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gathered From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
t its stated inl Mexico City that the
Blanco liio de Mexico will be (stah
lished next January with a capital of
-two hundred million dollars. ownled
Jointly by the government and the pub
Officers of Philippine Island inter
fsland vessels have notified their own
Crs that they would strike July 31 f1
sailries are reduced. Insular officers
have intinuited that they Would use
1coast guard cutters to handle the inter
island Iraffie if the th 'eatened strike
beomles effective.
Officials of the liritish iced Cross
.hadq1at Irs say that a recent press
alInntclet enlanatinlg from Geneva
that tIh' Spahiinger vaccine t reatillelt
against tuberculosis had heen purchas
ed by the fled Cross had not been au
thorized by that organization.
President Obregon of Mexico shows
Improvement. The high temperature
of the past few dlays has a1lmost (is
appeared and he will soon be back at
his post.
I'rovincial newspapers Ihi'oughout
Prussia. which leretofo re have been
serving as official organs for local
governi n t os will have to conform inI
their ('erian r<-public or forego their
roVernies from ofi'icial ad1vertising. A
decree to this effect has just heen is
sued, effective immedilately.
Pope Pius recelvel (in.ry M orgen
than. Iorler ambassalor from tIle
Uinitod 8tIat's to 'l'Tukey, and had a
long conversation with himl anent con-I
dition: in the Occident.
Laord Newton, speakilg in the lit
ish houso of co111mons the other after
noon. declared E-ngland and Scotland
were lin' <lirtiest cotuntries in E-urope.
Ife said that in the city of I.ondon
alone 311) tons oI soot fails every year
On each 8(111a1e mlile.
F.roe State troops have captured lal
linloughi and 13allybuis, it Was an
nounced recently.
Canadian railroalds from the Atlan
tic to the l'acific may be tied up with
.a strike nearly equal in extent to that.
of the Uited States as the result of
strike ballots which were being count
ed at Montreal.
Charlos 11a1l Dierry of Macon, Ga.,
will he appointed by I'residlent I1ard inlg
And tissigned 1as vi consu ll in the
United States consuar service.
Senator ('ulherson itf Texas, appa'
ently Idetfeated in the recenit Texas pri
nIuiry. wired his friends 11111 he would
take nto part in Ile lIn-oIff, and tol his
,triends to exercise their (wIn .judgment
as to wVhloll they would solpport.
Ro0yalti receP0(1((ive fromi 1 1)he produe
fiona of oil and1( ga1: onI go~(verninlent
10easot 1d lnds are0 no0w 11IlI 31tnit arotll
fot' th Illa1st fiscal y'31 3ar -~3 g r etd $5,
71itij07, itis1 3 annount~ced by tile buremt311
et n111n10.
1C0-01eration 101of 1the0V'II govrnent in
aldvanlcing'. the Amer01ian13 taiot prolgram11
was5 recentIly plledged 1to the( Naltionll
raldIo (c1hbe (If Commerce'D at1 tile ani
Hoover, ho(we'ver1, was unlelll to alt
tend and1( senit a11181 susitt.
The dIrtlt 11rh11aryI systemil, wi ch
some1 Ilowerfl pliit1icall Prsonages
wouldt abandon1(lf in sta1tt and11 conlgrets
S10onal election(11 shioil be ext ended so
ptreshIden1t woul d he noin~ latedi by 31
'$tra1iht vole oIf thle 11eope1 1111der a1 hIll
gressman3 11I' ni Il innelsota3, announ1l1Dces
tile 1house1.
Theo trltd 1)1on1 the cimina~l cha3rge 0of
(c0on1sprae) to dhefraud1 the1 1112nne~d StatesC
w111 it 11ij~l war1)omract pnig (i 1th Dis
trict of' Coluiad: agin3 3st (Char1les W.
Morse, 1115 threeO sons1 and eiht 01the1rs,
civil conitroveries hett we'4'n thle doeend
ants and10 the governmenllt'I, Unlited
'States Attlorney Pey ton Gor-don deC
cla reis.
The pu1rchin1g plowerI (or e'xchang~oe
Yalu~e of farmiilIO(10 8rdut slump1ied1O for
points between March and11 June1, to '72
per cenit of (lie 1913 basi8s Inl thle lat
Immlledia3te steps5 foPr acquliring a1
maximumln p)roducion of coal from1 noni
union anld stiPp mlines, adeqatei3l dis5
tribution of the supll)1y throu~gh gov
erunment c2ontrol of coal cars and pre
ventatives agalist pirofiteering, ha~ve
been affected by the admninistration,
according to a United News staff cor
respondent. Secretary Hoover will be
virtual fuel director.
