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And the Cat Came Back
He'd been away five months and
he was glad to get back home, and we
were glad to see 'him.
That's the way they all do when
they drink at our fountain.
Clean, Cold, Snappy Drinks.
Nunnally's Candy---fresh every
week---makes happy homes.
R. E. Lewis, Prop Phone 24
4 6And remomber--thelow.
cst first cost, the lowest
upkeep and the highest
resale value of any motor
J ' 4 ioar ever built.
Li i
Unequaled in Value
Equipped with Electric Starting
and Lighting System, demount
able rims, extra rim and non
skid tires all around-the Ford
Sedan at $645 is the greatest
motor car value ever produced
--an enclosed car of comfort,
convenience and beauty. Reas
onably prompt delivery. Terms
if desired.
H .P. Sitton, Jr.
Pickensi, S. C.
Rough and Dressed Lumber of All Kinds.
We have a good assortment of glass.
Windshields cut and put in.
EAGLE"K D O enei o 7
For Sale at your Dealer Made in five grad..
1 ~ 4~, ~ ~ 44
Loca1s ana Personls
More work; less crime.
Cotton on the local market wa.
22 1-2 cents Wednesday.
July 4th was a quiet wet (lay ir
Mr. Casey Porter spent last weelk
in Columbia.
Corn crop report: Abinke.r,t and
Misses Stella and Pat Porter are
visiting :n Anderson.
Miss Louise Hutchings spent last
week in Greenville.
Mr. Loyd Grandy wcnt on a busi
ncss trip to Ashevil last Friday.
n. J. Nalley and wife made a bu
iess ti ip to Greenville Monday after
Mr. M. C. Smith returned from
New York last Sunday after a fur
Wecks stay.
Mir. an-l Mis. Frank Armistron.
are visiting the latter's parcnts at
Camden, S. C.
Misses Rchert and \Wake C'inm n
of Atlanta are the (uests (.f 31".
J. T. l'artridgie.
The ncted Mir. Ball W'ee! it re t
ting badc, sheriffRmkta'chi u
to the field now.
3.r. Charlie C'art: has returne:i
after tw mont !hs stay in tie uthetn
pait of the state.
'Tlhe mnly "iends of Sy!'d' l'u':L'
of Seneca were pca s t hav Imi
in town last Vetk ead.
3lr. Eacrk_ <enha .l :nd famlily
will moh've into r n of 1r. Nalley's
bungalows in a ewiy.
.Ire. Jrhnn ie tvarey had her
mother .\r's. Ida (rcen cf Greenville
with her a part of last week.
The iany friends "f David Lynn
of Washinuten arc dl lhted to have
him here for his vacation.
Nan Bowen, with her brother Maor
gan of Seneca spent last wcek with
their grandfather, Irs. R. A. Bowen.
Pickens lumber e. rnIany says that
bus:ness is pickin up as they are
getting merte tr.r i's than they can
Numr'ous 1 arti e wer W see ~n head
ed fori the' mounatains the Fourth of
.July to eclcbr'ate It:dependance Day
in various way's.
Onl last F'r:day, eve r M!rs. Frank~
Artmstro'n.t h as ht gut sts faor tea.
2lisses 1.aural P .p. Runh Smith, Sal
lhe C'urht it. i1:'. Blackb~urn of
l'er so faiti.: :-erv~ n1 the peopl<
in tr- a rer E'.''ards & Dar'sey~
wi! m<* : -N Nrth Ca rolina and1 his
Tl(e willi e :::ed by 2!,r. :- ark
It has beecr. rueutstedr that w<
urge.' all it rs toj Ulace' their name<
rn their club re bookse. The book<
wvil closv 'J'u:y 25 andl the rules re
quirt 'r *r- t nrc.l for primiary
( ler tiors ive ''' tw years.
\' ,.h cen ('ter's in the ap.
pr,>ar.:r e tE. be held by the
Dr''h-.'- reniceracy, at at
r naoting will 1)0 ar
-r will be (de
t<.rv~y" by ZIon
r . Riot nec~es
I attendlance, 'ai
'j( ladl to avai
r :!'1tutnity to heat
- - ho~ is pr'obabl.3
-4 with the sub
t::- i'r50on in the
cou - - place will b<
ror -. . a'.tnany lovel,
flc'w'er -.' . . . re setefor' th<
frewo: .-arevs. I". E. Arm'
sttrng, 2:'.- (ra .r.,kei, G. G. Chris.
tr.pher. J1. P'. Caro:y, .Jr., P. E. Wood
C'. Carey, A. .' Boggsi, Clifford Lcewis
J. H1. lDruce', G. R. Hlendricks. Misses
Mlary atnd Nannie Morrtis. After th<
pgames (deliCious ice cream and~ cakt
was served1.
