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1.60 a Year Invariably in Advaince,
jatored at 1 ickene, S. C. Postoffice as
Seeond Cias Mal. Matter.
GARY IOTT, Editor and Mgr.
cuthern Cultivator.
In your last issue you say: "Knowl.
Igo is the only power that cnn give
*t'r1aient re lief." That is t rue if
e know!edge is true knowledge and(e
eludes all the factors vital to the
d to be obtai:ned. But in some of
e mo1st i himporlant factrI's are omuit,
I the 1r suit :n it he rui::ous. An(
'ht now. I hear th iir n rs are, hav.
l noro sehm:.',ne. jitItd for their
.- thlan were vrkonaan
(7dass (:f people.
Sbiewildering the a mount Cf (ope
t is- hnd'd us in every daily and
skly I arer, jB(hl:a every iorl of
I ation and all <iasses of people.
are toli 1o lrIuCe more.
r(" ae t(dd to produc'e h'ss, and a
'sand other contradictory thiig-I
ry seinseless.
e are told to orgalize and even
)resident of the Unite(d States ex
i(d the wish We could he made to
n'ie. I do not, doubt he wishes
m intereste:i )o1tives. He allow
,o have sQle legislition by con.
for the benefit of Wall street..
iistalnce the War Pintance Co
ion, wLich l rids the farr
1, instead ('; mOonC'y. as I .iers
d(1, which only puts tlc am in
; hole. 'Th.n the , .n further
legadizing uri ' 'nore recent
marketing or
hank to k,-ln ady had the land
e htnd +' us Wall street cred
..ie great Federal Re
ct .dni er which a "ani
inpos' .h ". ~
. are we satisfied?
hat more could we ask? Tiher
alretady some kickers, alwvay
tie who are not taken in. The re
t. statement of Mr. Martin F
tor'ouis r'futsilg to becoine a ean
ate ftt' membership on the Re
:'(Om a .. signliti. ant. .\s I .
th' re is not only no help unde
- Vt.ve namled laws, but. nok h. (t
.1a.d un ltrpicle ani o' lby \W
ret to hg t.e every business in thi
lltry utltside c.f the banking hu".i
.%. I :'I awvarei' that mniny bank.':
the ietmiber banks are oppi.ed
system anid if they weet' ot .
-uld stay out, but now are prat
ally helpless. ider ' h"e t -:
ait.ive maitrkdi:g a'.m:1 .at:u n, t U
rm'S will he hivlei.ight t. tie 'end
.'n of having to l(r:, w to hold i
til they can sell it. They won
v'e a bless.'d thing to do but to wor'
r the money lender's all the tina
r will they' have time. to d' an,
ing else.
The schemers who led :hi.. tri
ve made the nicest .hb of nr [ eve
,v. :
Blernnrd Ba ruch is one of the ie
r's in the wood pile I told you abou
year or more ago. The ir plan i
lend the fa.rmers cred it : thu
'at ing at demand for money that hia
c(Xstencfe anid auitomazt ical ly r
eing prices when the farmers g
Finance corporations are all rend
inned to finance the farmer. The
11 take one hundred million dollar:
1(d it themselves as a reserve an
id the farmers one billion of credi
d niot put one dollar of additiomr
mfey in circulation. Th's credit wi
~solve into the etheral blue as soo
farniers check it out.
When they go to sell their 'erop
:y will find that money, one of th
ece making factors has been elini
ted and they can't ever again ge
iving price after the money shark
t enough of them fastened as the:
mnt them. If the farmers could bor
w mfonecy '.nsteadl of bank credit, th4
serve system would automiaticall:
ke it out of circulation faster that
.e farmers could put in it. Now
e people can see why there are sC
*my contradictory statements in th<
*pers. It's to confuse them and bint
*etm with conditions they can novel
'eak, by laws they (1o not under.
The Federal Reserve Act is a een
alized mo~ney trust and will produec
aintral ized government out. of an:~
n p)ub~e, .iust like a democratic meno:
4em wouki change a monarchy int
a *ie'mocracy'.
