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I3BONS and laces, maintain their
places at the head of the proces
fn, in decorative acessories, wheth
it be to "set off the faces" or do
other service in the enuse of beauty.
hey present nothing stautlilingly new,
pa yet, in neekwear, but gradually the
trilled vestee and the Jabot of lace
are making headway, presaging a re
thfrn of these flattering items with the
Early autun styles, in the inenn
time the collar with vestee to match,
enbroidered siss edinum r
f4h . ~co a li f o th .4"
sh\{ .. ting.
- VlaeeSome Pretty ide
ol 1o l h e n net or lace and
etbroldered hwss, rads In summer
ieckwear, followed by the sleeveless
inder-odlie of net with collar cnd
oilm o ftictg from the "V
prey,:ac veste nthe ngure a
te ie pismde ovfr vhe
COa. en erlo nweater, and a
ctromes n lie wohe under taeow
vitin f the wvearer .so wills
lit n ed nt wat with col
Ji irau lto e, shon at the
bom or the picture, is newer
preylac ch Prlettyo Bthigr ant
deft ofthe ihtr a inneof ser
j~~i, swete inrwsoiine necessator
nzl conon apeas in ba~ywhnv rlw
Jar lt~ culs t nyl ochIriz h cro
ehet~flet o othe velesswith ong
standing, colr.ath .aan -a..
outward it the toll or to extend
around the neck in a wide upstanding
On the beaches interest is divided
between the clothes of those wh
go in the water and those who stay
out, with bathing suits, switnimang
suits and outing dresses all represent
ed. Vhen out of the waiter the swim.
iners are fortified by enveloping capes
that allow only glimpses of thelir trim
garb, but then capes are well worth
,% A
- ' .4 . . F
. .h , s .
as in Neckwear.
looking at. Some of the bathing suits
are supplemented with thetm also; ra
tine in high colors and with fanciful
decorations, appears to be the best fab
rie for them. There are impressive
outfits of this material, including a
stilt, cape, pillow and umbrella.
Hathing suits predomninate on the
beaches, and ground fabrics in them
are mostly quiet in color, the designs
modest and becoming. .Much atten
tion is given to the neck line and
many of them have cap sleeves. Jer
sey cloth Is an ideal material for
these with bodIce andl short skirt in
one wvorn over knee-length bloomers
or short pant-s.
The picture portramys two practical
swimming suits In knitted fabrics, one
of thmem in dark luae with w"hlte
stripes and one in gray with bindings
or short pants. A suit of gray jersey
Beach Cstumes
qaiGTEtEot0 M:1se
(ol L essony
(BY ltIl''V. 11. B. FITZWATI-:lr:t, D. D.,
lea-her of English Iibe in the loody
1inbi1. Institute of Chieago.)
Copyright. 1922. western Nwonwnl'er Union
I,!-:xssN TEXcNT--l)aniel 2.
((ilIl).:N 'I'l.:'--'Phe kingdoms of this
worltiic are I1e"omie the kingdons of our
Lord. and of fis Christ: and IIo shall
reign forever and ever.-Itev. 11:15.
itl'l itI:N I M rAT I~IAL - Isa. 9:6,
7:13. 14:47: John 18:33-3S.
P'IllMlARY TOP'IC-liow God Answered
D aniei's P'rayer.
Jt'NiOit TVOI'IC - Daniel Reveals the
King's I)roam.
-{ow I aniil Met a Severe 'Test.
YOI'N; i'i:Om'il AN) A)IP 'POPIC
-God's World-Kingdom: Its Nature and
1. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream (vy.
Tlhis dreml 11ade a tremendous im
Iression 111(1n the king's mind, but he
haid fo1riotten its c(ntent. II(' ur~gent
ly ('iandeI of the wise men that
they miake known the (ream anlind its
iuterpretai loll. lt'iieuse of their fail
ure the king was very furious and
oinnnanded all the wise meen of Baby
lon to be sla11.
II. The Revelation of the Dream
(vv. 1-1-35).
When the (leeree was in process of
execution Ihaniel was sought out to be
slin. lie sought an interview with
the king and obtained time. Note:
1. The prayer meeting In Babylon
(vv. 11-18). Daniel was the leader in
that prayer meet ing. HIe called his
fellows together and most definitely
pr1ayed to (od. Their lives were at
stake; their need was great.
2. Dainiel's ascription of praise to
God (vv. 19-23). God heard their
prayer and Daniel responded Ln lofty
strains of praise to God.
3. Daniel before the king (vv. 24
80). lBecause lie had been with the
Lord and had1(1 obtained wisdom, he was
confident before the great king.
4. The content of the dream (vv.
31-35). Daniel matte known to the
king that In his dream he had beheld
a great image with at head of gold,
breast and aris of silver, belly and
thighs of brass. legs of iron and feet
imrt of iron and part of clay. 1le be
held the image smitten by a stone and
the stone became a great mountain.
Ill. The Interpretation of the Dream
(v\. 30-4d).
