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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, June 29, 1922, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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And the Cat Came Back
He'd been away five months and
he was glad to get back home, and we
were glad to see him.
That's the way they all do when
they drink at our fountain.
Clean, Cold, Snappy Drinks.
Nunna]ly's Candy---fresh every
week---mn akes K happy homes.
;; '~;
No thg Lie Thi Low Pric
ae Kow
,+rY r: v . tra '/ Iu-. tha the Fordson i1'?' Tj"ractr Ff
4w er~ ral , .r ".. 1. "I.t u '
ill' j II :.. ' J I,, , II " \
N thing :ai ew This Lowicric
Hdo m X Mr soiu m owrm reoresso
N O I f. ii m ttc l.o i ( ' ' 1 ' V r n ur ' r fl r c vIl e
see u : ic* . on. ca misr it t e vorihut ar~ F or
son Tractor.
Place your order nov--there i no time for delay or
comnparson. Pri'e ailone nud~cs y'our choice the Fordson.
After that, performaYnce will prov.e to you. as it has to
1 7I,000 owners. that this light, compact Fordson is the
most efh~ceer~ po(wer plant ever h>chied to a farmr tool.
Let us prove it to you. WNrite, call or phone today.
lHough anfd DrI e IQumbe of All)~~'o.;I Kinds.
\\'e have al good assortment of glass.
Wi ndsh ichI(s cut and put in.
h.AGLE ONo.174
For S your Dealer Made in fve gradeo
Locals Rn Persollals
Atlrs. F". S. (Curtis is Visiting frQ~xlid
and1( relaltivucs in Easley,
AI isis (Grac Huteli~ngs SlL lt ll O)f
last w. uk at II endersunilke.
'lrt. an irs. J. W4. G~rant aind dadu -
:'pi i . her 171 tl %l 1.
. 1. I . . ,::. ~ ,' :4:
. (>2
* I~l\ 12. I In . 41.' 4 ~4!h11
1: ' 14n i y.l , .1l~ ,:'.l1 at 5 i
I~~~ ~~ ,,t , a .: .1 \ 1111V4 1~ ~
it~ I 11r .\
I " ' in N .!' .'v c l 11i!1
Mrs. Rnson D~ur ham wve it on a
visit to relatives at l'itdmoitt anid to
several other pilaIces ini thet :tounta~n.
OUS Sectionis of Gr'civilli' (Canrty.
M'srs. Willie BirowI4 who has been
(lmite ill at the. lhunt of Mr. .11ari1Y
11r'. John 'atterscn and~ Miss Almaz
Kelley we're mart i d .Junc 19th 19 21
by WV. S. Gaint t N. P. This haply
young (441111Qc lats thu" b st wishies of,
manmy friem(ics.
On lust Thursday, D~r. VaIley e'm
.it .f (ar (n vilh tmj an Drs. Bolt of
'I' \ ~'l Wi dml ttf of ti- I~hlzwe b4.
11 1a l th n
1*q* ... i
11 ;1. . I.,, .. ,.:,'
.4t 44' *I1 lt U*
Your Complexion is in Danger.
When the hut sun beats down and makes everything sizzle and boll
Fr'ekles aid ran are likely to mar y our comlexion an( make your ski
.smtart and bunn To sooth and heal the eff-ets Of kusinm f h
~m~it nid brn.~ ~~ ~ '~f't s of sun, use somie of the
one Prepmrations
iexall Violet IDiuleei Cold Creani Coty's xtract and toilet Water
Iludnuts .larveh.us (old Cr(Peam inr's Garigo Extrct & roilt
1ludnut''. 'ThrI'e luower Cold (ream W t r.
1l1u(nut11.- 'Ihrec FloWLr Vaii izl .ome Extract & \oi'a it Whitn'
('ia 'a Xtat&TiltWtr
Creme Anlgh('us ( n I-.1mn (1rean jiueaiden 1'
& ('.anin' iig ( l :C(Ilet I Toilet raater
01.' ntal ('ream iiU(Iltts 'l'hvc" . l ' V 'lX<iiI't i
Armand's Cc l ' & \'aiishimit ('re:am u t's V iet St i. ltose Oma a' (;ii r..
Ilin~d's: Iii ncy &. Almotnl ('(iiiwamil 'li~ \'te
A'\-' f'or y<(-.r 1a1' it(' ("r< mn1 , w<: ha':''Ive, V t
Coty'sA~4 2 Exrat ndtilt atr
oar Nom Ext ac &( '"ie W ate
41 6
'* .. lu n tsTn-ey ...
Xisflud ig \'ile teIage O
orday? A l o aer t /
1 I
tire tay?~ S lo ve h
cunryestmar tlkng rightu
the remarkable wearing
quality of Fisk Tires. The r'ear
iare obvious. Look o er
any Fisk tire and judge for your
self. You are bound to find
extra size, strength and resili
ency and with these, good looks
and a tread that gives real
IThere's5 a F'iskA Tire of 'px(ra value'. ini every' size,
for car, truckI or speecd z,;go
ichall's Garage Pickensj
Summer Excursion Fares
I'rmn dre'nme, s. c.
Southern Railway System
\i n\n
-- 21!',Fla
I : Tl~aw. N. ..-- -I iu
~a '~ lSO~ Vifl', N . - - - ludII, I N .':'
J~q.1 ;;N~ *kyh--nd. N. - C
a N (- - -. - S .: ' i run. 2 i
.:a* r.I:j luia , iN ( ii 7m t 4 1i'Ct
A.g ent (3 ldnd'(-S5.4y:at o lm ln (.intT F
Aget-r adrss .~si'~ IugasngRalwa Syt. m
- ----Spartanburg, S. C.

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