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1-C +. e.rth >irn hel
Mantnac of A Wa Me Mot
poey :Strieand S"if";thonn
May Retumn to Work.
President Harding's Utterances on th
Industrial Situation--Irish Repub
licans, Routed In Dublin, Still
Fighting-Russia's Amaz
ing Budget Submitted
to the Hague
L Alt(oIt troublles, prtesent utill 11r
pective, conttinute to absorb int
ol' the Interesit Of the Alnerlennl p~ubii
The railway sihopmnen are otl-p'ra
tietly all of Ithein, accoring to It. .
Jewell, htead of the six ferlerted'l she
crafts; not nearly all of themt, neccor<
luig to the raillwaty exec utiv es. Th'l
tuntintenanne of' wily workers, whI
were expectedl to strike lust week, or
still at work. H-. P. Grable, presiden
of their brotherhootl, and six tuembler
of his executive cotinell, held no aill
dlay conerence with the luteiibers u
the ratilwiny Inthor hoatrd ail then is
sued it staternent satying they had con
cludled "it Is not wise for ouir inern
h~ership to leave the Service of th<
entrriers until every resource has heel
exhntusted1 that utfords hope of a pece
full udiJustmnent." The chairmn or
each carrier Is to take up at once wit)
themautemntal gievancs an
dtlln ofr iItel iho boardt. (inude
Mantenaca enPs
July ycutikgfot a Songsttmen
Mayhle eturtto Wrkge.h
eident bardingcas tteane"onutwe
thdstrialn Siotnetin-Iish eardbt
licd as Routlaed Itsln Sth
nrging Btiudet Sumittedigto
p Aeien oesto theceptu
wagesenl beonderentcivng".r
thehod hd i efectdecard the
strikts outlawed n hall inv itiited' r
riuitsi toi fill the iri pla cs, romi
formi a' newV spti 1nen's lunio wthi r
But in a da wor .IU two i both.Mr Jewe~~ii
and tairmano hloope ri ofx the boair
bightenedP~I v soiet. Te formtii
aniy auIItorized~ peIo oni anyi rielas ol
th al ails," ar and ttrisedi
sta talemeti I whl heutirtook a oi
(showi~u that te bords pro fa tectic1
byic advisirriers agailusi t ouconta
Ci ou)rtE shop work an aso wrnoteb
letterI~d to r. tawel efdhtin ti
bordi and. cnldig :le~ fot
"tInii am yet qiteh eu th a eet ywag
orgaiaio wll recic aor hr eUl~
liriuman isen hasttsvat
Jubyettter I formto go long ith 111~
rilroad hnhir bhotrpanly wen i
liakes miitake, becut confidenoltly at a
tiestt iit shprofoundliy deslre t
oard litheen oftl~ te~ wee W.It
Mcieimanonei f the in 11haor membert
of Ih honrdttt hiteiileld pgt confeecswt
the hadstofn the rilw acesan
freight handlers and0 (itut wasrg. predllte
ththe una~l111insef wudefolarow ti
examlte sIt) fby the mitenance Olili
due to thome n'sa stcd rike 01 wer Lo:
Whtingon in reasingth nmbrs tl
striker weinrei inern oft the bia
patch(ofihe Uni~lr11)1te Statles mais Ir
variousats of Sthecout. The fadi
~tdel igorus 1ly ihvn ers omo(elilg"i
whoe hamper 1)1 the movemet of I ted
ile. PstoffMe. .insectr ere se ini
u1; scrapp1 ed ait Norfolk nlavy yard inl a
l it Chicago on way to runss meeting.
gamtnes in Paris.
to all points where troubil w:s likely
to arise, agl doIbtless every feleral
agency niecessary will h sed to 3r.
tect the tnll trains f ind facilitate their
regiltr lovetmtent.
