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oke At McCormick Last Week-Ac
count of Mocting.
The following account of the con
gressional campaign neting at Mc
Cormick is taken from the McCormick
The three candidates for congress
ifrom. the Thir' District, Fred 11.
Dominick, incunibent, Sam H. Sherard
and Ed. P. MeCravy, addressed about
300 voters of this county in the eourt
house here last Saturday afternoon, a
large number of- whom were ladies.
In the absence of County Chairman
W. K. Chqrles, 4r . A. J. Bell acted
as chairman - of the- meeting and in
troduced the speakers.
-Mr. SamH. Sherard was the first
speakei. He is a member of the State
House of Representatives from Green..
wood County, and is engaged in farm
ing at Ninety-Six, 20- miles fr9m Mp
. Cormick, and feels, that he is among
homefolks in McCormick.. In asking
for the office of congressman, he
fels that he is asking a great deal
from the people, and 'believes \;hat a
man should be tidroughly familiar
with local andl national conditions be
fore offering for the office; public re
quireiments demand it, and were pever
so great as they are today. He stands
for law. enforcement, and wants a
change n the orgasic lhavs and gov
ernment for betterment, which he ,-e..
lieves will bring more satisfacti-on to
the people. There is no timic fore,
quack or dlemagogue, but rather for
-Ympathy and co:-operation, and if we
will pattern after the fashion )f our
fathers from 1860 to 1865 much good
will result.
. These. who are working in co-opera
tion for peace are working for the
comnmen good. Eighty per cent of
our people are dependent upon the
agricultural 'ntercsts and need the
co-operation of the office holders.
South Carolinians are the peers and
in a large degree excel the people of
any Stat.g in the nation. He gradu
ated in Agriculture at Clemson Col
lege, and spent some time -in the
Philippine Islands and France, but
would not give' his farm at N'nety
Six for the whole of either the Phil
ippine Islands or France. If sent to
congress, the producer will get the
benefit of the doubt in regard to his
vote. He believes the Federal Reservo
.Bank is a great institution, but el'
action of its board which materially
affected currency and brought on
the depression was a drive against
the people. Revisions are badly need -
ed for the system. Section 19 of the
Federal Bank Act should be amended.
It specifies that farm paper, even tho
backed by cotton, is not recognized
by the institution unless the bank ten
lering it is a member of the federal
instituticn. l e said there are 30,000
banks in Am'.rica, 10,000 of which
belong to the Federal Reserve Sys
Rate of intercst en money is too
high to the agricultural interests; in
France it is loaned at from 2 1-2 to
not nio c than 5 per cent. '.e olio's
that War Finance Corperati'on does
good work, that Henry Ford should
have the Mu.lo Shoals proprty;
believes in federal aid to roads and
schools; bel.'eves in sanitation and
eradication of pests and insects, in
cluding ncstjuitcs. and boll weevils;
wants a bill passed so the government
can and will sell calcium arsenate
to the farmers at cost for fighting
the boll weevil; farmers of Georgia
aie getting calcium arsenate at 9
cent~s a round, while South Carolina
farmers have to pay 15 -* se for it.
.He favors vocational training in
schools, and realizes that education
is of prime importance; and favors
a 50-50 appropriation for schools by
the Federal and State governments;
dloren't belicve it wise to cut taxes to
cripple schecels; favors federal aidt on
highways, and would Work '.n congress
to bring as much federal aid in South
Car-olina as possible for schools..
HeI wculd vote for the soldier bonus
bill; would havec votad for wvar and
thie drmaft act which put the rieh and
poor boyss in the same class; the
American Legion favers tihe bonus,
and so does lie; the samec crowds and
headls of corp~orations which fought
the bonus are now fighting the wvork
ing man, and their only c'are is to
protect mnoneyed interests; denounced
the law makers who cut the pensions
dlown for Confedersite veterans, and
stated that the Amierican .Legion
lends it-s support to prevent strikes
and to keep peace among all classes.
ini conclusion he said, I am a far
mner, farmiing in Greenwood County;
am endhorsedl by my home~ Democratic
convention for congress, which cannot
be said of my opponents; and my in
terests are idhenitical with those of miy
farme~r friends. I bolieve in traitling
that fits . man to help all people, and
also I starid for fair dlealing to all.
