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Airy White Gair
SOFT and white georgette crepe
with set-in hands of line, embrod
iered not, iuuake the lovely frock show,
- iere. It is one of mnny airy dresse
(made for girl graduates) that prove
the irresistible and unfailing charn
of sheer white and its iltness for emi
nent o(ensions. The design is suitei
to evening dresses and is very simple
with drapery of thle georgette, InI ca,
ad~~ced painels, ait the sides, and slashe
n the sleeves between the net am
geer-gette. The arms slip througl
them and the sleeves prsclaim thal
the designer .Is conversant with the
n.des of the hour and couples goo<
taste with innagination.
As summer advances white gain:
pround in eve.sr direction. Clothes
for r" "' s and for all owt-door
lug white fabrics thal
ty from heavy cottons
m tennis slets, t<
* 'tlch silk crepes foi
lkvening dresses of
s airy as the fmir3
.deion, and all thes
possess a refinenieni
that belongs, in the siO degree, t<
nothing tlse.
* Skirts end one-piene frocks in the
heavy, sl'k crepe wvesves are amng~
the most aeful of sutmmner belongings
iOne is welul enough dnessed in theni
for any srriart social gathering-bui
their chsaracter' is informal-they ga
everywhere. As a companion piece
) o a handlsomse sweater-cont. ini white
or Q color, the ski'rts of out-d1ooring
silks are a joy forever-till the end(
0 D the season an; 4ay.
White orgaundle and fine white vt>11s
S,..ake afternoon frocks that includ4
bouffant lines on one handl or lovel~
pnd subtle dIraperies on the other
prawn work, pin tucks, frills and nar
rowv ribbons are used on them it
painstaking decorative Work that la
merited by the fineness of the man
Junst now plain white crepe de chins
finds itself In tlhe spotlight of interest
-. jearly all the frocks made of it ars
dlrapedl, but very little tirmmned, and
their lines are straight as a whtole but
graceful in detail. Crepe do chinl
h' :+ "b y an't ..sas" i
a*'snc rano~ 5. iam thue ton.
ny~ 'I iM , rdsb mIe varla
tit. (n r of tiii4nho, anoi in~ other par
neoloru Thl~se hate nssomnt.houans
LS Ground;
ideries on Blouses
, fill in a transition period before th
- introduction of fall models and giv
i us little hints of what Is to follow
s Judging from them crepe de chine I
a cast for the star parti in materials fo
i fall, with georgette, crepe satin am
- canton crepe supporting it and ii
. portant roles assigned to knitted sill
, materials and to velvet.
New arrivals indicate that design
s era are still devoted to the low waist
line and over-the-skirt styles, and tha
".ti r
sleeves are to be featured. Em
t brolderles remain, but they are to b
supplemented by other trimming de
I vices, often used in conjunction witl
them, as beads and silks are used to
gether. Rows of small buttons, pip
ings and insets in contrasting colors
are heralded by the latest blouses, and
t sleeves that are wholly or in part of a
different material and color from the
Whoever finds it necessary to ac
quire a new blouse many play safe by
choosing one like either one of the
two pretty models pictured. They are
both of cnepe de chine and both em
brodered. -The blouse at the left, in
dark blue, is cut in simple kimono
style, and ha~s its sleeves and liem lint
finished by &. hattlement edge. Dary
blue sIlk, dark red beads, and .a littlc
tinsel thrend , make up the very ef.
fective aind siraple embroidery.
Elisquie colored crepe de chine in thc
other blouse sets off nauvy silk em
broldery. T1he model hangs straIght,
haus set- in sleeves and round neck ;a
erepe-covered cord forms a loose glr
(lie. The lines in this blouse are 'huat
tering to full figures which they slent
in new, tIlored blouses there are
manify long-sleeved models and the
mI(u-Iudmired, hand-made aund hand
emblroidlered lingerie blouse of hatiste
or voile Is neairly always long sleeved.
