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a46 a ear invariably in Advance.
utered at 1 ickens, S. C. Postotbce as
Second Class Mal! Matter.
GARY HIOTT, Editor and Mgr.
Sunner 1e 'ts and s re are not.
Ucralthi Hint.--I,_t buttermilk be
your b tv rage.
Wit USED t.: s: therc are gov,.
:ickin s ill Pikens.
''" e:-ity vis "u . art .irtd the Col'
ner.''Which corner'?
W("a tSo awful ti -t I . :: im s we
te 1. oin - P. . :-i. -. ,
E:.o ' n L ' . t':: .o you wi:-.
hee igil I:. aku t ~s
AII w , t':(',n. ' t . ( I-:e'h: t i mI11 e
l a ig n I .. r "u n :'.
-u i t t1 .
''jchir: I e'v
Old lip \'ar \ ..i^
K :: : i\ ." - ' ..tp ' " v ..
c1h Ini: it 1!(..w' :.(- . n
I) ll - S'ill In
O fie(t. I:--w ilne . \\' t 1 L of R~ep
lt-: a at ' :tains of
T(. v\. i t t at: h\ fI:n a ft..
)ioit ho.r ?
If tax s .e.- , it uh 1 there i
to to. )mc a heavy b i ti (n. \-c
n : m th' a h(t1 w in'.r" the
anit g tv'-tt ed-k:sd
If taxes .iks ae hoin up their ai
n'ual ml itint: at Myrtle 1):ach t:i
ve'k. I h eeh nuts are plent t:ful lus
]I oW.
I f .-ir1. 1'ucc ' letter e-us s th(
U1n1 d ((t t : to v< t tt '.f the b'at
let4g!in1g btisiness it w'1l be one timi
n1 had Bu.h bears good fruit.
.Juling by the Iare 'mbt-, of ad
verti. -emenl'.s t ht 1' orms- A les l
ger is carrytlin:, Editor MACraken
another lt AI(ili; ic reaur.
1\lMiking 110 ( <.f Th' St n'Ia-! <( itr
w ife's garenll . -h r 1-:.i' :' (i:- -t
of the Wetm'itntrK . T;i"::- :
is handy to have . a wifet h sofmlel c
nTilh Greeville1 bs-t balli team ha
(linc. Wthe i evd'n t is.n .bhi
n si es c(lf art. hi y : "Iit i: . I'c we:
1\e oa n wh v t d (a m !
boys theas :tn anot a' tvl ts
1frent fliwvo thet a ofI a hv' u
(hntil tihe b uoy ii ha ' at di w i nitit ti
dirct ~ith tP(n l 'ns
ntat 'now where hit ois "nie cinna
<hsseorib it.Mi ITe DmyelIn a.r N
cunt : u ~thaa hut f-o:' ~tiO run
. ilt'y if a brut--! rw r'~lt o a it
tAnd. ath sanwlLi thnik'rut puaish
lon t wily ake te .ttigc. fo
w ome pdop'l1e1 wh ee think thiat
tedcbu pisnro-ht ist)godnt o iorti
m to e puat ~On ihs. angno
hen had been1 1ping viat weU cou.
Dottntty ohe anna mertig; o h
1ess'i ust Myte BainHor
count trhis wak bt dorg arou
tend.aIf alnyn think Sth Caro-t
get ou youri maihpt and figure how.
lf og~.'s itwl take tone to go fro
ickn't to ytl'e leaclndbak
ontWe on't nou where thi rgn.
Jes' he what you is.
vf youis ntouitl hat amiir~t i
'Redna tieu aynowat ou is.'li aa
-minou'r enust a littlPekde
Dwoner try the wil (fro Ctg; u
'fd you'e junt pth ak nto
Dt m's andryl tohwa th dayog.oqu
You an Polway Ca., ethe latSeea
Don'ati bury t eah place.
N w: e C a ; :1 - ( i:en:s county le:
ek.u. get as much readiing of in- it
e.,t to them, as they can get from PW
h } Pii:ens Sentinel.
County News
Tic Sentinel prints more Pickens C
Sicuty ncws of general county in
ev:. t t , ha n any othey paper. It o
ny"1\ t t:. county sent a1: other news
fr 'mll secticzi of the county. This
oI new s alone is worth the price
of t.;e paper to e:ny good e~itizera.
