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,J4P' ++M++CbUNTY A
Work On This Road Will le Resu'med
In August.
It will be good news to the people
of Pickens county to know that work
will soon be resumed on the Pickens
Brevard highway. Bids for the com
pletion of the road are now being ad
vertised for, and the contract will be
let August 15. Work will begin as
soon thereafter as the successful bid
der can get h;s force on the ground.
Twelve miles of the road have heein
completed but no work has been (lone
cr: it since the first of June. Eight
andi a half miles of road remain to
be built on the Piekcns side and five
or six miles on the North Carolina
side. .'hen these links are built the
road will be completed :nte Brevard
via Rosman. The North Carolina
route has already been surveyed and
work is about ready to begin.
With average weather the entirr
road should be completed early in
1923 in ample time to take care of
next summer's tourist travel.
The completion cif this road will
mean much to Picens and Transyl
vania counties. It will be the neare
route into Western North Carolina
from Georgia, Florida and Southwes
tern South Carelina and it is expeet
ed that sulmelr travel over the road
will be heavy. It will put Picken!
and Transylvania in closer touch
with each other and the outside world,
and will open the splendid markets of
Easley, Liberty and Picke.., to the
farmtrs of Transylvania and upper
Pickers. With the opening of the
-rcad it is al: expeNcted that the beau
tiful mountain section of Picken.
county will be dtveloped into summer
resort: that will r'val those of West
ern North Carclina.
The ntxt Unien meeting of the
Pickens Association w:11 be with Grif
fin ehuicih on the 29th and :0th inst.
meet at 2 o'clcek p. i. Devotional
and song service led by Bro. J. R.
Ccnnelly, after which organization
will be effected.
2:80-Church Discipline: \hat i.
4 the Bible teachiig ,n the subject and
are the churches observing it ? Opened
by Rtv. F. S. Childress and Rev. R.
A. Hud:.-:n; the-n gencial discussion.
Cleue with a soiig and prayer ser
vice led by Rev. J. E. Foster.
M iet :t 9.30 a. im. Devotional and
song servie( led by Rev. A. M. Sim
10 a. m.-Our Slogan: '"E:lryonc
Win Onti."' Opened by Rev. F. T.
Cox and Rev. 1B. 1'. Mitchell, then
general dis'eussien.
11:30 Sermon by Rev. Mr. Poole,
of Furman Univers:ty.
Sunday Afternoon
2 p. m.-De.votional and sang serv
ice led by Bro. J. A. Robinson.
2 :80-Law Enforcement and Oh
servanlce: Upl~n wvhom is the weight
of respensibiily andl~ how to meet it.
Opened by Bros. W. E. Finidley aind
S. G. Dcrr; then general discusslin.
) Close with song and prayer service
led by Bra. J1. T. Taylor.
The Union mieeting of Twvelve Mile
River Asociatijen wll W be hel at
Kings G;rove church the lifth Satur
dlay andi Sunday, .July 29 and 80th.
Saturday a. ml., 10 c'cleek.
Dev'otional meeting ecinducted b~y
K ~the moderaitor.
Sermon by R1ev. J. E. Crawford.
/ Saturday p. mn.
Younlg peo)ple's work and its im
IfrAtance, opened by Dr. .J. W. Guy.
I Wirat is tile Scriptu re bass for the
Christnin Sabbath? Opened by Dr. J.
Isa foot washing a chu rebi erd i
nance? Opened b~y Rev. II. F.
Wrgl. Surday 10 a. mi.
Round Table Discussion on SundayV
Scheool. Opened by Mr. D. E. Garret t.
1a. m.--Scrmon by Rev. J. E.
.J. L. Murphee,
R1. A. Hudson,
R. P. Prince,
The elub books close next Tuesday
Mr. Tibbs, who is to be the assist
ant principal at the Academy this
year, was here last week conducting
an Institute in B'. Y. P. U. and Sun
day school work. Mr. Tibbs- is a
graduate of Furman University and a
very capable youni. man. Under Dr.
Mitchell's imid his leader.hip we can't
have otherwise thniz a good sclioo!
this year.
A truck-load and several ears'ull
from this place are plannin to at
tend the annual W. M. U. neetin..r of
the Twelve Mile R:ver As:sociationu to
be held at Kin g's G rove Tuesday.