Good filet laces, In narrow and ame
dium11 wvidthus, miiinltain theIr plade nt
the hondI~ of the list oSf desiraible laces
for these fine but sturdy garments.
They inre showvn in white only, they
launder puerfectly and belong to any
time of year. When one Is in doubt
as to what to choose, the lingerIe
blouse is a guarantee against mis,
talges-it is worn at all times.
(By RIV. P. B. rITVAT1-:it, D. D
Tencher of English Bible In tho Mood
Bible institute of Chicago.)
Copyright. 1922. Western Newsimper tinlol
L.1SRON ' TNT''-1)an . 5:1-31.
(Olah)I-:N 1'iX'1'--Gd will bring ever
Wor'k into judgiment, witti every secre
tiling. Whether it ie sood, or whether
be evil.-Iel. 12:14.
. lil';latlNCIC: AA'rl.itUAY,-Gen. 19:1
2-s; Exol. 14:21-31; Ezek. 31:1-14; Acts 1r
l'Ill.\AlRY TOPIC-Daniel Tells th
King of Hils Wrong-Doing.
JUlNIORt TOPIC-Helshazzar's Fear
tntl l'tte.
-Judgmnwnt Agninst King Alcohiol.
-glow to :nforce the Judgment Againi
Strong Drink.
I. Belshazzar's Impious Feast (v
1. Who attended (vv. 1, 2). Be
shazzar, his wife and concubines an
it t housaind of his lords.
(1) They (rank 'vine ; they engagt
in revelry. (2) They commiitted st
rilege. In their drunken revelry the
drank wine out of the sacred vesse
which had bien taken (lit of ti
temlile, of the house of God, whic
wits at Jerusalem. When men tir ul
der the influence of intoxicatir
liquors they lose sil regard for sacre
things. (3) They worshiped idol
They plrayed to gods of gold and of si
ver, of brass, of Iron, wood an( sta
ii. The Handwriting on the Wa
(vv. 5-16).
1. The time of (v. 5). It occurre
in the samve hour In which they wer
engaged in their drunken revelry.
2. The effeet upon the king (v. 6,
lie was greatly disturbed; he wi
seized with consternation. "'The join
of his loins were loosed, and hisl kine
smllote one against another."
3. The king's behavior (vv. 7-1(
(1) He called forth astrologers at
soothsayers. offering rewards of go
and position (v. 7-9). Their utter I
ability to interpret the writing 1t
the king ev't worse perplext
(2) Daniel brought at the suggesti
of the queen (vv. 10-16). The (lue
here was perhaps the wife of Ne)
chadnezzar who reineinhered Dante
service in interpreting his dream. F
that reason he wvas sent for and pro
ise( great reward,
li. Daniel Interprets the Writi
- (vv. 17-28).
- 1. Daniel's address to the king (\
17-24). He brushes aside his pro
I ised gifts (v. 17). He would not hit
his speech limited by the king's gif
2. The interpretation of the writil
(vv. 25-28). (1) "Mene" means "nui
bored" (v. 26). "God hath numberi
thy kingdom and finished it." (2) "T1
kel" mieans "weighed" '(v. 27). "Thc
art weighed in the balances, andt a
found wanting." (3) "Peres" meal
-"divided" (v. 28). "Thy kingdom
dlvidied, and given to the Medes ar
IV. The Judgment Executed (v
In that night was llehshiazzar sin
andl Darius the Medlean took the kin
T1he Chialdetan dynasty ended wil
IBelshiazzar. So we may Interpret tht
whole scene as pointing to the coi
dlItions at the close of the timies<
the Gentilies and as adumibrat ing ti
p~revailing c'ondtitions. Let us note;
1. TPhi sItupidity of meni. They, lii
eleti( toay, wiouald not learn by e:
ample. Nebuchadnezzar's fate shoul
haive deterre'd lielshtazzar from sac
2. Th'ie mnagnificent splendlor. TIh
great feast wats chnarac'terized hj
liomlp. display', parade. How chmara
te'ristle of this age !