H~on. Fredl H. Dominick, incumbent,
was sec'ond, ard after applause at his
appearaniec on the stand, he began
his odd1-as by ,assuring his hearers
that on account of the intense heat
he would be brief.
- lie theanked the peoplefor the mnag
niflecent support they had given him
In the two previous elections, andl for
the handsome majority of votes which
- he is sure-will be his on the 29th of
this month.
Hie stateth that thd bonus issus is
an important one, ansl that he vote(
agaitist it more than two years ago
before and after the last election
The bill provided' that each sold-ie
would get $1.00 for each day's service
in the'United States and $1.25 a daN
for each day's service 'overseas, noj
exceeding the sum of $600.00, bonus
.being started after a man had beet
in service 60 days. It would coni
in a'-ertiflcate form, and where th(
certificoate called for $300 00. hank.
would only loan $150.00 on it. If th<
certificate was held for 20 years it
would be worth $90.00. He aaikc(
wihy his opponents hadn't itrod uceC
bills for individual' bonus. from th,
State, and answered it himself by
saying that the State treasury is in
the same fix as the federal treasury,
too much in debt.
HI aprov; of aid to (d'idled
soldiers, and. says no one regrets pay
ing this, but the ost is runn-Nig high
Ile was a member of the National
Democratic Convention in San Fran
Cisco two years ago, At which time
the issue was taken up. le wanted
V) know why MIr. Sherard had not
beel more sucessfull on the Walys and
Means Committee of the South Car
olina General Assembly last year
and prevented the $100,000.00 cut inl
the lensicns for Confederate veterans.
His vote against war was no lack
of loyalty, and after war was de
r.lar I he d'd 1l1 in his pewer to wil
it: ai]d didn't think it necessary to
d isu .8 this matter. and had o apoil
ogir's to make for his stand on it.
The TowlerLSterline educational
bill is one of the mort dangerou: hills
that could be Pdvreated, and all spven
of the mlellbers of conress from thi
StOte would vote -tainst it. Dosen't
believe the Federal iyovernment should
have full contrI in these matters, and
is a strong belicver of States' rights.
le appreciated the increasing
majerities given him in the elections
in this county, and laid his record be
fere the voters. sayinsr in no unmis
takeable terms that if the people want
the same kind of service in congress
which they have had since he has
been their servant, to vote for him
and they w-'Il have it. He trusts his
-ecord will merit their support. Ten
months out of every year he is in
Washingtop .- looking after the in
nrests of his State and nation. Mr.
Dominick said he couldn't criticise his
r'pponents for making the race, but
he trusted that his conduct and record
would merit a continuance of. their
support. However. he did think his
-noonents as inemiers of the South
Carolina General Assembly should do
nore good in that capacity before
.ittempting it in congress.
Mr. Ed. P. McCravy of Easley was
the last~ candidate to speak, and he
,egan by saying that it would be'
lothing short of cruelty to keep his
.eorers long. altho lie spoke the fu.ll
,hirty minutes allotted each .eandi
!ate and then said he hadn't said all
to wanted to. \
He was born iust cutk side of Ab
eville nearly fifty years ago: had
rmved all his life and now farms I'
vith white labor in Anderson Coun
.y not far from his home at Easley,
Pickens County: has bei a successful
r'arier and read law. but did not en
'r the nrof9ssion; the time when he
.hould have been in college he was
>lowing a bull on the farm, and his
;uceess as a farmer fellowed this.
lHe criticised r. Dominick for his
and on the war issue, the bonus bill
tndl other thine-s, anid saidl that the
!'ason Mr. E. 11. Aull. editor of The
SJewberry Herald and News, was toot
ing Mr. Dominick's horn wvas that Mr.
