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*S**,,[email protected] . COUNTY
Another development which will be
a step toward making this section
rival the famous Sapphire country of
North Carolina is the construction of
a tourist hotel in Table Rock Cove, 20
miles north of Pickens, announcement
of which is made by J. P. Carey, Jr.,
of Pickens.
The old hotel building near Table
Rock :s to be torn away at once and
a modern hostelry will be erected in
Table Rock Cove, several miles dis
tant, Mr. Carey stated. The promot
ers of the new hotel are Mr. Carey
and Wade H. Chastain, who manages
the vast preserves throughout this
section of the Carolina Timber Com
Work cf tearing down the old hotel,
a part of the material of which will
be used in the new structure, will be
not later than August 1, Mr. Carey
stated. It is planned to erect a hotel
with :30 guest rooms, while it is po.
sible that this number will be increas.
ed should the volume of traffic de.
mand it.
Owing to the late start of the pre
sent season, no effort will be made to
open the hotel before 1923. Ilow
cver, it is planned to have the place
ready for tourist at the beginning of
ncxt summer and various attractions
will be providedl for the incoming
plkasure seekers.
3r. Carey said that present plans
did not call fGr the construction of a
huge lake, cn the order of Lake Toxa
way. Such a report was generally
circulated about Pickens, but :s with
cut foundation for present. However,
M\r. Carey made it plain that amuse
ments' would be pirovided for the
guests and it is considered that if the
travel to this section meets expeeta
tions a number of devclopments may
* be made before the opening of the
1923 season.
Sktion Oacc Farncus
Odtr1 1 ie.-ante e.' ickens recall
' 7.& i was on'
cf :h. mc f amcus rcsorts of the
(I u CeIns from the I
kw' - ret cf the state were accus- t
temcd to spend at lcast a part of the t
nca lc ;id there cr in et- I
t.c' e lo abut the mountain. During s
th'e rtast score cf years however, the i
rmcr\ lart ;f this tiavel has gone I
to HenCdor( : ville, Asheville and N
ether North Carolina cities. The con- 1
structica cf top-soil highways and s
the erecticn of hotels :s expected to c
again place Table Rock, Caesar's i
Head and other South Carolina peaks t
in the public mind. C
Dr. R. Kirksey, one of the owners
of 'Table Rock mountain, stated that 3
many perscns are now camped about r
the famous "Table," but lack of prop- I
er acccmmodations probably has kept 3
this number lown to the minimum. i;
That Table Rock was once famous as f
a res(rt and was visited by many f
S persons is shown by the ironl steps li
ene plaOced upl tihe steep side of the
mountain. According to Dr. Kirksey
these steps were ccted about 1840 3
cr more than 80 years ago. Time has- C
rplayed its part in wrecking the steps I
but they may still be seen, it was e
-~ No accounceme nt ci rectnt (late has r
caus1cdI more inVtere(t in the sc etionl I
rbo~ut Piekens ad the predIction was v
freely madle that mny~~ .t h . mflpor-i
tant develcpments are( liel to take I
place, on1cC t rave! isz nin dIiverted to
this section.
T1'he Chiri stian fecee in P Jhens
4are1 hinPg arlouistd andl iers arei
- ~becoming int'eetcd( by the pr&inchinia
cf Railroad Spi nks, evatngelist,. at. the.
Methodlist churech and the intvered
is growing with cvery. service. Thie
evangelist is at his best andt when
Spinks it at his best he is goina:
sec lie has the cooperation of
all the pastor's of the town and
everybody is cordially invited to the
R. L. Barksdaile, blind singing evan
gc list a noted singer, is leading soul
stirring songs that thrill the con
gregaitienis. Come out to hear Rail
road Spinks while h< is in Pickens.
Preachi ng servics every night at
8:30. Prayer service at 10 o'clock
overy nmorning at Grace Methodist
* church.
Miss Durham, daughter of Mr.