Misses Ruth and Lois Wyke from
North Carolina a e here visitin W
their sirter.,, Mlrs. Pek and Mrs.
Brown. They will be hire all tihe
year to tcath ini the schools at Pra ofrs
and upper Six Mile.
Mlr. Roy Garrett, who has been in
ti(i. U. '. N;a'vy for two y(em . hasy Y.
(arne after speidirr a twe;nty--day
furitugiih w:'.h hi; parn itS Alr. a: I
Ai s. G. N. (a;rrtt.
AIr. (arci Lee ASC'nt last wo(*:n( mi
\'ith hiS pa1- Z 5 renit-, . :'. and .r1. .J. ..
1 :iss A il( 1 .1 . all vi. it . I!'r
i~'0 1" Ir, .\lr. R. C. .l('ali in, la( ' I!'-.
ties n (st wek l.
t ! Is. ( m Pr : : u i e a ala
iu p f t!it late , l .t's v.hn h, .
hit in the s:.e hi'.s phw en 1
While in. Ah - at tchrhwa hme:'
his p'arts nearl'srcueaie
is wee visiting i. rl
tive's in Gilreenville.
Irss Ora Prinen lade a busine :
trip to Gatf'ney, last Thursday.
Rev. F. S. Chilh'ess, the former
Ipastor ef Six \1i1t church, was hier:
last week visiting ft icnds. 31r. Chil
dress has many friendIs here who are
always glad to see him back. lie
v.as accompanicd by Rev. R. A. lud
son and Mr. J. L. Aurphee.
The people of Six Mile arc very
proud of the new road that i1 being
et ne trueted tlm Six Mile to Catee
chee. 'This fact can be proved by the
number of people that travel :t cvcry
Mr. B. 'T. Garrtt visited hI. sister,
\rs. Rice of Non ie, who) is very ill,
Sunday aftcii'oon.
Si': Mile church has cie of the best
rr sfors in, the county in the persui of
R;'v. J. W. Guy of Central. Those
who miss his sermon each Sunday
and the Wtednesday evening prayer
meeting are missing a great blessing.
Mr. and 'Mrs. M. A. Edens and an.
ily are gane for an extended visit t'
relatives in Georgia.
Mls. E. E. Brown and Mrs. Hart .y
iek; have just n( turned frm i an Cx
teinlcd visit to relatives in North
There ar geing to be two cracher
j;ack basehall games at Liberty this
wek. On FI iday afternoon at 5
o'clock Liberty will play F'ounta'n Inn
and Saturday at 41 oclock Libe rty will
I lay Piedmuont. Pickens county peo
ple who like gced begeball wvill not
have to go to Greenville on thes>'
two dhay.-- to see gccdl games, as thie
teams mentioned are amcng the very
bi-i semi-pro teams in the country
and( couldl give any South Alantie
club a tough battle. The Libert:y
teami especially is going at a fast
gait now and should be ecorags!c
by the preseetC of large ei ewds of
rootel s.
On Saturday, Auguist 5, 1.Libr-ey
wilh play P'. zer at Liberty. An otherl
(:cod gamle.
Airs. Annie Gail lard die MAlonday,
July :3rd, at the home of1 'her so-n, G;.
W. Gaillard, near Easley. She was S'2
years of age. 11cr home was in An
dleistu anrd she had beena visit ing her
son albout two weceks.
Slht is surviv ed by; three. chlildren:1
G. W. ,:illard and Miss AMaggie Gail
in rd and JT. D). GaillIard . TI'he last two
namiited are twins. She was buried at
Siver Britoks in Anderson, July; 4thi.
Dri. JIohn E. Whlite, of' Anaderson, conl
dt~ ting the service.
I !r hi usbanad, C. D). G;aillard, pre'
<dedl her to) the grav.e about a year
nvo. She was a mutmber cf the Ba-p.
t ist church and l ive~d a cons istent
Christ ian li fe. She ived at (Catee
ehee sever'al yearis where her' daugh
ter, Maggie, was in charge of the
T. R. Allen cof Greenville visited
IMr. amd Mer. Giuy McFalt Saturday.
tit And Bull Frog WYth Two heads
Found lit I'ickezw.
le Greenville county wvill have to conic
acr'oss with solii'tlhJg bactter thani a
I kggcd .snake if it Wnt. to stay in
Sthe same league with l'ickveln.
