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1-Anerlean schy41 bo'ys, toura
hiondell of 'yomring. d : in:. t
8-Pennsylvaila state tr(Ips min r
Railway Executives Refuse to
Accept President's Plan as
to Seniority.
Federal and State Control of Coal Dis
tribution Gets Under Way-Chicago
Traction Workers Quit-Resu;'s
of Some Interesting Primaries
France Warns Germany.
N EGOTIJATIONS for the end
thie railrod strike were! at
tempr.-arily halte!d again lai
b1,ei the pla of. Presidnt:A Ii..
fa!1ed of compij1le]tc alc(etJ'tne
were confounded.
Ab er:'e':d by h!mself, t .- P
Mdet's plancrrri-dtee
First-Itilway i mar.a ers -
men are to agree to re -.
validity of all dee. ions '1' -
road labor bear) r t -
carry rout uhj ew:j
pflated by .0 w
all lawsuits
iand railroaidl
%hich !.ave - -
faa:" !: !- 4:% o
Third-A: 2 -: rR
to te ret.
e s :!.-- r r r -
The rrijway 'eeutiv-s we h
first to att ona :>.se pr. p;-s:.:s. Te
acteI!pted the firs: aree.-K to) the .e
ond with :he umb!: td:r:: that the
strike be first .r l.! ,f!" a r.d. that the
V'reresentat'. of . r- the izwes leg.
no0w at work a:. th- :..* r-r(r of the
carriers ; der ' I. 1 :w imposs.E
for them to cze t he. :Irst sen-rtence
of the thirdl' . ;.-:1
Hauving, p~. ed~ ::.-zls'.lves ins a
strategicr . p .:~ by awailtint: action
by the executiv ., the repirstatives
of the strikingr shopunenl met inl Chica
go and] vo'tedl, thugh with exiere'se
reluctance, ti acvcept the? Presidenst
prop.osalIs. This was cond(itlined ul:y
on rec' ;.mi~ tin of the unlion inte"rpre
}tation of '~he plan, which, litnonig other
thin ;'s,"would re~iuire the~ Permi:y .
V.anla railroad to abandon its tfi;:ht for
the openCf ihop. Thesho Sl( ra(1".fts al!
insist on the stalli shmnat of a a
tio l bardt ,f adujustm--n~ .rt whb '
would relieve the labor bi :ard 4)f i:
disputes except 'J1.s. invlvi:u w;'..
-, Some roads have a::ri'l t*ri. a
boards, but prob'ahfly I u !f them aru
opposed to one rs 1ti4onal er.! wIed
wou1ld psrescribue unIrirm <U..tin .
* gardless of no'e is (f va:r~ s l,..;
.Seemuingly the! rail ex.:utiveSs ar. i
dead earnsest inu their refusal to. abi
don their stand onl serniority b:s
SThey notified their local empalIye""
andi other workers thant the'y wou~l b
protectedl anid gua ranrteo.l prmarssisn!n
employmernt, arnd went ashead with the.
task of filling the plances of the strik
ers. In New York it waIs said( their
deeisive stand resulted in a rtush oft
applicants for jobs. Public opInIon Is
widely divided concerning this attitude
of the railway executives. Alany per
song feel that it is only juistkee to the
*. men who have remained at work and
those who have respondedl to the call
for workers to take up the tools the
strIkers laid (lawn. Those who sym-l
pathize strongly with the demands of
organized labor take the posltion that
Sthe action of the ratilway heads is a
part of a campaign to dlestroy the
It was predicted in Washington that
resident Harding would do nothing
Dore in the mratter at present, giving
6the railrotids an opportunity to prove
that they could operate effectively
ai Jin:; order at Cak~eburg nr t!.e ..-rt
taken over t.rA ';-erat'f t e tt -
- . .~ * -
-.j' *-!:e - -*
b4w h
:.-:. Mr. .Jera 8:-.. "al.-d a en
e-.zr.r:e of ihe ens.r:...rs C.! I-e Asyva.