Tommit Durham who lives near Con
cord church, was struck by lightening
antlinstantly killed laet Sunday after
On the 17th inst., the Captain of
this universe changed the ranks of
the old -soldiers who suffered trials
md tribulations and fought as no
3thcrs have ever fought from 1860 to
1865 and took for its prisoner the
soul cf Mr. David Calvin Barker.
WhileJ 'thc, subject of thi sketch
[ought ft.r four long years in the
ervice of his country and made a
rave and fearlcss seldier then and
las fought for the cause of his Alas
er here upon this earth for many
vais sin,!e, the Lord realizing his
ile was at an end here upon this
'arth so far as activity was con
'erned and as he like Paul had fought
g(.od fight both as a soldier of his
ountry and as a soldier of the cross
aw fit to carry him home where he
ould join a union that is far suner
cr to any here upon this earth.
Emo much credit cannot be given
those old gray heroes .Who faced
!angry, heat and ctild as wcll as
'oIlets, many of whom returned home
'ith an empty sleeve, may he a
tick .for a I' or mlay be )ainus an
ye, er lsm.Iiel (,th(' kind cf a d"
crmiity to make their way in this
b111 without anything save a (e
rmined rev:slutioni, and yet aft. r
uch obstacle (;r 58 lung y ar.:s w(
til see a it-w of the ;m h-re hattling
It cnly fCr a livil:xl but for a
(ole in heaver, w\h( e when all are
athcrcd hem; there will be a pcr
t tual reunion.
The deceaed was born March 11.
840, which made him 82 years :f
lonths and 28 days ol. IIis re
mins wire laid to rest the day fol
iwing his death at King s Grove
emctery. His wife preceded him to
he grave about 12 years ago. 11e
naves the following children: J. T.
arker of Greenville, S. C., B. H.
larker, of Townsville, S. C., D. P.
arker of Pelzer, Mrs. W. M1. Davis
f Kings Grove, Mrs. J. Al. Satterfield
f Six Mile. Peace to his ashes.
On Saturday, 8th inst., about 4:30
i. ., at the re4sidence of the offic<a
ing officer, Mir. Dewey Durham lead
o the hymeniiil alter Miss Minnie
.ee Dodson and J. Alonzo Brown
poke the words that united them
it the holy bonds of wedlock and
ight here we wish to say the happy
oung couple will never look better
n(1 their countenance will nw'aa
hine brighter this side o'f that cel
stial shore than they did the even
ig they took the solomn oliigation
a forever forsake all other lovers for
ach other.
The groom is a scn of Mr. and
Irs. G. W. Durham of Central R4
nd is a promising young man while
is bride is a daughter of Mir. and
Irs. Ellis Dodson of Central R2 and
a young lady who numbers her
riends by the score. Their many
riends are extendhing them their
earty congratulations.
Rev. J. W. Prior assisted by Rev.
IeElrath, a young 31. E. preacher
f Greenville, just closed a series of
etings at the Cateechee union
hurch. WVhile ther'e was only one
cees.sion to the church andl that by
estorationi great goodl was accomi
l ished as several claimedl salvat ion
'ho had hack slidl and the spirit man. m
'ested itself to many luke warm
Rev. J1. A. Davis, the past (r1, w~ill
< zin a wceeks meeting toiiht (Maln
ny:, night ) at Cateechue. B.
aarried by Rcv. C. L,. Criaig at hi'
i'mSe on Sunday' p. ml. .July 2nd at
o'clock, Mi'. .J. E. Allgoed and 1'liss
*,mrgia )dlarc'hbanks. \Ir. Allgood is
.ii of Mi'. W. B. Allgood of Pi'k
n -, one of' the 'ldest C'onf14decrate
etirns of the county and also a
a ;at - erandlson of' a Revolut ionaryv
m'h:c :md is a~ veter an of t he Wor'll
,' himsi elf1 and m'oughit in the hat-tIe
'I \'.luw, Argenne For'est . iAlis's
ciuhbanks is a daughter of Mi'. S.
P'. arihha rk s cf near' AilI' Crceek
'him -h, at siubstantial ('it iz/en wiho re
'entlyv movedl fr'om Green( ville ('ounty.