:3. Luxury. The famous 'lhanginm
gardens of Babylon were at notewo
thy examl~e. Signs of luxury todai
aire oan every hatnd.
41. Lcicet itiusness. TJhie king with l
wIves and1( coinc~ubines. T1hiis is nloto
r'ioiusly prevalent todayi3.
5. Blatsphiemou~s sac(r4e(ge. And mat
not Ithe sacrilege of t oty lbe in em
cess of theirs, expoessing Itself In (1
ai profess5ion of r'el igio n for liecunla r
gatin, sochiii amnd podilt 1(al plrefermiient
(2) use oif te lit and1( of the ir
for' thle priopagaztlon of fal se doctrinie
(3) uniit inig with t' clhuirch, alltem
ing the commiiunion, so as to cover ui
secr1et sins ; (41) thle use oif thle WVor
(if God to give point to a joike ; (5) di
nying that the Bible is God's Worn
nuitklng it a booik of error's, miythis an
legends ; (6) snt'ering att thle Vir'gi
hlirt h, repudiatinug Chirist 's deity3 an
settIng iasie lls vicarious iitonieiiien
6. Drunk~en carousials. Th'ie hiam
writing is on thie wvall, God will n
endure this forever ;ills judgmier
shall fall. Conditions in the worn
indIcate that the timhe is dirawvin
near'. Are you ready?
W~hat weC truliy air~iie to lbe, that I
80111 sense we are. Trhe imere asplri
tion. by changIng thle frame and spir
of tihe ind, for the miomenmt realiza
itself.---Mrs. Jamihesoni.
Binds Volume of the Week.
Sund~ay is the golden clatsp thi
binds together thue volumie of ti
Blight small injuries and they b
cnme none at all.-..li..
I began using
PE-RU-NA Tabletf
; three years ago fo
cat arrh of tho hea<
and noso. Was un
Mr. Frank Panay able to do ainything
I rnll, Box 18, I saw a deeldes
= Kbrnb, impllrovemnt1 af te
igdiaa one box and afte
Tablets or Liquid
it SOLD 50 YEARS - A
it out .old by sour druggIst, writ. W
. Aches, pains, nervrusness, diffi
'y culty in urinating, often mean
a serious disorders. The world's
e standard remedy for kidnev, liver,
Ii bladder and uric acid troubles
bring quick relief and often ward ofi
deadly diseases. Known as the national
i remedy of Holland for more than 200
e years. All druggistc, in three sizes.
Look for the name Gold Medal on every boa
and accept no initation
Safe Rme
for granulated lids.
styes, pink-eye.
). Avoid powerful
Id s --al
nl- POR drugelatt
Abundant Proof That They Were F
or miliar With Anesthesia Many
o- Thousands of Years Ago.
h'lie artfieilal hotiuctioun of Imnile.
n('" by intarctle drliughts was tira
tiotally known in anceint timhes. writ(
I )r. ('ot rh's Iiallance In the Lonh
ve Iwaneet.
A 'lite Chlinese were acqtluainted( wit
I general amiest hiesit t hoisunls (
]. years ag. It Is relateI of Murgei
IfoaIihe inl the Third century A. I). lini
the pe'rformiied niiiiltutatoi. treplihinhi
tand other liijor op'ltrat ions ly Its ali
Ioct or Browne relates two ecases
s anesthesia taketi f.rom a l'ersia
Is antuip'l t. 'te irst s4 o . ry. conceri
dAistot le aind ani lIndiani surgeon nme
Sanniah. An i earwig hadic te redl thl
v. iat Ientl's eari' anud attIached It self
the brain. Arist ot-le gave thle pat ti
n the dru'ig set that hle becanime imncom
selouIs whIle XIairnaht tsehI ied Ith
Sskull. Th'is was excel lent t reatmiten I
hi It is non~ well know~n that lIvIng for
is dd hotiles may~ produicnlite of ilis anii
meninglt is. lI lie secondc case' thle opi
e'tion wasi WiSI'aesa rhoin 5etion 11.