It is appalling to contemplate hiov
ne money power, the internationa
-a:~kers, have the people and every
b 4sness in the coun'ry at *<-''
a .If our people are not supplien
with true knowle'dge ab'out preseni
*,on~ditions we will all be lost. Preseni
cGanditions e.annot improve undw: pre
entr~ laws. The Papers whose duty
and busi'ness it is to honestly inform
w.:, misinform us.
be v... 4ill i .naudu. Our troubles
are both economic and politiaal. I
have noticed for years that overy
ole who wants 'to exploit to farm
ers advise them to keep out of poli.
tics. No mere newspaper can explain
the present situation, so I will tell
not only the farmers but merchants
and all other classes of our people
where they ia g t a book for the
small sum of twenty-five cents that
will explain lthe pr wsent situation,
including the whole money question,
The title of this book is: The Betrayal
of the People in the Wlsn-Aldrich
Federal tcserve Act. Address, "The
M .o::etar y dlucational Bureau, Wash
ing ton, D. C., 1410 F St."
This book is worth a hundred dol
h.rs to a'y man who will read it.
Alien iternational bankers in part
put this hatolerable Federal Reserve
A et on u s and pire holding the whole
coutlIlry up and g,.'ing through our
pceket:, while the people don't know
whtt to do. Let them resid this book
and they will know precisely wha to
do. Alien bankers from London are I
now settled in Wall Street and are
trying to put a sales tax on us. Why
does the Atlanta Georgian staned for
the same abominable tax.
No equitablQ marketing system for
ihe farmers t possible u.n'der present
linalncial lV 'Read the book and
see whys '-Absolutely, the people of
this COtf.try are trapped like rats in
a case and are as helpless. And the
. that the press treats this mon
trous deflation scheme (confiscation
is the proper name for it) as a mat
ter of right surpasses all the in
creditable dreams of fiction. The
truth is just this: Congress passed a
law under which a certain class of
ind ividuals'could confiscate for them
selves any crop, every crop or any
thing else we have. The pres:: ap
proves it, wvhy"?
In 118, we could market any thi:
we had. We could do it again it tr.i
govertilhent will take back i:..
(ign func.tWon, f i:sir-f an . r .: -
ing th( allo unt (f m . .
tionl anii mal:::( ?i .as !.:: a
That is th n1: u we e
h av t r.n - . "..-..
:et of Suth (:ar na.
.u:ty of l'icke~ns.
by N. A. Chriistother Esquire. Pro
bate Judg'e.
Wh~eras. 0. C. Keith made suit to
me to grant him Letters of Adminis
tration of the Estate of ann \fects
. f Clarence I. ('rai (eceased.
t These are Theliref' or e. to cite and ad
mnieih 3 al ad .singLular the kindire:
.nd Cred ii trs of the saidl Clar'ence
L.. Cr'aic d mas.d, that they he anid
appear' boeo me, in the Court of
l'robha t'. to b e hel at Il'iekens. Court
r lious., S. C'.. on the 10th dlay (f Au
( tgust, I t22. next. aifter' publicat ion
- l'ereof, ati 11 o'clock in the i's noon,
to show~ cause, if any they have, why
tihe sail Adminaist rat ion should not be
SGiven une.r myW Iand and Seal,
- this 29thi day of Juily~ 1922, in the
.i 1 4th year of our hIndependience.
- N. A. Christopher,
V Judig( of Probate, Ickens Co., S. C.
A. J. Welborn, Plaint.itf,
. 1. M. artin, et al, Defendants.
- In pursuance to a Decretal Order
made in the above stated case by his
*Honor T. J. Mlauldin, Presiding Judge
of Thirteenth circuit, dlated June s2v
enth, 1922, I will bell to the highest
bidder for cash,
the same being August 7th ,122,
during the legal hours for sales at
Pickens C. H., S. C.. the following
real estate to-wit:
"All that certain piece, parcel or'
lot of land, lying and being situate in
Liberty Township, State and County
above named. containing Sixty-Four
and one-fourth (64 1-4) aere,, miore
or less, and being the same'trac't cf
land conveyed1 by A. J. Welborn to) J.
