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Paid Death Penalty Friday for 3)lsl
Brutal Murder
Columbia, June 16.-S. J. Kirby
Jesse Gappins and C. O. Fox were
clectrocuted at the penitentiary thi:
morning shortly, after a o'clcek foi
the murder of William Brazell, Co.
lumbia taxi-driver, near Leesville ci
the night of August 7, last.
The trio went to their deaths sing
ing and praying. Kirby went first
end he feigned insanity an tried tc
get his Ifi(nds from the straps. Thc
off iceis tcld him he better take it
easy, but a second time he slipped his
hands from the straps. Then1 four
guards took hold of him forcefully,
the straps Were mad) tighter thau
usual and the current was sent thru
n: body, the man being deprived,
bccaub; of ecntrary behavior, o-f the
'"., privilege c making a last state
ment. Ga ppians went second and Fox
last, the entire procedure consunl:ng
forty ninutes. Fox and Gappins
made last statcnlnts in which they
warnc(1 young men1 against bad coim
pny and evil conduct.
Thepeitentiary lfficials took the
curicus by surpi:se and staged the'
(xecutions at an Carly hour irst:ead of
sV necn, as is usual. This is the first
time a white man has been executed
in this state since 1913, and it :s the
first time three men were ever ele(
trccuted in the State the same day.
The three men wcre e.cnvicted last
September 14, 1921, of the murder of
William Brazell, a young taxi driver
of Columbia. Th(y were first semen
cod to dic October 21, but appeals,
which wr.)e never ptIfeeted causvd
postponement of the (late and mad.
resentencing necessary.
." Obstinatc, Rot.cntant, Humnble
Obstinate, repentant, humble-thess.
wcrds deribe the maniner in which
the murder tr io "went to their deaths
as the sun pecpe( over the pcniten
tiary walls Friday nlor:ng." It W.
ccl outside, but sweat stcodl on the
faces of many'.' who vere at the death
house to sce the e::eeuticn ct the
thrce men wloosc cm ime shocked a
state and who sent to an untimely
grave a young Columinian, whose car
they tock and whom they killed, to
coVelr their crime.
Kirby was obstinate. Because he
was not allowed to make his final
siatement to the audience as he stood
at the entrance of the death audi
terium, he re fused to submit peace
fully to the stlrapping into One big
chair, and cfficer s were forced to
handi him with forc and to (ICpi'e
him of the- privilege of making his
last statement.
Gappins prayed as he sat in the
chair. "Stand by mu dear Lord in my
last monments on this earth," he began
and then fervently he poured out his
scul for fcrgiveness, and the hand
of the electrician was staytd, as the
young man prayed. But the prayer
was finally ended when the 1900 volt
current was sent hurtling through his
Warn Yceung .Men.
Bcth Gapping and Fox warne:
young nen agains hal cmpanions
and dIisreard . fr la'.v. Fox was
humble. "Good mrnilg, gentleman,"
he said a he co.red th dcath chamn
bo*r. "I have vet v little to say, he
mttcrd. "1 held n(.Lhilig against
any one. I hope to meet the other
boys in heaven.'" Three ministr.:'
held serv1iV s wit1h th(: m1i.1n before
thcy !eft thcir cells. At 5:30 this
Imornhig the captain of the guard
read t he. death wailent to the mena.
At (1:12 the first man wvas ledI to the
(bair r'C'1m, and within fifty minutes
the triple e::eeution was cndgd.
The trio appeared to have sdept wvell
during tl-c raht. A\ light breakfast
was given the men earl:y in. thc morn
Therec were ne it latives of the meni
pre stnt. Nene caredl to wvitness the
a~(ceutiens, hut later they called ait
the pmiismi t'. make arrangements for
dispcsit>.n cfi the bodiecs. Local tun
dcrtakers ni c;ared the bodics for
'The amuider wvhich wvas iespited this
nmoining wa:- ecommit'd (luring the
night of August 7, 1921. The tr'o
engaged the young mien to take thenm
to Lexington. to "see some girls."
