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How God
Aaasitant I)oan, Moody Bible
institute, Chicago.
TxT--so .when they had dined, Jesus
gaith to SImon Peter, Sine-n, son of Jonas,
lovest thou mo more than these? lie
saith unto Him, Yea, Lord: Thou knowest
that I love Thee. Ile snith unto him,
Feed my lambs.-John 21:15.
Adelaide Proctor tells the story of
a nun who kept the portal at a con
vent in France.
Her 1tart went
out t a soldier
she nursed; she
lefc the convent
and in Paris fell
Into a life of sin.
After years she
. crept back to the
convetit steps to
die. She was tak
en in and nursed
back to health,
when 101 Bi4e
f o u n d another
had filled her
place in the con
vent through the years, and now that
e had come baclj it was awaiting
r. She slipped back into her old
sition and few knew she had ever
oe away.
The late Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman
used to tell this story to illustrate
God's gracious 'v of restoring his
erring saints. In oue text we have
one of the great scriptural examples
of such gracious restoration, from
which all may take comfort.
Christ Inquires of Peter, "Simon,
son of Jonas, lovest thou me more
than these?" Peter had protested that
though all others might forsake
Christ, he would never leave Him.
But he had shown, too sadly, thit he
did not love his Master "more than
these." How Christ's question must
have rebuked him ! And in his reply
it is to he noted that all the old spirit
of boasting is gone and there is no
claim to love Christ more than others
love 11111).
Some Searching Questions.
Peter's humility is shown in another
way. In Christ's question, the word
used for love, in the original, indi
cates an unselfish love which expects
no return-the love of friendship.
When Peter replies, he uses a lower
word for love, indicating a personal,
clinging affection whhic seeks return.
In other words, he has ceased to
boast of his love, not only as to quan
tity, but also as to quality. le only
dares to assert he is fond of Jesus!
Moreover, the third .time Jesus in
quired as to Simon's love, ie used
the same word, in the original, which
Peter had been using, as if to say:
"Are you sure you have even this
lower kind of love, that you are even
fond of me?" No wonder Peter was
grieved when Christ said unto him
the third time, "lovest thou me?" He
can only reply: "Lord, thou know
est all things : thou knowest that I
love thee." Peter feels he has so
'wing his love that only
. 1o knows all things, can
i not lose sight of the
game m.j-.ing the searching ques
tions of Christ. Thrice laid Peter de
niedl Him in public, and he is here
given tile prIvilege of thrice publicly
:'onfessinlg 11111.
But our text deals not only with
Peter's confession, hut also with his
sonmmI ssion, "Feed my lambs." Inideed,
after b~oth tile secondl atnd third con
fessions. Chis t says: "Feedl (R- V.
!end) my sheep." Thsese are tile lambs
p1nd shleep for whom the Great Shelp
serd dlied. What a greait evidence of
Hlls love for l'eter, and of tihe confi.
:lence Hie reposes in tihe once erring
:llsciple, that le will commit to his
:'are those who are. so precious to
Him!I Christ hadi said( to Peter' he
(ore his fall : "When thlou art con
v'erted, strenlgthenl thy brethren." Now
that l'eter has1 been conver'tedJ, or
trned, andic knowsv Ils Own weakness,
he is prepain~g to help1 others. It
hias been heautifuly said: "Whlen
brotught to nothing, ie canf use0 us
in our nlOthinlgness, and1( whlen lie can
use us, ie wvill."
The Privilege of Martyrdom.
There is still aniothmer way in whlich
Christ's grace was mnanifested toward
Simon)5 On tile occiasion we are conisid
erin~g, ualt houghl it 1s somtimes111 not
appreciated. After the third c.onlfes
sion, JIesus saidl: "Whenl thou1 wa'lst
youngl thou01 gi rdedst thiysel f, a 14nd ak
edst whithe11r thou1 woldest : lut whien
thou1 shal1 t he old(, thou 81518 sh l'tretc
forth thly handl~s, and1( anot1her shall1
-gir'd thlee, and( carr~y thlec whlithe1r
thlou wold~est lnt." .14)hn1 e'xplains1:
"Tis spoke he, signif'yig by whalt
death he0 should( glorilfy God." Trad1i-.
