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"What Shall I Take Along?"
Cool Frocks for Summer
HE question $hat looms pl for for the plaited skirt. The coat ilne
settlement, now that vacation only one fastening, at the neck, but
days are here, is: "What Shall t '1'loI is ptrovide(d with a narrow belt with
Along?" The average womn1t i .;-hort hanging ends. Either of these
learned the mental and Ithysiea re- suits, or both of them, will serve for
freshment that follow her little sut- nearly every need of the tourist.
ier journeyings and will not allow Midsummer calls out, along with
herself to be burdened with a lot of satin butterflies and gauze-wingec
'ungs." Besides, the clothes of to- dragon flies, the sheerest and loveli
v are far from bulky and one can est afternoon dressse that grace thc
very well equippe(i andi still travel year. They are scattered everywlh're
11;' t with no cumbersome luggage. for women find an opportunity in
' 'tme fair v'acationists appear to these airy fabrics to ituiulge thir i
enjoy, above all ,things, going on dress inhorn love of daintiness and( color.
parade, and there are plenty of places For several seasons past, as mgain.
where they can spend their days dress- facturers have broadcamste(l adurably
Two Clever Models In Tailored SuIts.
1 niol undressing to their heart's pretty frocks of organdie, swiss, voile
But vacation, to most of us and other sheer materials, they have
!leans a sight-seeing journey, stimulated a demand for them that is
the country, or perhaps a now universal.
the wilderness, and gladly As the days grow hot, color con
ehind us everything that will hinations that are cool-looking come to
sitively needed. the fore in these thin dresses. Two of
*Itt wardrobe is brought down them, as shown here, reveal this bit
ducible minimum, the tailor- of welcome artistry on the part of the
is its main dependence. designers. White organdle and (lark
*we go the suit goes too, blue swiss, dottedl with white, is a fn-~
together with blouses, and one may mniliar and well-loved combination-an
choose a street or sports modiel for old friend in a new guise, wvhich ap.
travecling and general vacationing. Ex- pears ini tihe dress ait the. left of the
aples of these tw o styles~ arec shown pIcture. The dress is made of the
Cool-Looking Summer Dresses.
here. Th dar lflk blue model, trimmlted I swis with nypront overskit, co.lhar. eutTs
with bru-id, ats Pictured it the fore- and1( saudh of or'gantdie, aplpl iqued and1(
grounda, isi a piece of original anid good banded.
designing. Its abort loose coat, with Our old, (list iigished. idsummtttier
I .. ~ the front, fastens with acquaintance th ine lk r~nd white'
rbelow thte waistline combhination--app.ears in thte dress of~
Ut! oi~0. The ikkirt is plain whi te voile' withit nhaitys of -htecked t is
~h to suit thte most sue, on the lady tain~fg tea.
- h :rotter. Navy blute
* . :al favorite and1( vindi- 4
e* verywher., In the
-tinm homospun miakes
at with a Cape, bound
d m,anterial which is us.... ansHWAI Ua
101$ 10
(IyI~ . I'. 1S. FITZW1A'1l:It,. ).,
n Ohe orI:uglsia Mii in thro .zin~
litih I istitute of (hicago.)
Cot>:-right. l a-rl. we-steh rs:Ne su rte r i1".1
L I- S' IN '1'-:X'T--1-:-k h 2:1-3:'-'
(lIIi)-;N 'PI.:X''- eei ye the Lord
whil II.' neay te founsl; call ye upon Iilm
h it e is te-sr; let the wiickei forsako
his tay, :tal the iitoteous nn his
thaou ts; ;il l't le111n re-turn unto the
Iord. 1se Ie Wili lteseve at-rey uoit in
and to our tio.I, for lIe will abunta ntly
pleloe--I sa e;.
It-I-'S-:itI-:.('1.: MATrJ-:ItIAl, - II IKings
17:13. 11; ia. ';:1-13: Jer. 1:1-19; Matt. 23:
l'It . .\itY 'rol'i('---The- Shepherd ani
]Its ! heep.
J I 'NhI 'I'O'IC-Ezekiel Watches and
Warns Israelt.