ML Mlartin and J. F. Aiken; reference
' oterecords in the Clerk's office is
heeomade for a more complete
record of chain oif title."
Terms Cash, on day of sale, pur
chaser to pay for all revenue stamps,
papers and recording the same. If
purchaser fails to comply 'with the
te rms in a reasonable time the same
will be resold t.he same day a.d at
the ri-sk of the former purchaser.
Clerk of Court,
A ter 4 wekb notio purstUan
law, a petition of which i true'
correct copy is subjoined will be
sent to. the Hon. J, B. Jone4, JL
of the Superior Court, at the C<
house in Gainesville, Ga., on the
day of August, 1322.
Joe L. Looper, Guardia
State of Georgia,
Dawson County.
To the Hon. J. B. Jones, Judgi
the Superior Court of Said Coul
The petition of Joe L. Looper,
Pickens County, S. C., shows:
1st. That he is the Guardiar
Will Tom Looper, Lucile Looper
Jim Frank Looper, heretofore
rppointed as such Guardian in
County of Pickens and the Stat
south Carolina.
2nd. That he desires to sell
re nvestiment (at pri at .4iert
following real estate belonging
rid wards: The undivided 3-4(
interest in ad( to the Dorca.; A. I
Icy land near the Etcwah river
Du.v.wson Co., Ga., composed of
11e'.'e , m orOr le.s, conveyed
Dorcass A. Bailey by Wim. H. Loc
ad being in the 4 m District
f:'rt section of said county.
3rd. Said property has paid
rents or profits.
4th. Petitioner desires to im
the proceeds from said sale in Li
Bonds, or Treasury Certificates. C
a small farm en the public hi?
near Silver City in Forsyth C.:
G : .. '- - . -
5th. Petitioner shows tlat.
of his intention to nake thi
tion has been publihe .
weeks in1 botht-eCm
Dawsin Count' and the P -
tinel j.aper in Picken. (
('are ina. Beim: he r -v
bothl eeuntic~s n w -:t:
bv law.
Je: L. L '
... ," e.i ''"l t
:i.::~r a " N. A. (7br
tatC" of S
11 c ee'i .. . ir. the foyer
"aat-:as said app
ter. an he heard, fcr" l,'ave t"'y
firnai settle m'iient of thle personal e:
of C''~: -r ili Kni-a d_:e:: ,? ; n<;;
t. tate. 0. S. St:!'art,
OTIE: OF : FIN.\. SE.Eilito
N4t ce is hereby~ iven tha't I
-. apptica ti a N'. A. Chist
ens couty,~' in th tatet of
Caro!!'ena,. on th? 2>ni day of
1922.at 1 o'eo -kinthfrno
as soon therafcter :s sa:iil atpplie;
settlemnt of the rea'il and per~s
estate of James F". Hecndricks,
ceased,, and obtain dis-:harge as
ee(utor of said estate.
Noah R. Hendrie
Sole Exec
Notice is hereby riven that T
make application to N. A. Christc
Esq., Judge of Probate for Pic
County, in the State of South (
lina, on the 26th day of August,
at 11 o'clock, in the forenoon,<
soon thereafter ati said applie
can be heard, for leave to make
settlement of the personal estai
LJulius R. Smith mi'nor, and o1
discharge as Guardian of said es
R. L. Smith
On Imlprovedi Farms in Pie
Oconee and Greenville counties.
pi operty,, G eenville, Easley
RI. E. BRUCF. Piekens, S.(
Ofiee Cver~ Keowece Bank.
Hereafter The Sentinel cannot
anything that comes in Wedne,
morning if it could have been
in before that time. We alwaysi
more to do Wednesday mornings1
we possibly can do simply becaus
many people wait until the lastr
ute to serd in thin.s. !f your iter
ads could not be prepared before V
nesday morning. a1l right-b,1
them in.