lion tells us thlat Pecter wa'ss crucified
tieadl downlward, since lhe did( nlOt feel
worthly to be uiprighlt on his cross as
was his Lord. Not ll would covet
gsuch a dleathI, blut it is to he0 rcalled
that Peter had boasted of Is willing
ness to (lie for Cihrist and1( then1 had1
miserabitly failed. How 11e mulst hlave
Bppr'eclated tile oppor'tunity of ma~lkin~g
good even at tis point I
Tile nun11 in tile stor'y onily got baclk
her position, but ['eter wa'ls adv'an'edi
troml being at "115sher of 11101" to be
ing a shleph~erd of tile flock of God,
wh~o shal11 receive tile "crown'z of
glory," and a martltyr, wh'lo shall re
:reive the "crowni Of life." With what
aewy meaining may Wve sing: "Hie re
storeth my soul I"
e~.- Wi,' Q.< the Lord.
i V thy namle will
- hee; for thou,
- - 0
Teacher of English Bible in the Mood:
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
Copyright, 1922, Western Newspaper Unior
GOLDF/N TEXT-"Blessed is the natioi
whose God is the Lord."-Ps. 33:12.
Who Obeyed God.
-True and False Leaders of Judaih.
-Some Lessons F1"om Judah's lHistory.
I. Central Thought of Each Lessor
Gathered Around the Key Words o
the Day's Leson Subject, Namely
Prosperity and Adversity.
A good outline is the following fron
Orannell's Pocket Lessons:
L Judah's Prosperity. Base(d on
(1) Reliance on God, le:.,;n 1.
(2) Courageous Venture for God,
lesson 2.
(3) Business Methods for God,
lesson 3.
(4) The Vision of God, lesson 5.
(5) The Law and Leadership of
God, lesson 7.
(6) Wise Leadership Back to God,
lesson 8.
2. Judah's Adversity. Due to
(1) Presuming Upon God's Bless
lug, lesson 4.
(2) Presuming Upon God's Pur
Posr. lesson 0.
(3) Rejecting God's Word, lesson
(4) Persecuting God's Messenger.
lesson 11.
(5) Disloyalty to God and Man,
lesson 12.
II. Golden Text Review.
Assign the texts to your class the
preceding Sunday and ask them to
show how the lesson illumines the
text, or ask the class to prepare on
all the texts and have the members
of tle class draw the text and give
the answer.
Ill. Character Study or Portrait Re
Assign the following characters the
Sunday before: Asa, .Toash, Jehoiada,
Uzziah, Isaiah, IH, zeklah, Ililkiah,
Jeremiah, Baruch, Jeholakimn, Ebed
mnelech, Zedeklah.
IV. The Summary Method.
This method calls for the salient
facts of each lesson with a state
ment of its outstandI9g teaching.
Note the following suggestions:
Lesson 1. Asa cleared the land of
idolatry and called upon Judah to
seek the Lord. Because he rested upor
the Lord, God gave him victory over
his enemies.
Lesson 2. Athaliah attempted to
destroy the seed royal and then usurp
the throne. Jehoiada checkmated her
by hiding away Joash for six years
At an appointed time .Toash was
crowned king anid the usurper slain.
Every attempt to titwart God's pur
pose fails.
Lesson 3. Jesus arose from the dead,
showed himself to Iis (lisciples and
sent them forth as witnesses f'or IHim.
Certainty of the resurrection of Christ
is essential to witness for Him.
Lesson 4. Uzziah made a notable
civic andl military record, but in his
pridle lhe presumnptunously Intrudled
into the priest's ofice. As a judg
ment God smote him with leprosy.
"Pride goeth before destruction, andl a
haughty spirit before au fall."
Lesson 5. Isaiah's vision of God
brought him to a sense of his sin
fulness. Man's supreme need todlay
is a vision of God.
Lesson 6. Isaiah foresaw the end of
all strIfe In the wo 'Id through the
establishment of Christ's kingdom.
Peace and restoration shall come to
the earth when Christ shall come and
remove from men's hearts the cause
for strife.
Lesson 7. Hezekinh led his people
back to God1. This he (lid by means oIf
the passover f'east. The only way for
a sinning and dlividled people to get
back to God andI he united is around
the crucilledl Lord.
Lesson 8. Through tihe repairing of
the temple the law (if God was found.
When it wa read before the king
It brought penitenit sorrow. God ac
ceptedi his penitence andl postponed
tihe evIl day.
Lesson 9. Jeremiah was arrested1
rnd birouight to t rial b(cauulse he~ bo1lly
prochlimed God's word to the nation.