When thcy g(et about liften mile's
from Celumnbia they blackjacked the
young driver, their aim be(ing to take
his ear~ and sell it in Flomida. The
blaeckjnek broke a:l Ithey stabbcdl him
to (leath to get away wvith their plan,
necrd'(ing to thei~r confessions. They
were later arrested in Augusta and
for sevcral (lays they were chased
thru Gcorgia and South Carolina by
a mob of men bcnt on punjshment.
There will be Children's day at
Lawieonce's Chapel the 4Ith Sunday
afternoon in .June. Everybody in
One More Week
The ':ccial subseipmt ion offer of
The Pickens Sentinel will close Sat
iirday', iJuly I. From nowv until thai
time youl may subscribe to The S~en1.
tinel for one dollar a year. Aftei
that (late the regular price of $1.5(
W~Ill go back into effect. No sub.
Fscription ncepted for less than a yeai
at, the reduced rate.
Successful Sessions Held at Secenii
Saturday and Sunday.
The annual meeting of the Picken
Bap;tist Sunday School- Conventior
ht(1 at Sceena church last Saturday
and Sunday was wcll attended and
thoroughly enjoyed by those present,
Much geod was aecmiplished.
The prcgram prc paed by the co111.
inittce was full of -''teresting sub
je'ts but could not be discussed ft r
lack of time.
On Saturday the cenvcntion gireat!y
enjioyed heaing Mr. J. L. ('orzine oin
"E fficiency in Sunday Schoc.I \c.
Mr. Corzne '.vas until rtc; ntly 'n
'lected with the Stagy Sunlay Scho
Board of the Balptst doncminatioin
but is new located a (}re nvilh..
assistant pas t(r Vnd superiatendeiet
<L th( Sunday sch. JO c f the l irst
Ha Pist hch. il(. is ensilr. iQ a
sil cialist mn Sunada stlI wm-k.
'fhen fishwed an :n'.ere~taing ilig
e ('ssin of "Vhv scme. superint.
denits tail and ;thei succecd.'' D)r. J.
11. 3litch ll, they n"ewI' piinciipal of Six
Hile . Ac m Ii 111 y, led in t:is discuss :eni
a11. brougtt;ht to the c(nvcmU1ion1 -C)n1.
then h t :W Ch lgiots.
S' veral gr 'd tulks vcr provoked
Iy', th< subjcrt, "Let the <-hil.i'r l
grow.'' Sclle o1f those participat i1
'n th s dIiscussion wert. )r. 'M-ihtt*l '
- R- R. Waidrp and F. T. Cox.
So dlay dawmd"l h}i:1:ht mnd p-m-e
n~r'm st cf a :t ..od day, w hich it wa;,.:.
\ lar;e crowd was presunt ail n i-h
mieet (I(4was iranifest( I ihani on the
day bc fore. After do \otional ('e:. -
Ci> ld by 1rt. S. G. )eri !he cn..
\'' In was U reatly ediied by a v' rv
able ; addnI s: by R\v. Mr. Carpen te i
Icf C ;n ( n " lihb' Study.'' l .
t+ li reg.rette'i thet more pcople (did
not h( ar thbis adh 1(1 . Mr. Carpen t er
is a Bible tealucer in the State Uni
versity at Columbi a but :, now engag
<'I in t each I: n th Sumncr School
at l'ui man University.
'1r. C'. I. Bcbo, of Laurens:, one of
the me.:t ecnst:'riaod. laymtcn in th'
state, brcu'uht a gieat message to
the convention h It rc the dinner hour
<m!! the 'Teacher B efore the Class."
IHe ( miphasirzaI three points: First,
the tacher nmust be a regenerated
ene: Sceond. he or she must know
th( lcok of Books; Third, prayer.
The el:max of the convention was
reached in ~the afternoon when Mr.
C. B. Bebo and Capt. .J. T. Taylor told
cut of their hearts the chief aim of
the Sunday Schccl was soul saving.