:1he N.orthwest is mnre thr-a'.era.
than.r e-ver, aind Ihe has a~'I the gv-.
e-rnc.rs cf Jo-.wa. W'iscon-:in and' Ncrth
the b~ottom o-f the ec-a! bin is~ ina si'1b
and, at tbe reque-t rof the state f-:::
C. mn.sb-5n . all Frnarnetal andA dia.
p ay' eetrie li;;Lting h.as been diLsc-m
IICG(, see'4 ear str-1e -are
(levated lines qu4'it '.arly Tu:e'Liy
rha'rninr atn] no a ttempn;t was inade to
ta?ke the ears ':ut of the yards. Moto.r
vehleies '.f all descripti. ns w ere cal!e-d
inito serFvice aind Cyn the frsrt day there*
w ~as a terrlfic conrgesition of trattie. Ily
WV-'ednerday the polic. .tr club's anid
iv~idfual iru(t.rts~s had! wo(rked' Iu
*i .systemn that bire ughit the, r iat i' '
..ol(st tob normial. and) many~: a Chia!
an b'egan to wond'elr if th !.. city
':hi!r't Lvt atl'':~ with.'t the noisy
Arr.e'] t he worth oasf on'e- .a'y r-re
'ajre -.ithnt in th'* hu'e-s ntlr. h
Towa..r the end fr tewa eace]~
mnt. Th!e I:J-! a re- .:h tin: ot on ly
a p'roposed wage- reduction, but at nine
huir dIay. Char i-es of an o'rder by the
state paubile utilities boeard reduciing
fares an.! polities enater int) the Ci-.
(:aga situation, andl it w-as frequently
and openly asserted that the st rIke
rad a."put upj !'ob" to prevent the fare
rdcion aid to deal a blow to M yor
Thomrpsonm and huis organiza tion.r Thue
imayor hius long pbrotnised ai 5-cent fare
and last week tried to take steps to.
wa rd the establishing of ai municipial
bus line to suppliant the street cars.
A T THISwriting it appears prob
able that U'nited Staites Senato~r
.Jamues A. Rleed) has been renomtina ted
by the Democrats of Missouri. defeat
lng Breck-inridige Long in a fight that
was hot and even hitter. Mr. Long had
the support of former Presliet Wil
son, during whose administ ratioun he
was assistant secretary .'f state. The
dislike that Mr. Wilson anti manny oth
ers have for Reed (lates frorn the years
of the World war. rfhe Republicans
of Missouri pominated R. R. Brewster
of Kansas City for the senate.
II. E.:2.W. Y. Mrran. Hfute : n
W.4- on- r e ub
- r. turns w ri. p 'ht.
ons .
-in Gy.'r.de.
s.-. A .v(: 1i. lz~rirl
- t' - u t
- r''*x 6:~ A. t
r wI - afl
'I ''inle
terj*. '~ . I
t.-h. r
T A e- rn. It
Sinds-tie in Ifl "upied1
.be sei7' d A .stll more
- m .wa prrop.sedc by
- - rar . n of .. I; .n:a
ny ~e0::-4.Ai 1 r.:s'an
Gr P rti .e:i a oei ll the
- ry I r;.>in e'e fr.-m! her
deb.:'nes 19 ranele. The ether
F .r.(-dn na~tionrs .int:rreted this as
td '-:1-fly :co A:!nerica, hn~d in
no'te veld~~ ea~s Y. .?bange ins the Va!
tyo the U:.ited' States towar~d its
P'r.mier Poednrare nrA d embers of
the! date of tI.- 'onnf.rence with L'-.yd
m:1a-r Theu :As and ot:hers of Belg!umn
of reaain and war dietts will be
D'"f t*' "ro"1 'n Turkey
grntly dIs~trf'j the allies. Firs~t.
mrissionl to (rdr:-:p.y Constantinope.
TLh:s was proAbs!y "for h':mre ren
Isumsptiony." but the allie-s. much ex' it
edi. refusedI the requ.=t and sent a lolt
I f tr.'yps into Thrace, f rcing the
G;reeks tin withdlraw to 5ix miles fromi
the Chartalja ]in'os. Then Cohnstan.
its hinterluan i an autonmous~ etate un
der p'r.tecion of the G;reek armay, de
elatring' the heeuind-~ rerzions in Asia
Mino~r -sht ubu not he returned to Ts:r
k:'y. Hie thus upse~(t the plans of the
al!sfor a pear-e se(ttlemend-t betwee. n
4 re-..e. and Tuirkey. possibl.y be!!2-.-in.
that in this way ..ly (-an he keep the
--ekO! ppI-''e' from' again drnivinsg him
from th.e thrrte.
