft, wari mterial.
In i neutral or cdar: color. Whether
your path lends to the muntains or
the sea, the tropics or the (lesert, take
Practical Wraps for
S turdy coat along, for you will have
need of it.
One (loes not ncquire i coat of this
kinl for a single Journey or 1 single
season, therefl'ore ecet'Ilriities of
Style are not auniong its possessions.
W1e muty cotnt (II straight Ilnes,
youthful :andl ian:liinish styles to he
long-livedl andit 1 affeete by passing
whinms of f'ashion. but entirely' coIn
fortlable. Such :1 coat is sIl.wn at the
right of the two pictured here. It is
pr'Ooie withi rapacious411 Il'Its, uI'
p d I linple collar :1141 IS I' ,,e,:,Iy belted .
-lale ofl hornes1. I tweed, duvetyin
:111fl cattlel's-hair :111" sin11ling congsg,
it is the itiui'IsI's d1el'igh:t.
The co:11 :1t'thI left iif tIll' pictu'I re
proc1haiInls itself 1s cal' this 5'('1'Cson w'it h
1's wide, erli.c'imk( sle'ev4'', but it is
/ a d hf o h oiin o rvl
In /onayadhslnht eon
"leasnitUSlip-Overt jbwe
'Iha C an1ldl( fong grde of04 the inn'teriavl.
Inbge color:I~ 11r4 tan4 Iandel lne wiith
lready coat11' I s 2fl (are occupy-~ll
They assurgc us140 i'h2at 11 lines ill con.i
linne stighI't an see11lagegEe
ifIthese111 detail' ar'e~ changeth
rlt illil y nl Cain? of a'1' little
prons udto tuuer he bechagso ag
er Trips;
itted Accessories
en. The sweater has been multiplied
to suit occasion, scarfs have been
varied for the saute reason, hats and
bags to iatch thetn have joined the
cheerful coruany of knitted acces
soril. These things, and others, are
taken ns a matter of course In the
wardrobe whlie emIphasis is placed
on the kind of yarns employed and on
style aint! color.
Knitted things, including dresses,
are especially voguish for sportswear,
Summer Journeys.
hut their usefulniess does not begin or
end there, unless w\"e nittke "spor'ts
wenrI'' i terI ul' Very wtih' :ppliention.
Knitted garn ettis, eleverly styled, tip
Ie:Lr altnost ee'ry whlre. Many of
iI'iII ar' IIpjroI dnets oI w 1inierful loomy
-1114 inuny11" of iheln are hund iltted
the hitter Jitlving the usttat 1restigei
of handwolrk ov~er ninchrino work:. Now
that. they are so i:zshijion:leh it I:
well woritih whih- It) learn to knit. WOin
cn flind it fuseinnlig work, good for
the noerves Irtl an 11111iorlinr refuI
to tile strait on t hieir l ouu thoks.
A iir n ight in11nIke a heginnitiIng in
the r'teith'r1 of knitIling iy copy'ing
fie irtt 2y sz-aif oIf Irela[ nd wit' siow-:.
here at I1t' right 4f 11hie ihllistru lhltt.
A fl(' zi'Iehyr, inl :1any coloir det'sired, Is
used foir it :111al ille borer'r ol' strip.' s
- ' * 1
tcae and Scarf.
inI (tat rast ing coalors, iunly suit in.
divii a lany.
Thei ship-a ver. i.weinter at the heft
is Innehina'-kit td andc Innuy be hadl
ini Minhiost il ny colorji. It is a~ practical
:uad~ youaat hfil affazir with~ a "V"*' neck.
.1lbow~v z~ leevex, and fanc'z Iey boi'r
eled wa it h whitep. The collar uniu'
e'tsl uamih the btordeIr and! ai larowv
bu isiness'5, is theare hea'tuse it is t here,
ho tiia i apre 13y finish. 1t buttons~ at
ea-h snie after crotssinag at the, front.
.insi nii I he moltinen't inny' slp-eu'.
Swet-aris art shtowin iln gay etahals ,,hih
horiiiontal StrPipes' ini wvhite, or white
interwoven waii i1h ith te olor, anrd Inun
finct er tare fet uriig swhiei*er IT'
whitie Pwith hiorizonital strIijaa's in Nava
n*lo pzattearus. TPhey are luii- fora sporta
wea-;r. 'iii h tuxedo( ininia~ains its plhace
for oblear ipoplhe.
Read What Mrs. Lucas Writes Co.
cerning Her Troubles, Which:.
May be Just Like Yours
St. Louis, Mo. - "I had troubles that
all women are apt to have with pains
my back,weak,tire,
nervous feelings and
a weak stomach. I
had been this way
about ayear and was
unable to work or
stand on my feet for
any len th of time.
My husband's aunt.
told me how much
ood Lydia E. Pink
ham's Ve getable
Compound had done
her and begged me to
try it, so I did. All my pains and weak
ness are gone, my stomach is all right
and I do my work at home and also wgr
for Swift's Packing Company. I recom
mend your Vegetable Compound to my
friends and you may publish my letter
as a testimonial."-Mrs. LULU LucAS,
19A Vandoventer St., St. Louis, Mo.
Again and again one woman tells an'
other of the merit of Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
You who work must keep yourself
strong and well. You can't work if you
are suffering from such troubles. Mrs.
Lucas couldn't. She tried our Vegeta
ble Compound and her letter tells you
what it did for her. Give Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound a fair trial
Life is a burden when the body
is racked with pain. Everything
worries and the victim becomes
despondent and downhearted. To
bring back the sunshine take
The National Remedy of Holland for over
200 years; it is an enemy of all pains re
sulting from kidney, liver and uric acid
troubles. All druggists, three sizes.
Look for the name Gold Modal on every bo
and accept no imitation
Take SulphurBaths
at hiOM ye~
Gout, Eczema, Hives, etc. Right in
your own home and at trifling cost,
you can enjoy the benefit of healing
sulphur baths.
na'turesownbtinoa rl(.vlng and skln heallng
remedy --1UPifl IR-prepare.d In a w.ay to
make Its use. mnott eiCkaelus. Use. It In the
Iis at t -.. ke lt i ai i lying to affected
60c and $1.20 the bottle
at your druwrmIst's If h~e can't supply you
wen tis e l .m In te tic ctnstamps and
lltimore. Md.~
JIanma .S'Ih/ur c.,njon ogn4. ._____. _
mng-'25e an j5 for us i du '5u
The infants' ad Children's Regulator
P~Iensant to gIve--pleasant to
otallonr,< abaeltely a tmleaa
it. quickly overcomen colie
old r lie disordr,.a
* The opon published
" formula appears on
Al4A H Druggst
Mothers should keep a lar of Bramie's Vapo,nentha
Salte conVenient. When C.roup. Insluenza or P neu
monila threatens this dehuuhtful salre rubbed wre'I into
Ste throat. echest and undct the anna. wil! reliev e the
choking, break coagestion and prcuote resttul sleep.
3Ac 6k and $1.20 al all drmg asrus or set prepadby
Brama Drug Co. N. Wilkesboro, N. C.
Cuticura Soap
Are HealthyI
Seap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25c.
Hay Feve andrCaa.r
Suferrs Ge ttle;,'l"''"'
No-POLLEN Guirn ee
FREE TRIAL, OI,0'E. As'; your druggist o1
Ne-POLLEN Co.' 19 Onera P1., CINCINNATL, 0.

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