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Had Your Iron Today?
T h e D eli c
a-of Energ3
F.R VF, raisin breadl
table for three reat;(
1. Flavor; 2. E
You remember how gi
full-irited raisin bread
or baker can supply a I
Insist-Tif e hasn't on
Full1-fruited bread is
Sun-. \rid raisin:-rich
lnent inl practically pred
R ais lso furnish
for the b1ood2.
Serve plain raisin br<
tasty fruited breakfast t
M~ake delicious brea
over slices. No need
raisin bread.
Begin this week the
twice weikiy in your h
both good and good for
Serv S Uli risnr
cakes. etc.
1~ - for free b
Blue Package r
Posiive-othct, Waerproodfo
Makes startng easy fo
fors adffrson.
Tae are GOOD
OSiTN............. Wed ater;3p.o.
Mea s and F orld dsoer
Agoghtcets o prncpdpon
JMetat MAY Wnell, TrN. C.
A.E otr .ANorfolk
Heal n ethR nes-Eonomy~znr
Throug ottokeats fro in.i; lag poi p r
Meranuts &n iuneCres ne..
Ae.! ee. PorerG. .,01 N olGA
WBH4 AYoung Men to Learn
Becst college in the South. Write
Charlotte Barbepr College, Charlotte, N. C.
WeI paty $5.0 CI. er hiunilre-l for writinug na ies.
WYrIto for freea parl tlulars. WON tIlitil
AIAIII NG 1 D ITION A ItY St. Ilenry, Ohio.
Cu S ese O sIf want to en ot
benefited DON'TS AY sN E. I-uaent
NO EDY Et arig
Q-Ban Hajr Color Restorer- Safe as w ater
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 29--1922.
ous Bread
r and Iron t'
twice weekly on your t
ns: I p
n1ergy; 3. Iron
>old a generously filled,
can he. Your grcr
oaf like this. t
e he can get it for you,. t
full of luscious seeded P
in energizing nutri.
igested form,
fatigue-resisting iron
ad at dinner or as a <Ie
east with coffee. 1
I pudding with left
to waste a crumb oft
habit of raisin bread
mie, for raisin bread is
R ./.
eeded Raisins
lelicious bread, pies, puddings,
Ask your grocer for them. Send
ook of tested recipes.
n-Maid Raisin Growers
Airmbership 13,000
t1t, . : -1 , 1--rt'n'1, t'auri .
The New Version.
\ very Salrettslil' spllat'r and her'1
n1it're1 we"tre pltssing. 11h1 theiller whltl
"T1. r \gy;3 I.ron 1l4ine" was being
101wil 1n111. n1' ,:1'o. T n1e11 sour uc
:1 1nilie tus b" "k ; i t jttnres and
1 1e ngt harly ak her wi:It wa sou.
full innu r. "ofil. l weied t s ' wi ,
inye eng din nutri,"sead
"1in 11o Ih ,I Turkin1_ : 111- A t 1 1 I :IIIiI.ton. of entt1rse." te
istd fr m.pdbak
I100 th1 lw iece't shookt he'r ht':11. "1
fton:bl lt- wcro'te it." Slw it . "I19n
"ur 1t dine or as a
"'st it co ew !. " m 1n1t 1 n: d
II ud'tg w i let-. I k :\-w he wr t h
to at-ie as crumb of*i tt~aaea
it ofy a isi bead
Te fior snsea sn.-ndnn s
dead R acing ithnsiua t
meR ict. Ned iein puddngsit
them your gvrychlyo thet. prepantd n
oPoowtserof e Prs
anMaid Raun. Grwigerhs ioro
t hel'hThesvle ehiVrsion.