The first formal necgotiations for the
fuinding of the allied wa1r dlebt bly the
United States was recently mlado by
Jean V. Parmlentior, refunlding repre
-sentative of France.
Hoboes of Am1erica ar3e going lnte
politics. "A hoboes' Iobby-to be
known b~y (lie more mIodlernl terml of
"legislativo comilIttell"-soon will Itako
tz place wIth tile social, labor, fatrmi
and other so-called lobbies. Th'le lur
pose of the lobby will 1)0 to secure ror
the unemployed of thie nation govern
ment unempl~loymient insurance of at
least $1 a day.
The Polish diet has rejected a motion
of want of confidence in President P11.
sudski introduced by members of the
Rglht. The vote was 25 in favor of
tho president, against 187.
Through a hole blown in the wall
by a mine, 105 prisoners escaped from
the Dundalk jail, county Louth, Ireland.
The shock of the explosion shook the
town, shattering the windows of the
county hospital and the dwellings of
the town's best residential district.
Former Secretary of War Baker was
recently called before the special grand
fury investigating alleged war frauds
n connection with the sale by the war
leimrtment of the old hickory powder
piant at Jacksonville, Tenn., to the
Nashville Industrial corporation.
A national emergency, growing out
if an industrial conflict, has been d
-laredl by the government for the first
line in the peace-time history of the
Lnited States. As a result of the coal
lnd rail strikes, the Interstate coml
nierce commission, empowered for the
irst time by the IEach-Cuimmilns law,
ins aIssumled control of the distribution
)f fuel, food and other necessities.
Twenty-five Otuardsnen and two of.
icers were ordered to tilt) property of
he Yellow Creek Mining company in
goll county, Kentucky, by Govet nor
F'ormer Senator Lorimer of Ilinois
s in a Chicago hospital being treated
or his eyes. Physicians say it will be
beveral weeks before the result will
)0 known.
Louisville, Ky., dealers in western
Kentucky coal report that the mine
trice has dropped $2 from the price
if $9 and $10 a ton.
Ilasett Miles, federal prohibition en.
orcelent officer, and three others
iavn been indicted on a murder
'harge by the Travis county, Texas,
trand jury in connection with the
hooting, several months ago, of a man
Danled Peeler Clayton.
Claiming she came to the United
tates from France on a promise of
na rriago, Allle. Mario l'orquet, a pret
y little French girl, has filed suit
'r $500,000 against .James Ilenri do
Rothschild. in New York City. 1ths
hiid is said to he a son of Baron de
tothbschild of the famous family of in
ernationial bankers.
Five copilaaes of the 142d infantry
ot th ie Texas National Guard lotrained
It I)Dennison, Texas, and took charge
of the railroad shop district.
The auditornun for use at the Mon
treat (Nor', Carolina) summer confer
(rnces of o Southern . Presbyterian
chturch has been dedicated with rep
resentatives present from every South
ern state.
('arges that Prohibition Commission
or Roy A. ilaynes and his otficers were
'exerting illegal administrative mncas
tires under cover of tlie Volstead act
ald were oipressi ng the proper distri
bution of medicinal whisky and alcohol
wore contained in resolutions adopted
by the distillers of the country in con
vention at Louisville, Ky., with an ap
p eal to the president, the secretary of
the treasttry and the commissioner of
inter nIl revenue to see that the federal
I irohibit ion cominmisione' conduct his of
tlice in con form ity with accepted stand
I rd s of wvell regulated an md responsible
pulblic 2udiniist irat Ion.
The (Consol1idcaltd Gabs coimpaniy re
en t ly boosted its 2uanI dividend rate
fromi 7 to S Per' cent in deoclar'iing a
quarmterly dividend of $2 a share.
leirst ieuit. 11. Hi. Strekhouse and
Second Lieut. Taylor 10. M~onroe were
lnst aitly killed at fRantoul, Ill., when
their airplane fell 500 feet.
l)urinig a shooting affr'ay in Merlid
ian, \l iss., Mrs. Cora Illarvey, 30, was
shot In thle ankle by either' her huts
hand, Walter I larvey, or Claude Well
man, wvith whomi Iarvey appeared to
hav beenO'i havIng somie wvord(s. lait
one shot w'as fired. Wellman dhisap
peared and H arvoy refused to miake
any statement. as does Mirs .1 larvey,
wh'io was ru~shed to a hospital. HeIr in
juiries are not emisidered serious.
