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1-a.Gen. Squler giving (11i)10
gnboat Isobel on her way to Nanne
American minister to Egypt.
Jrion Leaders Warn That They
Will Order Rail Strike if
Men Vote for It.
resident Harding Gives Labor Board
Full Support-Tariff Precedes Bonus
In Senate-Conference on Russia
at The Hague-De Valera Is
[h THEl railway tuaintenance of wn:
l workers, shop then and members o
.-ther unitons thnt are ualloting oi thI
uestioan of t walkout, vote for a strike
n .July 1, the oillecials of the union
)ns will lind themselves In direct con
let with the government, for 'res
cent Hiarding has let it he known that
Le will, to the full extent of his pov
--r, hack up the federal railway labo
Board. whose adjustments of wages t
*rovluded by the t ransiportat ion ii<
nye brought on the crisis. The Pre:
'ient and the cabinet nre keeping I
-lose touch with the de'Veloptents, an
-tit agencies of the government will 1)
employed to prevent a strike if possihil
-id to render It inetfective If it doe
The stand of the union leaders wi
't forth in a long statement to th
hr hoard In which the decisions n
alt b)ody were dlenoun ced and( watri
g was given that the strike wouldl h
]Iedl if the mien so votedi. lien 'i
- ooper, chairman of the hoard, reple
this with charges that the union of!
ils had distorted and misconstrue
e hoard's deeisions In a manner
*isied the mten, andt he citedl Inst anci
this dlistorlti.
"A strike of railway employees
Id Mr. hlooper's letter, "Involvir
* ol wages, their emnploymoent ari
I i r wel fare, hased upon such ml
1a aling statements of' thisa hon rd's se1
W'.nen(5 ts ad declarations, woutld I
ii just to thle men and to thle p~ubl Ic
so fatr as lhe shtop ern fts are col
4 ned, 000 of t he I tree rensons1i ft
di ilring a strike miay he removed witl
nS( few day)3s. Th'i~s is the pratiei
* 'faiin g oult shop wiork tunder ti
'- rat systemii. The inh)1or i ord lit
o conisiderinog "17 com11pin ts file
Inst v'ariotis rond s andit its findtiinj.
said to be almoitst ready for at
mtitQmenjit. IIlenrings In :30 othc
('s aret no1w being held. IEarly3 I
y' thlet hoitrd( d(eded such a ens~
- tinst the Indinta lI arbor I1elt ii
(, the pr1 inciple's it ('1mtieiated thle
ig, briefly, thiat such coot ract
olate t hi'e) tpirIit ad piurpose5t of tht
'de (t' wig(e detlsiotis of (lie ritil
reaid ithior hionid to whieh the' entrit
wa*~s a pairty andi wleh thlle ca rrier' pi
11n1(1 eli'eet."
hallwny executives genterally are ca
:l~y will vo(tte for ti strike, it will no
be ordered; and1 tey sny t hat tif It P
t r:ans5por it ion will not he seriotusi;
crii ped. 'rTe trnin hiiandlIn g for'ces
Iiin.titing emtinteers, firemen, condutct
'''and switchmeitn, are not inivolvedl ii
T~lis Amzeriengn P'ederanion of Lt
mon wa':s initoducedl eniin g for thi
*j.al of the Ciinuis-Esch trant
a'voring government ownershIp of thi
't 4ihwna. At the requiest of the rai
unIon chiefs the resolution was hait
~ a; je miacinists, said: "Not for a stingic
omen t hatve we ahandoned thec pro
am f government ownership. Blul
opresent admninistration is un
~iendly to us and we thought that it
.)ould he Inladvisablle to press the mat
~r at this timte. Our enemies would
ngethat the forthcoming strIke
a lled to force thte government to
hecotrlof the ratirondse. WVe want
IhAtIssue to be cienu cut."
especial cornit~ ee of the A. F.
uns to graduates of U. N. signal school tt
ang, China, to protect missionaries there
of L. convention appointed] to con
Sider recent l'nited .States Supreme
court decisions affecting labor cases
r"ecottedt amlendmlents to the Con
stitution p~rohbiuting the labor of chil
dren under 1G; prohibiting the enact
ment of any law or the making of
Judicial determination which would
deny the right of workers to organize,
to deal collectively with their emuploy
ers, to collectively withhold their labor
and patronage and Incluce others to do
so; providing that if the Supreme
court decides that an act of congress
is unconstitutional, or by Interpreta
tion asserts a publec poliey at variance
with the statutory declaration of con
gress, then If congress by a two-thirds
majiority repasses the law it shall be
come the law of the innd.