".\nio oh cooer o~n was e einfe
livedtIt'I a 'itri opino. 1n i' exrst sed~
in thelt t' a ion '' :1 si I .ln, 15." reN ot
"Vt IoI tust hve ha atsiu tong edi-~vo
* .ling *hi he !io It o e o S il r
.unticur on thes, ichnle hSmalne
why buyI mang e i y bstif othe Vermi
fiutY. h oneo bolttte oft Dr.ti'eury' "Dtead
suh" II w i a t it ury an 'rmtly It
c:t olyi 50 cn ts n if ant ft we'ren
tit.-Advertent. t
Poer Sofethen PEas.
"Whye do yi~oui1( ti'nk.ftoigwe
yo likoe yoor ace t ini thce enttr
"Theo'o ac ois altlotiIv rgt It's the
buI thail'i Il~t comittesTeyreth
stileketr lot If cadhrk Ioilo tver Surun
ti nto -l u lil osn 's 'ii1i itui
"Wltw bitay bloof ou r orm?"
"Ic.' waso' thon own byDr a~o ryiend.
"Io witas t heduoy a tranger."- I
AferSoehn Eay
1 ultt.El~ s l -trgt.I' h
ps aDER Don
Tear's tr 1iua r guar- 1) att' ed
anteed. No rsuber.
Phosphor Jrense
SrinoeEve the
3.o retch on r1teale.
dleroaa~ *i~F~'
Black Has Advantage Over Sand
and Gray Shades.
/arlety Is Afforded by Wearing Stock
ings of Any of the Grays or
Browns, Writer Says.
It is the little things that count,
>bserves a fashion writer. 'This well
voru hromlidle saying is more of a
ruitian when applied to dress than
tnything else. It is the little mistakes
n dress that spoil tle otherwise per
eet costuine. One may be ever so
ireful in the choice of a gown, pay
ri lily lmount of money for It, but
uhn its effeet by the choice of a pair
f shoes, stockings, gloves or any
ther of the small essentials that go
1 t111ike ip the correct tollet.
Shoes are espeially comfusing at
his time when so much Is offered in
he way of vaiilety. It Is easy for the
avel and the bizarre to usurp the
lie of good taste.
The feet should he beautifully shod,
tit not in in way to itiract undue at
nt14m to theni. Nor should one wear
hoes that In any way letract from
lie costuine with which they are worn.
l'e woanii who cannot aford a coim
lete shoe wa rdrobe such as is neces
ary In following shoe fashions today
ould do well to adhere to black or
lie ieutrial beige and gray tones.
.lilack has an advantage over the
and and gray shades, either singly
r usedi In combinations, in that It can
e orn with any costume and with
ny of the hundreds of brown, beaver,
elge or amber tones, as well ias with
he ever-popular grays. Then again
ariety may be obtained by wearing
toekinus of one of the numerous
hides of gray or 1.rown.
Colors or styles In dresses and suits
utve lind practically nt efYeet on foot
vear this season.
soft, Fluffy Effects in Neckwear, tho
important item of the Pres
ent Season.
Frilled guiipies in net and latre are
be big items in neckwear at present,
eo ft. liutify efre ts.
L'Iru is oI)nsiereid better than white
for this type, as the eflfect is richer
rod4 lore in uharlaony with one's cos
tun1)e. 'T'hese guillips ire designed for
wear with elaborate stilts rather thtan
tweu nuoittls. Fm -' tweeds and sim1
I ler 'roklis there is a cha:rtning cot
ored orgaindie gulmple with handl seal
looed idlits and insertions of white
Anither yp typ t fit Is selling well is
This is a pretty shade of orchid
in horschair braid. it is a lovely
shade for the delicate summer dress.
The grapes of satin are different
shades of purple and orchid.
Uneven Hem Line and Panels That
Swing Free From Garment,
the Features.
The uneven~ hem 11ine and)4 panels that
swinug free from the giarmuent , Iwo pop~l
u)12ar style fea t ures, appear211 in a
tailo4redl street frock. This dres('s 18 so
pimple that It mIght be made by any
h~omel dlressmaike'r, as the foundation
Is merely a straight line, chiemilse
dtress. F'our swinging panels are set
on to the dtress, (3ne( In the1( ceniterI
bac1k, one in front iandl 01ne on each
side. TPhe banck paiiel Is a trifle wider
than those5 at fronlt and1( sIdes.
