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___9 E~ts: 1 NTI
Harcirg Asks Tha~t Co~al Mine
Be Reopened arnd Promises
Federal Protection.
Negotiations to End Railway Stil
Run Agairst Seniority Snag-France
Consents~ to Moratorium for Ger
rnany--Conference at The
Hague Ends in
p m: I d 1 1 i mom q 'ene ht- 1n 1'
tt'r ~ ~ rr":r "."fu'm i jildit.lint', i f ti
r'.Im t.' f i.r 1 i f' :t! *n it' tn 1-' t
1I l "li 1 ' i. ' . I t C s ha t i im~
givei n sritni m thit it " i tl.:ni.
4is ('r. 'I'l d. X IIii":~t rilliiof 801 -("
in~r it Ii i iz I ltot ie, o l lie hil it """"
fli I I stiti.8. l1i lier. 1 I)I'iiiis '(i llt
hit's uinulinilmt onm ",Il stlili t o
him n th gi' -1r1 Iteit 'lout Ie rl
[irrlti ev~ h r l in f 'l( " :ill o~f l fei
f ittiV( iith .v'mler l112i l4'lt ltlt 2!
1110 itirtn. likdily - i t!i l': l .- Hiitt
r" (("i1.lui( "I. an tl ",n f" :,itil I1iti 1\'11
ever eih" ear XIl I ye rof te1 nd el
the iw itt( 1 loilgi- evirv is i tir ut
you1w( fi:t" lnnutir i t1i'i" fo.r Ilt'r ru
gt'ie Ith sn 1n'Q oflthet' ni'irit"u,
frI r '1h1 In r jIat rl 'iit 5- jmii
Ini t p Kind l eitIl g"t to t~I he jiI ('iv ii
r r{. ^tut : }
Yx r w " 1
tt x
gy p. """"""CCCCCC I { - hf " c.;r4";; . .. :
r" v .
, . ."..." 1.
rte ' 11 :t '. . , .:","11 tti" i t:
''.ir' " tl.." 111. ." :' t 1' ". : , "..,
t'""... r t:.:.a :L" 1.111:. , 'i.. it t:
r."su: in '1' .,(,". ' ' )
i'I'' :: " 'tl' i , : '11.:1: t1:." .t~1. : I::.':l:ice
: 1. ./ .... 1'/,11 ;11.".:I Z'' 1 r t:" !."
!l." t'... ." . "I i11" \\'1'1'l:""rs (If .1 is.'':"1'"il
tl. "i" 'lit! NI'rth I':t:''ttl l11"4.l"ltri" in
S 1
1'rl"-'"t.t I.("w!s i f th(' inin(' \v'irk.
4.1.5 n,,t (llstarl'("11, il-1-:tri-nily. 11V
li !1 '' l'1.111i1111 itttl":1 III tl:." I'1'''.i le"llt'.
"kill. IN. s::i 1 th:lt .u, i:ii:i i 1i 1t." r".
.alit (if tiny att("inlit to tlu"!':l t'" ilillt("s
by n"n-unit-" lair tt"(IUlrl 1. ' the (lllit
P { tins ter th.' In:tint.'iian,,. \viIrkl.
\t'hiert ?""nl'1 In("Ii1t ill(, sll("t"'1." 11(1 ''tint:
"f Ih(" ,Mint's. 1, his Ilie!"d III,
strike, ('r'lt"r.
1.('wls ad ie(t that there' Were in'ir''
"Ie"n wit than when th(. strike started
sixt''(.r. \rt"t"ks Ave) I1 n'1 t11"1t thi.y
Wimule ('('ntinue to r('frttIn frt'ln wtlrlc,
"1n I'''al''"fuI it Ile t ur(ltIrly ftlsht'"n.",
'1'htlt th("lr I11("til""ts are n''t always
Ilca''t"ful \r:is '1'"nlonstt"tlt("'1 lit ('lift''it
villt', W. Va.. wher(! it lars. ' unit ter
sI1 !Ilttr("l:in.;_, strih''rs frier" I'ernsOvai itt
!1.. l'n('.Ililt('r('1 Il sit'"t"117',, ll.'c.l" i111't
hilt.-'I tht" sheritT and f' ur oth''r men.
