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Ra !v ay c.~ Refuse tP
Entc ctat ins to End
Snoprne mss Str'ke.
He V,'E-'S A.;a.-st I ter'!ererce YW ~
D.sru;.s Th, Hagu..e
V""H d T ? ". * .. .? rt
t .4 - . . . ri . .
-,A I, p gl,:..,.,
w. .
411/ -
,., !, '..r 1: ~ l r f: : :.-. i
'" ' rtil 'til~ r i''~ard to th'. :u!']
f 1.r. T,7-.r a t th I (r1'..:>r- r,
1~ t '"r th \r.-ir~
II .: IT
r' . ] "1 : ]1r".t ar '. : . :: : .. :'
.z..~wir .L +.yion~
.% Y:i4(A * - . w/ArG w!. y y"" .. "" r
" ps
r x
.. .. *a- trs aa1'J ware.
'_I ijn Ilari rn yards.
of.--1. i nit mo're than 100l
~'::,'N :i ("ht !:rraina. rioit more
" i.:,: ?'.. I Sjiourj ;w'in. Mr. King
L t th F an op orrtune time to
'' ..-t to '.(: r tVrrTI'!t that the
--rst 1'': ti"r I.Crmranene~ In a
I r'-aty. SnmI.~! of thy:' author.
:t :,Was.lIi a -t'n thou ht the Camia.
'i. Irita'. !xiiri';t.:-r was '-try ig to
a ofi his o~.n In the dis
14?:i~.'.rjtzrarket for politicral puir
'%"cITW 1ITTTN4IN43 the strong
'q; *~:v~of France. it api-eared
the' .. ].tl ili'i repz~r ratlnn corn
a::-" :"'"+u'] -rant (;errnar, ys for.
Tria r'-fju:-=t f'r a moratiru m on
!''"-h r".-;.rtirr'v ;.a:. ne:!!i. after the
i . :r~ " 1::. I*Ie arourt was re
'::( s"(:M ty t e ored~t
':" lI .' !,f '''::1 and 1...The mnora
l r::: 4 I ..'] '. r 3') rnontlis and
'.- r~ t! .,t it Wt"A, d be
that the allies
'. . ermnany's fruanees
I 1' '" r +r he r."lnr" e of
': .'' . .:'f '<.. .".o to the Ger
.... .. ; ur.'a:ir.i' marks
5t. ..- or ri. ofxa
'; *' ' .;." at' : lo
at .a
G !::. 'C :J'.t *. .i. o
-a'.? .. r, c .w". .ith.. r 'n '
I .-' t ! r r t., Tah -
Gathered From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
Th'e IBnk of England lowererd it=
dir. rate to 3 per cent, a redu'
tien ( f 1-2 per tr nt from the figur_
estaitodI, June 1:).
Sir !r- J;-ron:.e Napoleon Bonapart':.
the A::rican vret-nf-;,hew cf Na
;'ol'-r-n 1. : "i 1 3 t:e A lb anian throno
the Al.\aarai, 'overnmaent has ber-n
ea fora sutable.i 3ing or
The Ja;':nese cov.ernment is consid.
ering an o ff.r or the purcha:- of the
Island of Sakhalon from Rus ia. ac
cordine to th- Y'orou, a Tohio vernac
ular newpjap.r:. The Island of Sar
halien is a:.; roxirnate-l 400 miles in
length. lies off the coast of the marl
tirie province of Siberia immediately
north cf Japan.
The Hazue conference on Russia is
over-actually though not officially
-according to the general view of the
delegates. While there has been nc
final rupture. there seems to be little
possibility of a rsu:n;tion of -the
negotiations without a complert clijnb
down by the Ru. sians and M. Lit
vinoff. the chicf sovir-t deleate
shows not the slightest indicawn o
doing this.
France will insist upon a full in
vesti ation into the caues which pre
cipitated the ; resent Crisi in Ger
many. lea-inu to the G(;rmnan ,gov.r.
mennt' reraest for a :noratorium in
cash paymrcns for two an. a ha
.ear-. before any res; ito ie graneg
by the reations : i
Gerir.arn served nrotice on the al:e
pr"r throurn the reparaic:os com
mn:ss-con that she could ro longe- mee
cash ob ivations of an' so-t whethe:
growi:rg cut of the vers:les trea.
sti; ulatior-s. un.der'a':en by acce;.tar -
of the London tciratum of May 5
12. cr arranzed by1 the se r-fdule o:
p'ay mer is drawvn iJ b thr- rr-p:.at;G..
comnn ission on .larch 21. 1i22.
In a 5,pEEch: i9:.ark:a'se :-' rree
nes 3nd - ident since-.. S'A
land rrd- Bri a -ar
;-1 e a t F P e :.n - w .- w e 1 1 . .
Ji'r sr~d Droghced. It r. n Lout
Claims of the U'it. Stats aain
Great irta. .utin i. .. ..