The oneic whlomi Godl *15 to proclaim
illis word should faithfully dilschiarge
his duty regardless of whaint men~ may
d~o untio him.
L~essoni 10. .Jeholakim tried to de
stroy God's WVord by burning it. Try
ing to destroy God's Wordl wIll not
avert Ills judtgmients.
Lesson 11. Because of .Jeremiah's
ldelity' to God lie was cast into prison.
(Casting the prophet into the (dungeon
will not turn aside God's jud~gments.
Lesson 12. Nebuichadnezza r captured1
.Jerusalem and1( carried away the peo
pile caiptives. Tlhough God's judgments
tarry they event ually fall.
In HIs Steps.
For even hereunto were ye called:
becanuse ('hrist also suffered for us,
leaving us an example, that ye should
follow his stops.-I I'eter 2 :21.
Trusting Men.
The nman who trusts men will make
fewer mistakes than he who distrusts
SIlence Is Golden.
Well-tImed silence hath more elo
quence than speech.-Martin F'arquhnr
TOWN [email protected]
Campaign for the Ownership of Homes
a Movement All Good Citizens
Should Boost.
It is to beI' hoped that the eatipaign
the object of which is to have every
family in Its own home may not lan
I guish soon, as it is all too likely to do.
Tenantry in large cities cannot be
abolished altogether; purhaps it would
be ufnlesirtble to do so. However, tens
of thousands of people would be better
off physically, lientally and morally
d(i they live under their own vine and
jig tree. Vastly too many people are
still' unnecessarily dependent upon the
wish and will of otfhers, industrially,
politically, socially ; a condition tend
Ing ever toward slavery, injustice gnd
unhappiness. Ownership of anything
spells independence in some measure,
though it often means restraint, too;
and to own one's home, where none
dre intrude or make afraid, is the
most satisfying of all.
The owner of a home Is logically q
better citizen, a more public-spirited
person, than he would be otherwise.
The condition of a neighborhood, the
quality of government, sanitary atil
social matters, are at their best where
most eople own their homes. What
does the average renter care for the
condition of his neighborhood! A bird
of passage, he seldom identiitles him
self with the progress or welfare of
the community, its does an owner, and
at the merest whim he is on the wing.
To own one's home is not generally
an easy accomplishment, but requires
resolution, self-restraint and tenacity.
Few slogans are more worth while.
Ciicago Journal.
Haphazard Method of Allowing Com
munity to Develop Is Poor Policy
and Costly in the End.
The civic leagues and societies that
get after the authorities to compel the
cleaning up of cities and offer prizes
and other inducements for welI-kept
.awns, attractive flower beds, re
formed back yards and the like are
advancing culture and civilization.
Many cities have followed Washing
ton's example and have art commis
sions that pass upon all public work
to keelp it in harmony with some es
tablished plan of artistic development.
We should go further than that. Our
building departments carefully ex
amine every plan made for private as
well as for public buildings and pre
scribe just how the walls shall be for
strength, how high the building may
go, what the sanitary details must be.
The people have become used to such
control and direction. The city art
commission should have greater power
and should co-operate with the build
Ing department and pass on all plans
for all buildings, privaite as well as
punblic.-WVashington Star.
Roadside Tree Always Worth While.
The example Met by the state of
Minnmesota,. which will plant some 80,
000 trees ailong Its highways thlis year
andI each succeeding year will addi~ sev
el-al thlousalnds m~ore, conveys a lesson
not only in reforestaltion In a relative
ly treeless state hut in the esthetic
value Eof arbporiculture as well. Un
doubtedly thle years to come will bring
their rewvardl and traveler's of the fu
ture, if they give the matter a thought
at ailt, wii l ay tribpute to the fore
sighat which furnished themi with grate
ful shatde and1( addted beauty of a pecu
iiarly rest ful kind to the landscape.
A ribbon of road stretching across a
freeless plaitn is but a1 bteak thing,
whlereas it becomes an "a1venule" when
graceful trees n(Pd in the breezes oni
bo(thl sides of it antd travelers Ipassig
through inito othIer stattes which have
tneglectedl their (pil)prtuntities will not
rail to note tihe dtifferenc(e. The road
sid~e tree on the Pueifle coa3st is a mat
:er wor'thy of the at tention of hothl
:he0 planter and1( the conser'vationist.
-'Pitrltnd OregontiIan.
Select Location for Plants.