Tlhis young ('cuple have numlerous
fiinids wholi will join hi wish'.ng themi
ni long and hamppy life. C.
All persons inlterestedl, bo' on hand
at Griffin church on Saturday after
noon before the 4th Sunday inst. for
the purpose of cleaning off the Ceime.
tory. Come early a~nd bring tools.
ti fn
Dear hunting and firhing seems to
be the erder of the dlay around Gap
The Gap Hill Sunday school is pro
gressing nicel:y' w'th Rev. C. L. Craig
as; sur:eriintc ndent and Richard Gantt
s a.iistant and secretary. We were
glad to have the Keowee visitors
with us Sunday after noon as the
singing was so much better than
\ iss Grace Brucke spent Saturday
night with her cousin Mis'. Viola
Mrs. John Fcrguson of Gap Hill
spent last wee': in Greenville visiting
Misses Lizr.ie and Leuella Bowers
spent last Sunday with their friend
liss Tcledo Alexander.
Messrs. IHerman ;Childress avil'
Ralph Stewart were depit hunting
Sunday. Hlaven't as yet rcported
their good luck.
Mr. S. Morgan and family from
Ocauee were visiting relatives in
Piekens Sunday.
Mr. Richard Gantt spent last Sun
day with his "r. nd Mr. Alhei t Fin
The ten mlaon' hs ld baby of Mr.
nd .!is. \V. II. MaulIdin has beens
ver: sick fo. the past two weeks.
hut is better at this writing.
Mr. Pat Ilushe-s and iamily of Oco
re(- )were vi.0ing relatives near
i''aters Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mlrs. Alexander McMahan
and little son spent last Sunday wvt h
Mr. and Mrs. W. IT. Mauldin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Turn r were
visiting relative-, in the Mountain
View section Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Iler Merck visited
the latters parents Mr. E. F. Dodson
Mr. Clifton Childress spent Sat
urday night with his friend Mr. Al
bert Finley.
Saturday afternon while we were
wondering if the wedding bells would
ever ring again we heard them ring
ing when Miss Minnie Lee Dobson
became the bride of Mr. Dewey Dur
ham. The bride is a charming
young lady and loved by all wh..
know her. She was the youngest
daughter of Mr. Ellis Dobson. The
groom is the youngest son of Mr.
George Durham and is a prosperous
young farmer of the Pearidge see
tien. The happy young couple have
the best wishes of their many
Misses Dollie and Selda Gant'
spent last Sunday with their friend
Miss Leye Finley.
"Lonely .Jo."
It is feared that the boll weevil,
which has made its appearance, will
cause serious damage to the cotton
A large crowvd attended the sing
ing at Concord Sunday and it wvas
greatly enjoyed by all present.
Mir. Robert Welborn made a busi
ness trip to Winthrop College Sat
urday and Sunday.
Miss Louise Gravely is attending
summner sehcol at Winthriip College.
Mr. J. 1L. Sterbens reside(nce( wvas
damnagc.d by lightning Sunday after
Mrvs. L. i Gravely is sei iously ill
at her home near 1 I llago(d s imill.
Mary Mek inney is visiting her
couisin Eula Gravely tis week.
The Supe rintendceim andi faculty vof
iah Sunday chWool are. perfort ing
I:lans oif '"curtai i in'g eff"' elass ro mis,
wvhich will b~e a eat imj'.Pivement
to the work of th< Sunday school.
1liarold TeOwneds is viS; ing his unel.,
Rev. Wade I .ew is this weck in C.o
Rev. .J. TI. M ann wvill prea ch at the1
frllowing churche(h in P lices (ount y
en the third Sundayi in th's nmnth:
Rice's Cree.k a't 11 n'elock, Libert y
Mill church with P'astui D~avis at 41
o'clock, and~ at (at e chre ehneh~c at 8
('Clelc P. im.
There wvill be a call meeting of th<
Picke'ns county, Whiti Republiear
club, at Pickens, S. C., July 15th al
8 p. m. Major Bowen and J. H1
Painter of Greenville and' other:
will address the meeting. Come am
hear the speakers.
