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Announces Greatly Reduced Round'Trip Excursion Fares
to ..
Tle Following Round Tr-p Fares Will Apply from Stations Shown
Froht To Atlantic City, N. J. To Niagra Falls, N. Y.
Abbeville, S C-----------------$25.20---------------$35.10
Belton, S. C.---------------------- 22.25,--------------.3470
Clacnsbur. C- '-----------...22.25--------------- 34.70
Carlme, S. C. --- ---------........22.95----------------:32.80
Calse, S. C ' -----_- -------_----- .--.... 23.303
Chmen, S. C------- -- -22------------32 .
-- C- ---- -------------- 22.60-------------. 32.40
Crlmie, S. C.
Gaffney, S.-C-'-------- --------- 2.15--__-____.__ 3.0025
-e-e , S. C.-- ----- ------------2. -------------- 32.405
Green, S.-C -------- --------- 24.0---------------- 3.8
lGeeno, S. C-------- ---------- 24.85-.-----------..:34.70
Glnaer, S. C.---- -- ------------ 2..1._------._.-- :1.85
Logea , S. C.----- --------------------. ..-32
Lncaser, S. C.-----~~~~~~~~~2.6~--------~~---'4.5
ohrt, S C - -- - - 2---- 2.6--------------- 3.5
rNe w r , S. C ------------.------ .....- 21 ---- ----- . 3.7
Rock ill, S. C.------- -- ---------, 21.0-----.-------.31.85
Spartanhurg, S. C.- -- ------ -230-------.------- 33.15
Union, S. C.-------------- ..-.--. 20-------------- 3300
York, S. C.-- -- ---- ---- 2205----------------- 3:1.85
Tickets Good for Eighteen Days Including Date of Sale.
Dates -f Sale--July 12th, 18th, 26th, August 1st,-'th, 15th
23ird, 29th, Septembher 6th and 12th.
Tcke Higood On all regular trains2(Except-Penn - R
road Congressional Lim itedl.) (x~, ~n'vnafal
Trickets good to stop over at Philadelphiia, Baltimiore and \Vash.
ingion, on return trip only, not to exce- ten days, within fi-nal
limit of titkt.
Dates o:f Sale---.July 1th, 19th, 27th, August 2nd, oth. 1th 1
23th, 30th, Scptember 7th, anth, 21st, 27th October .th 11th and
19th. Tickets good go ng on all regular train s leaving \V as hiingtW on,
d. C., ongr ds following dates of sale. Tiela is d for stop
Tvcrs at, Bulsalo, Phiadepphia, Harrisburg, Balimore and \Wash
ington on the return trip only, not to exceed ten days within
final limit of ticket.
Call on Neareyst Tricket Agent for further intormaton, reservation,
etc., or address:ts
rt.. C. adTERD.P.s.:
Spa rtanburg, S. C.
Ext raordinary reduct ion in lte p1ritest 'Ford Cars, Ford
* Tirucks, F'ordson Tlraet ors andi Ford Parts lhave been madle by
+ the Ford Motor (Com1pany (luring the past year. In keeping w'th
.these redluctions, we' have now. greatly reducued our labor charges
for lepair service on Ford Cars. The extent of these reductions
is shown by the following examples:
Overhaul Motor anid Transmission $16.00
Ove'rhauu Hear Axle 'g.0
Replace Transmiissionl Bands 2.00
Grind Valves andl Clean Carbon 2.50
Overhaul Front Axle :3.50
Oil andl Dope Car All Over 1.00
These charges for labor only and do not include parts used
in operat'on. All other repair operations reduced in propor
Our serv'ice means GENUINE FORD SERVICE, and the strict
* use of only GENUINE (not spurious or inferior) FORD PARTS.
Thi-s means lower eperating cost to Ford owners, longer life
to your car, andl thoroughly satisfactory service throughout its
entire life.
.( .H. P. SITTON, Jr.
Authorized Ford Dealers
Miss Sadie Nealy is again teaching
in the Keowee School Oconee county.
