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Sheriff's Ruse Saves Accusec
Slayer From Lynching at
Hands of Excited Crowd.
Norfolk, Neb.-With his prisonet
eCnieealej In a trunk In the baggag(
tar, "ShleriffC Ileenanl evaed thret
41hreaitening erowcls aind delivered Wa'l."
ter Simmuions, held in connection with
'the murder of 1"r:eok Paul, .hirty-lIve
.years old, of this city, to the Jail at
Gregory, S. D.
Following Simmons' ia~est here
<-r< wds began to gather and his trans
s to liutte, N.'b., was ilairmed as a
n.fety Incasure. Word was received,
iotwever, that large Iutnhiers of per
so~ns, rettehinlg atitmost inob inop+1ortions
.had congregatod . ut sever'l railway
-'~-.-H ides.Prisoner in T runk,
taions alonig thIe rouite and1( Sheriff
TIAem15iii at ered1 is illans, taiking; the
Pri .r throughi ito Ggegory.
A-er(wd stornati the train at Spen
I!' e7I h the r onces for theyris
Oneor,'hut tlie sheif's rue of havlng
SlUIn1s( secreted in a tniuin was tIue
I'Aill, an autoimihile :teailer ie'e
w ad angrairn atn -i 'hely1 plichedt
over :i iarildge ilto .creek,:nar li rl
lowe, -'hurin the he~ vr(Uet of hen
coroanr's jucry.te 'hodytn ,was funa
' psss'hat-hd ee
'itory for 'tW'e ihiys.
1(i loiae imliittd
l a SetirNll ebNl) where
v-ty fMtnd 'it, ablood.
oOr l o erdof the man
slevr i i untlrI. atahe 'Id his .deatu.
4(ansan Atsu Says He's orsved 1itrm
in Mireouri Penitwn Pary
4er Bigamy.
e imieh for 1. .E. Walier, Nobas where
Wralton, under:i rest here m 'i (t arg
of .disturbiing the eie. Wfther has
cnordesied haeving fo ur wiv 'a dealtng
and onehi deadl. St'ci"rdinig to 1*'1d J)O
liee. A (quarre.l 'U:th wife No. 2 led
A-.orilng to W..ler's al(eged eon
fessl~r.: his first $(' Is (dead. T.1he
se!on~d, thlirdn, fouirt' and 111.th wit.es,
all livtng, lhe marred In M issourl
Wives N\o. :i and1 4 mow lIve in Mis
sour-i, w'hille the !1e4Yorj iandl fifth live
here. lx wais while Walier was~ at
*nov*"g? leave Emiorha with i vfe
*o . that111 hilegal w(feC ~iterPferedC,
- ,neC shoit att hiim. according to
1l: 1i rrest followed. The po'
idWaleir' aidmilded having
--,atermi ini the Miss'iiiri pentl
teitnlay onI a1 bigamiy chiary.
New York Spinster, In Will, Specifies
EtaOne BePjlaced Under
E'. Conniors, sixy-urdreinhr
friend mnd iecentrix, .Mrs. K a Iherine'
Jtees, Ia buiry e n igl rv
wtIh an exl ia pil low tunder her headi
and1( to see tha~it no cairria ges~ tfolloe
the( hearse, has been I0iiled for lProat
in the SoIn'rogaf 's ( our11t.
Ini the evenit of anyi relatives5 bicing
disc-over-ed, shie dlirectd thatli $1h
givent each, "hecause durIng lfe t hey
had1( no a ffeict1in for iiie" No re'laitives
have heoi0 henrd oS (f by Mrs. lesad
under (he willI, thei resihlue of M4iss
* ,. . ' iienids, wvill go to the Iospjitail for
- RupturPed anmd Cripples.
IWould-Be Suicide's Head j
Too Hard for His Bullet
New York.-Thomas Dunn Is
-headeld ri'lroadl clerkc. A
b * .nlheh lie fired at his fore
* l danfced1 from his skull anmd
- s sghtly lacerated the top
t hieadI. Dunn0 51 ws arrestedi
11harlge of violating the Sul
w tti-firearms Isaw.