The city of San Ferancisco has a
braiid new liquor' store with Uncle
Sam as proprietor'. S. 1F. hlutter', pr'o
hiibit.loin director for California, has
obitaiined perimission from the United(
States district court to sell wvhat lie
decla ros to lie strictly first c'lass, bot
tIed in bond imported liquor01 at $3 a
.Davi~'d Belasco was severely inijure'd
in New York the other day by fall
ing fr'om a stage into the orchestra
JTersef' City junk (ealer bought
lie bankrupt Nassau and1( New York
Traction complany, valuedl ini 1910 at
$1,6150,000, for $15,000.
"The Wayfarer," a Biblical play, Is
showving at Seattle, Wash., for the sec
ond season. The play, it is hoped,
will prove to be the passion play of
A well dlressedl man jumped from a
fer'ry boat in the Hudson river at New
York the ether afternoon. He had
semnt newspaper reporters an invita
tion to be present. Ho requested that
lis body be incinerated and the ashes
sent to fertilize the lawn of the bro
ker with whonm he had lost his life.
time savings.
One miner was wounded and aboutm a
dozen others narrowly escaped' se ou
injury at IBryson Motintain, Temnn .whenf
a party of alleged strike sympa'hners~
fired a fusillade of shots at t i4hm as
the miners were en route to woik.
Mildred lBrewer, 16 years of age. wa
cleared of the charge of murdering A.
Portis Mcl~eithen at Montgomery, A\la.,
but will be held as the ward of th'.
state until she reaches maturity.
New York re-tail coal dealers pro
dicet that coal, this winter, wIll go to
$25 a ton unless there is a speedy ad
justmnent of the coal strike.
Arnerle~n's first ear, built by I0wo4
tested out near Kokomo, Indl., on July"
sonia~n Institution back to Kokomno for t
Photograph shows Congressman Fred
oldest car In front of Smuithsonian 1:
article on exhibition In the institutior
Vexatious Problem to Insert
Lubricant Through Plughole
Larger Than Gun Nozzle.
Special Guns Are Part of Equipment
on Many of Most Modern Cars
Having Lubricating Systems
-Clean Out Yearly.
One of the most vexatious grensing:
problentsN Is to insert grease through a]
plughole hirger thain the nozzle of thlt
gun. To keep thet grease fromn goiny
ev erywaher( but Int~o the hole, obtain
a cork about the siyze of the largest
plug on your car. Htore a hole In thbt
cork so that It will slide over thc
stemn of the grense gun, and 'when y011
are tilliing at barge hole simply puss:
this cork down to 1ill the oversizt
opening. Chetists' rubber corks arc
bdenl for this purpose. A rag or sone
string packing w ouliarouind t he sten
of the gun (tnl he forcedt down to a1
nas woil Ohe co.417C
Cars Have Greasing Systems.
MIany cars no(w equipped with grens
tng systeins using at spedcIiall whllel
Connects with the nipp))11s onl the car
TIls tilek's It easy to clo sonic nuvis.
able cilaning of thel gren;se' p iissiiges
a blout onIce' a seitSoni. A t t tih tihe e'in p.
ty gun, release the plunger so that it
can ewok~lliea ui- u*4 te
tet'ilot n erft lkiuhrtIntlon prclt
SilIal trn'tinet Iof u k oKokoto for uI
theotdirty old0 grenrewhic wi rhd
Olseen carntg out o tlhspoien hIt
Vextiou sPr oblem.t Th nusernt
Lbreipaynt Trogh Pbr ghont
Larger Tane o Guneasze.
Speci grnsinre Parithn of bqpenpl
on Mnytof e t Mdtern Cspee
hlragvin t ub icn Stemdnsun
able rhots o the t xinide Dos thhdn
abPoutI'1 s ofi ten ast renovalof t oh r
isitgot r hqieg byh tie hnging. At the
salu n.tieke pphy grese fprmngly t<
teorii hstenr anto the lin~ ohotit
11 fli ihi pra ell nearly all tiln laquen
are11ii lperinaeny ne, nIwh 3)
'a.'e chiefg laretiol aipl fran h
tlinern con leratotinsli the dvritli
Oeul1ygo tlningis a' doule corske ab,
ltelytw lekprosf. An igensim
the~n ~exragsket and accomplis theu
ofnnii gurpose.1 Ite ios~i nec)sary torii,
to equlili ihe car ithsoenbd r.