Thue dIress wias showvn in a navy silk
crepe, the pals1 faced with sparki redl
georgette and1( t rimmed with iinds of
emider(l~Cy ini red, gold and1( green done
0o1 navy. Th~e gire was1 meS ilrely ai
hand1( 0of the embuiroidelry finished wIth
gold threadl~ tassles. The dlress Is at
shlp-over and1( ulined. TheI flared
sleeves have tihe red facIng, and1 biainds
of (emblroidlery finlish) them1i.
Th'le uneven 1hem1 lIne is affected In
mnany ways. Longer panels aire . very
frequently sepn, but a skirt Is often
cut frankly ioniger ait one0 side( than at
Vivid Green.
A pecliarily vivid shade(1 of green
ta mulch In vogue. This bids falir to
lucrease5 as5 warmeri0 wmetther and1( tihe
need of colors app~iroa~lh. Light green
undlertings in sIlk and v'olle are pop1.
uiar, especiially since light green is so
pretty when combined with white or
cream lace. White sport shoes with
bright greein "saddileCs" 'are makIng a
w~IdeC apal. Ilosiery to go wIth them
is bright green wvIth flne white strInes.
A fetching outdoor dress of .white
fiber silk with a pin stripe of green
in the skirt with green pipings on
skirt and waist. With this is worn a
leghorn hat trimmed with canton
crepo. The parasol is of the same
green and white stripe.
the patchwork or Normande, whieh
fominees valenciennes, Irish, fiet, ha
tiste iredallons, ah reen hins e
broidery and tuicke net. It is nota
ble that parallel ruilles of valen
cienne are used a great deal on the
A gitmp111e of eyelet work was un
usual and listninte. These lace and
not efrfets are now eing Imaet in
filet as well as l gfip eets. Col
lars arle al so nlatle to natte'h themn.
No great sale of collar and cuffs
is reported at present, hut It is he
lieved the orlgandle sets will be very
good bter in the season, espeeIally
for wear with sport costuines.
New Long Skirt.
It is an error to aine hat the
new ang skirt is too closely related
to the long skir-: sf a %iIIbde ago. The
idiN long skirt was a simewhat awk
ward affair, depending froin the waist
and a good deal dependenit oil the
restri('tel waistline of the old-fash
ioned corset. This is why Iphysicianis
roared against it as ii.iurlous to the
helthiti. ' loreover, the oildlil i long
skirt t ralhld on the grounil all the
way rot1i. The new 111n1 skirt
toues the g routul only InI pane1tls. gi\
ilig flith le t rIgll' 1ilil(' in 1-;therl h11t
the aertu:lity 1' it. It halngs, ilntre
over, frt oin tilt sloi ilders.
Blouses of Pongee.
Tllrl' efi inl likonIg bo' u 1141aes
wth shirt frha' t dIeve''Im a" i in Iny 11tk,
riun gtr- h i h h.1s o ti:ht itin' (.r
si wInt, It( whi l it ti~re tIt-l . fjrni l spee.
reult llw f'ora solito tiiit-'ircind
wans rntonpolizeglh nlInes iltlt all
etilsitit ri e4ry 'lii h frik reI 4iglarIl~
far t'ilit- coin1( seaso thanl the Inuxeo
Itough bth st ('het tiferertl.Iiti
tC).A it eedelto he fretk ween
rcentl for il isx t'o gh-yarol
ta ilt Ie or ltragh10 tieIsioude aitl
r ed lloomlers.l fh' irocik was 'peIned
at) e'iltherSll ide rt'l bt l ve in5Ces
01bov e tI'e skirt hdue, theerd bIndying
sxteinlong tallt irund tt e 0h11 shedti see-0
trIon. Ahi'tilced ht l th' e was gtr
orn w4 ' 1it' thi Ifrock. llg 1t1
the efher olr n 11n4ot C Ies I'wi
short bcks an htd tfreonlysetin sg
A hresningoc ouch. rsu i
Tighmt 11141lerenly Iseen,1 was'l lit li
on(l' the14 tright~l tie togenerofl the
groill . ile th4eve 1 rtei was l5tetior
tine (~iches fro he ground.II Aig satshi
ofI self-fabrill t'iid s lat th lng idei'l
rgane aint fjie 111nihed the llrock'..;
011nd contied vtheony rimig
Frishn Stouh.
