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Getting bigger every day.
Best for sores and burns.
Just sent some to Toccoa, Ga.,
and Laurens, S. C.
Price 35c, worth $1.00.
R. E. Lewis, Prop Phone 24
You Will Find Me Doing Bus
mess at the Same Old Place
And paying the Greenville market
for produce.
Hams 15 to 251bs. 25c,
Hams over 251bs priced according
to size and quality.
Your trade is appreciated.
Yours for trade,
Coight 1921 \vstr [ewsape Union.r. Tstfr h s
Ofal foltte hems jcamn alsnrteiai n-afpudo
oeldtoat of aufiof nnt gentse fritnu
Ship. It sweetens our cares, dispels - ____________
Qur sorrows and counsels us in all E.0L.CATNSAOI
Our extremities.-Seneca. MNS
Fudi~ges are one of the ensiest of i. ehl33 .m
Calndies to be made, are very po hrpSu-yTeleMle1 a n
lar and contain a good Fut udySlm1 .i.
(deal of nit-trimient when Btlhm33 .m
milkI, butt er, chiocolatIe_________________
and nuts are used.
T1ake two cupJfuls of
mafple sugar, oecupiflI Re w yorhat
of milk, one tablespoon
fuil of butter, hull to lhe byprfng ou
soft ball stage when test
in cold wvater. Add one cupful ofsytm w h
meats and whlen cool beat until
thick and- creamy. ileii Into a well
buttered pan and mark off into
Honey Puffs.-Cook three cupfuls of
attgar and eIC culpfl of cream without
atiring, until the threading stalge Ila ot b
recached ; add one-quarter of a eupful
of honey. When ihe sirulp makuies a ~ MS
soft bail on being dropIpedl Into (cold(
water take from the fire anid pour overI
the w~ell-heu ten white of an egg. Add
oine etpifl of chopped nutsi . When
firnt and ceenmy, shape1 intoE haills.Tepriidad eie
t~~. Pineappi6 Fudge.-loil two 'uplfls cao ltaesthtrcfe
of allgar, onie-half cupfuil of waler anid frmnucaddng.
one(-folIliiih tenponifill of1 CreamIi of
tilrittrl to thle soft 'm ba lntae, then tidd Jo 'a t3~ cc s , a
oneW ettpiful o f 4!ntid~l.4ed14 pieni ple (or ~ o t k -ao e
preC'tervemi will (10) fIbely chmopipe d a ndddst o ne e
al lenpoonfuli of oranige fhivoring. nadth eueinIO
P'our over the stIllily beaten whliites of n 5 pcae, er
two egga and hent unill light a boetaddak
foamy. Poinur into n buitte're ilE an 1and
eut 11n1o squres when cold.
v Ol~Cnnamon Fudge.-Boll together to-_________________
thle stoft bail ,siage two eultls of
suigar, one cupfuI of milk, onie table- ~ ,H al
sp)Onilful. of butler. IRemove from theGreile .. PiknSC
fire 1and( add one-hluf cupful of dates
Chlopp~ed, two tlbIs'poonfuls of dinna- MRI A
111ot1 flnd one tensp'onfuI of vanilla.
Conol. then 'heat unti1l creamy. P'our tony-tLw
S-pan aind markc off intoaieinalCors
* Fudge.-floll together Pc 15Ofc nCutHue
light, brown sulgar, on1 eenleOfc poiePsfc
)nbttrdoecudl o necpuffntetba n
By Prof. A. ). Fort.cr.
Paul held that the Son was of ti
same divine nature as the Fathe
le maintajns the divinity of Chris
even where he speaks of his incarmv
tion, by avoiding terms of literi
humanity. "He emptied himself, tal,
ng the form of a servant, bein
made in the likeness of men: and bc
in'g found in fashion as a man. I
humbled hinself, becoming obedien
even unto death, yea, the death o
the c.io5s."(Phil. 2:7f) "For wha
the law could not do, in that it wat
weak through the flesh, God, sendini
his cwn son in the likeness of sinfu
flesh and for sin, condemned sin ii
the flesh: that the ordinance of tlh
law might be fulfilled in us, who wall,
trot after the flesh, but after the
Spirit"(Ron.8:31f). Paul held thE
fami lar Primitive Christian twofol(
dcetrine that Jesus Christ was both
con of God and Son of David. The
Davidic Sonship is stated only in om
passage, in the'Epi-tle of the Ro
'ans. but the statement is explicit
"his Son, who was born of the seet
of David accnrdint to the flesh
(Rom. 1:3). Gal.4.4, Gol sent fortl
his Son, born of a woman, born un
der the law," seems to be in the sam<
direction, but is indefinite is to thi
['avidie lineage.