Miss Pearl Sutherland spent last
week with relatives here.
Mr. Bill Manus o' Gainsville, Ga.,
was here for a visit last week-end.
1 M'ss Emily Thornley is with rel
atives in Elberton, Ga., for the week.
Miss Nell Smith returned last week
from a delightful trip to Charleston.
Mlss Florence Bowen is visting her
D brother Mr. C. M. Bowen of Seneca.
2 rs. M. E. Farmer, sister of Dr.
Cannon, from Georgia is here on a
Miss Bernice Cannon from West
minster is visiting relatives in Pick
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Anthony spent
the week-end with relatives in Green
i Dr. Porter says that Rev. Spinks
has all the moss cleaned off the Pick.
ens folks.
Mr. Verner Jones left Monday for
a training camp at McCleland Alaba
21 ma where he will be for a month.
A singing school is being conducted
a tthe Baptist church by Prof. Rue
b hush.
\lr. and Mir. \. II. Cramer aml Mar.
a? and Mirs. S. D. Grotv es setapr
c o last wei '1e at 'fable Rack.
\Vrs W. S. Grant from Easley wa
visitin lait f'riend Mrs. Charles Nal
ley 1a.t week-(nd.
iirlie C t'ur(ton, Jr.. who has been
at th. sum'nier school at Clinton Ix
at 1 omne for his vacation.
M is ws Alice and Sara White from
Athlmta me guests of Mrs. G. R.
liss Annibel Looper has returned
to her home near Pickens after
spending the past ten (lays in Green
j ville with relatives and friends.
Miss Elinor Mauldin has returned
after a most delightful visit to her
cousins the IMisses Robinson's of Eas
Miss Fannie Finney, one of our
accomwieudataing "hello" girls is en
. joing a much nieeded rest with her
The many friends ofT Mr's. M. M.
HIIolder r'egr'et that hert condition is
n ot muchi impr~loved(. She :s9 now with
heri~t p-trents at Easley.
Furmtian Chtastain. Paul G;rav'ely,
\ A ae Hlder c anad \Ansi!! Nealy' left
hilt Wedneschy for nia :\le (lellana,
- \n~tin,.-Ala.. wtherte thtey will re
\ s Alona: (h ihi v.ho hea haen
f th siat e by t he siennss iof i'r
T he sining'' sehen!, which h, bing~
tauttjht at the fBaptist cbureh by I':ot'.
.1 HI. Rutebuash of Dayton, \'a., is an
fopotuniiity fort instruction in mausie
t(w-c it is hop~ed ntone( of Cur chi]
dre and(it ~ y(;untg !people will tmiss
Mrsli.TJake Gesne~'ll 'savs t hat her1
in Saa i nab,'. writIes-.that hei has been
c.'lptred1 :') 1 at. oif l:quor ini the
ityaid (ightt mile5 uip the river he
~ alons cit'.whiskey.
Mr'it. andl Mlrs. A-. HI. Ciomier of
S patanhurlit g. Mrts~. J1. A. Scott antd
lt t~e dauight er of Ridge Springs, Ess
Gertrudle Wilsen and brothers of Wil
a Ii::mist on and Misses Beulah alnd Car
ol(ine Singleton of Westminster are
visiti-ng at the home of Mrs. Char
k~tte (layton.
They mae GnOD!
Bible Thoughts for
This Week
-- Sunday.
OlREAT P'oWvi"t RtO3I (;O1):
Ikhold. I give 11110 you powser to
tread on serpents and sorpions.
and over all thIe power of the en.
emy ;ant nothligi shall by any
means hurt you.--l.uke 10: 10.
A SUltE (it'lDE:-Commit thy
way unto tlie Lord: trust also In
hi ;. anl he shall bring it to pass.
1test In the I.ord, and walt pa
tiently for hin .-l'sahn 7: 5, 7.
I 0n1 the firut. and I am the ist:
anil biesides; mite there is no (;nil
.' .. I( hre at God besides me*:
yea. there i. no God: I know not
andv.--Isaiah1 -14t: (;, R.