frs (iiltles frillt~ tfwills are: bing~
iter gon smr wons byofw dakilhade
~Tigtl itd tjinill s itl aiirt' len at the(
neckiI' taI and uffsfithe edgs tof the
olyeves.ui No 'n then frlng ril
Copyright, 1922, Western Newspaper Union.
It you're feelin' kind o' lonesome. it
you're feelin' k'int o' blle,
If you're apt to be forgetful of the
blessin's owned by you,
Then it's time you went to doctoriln'
for each little burn aniti sinart, '
Give yourself a little doctorin' in the
region of the hieart.-Keech.
These are good filling dishes, anrf _.'-.'"
not hard to prepare or at aill onphi
catted ts to inn1i1
Plymouth Suc
cotaah.---' itke
two Cipfuils of
corned heef stock,
two Cuplifts of
chicken1 stock, oneG.
cupful of licedi
Plymouth Succotash.-lalke two cup
ftis of cornel heef stock, two cupfu1s
of chi((ken stock, one cupful of diced
corneI heef, (Ine cupful of diced chick
en, two cupfuls o1' sweet corn, n .110
Mid one-half ''ulpfuls of died potato,
the si1ne of Ilced turniy 1111(1 (ry limit
heans. Soak the hen1s over night
and cook two hours, aid stock andl
ln'ans 811(1 cook slowly, then odl the
vegetables 1111( season2iig one hour he
fore serving.
Cornish Pasty.-eut a pound of
rotund of beef inI one-half inch dice,
slive potatoes nnd two or three onions.
Maik.e a rich biscuit dough nii linoe
a deep pastry tin; put in a hitye' of tho
ment, c'over over all, lenving vents
for the sten(in to 's'nIpe. Ilitke until
the vegetabltes are tentle'-two1 hours
or less. W'hen done, WriaP the pasty
in a cloth and set OUt to stenti for
tent minitiutes. This softens the crust
ind seasons It. Serve cut up like pie.
l'he mioisture in t'e fresh 1n1et and
vegetables will he sullicient.
Rice and Egg Dish.-Take one-half
culpfull of rie,. watsh andr drain, aidd
( tiablespoon'ful (if 1u1tIe' with the
'ice i a siucepati 11n1 t'rv 111 til yel
Iow ; ul wa;te'r aluld cook until tendier,
then adt iti little milik. senisOtilngs ;and
three eggs; stir until I te ('gs are
scrluubled 11111 serve hint. Th'is inial~es
a dish whleh ext e ris the egg, a1n(1
one whleh is wlieb'soite.
Suet Pudding.-''1 1on (1101 art of' boll.
lng iiulik addl onie-hlY cupjful of' corni
inie mil, onIe-a111f ten8s1'iii'n1ful of salt : stIr
ant i (clthi'r, a5I ht anothee r < uart Ol
tu1lik, two'e hentenl egtgs, al cupfu'll of
sugar111, a culpfull or le'ss of1 railsins and11
one-half1 cupfu'i1 of' cho'liptN1I suet, 11nixe11
w'ith it table'spoonful'tl 11r tw\"1 11f Ilour.'
Itkec( in1 a slow ()\'(n f'or Itre hou,a
stirriig Oe sIsiliutltly for the first half
of th20 cooking.