By R1. H. OSTROM, D. D.
IExtension Delprtmnnwt, Moody
Bible Institutte, Chicago.
TEXT--Vonclen received their dea
raised to life aai t.-iteb. 11:35.
W1ehyv should it reiadl "women" in
sttMud of "mien"? 1Does death meal
inure to wonwel
than to 1ien
WVould woinest u
pirocit the rah.
Ing of the. tind t+
life inOre tlit
lin ei? And w ha
.. tsay "their dleaI"
A young sciioie
th ?eought that t i
be lilble tnve wsoIt
an at kilid of sec
ondll-r'tile phl(ee
Biut no; for w\hih(
2 the llile teaches
t hat wives shouhd
be n ful\jee~ko tothenr husharnis, It
lo t lies that ('histiu ns should
each he subh'eet to (ie( armther. li
iselnie i'aiminis the Bible rates )1in( 1as
snpierior to wo(niiln. Whei 'the (lues.
tion ulrises is to who sliU'td say the
deciding Word oIl It dehiated -suhjeett in
the church It does not leave us at seal.
E~ither Uan or woinan mui het- given
the obhliitio, and1 the Bille gives it
to -t'he r1.ain. In the Christhna i progrim
w\vmlan must not teach or usur) an
thority .over the 11111. 'l'i0'(e is ever
her.e the idligaitil lauced up1on1 thi!
muan 1o be the hearer of the brunlt of
the hit:ie n1111d to protect the wotnai3.
But now, has woill) ia supr(Qeitamey
III snorje other reailns? liar; sh",
through the e'xercise of a :sieek and
qui-et ,dirit, a powvr fair imi liticr 11thi
if fle vere to tuair' a aiuthority over
the mr.an.? -lirely. 'Thu at is 1 t1t
woihnn 15.0.1 Inuuy pages of the Bible
In)en+tlned -with empha1I.-sis.
C .mider the Mrraiti\ve' in 'the First
Book cor KIcigs concerning ilhe deadl
chilt -Whomi Eliial restored -tno life Ii
God "asinale( 'himi. Mention is mlade
there ''hiat tile child's lother was I
wVidow. And our Lord Jesus, when
mentie(r.ing -this Incident, speaks)3 of
"many .widows." But he neveir -speaks
of mnIiy widowers.
The ineeourit in the Second .Book of
Kings .itholt the Shutuimitiite',; -sont is
vrittenI Vth the samte notabile eml
lehiasis -1t(1'3i the vouan, for tt reads
that he, -iaving fallen sick in tfie field,
his fati.er hadi himi carried 'to his
mother. Whis child died. ElIxhia
raise(1 h"im to life; aild forthwit'htl he
cells to 1he (hild's-motther, of w'lomn 11
Is stated ttl. she-"took uplt her Seu1illd
wentlt out.''
Consider our .LordJ Jesus, tliugh ht
adhresses -,1. mothlI' asx 'wotumian,'
when she nlust more deeply leamns of
Ills Deity, yet .when (tt the ( cross; MiN
Commenli h'r to1 John ias "mother."
Ahi, yes, if you seareh your J91'j1io
through you will -sue that there is tno
(115i1 rag lag 'f (1ne seIZ in C(on titt
with th1e o;hoer. 'But Sin ;i5 here. Anid
while one sinned eairlier Chan8ii the ott
or, bothI were t-niers. As it cotse
(t.UeneCe till havle -sbied, hence loth
wolien andi ilt.. iruust fhid r.heir stald
I Iin reitin 1 t0 .11 this fact
Amid whot could ,t3~nd1 any plaice for
here.? Herie, etktty the wtomain
woui.l ennltend( thiait -the sulweiority isi
app~hlie~llhe toe the mus, sacying ,that she
is the chuet of sinmers whli le 3.he mani~
wo~utld 'onitendc that sudWs raik shioui
he0 -teC(orded to thle w.orun~ai, .islstinug
thait he is~ the chief of -iner's.