O ' "NE """" a' itr the 5!rnaho'
ofteIrish rebels .in the sot
are be.irng taken-r ly th.e natirnals, and'
the irregulars 5.0 far hav. n.'t mad'e a
de'terlaine-d s'tand. 'de-pite. the reported1
plea:s of De \'aVlerai. Harry Iiolanj-l,
one of De \'alira's closest frienids and1(
whof wa with hIm in Amnerioa, die-I of
a biullet wounid. Liam Mellowes. Sean
O'Malley. Wory O'Conri. G;eneral
IQuInn and other Sinn leaders are p'ris
oners. The final triumph of the pro
visional government seems inear.
F " O """ m'""te 'a rid'any every
ment in Amerien was silent. This was
the imp'ressiv-e tribaute to the memory
of Dr. Ale-xander Graham Bell, inventor
of the telephnane, whoii (lied in Haddeck,
Nova Scotia, itt the age( of seventy
five years. The great seientIst perfeet
edI mainy oIther n)otable Inventions, and
htlso was unntiring In his elforts to aid
the deaf.
United States Senator William E.
Crowe of IPen nsyl van Ia, who succeed
ed Senator Knox, (died at hIg home
after an illness that Ilegan last De
ember. lHe appeared In the senate
only twice beore that\ ie.
Gatheis.d From All Parts Of The
Globe And Told In Short
Di'patch.s fi.rn South Africa r
;.ort the discer.ry f a nw ;'old br-lt
In the- Tran-vaad.l . S*trtchigr from thec:
ljordt:r of J, .*raar~d to Nyl rou.
The f'r dr:eral :tri': wa
'.aaa pro:'.:-ay The~ Grnl..e
I.'ltalia. whirb : .;heri for the~ first
new-raper aribut the fa:Ilure to
the wan. of ary prattial reason for
a strike dsay.; th- mr vemnt was
-iter-ded ol :*ro the poli-ical
and par c'' "r. ambiton of a ser
cialist r':P anxiou-s to gain powcr.
In ItalY. n wtzer.end. En:.
land. one hears no talk r.f war. past or
future. Th- war is of the past-a
hideous :r'n'y. Put in one hour in
Germar-y o: hers talk In which the
word V.ar. 'vr. wa or.curs and r'
occurs. Vor- D-m Kreiz Nach Dem
Kreig. Zit D' Krei.
Pictures;c..: Hiiare Guerin. naycr
of LaPrair". whr;e pralses are beinu
sung along the St. Lawrpnce. for his
daring lea ershi; i the rescue of 47,
passengers of the Rapid; Pr!nce.
which went on the rocks in the lower
Lachine rapids. gave this recipe for
the making of a hero: "Whisky blanc.
pea soup and lots of hard work."
Twelve detectives are stationed
about the United States embassy to
guard the movements of A. Bruce
Belaski, who with his wife have been
the guests of George T. Surnrnerlin.
the Americar. charged dr1'affaires. for
Cver a w-e:.
Chei Chiung Ming's forces. who are
favcrable to the Pc4:Irg republic. have
defeatcd the troops of Sun Yat Sen..
the dpoe p;rc-sident of the Canton
repuc. Cand driven them from Shiu
Chow. 130 iles r.crth of Canton. te
a po.nt beyond Chihing. more than 40
mnle- norrheast cf Shiuchow. accord
ing to a :n iiven, out at General
C "sCantn headquarters.
Some -taternent of the American
government dealin with the note of
the Earl of Bafour. acting . Ertish
!ore.2n secretaries concerning allied
war debts. is anxiously awaited in reP
arations commission circles. where It
was said that 'he British cor'm:nica
tion ca inte-r-nllied debts would not
have the effect of preventine a Fran.
Co-British reparation settlement.