A. M. Morris for the con.
Rev. D. P. Hudson filled his regu
latr appointment Sunday at Mt. Beth
el and Salem. The sermon at Mt.
Bethel was on the second coming of
Christ and was listen.d to by a large
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ragsdale were
among the ones that attenkd the
teaehe' tt a.ining school at Easley
last. week.
Mliss Tar'ie 'lclKinnay is visiting;
Miss Eula Gravely tnis week.
1ari'vin Gravely went dear hunting
Sunday af teroiuon, lao'k out game
wue(lCln the season 1, a1b<,lt over, but
then the boys enjoy a good race even
in1 mid( summ111er.
Mr. and Mr's. W. M. lu Isor visi
ted Mr. and 7.irs. M!. C. datrtin Sun
(lay afternoOn.
A large crowd at tenle I the sing
ing at Com-ord So ndyi .
A\r. and Airs. J. It. Iilulh--m visited
Rev. and ris. Dl.I'. ! udson Sunday
Mr. Harold Townes i visiting rel
atives in Columbia this week.
1( csed is the inan Itit walketh
n~ot in, the coltt,n fiehi, nor statndetht
in the way of the boll we("\ il, for
he will come in du(e time.
The fa'1rmler 01 Ih-is sectionl ar'
Oet t inlg. ll(.n1z2 nicely with the'ir crop".
We have learned to take the hrigtht
Sir( (f life and when it rains we just
say a .wer' helps. It is better to
whistle then to whine.
J. E. Grant and family of Easley
visited rehitives in the Mt. Bethel
-sction Sunday.
The lludson reunion was held at
Mrs. J. M. hlulson's July 4th. 'There
were about one hundred and fifty
people present, the day was very
much enjoyed by all present, the
finishing touch was put on by a nice
shower of rain, but after so great
a- dinner as we enjoyed we did not
mind going home in the rain.
The many frienis of J. M. Porter
will be glad to hear that after three
Of them have been confined to the
bed with typhoid fever they are get
ting better. Bill Arp.
It wits pyinte(1 in Thq Sentinel
last week that the Gap Hill revival
would start the third Sunday. It
wias printed through a mistake. It
will bcgin the fourth Sunday in July.
Mirs. John Ferguson has been
spend:ng the' week in Greenville with
her sons and daughter Mrs. Christo
Mr. Jim Ed IIendricks spent last
Saturday night with his cousin Alr.
Jutice Craig.
Mrs. W. H1. Maulo in has had a very
sick baby, but is better at this writ
Mrs. Chalner of Oconee 's visiting
her dlaughter Mirs. W. H. Mauldin this
1r. IHen(r.1y Br'uc'ke and family
spent the 4th of July in Oconee coun
ty with relatives.
Mlr. Ralph Stewart was out dlear'
hunting the first Sunday ev'ening and1(
had good luck.
Brown Eyed Bill.
We want to t hank out' ne ighbors
for kindne'ss shown us in the sickness;
amd dcath of cur' father. Also thank!
Dr t'Bearde fo h"? iis k i 4nnss.
WV 31. D~a'is &. inmily.
Thle ItrustIees a4 st ein ion of Pi, en
(If Comlpul..;1'y Edluenltn, State Aid.,
b)4 tatken up, and1( re(commennldtions to
the ('ounty d'le'gat ion ma1de'.
Thbis is probablhy ote '.f th'e mo';
promp)ihtly' at thle a'ppoittdr hour.
Thiis is pos"it ive'ly no' pol iti(al meeb(1
in'; just for the tru'teeS'.
TI'he 'e wi~31ingJZ4 totach on perm'nits
for the c'Iinng year are hereby nloti -
fled to appear0t at theo Court Hlouse,
Picktns, S. C., on Friday July 14th,
1922, at 9) o'lock a. mn. for the pur
pose(5 of st andling an1 examination to
obtain a pe'rmlit.
The rules of the examination will
be the same as fTiose governing the
I State exam'ination for iieachers. Please
be on hand promptly at 9 o'clock.