When you cut ties (10 not leave th<
Red Oak but cut it also. The Taylor.
Colquitt Tie and Pole Co's., buye1
either at Seneca. Westminster of Pieck.
tens and in car lts elsewere.
They are GOOD!
Cotton jumped up 159 points Mon
day. The price is jumping as well as
the liant.
J. L. 0. Thompson of Forest City,
Ncrth Carolina spt nt the week-end
with home folks in Pickens.
The Liberty bascball team defeat
cd the Westminster te am last Friday
at Li'-erty. Score 4 to 0.
r. R. W. Car ett of P elkns R2
fcund a cocklebur bush May 27 that
had soven grown burs on it.
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. uiter ci
Lhibe ty and Miss Erlinie Robinson
cf Charlotte were In town Sunday.
The2 Sentinel has just reccived a
nr.:ic ct the death cf Mrs. J. B. Gil
The nutice will appear next
Why should the price (i "."as" in
crease during a political campaign;
- 'n'. l output shouli r'educe the
: rice.
ir. F. K. Nalley has moved from
(cntrrl to Pi-kers. He is occup:ing
ne o.f the Nalley buulraloos on Bun
galc seuarc.
We ?culI net hc!p but wonder if
the Gr..envilk furniture dcaler who
saw that snake with legs also sells
furniture polish and varnish.
The Sentinel force, !cn.e: with
ever ybidy clse in Pickens, ob:I rved
July 4 as a holiday. Consequently tih
parer is a little late this week.
The Sentinel received so niay new
subscriptions during the last two
days of its special subscripticn offer
that it will take a week to get all
the names on the mailing list.
Prof. A. B. Fortner, who was re
potied as a candidate for the state
senate last week, is a candidate for
the house of representatives and his
off'icial announement appears in The
Sentinel todlay.
Teachcrs for Maynardl school have
been elcted as follows: HI. WV. Hiott,
Miss Mae Attaway, Miss Annie Ro
Per andl Miss Ruth Looper. Notice
will be given later the (late the som
mer sessionl op)enmg.
The bonds recently votedl for mak
ing improvements in the Pickens
school have been scld to Hilton & Co.
of Atlanta at net par. Work wvill
soon begi-n on improvements of the
school building, four class rooms and
an audlitoriuml being addedl.
Thq Pickens Cabinct works has
moved its place of business to a newv
one just south east from the depot.
This is very much larger and more
commodious than the old one. Messrs.
WV. .J. Acker and J. M. Gantt are the
accomodating proprietors.
P~rof. F. WV. Simpson moved to
Pickens last Wednesday and is oc
cupying the house formerly occupied
by Prof. Hlagan. Prof. Simpson has
been in charge of the school at Tay
Iors for three years and we bespeal:
for him the same success with the
school here that he made at Taylors.
We wvelcome him andl his family to
Mr. Anderson Babb has just com
pletedl some addlitions to the home of
Mrs. Lillie Parsons near the Blac-k
snake road, which wvill add much to
its convenience amd attractiveness.
lie is nowv building a modern bunga
low for Mr. Earle Morris </ Hlampton
Avenue. Mr. Babb is a good contreet
or and gives satisfaction~ with all his
Prof. WV. IF. Hlagan and famiily
left Pickens Wednesdaly morning for
Gr'enwvood whore he goes to visit relI
atives andl friends before going to
his new field of work. Prof Hagan
wvas superintendenft of the Pickens
H-jgh school for three years (ani
wocrked wvonder's inl it. Pro-f andl Mi3
Hlagan wvere people of culture and re
finement and their many friends re
get vmery much to part with them.
Your Complexion is in Danger.
When the hot sun beats down and makes everything sizzle and boll
Freckles and Tan are likely to mar y our coniplexion and make your skin
smart and burn. To sooth and heal the effects of sun, use some of the
one Preparations.
Rexall Violet Dulce Cold Cream Coty's Extract and toilet Water,
Hudnuts Marvelous Cold Cream Phmer's Gargedgo Extract & Toilet
Hudnut"s Three Flower Cold Cream Water.