All or" which onily se0rves to iniore
(learly <IUselose thle fact thitt nach-de
hate1 andi 'onitent ioni niuy altte~itd re
forius, wthjeh will uiittery dtie out when
w'e declare for regenueratlion. Inideedl,
questions '.vheleh wvill not suhtunit to
50a1utiOn thro'ughu refourmi prove to haive'
ht-in alrieaidy solv 'ed wh'len theose con
s1hhrinig thbemi haive been realily horn
aigain. I teform inet hodis miay 1iprisoni
the crimhmia, but t hey cainnot siubdeii
thl'ei'lriminality in his heart. Itegen1
erautiosi muaikes thle erhiniuial a saint.
TJhere is ai retiuwnt wthicilh appeje:ira
4'ee n h(lie mualtera' th Ile sextes whiich
uiiely thle aicce'pted( graice of Ghod cnn
tanke possible. Mileers' daiy appienihI
to us st ronlgly, lbut if Mot her's' daiy
mnsn only' a biracinug uip of 5lenl timenit
to the accom~lpulment of maailinig post
ail enardsa aid ilowers, then r'eiiaed
(Cist iani moithiers wVoulih l'corn it. ii
Iinuit hie cha31'net eriz~edl by Ilhat relince
inint- wvulhih ihe newvbi hiih Imopm-s le
thei inieainig ofl thle wored tuhier:oc in
Ilhe Chreistihano inher wviilee strength-~
('ni(l ini thie utaih, hearnt eaed in iprayerl
maiul imeilled ini te coielt hercausie eel
Itie daty.
Sin brought tee butnity111 di sagree
auent aindi dieod. ial It li s soully
irev~iait ("~'('i am tong Ithei Sies. I;3(;ac
is Ih olie acnd eib, 11I 'r feer hut maiuaa
ai1ed woeelnail. \\'h~en gracEl i ecleil
ther e fllowts ini its Iraii a seies oft
eliiinehl .g aciti r'efliicg iinihiiieces
w~ hi ih assiuries b et wveeni nani am i womc
ani acinieleenci learen(ts alul1 childrer'.
:cni ul Wtiwer etuliyers a i servn :s
oef t'itheri'I 3x a stonli (of "diiig good
h.ait it aull rests upo)in Christ ian facitha
iatheir thlani upon ec uluired ('ourtesy.'x~
Th11ro~ugh faIthI "*wienel r'ec'eivted ti dr
d(l'o raisedl toe life algain.'" Ande it isi
I hro ugh f alith ItIhat m ienl become eiiger
to d ee.hlre: "Il ei~liy th~e womcen whlicho
laboiredi wthIi11 i me i thes'pel."
Mind Your Own Business.
I neCver kneiw aniyilne leterfere with
It heri )01~0 people's ites, but that le
rten.stiJy repented of' lt.--Lord Urliste.
When to 80 Silent.
Let thy speechl be better than0 ii.
lence, or be allent.-Idionyslus the 101.
Su day School
(Br lilV. P. 3. 1'ITZWA' iiEt, 1). D.
Teelier of Einglish Bible It the Mloody
11b1 institute of Chicago. -
Cnov'rteit. 132 "\'at~te'rn N.'w ,i:,r Otnlon
GOLL-I EN ''-:NT'--\ho throig;h faith
slubdu .d igdiIon, wrotught righiteotts
Iless. olet:t in In l Ionlm ise, stopp d the
lilouths o lions.- !!'ib. 11-:S.
JtI a1.I INt1 .\I.\'I'I-:tl \1,-.Jor. 38;
d -t .1 cs,:-1; gi..S ib 11:
l'Itl I.\ity TOPIC-(;ot Tal'kes Caro of
'3d iki.
J1 NIOlt TO'1(-1 2C-laiel In the Den of
IN'ri'ItMlfallA1 t~ANI) 'F:io R TOPIC
0.14.1b-s Hleroic l'alth.
-Trials and1 Triuttn3hs of Ftath.
I. Daniel the Prime Minister of the
Medo-Persian Empire (vv. 1-3).
