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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, June 29, 1922, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The purified and refned
"ac~rt hbet: tha t rc free
.l r,.. ';.:c c)1blc..a' tc.
a~nd 35c pacavcs, bcariag
above tradeark.
IN\1th th IiQ Bl \V '':I }t4 r(' aul
tolIt wh:'t they will (I,. Cut v cuu
Red(, White anid ;)o .-t Oak in~to*
ti .' a adi sell 0) 1-. to 'Ia i !-:(11 i'
l ic and Pole Co., (i)tIl.. at
WeCst U) in I ci (.1" i P k 11,. I'e, iiov,
IUIVt' a tic" huycr at V(lt i)1aUQ.
Sc Ilarslll Exa:nlinatioi
lxarI~iat II.' to ill 2 vacanilt fo
Ollc -yl'iu' schohil~h if) willI be held} at
14th1 l~' ti1)in at ) a1. Inl., under tlt
.it~IilckIit of Ed'ucationi.
t1Foul -,ear' :clJar shilp. Ojp.'i t
CuILllre. or ''txt ile lgidC(..rl1g.
8au hjc"t- fix x " txiiinaitioii English -
I:o~ ii.ion and1( rhittoric; A l-eil~rm,-inIl u
a 11:1 l;,. upeanl I1 istery ; an'd piracticail
:1g U.~1uiieneints, 1(6 years or vr
\i))) of scholairshlip:; must be 1))
!1) lt or wcliil.nu of the Associate
'})le CXminiiiat ion may be takenl jo1
li. ia) fur ii S~iIclarshi1)
'I. he vai, o cen ch ; h-rash if) is
M" cl. lml' c rsh i) in t ha. iRcser y Of
qurtl iva..nt in1 moteLC to a sclioiti
()c\crShort Course chloIars I
ale' umul (,v'( ; lusii inkt t i.pursUe theI
'pll 4. )))illations.
1' t ICata.iic , &ifbflatt CI) UVQ,
Health in this community is very
gtd at this writing.
Mrs. J. C. Stewart gave a singing
last Sunday after ncon which Was
enijOVe(d by all. Those present re
l'ort some goal singing.
iMrP. and Mrs. C. Steele spent the
unda y with Mr. and Mrs. W. i.
Miss Minnie Lee Dobsen spent Sun
(lay with her cousin Miss I)ollie
Miss I.ouise Mauldin of Sencea is
visiting her sister Mrs. Charlie Steele
(tear Gap Hill.
M1'r. Hll m-an Childress was dk al.
huntin unda. Ile Says he ha-1
gecd luck.
Mi~s heda Gantt (ined with ht r
friend Miss Mary Dillard Sundm-.
2Irs. E. G. B(;VCrs spent the latter
part cf lust week with 1(r liarent.
3! r. and Mrs. C. Gravely mar iimloy
Nr.. uuCa pnt last Sun
(1 y with Mir. Richard (;antt.
Mtr. Albert Finley v,-,: (.ut d';;r
hutniting Sunday. It h:; been rcnI('iti
l":1 he caurito thret; ('ry G
again Albe(rt!
liissest Mda Su n1(. and 80-80Steih
. vvi nd a:3k vi h he f ie;nd: 21i~s
.niec Lee' Dobs70on.
For Pickens County.
1 .-year scho larships and once vacant,
the (ounty Seat Oin F'riday, July
St!:( ivisicn of the County Super
students desiring to puLCsu A .
including, rammar, literature, comn
d quadrati eqt ic luins. Am felrQican
' at th( time of entrance.
-epared to mflett also the require
mt c. CIllegei cf South (arolina.
cntia0ite cred' is by these not ap
00 per :cs;ion and fece tuitiin of
k.errs' Tr'aining; .Corps-i;..Tl.C.- i
shi d)(ur:ng: the last two( years in
tips. Open to. stu(ets 8IS of
)nc-Year Course in Agriculture.