;lies duriner the wa hav .. n Cfet0
tied by the payment o *he Unite
Statese of $1'. ~o,".:0 ( Charmn Las
her, cf the~ Sti .2 Brd an "nour.
cc d
investirration *r*to scrn nation
wide gaschne ; r:ce wi: v' et u
waC soon. Senator La Foiette. of Wi
"o- -n. ch.airmar. of th'e senate manu
fc.res crmintte. :clated fc:o'w
in an ex-ecutive mer:!nL of the co.
(Charle W. Morse. hir roee e.
and reight' others must stand trial '.r
indc'ments charL'ing them with cor.
srrew to defraud the United Sta~e
gov'ernment thro'.gh wartime ship cor,
tracts with the Erer::er-e Fleet cor:
poration of the shi' pingr boar-i. the
District of Colia court of appeals
Aster a cornferen.n wv:th Presidenti
Hardin:.'. Attorne- General Daugher.
ty says th a: the government will mlake
sure that law a nd corder are preserved1
duririz the ra .wa strike. HeI says that
th" a; ; oinin-en't 0: del'ut aals is
Pr'-der: H rdl a o
w:.a -'n wa
den Har-n
"alfrsc a,.'- onferen- .
Ntico was(. giv by h'er rrt
'lmntre commission tha: an: investi
ga:ion would be institut2ed in. "edia:'n
ly :nto the reaonable::'s of ex\isting
ex;.ress rates in all parts of -bh. conn.
The first real split in repubican sen
ate rank:s over the admir.:stration tar
iff bill, came during consideration of
the cotton schedule with a result that
ten committee amendments proposing
increased rates on various kinds of
yarns and on sliver and roving were
rejected as fast as they were reached.
After a year's suspension, recruiting
for the navy. under orders published.
will be resumed. Sixty-five thousand
men will have to enlist or re-enlist
during the er ni ng year.
Cntinmuin:( his attack on the federal
reserve board and its governor, W. P.
G. iardinrg. Srenator Heflin. dernocrat,
Atlab ama, s:'clared in the sen.ate that
iavard university, at the: Jun;.e Con
Inw1''e:nent 'exercise$, had conferred
the deo.re of do ctor c laws on .sr.
Iard.ng "to help Wall street in its
effort to get him seap;>ointed gover
Francis P. Gatrvan. alien prop erty
cust-tdian in the Wi)lon arinistration
and. now 1re:ident of the Chemical
Foundation, Inc., brougrtto Was'hing
ton all the records- and bos of the
foundat ion to p: es'22t to the special
urtnd jury recr:ntly iine lled to in
'e. t=ate war contracts.
Ratifications of the Yap Tr aty be.
twe:n the United Stat':s and Japan
w'ere exchanged at the State Ise; art
uiment. The treaty soon will be ;>ro
claimed by President Harding.
Roniance came to Anna Viv-edenko,
a Russian refugee stowaway. on the
high seas after she and h'er comnpan
ion. Eugenia Bonar had been discov
ered hiding on the American steam
shi;, Monitowoc. bound from the
Black Sea to Baltimore.
The Tennesse Railrot.d company
asked the Interstate Commerce C om
mission for authority to issue $7.000
of C, per cent 15-year gold bends and
a (; per cent promissory Tnote for $142.
A ;residential proclarnation declar.
in:' the ixstence of a r.aticoral enter
c'ncy through cuttir.g off the coun
tr's co'al su.;y. it was Je:.r:e1' re
cently. p robably wi:l be Prc :dent
Hard ng's answer to the bit':Thous
mianers ani operators if they refuse
to ac.e; his proposal for -ettlement
of 'h s'rike.
Pr'sidert Harding r:st bat 1%.
er cent in the industrial crisis if the
try to be saved frcm n fuel fai
:ne anrd ffering. A .atting aver
a: of f-. good as it is in baseball
wo~n't do in the incust:ial leaiue.
Two men were shot and killed. and
-six other persons. inciuding a ciri.
were i':ured in a shocting affair at
Tear Swam;.. Pa.. near the New York
te ine recently. The dlead are
Charles Wakeman. of Litte Mead
w"-. Pa.. and Fred Tydon.. a foreign
ekn:' farmer, at whose house the
. s ,tiny. occ.:rred.
Justice must le 'rne in the cases
of responsible for the recent
" ssac re of coal :iners .a Herrin.
h... r'. i .e c af~l~a ~ s. if the
t'. - . a . t c : .ni :": a r.:.
ecn. A: S . '.a:nt Sec;'e:ary Roosevelt.-1 of
-3 r t. 1"" - e' in an
ese. to t he IEh1- ' r.:.t:..::al conven.
' A:: n '. e City. N. J.
A di~atch fr::n Saluda. N. C .esay
tr e first tim < since 1:3" a runa.
w-frei:ht train has g-ne ove:- the
h, of the safety track on Saluda
r -a "n: d t:e enleinle ard several
I i . _': f down the mountain sd.