These l:ne-, like all others, ha
A full and complete stock of Fu
ers, Waslistands, Wardrobes, Dining
ty: Safes, Kitchen Cabinets and Cha'rs
-, e p CO:
luly The Congcleum line cf rugs and
the in all the ditt'ercnt sizes. Lower in
Cre:x Rugs and Art Squares.
thg If you are thinking of brighten4
The home of Walk-Ov
Stets:' hats, Inter-wov<
Home Sewing Machines,
I Liy Colrsets.
loth)11ill, Shoes, 11
. rds of the ordinary
-* er this heading until
.iary for $7.50 each.
ate for re-election to
_ .. "lthe Third Congress
t. sbject to the rules
r Party.
runnina-l:! for Conl-resrs Third
S. .. na l D istrict, Subject to the
the )emiocratic party.
*eet to the rules of the D'me
\ , tie party, I at a candidate fur
- 1lmi nationl to Congress from
- Third District. Am thirty-s
uth chl. A gradiuate -'; Agricult
u.t. 'limsenii Cellege. Educat
oon1. on nmone'y mle wvorki.,n
1ien- Fix Cotton Mill. Am ::. .
nake Greeniwoodl Colunty Dem1 "...:
e of _
in :he app2 3...;"* .:ry. iubje
ig to the rul-:. andV .: . :- t2<
n. o emcrafti.' a~rty~.'22 '~';C
.ut TJ!! 0. WI :-:AMG :s hereby an
Juiy nourIeed at5 a cal . tc' .r Stale ti
n.tora eateaie frome~ Picr.:s oune
-o toite uac o the ruem ofathe Dart
final mcai yi the approcng pri.raye'eto
J.OIIL3Si herebv nonemsl a an.
ks one a<addate for te oue fRreen-to
pher. areetative from Pickens ounbe.
-kive-nbjc to the rulesadrults of th em
ENTo Docratic party in the approachingr
192 rmary. J .GRET
witln hereby announce myasel a candit
final for the House of Represen-e
er tatives fromn Pcounty ion th supe.
keans to th ~rulsad seubjetin tof the
tae.ruo- h Democratic pary nhe aracin
J92,.riary. J. HM.O GARreT.
heroueb anuc ha a candidate ue
fo th osoepresentat~i( rmIies
frs Do Pticn count in the ap-n
Ciyproahy elecionys. bec o h
J.. SIND OREYNO is hereby :~
annuned as a (and idate for HouseI~
of- Reettives from Pickens ny hjc
tout, ruect ato r'th rus of the
kDemocratic party i h prahn
senty primary elections,
W. . FNDoY i hereby anonem~l an
ofin (lte foState ~udge f Rprcsena
orionshet to the rule and regul. h
~euaidayfth Democratic party inthaprcin
sent ha rhn primary.eetin
p o Ihrb nonc yefacni
' - declined n iprice till today prices are
r niture, ensisting of Bed Room Suit e
Tables, Center Tables, Buffets, Iron Be(
o f cvery descript ion.
Art Squares is one of the best lines o n
rice than they have ever been. We al sc
Su your home, see us.
er, Red Riding Hood and E
'n hosiery, Griffon Clothes,
Iron King Stoves, Chase
alis and Gents' Fuirnishlingi
Call for Pictorial Review Patterns
I.hereby announce myself a candi I
date for reelection as Probate Judge
of Pickens county, subject to t e rules
and regulations of the Demloc"ratic
party in the approa'in rimary.
f1 N. A. CHISTl1oPH':..
CAPT. ELIAS DAY ihre y a::
neun'ed as : a ' enn .t : 11r t 1e".~
S :. . - -
pproach r rimar.s
NR M., PILLIP is heeb
iicd .s a ce:.da: . fur Fune:
of Pieken.- count::. subjec t to~
e rule of the Demr tierry i
Having a nienre to be the best
Sul ervisor Pickens County ever ha.t.
andt being urgedl by many friends. from
different art of the county to r n
for the office, I hereby announce my
sI l a ecnddate fo the off ice of Supi
ervisor of Piekens (Count y, subhject to
he rules of the Democratic pairty.
New if~ you want the bigge.- and best
Suprvi'sor the county ever had vote
frme in the August pin army.