F. V. Clayton Snnt of Ed.
Let coch ne who 'is qualified to
vote be sure that he, gets his name on
hip, Club Roll, and it would be best
to entf I' Sflle as soion as you w Il
can1, as the books will closti on Tues-'
dty, July 25th, and as you will se.'
this is less than1 two Weeks, So you
havi ni't. much tiime to procrast inate'
and then et you1' namen( on the Rol:
Book mid ulass you y.e.t your11 Inme
t n you will not be allowed to Vote.
A f(eV do wait until! th. last and then
they: hauv to : i un order Iromn soie
tir it .otidgte in (rilh i o get ' t he r
niu 'em olde, and the Judge may
not im)ait this uimtkss you have some
legal ex'.'wuw for not getting it oil
while the ! oks are open for you.
: o rem'b.<lll)I r the date, Tuesday July
25. and ge"t the name on "the book!
hefire that day. All bocks must he
-cnt in to W. E. I'indley, Chairman.
' y Friday July 28',th, so that he can
have a copy of the bIohs male to
file with the Clerk of court for pub
liC inspectioi at all times. If any
one has any 1ut( stion as to where h
shall 'mroll 0r (ldes not .now wher'
to find his book, let W. E. 1'indlev.
P'cens. S. (., k:;now and it'e shal.l h"
d.hnl to givyou such inim'niation.
Also all who expect lto he candli
daxte's and have not filed; youir ph-d
c's lo k aifttr thi. lin-for it is to.
l::t, for if yIu should neglect to ti!
your plduw that will knioc you eut".
and it might be that the county:
would l'.se its best oIficer on acc'ount
of the candidate being le'lip :<it in
f;lin: his pledges.
W. E. F indley, Chairman.
The Iagood school will begin it
summer session of seh(tol on J1Ul.
17th, with Miss Cora Porter as Prin
t.alAl and Mrs. hen Keith as assis
The Midway school, also in th
Hagood school district, will begin it
sUimmer session at the same time
with Miss Alice Col'Iand as princi
pal and Miss Mary Chastain a!- as
Mentvale school will begin its sum
ner session the 17th of Jruly. Mr
Willie Chastain will be principal ama
Miss .Jane Cannon assistant.
Ambler school will open its som
ier term July 17th.' The Compu
sory haw will go into effect ,tugxus!
11th. All patrons in the bounds el
AmIler district are urged t, have
th ir chi hiren present on August 11
that, are in the age limits with a!
n'ce sary books- Mrs. W. E. Edein
will b(" J'incipal and Mrs. Janie Wel
born assistant.
Bethlehcen s.hr.c I will open Mon.
day, July 17th with Mrs. Parsons
as pr'icip al and Miss Ciovie ( ilstrar
andI Mr s. Mason Looper assistants.
Eastatoe school will begin Monday
.July 17th. Mliss Lillie Smith 1o
Salemn will teach the school.
llampten school will hegin its sum
me'r t( rm Monday July 24.
A P'ickens (ount y G.irl, Win' F';:st
I~t~c oIn a enne ji C0 l 3 Wie
M.~itu Maryiit .1arts rtin a s th p1
t'ear2. I G r: ou sli-n< (s' mri ei theo
'.'ilim' h'luii ip whhii(n hed~ ww
Isd a fe''ly i u ipon thie ba ist (f ei
Iri -abi ly of. Miss Mat ias show
in: hi-k reor iher thei Ipaiyar iwm
'22-i:h It is 5no' ~sal dtincto t,
lo id ',v it d the m aI oUst' efielow
.un wsoma-tn is a gtulht hdy
who t im3rhn<ind tin th fst andh.