Thest talks sh:>uld stimulate all who
heard thin to a greater realization
of their privileges and opportunities
as Sunday School teachers and work
The ecnvention will meet next year
with Griffin church the first Saturday
and Sunday in May, and according to
a resolution adopted Sunday every
Sunday school 'n the Pickens Assoc
iation will be assigned a place on -ie
prcgram and will be cxpected to take
part. It is pi'opcsecl and hoped that
each Sunday school in the association
will at tend the next meeting :n a1
body, that all the Sunday schools will
close en that Sunday and that each
Sunday school will have a part in the
The (tl'iec rs elect'I for the next
year ar<: C. E. Robinson. president;
Mrs. A. P. Hlamimond. secret4Jry, and
O. T. Hinton, treasurer.
3Mr. WV. L. Dickson, Esq1., has re
ecnlybulta new house on East
ManS.and~ has moval into it.
- Next Sunday will be quarterly
meting dlay at the Mcthcdist church
and R v. A. E. Holler, presiding el
der', will preach Sunday morning at
Miss- Amianda Pattersen has just
':eturne d froim an extindedc visit to
friends at Lander Ccllege, Greenwood
andI cthoir noint i n that section.
Miss Hlelen Clayton is in Columbia
visiting friends, and on her wvay home
will stop at Clinton and spendl sonme
time withI her sister, Mrs. Edna Clay
ton Copeland.
Lake Eola is wide op;en now and
the pe(.ple of this sect ion seem to be
enjoying ver'y much the ir' swimmint.
The centract for the new schi"ol
building here was kct last Thursday
to Mr. Bob Shtek at Easley, and wvork
is e'xpected to1 begin at once.
J1. WV. Wallace spent the wveek-end
wvith his father in Union county last
There wvas an ordlination service at
the Fir'st Baptist chur'ch last Sunday.
Rev. MC. Mitchell, the new principal
of the Six Mile Academy, did the
preac'hing. and after' his seirmon, Mr.
S. R. Kelley, wvas or'dainedl a deacon
in the First Baptist church. Rev. .J.
W. G;uy, his pastor', led the ordination
Mtrs. L,. A. Falls' is spending some
time with Capt. and Mr's. Falls of
C1att cehee.
MIr. D). Lawr'ience mioved hi - family
to 1Libert y las't week andll malg-'
that his hen'e in the future.
The many: friends of' Mr'. Will
Ol01iver' ariE p !ad to knew~ that he has
r'etur'nedt from the hospital whler'e he
underwent a very serious opt ratloln.
Ie is doing we'(ll.
We wish to e'xtendl our heart-felt
thanks to the numerous fr'iendls for'
their' untir'ine- help during the sick..
noss and dleath' of our wvife andh moth..
er. Irvin Miller and Ch-:-dren.
His Entrance Assures Aggre'.ive
Camil.aign this Stanmner.
E. P. McCravy, scnatcr i fron Pick
ens county and formti Iy a mtuemberi
of .he hue cf lepresentatives, has
amCicmeticc1 his candlid- 'y f(or congress
frcm the 'Third <iisa iet :n opposition
<. -. IH. D(miniek, f i wbetry, the
1.re:-- .l: - ): rep rse tatht c. At the same
.ine thai Ir. tle'(avey statcd def
nitcly that he wculd be in the race,
he ki!'d hip 1kdg wr:th the proper
uthqnit is in (',umbia, hanishin.- a!!
l'emo.nimig d< tl( a. t', whether or
not he w'Cult[ i ake ihe rate . against
( (.1 ti'e s ran I'; l l:k
\ir. ec'avy, who is a native cf
A bbtville c unty. splnt the greater
I&ut t c' his yutth in i.aurens, but
inas reiaCjtl at I':asIcy for about 20
,errs. It was mayor f' Easley and
latII' rI )resen2tative and s( nator from
Ih is (ounty. 11 has che d istinction
(.1 nevr h(. 'Iavir.' hiain heateni for any
cifie hi has sought.
T he Thir d entcresdon: district is
('ontposud of Pi'c )ns, Artderi'son, Oc
em t , .\bh< v:Ile, Get enwood, Me."Cor
taik and N whibtrr'y cuntties.