The attempt to fix by unanimous
consent a date for a a voe on the
adrninistratior tariff bil! appear d to
have been efinitely abandone!. but
private negotitI:ons were under way
loo'king to at least some cur-.ailment
of discussion. Sorre -e. ':cans be
lieved these might lead to results but
certain democratic senators were un
derstood to object to lImitation of de
hate until after the sections of the
bill dealing with duties on sugar and
hides had beer. dispojsed of.
woery citizen of the UnitedI States
oudhave received 112 ::ers last
year of the aggreg ate letter mail
which pased thrt-ugh the ;os toffice
department was div!ded on a per
eapita basis. A statistician in the de.
partrgent has estimated that 11.335.
00.000 letters went through the mails
last year.
Railroad rates on rought rice nmov
:ng from Louisiana producing points to
TAke CharlEs. Bellevue. Crowley and
Iota are unreasonably high as com
pared with sirailar rates to New Or
leans, the Interstate Commerce comn
mission held in ordering the railroad
to reduce them by October 23.
Acceptance of H:-nry Ford's offer
for purchase and lease of the govern.
men's vast nitrate and water power
projects at M1uscle Shoals. Ala.. was
::reed by reputblican and democratic
Senators comprising a minority of the
senate arricult!:ral committee in n re
rcrt submtitted to the senate. Strong
prost was ent red by the sanators
againt the acceptance of the cevern
mter.: owrorship and o'peration plar.
propcosAM by Senator Norris. of No
braska. th'a committe.'s chairman.
.The renppointment of W. P. G. Hard
:ng as envernor of tho federa! reset-ve
board will ho announce-i wf-hin a frew
days. accc'rdine to authoritativo infor.
mnation. At the Camne time the~ -icht>
or "dirt farmer" member of th. boardl
will be apnointedl. Preser. ntl y&::o
favor John M1. Howard. pr.'-< i-n of
the An-orican Farm Bureau f'o !-rt an,
althotuch former Secretary sf Azricuil
ture Houston and Mtilo P. capo)
head of the Mfichiran State Da r.
men's association, have leen .rromnir.
ently mentioned.
A reduction of $6.000.000 in the
lie dlebt during July was ann -r
by the treasury. On July 31. the
public dlebt stood at $22. t7 . .t:
compared with $22.963.351.7 S cr. J
30, and with S23.771.23;,it "a enJul
31 a year ago.
A fleevt of eight coast gu:ard cutters.
carrying a personnel of approximatelv~
600 officers and men. wi:l assemble
August 12 at Cold Spring Inlet. N. 3..
a few miles north of Cape M1a'. for.
inspection, target practice, drills and
exercises which will co'ntinue for a :
nleriod of ten dna.I
Further go.rnmen01it aci,Ion 'in tbe
railroad utrlke wai held in abeyance
lhouy'h rail road 'executivesj who refuts.
("! Prieldent Ifarding's Huggestious
iror t ir it, vere understood to
ha-.-: -(!rI adm1ini1jistratoi agents
th t. elorr.ej %%,,:; w itill oliajrn for nego.
t :j .in -. it prote.ctlon in Hoeniority
st *- i ; - rr-d Iy shopmen who have
t work In spit(e of the
t ikt r - i b: . :trant':r.d, any basis
>r thr! pre ifdent iight find
I;air wm(jln t .- i'torably :;nS id by
th: uiar:j ?-m' j . it was aild. Tenta
tive J';ewJtjia d( ' !,irlng thre day it was
add.ed. L d bro ht ,,o innrodiate tan
Thr' : tiiil "'erl: situation noW
facilng EuroI. d'~; to tlhe furthu:I tum
bling of Gct:iar; :nark,', the repara
tions aind w!r ribt prob!emns is :Irng
studirn2 by P'r::d'r-nt Hlardinig andA Sec
The Ladd minrrity re:1.ort upon Muis
ce Shoals, recommndjing at'crptance
f Henry Ford's offer. in its enirely.
will .e suimrit'ed t the sefnate in a
few days. Senator Lard announces.
C. E. Guice, se-retary of the .nited
States section of the inter-Anerica high
co'jmmissicn, says Euroi.caa interests
are realizing the imxortance of Vene
zuela as an oil .enter.
Estimated daily average gTos
crude oil production Increased 1.5
barrels. totaling 1.509.150 barrels for
the week ended. July 29. compared
with barrels for the previous
week. accordin !c the weekly sum
mary of the American Petroleum In.
st!tu te.
