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"444E 0060
1'JK1.S. . C, I[USD~, JLY 7 922SUISCAPTON, ?1.50 A YEAR
Inte asting Local Item: Fr<n An In
teresting 'Town.
Libti ty.-Mrs. W. ilimer Vatkins
and chi dren have moved to Green
ville. \ regret the loss of this in
teresting family, and they go from
ameng us with the love and best
wishes of the community.
-Master Roy Heaton is visiting his
grandmother, Mrs. Job Smith.
Miss Emmie Smith and her broth
er Frank were visitors in greenville
on Thursday.
Miss Evelyn Farr visited relatives
i G1 eenville last week-end.
Mr. M. A. Boggs of the Presbyte
rian church, took his Sunday school
cla s of yout'fig ment and young wo
men fo a picnic to Jocassee Valley
July 12th. These young people- re
vere thcir honored te~acher, and this
day wa. charmingly spent.
Mr. md Mrs. Amon Lawrence and
children of Asheville, are visiting at
the home of their unicle, Mr. V. S.
M.1asters Darrell and Roscoc lufi'
sic list wee.k with their grand
paleats, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Hlunt.
Mjas Virginia Strickland of Atlanta
is visitinm her aunt. Mrs. .J. H. Brown,
at the Brown House.
Messrs. S.' T. : 1eli'ttrick, A. L.
Johnsen and Dr. J. C. Ilunter, to
gether with their wives spent the
vecek-end at Wild Wood Park, N. C.
Misses 3Marie Smith and Valeria
Posy were among the merry group
cumpcsing the house party last week
of Miss Eunice Switzer, at Woodruff.
Little Miss Claudia Kennemur is
uron a week's visit with relatives at
M'.ss Daisy Lcu Major of Belton,
is visiting at the home of Dr. W. M.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Banister have
returned from a clightful sojourn at
Master Harold Jchnson is visiting
at Ninety Six, with his cousin, Henry
Mrs. E. W. Mascn, to the delight
of her many friends herp, has re
turned from an extended visit with
her sn at Winnsboro.
Mrs. W. B. Glenn and Mrs. B. G.
Smith were spend-the-day guests on
Fridy cf !aet week with M:s. Van
Clayton of Piekens.
Mr. and 3rs. (ornett Sheldon ani
lI tic daughar, Sara, have returned
frma -. it with rc(itives at Die
Mlis (lar.ie Richlbourg, the et'i
c e\t ldr o:+ th: Y oi 1'.leples
church ac: asn' d this ( rLan1
tion ugn:.t at dlla' htftul pJ in clutin:'
at Lake Eola Cnt- day last w ek.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Joe liinia 1. of
Lynchburn, Va., are visitin: tht ir
parents, 3lr. and Ji s. John IIunter.
A Series of rev.va meetings are.
in progress this wee!: at the Metho
dli:t church. Rev. E. W. Masen, the
paster, is being assisted in this work~
bay his son, Rev. Edward Mason, of
Lancasteor. This honored father in
trodlucul' his own soin to his auience
with rprofound gratitude, acknowvledl
ginug his honer andl pr'ideC at having a
Se~n who is a ministo r of the gospel
y(ta, prouder of him as such, than if
he were presiden t of our~ gr~eat Uni
ted States. Tlhankts to our Creator
fcer such fathers and such sons.
Little Misses Nora L.(e and Ruth
Attaway, of Charhloon ae on an
(xtendedC~ v.sit with re(lativ.: here.
Dr. ID. D. Kinard, of Ninety Six
was a recent visitcr at the home of
A. L. Johnson.
This bunch of lovely girls recently
compotedl a house party wvith Miss
Margie Smith, viz: Misses Mildred
Cox, of Fountain Inn, lielen Price
of Seneca, and Nellie Snith andl
Louise Hlutchings of Pickens.
Mary, Sam and Edith Moore rP
eently left for Columbia, the home
of their father, wvho was mlarried
some weeks ago-. These are lovely
children, and will be greatly missed
in Liberty where they have 'vesidvd
since the dleath of their mother' some
fewv years ago, with the':r uncle anl
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Gary.
July the. 13th, there wvas a full del
egation from Liberty, who at~tendec
the annual meeting of the W. M. U.
P Piedmont association, which convenel
with Easley First Baptist. This hand
some church is a newv ediffee, and re
ceivedl with open arms at this meet
ing. Indced tFie hospitality was roy
al, and the spiritual uplift over top
V pod all things else. The State lead
"tore Clhan;e: Owners-Nevw School
'Tcach(rs Arrive-Locals.