Xie-rling worth brought him to the
front andt kept hit there. The nevw
king Was keen) to discern his worth and
to give it rec'ognitionI.
11. An Occasion Sought Against
Daniel (\"v". 4-U).
I . The reason for (v. 4). No doub:
that with'leh pr'otnylttd tils effort wit
their eivy 11111 e1tlousy. The )resence
oif -(ly IllwI'ays show.s inferiority. It
Is lutrd for the 11122uma ieart to forgive
tllos who excel.
2. fuilur'e of (v. 4). DunLet's oll.
cial .recorid wits it ameless. They
could not even 1ind( .1ou error. Euvy is
still lu the world. 'J'hose h'12o excel in
July line are sure tin suffer :11 soic
way tfur their exeeltmltucies.
3. The Vicket idolt (vv. 5-9).
Tduty -trutiped up a. charge -on the
grottnd of his foreliiu religion. They
wAeile Wnt enreful aubmet their mneJl.hd,
itist so their end Vit .atttainled. When
surroututed by such hatred only the
fear ot' (od can save. Everyone needs
that hellp daily. In s:pite of Danliel's
lu.valig ,the decree was signed by .the
kinig whtlehr would hut aiu .into thie,den
of 1io11.
A.Ilt. Daniel's Noble -Confession
(v-).. 10,13).
't'hough iDuilel knew .tltat the wickets
de( nee -wats signed he k.uetlt before Go)d
IAs usutl. Note the silecuee of heroism.
Wmnk men bluster ; strung 111e11 havxe
little to 511.
1. lie .ontinueti his usual hait
(v. 1.0). .Rtegular habitua.l Jrayer is
esset.ttlal .to right life. Habit htats at:
ililIor.tant It a2ring upon life 1id eSpe
chtly .uoli our religious life. lie
knew that the civ? law li.d .absolutely
nlothing to do with his rei.igian. (od's
aw is irst. WIen the haws of earth
csiidier with God's laws thare is but
one tuilug to tit!. Laws forbidting to
read the Bible, ro pray, or to lmeet
to worsIly. Lod, have no 10 authtlolr.ty over
2. 1)unLel reported to the king
(vv. 11-1.3). T).iese wicked hnen
watched to Antd out as to wbether
Daniel would lra' before i1s (God,
and when they fotind that lie continued
his worshli of the -tre God they wentI
,t(o the kinig und r'eportedl thait Dunilel
isr'egatrdedj his deecree.
IV. The Foolish Dacree Executed
1. The21 king displeased with hait
selif (v .14). lIe ilabor'ed till tihe goinig
diown of the Sunl to de4'lver Dan1ie'l, lie
WaSS conseious thiat hie had1 beeni nI
2. The king hlpWes (v. 15). The
prou/tl ruler found tha t he wats a slave.
3. Danwiel cast into I he denu of 1lions
(v- itS. Th'Je king's pairting word to
Daniel was a poor', feeble excuise for
hi1s guljity conIscieceIC.
double aet shows that one rascal will
blot tru'isL anlother'.
V. Daniel Delivered (vv. 18-23).
1. Note the conitrast bet weenO~ the~
nuight sp ent ini the Ilou's deni uad the
oneI ia thle Pah2ice. In) th Intla211ce tere
was 21o sleep,) 1no m1irthi. D~aniel's qiet
is as5 a pictiu of the safety and2( pealce
which are'4 thme 1Iortion2 of thlose wh'1o
trust Giod and1do 11 3 IllS vi.
2. Th'le king's (111estion1 in th~e
3. 1 Ianiel's anlswer' (v. 22). God's
angel 12as done2( manl~y wounderful works.
Th'le eal y (hristian de11 (tspised bonds(1,
stri2pLe anid deait hi.
41. Diei deli vered (v. 23). No
11annei1r of hurt wls foundtl bicaus1e
lie believed ini his God1(.
VI. The Doom of His Accusers
(v'. 24i).