!~" i G (II{ s(1 c rill days It ll lik("(1 as If lilt,
lt" L 'hl"llit t."I1'S ctt'Ski' 1111lei 114, .,"ttlv11
Iln ; itiiiI'ah'.v thr"tt;;h the.
Ir(, "tittll'"tt by C11:111'11,:1t1 Il''''i'."r (if Ow
I':1 lah(.r l "'1:(rel. :1ssu1'aIl'''' was giv''n.
,11(1 s1'ecitically to lilts tnaitttt rian ." '.f
Ice \%.a in("n. that the h"iitrO 'Vu'til'l it":int
I r'"-ht":1rings till crag(' (lisl.tttt"s, an'1 it
hts wi1s 1 ."lit'V''(1 tills not only would ki".'1'
!1."t thi'"<t" \\'(1,"l(t'rs fri'itl going t'llt hilt als,,
is w'-11141 h'' made a1'11licihle to tit'. ''tite'r
lt" , 'llsaffi''"tetl tiiili 11s. Moreover, I'rt""!
ilt" (I('nt (:rthl'' of the nutinten:MItce ";VII
lat + said cntUor ('urlt"1111s, who is chair
1111111 of tillb littt'rstat(' ('( llllll('r(."o culls
nil "lift('(" of till' II111 a(lrisetl tutu
~f dint "he Is going to hold he.trings lin
th iIl('(lltltely on (tisltltt'd points of tit(.
,rs trnnsl orttltlon net, principally to asct"r
- "i .er :. r:n:<! . 3 - \ u e e
b:.-'. a i I1 . :: :.
* t ! t :in.;!:1 Ireels. beore
r '1r .:: !t'' ._ executin. Tie
b'' -rI th - -.. rati ' :, c : ntis.
:1 ary mpi :::.. the 'ru :.:1s of the
T: - -..':n:" t -11 A:1i,.:.:h, G.::-.::0n; enn
n":'ay 'nu. 1ih1 Lsh& u~ntil it hats been
ate'rutrurlatteil I the ;ale --f G,'rinal
Pr-'Iuet s atbreo ad, sle can deliver
?:itrrrials to, the atllies, and France
holes to :et in that way a large part
of the .Me -t1 a N , I francs she Is en
tilbet te this year. The Loucheur
Iathcein:tn aecord, reached nearly a
year a::4 but held in abteyance, facill
tates this dclivtery (of materials and
went Into et~fett last week.
I-' . council of the League of
Nat iins is in session in London
:riiintly fo'r the purpose of settling all
ii rtters relating to the miindtates. Its
task was inade coil curatively easy by
1he. r reching of entu r lete agreements
etweel the Uinited States and Great
1Brit ain and France concerning certain
1'"1 the inrlinitee re::ions. The rights
. ilerl''eans are said to be fully safe
FLI IL.LI\1 Ne tr''ti et hens, the confer.
'n f at The lague htas comei to an
enti withouit resu!;s. lIussian dele
ga:te. after all their stubboruness and
after refusal to lueet with i a coin
nittee, at a plenary session went sc
Iii as to etlfeir too sutriit Iruials t(
"lcow ,,\V unler whic h the Iboelsieviki
w ouldii :gree" to recogrnie debts toc for
ti'n nati Olis as well a1s to furnish
sati1 faI itr. enr-n eisation for seized
l'r.o-rty thrIoirh private negotiations
r ;e:r.ll of whether or not credits
wer r~.iv,'t. I'ut they splt
al t!. by notifying the British dele
at.-s tat the soviet governuin
u..1. ct tin itliite de Jure recog.
i:.. liriiiedin.oly thereafter tie
a: an'I icontrals adopted a resolu
t": ' tltinitely i ling the conferencE
'The' -ilies and neutr'als, ifidim
all th netlights of a general agreemien
with liutssiai futile, did noet see any use
in riskingr~ a break aiilong t heunseives
beut 'ech r'served thae right to l'ruinle
s earatoe etIt Ions wIth Russli
anfter Th''ie Itlaguo cceiference. Lit,
vI ieel'f heand of thle soviet dtelegatioen
said' "I't ussia with at tendt nt inore
entnereces. (eno andi The H agt
harve bleen ough for us5."
itEl:M I t LE; NIE of Ituissla ha!