COttral, July 2.'--Wo k on the
now addition to the school house is
well under way.
Pref. Tinsley and his wife have
arriva(.( from \Vaycriss, Ga. Prof.
Tiniey is thet" n(ew lprilipal o 0.:
SeaUl a:i I if uppa ance lilCalls a!ny
thing we have one of the best in
th~s country.
Prof. Cox, cur agriculture teacher
for next school year, has also moved
to this place from Walhalla.
.John D. Christopher, former book
k((over at Hobbs Ilenderson Cu., here
was in t.w) One (lay last week shak
ing hands with his many friends. Mr.
ChI istoph r is now at Caroleen, N.
(:", and is auditing book-keeper for
a lar-e conce rn.
Prof. G. E. Welborn and wife and
little Gorge Jr., moved from here
wcek th:.:r r ew home above
I ic!:t us. W< w(re sorrly t(, giv
'h m up), fe:- the'y were e~xcellent
! vi ! e: rv i'.e w ill start 14 G.e
. .. Gu::,< c~v: tepastr wuial do
The Isaoiena Y ill Co., t':ru V
L. (ass-iway, its presi(nt, has
iom: 'ht oh- ('nti'.( sto-4 (1" e) s ('f
I obs lendenen sc Co., here. The en
I c Imlaagement has changed and it
is now run as the Isaqueena M'll
store with J. W. Parrott manager
and L. A. Falls, A. A. Person, E. L.
lenderson, salesmen; J. H. Cawthon
order taker. This force invites their
friends to call or them.
If you have any news for the Pick
ens Sentinel at Central, please give
it to E. L. Henderson.
The Epworth League had an ex
cellent picnic last Thursday evening.
The picnic was planned and arranged
by Miss Helen Clayton and Mrs.
J. H. Ramseur. There was a large
number of young people present and
all seemed tot enjoy the evening.
Many goed things to eat were spread
on picnic tables at Lake Eola. 'Many
of the ycung men went swimming in
the lake.
Seven hundre d and ninety-six peo
ple are em1ollcd on the club book of
the Pickens lrecinct. I:usley tawn
cnrclled 878 and Glenwood Mill 252.
Others not heard from. The boks
ele~sod Tuesday.
We are ag ain tak ng' application
for loans for the F"( deral Land Bank,
and will be glad to take the applia
ticns of those wanting to borrow
money. W. E. Findley, See. Treas.
Liberty, July 18. On Friday nght
of last week tihe business men of
!.iberty met in the Mlasonte Hall for
the purpose of organizing a chamber
cf ecomerce, wvhich wvill leadl to tihe
imipioving andl up~buildling of the2
town as a whole.
One feature of the meeting wvas
the addr iess madle by Prof. Reich
hourg. In his course of talk he
p)ointedl out the needs of a chamiber
of commicee in Liberty and explained
whaft a grecat change could be made
'n the town by such ani orgamz7at ion.
An cleetion of officers resultedI as
President, Dr. J1. C. Hunter.
Vice-p'resident, H-arry Chapman.
Secretary andl treasurer, George
Tihe roadl question was discussed
andc plans were made to urge the
e nmmissioners~ to build a road Tom
Liberty to Six Mlile.
The majority of the business men
in Liberty were present and all show
cdI much enthus'asmi towardl having a
d'amber c~f commerce. They believ"
that in a short wvhile the town of
l iberty will be greatly benefited by
such1 an <rganiziation.
eris we*re hubbling over wvith mes
si ges of love and inspiraition. Mirs.
W. J1. Hatcher of the Sunbeams held
her h( ar-eus all but spellbound with
thie dleep goUspel trulth~i*p) beautifully
yet so simple toldl, as to our Mlas
ter's love for the little children andl
His exaltion of the littfe ch';ld. Mirs.
D. H-. Kennemur of Liberty was re
Lceal Ii'try .I( ting in 'icken.
C.'rt lit.uc'e Fridav Night.
Ihe i'iel:ens (hapt(r U. D. C. has
a treat in stotre for all next Monday
ight, July :1, when a local history
meetin g will bn h1(d in the court
h' use. at. 8+:;ti (,el'ock. A1 most inter
csting prog'al ha- been a.rrangeI
ad the public is Cord'ally invited t")
eittod. HIon. James P. Carey will de
liver an historical address, and this
alnnoune(ktet alonle is sull'icicnt to
cause *i large attendance.