-J-'atti at l1are Task.
Y ) t'Ni G E>Oi',,1.; ANID AI)1'I TO PIC
-The Inity of Warning Others.
I. Ezekiel's Call (v". 1, 2).
1. C'orunun IIled to Stand Up (V. 1).
Ezekiel wais given it vision of ilt Al
ility (od ott Ills thronie of glory
(elh. 1). 1 iefore the vision the prophet
fell prostrate ulnl his face. 'Tihe es
sentlial q'tuilnnent of n minister for the
iltsehtrge of his tusk is ia vision of Ote
2. 'llied With the Spirit (v. 2). By
tile Spirit the ditine energy entered
hin ani etiled bhn to execute the
ruuniisseiin given to hh11in.
It. Ezekiel's Commission (i.v. 3-8).
1. The 1 Moral Condition of the l'eo
(ile (vv. 3, 4). (1) A rebellious nation
(. 3). 'This rebeilliousness perhaps re
ferred to thei' heathen Idolatreous prise
tiees. (2) linial tient children (v. 4).
"Iinliudeilt" literally mieans "har(d of
face." It neins the grossest perver.
t ty which (enaged them to situtd ilp in
the presence of the prophets of (Gld
without a sense of guilt or comupune
tioin of coliselence.
2. The Charge (v. "I). Ile was to de
liver the message of God. lie was to
de-iire, "'Thus stith the Lord Gehl."
3. The Illivulty of 11Is Task (vv-. 5
5). lie was to deliver the message of
hod whether they would hear or fore
Ill. Ezekiel's Experimental Qualifi
cations (2:9-3:10).
lIefore one (anl prench to others lie
must hitve an experience--iust he In
syiliathetle ccord with Gttl and Ills
1. Eating the lIBok (2:9-3:9). This
book Contained God's woes upon the
stiff-necked and rebellious people (v.
10). In order to speak God's threitten
ings effectively to others we lutist in
wirdly digest and appropriate them
ourselves. The eating of the book was
In his iouth as honey for sweetness.
Though his ministry was diflicult iad
the Judgnient severe, the proplhet was
in entire symiptthy with God's pur
lpose and found delight in Ills will.
2. Urged on by the Spirit (3:10-14).
In order to strengthen Ezekiel for hIs
task, the wonder-ful synmbolism oif
God's lprovidentlal agenetles whieh had
benul before- bini in chiipter' 1 wats
brotughst toI his attenition, iassuring hIni
thast (God woutid acconipany hinm to lisa
niew destlinitioni.
3. Ei:nteihiig Iiito Sympalithy (v. 15).
Ini (irer to isinitisteir to ai pe'ole one
lunust entIeir Into syintihy with themi
must sho~w thlat the lesessaige is from
the deit-lth of thle lieuart ; thastt to dclarei
the' tiessasge of w e Is it greatt grie-r,
t-:z/ek itI iiingl ed hiIs teaurs withI lieirs.
IV. Ezekiel's Grave Responsibility
Godes insede hinii ii watchitain. Evtery
Iintiist-r is a watchmansii eri his thick.
iW)Sltw thigs wtere reqitIrted of' imi:
1. To leeutsr the \\e'rd ait (God's
\a~i uth. Thle souircieat' hIs message
was (I ilds \\ 'iti. Se t oday) thie iniiis
oer is tee get his imessaige froeme God(.
2. Soundi ite \'arin (v. 17). Aftter
ie liear G-l od's missage- lie wits to.
Icpeak it out. The samite duty nt tipoli
le- iniliister teldaiy. t'ais-s in Ioinit for
(I) \'ent God sitys to the wIc-kedl
'Thouei shalt surtely die" (v. 18), antid
ht wtchmaniiest fasils teo warie hlot, thIe
viekel Stai shll dlit int his itnhliiy,
alit his loodec sluhle e reqcusired at the
Vlxthiniant's laiel.
(2) if t' wetealehttm waritn te wit-k.
'd i atit the arings is utnhee-d-t (v.
Il), te wic'kted mtaii shasll pe-rish. httt
lit wtiattinmt lha-s deliveried his sel.