The committee also recommended
that congress he urged to enact it
child labor law to overcome objections
raised by the Supreme court to pre
vious laws.
-0 NE: of the worst labor clashes In
the history of Illinois occurredi
last week at the strip mine of the
Souathern Illinois Coal company in
Willilatnson county. A gang of steam
shovelers wa-is at work there, andi af
ter l'resident Lewis of the United
.\llne Workers had declared they were
to be treated as "commlnon strike
t b~reakers" they were surrounded atnd
aittacked by at crowd of striking !miners
r armed largely with stolen weapons.
.The nonunion mhen, after at long hat
tisredrdadmn ftewere murdered in cold blood by thehr
captors. The number of dead is un
il certain at this writing, but probablyv
e' is ats high ats 40, and perhaps much
e higher. Governor Small ordered
s 1,000 members of the state national
guard mobilized at Chicago. Though
a the miners quieted down somewhat
e after their orgy of slaughter, there
f was great danger of recurrence of the
adm~iitain h tpbia
.eatrsared oge trug4wt
of 1 to 2 rejectedi . .sinalorah
motg Ciona to sroeacth isoarif for t
ouandafter afectng wtrge cate
r(lalostdnlanimusly t tak the honu:
bt ilonth sla'l tjaI lrde lof ousinessih
drediatnery fooiing thsae ofacth
alif meanyure. Drin t he debakn t
doeny the Dmofcwrers tevoreanizas
saile th olevlydenthhand thei aort
80rty faoridlgat the dopnofee
eourteitht theta mact of cpodngess
s ttif ~nthey wouald os byiniternt
s4be passertd bli Amol'ust . iac
- Cons I ie sauo elration of hp ubid
rgills also ia' cobess defyred Presidents
ant. ~ring coni'pasentigto lapoitshallne-n
C~fe | (mite hat'ofe aen.h arf i
ht conerece hen uhis ttet t
Cil1 lfe aso law n4 oherhouse ol)partisars
I'i5t( dby thoe ovemte coutto of-e
NI: lqof tn Amrtlabn cases Thn
laDeoctsie atgain ti maeitc ofea thae
- te'uwilli tis ssul colive. i\en
r wilethe ow covery Airano Lasker5
5lole as wasaten r tem reil quietedf
byte I'eissunee ofew Trof sury Un e
M iaten ~(ikrlings dleclain that', Wt'(
t4 lide threit thre millllinm i
itCOVIING)3 cror,' on nlsted~n paeron
ranedrely ith,0t0land carrying about
S$'9'Ai0,000 the navafte aprongrato
b Ie, wsrpassledl'ehesat and oftent
tocr conf~eree with cohe boose Thy e.
Stio'on The pesnnher al is An
Am ericn ares romg but, trheb
Dom ( igh republ0c and Nerharagua
C hwger deeaedaferong deate'
being00 onsmberedo thislatee by the
interdnionallcomiso at T.'heg
Haglie, tinrs shleti has,' somdledwhar
economer thens thaty thf slugter, powers
finwaf greatdangt commctissare of ftr
eignp t afac the actussa blaetra
exetive dsrcefulte afarecn. a n
VIreLdIGt the reqope of t eooIl
tracts, eintrducong lwer andpub.a
enatr agtrsd and ge-troughig
bons bill guarante preaemb a prae
ii 10 tiy nni itsl o ed.te )111
Camput Vaili, New York. 2-U. S. c
3-J. Morton lowell of Ohio, first p
IIe also says Russia is willing to
demobilize 50 per cent of its army if
'olind, Lithuania, Latvia and Es
thonia will reduce their armies in
proportion. The success of the con- r
ference at T(he Hague, he asserted,
depends mainly on France, and he
added that if it failed, Russia hoped
to conclude separate treaties with
England, Italy and other powers, r
Japan's delegates to the conference r
have decided that France's Russian t
program is futile and unreasonable,
and now it looks as though France I
and Belgium stand alone. It may be I
that one or two other countries will
suppioit their demand that, as a prior f
condition to discussion, Iussia agree
to recognize the rights of private I
property. The British and their fol
lowers wish to omit all discussion of l
the principles of communism and deal
with concrete cases.
