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c .b a 1ar Invariably in Advance.
r,,.stedt Lit : ickens, S. C. Postofie aa
Second Class Mail Matter.
GARY 1lOT'1', Editvr and Mgr.
A tiet women of Pick
1ri was held inl the|
' ur"111'1 i't !: F 'rid~ly n an a r-|
n1 awas per-t
*;' ' ' I ' , " . . t 1t' , ' ci
Try - fi n* -1' (.4
1 4
t w.or,:s
\ "1' " l' N . : .' 1" . N ) 1 I ).
4 . -, > i. .
ItT:' . I ). C. ' i
willf bI i th
Aur - -y w:l1 bt
l in t : m. _r.d a n i
11 ~ ~ \1\1.(I
. , 4 i . '. . .,. I _ 1I 1 11 ( ta 4 i
. \ \ I .
0 . .\hw ) h~n< le :
i Ib :dl th.
(M).EN(0Y 8(11001.
assistl 41 y EL. . n w ith Eissi dit
Loot, of El:...i.i i : l h (;-'.(
(of ('ha . Mr: . W. .:. . : r., i
chairman of th. r I t 1:A. . :
T cM. .'.'.h ;Intl Iw bit (I14 4 11
liiu e u .r . I!- ni.x .\b .. i 4 , .u y
wil? o i eiiex- Mn n~ .1 ay 8
Gl..\i i 'T.\lN SI~ I ttIli,
im vvmput.-iy I'i(t.4Cl tenne,
thawt wil ny FinIa emorin, h (ly 28
A~l1 utable.tohL, firt(lei onil..\ow
All persons interested in Prte'.
chaeiltceme are reuested to e mee4
ere eahryFday morning, Auuy 28
with suitable tools tor cleanin offih
Cemetery.aerqetd ome hr
First Sunday--New HIope at 11 a
mi.; Bethel 3:30 p. mn.
Third Sunday-Twelve Mile 11 a. nm
Fourth Sunday-Salem 11 a. m.
Bethlehem 3:30 p. mn.
Clemson C~llegey Jfu~y 1l7----Dent
'HIomefolks: I thought I wouldI writt
home to all the people and tell then
how I am getting along at the col.
lege. We arei having all to eat that
anybody could wish for. .We havt
we ra'se on the farmi, such~ as milk,
cows, cotton, pigs, calves, mules, hor.
ses, and judging contests on how
to select p)ure-bredl livestdek and
poultry. Everything is interesting
down here. Don't think I can leave
this place when it comes time for u.
to go ho'me, because I like it so well
here. Have ieariid severa.l nice
comments sinco I have been here.
E. B. Smith.
iub i;e.di i..s ictluar'~ et lg wit
v;s J. C. Carley *a5 it.. c'ai ltiig hod
'c'.: it hlr tlipartinents O1 Ceda
;i'c1( ti 'tt latst I'l t r. (ly.
'I hle twoe Ii\ing, rooms were throw~
t";ill czyV~:! b(~ ! . In the cct6
f h table \\*i! at it::l v&i l l(le ~ t
t ..:1~ ir s cl bilt 'the o ft".r.: \Aiin
.\a 't t. .tLi i 'ae . I ._'l lic ioU
I '' 't'.t: in. 'u al~ (Ie I u X oICIv
l1.. : 1: :,? i"r , o nij.: A. .1
!; **3*" 1l.. J. 1' ( irt-, Jr., J. I:
!i. -:.1 ' ip . r.I ' a !'' 1 . :
1... Is . . 7:1 i '~ 1 is U 1.2
"t her 1 I : -"L ?
1 ( , 1 (''~~ Iiahytilt c'ili l'cI
tl" f".1:' win,_, day.
Gi:t: all \ :ra a in r:v1her e~f th,
+ 1:I. !: true (Litrl-' a
I'' ~:w 1:11~c\\ her. She~ \\"j1
t ither. fit: ir 5,istt v alai f':u
Sewas a (lat1Iier
:'. l a" (Iadlo\aty. \vhc, lie -
' . a. I I' i;1)\i"in arc ; hrssMr.