(:1) \\'heni a irghteoues timti turnus to
Itt iniity andeu God g i-es imt ovtr teo
'tnlingZ its his oewn 5in, his ieast
-tingiu rigteoetuness wtihlet bee iftn
evail, teut lis lleod wtililbe t'eiiirtei at
he hli eel e et-vs5chttint it' lee fail to
wa-ic him (v. 20l).
(-1).- If' the wasttchmant soe warnis the
r-ightmteetis itmtn thait le fall nit into site,
Slthe iiti shltl le ssiveel ttel the- wastchs.
manet lamthe del-ivietd his seul.
Miniltt iste e- h tve motstutl-tn obhl Iga
titons. thait elf dis-har-ginig teIr oblligra.
tionU whithter mnii will lit-sr ocr fote
The Wise Shall Understand.
Ma sny steallI be Ieur'ited andt imadle
wbhiit e, anti triied; but thie w I~iked shaill
:hse wickedlhy ;tand noene- if the- wicked
shlesl untderstansd; but th e wise shitll
uinerst snd-Il an iel 12 :10U.
Being Wise.
It is heitter tee Ice wise stud not to
seem See, than tie se-etn wtise antd not toc
at-e'so. -lato.
Honest Error,
lionest ert-or Is to he plt'ed, not
Electricity in the Orient.
In 11)03 there were 500 electric light
and bower cotiilaiies in .Iatui deliv
eritng 80,001 kilowatts of energy; in
1018 there were :t,-i(8), delivering 1,
820,000 kilowntis. in this inutter of
electr'ical growth, l rh'iit tunl tOcehlent
areo alike; extenti'ii. ot i liultaitttion, is
tho diplointi watcehword.
Sometimes There.
"'1hey kissed whent the jndige grint
ed their (iivtorte diet'ree"
"There'. lnothing lIke p~arting
"lillt is It p~rolier file it tin t utuig
wotn to kiss in such ita tublit way
whielt they airt. mu longer instriedi?"
"I see no obIjection tit It, provided
their future iates ar1et- ntt in court."
"Line's Busy."
"The iew guest iitist Ie at lover of
sol itlde."
"Ile s!"'nids tuotst of his Bine In at
teblephlotte bothi."
"A Iutnt isn't stlitair if he's talking
to sotneinlytd over the wire."
"Uu1lh' itaty it mnt goex into a
teleiihotie bo th1 who Ioesn't su(c'ceed
In starting It conversiation."-liirnting.
hain Age-ieraild.
Watch Cuticura Improve Your Skin.
On rising and retiring gently sttear
the face with Cuticura Ointment.
Wash oft Olintnient in five minutes
with Cuttcura Soap and hot water. It
.. wonderful what Cutleura will do
for poor complexions, dandruff, itching
and red rough hands.-Advertise nent.
Want Library for Every Ship.
During the reenti war tih- .\t1nerilenn
library atsat'cit tin p iteed for the ist'
of the mnt of the inerchanut tininte;
shtspx a total of ',2501,(Mlli ooks. 'liest'
books wer'e made! ti!untu Ilirries and
shiftel froim one vessel to intilher.
Itecently the Amierit i a-t'i-'l Mt
1t11w Library tissritiont lias been or
ganizeti for the iitrlwise of carryting on
this w'ork, uitder the slogati, "A 1
brary for E~very Shp"-The t'lass
Important to Mothers
Exattmiie carefully every bottle of
CASTOltIA, that fallnous oli remtedy
for infants uttd children, and see that it
heat's the
Signatu'e or
In Use for Over :1) Years.
Children Cry for "letcler's ('astoria
The Next Best Thing.
Lit tle Wi'llie chims hunme f'romi school
the other chty" wrtih at black eye.
"Willie, where did yout get that lintek
eye?" aske(l tit ither.