IF IRELAND is pacifled it will not
be with the consent and aid of
Eamon de Valera. Though beaten in
the Dail Elreann elections by a con
siderable majority, lie still persists in
his implacable opposition to the treaty
which establishes the Irish Free State;
and he declares lie does not believe
the Dall will pass the new Irish con
stitution in its present form, which
he says is "well composed in all Its
parts and peculiarly fitted to the end
in view, the degradation of the
people." Ie adds that it would ex
elude from public service and prac
tically disenfranchise every honest re
Directly connected with the Irish
trouble was the assassination In Lon
don on Thursday of Field Marshal Sir
Henry Wilson, late chief of the im
Ier'iil general staff of the British
army. lie retired from this post last
-'ebruiary and was elected a member
of parliament from an Ulster district.
lie also was appoInted military ad
viser to thle Ulster goivernmient and
- ws a leader In pIans for pacillcation.
He was shot to (lentih by two mnen.
B""-T''-" erhnps nrce pr ospect
forp pactication and unification of
Chn. Acting as an agent of P'resi
d 1n4L Yuan-hung, General Chen took
posessioln of Canton, defeating the
trPoops ofi Sunt Yiat Sein, who later was
taken lprisonier andl held on a Chinese
cruiser. (Chen set up a provisIonal
government pledgedc to suppilort the
ce'ntrail governmiuent at Pekin, andl de
cided that D~octor Sun should be per
umilttedl to resign. Priesident Li even
fo rmailly invitedl Sun to go to Peking
and assist himi in reoiganizing the
ge'neiral go ver-nment. Meanwhiile G~en
('ral Chant:11 , thle dlefeated Manchur iian
leiidler, and General Wtu senedl an
armliisitIee. Of iouirse' ther'ue is still a
lot of tight ing going on in China. In
Kaint'si province soime ten thousand
of ~U Wu' troops mot ini(ed, klldi ninny
Ilmtlv(es and statted( on a march tow~ard
Na nchanig. I iIitih and Aimerilean gun-]
houts1I huied ( to thle priotection of for
eigner-s in t ha t region.
A """wa-s givn to flu Yap
A treaty wi thle United Stateis by
thle .1 li anese Privy counlcil Iand lettersP
of rat ilbfiaton will soon be i-ece'ivedl In
Washint~i'on. 'The othier treat iis of
lie Wa~shiington con ference wilh
r-alilled iearly in .July, accordting to
Americ-lan ii sterP to Egypt.- lie wvas
noiimtated by I Psidenit Iliardinlg aind
prompt ly conftirmed'( biy lie senlate. The
selection (if Mr-. I iowell for this post
tiont would seeml to be (especially wvise,
as lie hats been the Amer-lean dip1)1(.
mauitic agent and1( consul general in
the hmdn~ of the Phlaratohs.
no iated for another term by the
Re~ptiu~ans, andl his opponent In f
the Milnnesota fall campaign is to a
be the flirst woman ever nominated
by ai major paRrty for a seat
In the upper hiouzse. She Is Mrs.
Annau DIckle Olesen, winner In
the Democratic primaries. She heat
her nearest competitor, Thomas a
Meighen, by several thousand votes,
Mrs. Olesen was one of the McAdoo
floor imanager-s in the DemocratIc con
vent ion of 1P'20. Another wvoman wvho I
('nmie to the front in that convention,
Mrs. Isetta .Tewell Brown of WVest Vir- ri
glnia, announces her candidacy for
the senate subject to the Democratic h
prinmaries of August 1. 'st
athered Prom All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
The Yap treaty with the United
tates was approved by the privy coun
Ii and Japanese prince regent. This
'eaty fixes the rights of eash nation
i the island, which is under Japanese
Sun Yat Son, the president without
republic, has disappeared, accord
ig to advices received at Shanghai
-om the South by Chinese circles in
Mat city.
The strike of the Mexico Tramway
ompany's employees was settled re
ently. The settlement was a com
romise, neither side gaining a con
lete victory.
The assassination of Field Marshal
ir Henry Hughes Wilson has stirred
ngland to the depths. Mingled with
eelings of sorrow and dismay are ap
rehension of further outrages, as it is
nderstood other members of parlal
tent have been threatened.
Wiu Ting Fang, former minister to
Vashington, more recently foreign
ninister for Sun Yat Sen in the dis
upted southern republican government
t Canton, died at Canton, according
o a recent Reuter dispatch. Wu, an
iutstanding leader in politics and ju
isprudence of China for many years,
emained, at last reports, loyal to Sun
Cat Sen and was believed to have
led Canton with the deposed South
"hin- president. The Reuter dispatch
rave no details.