Aull received his appointment as Su..
nervisor of the 1920 census at the
iands of Mr. Dominick.. He #Aaimed
that Mr. T,,ominick brought the bonus
?uestion into the presenit campaign,
1i~ also stated "tl-t there are 170,000
~iviT employees receiving a bonus
From the United States treasury, andI
hat .Congressman Dominick gets
;6300.00 bonus a year. He further
flayed the present congressman's rece
ord by sayine- that Mr. Dominick is
-onstantly fighting monstrositiet in
-ongress, and fav'ored Kaiser Bili,
ubmarines and ,other enemies to
Mr. McCravy is opposed to the way
the cotton exchange is conducted andl
to the influx of iigrants, giving
some figures- showving to what great
proportions some of our large cities
are inhabited by foreign boi'n; b..
lieves in the Democratic way di pay
ing taxes, and says that the income
tax -is A .iust one. He waints to give
the producer of cotton more power
in the marketing sof same ana wants
theln the producer to be move in
:lepend~ent and( free fr-om the snec
nlator,. and believes in organizations
to help tl~e farmers.
He gavbe the number of lawy.'rs in
the nnational house of represent'atives
as 298, out of '438 members, wvhile
the numbmer -of farmers is only 21, and
statedl that the farming interestb
she-uld have a eons iderably lai-gei'
represcntation in Washington bekrE
they can expect much benefit.
Mr. McCravy stated that Mr. Dirnm.
inick opposed wvoman suffrage, bul
says he is in favorof it and is wvilling
to trust his fate to the good womer
of this district, and in closing assure'
themi that he wvould appreciate thein
support as much as any. After i
mieet~ng in the court room, Mi'. M"'
Cravy made ancther speetch to a crowv
on a street corner. /.
Visited Pickens Ccun(y Augut 2 and
Did Much, Diamage.
A terrific and destructive hail storm
visited a section cf Pickens county a
few miles northwest of the court
house last Wednesday afternoon'Au.
iu:t 2, and in twenty Iinutes caused
a 1.Ss of thousands of (ollars to farm
ers within its Mth.' It\is estimnated
that the Crop diimiage over the storm
.wept aera is from fifty to seventy
five pr), cent, except on the fai~ms of
Messrs. E. G. Mcl)aniel and Claud I
Adam whose crops were completely
destroyed. 1
The downpour of ..bail began at
3:15 o'clock and lasted only twenty
minutes, but during that time there
was a steady downpour of hailstones
about the size of partridge eggs, I
which, besides doing great damage to I
cotton, corn'and other crops, destroy- I
ed grapes and other fruit, knocked
out window glasses, unroofcd several
out buildings and in a few instances
kflled fowls.
As reported to The Sentinel the
greatest suf'erers from the hail storm
were Messrs. McI)aniel 'and Adams,
wlose cropr: were totally destroyed,
M. ). Cantrell, Dr. R. Kirlcsey, Mrs.
Nnri(e Tolbert, Miss Aurie Kirksey,
M. J. Welbrn and Rev. Charlie An
'lerson. (
Th farnis c.i Ale:srs. T. I.. Bivens
,and J. B. Robinson, betwcen Pickens
hail 'strmi the same afternoon, but
were not dainj.aged to the same cx
tent as those mentioned above.
Great preparations are, being made
vt Seneca for the holding of the Gyp
sy Smith relig'ous revival meetings
at that place from September 3 to
September 24. All denominations are
behind the movement and the meet
i'ngs will be held in a large tent.
Rev. Gipsy- Smith is an evangelist f
of world-wide fame and no doubt ~peo
ple from all over the Piedmont section
will take advantage of this opportun*
ty tb hear him.
The annual reunion of the family
of the latefRev. John T. Lewis will
be heldat the home of Mr. and Mrs. '
L. E. Childress at St. Albarth, Green
ville county, August 12, 1922. All i
relatives and friends invited.
Extracrdinary reductions in -
: Trucks, Fordson Tractors and F,
:the Ford Mo-tor Company (luring i
*these reductions, we have now gr4
: for repair service on Ford Cars.
is shown by the following examI
Overhaul Motor and Transmiss
Overhauu Rear Axle
RpaeTranisre ission Bandls
Ginds Y'alves and C!can Carbon
Overhaul Front Axle
Oil and Dope Car All Over
These chiarice for labor only
* in operation. All other repair
. tion.
Our service means GENUINE I
. Use of only GENUINE (not spuri
+This means lower operating cot
: to your car, and' thoroughly sati
: entire life.
