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Roberts, Chairman of Leglor
mittae for Reception of Guests,
Lxods Choice Recipe.
C' ma1n v"-ho made it l"catke-eater'.
larsidIt I y:h during the m1trh81ii's
tour of Aiierlea
Im~s fillen for the
::habit himlself. Al
' ton T. Roberts of
Milqluette, fMih.,
chort of othe
cotiinittee for the
receprtionf of (fd.
tiigtishil lttests;
11 (lhtti e pastry
cooks of North
1111d SouthlCao
lina shadowed for
two months to
the reelpe for a iertain angel food
that wals harn(iet abhord the
inee Mir. Rtoberts finished With the
nit trip of Ma1rshal .loffr'e across
contin1ent the rec"ipe has been
lid. Ir. Itobierts is now reedy for
eminent guest: of the I egioni at
New Orleans convention next Oc
lgruntled Hotel Owner Makes
Apology to Legion for Flying
Emblem Upsidedown.
Before 2,00( people In the public
na,.ittre a hotel man:u of Sit. Augustine,
A F lta., hoiste( the Ainerican flag, saluted
It aInl nu(1e at public apology to the
deil ost of the Atierieun Legion for
ng t'.r flag upsidedown, as pro
againt t the pitching of a carnival
11)111y to tit near his hotel.
In Littlet" n, Colo., two steeple jacks
m1 the lo ail Legion lost elilbed the
1110 ai I ) court house afnd reseled
1 I
-4 ----- --
Hoisting the Stars and Stripu3.
tit tred and wealier-siti mind 3na1tional1
.llTe jiost had1( irotested( against
ih treatmIlent of thle 11htg. VTe county
it thatit fhag relhied l.re a coul e
id Gardiner, Former Doughboy,
Ifter Months in Hospital, Re.
sumes Theatrical Work.
i'i m 13 ininee darling to doihiii~~ty
* toIreieloi.s a l ong stepI. From00
p to IlIod-.c -
vaudelleh( is
op fully as8
noiar of the
enth lufan
vete'ran of
'a1u T 'lierry.
Mihlel and
rgonne,( ( :ir
-was wvoiund
- )On thei mioring ohf his reh.'ise
irrying On With the
American Legion
10319, (4ilii~over 60 (ex-soldiers
* * *
Mionitanai state board f dua
t. ias voted01 to erect mio1rorial to
't soldIers who loist their lives In
h orild warii, eaich miemioriail to cost
* * *
service flaig is still flying, only
me': :ii merchants a18lre uing it to
ji10 puile know how imanuy ex.
ci eC men0 aire emiployedl 1n their
Nider of
n15 to the
Ihe codin
on otfS
he Kitchen
Copyright, 1922. Western Newspaper Unia.
"Candor is the seal of a noble mind,
the ornament and pride of man, the
sweetest charm of woman, the scorn
of rascals and the rarest virtuo of
Now that fresh cabbage Is In the
mark-:t, the following dish will be one
we will like to try.
Pepper Cabbage Salad.
--Take one q u at r t' of
fresh cabbage chopped ;
add one cupful of green
pepper also chopped ; sea
son and mix with one
cupful of cream dressing
and serve on lettuce. To
prepare the dressing use
one teaspoonful of dry mustard, one
tablespoonful of sugar, one teaspoon
ful of sal. and one-half teaspoonful
of paprika, one tablespoonful of flour,
one egg, two tablespoonf ,is of olive
oil or butter and une-half cupful of
rich milk. Put the dry ingredients
in a bowl, add the egg yolk, and
three tablespoonfuls of vinegar; cook
up thick and add the remainder of
the ingredients, heating well. Just
before serving, add one-half cupful of
whipped cream.
Tapioca Delight.-Dissolve three
fourths of a cupful of sugar and one
half teaspoonful of salt in four cup
fuls of coffee which has been strained.
Add one cupful of minute tapioca and
cook over hot water t;ntil it is perfect
ly transparent. Add one-half cupful
of chopped nut meats and one-half
teaspoonful of vanilla. Chill and serve
with cream.