They03 were ealst intoI te den1 ofi 11ions
aitd befel tey even'i enitet to tile hot
raibute u'justilce. Daieris einemiesc go
in to thle samtie tra 21)which.1 theiy pr'e
VII. Darius' Docree (vy 25-27).
Menl were to tremb le and3( fear befo(tre
Danlliel'u; God(. As to whthe(r Djaius
had1 ai ebanihge of heart we do niot know.
VIII. Daniel's Prosperity (v. 2S).
Dnliel goes h21gher1 into the kin1g
(101m and~ continutes int his pslace (If
honlor evenL though dynasties ebanlige.
Events Like the Globe.
All tihe grealt eve'nts oft this globe
arle like te globe ilself, of which one.
half is in the f-ull .dhy light anid the
oth~er half ia plungedl in obs5curity.
After a spIrit of disconeilrnmnent, the
next r'arest thing in the world are
diamionds and pearhs.-Buntjere.
To Have a Frl~end.
The only wvay to have a friend is to
ha one.---Emerann.
'',et Contents 15 Fluid Draohn
. I,
>M ,A\ c~bl'rprationfOrAS3
C sinilatinglie1'ood uy Reguta'
?tJ. ;I4 , . tiflgttestoi~tdsflfl1OW+lf
o .A" Thereby Proniotin~y Digcs5Uof
?:+f Chcerfnl cress and Rest.Gontail!
ntther 0 iwntf Morphine nol
t4 Iineral. NOT NAR~COTIC
W : ,$cc/eot O AIIAiLW7 'Jfm
.AnAse Sdf
AhlptfulReld for
C (onstipationt and Diarrhoea,
rind( FevershtCss 11th
res)~fCutti n g Uhc~frotn~itt inf ICY.
S raccSil Si4naturoOf
Ettact Copy of Wrapper.
Tribe of South American Indians Don'
Know Meaning of the Words
"Worry" or "Care."
govePiViniet . no (*Irieilnhit's no rel ip
ion, it (II 16frQQ lti'6l itt, iiwitys siiil i np
folly, with no~thiing. 1(o h' *oliy nhq'ii
TheI4se u11Q it~e of tile 1111111 dhlifliteI
1st ics tit at newly diseovereil I.ygm
ire of illtki'4I rI'Itl l ntitl S. il ut It ni
ia1tlit. Ithe louuntain bord~ter of ( "'iinlli
J ),.jail, t* this straiiige trub' it,
given In Ite \\'u'i'tl's \\'ei'k by (:etrg
p~rosplectors, wtere' the first white lilt'
"--' itha I lie t'xct'j it iofl(or it Si in nisi
jnt(t4--evI'' Seen by\ thle t rite.
Of~ file we 'rid utit ii. they knox'
nothi, ng rand thave no (1un ,'sit y.
rluuhow and' arr(1 II'6I Is tielir oid,
v'eIpl6)n earnieid by the teten \vlier
ever they go. lei('ilit' they nlCee gi
intoi te wnterI, t hey \%-it it r ait tt
J..oieu'. u .er like 11.. . 11..... .1.. l .(' -~'IC .
Special Care
That Baby should have a bed of
is more reasonable for an infant to sle
a man's medicine in an attempt to ref
that same infant. Either practice is I
be tolerated by specialists in children
Your Physician will tell you ti
prepared with even greater care than
A Baby's stomach when in good l
by improper food. Could you for a m
to your ailing child anything but a
for Infants and Children ? Don't be dl
Make a mental note of this:-I
you should remember that to function
your Baby must rzcelve special care.
the desired results may be had from I
prepared for grown-ups.
Bears the S
ies Charming New Color
From Despised "Whiteseed" Visitor's
Flowers Advanced to Dignity
of "Lovely Marguerites."
(ne t orning a summatier rishlitl
started frei o (''ilhigh with a t unch
of tiwers In her h1:and.
"tIh ing to tute lthat wlhitae'eIt into
til city'" intpired the1( tuun who
rove Ier to the station, with evident
"t .c sll the young wta;nan, quite'
H 11n11n(vee~l by hip op'inion,
(In the trwtin ile wv"as jinitil hy tan
4' other young wonialan, wh4 hau forirmer
e ly livel in tht, eity, hut hail Imarriel
n C(olbeighi a111in a few% y'Is h'foi'r.