The Stan-'ard Oil company. of New
Jcrsey. anrourced a reduction of two
cerits a gallon -in the lrice of gaso
One of the largest sprees in his
tory was attributed to a former bar
tender. Auust De'.erinz. by his wife.
Rose. who tcld a Broo':lyn magistrate
her husband cot drunk the day pro
hibicmo. went ir.to effect and had bpen
drunk ever since.
Mrs. Mary Catherine Clark who,
accordinL- to a .olice announcement.
AS cor.-S-ei that she shot and fatal.
ly -:rder her husband. Edward
Ck '.ieman, wIll be called to
arcs :c- a charze of murder in po.
hice r:-7. mphis. Tenn.. Is was
W-------:--ace efforts npp-rently
ale. h third day of street car
:nrkc fou nd Chicago's erstwhile strap.
aners still good naturedly perched
:n pack!nz boxes in solid tired motor
trucks. crowded into "jitneys" or walk
ing long distances to steam :rains
The crowding, waiting and inconven
lence seemed to grow less as the pub
lie became more and more accustomed
to doing without electric transporta
Seven secreta indictment involvln!
six rr.-ente of Jackson county wer<
returr.d in the circuit court at Jac'
sonville b:. the secial and j.ury se
ilcted to investigate alle:d Ku Kiu:
Klan otmraZes in southern Orezon.
M'ddlc. and northwest statec will b,
practically without coal within thirt:
days unless prevailing condition
change. This is the gist of repor
to the UnIted States News from Mir
nesota. Wisconsin. Michigan. Indiana
Illinois and Iowa.
The controlling interest in the Sttt
Motor Car company was obtained b:
Georse L. Burr of the Guaran:y Trus
company when he bought 111.614.
shares at $2(n a share at the auctio:
of Alle-- A. Ryan comparny's collatera,
Businese failures for July totalle,
1.6 a drop of 5.3 per cer.: from th
Jume fizures an-d 42 per cernt fror:
those for the peak month of Januarys
Th22. Bradstreet's retported.
United States Senator William F
Crow died at his country home in thI
m~ountains near Uniontown, Pa.. rc
cent Iy.
The American Terhon~e a.nd TeIa
graph cornanv announced tha: ever
orne of i:s 13.:n0.000 telepho~nes in
United States~ and Canada woutld c a.
f0. o.;r mute, when the bcr ov
Alexanqler Graham ll. inven.tor c'
the t e ph 'no, will se 1t-wore t t
the grave h--- selected on the cre- r
Beinn Breash muountape. Nova S ce-l
Heavy price re-hiection on Stude
baker. Chandle-r. ar.d Nash mo:or car:
have been arnnounc.:.d.
The New York Mlasonic grand lodgs
has sent representatives to Finland 't<
constitute the first Masonic lodge I,
the h'erublic of Finland.
Enoch W. Hansen and family of 4:
-children. .grarndchildre-n and sreat
erandlchilren-from~ Plaec:o. I .he
are camping in Yelows:orne Nat'cera
park. It tooek eight atutomobi>es
convey the famtilf.
flailwav exerttivct of the r.a:tcr
In s'ession in New Yo--rk'5. c*r
deut's anfrryr.:-dth pseoi
Hoo~ver. the prespir.'s er : tv
the'. veted. 'r icl' uv.......'y. to
reject the t:r.ajunedt and went
home. they sd. to run th railroads.
Full acce:tance of the p-ace pra.
posals subt.te cd by Pres i lent Hlarding
was voted ly Iealers of thc striking
railway shopn: r., who, however gave
heir own int'-rrretation of each of
'sthree s':czestions.
Joahn Tay:: r. claim agent for the
-nhhville. Chattanooga and St. Loir~s
- iroad is dead. and Dr. B A Deak
3.former county phys ician, and Billy
.nrks, wel2-known citizen. are at the
hospitals in a serio~ls condItion, as the
result of a sensational gun battle In
East Chattanooga.
With only a tiny photograph to back
der great determination.. Miss Mary
stapleton. from Liverpool. England,
16 years old, has started to comb the
L'nited States in an effort to locate
'er father who has been missing four
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