ItJ:AL, l'E;.\':-W1Vision's w1a13
a re hays of pleasant1(s5, :nd all !
her baths aIre peace. - Proverbs
3: 17.
(;'1l ; i 1) (l I Il'S: - The
LorI will give grace and glory : no
good thing will he withhohl from
them dhat walk upr igliy.-'salm
84: 11.
T1I1"; <t1INIS'IENTIl11 GUIDE ):
The steps of a good! marn aire or
leredl by he I.'o r.---'sI al' : : 23.
Ni .l(iti W.\lt:---Nation shall f
rot lift up swordl against na:tion.i
!!eill er shtill they 10000n war aily
m( .u114 --18.ah b "::-. 4
WitA. STOP ''A\.MiN' A0orys
COu.EClNe GUBSCr14smo NO
'M4 . Aptea
3OH& O. RCb0I~Sti
awn toew eN
,k 4'. .1.NV
' e
eastrowt onn
bIe has beenu in P'ickens with her~
* verl 1 reitiveS for the last ten
The Issaque
the Hobbs-Hent
tinue the busine
Mill Store in the
On Tuesday, Aug
even the clerks in the si
this rule will not be bro
We have gone o'
cheaper than it has beet
We figur
ten to twenty 4
us and furnish
The aluminum ch
Science of Magnanimity.
A farmer sold his place a'hd bought
a farm in another ecunty, because his
neighbors were so mean. With his
family and his furniture and his cat
tle on the road, he stopped at a spring
near where lived an old fellow who
should have been teaching philosophy
but who, on account of lack of educa
tion, had missed his calling. This
farmer told the old philosopher how
mean his neighbors were and that he
hoped he would never see them again.
The old philisopher said, "They are
just as bad or worse where you are
going." And they were.
Soon after that another farmer,
who was moving, stopped and told the
o(1 philosopher that the only reason
lie wals moving was to get near a
better school and that it nearly broke
his hc art to leave his neighbors. The
c!( philosopher said, "You will find
them just. a.< good and as kind where
you are going." And he (lid.
'oi have perhaps heard of the fel
trow who died in the prime of his life
of spite which had backed up and
soure(d in his system. A neighbor of
his, and old fellow who eculd generally
say something good of every man,
after trying his level best to think
of something kind about him, said:
"lHe was not as mean all the time
as he was sometimes."
'Ihere is no doubt about the fact
(hat many a man actually suffers and
dies from rheumatism, from heart
trouble. from liver complaint, brought
on by the poison of hate in his sys
tem. He just can't forget and does
not. want to forget those who have
('' posed him. Any doctor will tell
you that this is true.
An adding machine is a wonderful
tiere of mechanism. It will add a
columin a of figures nine yards long.
Press the button marked 'total" and
it will give you the correct answer.
i'ss aneth r button and you will
h( ar a rattl ing tinklinkg sounml as it
literally throws all those figures out
C its system. Now press the "total"
a'ain and it will print "U0"-two
oos.le e'ggs! A!! those fl '_Ure ar
"1n( freever! Anaddin'g mna(hn
whlicih would not throw cfYl all the
fi cures of yesterda . and last w -(
and last year wouid not he worth
thirty cents. A sal( man cculd not
law such a machine n '.ou, cnild he?
'Forgive us our tre5spasse, as we
gorvive those who t respassi agrai nst
us." "Do unto ot'ers as you would
have them do .Unto you." There is
sound philosophy in the Christian re
ligion. How the world loves the man
without a grouch. le is like a buck
et of lemonade when we are thirsty!
He is like a thousand dollars when
we are broke! A glad welcome awaits
him everywhere! The fellow who is
built like a good adding machine is
all right!
Julius Caesar was built like agood
adding machine. You remember when
he overcame his greatest rival, Pom..
pey, and all the corresnondence be
tw.cen Pompev and his followers came
into Caesar's possession-plots to
everthrow Caesar -you reminember
Caesar had these letters burned with
ot even readling them, Hie forgave
his enemies without even finding out
who they were! Caesar's fame will
ivec co lone as men love mao'naniniity.