The south11 sidle of ai structur lI'If ful
iy exposedt to thle un1 1a:id1 not shadted
In any way Is likely to3 provE' partticu-1
iarly trying for mtan plan)1 ts, especial
.y those which re~tiire- ti cool loction3.
lhelr follalge is likeliy tol b)ecomel
scorchted and14 burned dturing hmot, bright
lays itn summerlI, and4 'if the p tlat
~hemaselves aire not killed, they comt
'nonty fait to growv we-tIlattl aire urn
:litions haive to he tnE't, lattts whlichi
anil wit hstand Cegnsidteralle hea t tand~
:Iryness should be selected. On thte
ither haund, care shouIld he taiketn that
ilants whieh can wvitIhstandt (4old and(
ack of direct sunlight should he plantt
ed upon the north side of tihe struc
Oil and Air-Cooled Motors.
As thle result oft tests mallde during
:he war at the aircraift factory at
Warlntboroughl, Eng., it was1 diemonstratI
3d thalt itn sir-cooled inlternl comnbus
~ion eniginies as mul~ch at 40 to 47 per
~ent of tile cootling was, under cer
ain condtitions, donte by thle crank
atse. The result has been the design
of a so-calletd Qil-cooled engine, in
whlich tile crankcase has becen greatly
mIla1rged so as to almost completely
envelop the cylindcers.-P~opular 340
1 unaies Mugazine.
Net Contents 5Fluid Daoi
similatingthclbod byRegut&
tingthetomachs andBowltsOf
. TherebyPronotingDIgestion
Cheerfulness and Rest.Contains
neither 0pum,Morpldne nor
'Mineral. NOT NAuOoTIG
Aqla t dDOAr
i I1Aan/Jt1N
A helpful Remedy for
Constipation and Diarrhoea,
and Feverishness and
resutngtherefromnlnlafanC .
rac-Simile Signature of
.'nz Ggrva GoPAN1.
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
ID Cents i'
The Gauge.
North-"DIobb s thinks the worbil is
continually getting better." West
"Well. I'm matking pretty good Imioney
Cuticura for Pimply Faces.
To remove pimples and blackhends
smear themu with Cuticura Ointment.
Wash off in live minutes with Cuti
cura Soap and hot yater. Once clear
keep your skin clear by using theta for
daily toilet purposes. Don't fall to in
clude Cuticura Talcum. Advertisement.
Documents Ironed Out.
Out In Phoenix, Ariz.., where they
have flood rains at timges, it violent
storm caused water to enter th1e base
ment of the state capiitol and soak
all the valuable records stored there.
An electrical sialestman's inspiration
enabled the state to dry out tit papers
with virtually no loss. An electric
ironing umachine was called to play
and (lid the trick satisfactorily. ail
though it took several weeks to restore
the great maiss of water-camiaiged
docuuents.-Det rolt Free Press.
A Risky Bet.
"Thme Slnn FeIn extremists and thme
Ulster ext retmists as well risk too
munch,'' said Pa draic O'Shiauhnessy,
the Irish ship-buIlder, at a dinne11r In
"T.ihey remind m nie of O'lannmigani.
"O'Flannigan, with big handatiige
round his head, w~ias hobling down tihe
street on a pair of c!rutchues.
"ait h, O'Flannigan, what's hap
penled to yezT' said O'Rteilly.
"''I bet O'D)onahiue ai dllalr,' said(
O'Flanniganu.'thatt he1 couldn't enarry moe
up a four-story ladder, and I won.'"
Like honesty, considerat Ion for
others pays.
MIarriage is a tie, but not necessar
ily a noose.
So he matc
against the su~
and laughed a
kept repeating
It was the d
had been wait
the call for hel
It's an easy
at coffee warn
going strong.
But a goa
Swimmers woi
and a good ma
are beginning
caffeine in coff
Children Cry For
Special Care of Baby.
That Baby should have a bed of its own all are agreed. Yet it
is more reasonable for an infant to sleep with grown-ups than to use
a man's medicine in an attempt to regulate the delicate organism of
that same infant. Either practice is to be shunned. Neither would
be tolerated by specialists in children's diseases.
Your Physician will tell you that Baby's medicine must be
prepared with even greater care than Baby's food.
A Baby's stomach when in good health is too often disarranged
by improper food. Could you for a moment, then, think of giving
to your ailing child anything but a medicine especially prepared
for Infants and Children ? Don't be deceived.