Political News
This iS cam.:paign year in both -
att an, eC':unty. T lie Sent'nel
wm k u. its tiers iniftrned about
icai a: a.nd will give
:nrr artial news concerning e
the etunjpaigns.
Gontral N.ws ir
Each week The Sentinel prints a t
news r aiew of uemestic and foreign
hI penin-- s which is the best feature
Si it h .(I published in any pape".
It is pre are:i by an experie..,ed %as1
ziiti'tn e..l 'e.-lsndLtnt and (1n1 mas
ke p intlli:ge:.tly informed on worlu,
- -.llail. ipiy by read:ng this alone.
It '. .'ae. thrce columns space
Ia. w : an(1 nowhere else can as
n I';'at e infermtation be foun,
:. l. a famount of Space. Be
d~ ;th'.s -ntur"e The St-ntine! pub
! . ..' t itens about the Im st
i t. happnings the worid over.
Ilkligi,:us Reading t
d. ::.t kn:w of another week- L
ly : Ca " r :mywhere that pubh::- '
U.. i i(ch igIas rews anti rcading
ca tces lht Sentinel. We publish
a serm f'4n 4tvery kweek by one ei the
et minister, in America. We pub
'h(- ery we-:k a Sunday school d
1(:.' n. We otCcasionally publish re- C
si.. . articles by local people. Be. u
5ie's t::is we publish religic.us news
(: 'liflzerent kinds of meetings af
fe:ting more chure.hes and communi
ti. than any other paper in the
&( n:,.. This is another feature
wLich al-ne i worth more than the c}
sub ei jiption to any church worker.
flr The Women a
}ach'. wreet: '[he Scntinel publishes l
much rt; a-in?; of . c: e:al ;,,tere. t
to the wonen:: :. Wtie print illu. tra
tedl fashi<(.n ar ticle:4. h1ouse~h%,ld hint,
cooking receipes, etc.
Other Fc.tures
1k(sides thle f(a u ati' mie::tened
above'. Tihe Se .ti'' I lubl~i.4e in - -
inl f<.rm bed.1:s (f t!.h - ' it 'n. ! : h
("4 ttype .d i .h:'. if b..ueht at a (
bool: stcm, woull c''ft fr>m 81.50 t'
2.5 each (l'.ai ial.:: w\t irint h
h rt rt' ry.
! .:al adv. .th:n. i f I'i:I:(ng ct un
t . w i (f int rt . to ev 4r:"
ta:>: pa:yer.
- T't( F tlin t ! also t!h ( to tbli )
- it.'1.i ! b '1 " l 1(': \' ac t ek to i ve -}"1
I t e ::. t c thi 1 I--r f'.iatre4.
w I h Ii rt:'o'b ,- will nt'.i e :4' in T
St.tin l fom. time to ti're,.
t .nd. the en tire family can "et} t
L !.(_:'.":t " f ti. I':: -:. W h"ichi cot~ s
" at t 1. 7 y
-4 ew 2e (14 Wi a C Vnl4ithtle
* ' 'M>a It Jo'. hnl 's '
I 1 ip'ri-g to. th. Eon ~tn ph- d 9
ntI i tb hd :e schio tier i adt.
141>4(anelcion xr Jly shall22,
atin 5>11id rhos foisrctfor schooel
SI!'4 apperinso The trute Bardo
of Edueio tat shel pcitont tets
lthe4) as allements of te lectw, thre
conred. isnodered tacothne wiutes
Seto 28of the oe ae school laisTheict
atl thel beoo ose fo 9h a.bov 4.
sp.d pupso hetuses r rt
by oanaers and thal Contcord the
election a for Pgerkera ctin r
conuced.an i ancordacean.ith
Secion t2h8 of'k then schol aw.he,
!os wtill beopenM fro a. tothm. to.4
is feut. d
Euaio~nlr(Picken c oter
Co~ui~ ie ndPe. n Cohairman.e tc
Pte orwies thontsholrshp,
Candidates' cards of the ordinary
lgth run under this heading until
st or second primary for $7.50 each.
yable in advance.