PRtESIDE NT IAlt!INt ;'S conforr
elice of represei atIv's of tlt' en al
.a line operators il1ld strik ig inii-r, in
the White Hlouise brought no in i''edilate
restults, but ho000 of' peacef'ul ' ill't
mlt was nlot abatithened mtad i 'r n
t'frces agreed to get totetIher aatiii
Juily 10. 'ihey knowy Ihalt Mr. Iinidjing
Shats in reserve s5mte drastic g vern
ieit action if they fail to agree,
though he has not revealed its exact
nat uire.
e In Kansas (le coal ruiners who sup
ported the 1programit of Alexrfiler
Ilowatt and wiu, with their ottlieaihs,
were expelled froI the I niteal dine
Workers of Amer , haive deided to
return to -work, that hiwing the rily
waly they caould(h rer-ov er tIheir atautinylay
taidt be restored ;o inenlhershipi in the
s- IN 1ITS Foiturlh of July., speech at
It 1the -lelbrationa inl .\ari'on, (I., 'resi
'eut Ilardilg had some signifiainnt
I- tlings to say of the lialustrial situait
. tion. For ilstance:
"A free Anteriln hailts the right to
I- latbolr without iny other's leave. It
e would bIe no Iess Jan Ibrldgeinent to
o deny ltme the right to bargain collec
tIvely. (overninents can not tolerate
t 'any class or group domnination through
I force. It will he i sorry day when
group domination is reflected in our
f haws. (overnment, and the laws
- which government is charged with en
forcing, must he for all the people,
ever ainning at the common good."
Disclatning any note of pessimiisl,
Ie asserted that the republic is secure.
"Menaces (10 arise," ie added, "but
public opinion will efface them. Mean
while government must repress them."
These of course tare truisms, but it
is well that they should be repeated)
froml time to time by tile voice o1
highest authority.
General P'ershing, who also spoke ali
the Mairion celebration, wais loudiy tip
pilauaded when he ad~vocacted fearlest
use of "the strong arm of the law" ir
f comninuniti es which "Openly sympa
t Itize with ruthless maurder of Inof
a fensive people in thie exercise of the
right to eairn a livelihood."
AP'TURLE of the Four Courts build
ing in D)ublin by thec troops of t ie
tIrish Free State by no means ende('
Ri the bloody conliilet with the republlli
, enn irregulairs. The laitter took re
c fuge in hotels and other butildings it
O'Connell street and1( there continuer
g t he battle( until the shells of the regl
0 lairs set flre3 to almost every struc(tui
Ii in that part of the street. The con
l'. Ilagration could not he stopaped tan<
II most of the rebels sutrre'ndered. Ib4
d Valerai, who was with thaem, wtas stab
S to haive (escalped in disgutise' and tiea
r toI County Wiceklow. C'athlal IHruga
hi minister of defense in the Dec Vialer:
i- eihinet. refused to suirrender and wmt
ta seriously wound~ced. Amonug t he pris
o oners wee .\rs. T1erenice .AlSwliney
g w'idowi' ofr thie late 1)'lord myor of (Corkl
t- Irr('gula rs. Theia parovisionali gm-aern~
i atment is nlow lputting its cnt ire mlilittar'
te e'stabilishinilent on tin act Ive4 5'' eriet
0 haiss and1( has issued'( a p~r chtmiatttot
cnll!ilg for recriiits.
Iir PTe repuia ins tire preparinag fia1
t- aI fnal struagglie in theac vicinity oif (Corkc
3' That city is in thlir hands aund, hav
o bag Skihhuerein, theay cliam control a)
It thie ent ire county, tas well as of (C(unh
ii tes Kerry aind West Limaerick, Waiter
a ford, East Limeriek aind parts of Tlipi
d iertiry aind Kilkenny.
r .-..
D ESPITLE thie vigorous act iona of (the
governmaent inl Berlin, the maonairch
5 hsts have bteen stirring up troubktl
1 in many plauces in Glermaany. Thesa
I were aaggavated by the ant i-maoarcht.
1 st demnonstrationis t hat were stiaged
3 on July 41 by the Democrats tiand Sochal,
ists. One of the Incidents of theo
week wvas thec attemapt to aissaissintt
C Maximilian Iharden, the faimtous edli.
tor who is so thoroughly hated by thec
There is a movemient on foot in
Germuany that isa likely to upset the
Icabinet of Chaincellor Wirtha and re
sialt In the formation of a purely
socialistic governmtent in place of the
present one, which is a coalition of
minorities. To forestall tis, an offer
h.A been madea to the Indndenta
3-Kathryn Agar of Chicago, javelin
"ociali-tsf 1'" It share in the govern
Inent.The lihirrgei 'is parties fear that
hlis wou li interfere with Germany's
b'lt:iaiiii' tinaneial relief abroad.