",flhnny Smiith hit. me," aniswered
"I hope you remuember whaut yrour
Suidaiy school teac'eh saii aibout
eit'ing cols n the head of yur'
"Well, tn, I didn't have anly coal,
so I .1ti5t stuck his head in the isli
A tiian frotu the itackwodls of west
ern Alierin visited New York f'nr the
first tiute 1atnd went iti a resltl'aaurt
the Waitter' brouighit lint a ntatkin. l'Te
aind pulling a sx-s'hoter from''ti his
)ocke{(t lie gav~e thte witeri a pie'e ill
tis minad.
"Yout~ tak e thnI lat latedl ting aw"ay
hiav~e i hiaindker'chiief if I wan,'t onetit'
tke atdvice lis(byondit hetli.
Theii Jlooretst dliet int the warh'i tob
ry to live t n t is ' a r at 1 ion.
The Old
Carriage i
Had an
O make each p
a wvonderful, one-ho
This illuistrattes
--human bodies, Ii
strong as the other:
Very often it's 1
tnnt elemecnt of nii
childhood, and cart
Grape-Nuts, thi
of building each pat
Nuts contains all ti
and barley, includi
food for building ai
The delicious f
come dish whenev
"Made Me Well ani
"I bavetalren several bottlesof t
and find It a great benefit. I had
my stomach and bowels, but by ti
Io-ru na and Sian-a-ltn I am w
strong again. I alway a teep a fen
lnte house.' i11e. OSOAB (ON
It, F D No. 8, Ii<
M7. Gray's experience is just mnoroeovide
is quito as good a remedy for catarrh of the
other organs as it is for coughs, colds i
Pe-ru-na is a wonderfully ine medicine to b
for everyday ills.
Send to the Peruna Company, Columbi
booklet and medical advice.
A wIs,' look won't entrry : fellow
through lif. unless he dies young.
Left Alone.
"Ills wife chatrgedi desertion.",
"FI''ll. ir l anotier hlly?"'
"F'or gollf."
It Might Flunk, Too.
''Teneher In lhysies-- llen. rxlda~in
fully hoinw you would graluit a ther
Illoni('t er.
Allen-- -Se"nd it through high school!
-- a100nda Inven')tion.
Electricity's March.
In less ithui '(t y1.'s tIh tle' e riltty
ptroclurd1 lin Ainerien has ilu-rensed(
ritu re' thin 15 I lintes. uil ii It is nowm"
Ilve tluins grtr:ttm'' than,l the titergy that
every 1it in the lnation tconhl put
forth in a yeaiir. Womrklig right hours n1
(liy. (3dmlsnciie to hlit ri l i"teir fo.
work "
Sure Relief
" = 'Hot water
r= Sure Relief
254 and 754 Packages. Everywhere
Hair Thin m i
..~r- 'italiema
the roots amid Mtops hair faiing out - 11th bald
spots raidtly. Try it! At all Hootd drugeiist, 75u,
or direct frot HESStG- ELLIS. Chemisa. Memphs. Teans.
An Interruption.
"llIs hiutt fltllomw gun(.'.'" ask d the
t(itor ot Ite (lhlggtrsville ('larien, us
ite liokdt' his head tiirough fIhe bacm'k
dIoor o f his stncttun.
"Yes, sir," rt'plijed the oiler huy.
"Ie hung around it while, kn ked
over it coule of pasis pmois Intl then
"Ii's a gumi thing I Qnw* hihi roting
in title to get out. I fear he int'inl
viol(efne. I'll not finish wtrilllnu thng :
editorhiil I wits wourking n. <h-'clitring
thait whit this country needs is a tiill
lii n press wvlith ti' courage of its tctn
He Knew Politics.
A~n Indianit mity faiiim'd for Its J90.
tItit "~mseus," hiis ai hmibling potl-.
tilelain. I ie is onfly, ntin' yearsi' mld.
liI s father wals readilng t' news
piltr thle mithe Imtuhirnit' at li th e nk
fast tiable when hie ltooked~m up1 and) saId
5?upii(iIinttn itt schoommls~ igaIin."
'rTe wife stairted fto enminentmu. but1
thei sont hio's her tom It. "On~i whil'h
Stcket ?"' hei aisked'.