Club Sandwich.-Toast slices of
bread on one side only, cut in ti
angles. For the filling, spread each
side of the bread with anchovy paste
mixed with salad dressing, then add
to each slice a lettuce lear. In between
each slice put a layer of tuna fish,
two slices of cooked bacon and two
rounds of fresh tomato spread with
salad dressing.
Waffles.-Cream one-half pound of
butter until creamy ; add one-fourth
a pound of sugar and the yolks of
three eggs, one-half pound (two cup
fuls) of floir, one pint of warm milk,
and then when well mixed add silt
and fold in the well-beaten whites.
Iake on a hot waffle iron. Serve t1h
powdered sugar and preserves or j n.
A most dellcious dessert whlich may
he prepared the day before is this
ItaIce an angel food inI a sheet, cut in
squares, cover with crushed strawber
ries and sugar and top with whipped
cream. Or a slice of brick ice cream
may be used as a filling between lay
ers of cake and topped with berries.
Honey Gem Cakes.-Cream one-half
cupful of buter, then add one-half
cupful of sugar, one well-heaten egg,
one-half cupful of honey, one cupful
of cold water, two cupfuls of sifted
flour and two te'aspoo.nfu Is of baking
powder. Flavor with lenon and bake
in gem Irons or pans.
Chronic fault finders should consider
that it Is their envy which deforms
everything, aind that the ugliness Is
not In the object but In the eye.
Hamburg steak seasonedl and nmade
into a flat cake, then brolled, maIkes
an entirely dllifer
ent steak fronm
q ~ ~the usual wvay of
seirving it. If gas
isused grease
thei broller and
unni lace un der
I.I. rae.
Peanut - Butter
Luncheon '1oast.-Melt two tablesploon
ftuls ot butter ini a sau lcepani and~ add
two tale~lspoonifuls of flour ; add one
half teaspooniful of sait 1a1m( a few
dlashes of pepper. When the hatter
and flour ae well blended, add one
and one-half cupfuls of iiik, st Irrilg
constantly, then adhd a heef cube. Stir
over a slow fire unitil the cube Is (11s
solved mt.d the sauce thick, Inuve hot
toast ready, spreadl~ each pIece gener
ously3 wvithI peanlut butter and arrange
onl a pltt er. Pour the hot sauce over
themi, and1( on top of each piece of
toast place two slIces of hot cris1)
bacon. Serve at once.
Apple aGread.-Mix and sift four cup
fuals oif liouri, two t ablespomon fuls of
lbaking nowder; add1( one~-fourth of at
cupilful of suigarI, (ine I easp5~oon~iful of
sait ; miiix well and stir in two cupi fuls
of aidelit pulp, place in panis and bake
in a hot (oveni on~e-half hour11.
Lemon Potato Pie.-P'eel and grate
(olnell( indumizedi/.' 11ota1to, pour over it
one cult'ul of' boiling wa':ter. Cook
live itl (tes sirrlig constanntly. lIe
serlve two e'gg whites for a mieringue;
heat onue whole egg and the
yolks of' two; add one cupful (of
sugari, a pInch (of 51alt, theO grait ed
rid and11 juIce' of a lemon ; stir lnte
thle pot ato mIx Iure and cook until It
thickens; ('oo(l and1 fill a prev'iousiy
baiked cirust. C'ov'er withI a merIngue
Lima Beans en Casserole.-Soak one
andit one-hlif cupfuls of lima beans
ov'ernight In wa'Iterl to t'1cve, thien In
the morning cook unt ii soft. C'ook oneI
fourth of a pound1( of batoni -until wieil
selared ; add1( two'( med'(iumsized1tL onIons
sliced ; cook until1 soft. ini a gr'eased
casser'(IOe pla1ce a layer (of beans
sprinkled with~ onions, and( snalI ieces
of baconill; add~ sailt s' ar'ingly and a
little pepper ; repeat unti aill are used.
Over this pour' a cupful of mil k and~
bake a hllf-hiour.
Most Prized Article of Furniture
In German's Home Is Made
by Himself.