T Il. ONlS at this writing us though
tI d ivnfe'retne at The l lague would
-ul''e no nearer to settling the Itus
sian iirbleam than (id that at Genoa.
The siiviet delettates in response to
tie demands of the allies submitted
whi tl'y called the Russian budget,
iit ('haiIrman Alphand of the commis
4iin claracterized it as a "project"
and the British called it "an amazing
11 mnenf." This budget admitted that
-ie-lifth of the entire revenues con
sisted of new issues of paper rubles
and undertook to show that the more
rubles were printed the more valuable
Ihey bee'ne-amazing Indeed. The
huliget figures, which were in gold
rubles, were calculated on an arbi
trary ate in paper rubles every three
nont its. The allied experts were
('lized by all this.
The Russians caused further dis
sension by putting out two question
nailres demanding to know the social
positions, the professions, the reve
nues and the family positions of all
previous holders oft property, bonds
and securities who have claims against
Russia. Though told this was prac
tically impossible and umnecessary,
LitvinofT insisted his government must
have this and other Information as a
basis for concrete proposals for the
settlement of each case. Finally a
list of the private agricultural claims
of French. British and Belgian na
tionals was presented to him, and the
matter was taken under further con
Itepresentatives of large financial
groups have arrived at The Hague.
and it may be that Litvinoff will be
able to trade a lot of concessions for
private credits and so carry back cer
tain valuable results to Moscow even
if the foarmal negotiations fail through.
W HEN the League of Nations as
sembly meets in September it
will have a definite program for re
duiction of landl and sea armaments.
The letague's commission on disarma
maent haas been in session in Paris andl
huas alpprovedl Lord Itobernt Cecil's plain
providiing for a general reduction of
air and land forces under the super
vision of the league, andl for conti
nenttal alliances amgains taggression.
TIhie (olmniission ailso adopted tile
Biritishl seei for extending thte
Wiasihington navial alccord to all na
tions. Objection to limiting tile ali
-iances to continents wias met by the
st atemient thfat no tnation would~ be
I barre~d from aidling a country thaat was
alttacked, no mtattter on wihat conti
I ICTTiLEMIENT of the Tacna-Arien
dsue in the conference at Wash
I inlgton is dlelatyed by the action of the
1 P'erumviaan dlelegates. Chile haad ac
ceplted the plan offered by Secretaary
ti aighes, butt th Pm'Ieruvians hav~e (qual11.
I Iiedh their necceptatnce in such a wvay
- hat fuirthier negotiations tare neces
sary. (iile's aittitutde is explainfed b~y
hier sipoke(simen as5 a t horoughgily ('on
cliliator ity onie, embracing ta willintgness
to tacaept P'eru's suiggest ionl foar tany
minorlu chan ges in thle Amtierictan for
muliha so lontg ast thIe majortim lirlilples
l Iaid dotwn biy Sec-retairy Illughies ac
((litead by Chile ar e not (listuarbedl.
D '""" '"''"f debaate"' inth sea
tat a grow acrimonlious occaasionai
hy, and now and( then even interesting.
- Last Wednaesdaty, for instiance, Sentator
Shortrtidige of Cialif(ornita found oc
etnsion to predict that a son of Ohio
wouild sit in the Presidlent's chauir for
aa good uuany yetars to come. Before he
had1( a chianee to explain that he was
alludtaing to Mr. Hurding lhe wits inter
ruipted by Sentator King of Utah with
thea admttission that thie Cialifornian waus
c'orrect tand thue assertion thaat the son
of Ohio who wotuld occuipy the White
Hlouse next wvouild be Senator Pomie
rene. King's fellow D~emocrats seemedl
to iappirove the suggestion, so the
Pomierene boom maty be considlered a~s
la unch ed.
THE sporting event of the week
. wvas the prize fight between Ben
ny Leoniard, lightweight champion,
and Rtocky Kansas in Michigan City,
Ind. It was Leonard's fight ail the
way and In the eighth round Kansas
was technically knocked out, his see
onds throwing nn the spne
Gathered F'om .All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
Foreign- t
Three Methodist mission chapels, be
tween Chaugshui and Kiangsi, r;rov
ince of IUhmgsi, China, were looted
and destroyed during the recent mutiny
of troops -t that province, according
to advices received in Shanghai from
Nanchang, capital of KQangsu. One
pastor is reported missing. No for
eign misshmtaries were stationed at
these placc .