Hudnut's Three Flower Vanishing Caro Nome Extract & Toilet Water
Cream - Mary Garden Extract & Toilet Water
Creme Angeleus Lemon Crean Tissue
& Clensin Crem. Joquet Ramee Toilet Water
& Cleansing Cream.
Oriental Cream Hudnuts Three Flowers Toilet Water
Armand's Cold & Vanishing Cream Hudnut's Violet Sec Rose Onmar, Gar
Hind's Honey & Almond Cream lcnis Toilet Water
Ask for your favorite cream, we have Azurac Toilet Water & Extract
it. Bandoline 25cts (Ne t)
Free wvth any of the above articles one package of rcker Dedaer.
Boue Rae T oiltWae
Fo r the saft kecping of money .in~l valuable papcrs (A cur cu~zt';nirs we
have had an r.dX .icnal leek put on on r~ vault (loor. This !c~ck is a new kind
and it maikes cur. vault absolutely bu T glar proof. We have records of
l.uvilars ti ying to enter 8.1 vaults eq uirpd with tFc locks ad in not a
sin de instance cHuld they enter. It i s absolute ii-sibility fSe o the most
skilc~l lurglar to oen our vault (100or ncw. Cdnic in and let us show y
?". We arc the fIirst bank n Picker s county to install n ct these lock.
FThe Pickens Bank
Special Week=End . Fares a n d
From Greenville, S. C.
VIA .d9'
Southern Railways st
To To
Asheville, N. C.-..--- ..--$ 4.40 Ik lua~ .C----$52
Arden, N. C....-..._-....__..-...3.95LaeJulsk,.C.
Brevard, N. C.........._.....-----4.40~Syad .C--------40
Black Mountain, N. C..._--_....-.5.10 SldN X------- .~
Charleston, S. C.....................10.50 TxdN .---------1
Fletchcrs, N. C..........._-_.... .. ... Tr3.8N0.-- - - -- - - --
Flat Reek, N. C.-___............. 3.30 T 'b , . f
H ot Springs, N. C..--.............. .05 ~ahla .C--------2
1-indusoivile, . C-------:14~Tuxedovl, N. C.------------. .15
Roundi trip tickets as above are o n sale Saturday and Sunday of e seh
wveek until September 23rd, 1'J22, w ith final limit returning so as to rwich
ceiginal starting point on or before m idnight of Tuesday following date of
sale. No stop overs allowed.
Fo further information call on ne arest Southern Railway System Tick
et Agent or address: R. T. COTNE R, District Passenger Agent.
Summer Excursion Fares
EHE From!Greenville, S. C.
Southern Railway System
TPo To
AA'eville, N. C..--........_-_.$ 5.835 oeed iy . ~ - 37
A tlantic City, N. ....._-----40.:7MrhN.C---------2i
Ailndeirson, S. C....... - ........ 2.20 Nofl, V .- - - - 02
Black Mountain, N. C.......---0.80NagaFls,.Y-----5.0
Ueaufort, N. C.---.--............23.90PotnOe.-------2.9
lirevardl, N. C.----................5.85 ook, a.-------210
Denver, Co10....---..----.....80.45 SldN .--------39
Fiat Rock, N. C.---.....--....--4.45SklnNC--------.3
Greer,, S. C.__--__...__-....-.... .80SatakCyUh.---104
Georgetown, S. C...................13.35 SnFacso a.-----179
Hiendersonville, N. C..............4.0 t c~sug l.
Ilot Springs, N. C..................8.15TapFa---------01
L.b of Palms, S. C...............15.00TueoN.C--------42
.Jacksonville, Fla..-_....-.._....24.25 roN C---------.t
Kings Creek, S. C.....__-__......3.835ft pigTa.
Lrke Toxaway, N. C..._.........7.05 Tlua alG..------~
Lake Junaluska, N. C..............7.40 W~alS -------28
IA'nir, . C--------------870 rfasl, Va.-..-------175
In ~l~itin o te aoveSumerE xuNiar tFalls aN. Y. slefo
or etun ripwihinfinl mitof t LakcCkytta
For urthr inormaion al1Son . Paet Suersbrg Faita y
Agem~ or addrerso-n, N. C. TNR
T sterictgs, Tno Aet
Waplrtllbrg. S..C
lenoi , N . ......._........ ... ... 8.7

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