I am a candidate for re-election to
ngress from the Third Congress
nal District, subject to the rules
the Democratic Party.
I am running for Congress Third
)nglessional District, subjcct to the
lies of the Demceratic party.
J. S. LEOPARD is hereby announ.
'1 n- a candidate for the office of
ate Senator from Pickens County
the approaching primary, subject
the rules and regulations of the
emocratic .party.
J. O. WILLIAMS is hereby an
need( as a .~andidate for reelection
rcpresentativ~e from Pickens coun
in the State House of Representa
v(. subject to the rules of the Dem
:ratic party in the approaching pri
I hereby sannounce myself a candi
alte for the House of Represen
tives from Pickens County, subject
the rules and regulations of the
emlocratic party inl the approaching!
rimai y. J. M. GARRETT.
I hereby announce myself a canli.
at' for Probate Judge of Pickens
ounty, sulect to the rules a nd re'
latiens of the Democratic party in
le ajpronching primary.
I hereby annou:nce myself a candi
at:' fhor reel e:i I as Probatt Judge
f Pick-:et:s count:, subject to the rules
I(1 rouat of t;:e Democratie
art y in the- aIpproachin s primary.
('AIT. ;LJ.IS DAY i.- hereby un
-.1:t s a c:mflii'iate ri'. the office
Pr' bthe .Iu-ge < (:i:en Cunty,
.:b.:":' t t .. t:: rules cf thne Dem' r a
e p"; ty in t:(e a pi)I . }chi::' prinary.
ounty. SuIject to the rules (f t
r i l:;t l t. W . D). G II i iIN.
W. E. STEPH ENS is hereby aa
"'un ced as a e:t date for the office
I Su ris (r of P i County, sub.
-t t - to"' rUls an'. rtgubations of
h. I t.ee.atic party in iinth approach
It-.I~ht-et to the 1u - andl rer
PI i. : ,ie :-::.. \'county. ":::bj - "t
' a *Pr - hir. r ra.i.- :t"..
H...:....a...e ir t ? th lbst
u'p-vis! I-d~n ( eunt en* r hw'i.
I 1.;e of1ice. I he'r-by1 nr- -'!W- my
r ules of t 'e Decn(ratUic( party .
w if yr u va :tt theA1 bleeS t and hept
uvervisor~~j thfe coty evtr E'ad vot
'r me in th'- A\uust pr.ima~fry.
W. S. MA .~S~I R-S is- hereby) annul3n.
das a c-and idate for Coui.ty C'om
irsionier of Pickens County, subjeet
the rules and regulations of the
(emocr-atic rparty in the apprioaching
G. WASH BOWEN is hereby an
)unlced as a candidlate for Commis
ono'r of Pickens County', subject to
te rules andi regulations of the Dem
:ratic primary.
JAMES J. HERD is hereby tonoun
td by friends ats a candlidate for
Atmmi~ssioner of Pickens County,
ibject to the rules of the Democratic
wrty in the approaching primary.
J. A. FINLEY is hereby announced
a candidate for reelection as Comn
lissioner of P'ickens County, subject
the rules and reguhations of the
emlocratie party in the ap)proaching
r imary.
J1. RI. J. ANTHONY is hereby an
runcedi as a cand'tte for the oIff.(ce
County Commissioner of Pickens
ounity, subject to .the rule.< and( reg~
lations of the Demweertic [aty in
eC approaching primary.
he State
larance R. Mace.
Please take notice that Clarence R.
ace .will ask the Board of Pardons
rough his A ttorneys, Carey &
irey, on Wednesday, July 5th, 1922,
r a pardon or parole.
Carey & Carey,
Attorny for Cre.ce R Mace
Some Bargains4
H ea v y r Inch S h eetin g lO c y d .
Goc< quality S6 Inch Bleaching
Heavy Cheviotts 15c, 20c and 2.
Apron and Dress Ginghams, (fa
Toil Du Nord and Defender Dr<
French Ginghams, S osettes, Ch
to 75c yd.