W. S. M1ASTERS is hereby announ
ced as a candidate for County Comn
missioner of Pickens County, subject
to the rules and regulations of the
Democratic party in the approaching
G. WASH BOWEN is hereby an
nounced as a candidate for Commiis- K
sioner of Pickens County, subject to
the rules and regulations of the Dem-'.
ocratic primary.
J A MES .J. HIE R D :s hereby :announ
eed by friends as a candidate for
C.Vnmissiotner of Piekens County,
subject to the rules of the Democratic
j.arty in the approaching primary. C
J. A. FINLEY is hereby announced t
as a candidate for reelection as Com- I
missioner of Pickens County', sub~jet
to the rules ard regulations of the
D)emocratic party in the approaching
primary. 0
J. R. .J. ANTH[ONY is hereby an- Iti
n'.un'-ed as a candidate for the office
>f County Commis.sioner of Pickens II
County, subject to the rules and ei
ulations of the Democrati c party in
the app~roachinlg prmry
Friends of JAS. A. SMITH hereby a
agnounce hinm as a e~mdidate for b
County CC~nmissioner of Pickens
county, subject to the rules of the c
D~emocratic party.
I hereby announce myself as a
cpndidate fcar county commitnioner s
in th'e approaching primary, subject e
to the rules of thte Democratic party.
abcut back to prewar prices.
i, Parlor Suites, Davenettes, Dress
Is, Springs, Mattresses, Kitchen .4:
the market. We have a full stock
carry a full line of Matting and
Ke's a re ason.
& o.
ndicott Johnson shoes,
Carhart overalls, New
city buggies, American
LGoods a Specialty
W. L. DICKSON is hereb'n announ
:cd for Magistrate of Central Town
si.- su')jct to the rules of the Dem
Oeratie party
,1. J) I.\ 1UL IN i> hereby.' ancnoun
eria> a canin zte M'o laistrate o.''
>ntra! Tvw2!,ip.. subit to tb3
o ii'. mPrati. pm-y in the
Notice= run under this head at the
ra:e of ofne cent a word for first in
sertion, one-half cent a word for
- o..u.'n. ma~;~r:ion. No notice
excJ fr lc:." tlan 25c irst time.
FOR E NT--One' good two-horse
farm. Apply to J. M. St .wart, Pick
ens, S. C. . 2t
FOR SA LE.-Mrs. S. E. Fcr uson's
farm 1-4 I l i '- - ' "
Fe:.us .:::J, S.
FOC)R S.E .F.-Comp~
(outfit,:.'-neuding. tOre
gaslie euiepump, tunii, tower
and about I 200 fee't of one inch gal
vaniz-:d piping. All connctijons. T.
J. 3Iauldin-.E
I can sell anye Real Estate you
hv.inI'ie:<ens county if the price
is rb~h:. E. L. HIandecrson, Central,
S. C.
A teacher with Wlinthrop training,
first gradle license and four y'ears ex
perience wants place at once, either
rural or town work. Address,
"Teacher" care of the Sentinel,
Pickens, S. C. ,* ..
V. N. Trowbridge, PlainttW -'
lharlie Green, Defendant.
In pursuance of a.-Decretal. Order
niade in the above stated--taso by hi:s
lonor T. J. Mauldin, at Chambers,
uly 8th, 1922, I will sell to the~ hiigh
st bidder for cash,
he same being August the seventh,
9)22, dluring the leg~al hours for sales
Pickens Court Houe, South Care
na. "All that certain piece, parcel
r lot of land, situate, lying and being~
the State and County above men
oned, containing twenty-nine and
>ur-tenths (29 4-10) acres, more or
Ss, as shown by plat madec by H~ale
ouston, C. E., andl being a part of a
act of land sold in the case of J.
.Smith against WV. N. Trowbridge
rad others, on Saleaday in Septem
sr 1919, by 0. S. Stewart, C. C P.''
Terms Cash, on day of sale, pur
laser to pay for all papers and rev
mue stamps and re rtlding the-aame.
purchaser fails to' (omple with
mns of the sale in one' hour the
ame will be rcse4 nt the risk and
Kpense of the formpr bidder.

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