(''nt risman I')omini'k is a candii
'latc" f Cr et itin, and it M.r. She rard
-. G(.I.w<,.J1 county is also in the
in. ,.ti
CmndlCen, J.1 tw 1.--At highi no-ml!'
SaturCaP. Juts( :, a we.dding' charmt'
ing in :t-: simplli-"lty but be~autiful in
ve'ry dcta: v.?, s:cletnti:'.ed at the
l'i esbtt? e.1. , t!ch h!en M iss M..
.:arct L. n1,:0, yc.une et daughter
.\ r.n d \[1"s. G. II. L (;i f t i
city, beeanme the bride of Frank Arn.
st1 cn c Pl'jic kens.
Thc ch (rch w\.t, (ka k ened and ('lc
t ie':ty, cnehanted tN beauty of the
attitistie* dI ('rati< ns of pinE(, sin ilax
and feathery ferns, that giaced an
altar w:th a background o( white,
gleamning. with innlumeirable candles.
The wedding march was playitI by
its Albc.rta 'Teamn at the iorgan as
the bi1:dal party entered.
'The ushers w cre Th.mas Lenoir,
Andi'ew Burnet, Eugene Lenoir and
Andrew Vhitaler. 'The grcomsmen
were Jitm icCr'a\'y and Futant Ro
Ii r. The hi idesmaids wcre.e M isss
Louise Pope and Elizabeth Wallace.
The ficwcr"'irls were Elizabeth
Zemp, lai y Rutledge Burnet and
lctise Kerrison. There was flower
i for cach bridesmaid and one for
the mnaiId of honor, Mi-s Beulah Fer
The bride entered with her father
who gave her in marriage. She was
ctremely pretty in a handsome dress
of brown canton crepe, with cham
pagne trimmings, hat and accessories
to match, and carried a shower bou
ouet of white roses. She was met at
the altar by the bridegroom with his
brothcr C. H. Armstrong, as best
tman. T.e ceremony was performed
by the Rev. Edwin Muller, D. D., u.
irg the beautiul and impressive cere
mniy of the Church of England.
Immediately after, an infernml re
c(epti(,n was Liven at the I inoir hum
'.n Fair street, the gueits iniuding
only the bridal party. rilalvie' amd
in;tim.ate frirnds. Wedding eake was
strv.! and 'iealti's \\"1 Cw drunk from
the sparikl:ng ounch bw!s that hel
only the elem t Cof gitJ ih er and
best wishes.
The bride's table was lovily in its
a;ppo intna(nts of grii.n and white,
wvhile wh!~ite disesV the ebet-in flowers;
out the rocim. After a wedding trip,
Mr. andl Mt s. Arstrtong will make
their home in Pickens.
The following we're the out of town
guests: Dr. andl Mrs. E. HI. Ker'rison
andl children and~ Mrs. H. W. DeSaus
sure cf Charleste n. Misses Eula Fer'
CuSCen and( Lcuise PCope and1 Thomas
L~cniiir of Clemson Coiltge, Mrs. .
A. Arms trong, Mrb 1. and1( Mrs. C. H-.
.Armstre(ng, Triumian R''a'r, JIim 312-.
Crav~y <.f Lure'n. M i: Manrgaret
Louise WX bh, Chris C'hatppell mi.d
>'.s Lucr'et in Baker of Columbia,
Miss Elizabeth Wallace of Hartsville,
MIiss Kte L~encir of WVathington.
Mrfis. Charlie Santders, M rs. 'T. P'.
Sanders, MliuSs L<.utisi Sanders(, Ike
Sandi is andl Mirs. Russell Atkinsotn
of Hlagood.
Married by Rev. ID. W ston Hliott
en 10th inst., neatr Cross Roads
church, at the home of the br:dle, Miss
Pauline, eldest (laughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Jarrard, to Mr. Russell M.
Whitmiire, of Spencer, N. C. This
young couple start out with bright
prospects for the future. They carry
with them in their new home ini Spen1
eer', N. C., the love and bi rt wishes of
many friends.