C' E. Penningrn assistant cashier
of .the First \ational bank of Stat
'. .. N. C.. fire-I a bullet throu h his
nea :is ho~me and dieri .;, minutes
later. The tram-edy- fo!!owe:! armoun.
cemr-rt of a shortage of a; proximate
l-y 7-':" in the ac-counts of Cashi.:
John W. Guy. Sr.
A .-aref'.l check of the vctims of
ch c-n: .Missouri Pacifie wr,:ck near
an City. reduced~ the number of
r~Ad from six to four.
Learning''t that a bevyv of merimaids.
headed by Ethelda B~eibtrey and Ada
Tay cr. champion swimmers, had vol.
::ter: d 'o ao into the life saving
business at Occ an City. N. 3., ''in the
of humanity" male beach
t'uarris have c-alled off their strike for
more pay.
Two sti~ls in full operatio~n and ten
sa.ions of beer mash were~ captured at
R fone. Ga.: when the :keen sense of
smell of Jaler Paul Frceman led him
-o the prisoners' ward on the first
foor of the Floy! c-ounty jail.
Chnarles 1. Stewart. r'ublisher of The
Lexington 'Ky. 'Herald, retiring vicec
president of the Southern Newspaper
Publishers' association~ at its business
sessiont recently at Ashev Ile. N. (
E- m~ht children. ranglng in~ age from
11 to 10- years., were b'own to pic*.-,
at \\ atrt ..\ Y. b~ th h \li
m- :ilhneter shell on th- back
pr ofa hous.. orcca; rI by '. wrd
C \\ t .::.n aned Wil n. --b'
i t ' l o r a I a ! b o
I ndI.r..w....ec ectve are
- . ':1 . to conftter on
w n '~vr~ ''t o the shoi men's
......-I t' a Moemi'n ton. Ill.. that
dTn effort w;I ibe made to call a strike
of t he le four lrotherhcods. The
cordnetors and trainmen have called a
nec- nc. and the engineers andl fire
mna are I ianning to meet. A commit
tee is to be sent to Chicago to tell
President W. G;. PHierd that the brother.
hood men will rot work under- the pro
tect ion of guardsmen.
The Chicago and Alton railroad
clerks announce that they will refuse
to work tunder the protection of state
troops. Clerks cn duty at the Union
station andl shops at Bloomington, Ill.,
say they will quit tunless the soldiers
are withdrawn.
Four per-sons were instantly killed
and a fifth was probably fatally in
jured when, while returning from a
picnic, they were struck by an inter
urban car and knocked from a trestle
on which they were walking, into a
gulley forty feet below at Dlayvillage,
near Ceveland n0
Gains 14 Pounds Taking Tantac and
Is Restored to Finest Health.
"Tunla haris r't,1rd myl' health and
built rUe up fourt':r-r b'ounls ia
wel;;ht." saidl H. WV. M"rrison, 47G3
Thrush Ave., St. L i . -M''.. i rt for
the Nati('rm 1Lfe Jx;:.u ar+'s. (I,..
"Two y-ars u;:. ::.y "tomac(h w.
w r and'. I ('oUid n.t "-at anythin
wth'ut u'feTrri. agvrey , '.war 1
from:r hoo-rt l:!,?l:tuti :.
(of bret IL. S: r . f(. -
7inueh :isery. :ny wf b
ard try to ("t me: son
"Whao ,t,,):t Tanrlar : : , . (::" f(.- me is
Dothjin. s:-h rt V.f wV: jerful. I neow
eat any-hing I wanlt. si4EJp !ne,. (nf4
am wrkirjin: fu!! I:: every day in
pruot. Pm.nl:
t. in ;.-: h-ath. I cant
Tanlae i.9 .md b~y 2 :'o drug::sts.
Longevity ard Stature.
t .: - pr:1 .: r. : . wi. .: ' ( :!-ti:-a turn
dwar .' . t: '
" ; " ; L ' . :: . - ,w! -... d ata
The Foxtret Foot.
t}. -- , . ..' .ifsh
Nothing Doing.
w : :. 1 .- w: .t
I' ,.:s. -.bu .rth
Sure .
254 nd 74 Pckags.Ee~ryher
And usnhinee moethn vebfoe
.1ce tobIkni-otesosa.
syr~nded I h'--t. h icese hi
1 e.' -an rsra e ddpvsclcm
LIt :.n s . .F s e eF ito
ro c :'e ee th so from rub .4
t~ng an tne sc-:2m . fro werng. reh
ns. .'h -e: ad pevnCrie, c
conyn ursc HletsFot wfaer o'
and n54e Pawde EforyteFetwere
Kra emov esnret~etut
pcw~3e' t.' b Retores Co. esa
e.an t.0 i at ss ther
.. .-- . Wh ee Ch e s PthboFre.t.oT
fenre, et . stnsal vemoes or s. ah.
rscrc~~ che' ' om eea oei er
CutiturauSos .. th favrie, for e ra eer wha r e
wa.onr pnc, i Annesa
al rgi ts. adSX~t[rr~ss
R S~e Te.1 L.Pb~u.~

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