(;nc b tra .1taiivr II::.; ~
';j1'i I)'if' hii\ have th de(.
sr lxT ~: (j\' o A 1'i(~ ::'1~L I .
1'.1'i':. Ii C ?I"1! tO 'l O .
-. :i~ t" 1 :tA I\ ,;" AU :all O
+: aIt ., :} th ai l. ai h~i (:o
1 ( I i A [ ( [' I'
(r s la 1t in_ :'t* t - :t (. "
H122 du,.: ( Il_ t 11:,! ' ' ..~r
I)( t I : ::!:. I . !t: tt. " ! StCV2U't 1
State of Georgia,
e Dawson County.
ih After -1 weeks notice, pursant to
law, a Ietitien of which a true and
r cornet copy. is subjoinctd will be pre
sent to the 1I6n. J. B. Jone . Woo
1 of the Superio Ccurt, at the (urt
house. in Gi vill, Ga., o1 it 2 :th
- day of August, 1922.
" J ee L. Leoper, Guanii:n.
State of Georgia,
Dawson County.
To the Ii. J. B. Jon(.Jude of
tlhe Superior Court of Said County:
T he pe tition of J(:(. L. l.oe'er, of
P icke.n. County, S. C., .hows:
1t. Tha~t he is the Guardian cf
WiIl Tom Ioo-per, .u-:ic L( :.per and
!!m FratIk Loopce , ht. f dre duly
::; i t( .i us such (uardi(:i.n in the
' :.t ; f 'ickens ar. the State of
::n " arolina.
'. : . That he (e.;res to sell fo'
f(.o.w ii'. rea! estate belont ng to
.. ! v. a-.6?: Thel~ undi'vided "--oth
i.tre-t ir. aw i to the Dercas A. Dai
-.y m, . vve the Ettw\\ah river in
wi. :, s.' Co., Ga., compoUsed of V.
a;:,_r, mere.5 or less, conv\eyed: to
1, .4w> A. B'Pi(y by Wi. H. 'oe(er
,.. i h in in t. 4i' Di.triet and
: - i settin . id( county.
:;rd. Said prop'.rty has pail na
rents or profits-.
4Ith. Petitioner desires to inre-t
the proceeds from said sale in Liberty
Bondsu. (:r Treasury Certiientes. t r in
a miali farm (.n the public i.ihwaVy
nevr Silver City in Fors:.th County,
r .il'.etitionc r hlo1ws that nKice
of h7 Ws intention to n'.tir:e this atpplieu
. in has been published for four
wcee - in both tie Cosmopolite in
Dawsen County and the Pick -.s S(n
tin1 I .aper in Pickens Count:. South
Carolira. Being the news paper in;
b.h1 utie.s in wvhoih cou'nty a ivur
t nti m, are u.uay pullished as re
ed y law.
. L.. L 'oper. (u in: . t:a i.
_ S .(r'! to aw, Iurie befre m:
thi- 2 h d y (t; July. lt'.22.
Sam~ B. (ri:
( ar n y l'ul.lie' for Pi' k."1C Cs(',.at.
I (ui t ar inh. 1iv Coldn. '
(xplit:- at the will ( f th ( ,''vern r.
N\tc is he reb: :iYven that I wil
e a'N. A. Chrit
-her Es.. Jud. of 'robate fUr Pi:
.t. in the State of S..uti
()na the 12th (ay of August.
-2 1: . a: 11 o'cl ' . in the foren'on.
- :' n 'at b he ard, f( r" leave t" rmai:e
-al se"tt> ment of tn personal estate
( ri ' i nrge a. admini.- istrar, of
I i ('. t'. O. S. St..wart,
nI .(Amiistrator.