1c While it is our opinion that what
c the Grecenvilleual .,,;I~ lly saw \\a, at
'Ysniall allig~ator, ,:till we will n:)t ar'
!I tue t he prin t, Iiz 1' :j00,en (.a) sp)ot
Greencvilleo that niuvh1 anal still beat~
to the'ui.t
-r" 3i what wVe }tttd t~ a; . W44
t' that 'an the l:u-t fourth of July an
~l(mly, 1'the 5"t 'i hi!, V lwe itl
ill''( three cr )mpanion. while s; illil;"i llP
al (corc 5 'i' (rjc in) j i('k II) (0Quilt'
1- caugi0 t Y. b'u!il t"O. \vith '\\":) .l.!ts
lc I fo l ki(' 'ii i
:k i it 'i '1 H (.''i' 'uc'ilii at
1 1 .Oyt h P c k n s t~ l l _ ( ' r ,\ i ti , ". ' ; Ip l c t t : t~ n
1-- II~ w ith tw t cth lt 'u (If C'. t 'IAd o
1I c'. on h a. Itmc \\'t- t '1 Oa r ill . P I
art .1.'11" scetio was tu nualiuge o
M I I Mo i l l'_ ' .i W n <" i1 1.:' ifyl'
I 1 i' ' Sunday i. ( ". at :i:Ofl t:)
n; 1 t_:( IcitEV iofl .
i1 I'. l I I 1'E i i ( a Ii i.: I :I1:'. -t
1) the . C. At' (If Mi'. ,~ ):l a'i 1101 3
ii si Ow(its~ ill (;'. (i'.il hm' sati the
1- A (k- r. at J(lWie 1' ntf C . C.u~ iI ASlc t
1' -
- \Snr-h" James p~el. Sa~ \"a- -hocked~
ver~y 1,1 iiiti'al ii,."tiug cuy (jay 3
!s'imma n '1 Ii('y
atRE' the honk' A NIr iiI. I N lLS
Si- I cy i e n ol a - .Il
Anton th'e w::ialin be'!mlls ringingu
il athi s~iection ws the' Inlarmt. of
S 111 Mr ROy.(: Pi. iii and .his Mahiy
(i: I I?. 'o A Sunay. ('nH t:A IC k hI t)
I' . FT . (l a'v ve C i , iii :1 f( (laught)er
wit thrl f("l i~- vih a, Mel th s. ( :ve
the fSninc au' of tfI"nis tWaei
"('' .-(l tit a': it i ("..i ll to ' ) a1 (
I'. ti(',". hi V'0' a~(1
\V 3.1, 'S 1'.! 1!hu an daughte.
b''' I a.ilty Wrnig(har 1"l Bach, N'. It
Goveiner Alstcn Pre ant at July .1
(kk lbration There
The proposcd 1est<,ation of tl
Tab. Rock sction cf Picekens coun
as a summer res ort on a large sea
recal. tu inimd that before the Cie
war this section was probably t1
most fant:(.ts su:numter resort of tl
,wo Carolinas and was visited 1
lair'e numberls of wealthy pe plie
the low country.
It may act be gcnerally known
tel' pr'"?et generation, but the b:
gest fourti (;f July cel!bration (iv
.ulled (ff in this section was stag
it top cf Tabk Reek before the w;
w hen the fourth w:as celeb ated in
real p:atriotic manlnelr. The celehr
tiii was i'1'aruel by the late C(
Hen. !liatced of P'ie.kens. Amoung t
featur(. of the day was the carryi
0f a ca'anon to the top of the rot
ani firifl'e it there. There were mar
'1. nui -hecd y uests pre!-w nt, amlor
'I 'rt is I raon wh y Ii'ken
auntyi 0h1ub noj t le 'ain en:'ei .-ui
It (I'. n r:(. i 1t . ae'i Il n ' ith ,
' ed many ad!vantegt -:al~ with 0
:'td 'ttl '; ';C d ro l.:" n' e dcubt nu1
w\ill pri dei'( the rest. Tlh:, bull:(:~
'1 '. e '.irt h 1(l by \1e'.:'
(Castain and ('ar y is 1aloel up,
h( re as the )e;rin'in of the rest1'r
Cl' of tihis fav 'e) s etion to 1
formler pristine goy
The erdinlaticn of L. F. Smith al
.J( hn St(:wart as 'h accns at Ced
Ro.k church took place Sunday a ft(
noon, .Uly 9, at ;:::0.