As Times Change.
"Do you remnember thea whicked oh
dance halls In ('risont ;ulcby'
"Y'es," reliledl l'inte l'ete: '"and l'in
h i here toi say them ould dlanice hiall:
would have had to close uip If the'
tied Ito put on somte of tese hier'
modern dances."
- A F00
d and d
kind o
is absol
that dig
ni and let(
- Grap
Lt cereal
S wvheat fl
Made by P<
NO uring five boxes be- = 111'
RETURN lieve I am cured as E
OF thero has been no I .
THE return of the dis- 'ill
- DISEASE case in two years." 1-i
- IN Fifty years of use
1 IWO fulness is the best 2
r YEARS guarantee of Pe-ru- li11u
r na merit.
Sold Everywhere G
1NhIi ll 111iiIIll1111l illlllilllllillillillf ben
IaterantthCheuIcalCo..l ulwaylo, Ky.
Combination of Circumstances Re
sponsible for Truly Embarrass- W
ing Situation.
A short liite nIg Iny huisbniiuil nall I
aittentsled thel fune'ral of a friendl whose
Ine as in the snlurbs. We left Iln
Ihinty 44' tit'. 1t1 411 eu tIllil (f tile
lisnt ' I a 111111 11lt 1 4h t 1r 111i 1 tsf ring we
f4uui1l to 4or 11' <1stinty1, that we were go
Ing t4) be bitte.
After' fru(lIent1 <lelay\s we arrived at
tr stintio ta. There hau heelt ia hevy
sno4wst4r11n the (111y befol're, 11111 whe itre
the wa1ilks hint heen 010nt0 It wits sly'-r
igry, un tking oIt b11 wllut1 to hutten .
orhen w re achior b l the hor se. it hnr
rintg up the otitsille sltairs I slippiett,
lost Iy huh11111('e, 11,1( fell heinl(long.
All might Ihav bepn nentll haoti nt the
uic'rtake:,r chosent .tu15 thiat iniot mtent
to 401e11 thet <1(44,r. My husbatnd waIs
n1inking It frantle granh to etell' tile,
but IN wt 372t ter st,pNeIl anr lIan
e(1 in the ir on nafu tt titui the
(rI11ot11y il 1fu'clig the floor t.Yut the
1114ister 1 r'aicihii lu the fu l it 'r l'ri n.
-- I:x 4h 111 k('
Mutual Precaution.
(,'fr'is fthert' (delliberately)-"Young11t
1'nt1 , 1 '111 tl e y 11 intel' tins se'r ioluts't" a
E suItngr <hesialgl e-A rle 'sr u
a- For speely an ef ective action Dr. Pe(ry's
"llearl Shot" has nu equal. One don at
njiglt on going to bed will clean out Worms
or aileworm by morIng. If you cannot
obtain it in your neighborhtootl sentd 60 4
rets tent.2Pearl St., New York City.-.
s ~ Tough,
"ey n. excltedlyerled tin ne
<i ii 1111111 .V5shblW up to (h1i ,hiohn
S(4!-l of Itiinsl'5 idge, Who hid nie
to town on a shopping expedition ti,
Lcin-uanlci by his youing son, Your
pbdy, stnreat, felt into the nisnshinery
Sovepro t the i while h waste pester
ink rol4111d, (411(d
"Great daty !" wais thle reply. "Ilnrt f
else thrivho" h
"No, uit th iller Is ho ring T s ih
'bed inyouo th blood foru thc wors
ofn issuner; mhil ford hure~digt
Ituner."-sKcnda its Serr. ed
"iNuts r, - b the biiusns Grape-Nut
Foodrme from wholea aund aonthe
"k'an malitd barlyu itried is ta
"Tseres fo he?" fo ra e
OstmpCreunat Cony nc, Bttleu Cs
rfnte Young Men to Learn
Best college in the South. Write
arlotte Barber College, Charlotte, N. C.