An attempt to assassinate the arch
)ishop of Aragon while he celebrated
nass at Montevidio was made by a
1-year-old youth, believed to be an
anarchist, who gave his name as Be
iigno Herrera Salazar.
The president's residence in Canton
ias been taken by the troops of Gen
?ral Chen Chiung-Min. Dr. San Yat
Sen is supposed to have made his es
mape on board a gunboat.
Kiwanians and their wives and
friends numbering five thousand per
sons are attending the sixth annual
convention of their internatioanl or
ganization opening at Toronto, Ont.
Existence of a "combination" of
banking, railroad and industrial inter
ests dominating industry and deflating
labor, charged recently by W. Jett
Lauck, representative of railroad un
Ions, was denied before the senate in
terstate commerce committee by L. F.
Loree, president of the Delaware and
A rsolution censuring Commissioner
E'rank A. Harrison of Lincoln, Nebr.,
for "falsifying the records of the com
mission" was adlopted unanimously by
members of the American commission
to the Brazilian centennial exhibition.
Later members of the commission call
ed upon the president and requested
that he remove Mr. Harrison as a
member of the commission.
Indlications are that unremitting
pressure will lbe exerted to bring ac
tion on the disposition of the govern
ment's properties at Muscle Shoals,
Ala. There is no question but that
i majority of congress favor the ac
ueptance of Henry Ford's offer.
The senate agriculture committee, in
vestigating proposals to dlevelop) the
government's projects at Muscle
Shoals, Ala., is prepared to close pub
ic meetings and begin preparatinos
of reports for- senate considleration.
Chairmtan Norris, after hearinmg Maj. J.
FT. Burns, of the war dlepartment otrd
ance bureaut. remveie thte data col
ected by~ the department and congres
sional commniittoos and recommended
' sptecific polic'y for- soltion of the
Mutscle Shmoals prtoblemns.
A compromise arb-itr-ation plan to de
3idle the issues of thte Chilean-Peruvi.
in (cnfetrence atppeCars to be taking
lefinite form as a result of the conm
iul tait iott of both ideis with Scre'ctary
)f' State Iluaghes.
.A comtpromaaise plan by wmataen the
naited States would arbit rate thte dif
'it Itltes arising froam thIte unfCulIfillmtet
ft the Taena-A rica clause of the tr-eaty
4 Anc'on a ppearas to be gaining favor
mong hoth Chiilean and Peruviant rap-4
'csentativces in the Washington contfer
Thte senate has atdopted the confer.
nec report on the atrmy~ applropriation
ill fixing the size of the armyi for
heo coming fiscal .year at 12,000 offi
ers and 125,000 enlisted men.j
Mrs. Izetta Jewel Brown of Fair-.
iount, W. Va., it is learned in Washt- f
igton, has announced her candidacy I
ar the United States senate from that
Although commending (the Philip-,
ine aspirations to independectde andJe
amplete self-soveroignty, Presidentj
[arding replies to the Phtilippino Isl- tI
nd parliamentary mission "that the I
me is not yet for indlependiencoe "
he president's statenment was made~O
the members of the mission who
st week presented to him the Fill.
no argument and plea for a sepa
ate political existence,
J. J. Britt, former member of the i
)use from North Carolina, has as- ai
med the duties of counsellor for the u:
'olaibition unit.
Another address in the series plan
ted by Republicans in charge of the
ariff bill designed to show that im
orters and big department stores are
ighting that measure because they do
lot want their profits cut lown, was
lelivered the other day in the senate
)y Senator Watson, Republican, of In
ilana. Senator Simmons of North Car
dina, the Democratic leader in the
ight, replied sharply.
In the event the next lower house
)f congress goes Demorratic a revolu
,ionary change in the traditional poli
:ies of that body is expected. Demo
:ratic leaders have under considera
.ion the advisability of making a dec
aration of principles and policies with
-eference to the congressional govern
Congress has adopted an attitude of
'watchful waiting" regarding the in
pending railroad strike.
Mrs. John A. Logan, president of the
Dames of the Loyal Legion, stated
In Washington recently that the or
;anization would urge other patriotic
nd educational societies to press cam
paigns against use in the schools of
any state of histories that do not con.
form to facts.
