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Eyeglasses or spectacles ?
,Thet is the question. Let ra
decide~fo you by examining
your eyes and prescribing
eyeglasses or spectacles,
whichever is preferable. We
will recommend Shelltex
Shur-On Mountings because
" -- , they look as though made for
you alone when we make the
selection and do the fitting.
Kodak Films Developed by Expert.
President Sec'y. & Treas.
Consulting Optometrists.
- Masonic Temple, Greenville. S. C.
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Day Phione 195.
Pain in the Stomach and
Bowels. Intestinal Cramp
V g
Indigestion *
Many persons, otherwise U
vigorous and healthy, are
bothered occasionally with
indigestion. The effects of a -
disordered stomach on the
system are dangerous, and
prompt treatment of indigos- C
tion is Important. "The only
Smedicine I have needed has
- been something to aid diges
1 * tion and clean the ltver,"*
4. >~ flwrites Mr. Fred Ashby, a
Mciney, 'I'exas, farmer.
" My medicin I.
* Thedford's
~3for indigestion and stomach
'trouble of any kind. I have
U never found anything that
* touches the spot, like Black- f
Draught. I take it in broken
U doses after meals. For a longP
* time I tried pills, which grip- f
ed and didn't give the good
U results. Black-Draught liver
flmedicine is easy to take, easy
* to keep, inexpenisive."
Get a packu ge from your
druggist today-Ask for and f
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*only genuine.
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4 1I offer for service, Pearl's Blue
lFox, No. 150688. One of the best
bulls ini upper South Carolina. The
head of G;oldecn Creek Farm herd
u-ntil recntly Fee $2.00 cash.
G. W. Gilliard,
8t-52 Old Thomas place....
T .. - ...... Easley . 5.
1Z Examinations at the county seat
SI for t 'rPickens county scholarship,
FR y, July 7, at 9 a. m. Subjects:
English grammar and composition,
American history, algebra and plane
geometry. Four-year courses lead
to A. B. and B. S. degrees. Special
two-year pre-medical course. A
course In Commerce and Business
AdministratIon is featured.
7 Expenses moderate. For terms,
catalegrue and illustrated folder, ad
dress \
Itarrinon .lnduolph, PrdsIdent.
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by purifying your
system with
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from nausea r'nd danger.
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a "A! cnmbined. De.
rmu the genuine in 10c
and 35c y':kages. bearing
above trade-mark.
Practice in all Courts.
Offce over Pickens Bank.
Pickens, S. C.
CwrUp histah-tly Whena
l.> i'' Thuhitunt; ;a4 Tw Teeth
er Removes Caluse of Pait.
Mother! When the child becomes
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sour stomach, coated tongue, bowel
trouble, cold or colic give a course of
the old reliable Dr. Thornton's Easy
Teot her and note the quick improve
!nn'i Dr. Thornton's Easy Teether
is a harmless sweet powder composed
of antise ptics, digest ants and granu
lar stimulIants, contains no opiate. or
hiarmiful drugs. Hlabies like it andI
take it more freely than sticky syrups
or l'quid mnedicines.
Iluntdreds of unsolicited testimoninls
received during the past fifteen years
from~ doctors, druggists and apprecia
live mo'hers prove Its effieiency be
yondl question of doubt. If It fails to
help your child your money back with
4)ut question,. ~lwelve powders in a
pnekage with full directions, 25c hi
yout 'rund-t -- div.rthown.
Many Easley People Testify to This.
You can't sleep at night
With aches and pains of a bad
When you have to get up from
urinary troubles.
If the kidneys are at fault
Set them working right with
[Doan's Kidney Pills.
Here is Easley pro<,f of their
merit. '
E. E. Mauldin, retiredl farmer, I
Ilighland Ave., says: "My back I
gave me a heap of trouble. I had
beeni doing a lot of heavy work and
this weakened my -back. When I sat
ia chair for a time, it was difficult i
to gct to my feet. I had severe
pinsn through my kidneys and my I
back was stiff and achy. I tired I
easily and my kidneys acted too I
freely and had me up sevei'al times
(luring the night. I used Doan's I
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got Doan's Kidney Pills-the same
that Mr. Mauldin had. Foster-Mil
burn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Another shipment of that good
work shirt for men, $1.00 value,
SIzes 14 to 17 only; G9c, at Hayes
Depm~mena Store. Eastoy.
An itinerary tor' the Third con
tressional district camnpaign was ar
ranged last week at a meeting at
the office of G. G. Dowling, chair
man of the Democratic executvie
committee of Greenwood county.
The three candidates for congress
from this district are Fred H. Domi
nick, S. H. Sherrard and E. P. Mc
The itinerary follows:
Newberry courthouse, July 22,
10:30 a. m.
Whitmire, July 22, 2:30 p. m.
McCormick, July 29, 3:00 p. m.
Ware Shoals, July 29, 8:30 p. in.
Greenwood courthouse, August 3,
10:30 a. m.
Abbeville, August 5, 3:30 p. m.
Anderson, August 12, 3:30 p. M.
Pickens, August 19.