One might think that these tw<
passages were a plain assertion o
the humanity of Jesus. They ar
so, in a sense. Paul believed in thi
humanity of Jesus. But it was onl:
"according to the flesh," that is, Pau
made a distinction between the hu
inanity of Jesus and the humanity o
Ell others. Jesus was a divine
heavenly Being sent for a. diving
mission to the world had temporaril;
condescended to an incarnate state
In this state he was still divmne ii
perwtomality and wcF'k, sinless i
character. Perhaps we could mak
some. approach to Paul's idea b.
saying that the humanity of Jesu
was actual, but not literal, he wit
man, but not a man.
Paul's lettcrs contain no referene
to the idea o'f a miraculous coincep
tion of J which is found in th
Gospel of Matthew and Luke. Per
haps he (l:'i not speculate on how Go.
accomplished his birth from a woman
ai d at the same time preserved hin
'fhe spiritual character of Jesu
is made much of throughout Paul'
teachin:s0. Oftentimes h: is spoke:
of as a spirit. "The last Adam be
care a life-giving spirit" (Cor.15:45
At et!i r timcs; he i= ilen:.iii d wig
t:e s)irit in an ahrci::te sense. "No
the Lord is the spirit: and where th
spirit of the Lord is, there is Libertv
(2Cor.3:1'7). A man who lives i
close fellowship with God is cale
a spiritual man.. Th'.. term 'wa
surely applicable tc . 'us." Nowth
natural man receiveth not the thing
of the spirit of God: for they a-r~
foolishness unto Im; and he cannc
know thenm because they aire spiritu
ally judged. But he that is spiritm
jl'dgeth all things, and he himselfi
judlgedl of no man (Cor.2:14f). Some
times Paul speaks of the spirit o
God. "But ye are not in the fles!
but in the spir'it, if so be that th
spirit of God1 dwelleth in you. Bu
if any man hath not the spirit o
Christ he is none of his'' (Rom.8:9).
Ini some1 passages the meekness o
Jesus is beautifully p~ortrayedl. "Nov
I Paul myself entreat you by th
meekness and gentleness of Christ,
who in your presence am lowly amoni
you, but being absent am of goo
courage toward you" (C&.10:1)
"Put on therefore, as God's elect
holy and beloved, a heart of comn
passion, kindness, lowliness, meek
ness, long suffering" (Col. 3:12)
"With all lowviness and meeknest
with- longsuffering, forbearing on
another in love; giving diligence t
keel) the unity of the spirit in th
bond of peace'' (Eph.4:21.)
Reasonable Prices.
Masonic Bldg., Pickens, S. C.
Pratic~e in all Courts.
Office over Pickens Bank.
Pickens, S. C.
B. F. Martin, Sam B. Crai
IE. M. Blythe 0. C. Keit
Greenville, S C Pickens, S
,Martin, Blythe, Craig & Keith
Pickens, South Carolina
Practice in State and Federal Cour
Pickens Office Phone 39
FOR SALE.-Brae:<eta4 and Insub
tors also Telephone and Electric
supplies, see, Walte:' Hester at TI
Piclcns enta.
1 f
As the summer season advances w c aIi hes-itate to buy expensive things
that We wll only be able to use for a s:hort time, and then put it aside for
.mother season. To help our custome is C ut in 'etting such articles as they.
want we are making special prices on voils, organdics and ancy dress goods.
We are certainly adding to our ha rain Shoe counter and you will ap
precate the real money saving purch asrs that you can make from our shoe
We also have a large table of rem nants from which you can select ma
terial for at waiste, skirt or dress and at a bargain. Don't forget to see
the remnant table.
Our stock of ready to wear is larg e and compiete and it is our aim to
keep ycur wants and at reasonable p rices.
Edw ards Darsey
The Globe Furniture Company
IOf Greenville is offering some unusal
furniture bargains during the
month of August.
i We extend a cordial invitation to our old cus
tomers in Pickens County to come and see the special
offerings we have for this month, and most especial
ly do we invite all young married couples to come
and see our complete line of household furnishings.
We have experienced salesman who will be glad
~ to help you in your selections.
124 South Main Street Greenville, S. C.

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