T!N''I ( E* OF" 1' N.\!L SETT! LE1iENT
so N'te is I-ereby g1Cie that I will
mn- m.-al~t appliceation to N. A. Christoph
~. <' i', E i.. J1u'Ike of Prob(Aate f' r P'.k -
r-(''a ('43co uty\, in thle State (of South
v.o ar!na. <n the '22nd day of July
ie. 1922, a*t t 1o'loik in* the. forenoon, or'
th1 as soorn the'reafter a' aid applI)ic'ation
he Canl be hearUd, for leave to make fi nal
nd settlement of the real and pe'rsonali,
'state of James 1". Hendrieks, de
e(emed, and obtain dli.scharge as Ex
, cutor of sa'id estate.
C. Noah R. Hendr'icks,
.Sole Executar.
..On I.uiproved Farms in Pickens
Oconee anud G;reenville cou~nties. Cityv
3. pi operty., G eenville, Easle~y and
R. E. BRUCE, Pi kona, S. C.
Office Cver Keowee Bank.
ler -
Dr. Glymiph of' Anderson, S. C.
ty The Old Reliable
Will Be
is P'ekenis, S. C.
to ('ie D~ay Only, Thdrsday Aug. 3rd.
s., Liberty, S. C.
I'One Day Only, Friday August 4th.
D.Jon't neglect your' eyes when you
can get expert service and the very
best glasses at the lowest prices.
E xain at,ion Free Satisfaction
Midsummer L
Ladies Bti'ilowv aprons and H of
Ladies VeiI Dresses, .$10.00 andX &'
Lad:i:s Silk Dresse in Tuffetas, C
i10.00 and $12.50.
Ladies Shirt Waiste and Middys, .
Ladies Skirts, all iew styles, a t
Coats Spool Thread, 150 yards t o
Boys Wash :uits and Slip-Over s
Mens Union Suits at 75(c, $1.0 00
Night Shirts, Pajanas, Dre.=s Ski rt
l-a:t, hosiery, and neekweatr at pri (e
The biggest line of Wash Good s
F:xors, Luna Lawns, Dimuitys, B.
Ev n with "ction around 22 1-2 <
inwe i price. I)oesen't sound rea
S.,imecthing new every week, at t hi
The home of Valk-Ovei
Stetson hats, Inter-woven
Home Sewing Machines, ]
Lady Corsets.
Cloth ing, Shoes, li
Calidates' cards of the ordinary
lemath run uniler this heading until
first or see and primary for $7.50 each.
pa Ihe in advance.
I i mt a cadl idate for re-election to
.2.1. afrom the Third Congre's's
"a; I iLStrict, subject to the rules
thle Democrat'.e Party.t
I am runiing f :r C' ;n tress Third
( e. i1nal I)i-trict. ubject to the
1ie:s li the Delmuratic party.
iubject to the rlie. of the Delmo
":-atic party. I anm a can(lidate for the
no(minationa to Congress~ from the
Third Dstriet. Ar.i thirty-six years
!A racuate 'n Agriculture from
(Clemson Ccllcge. Educate(d .yself
11 mn(.ey made wrki:: in the Ninety
'i: Ci tt'a Mill. :m (enl+':c(d by the
Grefnwed~ County Democra~tic C'on
\*enti~on. by\ busiiness- r~n labor ond
byv fame Sami H. Sherard.
J1. S. LEOIP ARDI is hereby announ
eI as at (andi idat' for the office of
S 'tate Senattor from P ickens County
in t~h approanch in. primar y, subject
to the rules and re:..ulat ions of' the
D~emeeratic piarty.
.JOHN E'. CRAIG; is hereby an
nouneced as a canididlate for State
S-enate from P'ickens county su bjeert
to the rules of the D)emocratic party
in the approaching primary election.