A short address on the cqualide
tions and duties of deacons was d
livered by Rev. D. V. Iiott. T
ordination pray(r wa' efrel'Cd
Rcv. 1. P. 31:tchell. (. Pickens. T
1:astert, Rev. E. MI. Bolding, presirbt
The dcacons who took part in the <
dination wore as follows: Linds
Owens and "Dan'' Mauldin, of Enw
.J. B. Findley and William Willian
of Cross Roads, and B. 1. Willian
(:f Cedar Rock. The two young m,
who were erda:nedI are among o
very b(st citizens and have a go
report without the church and in t!
church. Pastor Bohling ought to 1
congratulato (l cn hav in, these 1
I o'ethern added t '" his official b)o iri
A1 very intti rstin mating i
p)'ruer at the harthed;t chur
C nduc t:d by Rev. W. L". :ii!s, I
railroad pre ac h. r, I om En Iey.
vil certainly pay anyone to :tter
these mec t:ngs.
Ilrc arc some ci the subjects a
nounel : Wednesday right, '"Esca
if ycu can ;" T~hursday night, "T1
transgressor's road;" Fr'iday, "Ti
WVorld vs Jcsus Christ ;" Sunday mnor
ing, "Enticements of Heav'eni;" Su
nig.ht.; "'Get en the Mnain Line.'"
All who are intet c ted in 31iintv
GarovtI eemtt Irmy a: o r(que!:ted to me)
there t he fifth Saturday, July
w~ i t iita! teab. to clean 't: t'
cemcry.Come P'pepmul to sp~e
the dlay'.
Mlt Eite~r i: In h: t wee!:'s Sont in
youi had it that the cemeit'i',:
Giin ahurch wouhl b( I~e l(era fE i ~
Sat urdayv aft ern.on ht fore lho .1
Sunday inst. It. should have ben ,
NSturday m1rninlgh beore the -Ith Su
dlay i nst. P'kaite co* rel i. Y
Shoals wvill assi-t the iasor , Re-v.
In the~ ab11n50 Ih f the paiisUr flb
'r. A. Drakeo< IX l'.y wvill pren
at Seona the first. Sundiay in Auiu:
TIhere will he o pr )IEalinig on Si
ur'day. 1B. P. Al itchell.
There wvill he an c1.d folk's singi
at Cedar Rock church the fifth Su
(lay in July. Evherybody invitedl.
Enroll I
t1 liag r~ciunber of people Illet 11
;ig Eastatoc church t he lurst Sum'
Illy ini July, 1922, for an .i1-da
.f;i t 111(1 to organize 11 siflii1
011 V('flt lol to be knowun asi the Fast
tine Singing Conivent ioni. I3~rotli
1:ta ft\\y introdluctory 1 c1ittks ot
t- hic.h l'.rtt' S. N. l3t'l1inr wit
'fl ed onl to I arranige the ('las 111.11g
aot t 'oI !ow\eI withI prayer att r) \l hie
ht i'lass wsled about hftcelll1
It" L(,'("ih by Priof. It. t1.I . l(oii il
1rC .* A. 11P. Stieso. Pr'of. -\ ..1 . tam~
.VV p ltdl~ lett Il lel I). 5. ''uiiias. :1
till) I i lv sy i'5. ! l hei r '' t h t
(I tot sj"a. . AIMUt 2.' lp. tit. ll
Ill leid to the hIas:e for .(.Iv:;."
he tit. I c f-j:*:1 \\"" (21 :r I (? \
ill *lU\.: and ',. W . \lji ';.:s
*t~ I '( l iv . ' . ' orst ll"cr ii 11 t i : Cc
iftien illilfl1t. . 13. S~r t. Ilrii. t A
rHalry .l nt. Winch is~htP. i: c.
"nhi(, Ill. Clot- d\S. 1. tnit jig Se'l't~
:(r0~ ;11,1 ti t <.nl r;1 iv~ ' a .\. '
the~~~t~t l.iI a ivej hi tWrll
T h t: " 111( t~t 111 i ll~ 1.'h 1 1( .'It
tO hl l i he lad~l Ill, tid be il
Titull Iy' tile2 at1 \\lici- tift it(
111 It c( sa d o hetetii'tot tamd
.Ogliii.I wit'l :i1ii 11 b\-I.i'h:}. o
"1'h 1w- h\liat then (huli. byw Prf.I
\1.};ist ,i f:iii hiie wU~it a tl,
\i'. 1 arot. Ji 'a t l (avns lit wlit f(
\alri A.h T.: \\ic'I) e l' I.