Directly after news that gold dig
gers were seeking a lost Jesuit treas
uire in the Wye river, Canada, and that
an expedition had just left New York
for Belgian Congo, there to search for
precious metals, announcement was
made in New York City of two new
treasure hunts that have been organiz
ed and will soon be on their way.
Seized by a party of unidentified
men, Jule Garrett of Jamestown, N.
C., was placed in an automobile and
taken to a lonely spot near Deep Riv
er church, where he was severely whip
pied, according to a story he told offi
cers of High Point, N. C. Garrett told
the officers he had recently been warn
ed by unidentified persons to esgt him
a job and go to work.
A. K. Kroh of the Goodyear Tire
company, speaking before the Georgia
Automobile Dealers' association in ses
sion at Macon, Ga., told the dealers
that factory advertising in magazines
and otherwise is unprofitable without
the co-operation of local dealers.
Contract has been awarded by the
Loray mills at Gastonia, N. C., for a
five-story spinning mill to cost approx
iinately $200,000. The machinery will
be moved from Pawtucket, R. I., the
owners believing they can get along
better with unorganized Southern la
bor than they can with Eastern organ
ized labor.
Lincoln Greene, vice president of the
Southern railway, speaking in Ashe
vile the other night, said that the
present industrial situation in the,
South is but a forerunner of the good
things to come.
The striking union miners and em
ployeef/of the Southern Illinois Coal
company are reported to have engaged
in a lively scrap at Herrin, Ill., the
other day. One union miner was kill
ed, and twelve to fifteen employees
of the mine are reported dead.
Gen. Julian S. Carr of Durham, N.
C., wvas re-elected commander-in-chief
of the United Confederate Veterans
at the annual reunion just closed at
T1he boardl of directors of the Arkan
sas Cotton Growers' Co-operative asso
ciation has decided to seek an advance
of S'7,500,000 from the war finance cor
pioration to aIdl in the co-operative mar
keting of the 1922 cotton crop, it was
recently announced.
Organized labor virtually committed
itself at the American Federation of
Labor e'cr vcn-tion to a progrram favor
ing adoption of four constitutional
amendments, the repeal of the Slher
man anti-trust law andl the enactment
by congreso of two other measures for
the avowed purpose of curbing the
courts on account of decisiona adverse
to labor.
Dr-. J. M1. MTaxon, rector of Christ
church, Nashville, was elected bishop
coadljutor of the dliocese of Tennessee
at the annual council of the Protest
ant Episcopal church held at Nas~h
lbilization of the one hundredl and
thlirt-secon d infantry of the Illinois
National Guard, ordleredl by Gover-nor
Small ini a message from Waukegan to
hold itself in readliness for dluty in
thle sothernc-m Illinois inining region,
has begun. Ar-ms and eqluip~ment have
been diistr'ibumted to the ,gat hering
iua rdsmen at the Chiicago a rmc ry.
"Bloody" WVilI lson, so-cald b1( e
ause of many acts of violence in re
~ent times, most of them accompanied
my niummerous fat alitieos, is preparing
or wvhat official action is expected in
'onnecti!on withI the massacre at the
aester Strip mine (Horrin, Ill.) when
etween twenty-seven andl forty-five
Persons wer-e slain after strikcing min
'rs had stor-medl the sixty or more
trikobreakers operating the mine.
The body of Bon Chambers, a farmer
vying near Samson, Ala., was fouind,
pith four bullet wvounds in the head,
eating in the Pea river. Donie Hiol
(lay, alias Donie Jewers, and WVill
Veeks have been arrested charged
'ithi having murdered him,
Marconi, inventor of wireless tel
raphy, speaking in Atlantic City, N.
,the other (lay, told newspaper men
ast he expected very soon that every
ause in the world would own radio
luiipmont that would enable each
me to talk without others listening in
ith anybody lhe with whom he nilght
ish to converse,
The American Federation of Labor
ill establish a legal bureau in Wash
gton, D. C., to defend local uinions
gainst any suits that may be filed
ader recent Supreme court decigio
ivaranso.. Onsr
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Table and Has Gained Several
Pounds in Weight-Gives
Tanlao Full Credit.
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known citizen living at 112 S. Fourth.
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forned from what little I would eat
and pressed on my heart until it pal
pitated so I could hardly breathe. I
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cause of pains in the back, bad head
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Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
Rule With No Exceptions.
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Whoa you walk In comfort.-Advertisement.
The Originator.
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If it is true that two hends are het
ter thtan one. every moan should have
a double skull.
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Directions In 15 languages In every box.
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