Word has reached Cork, Ireland, that
the cable station of the Commercial
Cable company of New York at Water
ville, Ireland, the terminus of the
trans-Atlantic cables, has been threat
ened by the irregular forces who have
seized property of the company and
its employees, terrorized the families
of the employees and have demanded
the key $o the school quarters, to be
used as general headquirters of the
Irish forces On July 1, the first di
rect operations began against the Com
nercial Cable's quarters when the
Irish threw up sandbag barricades at
the coast guard station. The next day s
irregulars seized a large number of
motor cars and motorcycles. They
also established a censorship for let
ters and telegrams.
Germany's notorious bluebeard, Karl
Grossmann, committed suicide by hang
ing, a half hour before he was to have
been taken to the criminal court where
he was undergoing trial for murder. le
had admitted his guilt, in the case of
four women, but was suspected of mur
dering twenty, who either mysterious- I
ly disappeared or were found horribly
Attacks upon Premier Poincaire of 1
France by Communists in the chamber
have been renewed, but the French
chief is gaining strength with each ver
bal exchange. One of the charges is
that Poincaire brought on the world
Twenty were killed and seventy-five
wounded in a terrific battle between
Soldier and the tenants' union at Vera
Cruz, Mexico. Soldiers were sent to
arrest the president of the union. The
adherents of the union were loyal to
the president, and a lively scrap en
sued. Most of the casualties were re
ported among the union members, but
one lieutenant and two soldiers were
killed. The president of the union was
finally arrested.
A cable received at Honolulu from
Tokio by the Nippu Jiji, a Japanese
newspaper, states that the regent
Crown Prince Hirohito has ratified all
treaties formulated at the Washington
disarmament conference. The govern- i
ment announced that the provision for
the abolition of eighteen postoffices in I
China would be carried within the year, t
as far as Japan is concerned.
Cambridge university (England) has
conferredl the honorary degree of doc
tor of laws upon WVilliam Howard Taft,
chief justice of the United States.
Claims for compensation of the suf
ferers in the riots of last Novemb~er
during the riot at Bombay, India, of the
prince of Wales h' ye been adjiudlicated.
Count de Boury, once a noted figure
in Paris society, and former member
of the chamber of dleputies, has do
cidled to enter the Benedictine order.
Rioting occured in Vilna when the
Polish authorities prohibited an anti
Jewvish lecturer from delivering an
advertised speech.
The Daily Mail correspondent in
Bombay, India, writes that a contro
versy is undler way there regarding
the recent unsuccessful attempt toI
scale mount Everest, which it is wide
ly believed failed through over haste.
Chairman Norris of the senate agri
culture committee says a final oppor
tunity to offer further' modifications to
their proposals for dlevelopmnent andl op
eration of the government's power and.
nitrate projects at Muscle Shoals, Ala.,
wvill be given to all bidders whose of
fers have been considlered by the comn
Leaf worm threatens the Brazilian
cotton crop, the commerce (dat ment.
was advised by (Consul General Gaulin
at Rio (Ie Janerio. Cotton fields of t
Sac Pauti have been invadled by the leaf
wvork with considerable danmage, he
dleclared, and cold1 weathIer' favor's the
spread of the plague but efforts are t
being made to combat it.
Breweries are pushing malt produc-C
lion in Argentina, according to a re- i
port to the commerce department from
Trade Commissioner Brady at Buenos ,
The Coal strike in the United States bi
has stimulated British exports of coal D
to South America from Vice Counsel fi
De Vault at London.
Republican senate leaders have vir
tually decidedl to make no effort to og
pass the administration subsidy bill at
at this session. They will confer with di
President Harding on the soldier bonus dl
before it comes up in the senate, hop. di
ing to get an agreement with him not O
to veto the bill that is passed. dgi
Senator Caraway, Democrat, of Ar
kansas, in a recent speech before the ot
senate, charged President Harding and hb
Chairman Lasker of the shipping board ci
with flagrant violation in pornitting gi
the sale of liquor on shippiug board trn
vessels. i
Brazil is installing the most com
lete cable and radio system in Soutl
Lmerica, Charge d'Affairs Crosby, ai
io de Janerio, reported to the corn
terce department. "It is believed," ht
aid, "that during the present year the
evelopment of cable and radio facili
les in Brazil by American, British
'rench, German and Italian companle:
ill give that country the most con
lete system of international conimun
rations in South America.