cerin g tee a Sweishd crrespoenilel
in liiga. this steory is that Le'nine wme
le incioed( een ai tranin when oni his way
lenely was thrown intoe thie Ritve'r Doni
A\n acneee l~eice ef the assas~sin is sait
toe iee itirpersoinat ing Le'nin(e at tire re
Sert. S v ie~t eetiialst SaSry tihe lremnte
is in .ielscow anid abinrest wvell.
neetune th at thleir forces aire nov
ined'rrol eef twve ceounties5 but are
51itrnly Ieleipoeed( ini tiltnegai. Siig'
\'antc efordI Corik, Kerry and .Atuyoc
Ithe.y nissert. are'c in "subjiection"i tl tihe
I itreau'.. \\'niterforei wfitS titlkel
bcy r'c'~ulanrs teewarde tihe clo of thn
weekn and int I .i inrriek t he( rl'is wet'e
ee~ceta'i up~ inl ihe bairlrks aind K'ingl
.Johin eart-i anfte'r seince heavi~y ighrting
Thie twee aissasin~s (If Fie'it Mniirshat
Sir I hlty \e\'iiseen were tied In Loen
etcen, Ienlilctd a( nd scteteed to (teathi
te case bceing hrandled withi a fnt.
ness5 andrt disicatch'I that arouseiss tt
(envy~ eef tioe who ~i~ ('cnt emitttte tihE
in tihe Uitedh StaltCs.
S """" F yet """""i' ''y' f"r "t
pro~ gierssiumer iln tie Itetulicaniti
tilarty. lIn thte Nebiirastka trt inarie:
ttoere;t HI. Ileiwell, foerimer BurlI Aooser
waIs nrnin at ed fort the Un it ed( St atet
se 'nat Ie, efeateei ng th~e "regulta r" can
dida11te, tteeirnesentativye Jeffrtes, wh<ti
Is clhassede as at standl~-pcatter. Senaiitot
Ilit ebhroeek t'asil y wonci at re-nomInation)1
by3 thte I iemicranits.
A .MIESTY' for thne 8'I so-cll
jcecltea pttttrisonerns now in federal
Ieenitent iar ie's wits asked of President
liareling iby at delegation of senti
mnenitists last week. They carried a
lietltlion wIth a million signatures. The
Preshie'nt told( t hem hie would never
pardonr any cr'imilnal who was guilty
of preachrIng thue destruction of the
governin('nt bcy force and consequently
woutld not consider general amnesty.
ils response wvill meet with the ap
proval of all right-thinkeine A mraaa
Gathered From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
. Secretary Edwin Denby of the Amer
Ican nav. narrowly escaped death at
Pekin . China, in an airplane accident.
IH. w, flying at a heighth of four
thou: ind f-e; over the great wall when
the engi"ne of the plane broke (own.
The llague conference has closed
with ut acco:ml)Iishintg its aim: the
rcachir :f ,in economic accord with
Insurge :nts are in full flight from
Clonel. Ir'iandl, their fidid heaiquar
'ers and ;rinc i al stronghold in the
south. accordi::g to word emanating
from Dubli:n.
Final s'tle::'nt of the ('rnu rep
arations problem is 1einni ng to be
puh!iely recognized in France as inev
ital)le. accord ng to word dispatched
by French Ic wsp er s.
Twenty-four million Russians are re
ported starving by I)r. Fridtjof Nanson.
His report was made to the league of
nations in London.
Reiorts that irregulars had captur
ed Miichael Collins, were set at rest
when it was discovered that the con
mander-in-chief of the Irish Free State
had fallen into the hands of his own
Republican irregulars have complete
ly evacuated Waterford. Ireland, and
are retreating southward. abandoning
large quantities cf war materials on
the way, it was announced in Dublin
The 24.000 ton British steamship Re
muera has been reported to have col
lided with an unidentified steamship
in the English channel. The Remeura
sent word by wireless she was return
ing to port because of an accident.
How Walter Winans, millionaire
sculptor and spcrtsman, is alleged to
have spent $325.000 on the "only good
woman he ever knew." was described
recently in the English courts at Lcn
The fall of the ministry of Premier
deFacta of Italy. which resigned ap,
pears to hav' been precipitated by the
Catholic party.
