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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, July 20, 1922, Image 9

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.) fi1, : ),., :rats in the Third Dis
- he rules of the Demo
am a candidate for
ongre .. the Third District. Am
under the name o' gcod repute at
home, and amt endorsed by the Green
'Wood county - Democratic Convention,
by fa'rnet:s, business men and labor.
Am thirty-six years old. A graduate
in Agriculture from Clemson College
,-1n i 4Q8. Spent five years with the
ederal Government developing th'
,armi Denborstration Work in the
Phlippine Islands. Investigatted
farming methods in China, England,
Europe, Japan, in Egypt and the Holy
Land, where special stress was laid
n rural credit soeieties, cooperative
!arketing associations, and lont and
;hort time loans to farmers. Return
ed to tlis country as a matter of
pref'ercac. Was Farm Demonstra
tion Agent for five years, purchased
ai farm in Gre enwwood ecunty in .in11,
WI ere I\kun aisitn- a family and try
tig to Im -:e Imy community a better
tUlice t', live in. Am'.1 the only, real
p'armir in the race, and with the kind
.. (f training and experience I have had
Led to represent ou'
- . me.
Legislature from
I. inber of Way.
-::itt 0, whtre I work
d" i the interest of education, labor
.anl agricult1ure, ;ool to develop the
a:duralresources of our State.
1 ainn in favor of the Binus Leis
'ition noiv hefore Cingress for ox
viriCe m11en1, ai wa'is inst rumiental
n1 b.v ing this legisilation n1) dorse(d by
the State Dem!ocratic Convention. I
They are GOOD!
Renew your health
>.Irifying your
~'stem -with
- - as
and L.: . bearing
bi .ciods orClic iv airso
he od rliabe D . Th rnt n's sas
"a tm nt, contain n toltes lor
harfu drug. Bies lik e it Easy
tae it moreI freely than qicky iyrops
ot Diquid medicnes. Es Tehe
Hu ndrsedts~ ofulici est imo 11(1gnials
received (luring the past fifteen years
from doctors, druggists and apprecia-.
Live mothers prove Its efficiency be
-- .- 'Of ,>f doubit. If It falls to
uld your money back with
n. Twelve powders in a
h full directions, 26e at
- t..-Aderismet
believe Henry Ford should have Mus
ele shoals. I endorse the Agricultur
al Bloc in the Senate, because all of
our people will be helped .when the
producers of the Nation work to
I denounce the action of the Fed
c-mral Rservc Board in artificially con
tracting the currency as a crime
against the. people of the United
States, and am in favor of amending
the Federal Reserve Act to insure the
agricultural, commercial and indus
trial interests rcpresentationi upon
that Board. Will support the centin
uanre of the War finance Corpora
ti;., and I believe in enlarg:'ig the
Fetieral Farm Learn Banks.
With five years experience in fight
ng the Boll Weevil, and knowing that
alcium Arsenate is the only effective
o(ison against the pest, I will intro
luce a I:11 in the Crongress providi.g
hat the Federal (zovernment lrovi('.
iis substance at cost to our farmer:.
I will support I'edcral Aid fg,,,(o.l
'cach andl public health sei vice
Veational raining in our ih
I was nairr'edl in 111. and havv'
bree cli d1(1rcn. Ai as j roressiv
Armier antd will (:a:rnestly .I.r:ve tol
airly regres(ent all cf our ('p op-.
loul' v;te anid i..uene 'are r(e . t
ully a'licia-d. Sa:m. II. "( ran .
(Pd(.itical Ad1vertiseme~nt.)
Mir. W. D). Griffin haas aouned.
uinself as . a cand idatce for P'robatle
udge f(r Pickens unty, and as I
Lr ncnwna M1'r. G(i'illi fo.r a lnm
er" of years I can cheerfully reecml
le:ad him to the Veter.s (of Ickle n,
Gn1:tty as 1 a .a ChIri.-tain gentle
:mn of the highest type. a loyal
itizen Of snlendid charactejr; a gen
l(ma~n wlvho hs prv'?n truie tr. evet;.ry
rUS:t recsel in him. and eminently
ualifiel for the duties of tie office
o which he aspires.
If elected probate judge. for the
ext four years, the pcu:ic of car
niy c n rest ssuedl that the
udess~ o'' tho <'ise will be faith
fi-y andI hc nestly audeunist tr(l.