Authorized F
* Pickens,
Wants Pickens Snake to Fight Chant.
piotf Snakebf Oconee
The following special from Seneca
ippeared in Sunday's Greenville News In
":Davis, Seneca'.9 lighting king W"
make, won his scon( battle oin the '
treets of Seneca today whcn he met 1
intl dflcatdCc a snake brought to Sen- A
ea today from Pickens county in ari. A
nyer to the challenge recently issued I'a
n the Greenville News. The Pickens
make was a spreading adder of the be
mrge variety. Davis killed and swal- '
owed the addler, the fight lasting F"
;wo hours and foftv minutes. The "
make fights in Seneca are managed tO
>y Cheif of Poice Gantt who has l
!harge of Seneca's miniature zoo, el
kt present Chief Gantt has nine dif- Fa
crent val ities of snakes and is I
'nxiously Waiting thZ battle with the all
1reenvillc eo-unty snake mentiongt ih lir
recent issue of The News. The r
hallenge to Garx' liott. the ed'tor of
-: Senting still stands. The snake Of
as named after Lefty Davis, star nu
'encea baseball piteher."
This is the first The Sentinel has
card of the challenge, but this paper
ereby issues a call to the sons of
ickens e.ount' to g'6E busy and help
s uphld thc glory and prestige of f
he county. So if any SetinelI read. o
rs know of a king snake r any other led
:OCd fighting snake which can be tak
n to. Seneca, hct it be known at once
nd arrangements will he mlr.de for I'
oldin the fight. The Sentinel does
et believe that any Oconee snake
an last long before a Pickens snake '
f the same kind. 'e
liewever, horn snakes are barred
rem the contest, for if one of these ell
eptiles made a mislick and stuck GO
is horn in the ground it would prob
bly withor all the crops within ten
diles of Seneca and cause great dis
ress in the Comnmunitv.
The Seneca snake hias already won
everal public figh's-and it rema'n: M0
or1 a Pickens county snake to van
uish this socalkyl champion and
how Oconee its real place in the BC
nake line.
'All who are interested in cleaning 5i
if the graveyard and church grounds Sc
it Holly Springs church are requested
o meet at the church for that pur
ose the second Saturday, August 12. ti
* uti
he prices of Ford Cars, Ford *ro
>rd Parts have been made by fo
he past year. In keeping with
~atly reduced our labor charges . 80
The extent of these reductions s
les: ''T
ion $16.00
2.50 1
1.00 orCd
and do not include parts used
operations reduced in propor.- th
. he
ORD SERVICE, and the strict :c
ous or inferior) FORD PARTS.*
t to Ford ownors, longer life : H
. Ti
rfactory service throughout its io
TON, Jr.
ord Dealers
Inner to Bo Awarded S. S. Wit.
Must Delegates.
A CcuitY-wide atenane~ contest
s bccin ann(;'nced'c II connection
th the .a-proacling County Sunday
hool Association tenventijm to be
Id at Lawrcace Chapel on Sunday'
lato, accerthIg tc the Counto
e-tencfcesi agMftai'
At thi conIventioln a lier is to
publicly awarded to tie Sunday
hoo having the largest number of
rsons (over 16 years; of age) )re
ch to the ecinvention count the
the distanet traveled. Under this
In, fen persons coingin ten miles
a to the econtfention count-the
le- as twenty who came only-five
les each, thus making it fiir for
,both far and near. Thereis no
ut to the numb r -who may attend
>111 any Sunday School.
I'he banner becomes the property
the Sunday School -winning it and
y be taken hcmv for permanent
play in the Sunday School room.
'he prograni for 'this convention
as follows:
10:00---Prayer and Praise service.
0:30-The Convenmion Theme.
Torking Together Ti) Win" By'Pro
sq(,r Wi. S. 1o-r-rison, Clemson Col
ge, S. C.
0 0:4>0-LSong.
1:00- -The "Pickenls Coui)tv Baby."
liss lone Alvcrsn, Field bec
my S. C. S S. A ss'n.
1:%0-Business (Reports of offi
S. Rec-ord of attendanie, al)point.
lit ct committees.'
1l:40-"Wilning the Men of Pick
Sfor the Man of Calilec." By Nfr.
o. R. Koester, Greenville, S. C.
12: 10-Announcements.