Walhalla, August 26, 3:30 p. m.
Washington, July 12.-South Caro- t
ina gets the backing of the War Fi- i
lance Corporation for $10,000,000
or financing the orderly marketing t
)f cotton.
This came today in the announce
nent of the War Finance Corpora
,ion that it had tentatively approved
,he application of the South Caro
ina Cotton Growers' Association for
,he advance of $10,000,000 to be
ised in aid of the orderly marketing
>f cotton.
A similar association in North
Jarolina gets approval for an ad
lance of another $10,000,000 while
o associations of the same kind
here goes $1,000,000 for Arkansas
and $3,000,000 for Alabama.
The corporation expects that only
i portion of the amounts approved I
will be advanced by it; that the C
banks in the interested districts will
:io the major part of the required
I.ancing foi these associations.
Let each one who is qualified to
vote be sure that he gets his name
)n his club roll, and it would be best
.o enter same as soon as you well
:an, as the books will close on Tues
Jay, July 25th, and as you will see I
this is less than two weeks, so you
haven't much time to procrastinate
And then get your name on the roll
book and unless you get your name
an you will .not be allowed to vote.
A few do wait until the last and then
they have to get an order from some
circuit judge in order to get their
names enrolled, and the judge may
ot grant this unless you have some
legal excuse for not getting it on 1
Mhile the books are open for you.
So remember the date, Tuesday,
ruly 25, and get the name on the I
>ook before that dlay. All books c
uiust be sent in to W. E. Findley, i
hairman, -by Friday, July 28th, 5o t
hat he can have a copy of the books
niade to file with the clerk of court r
~r public inspection at all times. y
f anyone has any question as to E
where lhe shall enroll or does not r
:now where to find his book, let W. ,j
9. Findley, Pickens, S. C., know and a
ic shall be glad to give you such in- j
ormnation' e
Also- ali who expect to he candi- v
lates and have not filed your pledg- (
mu, look after this before it is too -b
ate, for if you should neglect to file
'our pledlge that will knock you out
md it might be that the county b
,VouId lose its bea;t officer on account
,f the candidate being negligent in
iling his pledges.
W. E. Findley, Chairman.
One of the prettiest parties given ~
or the young folks this season
he lawn party given by Misses Mae ~
Lnd Bertie Smith at their home Sat- ~
rday evening, July 8. The home ~
ras thrown open for the occasion '
nd decorated with beautiful ferns ~
nid cut flowers. Delightful music ~
endieredl by Miss Grace LaBoon at ~
he piano, Mr. Clinton Jones on the ~
~uitar, Mr. Millmon Satterfield on
he mandolin made the occasion one
i unusual pleasure. Those present ~
v'ere Palmer Merritt, Zella Fergu- ~
on, Albert Davis, Bill Kay, Eliza- t
eth Wyatt, Guy Freeman, Bill t
;mlth, Paul Byrain, Grace LaBoon, ~
lasil Phillips, Carlisle Cely, Blanch
2aBoon, Mlllmon Satterfield, Roy ~
'erguson, Lucile Roper, Grady I
l'ripp, Irving Dacus, Wilton Norris, ~
Eva Ellison, Lonna Henderson, Clin
on Jones, Annie Tripp, Burris Sher
nan, Shuman Orr, Lola Mae Flem
ngs, Joe Bob Harrison, Alvah Es
cew, J. D. Phillips, Richard Tripp,
Wargaret Rogers, J. B. Sherman,
Prue Chiles, Lola Mae Tripp, Claude
'hillips, Henry Phillips, Lois Norris,
carl Tripp, S. D. Chiles, Kate La
Boon, Loyce Ellison, Lawrence Elli
ion, Janie Jackson, Jeff Davis, West
Chiles, Ruby Smith, 11cr Bagwell,
Glenn Phillips, Seth Harrison, Wil
lie Smith, *'Wheeler Brnoal, C~arl
A e : t came
surprnse to t many friends
bride and groom, and one of'aun,4ua
interest in'this and other states, be
mause of the. popularity and promi
lence o the contracting parties, was
,hat of Miss Frances Camp and Mr
Charles Mork on Wednesday even,
nig, July .12, at 9 o'clock at the hom4
f the bride. The attractive hom(
vas tastefully decorated for the oe
-asion. The wedding was a quiet
iffair, but beautiful in its simplicity
nd solemnity, the impjressive ring
,eremony being performed by the
ride's pastor, Rev. J. Paul Patton.
The bride was beautiful in a hand.
come dress of brown silk lace ovoe
anton crepe with accessories tc
natch, featuring the new fall modes
ind carried a shower bouquet of
>ride's roses and lilies of the valley
after the ceremony an informal re
eption was held during which an ice
ourse was served. Immediately
fter this the bride and groom left
or a short motor trip to the moun
ains before going to their new home
n Jefferson, Ga.
The bride is the youngest daugh
er of Mr. J. L. Camp of Easley and
ne of the most popular memnberi
>f the younger set. She attended
chool at Blackstone, Va., and An.
lerson College, adri taught in the
traded school here the past session.