Rohert E. Lee was built like a good
mlbline mazchine. lie fouorht wvith all
his 'night and when at last he sur
r"'ndered. lie at once becaime' a loval
-'ldiers to b'e t rue cit iz/enW of the
I . S. A.\. Please lot mec sav right here
tI theIIn cld idcieris wuho werrei' t he
mecnlden' downu' in thevi r hearts.
m's loy'al to fte flaor of our country
e!ty i i s'elf'!-J do not holicve'
er. aman or woman in the south
ena Mill has bougl
lerson Co. at Centra
ss under the name o:
same buildings.
:ust 1st 1922, we will change'
ore being required to pay Cat
ken for anyone.
rer our large stock of goods a
sold in Central since the wai
e on saving each
:ents on each dollk
only the very besi
ecks will always be the sam e :
J' W. Parrott. Managr,
whose heart does not thrill at the
sight of the flng, and few, if any,
who would not, 4f need be, Willingy
and gladly (lie for it. It is mua
harder to forgivb when we have b n
whipped. Lee was big enough, grand
enough, noble enough to (o that!
Abraham Lincoln wi built like a
good ading machine. He fought a
good fight into which he put every
ounce of his magnificent strength,
and when at last victoiy was won.
and the slaves were free and when
the union was save(l, there was no.
malice in his noble heart, but, rather,.
"Charity for all!"
I do not think I have ever seen
this picture, but it is nevertheless
vividly inlnressed on my mind. I can
Fr e Lincoln lying in his coffin in
the capitol with the flag of his coun.
try draped about him as the hushed
thousands slowly pass by to view
him for the last time. On his sad
face there is the faint shadow of a
smile, a smile like the smile that mutist
havo been on the face of Jesus after
he had said, 'Father, forgive them;
for they know not what they dlo."
What has all this got to do with
education? Just this: if we know
nil about Greek and Latin and his.
tory and many subiects, but have not
lonreed how to relieve ourselves of
the hate in our hearts--"have not
charity"-our education is sadly de.
floiont. Let us learn the Seience of
Mv-nnis'ity. It is the noblest sei.
en"o of then all.
How mih betto"" and healthier and
hanier this world would be if we
would all (8' oven nor cent of us,
n"netire th ce"Anen, of n1ennnimity,
Tf wo c'oul'l iust. m'oes down the hut.
tIan andl relneso th," h1~eo and t1,- hurt
tat is in our hear' Wh! \Ven I think
of fh:, it som th-t T en almost
hear the :nerl- s'in(in' in the h',
When Baby Frets
)1. T'iltil'lltutil 1S s ' T et't .,
er Will Remiiove thIle
Watch carefully, mother, for fever
ishness, sour stomach, coated tongue,
cold and colic, or stomach and bowel
disorders. Give the -crying, restless
child a few doses of Dr. Thornton's
Easy Teether and note the inmodato
improvement. This old reliable baby
remedy comes in the form of a swoet
Powder that infa,:t take more road
ily than sticky syruns or liquid mod
icines. It is comi "ed of powdered
antiseptics, digestants and granular
stimulants. contains r.o opinteg or
harmful drugs.
For fifteen years this care~.fully pr..
pared prescription of a successful
baby special ist has won hund reds and
hundreds of unsolicited test imonnials
from doctors, druggists and uappr'ci a
tive mothers. Time and againa itsi
effici oecy has been' 'proven abryosi:
quest ion of dloublt. f it fan to' ho'ly
ders in a ,nchag'..-' i:1 ,i;. es
25c at your dru:.-- ar .
The Gre envijll Daily' News and The
Pickensfl senftinel onie year11 each for the
p)rice of The N'wws ane.
FTe1' Pik~ Senitintel anid the At
.t the stock of
I and will con
f the Issaqueena
:o a strictly Cash basis,
~h for their goods and.
nd marked everything
customer from
ir spent with
of merchan'
is cash at both stores..

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