".Tust a s the' pures n,t 111 nt, 1!s a lit t t
nlly In h1:1 tren it :1t,! 1n1ail. it 1rt i
r:1 f'or list. ::, , - P-1 1s n it h (1
in st brIiliant m:ind :! . 1"! conomev
senise. in (sr'h-r to :1w1.1:11.''
1''r i t IItI '' oEil' iuoi 11.1' tol Ilo wing
(t s( r'i't it 'to' (' ii ty'c'i:lliv "o11o, ill si't' '.
Coronado B a
vainC r e on --
11:th1 IwI loui' w'es
'I :ri ofI~ 2 th ipe
.M :1 l 1 - l ix
dissolvt'd geh:Itiun to the0 l'rushed'I fruit,
thlen slir unt111ilit he lire beg~inlS to
set. Alix Iliht ly with th le whipipedl
('rea2 2;2 ill the 22 niblk and2 set on leo
to hariden. \\'he'n r"e:oly to servE', dIip) ~
Ite iu'hls in hli' walter an1 InI'.I :12 :11
22n1)b1. 1l'('iorate w ithI wihlIppeu <-2'i-1
Scotch Shortbread.--- \\eigh two
pounlids of br:'(:2I liour, ('le plund of H
51ugari. SII't thei llouri' ;ind seg the pan21
InI tilt ove'ti unti11 it Is slightly warm'2l,
uising ai 81poon to stir' and1( t'xpose it to
fte heif. ('rea:tni the butltt' unti1l it Is
whIle an2d will keep its shap21e whien
li fted'l with ia spon))1, 1then 1(( lihl the 1gar1
gradualli~, hieailug un21111 t~n he iwhole ls
well 1lxed'(. I 'sing t' ha~nds. Iixl the
butter'i,8 sugarl 1and Iloitr toigeth2r,
S~ljuee/ing and11 knl':1d~i 121)til 112e in.
1rediets are"121 wel uied. Th heor
t22h '.nxite shorte 22i((:the brVl Lay
the'i dough 2 fon nonkbad.vr
Clurerthe Main.-of th hl~~ an on
a heet'~i wni-h ('ich hick. DoIU not1
use thel rig 2 pi or obgl Pn mor
~it ular.12 Iiiake i s Ismod1rat on gun
.ul a go'lenlli brown. (some refr
Ck hera Bty'i'ia shtpikin t1)
vll(h'''2sI ' ~'lI110 e'' withafrk
ni(2k18 richl with rea 21 to I1'seo' M
bleken.111 ill 1and serve wl) i' ts'r.
Ni ex celilyl wholesonus.P11004 li111
'1288 0aye w PfI of'arrat Prti nt
Railroad Car Loadings For the Last
Week in June Were Slightly
New York.-With the country's two
major labor disputes still cont ribut
ing their elements of uincertainty,
business and financial news during
the last week suggest that the trend
toward improvement is uninterrupted.
Rlailroad car loadings far the last
week in June were slightly smaller
than in the one previous, which set
a new high record for the year. The
loss is accounted for by smaller coal
shipments, the movements of ner
chanclise showing a further gain.
Indleations that a better demand
for steel products is being maintained
were confirmed by the .June 31) total
of unfilled orders of the United States
Steel corporation. As of the first cur.
rent month the corporation's books
show 5,635,000 tons of unfinished busi
ness, this figure being 381,000 tons
larger than on May 30 and 1,494,000
tons above that of February 28, when
the low point of the recent depression
was made.
It Is estimated, furthermore, that
the June 30 figure means that new
business during June amounted to
more than 1,400,000 tons, which is
a volume exceeding the corpora.
tion's monthly production capacity.