Octton goods in sonme cases are c
We do n:.;: expect higher prices soon.
per pound, and (the big) if it should
New gcods every week at new lov
W'e retelve w cekly shipncnts of
The home of Walk-Ov
Stetson hats, Inter-wove
Home Sewing Machines,
Lady Corsets.
('lothiii . Shoes. II
Notices run under this head at the
rate of one cent a word for first in
sertion, one-half cent a word for
ea::ch sub:equent insertion1. Nu notice
neC.pted ir le:- than 25e first time.
T. (. cr. The ;' t'il, I:ekens, S.
w N \TI).-To isu' tv e
h:md, For n( Win'1 sI~eldsi.('pr d
!< wer) apply walter IIester at
Str.tincl e i.e' .
FOR C LE-Fre' m c , o
wiltrd fr hb. erI C' b or : .
r:I.(tr.. Fr ank Lewis, 1':.ens ;;.2.
I r) 2. : 1.
N(- G ELAN . .-Tne w:r.:...:.
-, f .Jul. 1' !" r .
S (.
WH I I ' ns f i
LOT--A Hpii r 2 t r
ria -: hI Ii: in r~ . t t 1 ei
: I'arV a Iarved on; cne side, plai on
< th r.Fin t ;lease ieturn to . B.
WA.NTEDI-\len and womnen t..
hand'le city tradle and re(tail the ori.
Rtequisitus, Hfoushil'd Sorrialties. II
Aut'nmobile APCeesries, et.c. Over. 6
150 gua~rant(.al products. Our values
are unvquailled and Watkins quality 6
is in a class by itself. Wr'te todiayv
for free samples and full details of 8
rur offar and what it means to you.
The J. R. Watkins Co., Dept. 77, New ta
York, N. Y.
Men and wome*n wanted to han'i>
city trade and retail the original an I
genuine Watkins products, Remnedies,
Extracts. Spices, Toilet RequIisite ,
Household Specialtie's, Automobi!
Accessorics, etc. Over 150) garan
teed( products. Our values are' un.
ertualijed and Watkins Quality is i
a class b'y it:<*lf1. Write todiav f.> f
free sampe and full dletails of our
oWer' aij what it moans to, you.' Ti
J1. R. Watk:ins Co., Dept. 711, New
York, N. Y. r5t
Funeral Director & Underta'ker
Caskets, Coffins, Shrouds, Robes, Etc
Motor Hearse Furnished
Day or Night Service ..
For night ,service see H. A. Nea
Iey or Vernon Christopher, Phone 63.
Between A. C. Gravley's & Fin ley's I
Market. Main StL P-'ekn, S. C.i
- - e .
In Dry Goods For June And July
Are Real Bargains
15c yd. Good quality 36 inch Perca 20c yd.
yd. Hamilten shirting 25c yd. lea vy 220 Blue and Brown Denhim 25cyd
st eclors) 15c and 20e yd.
ss Ginhams, best grade made, 25c yd
Ced Flaxons, Veils, Organdies, Luna Lawns, Batiste, Issues, at 35c up
hari'r than a year ago, when cotton was bringing 10c to 12 1-2c per lb.
At least not for this year. But with cettca today hanging around 22 cents
o up, higher prices will inevidently follow.
I ices.
ldi s, misses, and ch ildrens hats.
-THEN THE PRIC E 'rKrc's a reason.
er, Red Riding Hood and Endicott Johnson shoes,
n hosiery, Griffon Clothes, Carhart overalls, New
Irun King Stoves, Chase City buggies, American
ats and (ents' Furnishiln Goods n'Specal ly
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
You Will Find Me Doing Bus
iness at the Same Old Place
And on Friday and Saturday June 23
and 24 I will give with each 51.00 cash
purchase, (except on Flour and Meat)
a ten cent article FREE.
I am paying:
17c per lb. for hens.
30c per lb. for fryers up to 75c
10c per lb. for roosters.
28c per doz for eggs at present
H ams 15 to 251bs. 25c,
Hams over 251bs priced according
to size and quality.
Yours for trade,
Terms arranged to suit 'your
J. M. Smith Auto Co.
Authorized Ford and Fordson Dealers
Phone 101. Easley, S. C.
We Sell 'em All Over Pickens
Subscribe to The Sentinel now while
ou can get it for $1.00 per ye

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