.'d herk iomc is it ercngi ad .I
;btih he iOolecializcin. e
sednhi'action with themrgla.cus forh
relAtive andeigrereef.rin
Me~ins Maollieagre.-lcm
cfM. Mrs. rAeantew lean bib
whfom reie are amngth si tn al be
knon ricesidn. o ikn n
andherhom i withhergr ad. a
A' stff correspondcnt of the Green
ville News is respons'ble for the fol
)r. . S. Porter, ao practicing phy
sicin cf Pi, enis and probably one
of th best k ncwn members of his
l:c't psitn in this part of the state
eema to have solved the troubles
whith ccvasonaIlly overtake motor
Sev< pal nights ago Dhr. Porter was
Ui''d upon to answe' an urgent
call. se veral Ilek's from town his
arn' ((he same popular brand tis
made Det ruit famous) came to a
halt and r< fused to go farther. Ex
amination showel that the gas sup
ply was entirely exhausted. It was
probably several miles to the near
est gatsolinc filling staticn. In his
dlespFeratien aIt happy thought came
to the motorist-physician.
&sc(ing a small light across the
c(:lttry Ihe walkid over to' the farm
ltou' anuid secure d a gallon or so
t' her son :o. I n mantly the engine
was 'eadiy to go nd ithe physician
was nared tt, make the trip with
1lut liltth delay;.
8eivt ra years aco, )r. l'ortet
stated, he wma in a similar nredie
111m'nt. Urahto seueany gaso..
line a sm all nuuntity of' whiskey was
s ('ured and plheli in Ih'e gas tank.
The eflect w;:s the same as if the
fluid had heei r'al .a-oline. The
1'lysician was enled.'l t() make the
t r:p n lime. .
"The whiskey muale.' the car go
all right," Dr. Pot ter laughingly
stated, "hnt madh it extrem ely hard
to hold in tht rad. l ike men, an
automobile gets crazy when fed on
whiskey and I was afraid that it
was going to g t away from me in
spite of my be st (forts. But there
is no denying that a car will run
on whiskey-for I have tried it. But,
of course, that was before the days
of prohibition 'and now we have to
use kerosene when the gas gives
The annual meeting of the Woman's
I Missionary Union of the Piekens As
sociati1n will he ht bl with the Griffin
church Saturday July 22nd, begin
ning at 10 a. m. and lasting just one
day. A number of our state wrrkers
arc expect.ed to he there, Mrs. Mas
ters, Miss Wcff(rd, Mrs. Chapman
and others. It is hoped that all the
Soti( ties in every church in the as
sociation will be well represented and
ther is not seciety in your church
co'met' anyway. Following is a prog
ram of the me'(et ing:
)ev'sticnal-Mliss Airnie Ltturie
WeT(le<.me-AM iss Ch ilds.
Responsev-Miss Naomi Robinson.
Initroducittion of visitors and new
pastors wiv(s.
Redl call of WV. M. S.
RE (ognit ian of Honor Roll Socie
ties and Mission Study Graduates.
Retpor'ts cf Officers..
M~essag(e fre m Mi's. E. W. Masters,.
v"(ice'trsidlt nt of U. WV. Division.
A prjoinit mil nt tof omittees.
Devet h n Il- Mrs. Chapman pros..,
<C fstte W. 31. U.
We'lenume- A (Griut'7n Sunbeami.
Ib-Il < il (of all young people's
ltR'm Pito of1 1'Honor Rotll.
Sit'ie:. end Mlissioni study Cer..
Repts if Standing~ Committees.
010<n discussi1n of '75 Million need5
vniha ;. Hi: meslt ages~ from Mrs-.
miasters, M re. Cha pman andi~ Miss
1 .rr ofI e.nm1it tees on resolu
hon. T'lm aind lahne, ete,
l'h-ri t o ' Off'icirs.
Chlini lit ur--Mr s. Chaiman.
rs. 1". T." Cox, Supt.
Th'!eret will be an aitll day singing
at Oukenoy Uipt ist church the fourth
Fulnday in July. All singer's and lov
('rs oft music arce ordlially invited' to
('01m1 antd make the (lay an enjoyable
one for young andl od1.
- The Liberty Township Singing Con..
vention will meet with the Methodist
church at Liberty the third Sunday,
July 16'th, beginning at 1:30 o'clock.
a Everybody come and lets have a good

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