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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, June 15, 1922, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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The Great Wonder S
Saving Fathers, Ecomical Moth
Or At Any Place Until You Hax
A Word of Appreciation by Edwards & Darsey.
IDtrgains ! Bargains!! The grea test bain'. dts we have\"( ever seen has b(en; the general verdict of the hun
d id i ho j im ea . I xeked our store -21 ce the oe)CniIi of this great wa OndettAr s ale.
F t e of the.<e ptl cam.";1111(', from m . ar.d ik' , daway andI all c'arri ed away l tuanties of ierchand ise.
Gru itr r 1duct1(ns w1" be m d t h s ( 1w11(1 iatu'yi .
.. wa\nit to thani: Cur larg nu2mh1 of cus'o ':rs f"r their paira -- al (d-t r fth in om- 'atisi''.
Our ho ' t e:::)(eLt:t:: kr te quie!- d : -a f t'- } h <iurin.s th -. a i1-.. :e t i ful
t1 au1 cz. t e L are v.- '''* : m l'iak \Vri( ' tow t r m in h2:- day1 o(1 this :3t : th 1-t i wi.ll Ie
"m..1.r you ta ut o1 m ci:: at do . 't . l
4 Domd1M DownThe'au
98c 98c. 33c
..,e 'r os~o ,0a:. This Handsome Red Star Oil Range to be Given Away Absolute
theC't Lhe ftaxus E-.yle Plus make i The range that is recommended by the country's leading do1
ere rices up to $:35.00. Last i With a Red Star oil range in your home you can cut your da;
ali was.. '1: . now' i" "'{ takeWith each $1.00 purchase you will be given a ticket absolutel.
se>more off. Final eut price a small child wvill draw out a lucky ticket and winner of a prize
your number is called or else another number will be drawn.
Girls Dresses
!swam a ' LFor= pr i 1 es to $5.03 clos'n ou t - \ i r.
Style. Plus make'. Tlhey arie won- ( ~inlIIHI
der ful suits, w): o tieful herains 2P, 2new-'a- \ - !~JI Ir
eststye, aul ss n r ke. 'a \t
wet0ks sa1 4rir .wa 1.5n ta :, \
1 )( ! ,u cl :4 : :'5'a. t. :::,~i., 4.sr . , vi .
FMn' Ursdeemweoe
1.- )
$98 a
_ _ _ WORK SHOES Dress Goods
anlio - semanenml , Se T hia i a ris mae A tar hi.: a' to pk fimn oies,, ort
the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ b v.tl(Stn., ePu aeTez yruanw thtieomak endedb gande cots leadi doofte
ow. ho w .t'. o0 L a t d S t oi w eaga . iId at 5m e so m a ca u y u r d.
I.s leather sei. C n.e out priae Its the price appeal of 1as Final
aturda(yi Jurt 7. ati 4::10 p . .. a ku'.9a th ae Lto c. '.$4ja ~ tC1
We~e yo crer t one'.' We hav
arit.th that. we arr chir.' : w l :nk
.id.a Thre hm::. Fial ct~ mric - a ml hl ilda u uk iktadwne fapie
n eme P ICE N S will be sud lrr
ale Smashes Through Ail Price Bargains
ers Don't Buy Anythinig At Any Price.
e Visited This Sale. Only a Few Days Left.
The Man In Charge Speaks a
Few Words.
(:.. ("o..;e, andr our -' e w: . m e
to h w yo th; i ! san h ..'---h -.- sell
<3 1 t.. st;re I n . t .. t 1,", nn i- -.-. fa l
: t4tord t i t' ht ay., i ai .
The Man In Char
BLAKE TS -os ut
Boys' Suits
A ... BLA:Stfr
.. r.a 1 'e; u t !.) Last \\"('.week
- - - I t: :1 \tn. we t i 'l. m at , t.., now\ take h :
ut . ' 're, i 'it su e prick.
$1.98 $4.48
FREE Ladies Dresses
y Free Saturday, June 17
nestic science experts.
-s work in half. :C t 1, . S'5.00 Final cut
free and at 4:30 p. m., Saturday
but you must be present when
Chdrens Rompers.ie
eKS~ n C'ut price
48c . .h!4'(1(I
p. p h- *A .s f g. , ke i..1
/ '4 ..\) ~ .~:.::2&7;98c.
<~ ~ -.--~-- Ladies- Shoes-Oxfords
- r. All ,:.*.al tyle,.fo n -
* ~ ..% ~ ~pricl . - S';.7.' (ow. out they go,
BargainsGuinia He n Race
50.' heavy Idgo Sirting at liIe yd.
C urtain ood I e ydI.
Be.st tal H i clt I :4e yd. I he greatest nov(elty you (ver1 wvit
S 10.00 Tru nks chIsing out. at $'.08. nessd i.t, thi., to)wnI, prom pty a'
$-.1.0)0 .\lens vlt hatIs $1. 98.. 110:0 Satu rday moring l~ .1 one 17, we
,.2..M1 Me ).--- 4.1 u n p n il throw from the ro)1T of t~he store
t a-.r wi--h w.*i 41 enti the (11apture' to
a 'n Ih I/i iiI aly1. hav'e to (10
l':> Ia' !:.: ua ando pr1esent the
- a :: d -a our .-Itore-both1 Ird
1, hLre o'i time anid shiare in thez
.r. t(s su-e me fun folks andl(
t:. 11n/ i worth trying for
. I.;.

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