The personnel of the United State:
hipping board would be cut from
o 4 members under provisio'is of
ill introduced in the senate 1)y Sena
or Borah, republican, Idaho, Wader o
lie fight against the ship subsidy it
ongress. Senator Borah said the gov
rument would be saved tho'i ands o
ollars annually by the cut, and th<
fficiency of the board itself would bi
Materially increased.
More than five hundred regro ex
ursionists were thrown int, a nea!
tate of panic when police o nd reve
iue officers seized the Madison Hall
400-foot steamer plying betweei
Vashington and a Potomac river re
ort, after discovery of what was sak
o be a large quantity of liquor aboard
Lttaway Holmes, negro owner of the
teamer which was values at. $:00,00
"as arrested on a charge of illega
iossession and selling of liquor.
Senator Harrison. Democrat, of Mis
issippi, told the senate the other after
oon that the Democrats planned, wher
he sugar schedule was reached, to ex
ose the deal attempted to be put ovei
y Senator Smoot, ranking Republicar
lember of the finance committee, b)
hich Cuba would have restricted it;
ugar production in return for lowei
uties on that commodity.
Despite the Youngstown, O., solicit
r's unofficial ruling that William A
leese is mayor of Youngstown, am
leorge L. Oles' resignation stands
)les announced that he would go to thl
nayor's office, take off his coat an
esume work where lie left off whet
te turned in his resignation.
Axle Simpson, 22-year-old nurse sur
rived a ninety foot leap from a rives
>ridge at Knoxville, Tenn. She fell it
our feet of water but was carried int(
leeper water by the current beini
'escued by a riverman.
Richard Croker s applied to Sur
'ogate Cohalan to .. ppoint a suitabl(
erson or trust company, as admainis
rator of the estate of his father, Rich
trd Croker, the former Tamnan
hieftain, who died recently in Ireland
With an emphatic declaration tha
he constitution and laws sponsore(
'y the majority must be enforced
President Harding addressing hi:
'friends and neighbors" who assen
)led at the fair grounds at Marion
)hio, to celebrate his home-comini
leclared that "menace do arise, whicl
must be suppressed by the government
fending their efacement by public
A new fugitive complaint against
Duncan Stewart, former clergyman
mnd his alleged bigamous wife, Ethel
rurner Osbaldeston - Stewart, with
taving conspired to steal the property,
noney and goods of Norma L. Ehren
eller of Boston, has been issued from
lie district attorney's office at Los An.
~eles, Calif.
Capt. George C. Tinsley. aged 26, ol
eas veteran, wvas killed at Selfridge
he army aviation corps, an over
ield, Mount Clemens, near Detroit.
vhien his plane crashed to the ground
rom a height of 150 feet, and bursi
nlto flames.
Trapped in a dark subway tunnel, 71
eet below the street and reeking witi
~as and smoke, nearly five hiundret
non, women andl children passengers
ms an east side train of the Interbor<
Ifapidl Transit company, New Yorli
lity, wvere converted into a frenzied
bricking mob01, almost a thirdl of whose
nembers were overcome before they
ould fight their wvay to safety. Three
urobably will die. Police officials said
t was a miracle many were not tram
'led to death.
1Babe Ruth celebrated the return oi
he New York Yankees from their west.
rn tour by knocking a home run with
bree men on bases in the first game
hey played with Cleveland. It was
luth's fourteenth horne run of the sea
An interuntional ruin smiuggling
leet, several hiundlred men and fifteen
r more ships strong, which wvas re
nised July 2, ir- a speedy oungagement
'ith the federal ''dry nn~vy," returned
nd( is pla~nnig another- dash to the
'ewYork-New Jn de5cas, according
iinformatic't ro.teive:1 in New York
y Ralph A. Day, ;prohibitLion director.
Officials of the Tfeaneaseo Central
uilroad at N:lshvile announce that
icy will IrasCcute in the extent of
ue law C. Hi. Anderson, mechanic's
lper, who is cha rged with attacking
V. Newman, socreitary to the super
tendent of the road.
Crossing the American continent
0om Jacksonville, Fla., to San Diego,
llif., in one day by airplane will
attempted soon by Lieut. James H.
aolittle and L. S. Andrews of Kelly
'ild, according to announcement made
San Antonio, Texas.