Cn sar Havs e ingStemse.e
Iineie foir injec1'(tin~i'i of lt goisj
atub three or1 four i 5tl ni.- :ti . wvilth
thie end oftl the tubhiisiite ey ar
T'heil fec u iais Itpparentyi 11he sone avs
sougt' (1n the uig of anli getraas.t
Do~* un, lThoroughyIa Wdith.ii Strea of
Waterlc WV1'~ithoute R ubig, T111hie
Po4lt l~ ~ii. 'lh With vlI tRge. i co
iilt tu.'ilhtrflctog r hoomeIi easily
ticrlatil( ched. l Tel o tini slea t
tuhyt a Ii rsre mu !'of wtr w~tIiit
lorb iout rubing Iand oben o lsh with
rougf I . lit ig sid bye jewelers uap-i
j 'ineur~ ' r tar'c cntio. J'lie auselof the
Oivrlther Plce otr Gae.
Neore Is gndisng sinaben art toi u
bell webtb-i Ot ia owner oughtr always10
to gean.s Ue scilt tewist'(l e thee
shni is otui Ielyt lol cot hne thanm~mi
ai tiewiI art onTh e lders . alway 1have
1n exp(nIion iof the exceasgieg htrge,
butI i thaost ealit the aye raulh.
)d Ilaynes in Indiana anl sticcessfully
1, 1894, was recently taken from Smith
he twenty-eighth anniversary on July 4.
Purnell from that district In America's
astitution. 'This is the first time any
has been removed.
You Auto Know $
That valve leakage is one of t
the most serious losses of econ
omy in the operation of an auto
at-mobile for, if the valves leak,
it is almost Impossible to get
good comupression in the cylin
(ers, and this, in turn, exerts a
powerful Influence over the en
} tire perfornn e0 of the car,
giving rise to knocks, loss of
power and various other ills.
4 'roper care of the valves dni
regular regrintling are therefore
4 to he nitulb'rel armong the "ex
pens's" whitkh are really econ'
olines, for they will liy hig
dividends ill tlii('Itn y anld ilie
Wotlnil valve st emus also a::iite
lenks which are quite as serniou '
" as those of the valves the(n
} selves. In this rase the failure
of the valve stem '.o lit snugly a
into the guider allows air to he
}drawn past the stean into( thei
cylinder, thinning thin mixture to
sucIh alln extent tha the engine }
i falls to run regular. y unless the +
mixture is made 1 liher, while
throttling down to Iess than ten
miles an hour is almiost itpos
sible. The fact that valve }
I stems need attention is usually }
aplmrent from the hissing sound }
cluaracteristl4 of this tirui,'.
(Copryright. 1112, by The wheeler
.ynic..ate Inc.)
Portable Platform for Auto Work
Is Illustrated.
Two Longitudinal Rails of Wood, Tent
Feet Long With Center Support,
Will Prove Entirely Satis
factory-How Made.
In the small r'epair- shop it is nt
alwaiys cn tven1ienut or. pract ical to have
a wor uk lilt or aini rninent. Ole'vateid
1)lat14form for removini g t he auitomiob~ ie
far enough iihove t he floori to giv~e free
a1114 easy necess un idernea thi. A st and
that is iportlable 1an)l 441 wlihe anl aul
posit ion is shown ini the accompanylng
It consists of? 1 wo lonigitri1ml r'ails
of w4odEr, 1(0 fe(t long. .- 4'et4r sutp.
high f'orinis a1 tri'stl hE'n which the au1
tornobil)4 is lle(d biy mean':nns of a wind
lng lhar, e'rank~, headle, and roipe~ , wvlIh
Repairs Are Made Much Easier If the
Automobile Stands on This Trestle
Above the Floor.
a hook to. attacth to the front axle of
liihe11 utnmolhihl. Trwo thxed b'l'oIs onf
the forward ends of t he rallis with, t wo
swinging locs'( on thlen rea r 4.ndsj rIgid
ly suppohirt thei tt utomihi' lifter it Is'
puqlled into plnce Iand the~ forw' 1(rd 'nd
O.)n account of' the angle ' o in-,
elin ranid thle p)oslsility of ' verrrn
ilg, t he windling dIrum should be~ the
rn1'auns of getting tlii aultomoilin on
thle rails. Twov~ wed'ges forward~ i~lgl
iln ilni'' will pr'v'ent the tutomobileih
frorm eriu'ping to the frontt. We"dges
al'. als.o placed unde(1ir thi i'ar w''heels,~
aon no in use, the pnrts arein read
Ily dI~l'isas ~eld andbe pI'l'''
Mistakes Will Happen.
IN4'ver lnlsjudge he goar shift Of theO
car for thll emoergency brauke, no the
foot n eerto,.. f.. th .uc pdl
for Better
When you've eaten fully and have a stuffy feel.
ing-or when your stomach is unruly and feels
upset-WRIGLEY'S will bring relief and make
you feel fit again.