(l!:ge necessar to stand scholar
a:: ed thr information write to,
of Duro Je. T.s(
be sold.Saegei
sksecnd pub-es
sile . Theof
istwof Syemit
bUet sol. Sale-------:11
. mn . .25
4nv'yille, . .
e rs oenRilway System Tik
Ey R, t.c Pa..en.. .Ag...t.0
(Intendled for last Wv, r(;)
TheI~ farmers~ of this sevrtimn arc'
,'citinlg their crop~s icn \"(t . g04)al
:;l~apV, ait Iho It shcw ep so 10. timc's
Ms \\'. 11. Ii(ehis has c('atttlnca
lielle c a a " .it to ":li''(s ill .\:
\V: T. 'su "!~ SU.(a
iHiss l~sU~tj (ha'avtl i. ..t,r t I '
t('arctllc 22 fr'(cn l'ec ., , i.t
!i',Iiac f ra.nc r, t\\"( wv!\ .;'itoh(:
l i..ra;?ch '1'1 \ ( ,(1~ .; *i2Un lle FIutd
ii \\"("t"(' fCi~haI (ai hunting Stil.
'Lvy . f Lt; I'taii*t '!'!e;; had1( at fineC mten'.
M'ei l~iii; Ill(t ' tias '4 of~; t.ss TWO
:I( a ' tu.JS(.a r-a ( I\(h aul hue 1)tcc'l
'Flit' Su ia hav schoel a; Salcn i"
i't' icly'. \"( have inc this Suel
(ta:;; ~.:((l a lat'2. ("1;idle' rell with
\''e hat'e' ;''c~liht t Salv:n t'c'"
vu'ral Sunday tat 1:Il). it'a\a.I' 1(jt
*ict vc('ry V\'ea(l ~sdzty c g
'ala. anal 'Ics. \\'t't l'aaa:(' \i tt
S o f a; r , \ 1 C h a~ v c a t i t s e t o f a\"i .;
V. ' tch (lvoe. i~a" tall oa ill.
B;ill :01p.
l?(('h OP{ t . ; t.1 ?!(\r Ia n'' it:"
' Tav'''.+c" -(. (icttt T' h o .2la (' 1..
n I . 1' ", is 1. .1). it I , . a; W
::tat(' an el )ave t lhre ::'. c a!cit Tic r:
iii'\. .). '1. Sa'ctlan. ore~tiahnt ci
!"t" :acic .Ju:lt" '9 a ~ I 'he :;)-(1
(..ul 't( civ ( '. Qlia~'n(( ti ' the
11:Il. llcai' \':ill i) w 'i:l mullsic.
1;('! ()a!: " i(" z arct '.v~ hll-_n h;'t!t
IIr~t'( l~iuit. Tic ;1111, role Coa.
'. .J ut;. I). )':\\ is t ;eit itt'nt'eta. :t
Vn( u l. .1. 1). Pca ier A- at 't
i1; -"'1'c aal hit'(' Braal.' Qtt f-lOi
N.OTlICE (:)' FI 1.1i. ST*tLMI N 1 I'
er, r(!., 11 in'rc of IProbte for i:(:
(Uns county, in t iu' State' of Secutl
F i
On Friday June 30th and Saturday July 1st
we will give each fi fteent purchase absolutely
This covers any thing in the store from a
shoe string to a suit of clothes. I f you make
the fifteenth purchase it is yours free f cost.
Our sale prices remain at the same low fig
ures and bargains are yet plentiful. If you
fail to get your share of these wonderful bar
gains it is your fault--not ours.
ow did your
!ast bargain tire turn out
~ ~ -+1ROBADLY, you know An o'- i-0eroen t:-e. The d(ehle
who is aO I wl ys on " ' "" 0 ,ai 's L e, p 11 O~ , a 1 hLe
ithe C Cok-out ror. th to hy 00 y l L ' 'm. 'o ~
fnd. He likes~to get them1 bymai Tie I iie
or I m . al sale' (r at some /ic
the' c..'2 in evr3t
let hit. h:we i'
Even if a mant saw any slight ,'
percentage inl tire s-hopping at
all-itdi.s.appecaredI when the ..
downt. a 9 -~iC
A tnadproduct --and the -, - -
dealer sells it wvith prIide. ~ -
A good tire. The denler has -
no desire to trade you into) -"K
a larger profit for himnselI
United StetesfTlres
are Go..dires
'Where You
U. S. Tires
'1 i
'1 4 ,

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