Miss Belle Neaders of Greenv'ille
and( Rev. Andlrew it- P'ickem, of
Columbia were mar'ritid at t he bride's
home by RC v. Gerge W. Quick en
.June 14. Mr'. P icketn: is a broCthe'r
of Mr's. M. C. SmithI e' P'ickens atnd
is one of' the most pnn11iincnt Barp
tist workers in the .state. At pire
sent he is with the State Baptist
Sunday' School Beasrd. T1he btride is
the ycungest daughtr- (If Mrs. Ansel
Meaders aind is a miost popular ladJy.
Wanted Redl Oak Ties. See Taylor..
Colquitt Tic and Pole Co's., buyer
either at Scncea, Westminster or
Pien on. m.i.:e them a Ea..1e..
Jdztt M1cvting (f lPickers~ U. 1). C. an
I:. A. R.
June: 1.1 d, thlt I145th annivcrsary, V
the adop1t h11 by ccllgre". of" thlt Stil
and1( St ii l:t , wats a p)oplia tely V 0
,;ed~e inl aI joint Ili~et i I)I of t it iI':.l
c a ncea~rr U .C tl1tl 'o ' i (-.. eorg(t'CIati,t. 1, 1). A. It.
The bt autiful homet of A rs. M. C
i'llJ thi was the sc('ll cf this pat11riotic
g~t!i( 1c 'Pl'ilt -i ht LluLt:; (
: j a l (11 .\t l'y , dc. .\ but SIXI1
\\ t. a'~' is 1.2l l~t il :. sssi on, b \(.;
lci*alv( lL i{( h i I 4, t alIil VlSe giv
.1 t r' 'l(ul ;,p by A.. lc i~csn ti
3e'*i :i M wel by ~ th l 1i::ts tt I iau rp(clcit":'
\\'I1( led ii t !t' "Sainlt(' to t ih' lne
t.1 it, IN lie ai l Ie .iniri!' in th,
:\1 '1i.)ll c"e I. An t'~eljtii n t rieI4
1, !hctsy ISM \\"I' Witir n !1- Mls. Wel1
act of hto'1 I> IIta (IL] ha :1 0
an'. (.f lii. O rl hl't" was te,( by 24
I lar;;y ' I ;1 :'( :n :> 11: f )il
s(Ir tc ftii t , Q !h (r' . lt~c(!,r'ac'yii\d'
h\] ih : 1 ~'I'l t e ~i f ' I't I ' )4 s s it thl
silUt :l'-t ; 1P ('t' : i 11 t li : lltri a
i trt ('01iv .(,l hu r. Wilt h tie
ilititi ;ni, lhi 'Vicu t hi t (' hIritl -X
Ii 'll]~ p hun rc~ I; ca wlin' e " . l~n e (
11r. Ci(lharlie dnuh( r. at hiess
lhe rn ted ?) Picels ( MsrWlit; '1}tr(an\
11. Shunr. \l1r. C. .1. Sn h.ad lve(
in 'l:ens~ unrnily Rv.r tilt. lastro
hs h~ill Easky (1ebdonch d ay a" ft ('I'si
neon, .Jun t7 s.hesr od lli at~
l-d( l r his C..1. homet. alndy Mrs
J. Kmut. Th imllll Fn( nsc thrnge(
Iv e hell fphl 1(. Iwas h'c~ hi. Al
(ionr~ed C ( ('1'l 01. Vl~al, !( (I alti
his8 o'lteekt in aly ('VneCiIP ater-a
lncgong ilnes The ome ofs har~s
ia tult~t daugh t( , l( o throng (.t
t(cl i! AlWhl ich het wl I 11((1. CyCtl:
(i i111 suet s'uil a l"i hig ly (' (' ;) y as~l
W~o ill kn w hi ,lall. i l k
\i" ides was 8i:~ 1 ''o")"~ . tf l~.
Ilea :Is st~vI(Ib ali hvis: aide n
d u ghtc r , chis" nf h:t i u :a -'c txi"
awlaylit1 1eV ' ' ': . ."('! n '- t(I :1
Any c hil b l dy t-c ... a11( ft e1:.:l
E17NI YIE tiI) IZN 1)1::1).
' Lighting Struck S&veral Places There
Ltlt Saturday Afternuan.