It calms and soothes the stomach and nerves,
aids appetite and digestion, keeps the mouth
sweet and teeth clean.
Wrigley's P. K. is the new double treat-peppermint sugar jacket
over peppermint chewing gum.
Sugar jacket just "melts in your mouth," then you get the de
lectable chewing center with all the usual Wrigley benefits.
Save the ' Good for
Wrappers Valuable
They are I Premium
The Best Man's Toast.
At the clIub lst ight the husless
girl was the Ci'nter of It group of
Interest eel liste'ners. I-'raginents of eonn
v.ersatIon cuntinciintccg the worris "orbles
nitids," "siiily rulorable," "wiuiler
fuli hou 1s." '1e:tris." ".lJinin." tilotteeI e
over to the Wo.iiitnan :nd11 liiiluee-'rI her
to put Ilown the 11:i-gcazife adci4 un11
hItishingly seat it'rself on the hli es- ! Glaced G rasshopr
tertiel ire1,t ly b.elind thce cailincnieil A sight that woultd ha1
narrato'r. .lust in t11n11% to hear he1'r fill- the heart of John tiht
sclripltion lif the be'st 111:1n. shown in photocgraphutcls (
''I1t" was vry good look1;ins. thoul g dliic1ve''1l gr'ass iehoppe.r 1
rathel' (nelt' e ri 'll. an1 in l eIt.slc Ilinlg ft. n rt.hern . rner of Y .
the' briift'lciinal'5 toaist said: *I '. I iionalt :earkn.
thrcoucgh our11 schlit antii eollege~~ dayis Thlese.~ pitures. .tust r'ceitvedt by thet
the' gro''rc iii I hacve bleen thel be'st gelo'gicacl surcvey, show ltcindw i'id in
of fr-mcis. in gaiccis andl sports I thei Ii'. thusandls f strata (f gracss,.
hacve ucsuaclly hnceatn himu ouct, but in Ichiplrs of e'xtcint spe0cies ii of a tiin
this great cruiic forp a brideI the bet ter long before the lperioid In which thQ
duntn hacs wIonc, andii I' ic ure' lie's wet - inset s wvere co nsideredq del ectabile.
cornel( tc het'.' Of couriiitse Ithe poor11 thIing 'lhose ghc'-ed gracssttjpers tilust
I wan lt to say: I 'in sure he's wor'thIy of1 havt e been tlylng over tmh iuntaci ns
ht.' Iht i.' '':an nelverl, neiver iexlihciint in liviuig 'louds of inillions when~ they
Ii away. andii thle Ibrid e saiys shie dlr- were cau tgh i.n sno wstocrcus acndl frozen
tinly wonc't ltcvite hcicc to anolthcer into( thec glaciler,
weddh(If f hg*t le'rs !"' li!(torists arccte vislit ing thIe recnartk.
ableI ghte'ierc by thle thoclusacn ds thcis
That's That. sticuie.
"T eyblcic thIis f'orignerc wlck
wanits to. dcnarryc a yocug 5oielty girl Beginners Encouraged.
has no uinney.'' Fys .ccc c'ir- o coy
"That's i': sy. Wit h thte cccvi'ctisilng eincii nre youMitutggiiil
he hasi~ recived hce's wort aic fc scal- Se.' nd You icng I )octocr-I.'t ne! I'rai
-ct\. \\eil .lust sign htimi ccl for -t0 thantkfucl I inl't begin to praci(t Ice li
weeks Inc vaudceville." -- Loluisvilleth <lylis bcefore protchiitionc, thoucgh.
- ~Zolor pingsFa
Anglo-Amerienn Drug Co., 215 Fulton St., New York.
Dear Sir:
fram uingoMrs..Winslow's Syrup. It saved my baby
frmdm fcohlK which sehad for three months.
Sme one advised me to get Mrs. Winslow's Syru~p
-n dd Yours truly,
(N'ame on ,vquest)
Colic is quickly overcome by this pleas
ant, satisfactoy remedy which relieves "*
diarrhoea, flatu lency and constipation, keeping baby
healthy and happy. Non -narcotic, non -alcoholic.
1'he Infant.* and Children'. Regulator
Formula onmevry label. Write for free booklet containing letters from mothers.
AtAll Druggist.
ANCLO-AMER!CAN DRtUG CO. 215.217 Fulton Street NEW YORK
Generai Semnce AehI.- ha rold p. Rt4~ 6 C.. nce., Newe York.Toronute, Lon~do, ,dney
Afss aWby year dresstis,w ite WIsseresbnhcheestese.lwale,e,

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