Besides Mr. Carey's address on
local history papers will be read re
lating Picken's county's part in, the
War Between the States and in -heC
rc'ent World War. There will -, :o
be music and other featt.rec.
This will be an unusual meeting
and will not only' he intensely iner
esting, but will be blubbling over
with facts and information which
t ve.y eit'zt n of the c(.unty should
l.0.;S% S5.
A e1ow'dedI house is eXpe(t(. Ni
On au t SatLr day. aftt' 'no'n aFat I
'c!ok- the sw"\.. 1'.tnes of the we"d
ding belly w r( Wafted to us on the
brI ieez'es that (alm i o'm(i the ('a:teri'n
s id. c our village, v;henl Miss' Gladys
I'anons, at the home of her mother,
beanme the happy bride of Mr. 13" F.
Davis, of Leesburg, Fla. The little
home nestling among the hills was
made attractive for the occassion.
Flowers from the home garden were
used effectively in the decoration of
the rooms.
The Lohengrin wedding march was
played by Mrs. Ernest Folger, Miss
Lucile Hallum, Mr. James Gantt and
Mr. James Partridge, on the violins,
accompanied by Miss Mattie May
Hallum on the piano.
The bride and bridegroom entered
from the rear hall and stood befO"(
an improvised altar of beautiful
ferus and palms, over which was an
arch of white sh-ista daisies entwined
with ivy. The bide was at
tractive in a handsome dress of toque
crepe with accessories to match and
ecrried a shower hoquet of bride's
rsts iad valley lilles. Her only
crnament was a pearl necklace, a
gift of the groom. The impressive
ling ceremony was per'formlaed by
Rev. 1). W. Hiott.
Aficr the ceremony an inf(''mal
a ?eption was held, du rg which,
bh:k e ram and cake were servuel.
Th1, bride was the recipient o' man1y
Writ l and ' u ful Men t en 1ts. Th'')(.
l( ft ft.r a w dltin1 t r: through the
mo~unltainsc (f WaenN:.th Carli1na
Fite : ihich t.h(V will make their
h<me inl the' land where the air :ill
d with the perfume of orange bles
5(1em5 and the .i('Ssemine
The hi it is the eldest daughter of
irs. L illie Parsons and is a popular
member' of the younger set. She
attendl(d college at Roeck Hill, and has
been a successful teacher for several
year's. The groeom owns qite a large
tiruck farm niear Lcesburg, Fla., and
ships thousands of dollars worth of
vegetables annually. His cucumber
ero!) alone ne(ttedl him a thousand
do(llars5 this season.
Th'e out of towvn guests wvere: Miss
Ossie Davis, Leesburg, Fla; Misses
Sybil andl Sall'.e May Chambl in, Lauria
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. WV. T. O'D~el!,
Mr. and Mrs. Wade O'D~ell, Liberty;
Mr. and Mr's. B. A. AlIlgood and Miss
Allgeodl, Central; Mr'. W. G. Bowen,
Mica; Mr. Alfred O'Dell, Columbia,
Missouri. Guest.
The State Tax Commission has in
creased the assessment of lands :in
Pickena county to an 'ave age of
$6.00 per acre over the $5.36 average
assessed by thd ~eo'urty (board, of!
equalization. Hl(wever, this is a de
crease of six cents an acre from last
year's assessment.
The' county hoard of equnaliz~'at ion
assessed mules at 82.02 and the state
tax Comm ission inen1 aSed it to $15
per' headl. Last year ift Was $55 a
head. The county hoard asses e4l
horscs at $2ii.08 a nd thle state comi
mission r'aised it to $4l0. Last year
it was $50. The average assessment
of $10.70 a h~id forl ('attie was sat
isfactory to the state commission.
Dr. J. L. Bolt and family '.nd Miss
Hioti of Easley are spending this
wocli udi Gan11y
Slinks Meeting At Mtth(dist Church
Increasing In lntrest.
The seri-Ls of reli. ii~s mleet'ntg
being conducted by Ito V. W. L. Spinks
at the: Pickens Melth:4dist Church conl
tinuc to draw the hireest audience
that have attended similar services
in 'ic.k(ns in many y( i<r and thc in
tertest se('ms to inn Is(' each day.
Mr. Spinks is a p t acheLr of unique
5tyle and unusual pawer and 'is put
ting out Some of the best and( mys
imptssive se'mctls tv1' heard' here.
ie prcch(es the pute and unadulter'
ated gosprI of -Jesus Christ Without
trimming t any kind. ills delivery
is vigorous and his leanine: elear and
the ges5Ptl-hungry he at t s .f Picke2n
are having a treat feast. The Smn
tinci has been ((.!it that this is the
most su(''c ss ful reigious in-e:i r
h( hli in IPic'k ens iv mainy yaVrs.