Catecchee was visited by an elec.
trical storni on Saturday , 17th, inst.,
Ltwot (4 '1 and 5 p. Im., which came
very scar proving serious.
Utn tie Nor'ris Cotton 1:ll hill the
< e iia disphty~ fort a fewv minutes
was vivid.
The lighting struck a tree in the
id of .1Ir. J. ilugh Alexander to
wit it lehs wi re was fastened and
1! : a th) , i1rt it., thet coriter post o1
.a e.:'a1, et-t the Lost whiech was a.L
'x in t w. and knocked half of the
!r! tnrA ('Ith a gla window of the
Iting ro' ;m, th (n Jumped to tite
("(.:1 Cr ' the liiuse and damaged it
: I .bly. 'T1:( ugh sotmte of Mr.
\b'am r 1''s f::mntily were in the house
:!t ith time no 1.ne w\as hurt.
-"hi;"H')" Har!1kley ("f the Six M!ile!
'h1 was on the hill a1i stopped
I - 'de(niVce ot 'ir. W. A. Manley
unil a1t(r the storm. Sh, was sit..
t il ti retly under an electric lit-lt;
in .lr. Alanley's sitting room wher"
a:' a;~ Inei d tic)toinsc.iius am1I
m1 \( spca!ke. for several hours. She
i at i\I r. .ianiey's at this vridtina
( .i '.~ly 1i)ng) under the car of
i ih t ici, ut e mC 's to be getti nz:
1.r. W. 1). Niiel- is5a and Ailrs-. S.
11. 1'( n -y < ('Catr(. 1br( wer~te both
itzhtly shv -_'d at li satal! tite.
\ br(OO- teve': 11%;m the r"l idence('( ot.
.I . ). .buir ' (. It tlte hill w as
ruel( ;. l ' ':n t' ' \\ cow "w , t i(!d
thlt tm a th( 6:imk. TPh;' tw\\ w\as
ktno.lked (Irh \\i -w :md l:iy for several
minub1:; 1:s h itn -. : W l her1. IL
IiC~l'Nti GII:' .\T \'.'INTiRll".
Al .\ima I ."r ard 1lae Keith
W\rilte i.( :"-.; llemel.
\ lur .It \e. ni a land c h Is f(roiu
'Il . "i e i:- co lit ' t, ai- :ttie dintg
th' h tate hemtrir. :!.'. . ; ..:t'in (ourse'
iw.' in se:..i at \Wit, h ( ('College.
R( ( atly I t ne hs'v. Q us.l to w'it
h!('. 'ts t(' tN'( :t cOUiiy pap(rs, atl
The Si ntinir I iais 1( *'ivt .1 the tvo
fotllw wing Iettt . wIiici it is glad to
WVi'thri'p (.llege,
16 e 1111.S. C.%
.imta 12, 1l22.
Dh ar Ill.mtlks:----Wq. have been
arskad t: w'ir e you all a Ihtier tellita
you about our w o~rck at Winthrop, ai
s(ete of tht th:ngs t hat we ate It :tri
ing" and which we shall know during
cur short c-outrse.
Winthrop ('cllege sure is a bearuti
ful place. I wish every girl canuhi
att(d the shor t cours(s as we learn
sr many diffe-ent things vhch I'm
stre )will be of use to all soni( time.
-\Wt halve had si tveral different les
soni, such as .iudging beans, toia
tts. jiam, etc., which I like veiy much.
W e shall us I hi a1 \v receipts when f
ge(t htont e. I Iiih them to much het
'r t (han the (.ld( ways of ctantingt.
W' ar le arting to udge 1i itltry and
I'm1 -u :f we w-ill go by their t ateci
mgL-H w\i \'will hai e more and better
Wi wvill halt< I. m( t1 oil cook;iln'
a nd < s . 1m :a1)'- t Ioday. I'ml surf
I have -:urto d dli!'c "( nit thine-s ttI
'vin - that I (did no t know h. fr:rr'.