1. 'le heard (if gold represented the
Chaldean monarchy with Nebuchad
nezzar as its head (vv. 37, 38). With
the iecession of Nebuchadnezzar to
the throne, the times of the Gentiles
2. The breast and arms of silver
represented the Medo-Persian power
(v. 3.). The Medo-l'ersiai empire
was at kingdom inferior to the Chal
3. The belly and thighs of brass rep
resentedi the Grecian empire under
Alexander the Great (v. 39).
4. The legs of iron represented the
(1) Theii two legs represented the
(ast ern aind western divisions of the
ltomain ('mplire. (2) TIhe feet of Ironi
and1( clay reiresenited( the two elements
in the lRoman empire andi are piresent
todafy in all forms of goverinent,
Iimiperiihlismi and dlemioernecy. 'Vhese
eleinienits have nlo colherenicy.
.i. The stonie cut out of the~ mioiun
tain (vv.. 414. -15). Tihis is tihe kingdomi
if 1he1aven so grapientiiiIly set forth in i
lhe New TVestamient, for the kingdomz
of hieziven is9 the( kinigdont whieh the
God of hieaveni shll set upI. (1) The
ston~e is Chiiist (1Ia. 28:16; Matt.
21 :42-414). (2) When dIid the stone
strike? Th'le imipnet of the stone
was upon the feet of the col
umns11 (v. 341). Th'lis show.s that
if (lid not strike at Christ's first comn
lng, for thle Itoman emipire& wals a unlit
at t hat time ; not even the dlivision of
thle emire~ as' 1 represented by the two
legrs had Ilaken lalce aIs yet. Th'le stone
smitin lg the feet sho~ws that tihe stone
w.ill 8 tike whlen thle Iomnana empire
shanIIli have beeni dlivided~ up inlto t en
ki igdoms1. (3) Th'le k in;lbdoin of heaivon
is thuiis 80een to bei brouiIghlt into1 rea liza
tin1 1thriouigh a1 gr1eat (1atast1rophle. The
end is lnt biy gradtual and1 peaceful ex.
1 ('1sion through i reachllI ig thle gospel,
hitif biy a crusinig bulow. Th'le stone
dloes not till thle. tarthI by ('rowdling tine
stI~ibiss9ioni to Gohilti destrIoyingt it.
'int ill' doi ion slall 011d inl ai 'rash;
tlplun its r'uinis shall11be buIlt the king
stone 15 of jud giiient, not grac''. Th'ie
t ext plainly says it is "a fteri" the stone
has1 done0 its Smliting work that it be
COmels fa gre'at m1oun1tain1 anld 118i liste
whiol e earthI (see P salms1 2 : r5, ti Ze('h,
hi: I-I). Jutst as5 thei fir'st part if this
dIrearll wals literally fulfilled. 8(o shal
the( last 1)a1rt lhe fuiltil l(d. Messai's
kingdomi shall be a reaiand 11l( iterail
News Spreads of Miracle,.
.Jesus wen'ut over fthe sea1 of (;aliet
and a great miulttude followed Id,
biecauise they saw his miracles whieh
he didl on them that1 were diseased.
John 6:1 and( 2.
Forgiveness of Sins.
ililsed fare tihey w.hiose inliquities
are' forgIven, and1( whose ins tare
cover'ed.--Itomalns 4 :7.
Influence is the exhlattion of char.
-ctcr---W. 34 Toz'.
*} C
The Young Mother.
HE ILLS OF INFANTS AND CHILDREN should be so well known to the,
youngest of mothers that a reminder or a repetition of the symptoms of illness
seems unnecessary, yet there are some mothers who overlook a feverish condition,
a little colic, or a disposition to be irritable. If not corrected they may lead to
serious sickness. And to correct them, to bring Baby back to its happy self, is
so easy by the use of Castoria-a medicine prepared just for infants and children.
It will regulate the bowels (not force them), aid digestion and so bring quiet and rest.
Fletcher's Castoria has been doing this for over 30 years; regulating the
stomach and bowels of infants and children. It has replaced the nauseating Castor
Oil, so-called Soothing Syrups, poisonous Paregoric and other vicious concoctions
in the homes of true and honest mothers--mothers who love their children.
Those mothers will give their babies foods and medicines especially prepared
for infants. and children.
Cotet ~.~* Children Cry For
4r Net Contents 15 Fluid Drachr
AVe elablePreparationforAs
sIdnailltingtlCFood by Regaa
*+ ; ing the~tomachs Ind Bois of i
o 1oac' hn lwl f A VWord About Truth.
"'Great Is Truth, and mighty above all things." So says the Old
~I ierPromoting DItestiO1
Thereby,noigl~sf Testament, yet it is equally true to-day. Truth shows no favors,
Cheerfulness andRCSLtinS fears no enemies.
"u neither0 imMorphinenor From the inception of Fletcher's Castoria, Truth has been the
1 lineraL watchword, and to the conscientious adherence to this motto in the
ssfO l.Sdlt~ l preparation of Fletcher's Castoria as well as in its advertising is due
So the secret of its popul demand.