So He Constructed Coffin Providing
Means Whereby He Could Be
Saved--Bell, Pipe and Sand.
wich Are Provided.
Richland, N. J.-A coffin is one of
the rillulpll articles of furniture In
the home of Christian Straube, a na
tive of Geriawny, who points with
pride to his last habitat which he
built with his own hands and accord
ing to his own ideas.
Straube occupies a small hut in the
woods between Ricland and 11M1lmay.
The shack contains one room and the
furniture consists of a stove, a small
table, a rot, at chair and the coffin.
This coflin is Straube's pride and
Joy, not on account of its Intrinsic
Value nor Its expensive material, for
It is made of boards sawed from trees
in the surrouinding woods, but because
of its Colpleteness.
The grimn box contains complete
paraphernalla to safeguard the occu
pant from unnecessary suffering in
case he is hurled without being really
Freeh Air for "Corpse."
In the cover, abiove the place where
the man's nose will be, is a hole in
which a pipe, ten feet in length, is set,
which will extend above the surface
of the earth, affording plenty of fresh
air to the "corpse."
On top of the pipe is a large bell
connected with a rope to be placed
in the occupant's hand so he can ring
for rescuers if he regains conscious
ness in tle. coin.
Straiuhe does not believe in em
hahaning, and has from his youth
thought with fear and anguish of the
possibilities of being hurled and con
ing to life when put snugly away un
der six feet of earth.
It wats this fear that prompted him
to build his own collin provided with
the necessary safeguards against such
at calamnity.
A fresh satndwich is made every two
or three days, the last one Inade to
Ti CoffI, i l ' St auesP iea dJ y
ft dea . i
har Coflfngin Maub' ride anding)'
cemletery, and they will kno t1W1hat it
Is Straubie comilng to life, bireathting
the cool atir and eating his sandwich,
waiting for some one to answer theO
bell iand bring hhni to the surface and
to the outside wvorldi.
Escapes From Institution in West
Virginia, but Returns of His
Own Accord.
- !I it is uisualily wi' h
- :iy ig away*t: from It,
not appily to Striothe1r
oiniy, whoa ('scaped(
-onnity jil here solne0
- VJ wa sentenced to at
ciner fori seinilg at
ci'r throughI the malnls.
,;mI P. Lew.is w'5as arousedl
-I . y ihe ringing oIf the Juli1
- * I respode anli~iIid was sur -
t*l iin ' over several states
2' ahi9 'lnt andio was atlso
:1l!" -' miinares"' a (lay.
hs1i of his sen.
red' it was~t
ini JaliI than
* ..cwparate Rooms.
. The paroblemi of the0
2110n and2( womien on a
bien it is bedtime han
re- -y .Judge J. A. hloppmann
.2 's . u.Lnty, Wisconsin, who( (de
-res . atthey be given sepalrat te
(24msW. Thie sheriff is to watch Over
lhe meS while his wife guards the
('men-l membeiiJrs of tile .Iury.
Until entirely rid of n cough or cold, lot
Just a few doses of 'o-ru-na
taken soon after exposure or
first manifestation of troublo
will usually break a cold or
disalpato in a hurry the most
persistent cough. 1h91 p Kiw0tmi
1ii' KEEP IT IN 'I
Wards Off Malaria and Re
it not 8old by Your druggt.t write Ar
0-So-Easy to Use
Colors Silk, Wool Putnam
and Cotton F d
Allat the Same Time
Envy will lInd1 fautlts wvhere there
title none.
- t
Important to all Women
Readers of this Paper
Thousands upon thousands of women t
nave kidney or bladder trouble and never
suspect it.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the 1
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy con
dition, they may cause the other organs
to become diseased.
You may suffer pain in the back, head.
ache and loss of ambition.
Poor health makes you nervous, irrita
ble and may be despondent; it makes any
one so.
But hundreds of women claim that Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restoring
health to the kidneys, proved to be just
the remedy needed to overcome such
Many send for a sample bottle to see what
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
bladder medicine, will do for them. By
enclosing ten cents to )r. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., you may receive sams
pie size bottle by Parcel Post. You can
purchase medium and large size bottles at
all drug stores.-Advertisement.