'I' (ta an t S. N.' Boldin' 'the lfire
ihilihl \Vit Gillt f.~S S i 'i.'t a ong
talk i l'lie \xV. ' lhorn ill ('dIll
"Iuladl iss Myaui ~lbnon a
then with Srothial A.I 1i'.~ tile 1dlll
'J.o hel onI the l:t t on, .iti 2.in.
( Wt~citi ille taii tit 4"inl
\"i ati n11 h a, J1, hearty in ital
1.011( hIca w~i lWti i I
W .h s o I . (;tis S 0' S ' t" I~:' ' c
28, 1922. Al trusti s 1 be'.t
t a1'il t h a es(I f s:! I flaeartth sil
'u ire to~r reot. l 2.1 li.,
a liler~ (to~ the nf114 :iial andth
trustee wthi \el i..t. inst( nc\,Ats
At ar the anlcit~ 11 takn itsistn
t Itinerary Arrangd For State, Con
v gressiunal and County Camipaigns. -
An itin~erary for the Third con
,r! '..ssioeii istlrict cam'' aig~n was ar
1':111::(': last weck its follows:
Ncvwbciry, July 2?, 10 a. in.
WI itmire, July 22,-*8:30 p. in. AromikJuy2,3p..
?':1'( ;1hoails, July 29, R::30 p. mi.
(= :1\ i"od, August :3, 10:30 a. in.
- ..}l\ Ieilie, august 5, :3:80 p. in.
" . ode(Irson, August 12, 3:30 p. in. itltsAugt1,3:0p
- I ~h s, Augu4 t9 :380 . .
Wealhalla August 2(1, 3:30 p. in.
his district ar~e E. P. rdc.Cra\,v (4f
l Xisl y4\, I". II. lUomia~vk (o1 Nev.- errs
('r unty ('aiupaign ileetinigs
(':+p1a ig II mce tings for Pidkel:i
Stvcanbia te s have. been a rlIgc I
!K .\\s cat iUevt:il)' to be-il it
SI I) t:(!;k in t!1( i0.Piiiig':
it }":. '1 :1 Ia .. Auus t 15 .
I) t 1. .:1. 4 1 ,.21!. L:1(-4UsI I -.\u 2 .
:1" t" 1. 1 '( . t i $ t{'" . ~ ~ ~ '. flrtl;s
I~(u ui.: "i n'ir. .\;tu! ' 22.
:1; t' t : t. \rVi it i u lic iiis iu t
I t1:(" ?t art 14 1" . 'a1t ( day iiiI~llt for.
('I'y t"\!; et ("I I l tl 1" 2(:01( ) he prese t,
I(1 U'l tilt *n(iivltttt W4.'tlI4I" kept themi
8wa v1 " S4 t;t 1n imetint.' was4 It.lPUiW4I
I \iiit: t :ii wvni".I tiler all \white Ito
1 p. n'ir~n f I'ickvns e..etii are. iii
'.. 4,IJ to, ~ it( :seint at the '''tort. b1oas('.
I ',rtul.!icu;aus of the 'Tlirde ('e1iltress
41'tI:! -t nuit p itc gtinlr to glut !t conl
u:"~":.t~~ll(a~lilit~r n he me4Ild)tis
r'ie' ri4Ini'l teliv\ent jeni will bhe re
I [ 'RAii~ AT 1l:ASLEY
A c~ v.11 ar~ usy cstlatud at
II (t l "1! t'r 1(I;11 14 pV at en e it
,,.! i a i'::!ley hla t I"'itlay nitilt
i144 ."1ifttt i on. I;. 1'. Alrarvy, call
-f4- I (Ongi 1(55 It w.as Itil (el
+. {I ia I t Ills et Ilg and1( several st1"
! iI' s'4(heS were' made~l. \Iri. Dde
I. i\ sc itid shortii talk in wvhich he
s" ! ba:!eked his fr ids for their supp)ort,

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