%,AlVaAliittos alsbtiueal utasgo reaainslc ,W,~the element of Truth, lack the righteousness of being, lack all sem-n
flyf= eis" blance even in the words of those who would deceive.
And you I Mothers, nmothers with the fate of the World in your
trot ...'" hands, can you be deceived? Certainly not.
SAhllfllezedY fr " Fletcher's Castoria is prepared for Infants and Children. It I&
Constipation and Diarrhoea, di remedy for the little-ones. The BABY'S need for a md
a:" . tnd Fevecrishness and
n Los OF SLnESS ad ine to take the place of Castor 0il, Paregoric and Soothig Syrups
resuthas the sole thought that led to its discovery. Never try to correct
. utteta Oji ""--- ABY'S troubles with a medicine that you would use for yourself.
me Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
"GrGives Cheerful New Color Tone t o Old ast
Froms thine toroilth rs Cat rasrth h s b e h
PUTNaM FADELESS DYES-dyes or tints as you wish
"Triangle Stuff." o T rEth la'c t1 Giving Him Hia sem
"I lQI'("$ blance eve in the wordsoof.thos who - Iwould ie.ilCane
hands, can youlbe deceived? Certainly not
Fleche'sCasora i pepaedfor- -l x Int and Ch'rIl~rn.Iti
distictly QremdytfoSthelittl-ontsOTheBABY' nee for hmed
BABY'itroules wthta edicientht1youwoilduse friyouself
kideysartouCooprerofep Wrapper..L~C4
D o n t o r e t C u i r T a c uv t e s e o r a h e af u l N bw a k i n g T o n N o -l u r a n
PUTNAM FADEi.ES DtoS--dretoiret ts asuyoutwis
oter r iangl SupRtuffit. ----- ma
el nI beau nteofsthy'ti SQ U EEZEDow
Tri~u (Soap Oinenduand Talrum-. ryuwatn
2innee ach evrylorce.dv tie, hewrdempndrlemdoy-kdny tatg o kid
ment lavealbladderiad uricthcid troubln
alslAinl. Setbac. Famos sine n696asykeregmlnly 'n
"Umph! That's ot soeat keep ihn godhealth. bein thre sifenal '~ ai -and y ou s.
IKme lreW i beve roken up tha adgss movementbeedms rpreinted. itov
ay."-kMerIha Ag~ek-"N, es is usuallyo t naenl Mndialion thaty botheuWF
Ina liioisne"- X~vYok kid. j n aepot of Imtodr ee /
Do'it Fl 11 tor get utialcu thse oranih alhy by t ki
Whren din~(g to yotoile(itl' requiies ~ I Al JT. P~A~E ~
Aneouhte faoe skin, hah ad ust: IL D~uuu DxAL
other alerfumes supercllan. o.nYmenllmayoPLUG TOBACCn
rely on it beotiMe one o0the nutieur
Tri (a p, Onten and Ta'lcum). n r
25 echeerwhr.-Adetiemn. ThNwro'rsanarlemdyfo ideyo
.. . ivr lddradu iai rule.R 000N......Cl Kl.n:0 .
A Sebak FLaOus since16. TLj b akAe rgualy andY ek hdle i re11hdo.~ tr
Knick-s NJST--"oenevriktotkkepigodhat.Itre sizes, t~ all -an 9024 .ir.lppon
a ac en. 6uc- N -unles t's druggsts.iuarantedTasrepreented
TyrsaShyrhss to get pretty (mdAheor-o -
the ogh t have water A ll W LesA !P"RVICEyS
Sure Relief As o Samplesk ~ein.ie ton
Al~n m so Agen. .' an ..dI U M Sy .....o.i' hurtttI iIA . 4:0r D. 1
~ and7b~ ackags.Evrywh~* 14W. Mealst Nawdork iryh Wncude o hCteamer.5
ELL-NS. GurchntsI iiner Tr ns.Cg
AT W !OL SALEPRI ES C . .. rO e, J.AC .,ONorL fol
L N S s - l A sks4 j S fore S a p e H e thi, r u ,-'r t - E, o "n o Im r a
all fd th sm Aisou Agentl Wanted~ s..r iincv* Wrt
254 and 7n4oPackageso5eerywherr 4s w. aul. sI..New York Cit I wa~ to~y 'erni yao an
bt~e i )ON" rep l 'A e4rrN11Ii1.I PerNNY.
( diThe Antiseptic, Healing P'owder for the l'eet - -UI 'li: RAi..l;L.ll Ruha l a. r
Ta keq the rtitioun from the shoe, r.shn -ly' el.r: P ru h ; r. ur e~r
when your feet are tired. Bore and swoI- A I.' 4 W. w :. i l . ~'VnOK
etn from withiking oi dIancjing, .ri~rk le
and enjoy the blias ol feet wittout - th e DA RnER TRADE
soa.y, wr edby ou iyadEavy during the wai. CharlotteeBarberCollege, Charlote,N.C.
~ Ra a Pinch, use ALLEN'q FOOT-EASE
SOLD Be--tto a,-nd Fade
teens cm.ern.~ wa.dq.
~IlLU?h~l~ YEAORS ' g e**,g

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