Chicago Plans 25-Story Garage.
.\tnongr; I~ t hatst nveil ies ((t :i
(11(1ob I o ve ie'e "11''ltl(( s 1, :1 propo1(s('l1
autoioblile. u -l.'vaa f 2tri sP in 1 ' h-111s(I1
(engo, to ('(st 81,2txltl00i. :\1'1er1 the(
owner or dlrive'r <h-posits thep (lr in ith(
builbling, 31n e'levaltor orie it upstairs
and( store'(s it in it,, allottedt spa(.(. AllI
ibs wourk is ne'compliished by h a wom1u
an1 ope (rating atl a keybo (ardl fin thel first
Sure of It.
Alr" uiret lookhY 1111 t li h 1't h llr 'ith -
on1 dhy :nd sai:
"3It lher. .feats 1l1s wash (hytys,
hisn't h(':".
"Why,1v no4, chid. hr mouther repllie'(l.
"lIi hel ha1s." inlsisted( 31,1.rgare.
"\l"Wh dol 'il SayV ,inl?'" thel mo4t her
"lie'aue. 'oother, hin't il. wsh
my\ .silns away?1("
Here's a
from Natu
G OOD old
placed in
wonderful food
and sustain life
Many so-call
robbecd of vital e
barley food-br
goodness of the g
with a crispness
the appetite.
You will fmnd
dish for breal,
Ready to serve
cream or good
Order Gral
grocer today.
Grape -Nuts
Made by Postr
)k out. They are a source of danger.
NRA Two generations havo known
a 'E-1W-NA and its astonish
ing ouecess in the relief of
cutarrhnl diseases. The pro
per medicine to have on band
rgeucyRemody for everyday 111..
Not Only For
Chills and Fever
But a Fine General Tonic
stores Strength. Try It
Utur l'eter& C.. Loulsille. K,.
lless Dyes F :oro
118oyspackage Dye?y
Clever Boy.
3\14,her--"Yo4tl shouhd le'arn t, lunke
hings go as laur as ipoissible." .lohnnly
--"Should I s't'rtch tile' truth, ii?"
Important to Mothers
EIilIine earefully every bottle of
,AS''Ol1A, that fainous i old remnedy
or litats andl chilkrti, aind see thatt It
hear's the t
igttitre or
n Use for Over 30 Years.
J1iild renz Cry for Fletcelr's ('astoria
All things nyet illleult before they
Dr. Peery's "Deadl Shot" Ia powerful but
sife. 76 years of success has prove' It.
Vith one sinele dlose., Vorms or Tapeworm
an h' expelletd from the sys im. uit no
nator oil or other purgitive should be used
n nc1i11tion. Money buck if not satlsined.
Cutting Off the Last Word.
Arc'heolog4ists have rcetntly bteen
tlu.zletd .ver the liniliug of lit' bii' l
ess h oely ofa lilt yptilian p rincess in
ill :itla'i'nt toinh4il. It seeins that the
luost ionl s to, how the( hocly lost her't
seI4) is llupo rtant in archeulogie'
II t'i'rtain tirient l 't'h i'it's it is
'tistitI'uly for ilt be'acl of 11h4 i,use',
it ilit s t'v'nt ,f' a cl'aut'slit' arg it'iint.
',u be'ln'l the holy, thus cuttiiig ite
Iltly is wei'll as lh' ;artgiuiunt short.
1 touihmi li'ss. ilit' lust we:r'ls t1h1at isstei.'l
fr-4in thet lipts of the. ben;elless pr1ial't's
were't: "\\'h4'r4 have"t you'111 ny
.I 4,tlgt'.
Tin Can.
Au11 ol41 hily was 'cos"ihng Iii' sl ir'et
thelther14' )lay. A\ <log ran lint' htI
wii Ii stich fur'' Ihal it kinni'elt'd het
iilow'in. .lust then a ligh u't ;1 rin over
114'r. A\ .etonian wirie4ssin' ihe' ae.
it ' it 51nliule to hr 2 ssist i nE'., 2ii
slicd: "Li~nly, dibl thatl <lo;, hurt you:?