J. 0. WILLIAMS is hereby an
nounicd as a candidate for reelection
as rep~resentative from Pickens coun
ty in the State Hiouse of Representa
tives. subject to the rules of the'Dem
ocraftic party in the approach'.ng pri
I hereby announce myself a eandi
(late for the House of Represen
tatives from Pickens County, subje..t
to the rules and regulations of the
.Democratic party in the approaching
primary. J. M. GARRETT.
The friends of A. B. FORTNER
hereby announce him as a candidatet
for the house of representatives:
fro'm P'ickens county, in the ap
proaching primary, subject to the
rules of the Democratic primary.
J. ASHMORE: HINTON is hereby j
announced as a catndidatz' for House
o'f Representatives from P'icken sa
County, subject to the rules of the n
Democratic pa rty in the arp'~roaching t<
primary elections.
W. E. F'INI.a is hercby an
neunced as, a cantdidatec for member~ a
of the St-- Hou idse Cf Representa- 1)1
tives tfn mlPicke~ns County, subject (C
to the rules and regu latt.ons of the "
Democrat ic party in the approaching tr
primary election.
I hereby announce myself a eandi- co
(late for Probate Judge of Pickens Di
County, suhject to the rules and reg. ._
ulations of the Democratic party in
the approaching primary.
R A. mmDeON
ipecials--At Bai
se (l'ccs at 35c, $1.00 up to $2.5C
2..&' valu.-, to close at $1.00, $5.0 0
cepe Dc Cher e and Canton Crepes,
ti new styles at ,1.00 up to X5;.00.
from $1.50 to $10.00.
the spool, VC spool.
at $1.00 to t2.50 the suit.
l up t $2.50 the suit.
s, Werk Shirts, Overalls, Kaihk:a P a
that can't be duplicated.
in light weight materials in the C u:
rti:stos, Nainsooks, Lonk Clc4h, V&! s,
ents per pound cotton gco'!s are n o
nable but it's a fact.
new low prices of todays market s
, Red Riding Hood and I
hosiery, Griffon Clothes,
run King Stoves, Chase
is anid Gents' Furniishing:
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
I hereby .nounce myseelf a candi
ate for rCle:tion as I'olatc Judcwe
f Pickens county. subject to the rules
n(1 regulations of t .e Demo'cratic
arty in the ap proaching primat .v
CAPT. E.lAS DAY iv *.ereb n
ucda- adde?- the.( otinve
f Prtoht.at:C Judge :' P. en C. oun: ( ty
ub'd t th rulehs Of t?.e Demner("1a1
ic v~ia t:' In ti:e a:p':oachl''ling.' 1prim!!1!y.
I h'reby aii nnne my::!I a cmandhi
h*tt f .t Ju: f of Picken
nunt. b.' :.: t tae rules of the):
en: r"' i part in th: appoa-:dhin
ri'nar'. W. D. GRIFFl iN.
V. E. STEHNSI'IIES is hereby an
iounced as a Candidate for the office
,t Surisor~i() of Pie .ln County,, sub.
cet to the ries and rcgulations .f
he Democratic larty in the approach
ng prim;airy.
11unced as n a caindi:a te forI relein
'a th'. !i~c(e < f SupeIrv i erm of P'i .en'
L'unty, subject to the rules aurg
HENi : 31~ . Il!LIP IS is herebyv
1im(;Um ced: as' a ca-ida!'te fir S'umw
cisor of iken. coum'ty, subjeet to
he r.:ls of t he Deooin jarty in'
.- appr)oachingf primary~' elect ion.
Having a desire to be0 the best
Su pervisoyr ijckens County ever had.
nud beOing urged by n-any friends from
lifferent Ilarts of the county toru
or the office, Iherehy anunounce' my..
Iih a c-and idate for the off'ice of Sun
'rvisor of Pickens County, subjmect to
he rnuXes of the Democratic 'party.
\ow ja you want the biggest andl best
A:Ierv s0Ir the cojunty ever had vote
For me in the August primary.