'Ih< bl'nd singer who ca('m h( r''
with Mrlt. Spitkcs has beeni called away
and his place ta.7,1 by Mr. l
.dt,m s.;:mery1". ;I i; tud by \i1';. lont
bOn'.T'( ry. Ihe t sv met s1iners have
all'talIwe j:\1 1 : a ':m Inc:', in1 the
r. C s e f Ick'! ('s p opl'lc.
T ht re is per fect htarny' an. team
Vori between the e\angt list and
rings: ' nd if thyV ("(,1(tld . k up to
theriI" r t nuially pin 1pe all ever tI)
tuintry woudhi soon be rt'adiintlig aboti
Spinks and Montt gomtery inste a(I of
Sunday and Rhodecheaver.
'hI tmeietinig here will continiu'
thrutgh Sunday night.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. B. 11.
Williams, of nea' Easley, was the
scene cf a beautiful wedding cere
mony on Wednesday morning July 19,
at 9 o'clock when tho youngest (laugh
ter, Miss Flossie Williams, was mar
vied to D. W. Hiott, Jr., of Easley.
The house was lovely with a pro.
fusion of flowers, the color scheme o
green and white b-ing most efftetive
The soft glow cf candlelight addet
('harm and beauty to the occasion
Promptly at the appointed hour, th
strains of Mlendelsshon's Weddin(
miiarch. played by Mirs. Jce Hunter c1
Lynchburg, Va., CoUsinf of the bride
Wlre SCuttlkd. 'The (fliciatiing min
i: ter, Rev. D. W. HIictt, father of
the groom, took his aI)piinted place'
1e'fort a beautiful areb of gt<' .en al
white. The bride andi :.c 1 <ntered
u - Ci1.
'm! pitih '.ed th a .. "'r im .-: vAi
i' mprs iveP in I t e ro i lnl h i:
!) 1111' liiaf'. i iiil }". t-ii chat \ a t.
T-h i r ts a iat(uit Wi-hop(il
tauvh ii. thd we~tv aIIg ih rIai
llhi hle'Iiool. t l!f \itt0 -Sthe'. vai N .
!is. lliott, a .lib- W liams hat
I '-en ! ret.' y is an ired by a,.l1mot h.
1 ( riends ands h a y ut hl y " tt
u u:l beaty anti pr rslal Cham.
h is a ;graduate tif \V irithrop C('11
legeL~ and Viehrgraua. ton A
gaugt th it th Eah'vleyil l at S hoand
14 inghi scoo Pf Wnston-Slem, N.'C
Mrsle. iti ntfEaey bs
ctet' thd (a businoes man iof higi
repu jte Ao iS te~l ditorl oThe en s i
thehor of iend rii thgot rete )tae.
immed ial ftr Ellte ir r aemn
ltir. andt~l Mrs 1C.Hit left i~t th ti'a
thon iatp ttoh tmouininj. oort
wherela and ir~in ~('ii Aftri(Au-~t
wto thervl bri nd a5( tei homlisin
fteCristite Walrt an insdrnud
r.e0e iiwas ttdi r.ed th guests at4
Otly he immtedbite' farenl( fthe
l)ilCu pnhoo w ered(5-a at thi~e
V~ivan Hendrx ElC(ptizath .ah
and any boeaus.u Thgest ntwere
tuh envtedm in th dinin r'oom,
ws'served by Mies~e Brucie VElli'
and Cl:hrst Wanlkand if r Mdated
B.iO. tilliamsand C. V. bigatm
OnlyMile imedite fampiedof of tei
bidelit an grolm abert psifent. atth
wdddllin hid lef etion. o bdl
strineh ethem iwcthe isualounal
an(a risutfig fthe injr i ain.pi
The L.(ant: Have )(1c ittd thc Fa
In Three Straight Ganes
11 an intelesting gamc Of baseb
betw un\ '. the "fat ' and "leans"
P ic kens, hlVy(d in the 1cem iln d:
mil(d last Thursday, tihe leais we
' veters by a .-cor( of .15 to 14. "Fat
does not l xactly dt srib'ic the heavi
team1, !. then4. a' 11 . rually fat pla
trs tl it. "Stoutz" wtlhl h a 1
al'rotriatt name.