Expensive motor cars, silk shirts and
.her' luxuries of modern civilization
e all righi, but jazz and modern
Lnce tepu~i have no place at an In
an gaithet ing. At the inter,- tribal
mecos bolng held at Osage Village,
kia., syncopated melodies and jazz
mec.9 are barred by the tribesmen.
Seventy-firo persons were injured,
ily one seriously, when a Chicago
rnnd Pe Marquette passenger train
ashed into a Now York Central en
no on n siding near Porter, Ind.' The
aiu proeded to Chicago after the in
rod had racnivod firat aid
known automobile man of Heb
ron,Md.,who declares he believes
Tanlac is the best thing to over
come stomach trouble and run
down condition. States it com
pletely restored his health.
"I helleve in giving everything its
due and I want to say right now I Just
can't praise ''anilac too highly for what
it has done in my case," declared
James P. 1ilumphireys, proprietor of the
II.hron 310tor Co., IHebron, Md.
"For three years or more I suffered
from indigestion. After eating I would
bloat terribly with gas and my heart
would palpitate until it interfered with
1y breathing. I was lbitunitaly consti
pated and my nerves were all upset.
My sleep was unsotd, I got up morn
ings all tired out, and I was only a
shadow of my former self.
"Vell. Tainle has given me a keen
appetite. stomnelh trouible has dlisap- "4
peared, my nerves have steadied down,
aid, I have gnined .Severni tounds.
Tanlae. to my mind, is the best 'hing
ever sold for stomach trouble and I '
down condition."
Taniac is sold by all good druggists.
"Perfectly Innocent."
A young sailor vis on shore leave
I and went to see his girl.
They were at ting on the phizza, and:
idiming It hird to keep tip the conver
saiioni, she tinilly asked:
"You have enI on the water SO long'
I suppose you are accustomled to sea
"lonest, inHa'Ital," he stammlilered, "I.
wVasi't even looking it 'em."
Cuticura Comforts Baby's
When red, rough and itchin
baths of Cuticura Soap and I
Cuticura Ointment. Also i.
now and then of that exquisitel
dusting powder, Cuticura Tal
of the indispensable Cuticur
Trio.--Advertisenm, t.
His Secret of Success.
We' know st man whlo is inoted for
gettitng along w ell lfn the es1't of
his (einloyer. W hen nsked( htow be dlid ,
It thei mian replied :% "ell, I alwaiy.i
consider that thel hoss'% is right, kven
whten he is wr ong."--Howar 11(1(agn.)
Cou rant.
Have You a Bad Back?
Are you lamew every mnorning? Do
you drag through the day with a,
steady, nagging backache-evening sind
you "all played out"? Probably 'om
kidneys are to blame. Hurry, w.rry
lack of rest and a heavy dliet, lYteid
to weaken the kidneys. Yout back
gives out.; you feel dlepressed .'and suf
fer head aches, dizziness and kidney ir
regularities. Don't go from bad
wortre. Use Doan's Ki~dncy Pi;
Thousands recommend them. A
your iseightborl
A South Carolina Case *
grocer, 300 Broad e
St., Becnnettaville,
S. C., says: "My ~
hack pained and
mornings was so
lame stnd stiff I'
could hardly get -
up. My kidneys
wvere out of fix.L
My feet swelled,
and I couldn't put )
on my shoes. I
tried several doc
tore' medicince blut
got n o r el1i ef.
Doan's KIdney Pillls cured me and1( the
trouble has. not returned."
Cet Doan's at Any Store.,0e a a
Rats In the Cellar,
Mice in the Pantry,
In the Kltcheni
What can be more disagreeable than 0
home infested with pests? Destroy themw
with Stearns' Electric Paste, the standard
exterminator for more than 43 years.
Kill rats, mice, cockroaches, waterbuge
or ants in a single night. Does not blow
away likec powders; ready for use: bettew
than traps. Directions in 15 languages in S
every box. Money back if it fails.
2 oz. size 35c. 15 oz. size $1.50.
relieves and curce, sore and inflamecd eyes iin
24 to 48 hours. I619, the weak eyedgure
withoutpain. .A sk your druggist or dealet for
SALTR'- Oaly from R.Flou'Ill 014umrv '

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