W. S. MASTERS is hereby announ
~ed as a candidate for County Comn
nissioner of Pickens County, subject:
.0 the rules and regulations of the
)emiocratic party in the app~roaching
G. WASH BOWEN is hereby an
Iouncedl as a candidate for Commis
ioner of Piokens County, subject to
he rules an't regulations of the Demn
eratic primary.
J1A MES .J. HERD is hereby announ.
!d by: frieds as a candidate for
.1:nmissioner' of Pickens County,
ubjieet to the rules of the Democratie
arty in the approachir~g primary.
J1. A. F'INLEY is hereby announced.
a candidate for reelection as Comn
issioner of Pickens County, subject
the rules and re'eulations of the
emocratic party in~ the approaching
JT. R. J. AN'HuXNY i, hereby an
ufnced a acandidate fo th" office
..mutv, sub)jet to the ruls and rep- 1
%tlons of the Democratic party in
e approac'hing primary.
Friends of JAS. A. SMITHI hereby
vnounce him as a candidate for,
mnty Chiimissioner of Pickens a
unty, subject to the rules of the h1
mocratic party. ~ 0
W. L. DICKSON in hereby annonn L
gain Prices.
and $6.00.
.5.00 and $20.00 values, to close at A
_. l1
ts, Palm Beach suits and extra
Organdies, French Ginghams, Silk
hig:her, and in some cases a'e
Mers a reason.
'ndicott Johnson shoes,
Carhart overalls, New
City buggies, American
Uoods a Speclalty
(ed for Ma (if t f Central Town.- 4
Shi) subie(2t t' the rules of the Dem
o; ratic plarty
1. D,. MiUIN: is he .reb), announ
c(V. as: a canivL!tt f'r Ma istrait C.'
(.cntral Town-i * sub..t toth
!U i. i t I i in tie
Notices run under this head at the
rate of one cent a word for first in
sertion, one-half cent a word for
each subsequent insertion. No notice
accepted for less than 25e first time.
LAD.IES--Iimstitch ani p,,t for
Wor-l and others. AtctamU
!.y n.1:ke ."wi-r nachin'1. 2 lost.
P.&id. Mention kind oi maa!:;.Me.
Li .tan Cu., Wihn inton, Ohi
starter andh F eep wi
FOR1: ! I N'T-One. god,' t-.so-horse
farn'. A ppi.: t a J. MU. St ar a tt, Pie!-.
ens S. C. 2t
:arm~ i-1 m I fr(1 C(.onr:L1. Five
am a d Il r< am hiousve, pa turye.
WVil .e!! at a bacrgain. M~rs. S. E.
Fer'.:sn, Ce(ntia:l, S. C. Aug24
FOR SA LE.--Cnnmplete waterworks
outfit, inelud ir;g thoree horse power
and about 120'0 feet of one inch gal
vaanized piping. All connections. T.
J. Mauldin.:;
SIDE: DRESSING.--I have plenty
of high grade fertilizer on hand for
side dlressing. J. H. IEarle, Pickens. 2c
PRESSI NG CLUB.-i have bought
tne pressing club of M. E. Summey
and have moved my outfit into the
Thornley building forniorly occupied F
by Mr. Summey. The combinmng of
the two clUbs and equipment, gives
me one of the best equipped p sslr~s
clubs in tife country and I am better
prepared than ever to give better and
quicker service. This i.n the only
pressin'g club in P'ie:ens. We are
lore to~ serve you. Wocrk called for
lud dt livered. Dean Hu~.ghes. 2t
>!aeCk luJ mil lale p)uI n30u t six
nonths old. Finder notify Ernest Al
~cod or Waddy, Stejihens and get re
vard. It
I can sell any Real Estate you
are in Pickens cour.ty if the price
right. E. L. Henderson, Cenitral,
bility toy keep up payments, we have
ad .a high grade piano, in the best
f condition, turned back to us. This
istrumenit we can sell for a rare
argain, giving terms to responsible
arties. For full particular.T dressa
udlden & Baes Atant

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