Thlie t~pm wrilisyl w ey m nw'Oa~' Ii 1ai
iliing. hmui i taikes ia huistler' to enl
le(et it.
Mai ti~mny woumli hmm all ri 'lt If
hm foolims cuould be oI nI ofi.
: Truth "'
irt as strong aIs the rest," was his
rse chaise that wouldn't wear out til
fact that is keeping many doctors
e chaises, break down bcauIIse si
>ecause of ill-balanced food, lackin,
trition. TIhis is especially true of:
ied on through life.
t world-famous, ready-to-cat eerea
t as strong as the rest-to) serve hun
e nutriment of those best of the fil
rig the vital mineral elements, andi
id sustaining health and strength.
avor and crispness of Grape-Nuts
er you're hungry.
"There's a Reason"
i Postum Cereal Co.m ine., Battle Creek,
I Strong"
is useoof
s, Iowa
neo that Po-ru-s.
stomach, bowels or
md nasal catarrh.
avo in the house Tablet: or Liquid
Ohio " f Sold Everywhere
melsdA4..w nemleC
Known as
"that good kind"
CTry it-and you,
will know why
U A*
. will reduce Inflamed, swollen
J o i n t s, Sprains, Bruises,
Soft Bunches; Heals
SBoll,Poll Evil,Quttor,
li, j Fistula and infected
sores quitkly as it is a
positive antiseptic and
germicide. Pleasant to
use; does not blister or
remove the hair, and
you can work the horse.
$2.50 per bottle delivered.
Book 7 A free.
W. F. YOUNG, Inc., 310 Temple St., Springfield, Mass.
Agents or Ilenlers-t' 4.44ta laiiin soli-wrin'
IKantav ('Ih-ni-t. 40s' S1. nul. Italtinture, M.\i.
A:R entI(.-"tnt im4 ,in New." i.v hi huya
""lhinebrite-"" ^A 1 ', er i;anli l I Ageonts
Suppl y ('. ., 1'1, N. K;'sth , : li Ie~ 'lly, Kin.,
Waneda Young Men to Learn
Best college in the South. Write
Charlotte Barber College, Charlotte, N. C.
, A .l, T'il l: 1(.\<. i-: - 1: , ..- It 1h""".1."1 . {PuroA
i11k. . i,:n:, .ut1a . 1,-I ,. . ;p1 ,1r.(. $ .ro,
liuy , li. t, cv. $1 1. M..r. 1. gg S.I'.1; I 1.19
A.I.l.1:N. 44 w. 4.:.;ni. 4. \ i. Nl~w Yt ilK.
Kings Lead Easy Lives.
"What 11 lay 4 t4ng4en'e'nt. fo41r to(
"Yo4ur a1ajest'y, y(111'u4' r ('Iles Ih e il
I() t of't rt' t14' niriltr of the leii n I.t'ri
sill til n I' iri'41ier of h('oiko-'s-SI4 lvi;t
anu(l grant :ln aud1(ience' of 15 ininutes4
114 4t4' r'jnhg 1 ot' SlIIatliung. In tIhe
:I't'rl4 II Is i11o1u15n41ced'( thait y111 will
show yoiirself It i te ra(e' 4cour.e."'
"Any 4lt r utlflirs o1f slat('eI li t 1ine
Till ?..
"1h'111';1\ e vweigIt 01414i fillb i it'sir4s
tIjh' plesure' oft y'ouri ner44luintnce, but
the( int':s1rouelfonr e1nin(;e 'rrangect
"Adr.. I he . r....,r. I- ha-ats
da l be'or rlo "-lilr in inin 444' Aige
It' wviing woub4Il onily fulilli 44ur4 de
*te . but ther'I's IIi' tha trE4Illesolnel4
"If" :yin~hi.
T~~.ihel' litis .lh4' i ni i Illliul to 14 -.
41't4e it i4(4s.awy h obsleoh
nistake 4,' bt there4 aris ''1 l'in kindsl
wl r fui'tak ldi.
u in n knor-li nu hnso
ils dfale d wa i hbre hn
I, brigsthl.a
nman ed rae-nn.
wl ains, wheatin
take ta onefl

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