Ilhe brihijttt s:pot in the game ',
tile litchilng of hill Allguod. Alt
i: brother. J1ol ha' alowe. d tile I'l
to set ten nnil' inl the first innt'!
Bill went to the hx and put t
brakt S cln. Of the live runs seor
elf t f him in se-vt n innings (iciy o
w\as earn(d.1. lit also si tik ,C
(k'(ven men in Stv II 11nnings and
tilt third inning had the l(ans givi
a 1;'(.(i :m litation 4t a Dutch windnI
in a.:tion when he struck out Christ
I her, Hrneet~ and Slim Porter in -.t
i< t in.1. Hill'S hittin1 was also : t'(
ture, (,f the tramn . IL collectal t
Seamt111in3g d1ul;lt and Ia nectat i
sin- le. ( ht r feaiturt s wi \ < the II
oig of C'st y 'trtir andI line
llhut . 10tlt 1' r .tt a1 dotule and t"
lain th. wh:ile~ ikuec :s eiditt I wi
tour sini!gles.
Phil Sittn. form i hig 1h a!,
l itche1(r, w\a- on til slah for the Iea
ti firlst two't inmings~ inl a w arlmil
upa pr:.c:ss. :i11 a .lk.wed"c 41 1 u
1t tsu"tcc( ie'd him and a1 S &-sist ((I
i trors of hl:: teamlatt s allowed t
fitit ten11 runs in F(vell innnl1 1M.
Class Z baIse1Unln11.g by ('lay
lost the fat- a cha tnce to forge aihi
late in the game and an error by
saIme player i few minutes later
lowed Partridge to sccre the w\'inr11
run in the eighth.
Juole Boggsr umpired and John
rey kept score. A large cr,wd en
(d the. game.
Bctx Score:
FATS- R 11
I1 ( ld( r rf.-- .. .- ..-..---1
(.layten lb -.... - .... . 1
McFall Ub1) -l- -. --- -- -- --- 0
A 1lgocd, J. p-(---- -- -.- 1
Po rter, C. --..-- .. .. .. 2
Welbtrn c -- ..---.-- 1
P( rter, B. 2b -- -- .. -- -- 0 (1
r-lb-rf - .. .- --.. .. 2 1
Roark if---- ---- -- -- --I 0
Allgr:'el , B p.- .- -- ----. 2
1.EANS- 1:1 i
.tlann-t if .-. . ' - -- .. . - . . I
Yut' G . e;
S.' '. 1 . . . . .I I
l'm e, : . L. : I- 0
I."t n cf - -- - 2
Y "ttr.unr N
ParItidgA , rf __- - .. I I
Tlotal.... ---------'I
TIiche fs andt lean3s playi 41a
d11ircCt ion (If Act inlg M lana1 ar ( 'la
the( fat5 wer Vt' mi'hterii 22 t4,
I-:rne st For!.ger, who hae jIlyd V(4I
lo~nger- than1 I lans VWinr,.r
hat 1he. is still goed~ when h< 1w .
into thle nit chers 1:ox aind had
wvith .salt on2 its tail.
Thle lurr3icano' SinIginJg conen
will mneot with Mountainiew chuW4.1
the first Su.1nday~ in A ugust.
TPhere wIll be an1 all-da5y sinlging
Tfabor Methodlist church'C the see<
Sunday in August. T1he Pick
Township Singing convention i
mee(t t here and the E~asley convenat
has' heen' invited( also(.
TIhe 1';astatoe Tlownship Sing
een1v( ntion met with Shady Gr~
church the third Sunday in .111y.'
singing~ wats led by\ Prof. S. N. H
in and'( MeCs1rs. D). S. Th< ma.c-. T.
StewarhIt. Ja1ck D)alton, (.. S. G;allow
H. Grant and WVatson. A t II ( o'c
Ppistor Bturts de1 lve a3 very
pressive sermon03 and~ rtand3(1inJg r<
wvas at a premium. A Xb 12:15
spread wals made andl the dinner
deliciousi. Adjourned about 4 p. m
meet with Antioch church the see
Sundavy in August nt 2 p. m.
lRey. Clarence L. Craig Killed In
I tantly Last Week.
RIcv. Clarence L. Craig, one of the
best known citizens of Pickens coun
t;ywa k\1led by lightning on his
fm I Kewee ri .V Tuesday after
n in. July 18, about live o'clock. Fu
net al s(rvic es were conducted the
fellowing day at the r':eience by
a v. H . A. Iludsop, assipl yRv
Fulton (hihIlhc, and Rev. Mr. Lang
tun of Walhalla. Interment followed
Iin 1h historic Craig burying ground.