Adjourn for dinner.
Afternoon Session
I:30-Prayer and Praise service.
I:45-"The Work of the Sundav
hool Teacher." By Prof. William S.
1:05--How to Interest "Teen-Age"
ya and Girls. By Lo-cal worker.
2:30-"The Little Folks and the
nday School." By Local Worker.
2:45-Onen Parliament and Discus
m of "Building up the Sunday
hool." By Miss Alverson.
3:30-Reports of Committees, Elee
mn of Officers, Selection of next
ace of meeting.
3:40-"What will Pie-kens Do About
?" By Mr. Koester.
A free tuberculos's clinic will he
Id in Easley on August 11 and 12
the city hall.
Dr'. Bonner of the -taff of the S.
Tubercul2sis Sanatorium at Colum
will CeIcIiI-t the Hinie. Dr. Bon
is a specialist on thront and chest
C'here clilie4s have been held at
ny other points in varous countiv.
the State, with such sp1e(di'id
e.n4Iance that. it has been foundi
essaIry to makit them two daiv
lics inieteld (I one day. Green
le, Anderson and b en-e have lalt
I the'u. clik-nies with lar,'gc attend
le, es wll as manly counties inl the
itral and jower part of the stat".
Phese clin-es offer an unusual op
'tunity for those* who have the
case 'to consult a specialist, and
those who have any of the early
nptons to find out ivhat is the nmat
wvithl themselves. Tuberculosis is
per~ cent cui'able in the early stages
: those who take warning in time
1. well.
Aliss Elsie Gudger' of the S. C.
herculosis association will he in
skens county uintif after the clinics,
'isting wvith the work.
On Juily :Oth thec fnmily of~ tht late
31. Rinmp(y melt at l'v-ka nsan
'coU0 t! IIo a ipet ait the foott '.4
nimuntain whe(t i' a pienii dinner
After dliiner the coinyit gather' I
the bank of' the cree'(k and (.ngwedq
a se.ng serv i('e after whliich all went
iding in mnt ry of thiose hgppy
re(foot dlays.
The final episode. of the day wvas
slaughter of a giant rattlesnake
Charlie Porter. lie say's that in
much as it was killed on the way
me and that he can show the twelve
[tles is proof that he did kill a
uke iinsteadl of trying to find an ex
se to ge hold of some "snake med
T'hose present included Mr's. HI. hM.
impey and th(' following chiildren:
omas Rampey and Mrs. Joe Gaines
Liberty; Mrs. C. .~Porter of 'al.
u; .Jule and And Rampey of Pick
s: Me's. Will Rogers, Westminster;
's. Hlerhei' Newvton of P~ek'in-;
-enty,'three wrandc'hildren and fou r
cat- gra ndchildren.
One WVho Wa. Ther(e.
T[he fiftieth a pnnnal r en nion of bhe
i'vivors oif Or"'s Regimecnt will be
Id at Walhal Ia (on 3onday' antl
Jesday, AuL'nst 1.I ::nd I5. All Coni
derate vet erans~ invit (. to attend
-guests of U. P. C., .S'uns (f Vet
ains and ~Am'rican Le(gi( n Cf Wal
Why The Road Was Held Up--Inte
esting Information.
There hd1s recently been so nAlh
discussion about the Piciens-Brevard
highway, aine way and another, and
ecie~llIV as to why work on the road
was hl2d up, ind as there 'have' been
many conffiei~ng reports and dpinions
among the eit:ens of Pickens countv
a!nd mu infrcstzshown by them inl
the matter that The Sentinel wrote
to the State HIigh'way 'Department
fer complete information about the
r11ead. Pickens county has spent a
l(t of money on this road and The
Sentinel felt thahe peopl6 wanted
and shouI have t~ie straight factsj,
be what they a'i'y.' Inquiry as to
Mr. Wade H-. Chastain was madebe
cause it has been w'dely published
that he was trying to get the route
changed and this was holding up
work en the road. The Carolina Tin
ber Co., for Which -Mr. Chastain is
avent, has also been publicly referr
ed to in uncompilmemtary terms. It
miay interest the peolple to know
thimt thiF com-'npany has riven free
rip lit-c f-way for 01he road tshiough -!