Six persons were killed and two se
riously hurt when Toronto. Ilamilton
and Huffalo train struck their auto
mobile at a crossing in Stevenville.
about cii-ht miles from rid gebur:A. On
tario, Canada, the other afternoon.
American secret service men have
arrived In Fratnce to cc-operate with
detectives of Great Britatin and France,
Italy and Switzerland. in running down
the most dlangerous gang of counter
feiters in history.
M!ajor Genceral IIatrhord, doptuty -hief
of staff, whlo has been in France for
more than a mtonth ont a sp'ecial mis
sion, will hiead theo American dlivision
on the Br-itish- Amerti can commission to
investigate rep~orted massacres in At
menia, should the Turkish government
ultimately agtree to such an investiga
IRejec-tion of ITenry~ Ford's offer for
.'siusele Shoal.s and enactment of legis
lastion for dlevelopment (Cf the war
built projects in Alabama by a gov
'ernmenft-cwned and governament-control.
C'd (orporation has been recommended
to the senate by C'hziman Norris of
the seon-ate agricultture committee.
The 'admiin istrat ion moercha nt mari-ne
1bill was udec-la red lby Senator- RansdallI
(Democrvat, L'uisiana , speakings in the
se nate. to be "the most important
measutre of Ief-deferye ever pr's-entted
to the Arican congress," while a
vote against it. he said, "'is a vote to
ad~ -ra Britain to injure the Untitedl
('on fr-:nted w ith an inustrialI sittma
ion that grov.s worse hourly, Presi
Ident H arding met withI his 'a hi net.
for a discuion51! of governmental r
lief . encries.
Iberman of Atlanta. (;a.. Charged tunder
federaI indi.t ment w -ithI e'"rslirac'v to
de(lfrat~lude I 'nted States gokverm nent
- ot' of miore' tihan a mtillli dlollars int
alIlered frauidumlent tl1umbevr doaIs a '
his ipartner'. .biihn Stephenst~i utered a
llea of not guilty whten arra i'ned in
t he Distrli(-t (if ('olumtbia sup rremte rout t
Phillips is held tunder- $:25.000 bail ani
hiis pari tnIt0r. wi th Itheli othe itt* ighlt menO~
indicted ttnder the federtal warrant atre
held tunder $5.000 bail.
[Provlsiont for more Ih unan !tc'Ire(
mtent of boys anid girls who violate fed
eralI laws wil b e mta de in a hill to lhe
nt rodlucced by Sentator King (of Utah.
At torney- Geneira IDIaugherty an
notunce's thIe establishmtten t of an0 adulvi
sory countcil of the war frattds branchl
of the dlepartnment of jttice.
'rho first attempt by an airship to
make a tra0nscontin entalI round til ri p
flight atcross the United St ater is schedl
tiled for September 1, whent .e armv
dirigible (.:2 will take off fr m Alber
dleen) Proving Ground, .\Ia ryland, decs.
tined Cot- Rose FIeld, Arcadia. Calif.,
it is lannoutncedI.
Preshdent IHarding has named] J. Butt
Ier Wright of New York as a memb~er
of the American comtmission to the
Brazilian exposition to fill the vacan
cy caused by the resignation of Frank
A. HarrIson, the state department an
Creation of an "enemy property
claims commission" of six members to
adjudicate and pay from German prop
erty if necessary. clhns of American
citizens atzainst Germany growing out
of the war, was proposed in a bill in
trodurcecl by Senator Underwood of Ala.
Postponement of a number of hear
irgs in olving operation of the pack
ers' and stock yards' act has been an
nounced by the departmient of agricul
The farm population of the United
States on January 1, 1920, was 31,
614,269, or 29.9% of the tottrl poptla
tion of the country.
President Ilarding has proclaimed the
effectiveness of the Yap treaty between
the United States and Japan, effective
July 13 .
The retail cost of fcod to the aver
rae anily in the United States increas
ed 1 per cent in the month from May
15 to June 15, according to a report
by the bureau of labor statisites of the
department of labor. Of forty-three
ford articles computed in the average,
'increases in twenty-one ranged from
20 per cent for pctatoes to one-half of
one per cent for bananas. Decreases
in twelve ranged from 1S per cent fo
onians to 1 her cent -or canned peas,
while prices for the others remained
practically stationary.