I You Itisk ui Postal to learn how to start
raloitabl b utinemss without capital or ex
ime t"'. elth. rs maukt $60 weekly slivering
rrs. relinishing tableware, reflectors * s
41H I1littimi. ('amnplete worling outfit ant
ruetians rurnishead. international Labor!t
en, lIaapt. !'.. 309 i.ifth Ave., New York.
(iioE(ilA S'(GAt CANE tY1ITl'
-tns &oc. in barrels i30e per gailon; Porto
a patotato plants Doc per \t; large paper
I paecans 3&c per pound; shelled Spanish
nuts Ioa pe.r poundl. Charges collect.
it cheekti I.AN(1, O . A. (IEOltOIA.
I. T115 ICa A(lE--tstelIelt hosiery. Pure
.strong. durable; retails 3 pairs. $7.50.
dir1ect. save $1.50. Send $0. ESTosr1.lai
.lEN, 4I- W. I:1|ird. 1ia0x 1, NICW YOtK.
I S I Wwan1t to semd you a
IM S Dollar Bottle of Alveo for Dis
eased Gums. If you are not
a big knee Hlko this, but your
[ horse may have a bunch or bruise
on bis ankle, hock, stifle, knee or
S thrcat.
will clean it off without lay- -
t. ing up the horse. No blister,
no hair gone. Concentrated
-only a few drops required at an
applicntion. $2.50 per bottle de
livered. Describe your case for
special Instructions, and Book 8A fro
F. YOUNG, Inc. 310 Temple St. Springfield, Man.
Inown as
"that good kind"
~5y it-and ryou
will know iky
aa. ltly relieven the distress
ing paroxysans. Uned for
, 5 years ani result of long
O -rr experience in treattuent. of
a throat and lung diseases by
t PaO UN Dr..1. 11. GuIld. FIREh 'rRIAI
itOX, 'reat iae on Asthma, its
uauses, treatment, ete., sent
lp. aon r'' Inet. 2Fc. and $i.01
6 druggleta. J. 11. t, U' 11. C i., R 'PERT, VT.
H a need not be this
ii or streaked with
~ rgray -Q B1A?
iuickly revive it and bring back all its ori inal.
olor and luxuriance. At all good druggists,. 73. or
Eirect from HESSIG - ELUS. Chmiste. MEMPHIS, TENN.
V. N. U.,. CHARLOTTE, NO. 28-.1922.
'his Time It Is for the Meanest Man,
and He Surely Has "Some"
Anothetr "i.' es man4V I~f" hais bee(n
niimul. Ie wc ast rl's ove'ra ll III ii north
linti vl'e'vat't te a pr'ss. lite Utl re
ablec( l sentedilil lti gl a wanniuin stood1
rty3in1g ho i Si tup In front' of him11.
IIe irahI wats st aniidlug at te Fuller..
Ti mtVtainie $ stiom whniI jh llped
hims feet, iipleureali 3y reatmlizlig slld.
'nly3 tinIit his <h'stilnationmt hutl hien
neiic. Ila' siated i for Ite dootr.
W'henith loiaim qilit his iwent It was,
.lenlly, iakenm biy thle wolnn. Not
r~I 'ii Imng howevear, dh shet hold It. A
tPondi lateir lie was bauck-oblosly
v ing spote m th(ii E e stati 1)1 nme
"i'aonm i1m lune," he sit,"htu'
Andi he iiwd h.win't'rs
tI give' hunim th li en~t.-Ch.Imf~ilnmo ,jiur-'.
llIigger tihe iman the' fmor'e lIkely lhe -
to taikea tireprtoof xl lint1ly--an
eun wth ai natent contmpt.
~alth Itself
> digest that even deli.
and young childreni
mnly natural, because
s is baked for 20 hours,
sformns and partially
the starch elements,
I easy digestion and
with milk or cream
a is a complete food
ith its nutritive qual.
wonderful flavort
grocers everywhere!
ree M:ch

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