"'I'hose t re IIrI Ity cItis laes('1 you hatve,"
s h(' wl tlrntly.
"Yes. I think they tare." said the
Sumianar visitor, smiling lo hars-Ilr.
An hour later she haanmietd the dowa" .
ers tio a frhaiemi In a busy aity olIh-e.
"Oh. Wh"aaat lotely maruites-a,'' erlel
the retlpienttL.-Il:Nihaung.
Ads and the Like.
"Wan t Iedh-- I el Iveary Ibya lto rle hI
Awell-aosa edh miaehahie. L
"'' itIenat---A btirgi atmai ua(wly-fm'i
nishedt roinaa wIthI wvindomws eta thraiee
Not htain foir ai hnl'aior.
I'iiglihl baapIer'-"Thiern Is no remt
i'dy fore gay haiar, tylaig we. dont't
It dloes soaad rrl her drastIae.
"Wanited' -- - Woaniaa fur eletalalg *
woodalwo rk an ad tiranti."
Al ~iht aturn th hoseaaa-t ont hanaa.-.Jgn_
---- - I
Something Else Now. It1
"'Ihello, Itill, I low'~s youar ihal swee't.a
now~. I matarriedl her luasat~i areday.''
'a- What'
"How do y
Think it over carefully-,
frankly. Face the facts. Do
digestion stand the jolting of
Can they go on standing it?
There's charm and compi
,t-ostum-and freedom from ar
Thousands of sensible p
seriously looked for the ansi
you do?" have turned from coff
are doing so well, in satisfac
that they wouldn't think of ti
You can begin today, w
your grocer.
Postum for F
" There's a Reas
Cry For
of Baby.
its own all are agreed. Yet it
ep with grown-ups than to use
ulate the delicate organism of
:o be shunned. Neither would,
s diseases.
at Baby's medicine must be
Baby's food.
iealth is too often disarranged
oment, then, think of giving
medicine especially prepared
t is important, Mothers, that
well, the digestive organs of
No Baby is so abnormal that
he use of medicines primarily
gnature of
Tone to Old Sweaters
yes or tints as you wish
fienna Man No Doubt Concluded
That Either He or Rest of
the World Was Insane.
An Anstrian who Ii hl fIlln suddeni
y Insane in 191 3, 2and1 spent'1t his time
11 2n asY11lnn n""a2r \'IP1nI , olivius to
the wirl n Ihl r1 evol Iutiin, w*.
11bargedI Ihe oI ter da,1y as 11.1( -
11is joy Io(ver his suhi'tIn fre'I omIII
Whait. l112ist Iof the oller Aul
wtouIldI h:ve <(on(I. : h ( 1giged It eni4 .
31111 hll hinitIisel1' dritn t) the 'rnter.
Arriv t"mI IIhere h ilistniunt((d and.
a1skedI w h:it I:ir. he 1( (ind t pa.1y.
"Iigliteni tlIIusann2Id kIr(one2n," tIhe
dlriver (demub-d.(11(1.
The cured(1 in1an gretw" pale. "1y d(bear
h(an. " he sail. tre1tblitig, "this is ter
i'Iblli. I nive 'r IIresa4 w that, and I
I33vI' oInly a 2 0-roln1"3e1 pj3 J(P g[it i 10."
''he' I ve'I-4'r I(Iloo ei( 2t1 the goli ((in
Ind1 r'plie'Itl r lely :
"Well"1, wh"1at wtOld( y"ou have"(? Y'ou
:et 18,000 k3rohne'n i n cha2nge."'
T1h( Ird mn wats nonlussed.
"Since that3 m33an was3 detfe'ated for
fIlee he' has3 talked43 loudly 13nd( Irre
11ns2ibly snall1 kitnls olf subljects."'
lie Is m113ler no4 efli'1ni re(sIirninli. It
-'(lid lh 23 relIIefI Ii (he 111uld be re(
redlIli ti ulile life."'--W(shington~
A Modern Compliment.
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