\\ lavr iu-'t had a eItntrt (in le althI!
ft Miii i-.- - Wedgevod fnm Va(slh
S<i mi t'ite torday they are gointg tot
sh<.w us th!r-ugi the dliff'.tr.it parttts
Sf t hr < I !e-<, how~i a kitc(heln shtouli
la kept, and a np imber of other things
that I can't wr'ite, but. w'ill tell ycu
whitni I JYet htomel.
Mlu-t. st-r as thte hill is ringing. T
will s~* you all soon.
Love to aill,
31ae Keith.
Wint h~ro Ct.lleige,
Ikekh Iill, S. C.,
,lune 12, 19r22.
Di ar liomt fi lk. :--Onti of' out'
aigernt hlars askalr us Vc wriite4 homoi
aetd tell ablout the matny ditiertent
il rngs we hav e i am ned1 since0 we have
Ien-ii lute. I <httn't kr Ow just htoy to
The ((olhye cet'tatinly is a pretty
plae<. I den't feel thart I can leave
here whenti the tit c'omet.s to g-o htomte.
The ftirst. le scn we h arn in the morn.
ing is "Being atI Hest(ss," wvhieibis
hekli in the c'ooking labhorattory. The
secotnd '.1 leath ItEduc~iat. We( have
c'haipel ex(ercises at twvelv'e o'clo'k at
which Dir. Johnstont mtakes uis a short
talk. He sure is a tine mian.
Irn thc afternoon we0 go to th gymt..
nlasmmi fot' rc'tise. We surte do gret
limbered upl while wv are thetre. A fter
we Itave thtere weo go to the chemistr'y
lecturte t-rtm. Our purtpos-e of g-oing
there is If jutdge diff'erent things, suchl
ats ch ickhns, i-kothiing, vegetatbles and(
W(' ha e srmt where to go cevr
nlight. We went t o mtovinig pictulre.i
Sa lturdaiy night. We a re pl11anning to
have a'i gn la t patty Wed nesday ntight.
We- at'e ging to invite aill cr1 thei ladies
hnmthel dirf tent coun1 ties. I goe S
th' is all I (-an tell this time fir'
'hav'e ntot ver'y mucth time as~ I anm
so buszy. Sincerel'y,
Alma Edents.
The Tfaylor-Colciuitt TIe and Polo
Co., n-ow have tie buyers not only at
Sent en1 buIt Westminster and Pickens.
They are buyving and paying cash for
Red Oaik and White Oak' ties. Youx
will .find their buyer on their t'e yard
na, either place.
One Cannet Vote In iemecratic Pri
mary Unkils Enrelled.
I'hc Demccrat'c club bookills are open
all over the couny-one in each pre
einet. Those who wish to vote in the
Irimarie- this year must have their
names en the club books of their res
pecive plcilcts. The surest wav is
to plut ycur name el r:ght now and
b( done with it. No matter if you
(nrolled two years ago you must en- I
111 again this year in order to vote
in the primaries.
This will be the first time women
veter s have enrolled and they are re
qt-r( ( to s'gn the club iolls jiust the
s-1m1(: as the meln.
Th club luck for the Pickens pre
e. ict is in thl county auditor's C f
lier at t!:e '.u t house.
','Thse whr \vih re.' istrat icn r
oIficati s umay eet sa.l) at Ithe court
!'.ust the first i-landay ill Jily anid
the fit st 31 ulay in August, by Pr'
SCntilog1U tax reCt':t. A i('gistration
c(t (dficate! is not m(udul t:1 vote hll
primary clctiuis, but it neoded in
(dc r to vot in any r fiaal elAt:l
Tir.mcnsville, Junei d 17.-At 7 o'
Ih.A!": Wedhlesday (';(tfing a wedcdin
<hmm11ing1L in its simptlie"tty but beauti..
ful in ('v( ry ceta.il Was solemnioiid in
Sardis apitist church when M1iss :n -
ti(" Lotgston, youn'gtest daughter (I
1Mrs. (:Ill'spi e Lan:"gmt( n1, h< came 1!'e
bih rG:Lgn:illiatt G. Chris1topher
I f 1' ie!kenis.