"ht' lool'i iat b iui .1 lit!hi' tlatzt'l and
l'pliteti: "N\o. th l c o (1,;r hiln't ht1iri 4,u'.
It w its ti lii til I 'ierl Iio its tail."
The Styles.
"'Shlt' Iak ltess nal l'eve'als iniiire.'
Mother___ure ha
remens store house
othtfaou Naturt ad
ings yo aldale theua
;rraisis whifch borm,
and hflvth atchr
Gd'rae-Nd'' food ade
ftat faosppe-time.
from the package, with
pe-Nuts from your
the Body Builder
im Cereal Company, fue.
* Crante. Miob.
Don't Cut Out a
Shoe Boil, Capped
Hock or Bursitis for s
Be - P
A p 8 e
ill reduce thrn arId leave no blem
ishes. Stops ..t tonoss promptly. Does
not blister or remove the hair, and
horse can be worked. $2.50 a bottle
dei'.-ered. Book e A free.
W. F. Young, Inc., 310 Tcr..ple St., Spring6ed, MWs.
Abs.oIl tely i re.: 1.11 t d Subtracts to
$ . ;4.9 . ( re.t'r tr.laiy 1ane14 will aowat you
)iow to 11 t.1 Ia n ot o rosy iittiny without
harelly any .f'irt on your pmrt.
908 West Nora Ave., Spokane, Wash,
Klnhtkerw4-,or bet ltiseiiI results frotn your
1{1111., Metal th.-11 to us. l'rievas lowest. pr~ofes.
qutat. itegnsi Ihoo F inl e.. \- leliuburg, .\is.
hair makes people
LOOK OLDrlook very old. It
io bttt licesmarya
0bottle of tBun Hair
Color itestorer will bring back orig nal color .
quickly - stops dandrufr. At all good druggist.,
7e, or direct from Imis.Elli. Chemist., Memphis. Tna.
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 24--1922.
Vain Hope.
Sih- t 111n"l1 t'eh ls', I Iolp'.--os
tonl EVIIing ''rl5a(ertput.
Sure Relief
' .s ctNr
2 =Hot water
. r Sure Relief
254 and 754 Packages. Everywhere
"Willing to Pay."
'Iwo(ti olreil ha IIIlls w4".'e ssein-.
Ilitdl lute werIe .aht to start ihi'
gaiie, hIl 11liscoveliiIr al one if their
liiebtb'r iii ng. t T hI ir :i lta1111n1t iak d
for' s(11n1'41n1 rin 1 ite c~rowel 14. till the
liethlet's' p11hte0 . .\ lt a ' !ent s tt hlt
h l i 'i experi nc.. .1 thil u' t . in1
in Ithl tie. il:Ver y I. l..a1 atit
right till it i nhi l.is turn 11 hat.
.\fter lte eton fr H1:1 sne t
two p i t ,hee alts h14 c4 ..1.- led4 N with
tiltl it's 1)1' la 1n "t\i 1ii' I h aadirl 'ug
it. :11n1I turnlingr to, the4 lrw ih t-111
ed. : "'' n h).l'ulIl." 11 lit ht l 1 be t n l
4ith r ha 1'
One Reason for Haste.
Twoivi six-yeaoh1'4l h14ys" woro passing
Hill 41n1 d y" inl I.':irin tint. Thy
stoppee!'l, 41n1 ""f br1''a1h :ln t i ' t . It,
"W hyi' "1h1111h( y'111 ;:' 440 fast:" :1sk1d
it , rein:14iv4. '"V'41n ini e I1h'till 1f11i 14
aind it's 1 1t41 h '1'111' w44h 1 in h rry sit"
"4Illh, w1':I Il. he nswer.' "wev Jus.
~o1 1) hurry1'1 Inl 11rtier t41 keep tip with
'acof hr ninaoi es
eLad Barley
menis of these
aufacely baked. 5s~J
rs for
"There's a

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