1i a1.hohlI) the read will-be c.
n help to this v'11r. ;any,. but, rat~her*
at ine ItereciCe. ,xh I* the c'lmphany be
gilns to cut an(ld (ir!" its timber out.
The1 T (i t er my n han aIst' -i-'len
the enult muc h br:hW timber with'.
tpt C- in ilrnt ways, so
'The S") ;.e( is I r i!: y in)oi nim.nl,
s:ive''d P 1a::::: it u t P ial theus
n111(1 of delhtlra* 1i 1t b1ilding1 of the
road. T!. . i l arc ent:tied t these
Fl''lo1wing is the lette" frA; the
SaIe HIi!.hway Depart mtilent:
The Pie!:ens Scntinl: Gentlemen: I
tal:k p!easure int f ni.;h in1!p you the
fcllowim:t. Yfra egIarding the
ree fd imtiprcvemlent of Pickens-Brevard -
Hb h Way:
1. Proj1 ct No. 10V2 extends from
thre., and one half miles beyond
Price's Store to Reedy Cove Gap, a
distanec of one and one half miles,
completing the section up to the Gal),
and was approved by the Government
on March 23rd. The work was under
taken by county forces, but was dis
continued several weeks ago with the
4dea of letting the remainder to con
2. Projfet No.' 1-4 extends from
Reedy Cove Gap~ to the North Caro
l!na line and was only approved by
the Governifient of June 23rd and is
now being advertised for bids to 1)
received on August 15th.
3. The Department has no knowl.
edge of any effort'having been inade
by Mr. Wade H. Chastain to ret the
route of the road changed. Our en
gineers called on Mr. Chastain for
suggestie s as to the most practicable
rout% to follow in making the surveys,
however, 11nl found the information
fnrnished by h'n of considerable
41. The worlk hits been held ulp in a
very large in'Cs.ure' because of the
fact that the Governmenit dsires cer
[ain redauctions1 in grades 1i1d certain
rd ific ai ;tis in the al itn men t w here
very sharp curves are shown, and ill-,
Dep:i-t m< m. has f<-uniI it impracticable
h, maick 1thC chaiinges Without great
ly 1'rasilg the ecst of ti. W'rk.
The lcal reprisentative of the Gov
'Iameit. is in sImpathy with the at
titide of the Del-tment however,
an1d we hope that the changes which
will finally be inisted on will nottbe
5. The app~roval of the Govei'nment
already secured 'for the two projects
ayes thel rrute by ~way of Roelly~ Bot
tonm and Eastatoe Gap, but as this
atlmrloval is conditionled 0on the mId~ift.
catjen abov~l). e referred to being madec,
we are still liable to meet with sonme
fiult iher dc lay. We believe that the
w ck enn go forward on other p~arts
ofI t he read whiilene~1( sect ions in ques-.
tion are' 1 binhg discussed'I.
(. Tlhe fti Ial amli un lt oIf Fedlei-al Aid
atllet ed to these two projects is $60,
TIhe De'nartm1e1nt re'gre(ts yery miuch
that local miisund(erstandii'~s liave
arisenl inl eenneed~on with this work,
and1( espiailly that the delay iln get- 'a
ling startedl hats caused a feeling of
dlisatisf act imn. We feel, howvever,
that you wvill be much better saltisfied
with thp. road when it i's finially
completed if extreme core is
usd in workin'g out the dlifficult loca
tion andi if thorough study' is given to
all phases of the work 'hefore it is
too late. A co"'iderable amnunmt of
money will he expe'nded -for building
this read tfnld ' - arc naturally very
anxious that nol uninecessary wvork
should be done and that when the
work is completedl it will be a cr'edit
to both the colunty ndn the State.
Yours1' very truly,
State H-iighwVay Engineer'.
The ibert y Tlownship Singing con
ven'ltion1 will mneet with Rice's Creek
churtch the second Sunday i'n August
at 10 a. mi. Bring song books and
P'ickens counlt y ilet are. invitedl
to at tend1 ani atlIlday Singing at Wit -
.;ams~ton the ~.2(cond Suniiday-ini Au
There( will be all all-day singing
and <rinner on the groundl at Tabor
church, Snay, Augus 13

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