The churpiich was b.autifully decor
atl with English ivy, :h' back
e rt'ndl baniked with late bea~cutif ul
ferns and h acing up t I tOhe alter
v( 1t large column tI w fh: t twin;al
\withi grn antd tr. t I with larg
b asktets of whitt roses and ft Ilns. In
the centelr Of the church wan a huge
mleh of living gre(l shower('d w:ith
\vhite bridal rests, under vhich
the happy pair said their vOws. Be
fore the ceremony a song, "Beloved, 't
is lorn," wa;s sung by .J. C. Vassy'
and then a duet, "0 '(Amamet Tha't
I Bless Thee," by the Rev. Mark
R. Osborn and J. C. Vassy with piano
ac.companinent by Miss E:vy loberts
of Camden.
To the strains of the wcidding
march ftrcm I.o hengrin, played by
31iss Rcherts, the bria'al pary en
teired in the following order:
Little Misses Eloise Anlerson and
31iIdrcd Humphrey. the ribbon girls;
ushers, Tommie Sansbu'y, Henry
Keels, T. E. Benton and Vernon An
dersl. Then came the bridesmaids,
3Miss Alma MeLendon of Florence,
1:ss Leona Langston, Miss Alice
IHenten, Vernio Langston. The
dames of honor were Mrs. J. II.
I-Iumphrey and Mrs. J. C. Vassy
sister of the bride. Then the maid
of honor,. 31iss Eugenia Humphrey, a
niece of the bride, .nterd alone.
Then came the dainty little floweinr
gill, Al'riamn Hicks, dlaughter. (;f Dr.
rnd 'Mts. W. E. Idicks.. senttering
rose petals in the path (.f 1.he brie.
The bride entr''ed (n 'Ih- arm of
h< r brother. It. Abhott Lao-ston.
So was a .ictur' (:f girlish hnitty
and lovtlis(s :n1 her wldin' drti ss
1f" white satin and silk noincess lace
tnimmid with pearls. The veil was
"(ry bec(:in-11gly arranged in can 0 e,
fit w(':th a "reath of vallev lilie'.
Her bouquet was white bi~f roses
and maidenha ir fcrin. The brideu's
onily or'nameint was5 a rcpe of pes
a gift (of the bridcgroom. She was
met at the alter by the bridegroom
Pn h11 iis brther, Bristowv Chi:sto1 her
Of Greeniville, as5 bost. man. The~ im
pressive ring ceremny was pierform
ed by the Re v. WV. A. Christoph~ r (of
Duncan, birot her of thle lbridetgroo~m,
asiisted by the Rev. B. K. Ti uluck,
t he bridle's past or. The b)r:de's trave~(L.
ing ecstumie wa~s a coat suit of navy
blue poiret twill wimth bli(use to miatch
in canten erepe with sl ight touece. of
embr)e idtred(1 hcms and~ other1 aIccess
(ies' to miatch.
The w( dding g ifts at the home
shoIwed, the po;pularnity Cf this y<.ungiL
couple, forP they witre somie of then
handsomiest ever shown lhtre. among
which wasit a chest of silver from the
b~ridec's family.
Mir. and 3lrs. Chilstopihcr left for
ani extended trip ini the moiuntains of
North Carolina' before going to1 iek.
ens, wvhere they wvill make their home.
Trho little mill on tile "Pike'' near
Catecchee was called to grind w'.th
rapidity oni last Sunday, 18 inst.,
about 8:30 a. mn., when Mrt. Reyv Nix
cf Easley and Miss Thelma Yates cf
Central were madle one flesh and
blood. As the young couplie had giv.
en the (o1d folks the go-hy and the
.John Henry hiad made good time in
g( Iting the ''turn'' to the mill the
01(d miill(r wats asked to knock up thn.
gas and gi':nd with rapidity. B.
Trhe Sentinel is always glad to puih
lish not 'ets of singing con~ventions.
But if you w' mt to b~e saure of getting
your not ice ni, get it to us in time.
We have recently rect ived twvo or
three notices too late for publication.
Pr'of, and Mrs. Hagan and daughter
IBertha. spent. the week..endi a Gauly.

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