11!". raig and one 6f his sons were
lwing 'Tuesday afr moon when a
to3rm and rain came up. Mr. Craig
sutht hclIter under a larer-- sycamore
1 tee wh-pile the son went home. As
I tin r an conttiltuied the s$an got a rain
" 3t and carried it t, a nearby house
I '.a he. sul:posed his father would
I shlter. Failing to find his
ther at the house the boy went. to
th O :eanert tree whc re he last saw'
h tather and fcund the dead body
3n in the crtek i.iarby. Hiis horse
else~ in ti;e ereck an1 it is sup
t. (1 I hat tIh h: :e was shoel:el by
Ih. It h IIing and threw'' ;M r. Craim
uIte th a' r3
ti let . t!( r(" wat;n ne r K o e
S riv r in 1'i(k . n : r ty April .1, 1872,
ng 16g2 ytar-s ( h at the time of his
11. h li w3as t cominent both as an
edu ater '1nd li nts iinister in
I 'i-:" . m i( is anti ()' (' ecunt it s. le had
in n past 43 ~or and taruo;ht school in both
( (unlit s aliii s( rveli three terms as
so ri3ntende1nt t f eduti(3 .on in Oconee
d count'y. It( was a canlididate for sup
(he 33rintend nt (.f ed4ucation(3 in Pickens
(eunty six years age. At the time of
his d ath h( was v:i incipal of the
Pak stint school.
lay some Mr. Craig wis Considered
as .eCuliar, but those who knew him
well know that the1re were no better
m:(. n than ('lirnce Craig. le was
a 1 eh'i. tian g tl ml an, a good e.itiz el
and a t rut frit nd. 111( met the adv4er
sities of life brav(vly and aught at
1 o light. 'n( could always be found
<.1 the right sid. During his life
tm h( <iid a lot of g<.414 which will
bo I mtt rt mb3uu11)( l by those he left
Mr. Craig wa's a sonl of the late
t William S. and Naney Allgood Crag.
ie marrio( Miss Ada, daughter of
.Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff1. 11own o the
Grthin sec~ltn.o , ma shte -w.ith seven
b!ibbI (i surv\iv"t htim). Ile is al1so
-. 4 i by t he folleowing ) brothers
1 inl ts: 1.. 1 . Ofai of (teen
w d " . T'. 1-l. ('r.:- of (''ntirat R2,
ho F i l! . Crain and ih-. \V'. Rt. Cra:ig
\~ lalla, 1.. .\ (':r ig fc' Salem,
!. \\. ( KI' ith and :11rs. :\At C.
A hdt '. Jan4 s 1I. . II. and Samt
1. 3 rai, cf I'i4"'ic ns.
\\ith t ie (xcelt ica of the passing
I the fath~r and mo3:th" his is the
t* deltl in this family in thirty-six
hiI.I.ED) BY il1(GHTIN ING .
A. * . 2.1-year-old da.ulghter of Mr. Bob
2. stIai't ly k illed by Ilight ning last Fri
'all (ay vfternoon il. Funl 3ra333 ser'vices were
'cd htelI Si rda 33y and1( intermenl~t was~ at
nt t he L.31ibiy remet3 (3y. A sister of.
h1is th dead1(34 ladly waII severely shockedl
ird 1by th<4 fata1 stro(ke 14 bt has re'oVere'd.
Thllis make1s4 the' i '<th person11 i'Ad
1-y liehln nPic Ikens county this
Mr. Ed Pilgim1, about sixty years
o1l1, wats killed 'near Central last
at Thur'sday when he stepped from a
mdl barn loft. on tot a thre.shing machine,
ns1 slipped and fell into the dIrum of the
VIII thresher and1( had one leg torn off
on3 almolst at his bodiy. He dlied within
th rty minutes3 (a 3fter' the a3ccidenft.
Mr'. Pilgrim came to Central from.
Pendleton. Iie was5 well-known
ing throughout the sect ion in which he
'14ve lived and1( was held in high es~eem,
'he Fu'neral services were conducted
41d- from the home14 of his datughter, Mr's.
II. Tfed Kinsler, and1( interment followed -
i'>v, Saturday in Flat Rock cemetery.
03m The Woman's Auxiliary of the
the Presbyterian church at Easley will
vas5 hold a meeting at that church on
to August 4th.
lfnd Invitations are 'extended to . qgh
auxiliary in the county to attend this
- insttute. It will begin at 9 o'clock.

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