(Po~i cI ilal Advert hememn.
Mr. nnd Mlr.s, G. E. Aledfosrd of
"The Great
'rhe Greatest
Ever Shov
Wed. and2
July 19 at
Ian in~ the race f('ir hovise (' ren.
'Llittic..s to wt .n. I be2lie e4. I lain
111.~ V( Ul it goad i'('I)'Cielhiretv tl
if YOUu eect nm2, I will always, be on~
the u b With my eye's .' 1n for th.'
I iiterc'sts of Picenis County. \\"!:;!( I
a ittenltion to Iei, sIlatiozi that \.itaiiv af
nied each other. I thin~k wu ar(e he
I 'i'. but litt! e h(: :", !. . hoidt s~he
acad.,~; (hait lit tic L( nl...
( Polit ill AIv(i t i.-c:1lt lt.)
1"'1:O11 JAS Hl. C'IG(
willJ he4 to Illy feti ii(1s, I aml siticciely
sorry to state '01"t for sev'eirca
I haLve ltt yet letI n1 able to g4*t'i
4ioj(.* O'.1 niow sl : that I will I)IiV."
(t.-:;i SALE 3 (tal
~TV 1OF coU-"hl C'AROLiN A.
(.V'(y"f OY. l'I(7K1'S.
!N l'('O1: 1' O t \eO - .':i V1$'-LE."v .'>
ii,'. Nt. ' 1'r\:)"' t, 2L8W.i it (*hr',i
t ., ( .> ahI:1 4s .41 I
t. i It 114i, (i t i t':'., I' f ( I a::; .
he; 1,. lal l 0 (, S. )tCW LL Q*; 12 ((
4)lr :" Ili ' i '(' o :111 : P ('a I' \" 11 ' v
4.f~ t.ms .1. atig thmers.
Si1(- Wih 1 (5Iwil a tl th ::("X :l1
I~0 I. i-''i'W r . (t lt
l't1!ick ls "'u, u . C't'
.oIN ('O'.'R (21~ 4. ION("; 1now.or
s. :A
iT'."tnC.I. l I~CHlk ,1 :
ofWst hii H e he trS Ch J
I1SCi11I t.'i : .N IrAw~rdE..i
(i( ,:l''".(a sacsL .CA lt'I
l)'i1.cltureO S t'\"r,(.,P.
'1 Inl ':h : ly (t il,111
Ifhurteser ast Nm
tedm 20testri i
salrwl h (511 tterI',:n'
r " 1-' c he1,)
O- - -..1 : ' ;'
- . - - - - (o tft S
4.~t' SL
11 i ; :' ' l .jt1 1R r S , .. J'_."' ; y : 1 ' Ali"t 'T S ;Y _ti
I 1
":" N "! h to thank "
w'? l'" . ..,'::. ail! ht' lint
:"t"at loss, and
ti \V \V( "( tl:itiki!t':' t+t"
a1.' a!1'C'1(IV l
(t e ; "lt at
f'l'it:. Il:!I:IC
Cv'l v,
f1"rl l ;;t t'. n lip.
C n
I 'I'itii tt"t1tit rUFait. Ilc:?li ,itt;:'
l"nth. 1';22. I idlllil"t" .t(U cash,
thl' +ntc, h;"i:i"_ ;1ut:u.:t 711: ,1:+22 1
Sale Closed S
ight Jul 1T Ste
w(i lb'r L( . Il; u t Let Col tl.\
il)!( to st! a ~("h .:s lar'g( as w:"
wal o11 (111' (Ul . ti()S o 'r~ss
0 lti1 u of 1111 s'iss that A~ve mit
1: ill la w jtc''l s iai.t will hJo ally to
It-:1 Il rt.0 of Li:nfreet With~ (V('i~
(Ilt'il'j .. I h( i ttl t (ho siit."'ar iS l
t h th i.C (is$ 1i the (lei"" it1it~t i
/:i~~l t' ' .1 ('1l t ( ..*'b~ it I
1, 1
Ce . Ki
?! r
ait tlhi .s ol of
. ~ t at .1
(0 I.1 y u )I t l A
:11 !,a you
i t 1r . 1 }..S) e '.
(.1!t1) OF "111.N11
We \\ h a ila fo cr Ih'ku i i Cu. IA(
t1U' cl''uW ItM s P.II(1i V.. u(;,' , (1

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