The United States circuit court qt
appeals, sitting at New Orleans, has
decided that a letter of credit is an
unbreakable contract.
The railroad shopmen's strike, three
weeks old, is beginning to be felt all
over the country in a gradual slowing
up of schedules and the cancellation or
combination, of many trains to save
A cloudburst and cyclonic winds are
reported to have struck Thornton, Tex
as. Reports say several houses were
blown clown, windows shattered from
large hailstones.
With E. F. Graham, president of the
maintenance of way union, asserting
that he did not expect his men to leave
their work. conferences looking toward
a peaceful settlement of the shopmen's
strike continues benore the labor board W
in Chicago. ""
Announcement is made by the Penn
sylvania railroad that a satisfactory
wage agreement has been reached with
its shopmen. This is con-idered by
some railroad ard union leaders as
having had a clarifying efefet on the
railrc ad strikue situation. Stc
Oficial investigation has been order
ed into the com;laint made by Theo- Ke
dore Gier, owner of the Gier bonded reg
warehouses in Oakland, Calif., that fel- arc
eral emplo:ees have been stealing; wine bla
from the remi.es.
Al:ron. Ohio. autherities are investi
gating the death of a seven-year-old
boy, .:,aid to have been burned at the
stake hy companions durilg a game
of "Indian."
Two hand grenades were exploded on
the roof of the Cold Spring car barns Th
i ruffalo, N. Y.i, tearing holes in the cen
iuilding, but net injuring any of the minr
t strikehreakers living in the barn. tool
Police are g'.tarding the cars, and the
mayor- says there must be no further
Kennesaw Miountain Landis. high
commissioner of organized baseball,
says he is sorry for old man Ty Cobb,
wvho recently macdc five hits in one
game. Coebb is batting over .-100. H~e
has pia-ecd 17 years in the American
Charles W. Bryan of Lincoln appears
to be the D~emoc-ratic nominee for go
errnor of Nebr-aska.
in the Neraska primary ev-erv Re
ptublicanr rnminee caime from the Pro
gressive r-anks.
Mel1 Trotter, famous evangelist, Is
haiving troubles of his own. His wife
is suring him for dlivorce- on the gr-ound~l
that he is unduly intimate with one of
his chor-isters.
Passing mpotor-ists. near Bocdines. Pa.,
were attracted by ciles of 'mama" from 2
a three-year-old child. They found the witi
bodies of the child parents, with their SAL
thrcats cut, nearby. Williarmsport po
lice arc investigating the mystery. '
Conditions, says the United States
department of agricurlture, bureau of
crocp estimates, favored plant growvthth
dunrig the past fortnight. Mluch rieed-th
(ec moiistr-e became available for the
corn cr0op, whiic-h wars suiffering in much
of thle region. Thre siturat Ion ik- some- lia
what sp)ottech. Mlore rain than was need
ccd fell in scome localities, while others
ar i- ll in rnced of sh oweris.
Twco thlousanrd Siourx Indhians. - amther- e
cid at thre C'atholic Sioux cngres-,. a' i
rhe Cheyenne Il iver reserv-a:ionu, votedl~
to rcetitioni (ongres- to estaigh ain In
ciant -ourt of (domest ic rela t ics on th-ea
reservation as a preventative against
]-:cwar-d F-. Golt ra has e rmplied with
thle gover-nmient's retirements for tak
inig over a fleet of nineteen barges andcnu
four tow boats for operation on the
M1ississippi, the United States engi
neers' office at St. Louis, Mlo., recent- O
ly arnnouncedl. She. ~
W. II. Robinson, aviator, and two
men passengers were buirned to death
at Los Anigeles. Calif.. when thme air
plane in which they- were riding caught but
fir-e and fell. -o
One muourse caused the death of 27~
cattle on the ranch of Robert Potts,
near Sprague, Wash. The monune be- %1
carme stuck in the pipe leading from a F
spring to the pasture watering trough,
arid time animals died of thirst.
Gloria Swanson "does not enter into
this case in any degree," argued courn
sel for the defense to the jury hearing
the contest over the will of Mlatthew~
P. Btr-ns, shoe merchant, who devised .
the bulk of his $100,000 estate to his
widow, the mother of the film actress.
The hearing is being conducted in Los
Angelesna lif.
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