Make a mental note of this:-It is important, Mothers, that
you should remember that to function well, the digestive organs of
your Baby must receive special care. No Baby is so abnormal that
the desired results may be had from the use of medicines primarily,
prepared for grown-ups.
Bears the Signature of
ves Charming New Shade to Old Lingerie'
ITNAM FADELESS DYES-dyes or tints as you wish
Not Only For Chills, Fever and Malaria
if not sold by your druggi.t. writ. Arthur Peter & Co., LeuIswille. Ky.
Colm1s(11 tite the vea'tl Cutlets of the - -a to rlabe old,
golthen enlif. Nbe gWo
N ew_ _ It will it you
Dr. Peery's "Deant Shot" not only expels Tonic-Don't get bald. get Q'flama today- Its
Norms atnd Tapeworm,,, but cleans out th(, uauitemoInre pleasanftf. At all good dru~ggists, 75o,
mucus in which they brcd and tones up or direct from I-ESSIGEL. Chemists. rap g., Tsai
the digestion. One dose suitci',nt. if it -
falls, we will refund your lnn,' 372 Young Men 1o Learn
Pearl St., New York Cty.-Advertiaetnent Oanted the BARBER TRADE
Boy Scouts Adopt Tree. Best college in the South. Write
A one Juniper, Adowing ter the Charlotte Barber College, Charlotte, N.C.
Mabsonie iom'e, Elliteth. I'a., Is at Baked Monkey a Delicacy.
least eighly yeairs old. afn( now lII'leS- A hunter's paoli i'is Mexico, and
ores -18 Inchtes InI dliameter, andt Is 2.1 almost wtithin sight of the ecapital are
Inches high. The IIibs lying on the foresls that illlouiid with wild game,
ground do not taike root. The Iree offere ait aill seots(tw in the Mexico
hast been given at p lace fin the Iliall of .it nu'ki' ;
Firne of the Aumerici Porestry'tl ass(. .t'nIson Is a .t.a...t_ -ad wild ducks
('lal tin of Washilngt on, D. C. 'nie hoy -111Jt(~~111'l( ~l''li(t o ifw
i'roundi i'ki~ t.' The ni na'r etin fo rwt e ties of hin'la lita nt an pigeons are't sold
i'u l f It. e w asl m adeilfti by11 fo Jud < it$ lu e ts by~ p tddleirs. Indians
I orge O rdf th it' W I lle up rio co tl ( .roin te hills 'rt q uent ly I rudtge to tihe
o 't I'ensy lan ofh i lt u ''l~' c t ity with I a w ild boar1 , andl~ t urkeys m ay
Of I 't'nis~'l ViI In. be lad f or Ite pice' of at ialtry3 tIp to
Somethng to Look At. If .neist Is t Inc(lined(, ai tenderl
quIlredl ai trecently aiveI~td guetst. b~akIng, ai tish tatlxcan epices
"Well,"' rteplied It'e lnlordl't oif thle espehId ly of Ite troptll)i re'gtons, reti
her hats just openedl uip ai sho(1 in thet --~ ~
next blottk. You miighit khlal ramblile' V 11 v Ins idulgl'nce lends a mana to
"'I hav ~e seen'I lady' )1 barbeJrs betfolrt." ters to laiugh iat It.
of a v'Illage ne(t whien' they'3 see a laidy rooin1111 inny xpli n whiy he Is on the
ha11rher."'- Kuna 1111 ty Starii. sIree'lt Sob muctih.
"VWatch me," said
-. the strong swimmer,
"I'm not afraid"
hed his strength Coffee can disturb nerves and
~irl of the rapids, digestion, and often it does.
t the danger, and Thr, aeadstsyn
the stunt, until- hr aeadstsyn
course for everybody in the
ay the life-savers selection of a table drink.
ing for-that day Postum has charm without
p came. harm. It's the safe drink for
all, and probably, therefore, it's
matter to smile the better drink for you,
ings when you're Thousands have found it better,
and fully satisfying, for themea
Your grocer has both forms of
d many strong Postum: Instant Postum (in tine)
i't risk the rapids, made instantly in the c, y the
addItion of boiling water. Postm
ny coffee drinkers Cereal (In packages of larger bulk,
to think of the for those who prefer to makce the drinke
while the meal is beIng prepared)
se. mradle by boiling for fully 20 minute.
There's a Reason" for Postum
by Po m cereal Company, Inc., Battle Creek, Michigan

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