At present the steel output is experi
menting a mild check on account of
the railroad strike, the steel corpor
ation's rate of operations having been
reduced from 77 per cent to 75 per
cent. 'Meanwhile the trade has de
veloped a certain amount of anxiety
over a possible car shortage this fall,
pointing out that th" increase in new
business which would accompatiy the
termination of the strike would coin.
tide with the active period of crop
Coal product ion for the week end.
ing .July S shows a marked decrease.
The falling off hardly reflects the
general trend of things, however, on
aside from the coal strike, the output
was affected by the July ith holiday.
The loss of approximately 1.500,000
totis from the low production of re.
(.It weeks, nevert-rheless served to
intensify ti. d rain on existing stocks.
Quick settlement of the strike still
emins unlikely, hlth operators and
miners showing little disposition te
agree to a tempiltorary resunlptiol of
mining at thl- oil wake scale.
('rop lrospects are pr-actically -1111
cha nged. hie d'partialent of agricul.
tire's c:rain estina to as of July 1 in.
dientii, a fair Yield. 'Th" winter wvhceat
c-r.'p i:s phirced at 5imt000000 bushels
or 18.0000 hushiels beloew last ye-ar's
is c-nl'ttdi htetcr to bringt thec total ol
bot h -:eps upy to Si? *O.icc~l hushels
'This totalc is 21,00.000tt busiht-ls more
thltn lamst year'-s; it is :imaller than in
four of the last eight yearis and larget
to n in the ofther four. A fair cr01:
of corni is aliso in prospect. Withil he
prtic-es little chian ged, the present
gra in (roil prtises1 to ibe sutffirien tly
igoodd to insure the -Ont inutation of a
re vivatl in genteral hbusin ess.
Christian Endeavor .Elects Officers.
I lot. Springs, A rk.-Duncan iii. Curry
of .Jacksonmvilile, Via., was re-elect ed
chacIrman iof the All -Soutih E-xtecnsioni
Commtnit tee of thle Unitedl Society oi
Christian Eindeavot- at a meceting of
the committee held heire in counection
wvith tihe fourth All-South Christian
E-nde:cvor- Convent ion.
Other Officers elct ed were thE!
Itev. . F. Kit-kpatr-ick, A tndertson, S
C., vice-chairman; (1. F. Al illeyI ic-hb.
miondl Va., scrtetary ; Mtrs. Wyatt A
Taylcor, Col umnbia.- S. C., trceasttret-, and
C. I-. -vanus, ('hafttanotiga., 'Tenn, sonl
bhc'in- secret arty. Thei c fol lowintg fic -ic
secre-tarti 0s for thle souithiern wari
were c-liosen: La1w rce C. L itle
Newi Orleanus; S. Wilkes Dienby, Co
htmnbia, S. C.; l-ranik I'. Wilson, D~an
ville, Va.t; aliss (;eorgia Dunn, han
ditster, Ky-.; Car i- J. la Ittews, Jack
Sconvillc-. la.; lert (1. Jones, Mcltm
phis, Tennm.
Plan Development of Roaring Gap.
W'inston-Salem, N. C. --- L~ocal pro
montors have cdecdiced to foram a coru
por-atin withi $40t.000) capital, buy a
thouisarad act-cs of inndl around loa r
lng (iap hotecl. in Alieghany clounity
which was destr-oyoed by lire in 1914
andi build a modlerni resort hotel, goll
course amid c-ottages.
Confident Congress Will Aot.
Aberdlcenu, WVashington.-The tarifil
ill lpenin~ilg in the senate wvill pass1
when conlgress resuimles wvork after thc
recess anid its passage will bie followv
edl by tihe adoption of' the soldiirs
h)01nu1 hill, ac-cord ing- to ilepr-esetnta
I ive J1. W. F'otrdnoy, of th Hfoutse WVays
and Means committee, who is hiere 01
bulsiness andic to visit relatives. Thb
tairiff hill will not be greatly modiflel
by the senate, Mr. Fordiney predicted
I~o expressed confidence that Pr-esi
dent iHarding wvould end thle ral Ione
strike In 'anice fashlon.,

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