Che groom, who isa iprominent
roung business man of Jefferson,
a., is a young man of sterling char.
reter, and holds a responsible posi
ion with the Standard Oil Co. Dur.
ng his visits here he has made many
)r. Z. T. Cody in The Baptist Cou
On lriuday, July :', the new housc
f worship of the Barkers Creel
hurch, Saluda Association, wa
ledicated. It was one of those o()
asions that will abide in the mem
ry of all who were there. Thy
vriter had the pleasure of bein5
vith Pastor Hiott and his people fo:
he day and it was more than c
)leasure. This is the fourth house
)f worship built by the Barker
reek church, which was organize<
n 1821, and it is by far the mos
beautiful of the four. In its con
struction the former, the third, hour
)f worship was almost compictel
used for the Sunday school depari
ment, after being remodeled througi
Dut. It also forms an addition t
the auditorium. The new auditoriu
is built in front of its predecesso
mnd makes a room complete withii
tself. The house cost $15,000
Jnder the guidance of Hon. T. I
Clinkscales, Jr., it wvas dedicate<
vithout a dollar of dlebt. It is
ieautiful building, and bids fair t<
erve every purpose of the commun.
ty, in an adequate way, for a qa
or of a century or more.
The history of the church w~as
cad by Pastor D. W. Hiott, hut wam
,ritten by another. It was inter
sting to note that Biother Hiott is
ow pastor here for the fourth time.
'he beginning of his pastorates wvas
ome thirty-five years ago and dur
ig first or second pastorate the
hurch erected its third house of
forship; and -also Brother T. IL.
:linkscales, Jr., wvas chairman of the
ullding committee for it; as for its
uccessor, the new building. Pastor
Iiott is greatly revered and beloved
y his people and his present pastor.
to is the most successful of the
In the afternoon there were ad.
resses and talks by Rev. W. W.
~eathers, a former pastor of th<
hurch, Rev. N. G. Wright, who wn:
onverted and baptized into th<
tiembership of this church, Mr. E
'. Vandiver, the moderator of thc
ialuda Association, who in his talla
uggestedi that it would he a beauti,
ul thing for Barker's (reek to in.
ite the association to meet wvith i
i1923; and Dr. Jno. E. White wh<
clivered an address of great powei
n the subject, "The House No'
fade With Hands at Barker'n
~reek." We have seldom heard thi
ood preacher deliver a greate'rumes
age, and the folk hung on it fron'
he first word to the last with
houghtful hearts. The women 01
he church gave uis a delightful din
ier, or rather dlelightful dinners for
hose great tables, covered with th(
'est that the culinery art can sup
Fly, were here and there .all over the
round about the church. A greai
oncourse of people were present
ot only from the community, but
rom a half dozen or more churchuer
n the association. We hope to be
t Barkers Creek July-August
923, at the "greatest meeting of
he Saludam Association."
The Progress is indebted to Sloai
Childress, of the Cross Roads see
tion, for a fine basket of choici
peaches. Mr. Childress has one o
the best orchards in the county an
always remembern unt with the ber
he hns.
I e'4u yonu battery
the Easley $ vvceStation.. We e
20 minutesand have you ready to go>
new process.and is guaranteed to give %
tion and not inijure the battery. Prices j
able. Give us a trial.
J. F. Allgood, Prop. EaeSley,
We wish to announce that we have secured the exclusive agency
for the famous Helen Lawton Brand Coffee, Tea and Spices.
1 pound can Coffee ---- --------------------------45
3 pound can Coffee------------------- ......-..$1.25
With genuine Community Silver Spoon.
2 ounce can Tea -------------------...16c-2 for 250
4 ounce can Tea ----- ------------ -------25c
8 ounce can Tea ----- __---------- -----... 450
Spices, all kinds, can ...
Quick Delivery. Phone 173, Easley
Federal Blue Pennant Cord Tires
Are as good as money can .buy, because practically all of them
deliver over 15,000 miles of uninterrupted service. Ask the
users of Blue Pennant Cords and invariably the answer will be,
"T'hr-e are the best tires I ever used." Veteran users say Fed
er:al 'T'ires today give more than twice the mileage they did ten
yeairs ago. Remember, Federal quality is at its peak. Remem
her, Federal prices are at bed rock. To the thinking motorist
* tlsis menu'; only one thing, "NOW IS THE TIME TO RtETIRE"
with Blue Pennant cords, "The Road Mark of Extra Service."
We have a full line and all sizes. Let us put you on a
full set. Special prices on Ford sizes.
Gulf and White Eagle. Gulf, Petroleum and Havoline.
Free Air and Water.
Prideof OwnershipT
HEFord Touring Car has brought to the
frm homes of the country more real plea
'sure, comfort and convenience than perhaps any
other one thing.
It has enabled the farmer and his family to mingle
with friends, attend church, neighborhood func-.
tions, and enjoy the many pleasantries that
-abound in country life.
Truly the Ford car with its low cost of operation
and maintenance, its usefulness and efficiency,
has been a boon to the American farmer.
Your order should be placed at, once if you wish
to avoid delay in delivery.

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